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REVIEWS OF Aiken Regional Medical Centers IN South Carolina

Lisanne Walke

Each and ever staff / team member went out of their way - with kindness and professionalism - to care for me in a timely manner! My thanks to everyone!

Jeremy Harris

Overzealous security, who comes banging on my car as I sit waiting outside the emergency room for my sister. Even claims I had been out there for 3 days and threatened to call the police. I had been there a couple days before with the same person, but for whatever reason my car was targeted as suspicious. Its racism, because if my car was new and I was white nobody would have said anything. The guard is lucky i was a nice guy that night but something needs to be done about it. Just because someone is sitting outside the hospital does not mean they are loitering and making up facts like I had been sitting outside the hospital for 72 hours straight is just the product of low IQ individuals and I'm thinking about filing a suit for harassment. I wish I had seen this guard when I came back to pick up my sister, after the punk made me leave her there and have to come back and get her. Never experienced anything quite like it, Aiken is a very racist town, be careful.

Janet Wheat

I was seen quickly that was great. Treatment I think I should have seen a Dr.


Worst experience ever if possible just go to Augusta hospital

Mary Jay

I'm moving to Aiken. in June. I like to check status of hospitals and medical providers in the area before we arrive. We work in the nuclear industry all over the country. I'm really concerned about negative reviews for this provider. Gosh, things in USA used to be so top of the line. Whats happening? Is it the owners low standards or just poor work pool to select from for staff. I would not be surprised if it were in CA but in the south I thought old fashioned values and higher standards may still exist. I'm so sorry for the population that "has" to stay there.

Rebecca Barfield

I had an almost excellent experience with Aiken Regional. I was admitted on two separate occasions. The first time, I went through ER and the ER physician basically accused me without saying the exact words of being a hypocondriac. She was young and judgemental without all the medical facts. I "thought" I was going to be sent home to suffer. But I was admitted and my care improved 100 %. All but one nurse went beyond to help me the week I spent in there. All lab techs, techs, and food staff were extra caring and accomodating. The second time I was admitted, again through ER, no one was rude. But I was in so much pain and the wait time was crazy long before an ER Dr. came. This time, I landed in ICU. Again, my care was top notch save one nurse. Believe it or not, it was the same nurse from before. She was never rude or anything, it was little noticable things. Like, I am unable to help myself much but she hands me a bedpan to take care of myself and she walks away and leaves me and does not return. So I am left with a pan under me and didn't help me with clean up. I had to manage it myself. She was definitely NOT nurse material. Short of her, again, the rest of my experience was extremely good. Dr. Ipatti is one of the most caring Dr. I've had the pleasure of meeting in an extremely long time. You just don't see Dr's like her much anymore. Thanks to her, I was able to get the help/diagnosis I needed. I will always be grateful.

Dwayne Berry

Going to the emergency room isn't exactly fun, but the thoughtful and competent staff at Aiken Regional makes it so much better!

Summer Trotter

Absolutely wonderful labor and delivery staff! What an amazing team! Postpartum was exceptional as well! Thank you guys for making our stay with our new addition so wonderful!

Christine Stanton

I would like to compliment Cindy in Pre-OP, she was so nice answering my questions. I went to Star for blood tests, and it was the first time ever that I didnt feel the needle, and her drawing 6 vials of blood. On Thursday, October 10th, I had gallbladder surgery. The nurse, Mimi was so accommodating, knowledgeable, and very helpful. The anesthesiologists were great, the nurse in recovery , I believe it was Marianne, was also great. All in all. My trip for surgery was a beautiful experience....I have never said a surgery was a beautiful experience, ever, so this was a first! I was very happy with my experience.

Janine Cummings

I’ve been here before. This experience was my sort experience. Although there was an attempt at service recovery there was so much wrong that the recovery was irrelevant. I hope they get it together because it’s a small community hospital that most in the community have faith in there physician. The nursing staff has to get better. Just highly disappointed.

Christina Lokey

Staff is not friendly at all and the ER can't even take care of this small issue is sending us to Doctors Hospital tomorrow! What a waste of time and money. Here again with my pregnant daughter in law, blood coming from ear, loss of hearing and they dont even have an ENT on call!!!

Carolyn Price

Nurses and CNAs are great... But housekeeping SUCKS.... Currently in the Isolated room 525 visiting a friend and his room has only been cleaned twice by house keeping since he was transferred to this room. Had to complain to one of the CNAs today to get someone in here to clean. I have actually been the one "trying" to keep the room tidy... Bed sheets just got changed for the 2nd time today and he was submitted last Thursday!!! How can they expect anyone to heal in these conditions.

Ramsey Mx7

The nurse I had was so rude. Not saying any names out of respect! But the lady could have been more polite when speaking with me and not have got an attitude. Just remember you should treat people the way you would want to be treated. Do not get an attitude with me if I don’t have one with you. If you can’t say something nicer don’t speak at all. Thank you and best regards to ya

Stephanie Robinson

Buddy Cowan

Emergency room visit after auto accident. ER doctor(questionable) didn't listen to me or my concerns. Insisted on x-ray of my lungs to see if I had a collapsed lung. X-ray was declined .Never saw doctor again a medical student came in and stated my blood test were ok. Wanted me to stay over night and I refused. Pitiful I'll run emergency room. I was complaining of pain in my back but it was never checked. I left and went to my chiropractor for check of my spine. I went later and met with the patient advocate who promised to looking into my concerns and have some one call me. It's been over a week no call. Seems to be a pattern of no service

Duh Sunnyday

Absolutely terrible. My mom went here and I guess they had to hold her before sending her to Aurora for rehab overnight. Guess what? Shes the second person to tell me what a nightmare it is and I got to witness it as well. They make the stay as unpleasant as possible. Nurses are rude and it's like staying in a prison. It took my entire family to convince her to go to rehab and get better. My mom was ready to do it. But once she got to this place she was ready to leave. And she did once my sister saw how horrid it was and decided she was better off anywhere but here. All that work UNRAVELED by an unprofessional rude cold hearted staff. The next day my old mother got in an automobile accident. She could have lost her life. She is currently in the ICU awaiting surgery. This could have all been prevented. I absolutely do not recommend coming here, it's a shame that one must stay here overnight before being sent to Aurora. Theres no reason for it other than to waist ur money bc they do absolutely nothing here but give you attitude. Yall should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. You almost cost my mother her life. Theres a special place in hell for the riff raff staff, nurses, and doctors who work here. Yall should be absolutely ashamed for even existing. If you have any intelligence or heart whatsoever you will get rid of the staff in this area and hire people better qualified. It would be a shame to be sued over such negligence Side note: reading Amy's comment below from 5 months ago. She said her mom passed away due to lack of care in this hospital. The owners response: have your mom contact us. Goes to show how little these people pay attention to patients concerns and their words. Yall have a BIG issue with listening. Also please hire doctors who aren't sexist!

Corey Brown

Teribble hopistal. Dad got check in bc he was close to having a heart attack. Kept him for 3 days on machines. On 3rd day all they gave him was a stronger pill and sent him home (like usual). The next day come to find out he has same problem but also kidney failure. All the Medicines they were giving him were killing him. Decided to go to augusta and even the doctors there was wondering why Aiken hopistal was doing this. STAY AWAY AND GO TO AUGUSTA HOPISTAL IF YOU WANT YOUR FAMILY TO LIVE!!!!!

Ann h

My friend died here in January after making her wait in the emergency room for several hours she showed all the signs of internal bleeding and then tonight while waiting in the emergency room with my guy I found out that they amputated the wrong leg on a woman and I talked to an impatient while outside who told me the almost performed a medical procedure on her with the wrong kidney and in the past my guy was cardioverted awake with no meds

Sarah Sarmiento

Marissa Fish

Long wait times in ER. Much longer than most. Waiting bearly 3 hours and ER is virtually empty..... I would understand if the ER was busy and the parking lot was full, but thats not the case. With that being said, the staff was very nice and my family member received great medical care.

Darrell Scott

Jamway of Aiken-Augusta rock band

Jaime King Wendt

Haven't actually stayed here 8.5 months pregnant, and stopped by the hospital today to figure out where to go when the time comes. Labor and delivery aren't on any of the actual signs so we stopped at the ER to ask where I should be going and the intake nurse just shrugged and said to my husband and I quote " I mean I guess you can just bring her here" um it's kind of your job to know where I'm supposed to I'm worried this will be my first experience with this hospital, I had my other babies in Illinois. I'm really nervous now

L J Peterson

3/14/2017 I am currently sitting in the ER with my son who injured himself during recess. We've been here since 12:30pm and it is now 6:17pm. He is in excruciating pain b/c there is a giant HOLE in his leg! We went through triage within the first hour and the practitioner determined that he'll need stitches. We were sent back out to the waiting room. At 3:45pm I went back to the desk to ask for them to give my son any type of pain medication since he had not been called to the back yet. At 4:15pm a nurse shows up with ibuprofen. Needless to say, he's still in pain. This is awful! How can they let a child sit & suffer like this? All he needs is some stitches and antibiotics. I see now why people always say to never bring a loved one to Aiken regional. I'm so disappointed.'s 7:07pm still here.

uriel vargas

I'll tell you here, I talked to a doctor for five minutes $1700 They do a blood test $1400 and I asked what they found in the test and they are not allowed to tell me I asked for detail billing, put me in hold for 30 minutes and when I call back they told me to pay it and quit calling

Anthony B

First time at a hospital as a patient, been an employee at other facilities many times before but never as patient. Er visit, fast and tentative, staff where professional and caring only issue I had is I had to read everyone's name tag. Surgical team, was great! I was nervous and my mom was super nervous, the Doctor explained everything and it went well. My stay was on 4 main, nursing staff was great, techs where polite and kind. Food and food service personnel provided excellent tasteful service and food. The entire hospital was extremely orderly, clean and properly maintained. Everyone did their part to keep it clean. I will be back for any other medical needs or emergency that may arise in my future.

Wayne Sanders

Went in for blood work in lab. Well while there I really didn't feel well so after lab work went straight to ER and no wait they took me straight back. Thanks to the staff and Doctor Miller for all. Great and respectful staff thanks to all.

Marion Dyer

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Stanford Horne

Marc Allan

Not real sure how this place is allowed to still see patients. We were passing through and had a true emergency. Most of the people in the waiting room could have waited til Monday. A child came in with fever and vomiting all over the waiting room and was made to wait for over two hours. What a discussing place. I would recommend staying away unless you're going to die, then again this hospital probably won't improve your situation. Good luck.

Cecilia Robinson

It all depends on what department you are going to and what time of day. If you're going to one of the scheduled clinics, you usually don't have to wait very long, and most of the time employees are kind and helpful. If you're admitted, you get good attendance as a whole, but if you have to go to the ER, you play roulette. Mid morning and early afternoon are usually the least busy. Don't go there on Friday or Saturday night unless you have a situation that can stand a long wait, because you will more than likely be there for a very long time. All the shootings, drunk accidents and fight victims come in on the weekends. You can always call ahead and find out how full the waiting room is, but that doesn't mean an ambulance won't pull up just as you check in. You bet against heavy odds anytime you go to hospital instead of your primary care physician.

Melinda Willard

RE The Neuroscience Center at Aiken Hospital - Left a message twice to find out what kind of cervical surgeries they perform as there are options out there and didn't even receive a return phone call. Won't be going to their practice group.

Michael Lee

Awesome hospital

A Johnston

In the ER for about 4 hrs. Charged $7300 for an abdominal scan, which fairly billed should have been about $730.......Do I need to say more???? Never. Again. Also, save the canned response. You all already have my contact information and you may contact me at anytime to discuss reducing this bill. Buyers beware that a CT scan at this place may cost you more than the car you are driving. Definitely will not ever be back in this facility.

Heather Lopez

Went to ER with Husband whom was in severe pain for a day and a half before even going to hospital. We got there just before 8 and at midnight I had to leave with my children so they could get some sleep. While I was there no one ever saw him except to give him a cup to pee in. They never even checked on him. He text me at 1:42 am to tell me they just called him back they need to examine his stomach. It's 6:02 am and he is still waiting in ER for surgery to remove his appendix. Dissatisfied with our local hospital!


Teriyaka Jordan

I would give this place a zero if I could!!I'm very un please about the non service I did get! I was in the back room for two hours with nobody telling me anything just literally in the room watching TV.No service has been given to me at all!

Dorothy Ayer

Hubby and I were rear-ended hard last night while at a red stop light. Came in this morning, 14 hours later, to ER with terrible pain. Was met with a PA who was condescending and disinterested. Had his mind made up about our injuries before he even came in to talk/see us. Asked my hubby (not me) what happened and where are car was. When the doctor asked where our car was right at that moment, the first thing that came to my mind was, was he going to go out to the parking lot and look at it, is that why he asked? Very weird. Hubby said the parking lot. The PA (Robert) who evidently thinks he's a doctor, a mechanic, and an accident construction analyst, said, oh, so it's a minor accident because you can still drive it. Keep in mind he hadn't even medically examined us, yet. I started to say something (actually, it was a moderate hit. Our Sequoia will more than likely be totaled out when we take it in tomorrow for estimate as there is probable frame damage caused by the truck that rammed into us), and this PA touched me, and shushed me up. True story. He then continued, and was very condescending, unprofessional, rude, listening challenged, and went way over the boundaries in his conversations with us as patients/medical examiner. Even after we left my hubby confirmed what I was thinking when he told me the PA does not like women; he would not even look at me when he was examining me, and cut me off; didn't listen to me. I could go on, but frankly, I see enough negatives on here to realize we're not alone in the lack of quality care at this medical center. We will never go here again unless our life depends on it, and even then under serious consideration and advisement. We just moved here from CA. We had been warned, but it was the closest.

Kidskrafts Network

The nurses in labor and delivery were very sweet and took good care of me.

Christina Chandler

Waiting, waiting, waiting... Asked for an estimated time at the ER with concern of serious infection and was told 2 hours, we waited patiently for 3 and a half. Then made the mistake of seeing where we were in line and if we could get a blanket (it was freezing). That was apparently a huge nuisance, as the nurses eye roll was akin to that of a teenager. We're 5 hours in and still waiting. Never again! I'll drive to Georgia or Columbia before exposing another family member to this.

Bob Hergenrader

Debi bowman

If you need to go to the Emergency room, go ahead and plan on being there at least 8 hours. This has been the case every time I have been here. The rating would be negative 100000000 if that was an option.

Courtney Futer

I used to hate going here, but it is now my ER of choice. Their wait times have drastically dropped, and their doctors are much more competent than they were ten years ago. I was checked in and out with exactly what I needed in less than an hour. Their exceptional staff is understanding, knowledgeable, and efficient. I'd recommend it to anybody!


Absolutely the WORST billing department ever! They don't send statements after insurance pays and then turn you over to collections. They will tell you it is your fault you should have known you had a balance. I still have not received a statement after 10 months and multiple requests. Warning STAY AWAY IF POSSIBLE!! The one star is because I couldn't get a negative star. AND HERE WE GO AGAIN!! For the second time in two years they still can’t get it right. I have changed my address repeatedly including physically going to the hospital to handle it. Obviously that doesn’t work either. I have been turned over to collections again and my credit has been damaged beyond belief over this. I will change doctors if necessary so that my lab work is not sent to them. If they can’t get an address right after 7 years....I feel my only option now is to hire an attorney. And here I am THREE years later with no end in sight to this mess!! I did finally get someone to tell me that they had indeed sent all statements to an old address. However I still have a collection account showing on my credit report. If anyone has anyone has any suggestions on how to get this corrected please let me know. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had this problem as I have friends that are also dealing with this. Will an attorney help? Nothing else has. I am ready to hire one just for the stress, aggravation, embarrassment, pain and suffering and damaged credit Aiken Regional Medical Center has caused me. I will continue to SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS about this.

Denzel Pryor

Anything life threatening, go to Augusta.

Franklin Marshmon

This has got to be the slowest hospital in america

Chromebook Printers

Ant Keys

The front desk service is unprofessional and ghetto. They were disrespectful to police officers on duty. I don't even know how they got there jobs. Must've had something to do with the government shutdown. I'm absolutely disgusted!

Whitney Clarke

Worst hospital in South Carolina! Been to this hospital at least 10 times in the past month with chronic back pain. They kept diagnosing me with muscle spasms, acute back pain, and chronic back pain. Never did test or anything until the LAST time I went in. They had finally done blood work, urine test, CT scan, and an EKG.. all to find out it was my gallbladder! And because this had went on for so long, I had got an infection called ''sepsis'.. it's a bacterial infection than can become life threatening if not treated properly or caught in time. My gallbladder ended up having gallstones in my liver, pancreas and duct. I would NEVER recommend this hospital to ANYONE! If you want help and a real diagnosis, take the extra 20mins and got to Augusta! Aiken Regional is terrible and everyone in the ER waiting room and triage is very unfriendly and rude..

Gabrielle Tanae

aleisha hartwell

Skip this hospital and go straight to MCG! Came in at 10:00pm with 3 people ahead of me.. it’s currently 2:37am and those SAME 3 people, as well as me, are still sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen.

judie davis

Dan Stewart

Got my daughter in quick and started running tests and found out what was wrong and got us on our way. Thank you Aiken hospital

Alyse Moseley

Your better off going to Augusta..they have doctors that actually know what they're doing

Kathy Haupfear

Gracie Thankful

Attending Physician did not write the prescription correctly and the Pharmacy will not accept it. I got a run around on the telephone for 15 minutes without any help. Finally someone listened and I'm waiting for their call back. Never will I go there. Georgia has MUCH better Medical help. I'm willing to drive from SC to Georgia. Terrible

Jay Lockaby

It's all been said already. Go to Augusta.....

pam mcgee

This hospital is better than i thought it was. Staff are very compassionate.

Robert Rossi

Had a colonoscopy there. Everyone was very friendly and prompt. My nurse poked me several times in each arm and could not start my IV but did call for help. His words during the poking did not give me a very good impression of his competence. Very unsure of himself and mumbling. Was not impressed with Dr Chaudry either but that should not take away from the facility. Found the doctor very cold, stand offish and lacking any form of bedside manner.

Krystal Ware

Horrible hospital. Derek Yee and his nurses are inconsiderate and disrespectful. He basically tried to tell me I wasn’t in as much pain as I was experiencing and I was lucky to get a doctors excuse. I know for a fact in the medical field they implement empathy and sympathy. These people have neither. A total waste of a building! He gave me a doctors note for today off and I don’t work weekends but refused to give me a excuse for tomorrow which is the day I am supposed to work. I have a medical degree so I know how you are supposed to carry yourself in the medical field. It just seems as if everyone that works here hates their job. The receptionist was rude to me as soon as I walked in. I was barely able to walk I was in so much pain. I literally felt as if I was dying and the attitudes of these people did not make things any better.

Jaimie Cheesebrow

Decent hospital. ER can be slow even when there is no one waiting.

Moon Tygra

My nurses and most everyone I meet are very courteous and professional I've spent the last 7 months in and out of here and not 1 bad experience.

Amanda Kornacki

Wes 76

I am unemployed and uninsured. I woke up in severe pain from a kidney stone. I went to the Aiken Regional emergency room out of desperation. They got me in reasonably fast. Everyone seemed to know that I had a kidney stone from my symptoms, including the nurses and the doctor, a young blonde woman. I told the doctor that I am unemployed, uninsured, and have no money, so PLEASE don't do anything more than is absolutely necessary. She basically told me not to worry because I'm at the emergency room (as if I were unaware) and would not have to pay. I couldn't believe a supposedly intelligent person would say shuch a silly thing. I explained to her that I would still receive a bill that I would be expected to pay. I'm not someone who doesn't pay their bills. I may be unemployed, but I have managed to not ruin my credit rating. This airhead doctor didnt seem to realize that although I cant be forced to pay the bill, there are still negative repercussions to not paying. She told me she would not do any unnecessary testing, but I would need a CT scan to diagnose the issue, though she also took blood and urine samples. She later came back and told me that the CT scan had diagnosed my kidney stone and resulting fluid pressure on the kidney. I was given pain meds and a referral to a urologist. The next week I got a bill for $12,000! $7,300 was for the CT scan, which is outrageous! That is several times the average price! YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! The blood and urine analysis were almost $2000. IF THE CT SCAN DIAGNOSED THE KIDNEY STONE THEN YOU DIDN'T NEED FURTHER TESTING!!! This is prices gouging, and it is unethical. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. I will try to pay this bill, but I have no idea how. The only way I would ever return to your hospital is if I were unconscious and someone brought me.

Bob Kreider

They took care of me through kidney stones,uti,and influenza A.they get props for that and were there when administrative issues from my primary care doctor prevented me from getting prompt treatment when I was in distress

Kayla Branham

I've been here a few times the staff is always friendly but the wait to be seen by a doctor once you're in your room was a little too long.

Taffy Brooks

Miri Williamson

Staff is polite, knowledgeable. Not laid out the greatest though.

kathy love

Leaves the alarm going off for a hour call people to cut it off and the dont seam ro care

Kristin Haney

Horrible place!!! Very slow and lack of communication with staff. Took over two hours for ultrasound!!!

Kim Segura

Its a lovely place. They always have clean bathrooms and clean rooms. The waiting a little long but it will sure pay off. And the medicine always works.

Jo Ready

Literally the worst hospital in South Carolina. Just take the extra 20 minutes and drive to the one in augusta, believe me, you'll get served quicker. Got here in screaming crying pain, possible appendix rupture, vomited in the hospital at 11:00 pm. Still here, 3 am, nothing done, not taken back, nothing other than a nurse with a poor attitude taking blood at 2 - after she stabbed me 3 or 4 times because she couldn't get it, and didn't give me the blanket after asked. No service, nothing. You'd die here if you came in a real emergency.

Michael Gunnells

If you want to live go to Augusta.

Jose Marquez

Great team they work hard to give good Atendece thank you

Brenda Gross

Great experience with the care for my mother. She was sent over by her doctor to ER with several concerns. Dr. Meza, Dr. Patel (not sure of spelling) both were awesome, concern for Mom and very caring. ER & ICU Nurses, were very caring and friendly. Mom is in a wonderful place.

Marianne Strohmeier

An ambulance took my mom to the ER three nights ago. I met them there. Nothing but wonderful care from nurses and the doctor. Thank you for taking such great care of my mother.

austin bozarth

Lou Coppola

Took my 76 year old mother to ER last week for severe pain. Found out she has fractures on her pelvis. After all the negative reviews I have read on this hospital I was nervous. Fortunately I have to say all I have seen was caring nurses and doctors. They have taken care of her and constantly check up on her. I believe that most people only leave reviews if negative not positive so I figured I would be different. So far for my first experience with this hospital I can't complain.

Cal Cox

Terrible experience. They tried to bill me over 2000$ for a 15 min visit to the medical center. I was not prescribed any sort of medicine while I was here, and they completely disregarded the fact that I have had medical insurance since 2008. It's surprising that this hospital is still in business because what they are doing is criminal.

Colin Kneece

I went to the E.R. on monday august 14 2017 with pain in groin area. Later after the tests i was admitted into hospital during my stay the nurses were great and helpful. Got me everything i needed my experience at Aiken Regional was great thank you to the staff that helped mr

Leo Courtney

Hospital is the worse, rude nurses who don't care about their patients, especially the 5th floor!

Kristiana Johnston

I got decent medical care while admitted here but I would recommend going to Augusta if you can.

Crust Nube

Chesley Johnson Thomas

Everyone was pleasant and helpful from the time I walked in the doors until I left. I really appreciate the care I received. Thanks to all that took care of me.


My mom, who has been in excruciating pain for a few weeks, has been to this Hospital four different times because this is where her doctor has told her to go. The 1st time, they "diagnosed" her problem, gave her meds and sent her home. The 2nd time, she was taken there by ambulance, was admitted for couple of days, "diagnosed", AGAIN, and released. The 3rd time, she went there, the ER staff was so rude to her that she felt so uncomfortable, belittled and disrespected, she left! Finally, after getting in touch with her doctor, she was admitted again. Her 2nd day, after being taken out of ICU, NO ONE brought her lunch. When she called about it, she was told they didn't know what happened to it and NEVER brought her anyting! Why would they treat people that way? And would they appreciate it if someone did that to their loved one? NO! My mom will NEVER go back to this Hospital again!!! I cannot believe that they would allow their staff to treat people this way! Hospital staff and even some doctors, seem like they just do not care about their patients anymore! So very disappointed!!!! **Update ** My mom had asked me not to say anything or mention any names while she was there because she was the one who had to stay. Missy in the ER department was the one who upset my mom, was very rude, and pretty much told my mom she was lying about her pain she was in. This person made my mom so uncomfortable. My mom passed shortly after her last visit. She was already terminally ill, but her life could have been lengthened if the staff would have taken her serious!! And not have just "diagnosed" her problem as what they "thought" it could have been..

Clarine Dudley

Ron LeCroy

This was my experience over 2 years ago, but felt I would share it: 5 Stars for the doc and staff that saved my life and the ER staff that recognized the situation and got me treated quickly. Now I subtract 2 stars for the remainder of my stay. I was told that when I was in a coma that I was found sliding out of the bed twice and my friend had to go get someone before I fell out. Upon waking from the coma I inquired about having a shower. "Sure, just go ahead." I hadn't been on my feet in 3 days and almost fell. The day I was released the staff was very nice and walked me down to where I had parked my car the day I entered the ER. I asked for my wallet and keys from the woman on duty. She said the person with the keys was busy and wouldn't be back for an hour. I was told to sit in the ER waiting area with the other patients. I was in disbelief! I was told there was no way to get the key and I'd just have to wait or call someone. She seem to enjoy the authority. I looked out the window and there sat my car, the keys and my wallet locked a few feet away from me. I remembered that I'd hidden a key under the car and proceeded to drive myself home without my wallet. I picked up my keys and wallet the next day. I felt very disrespected and that the person had no compassion for what I had just been through.

Amber Perry

They told me that my foot looked broken but wasn't I walked on it for a year just for a REAL doctor say that it was broken but beyond repair. Ended up having surgery


I went in with horrible jaw pain, face swelling, tears and all. The doctor walked in and looked at me and said maybe you have TMJ, it's probably that Ill give you some pain pills. He did no tests at all and TMJ requires the doctor to listen for popping in the jaw and feel the joint and/or do a CT scan none of which he did. This hospital sucks.

Valerie Duarte

The area where the blood test was given is filthy. When you check in. The place is old and dirty.

J Gib

Horrible Service

Latasha Odom

The young lady with the young short hair needs to be discharged... She is rude racist and disrespectful. She has her very own agenda and that is to help who she see deemed fit. I'm outraged and I will never come back to this establishment again in life. I don't recommend anyone to come here

Swai Awai

Gave us moldy food, hardly given her breathing treatments, won't address her lungs, and hardly tell us anything. Terrible.

Andrew Untener

Understaffed ER....the later it gets the worse it gets. Beware of "Jennie" also in the to be the ER Manager. She's haughty and indifferent and she gleefully enjoys displaying her contempt for any patient or advocate who questions her orders. The physician seemed professional, though I wonder if he is proud to have Jennie acting more like a bouncer than a caring and considerate representative of Aiken Regional.

Hebrew_19•_• Tribe of Judah

My great grandma died from a bacterial infection she had from their I.V., the doctors were moving slow, took a long time to come into her room when she was in pain

Jennifer Grant

On 09/23/18, after 7 hours of vomiting and dizziness, out of nowhere, my husband forced me to go to the ER. I explained what was happening and was marked as vomiting, nothing about the dizziness? I had labs done, some overpriced anti nausea med pushed through my IV. I was in my room for 4 hours! 20 minute wait to get a blanket because I was sick and freezing. 45 minutes spent searching for my ER doc because he was MIA. My poor nurse was so sick herself, coughing, sneezing etc. Finally Dr. comes in and orders a prescription for anti nausea meds. I asked what about the fact I can't lift my head without everything spinning?? He said "could be vertigo go see your doctor" Husband carried me back to the car in the same condition as when I came in! $2,228.01 bill for that? After insurance $246.00. My doctor $10.00! It's shameful to be asked to pay for substandard healthcare. There are other more horrifying things that have happened for me here but just giving the most recent. Told my husband I would rather chance my life and go to Augusta than ever go here again!

Stanley Graham

agnes zapanta

christine hammers

They refused to allow us to put a new born in the car seat and then put the car seat in the stroller where he would have been secure. Instead they made the Mom carry him out to the car. Then they pushed the wheel chair so hard into the elevator that she almost fell out of the wheel chair and almost dropped the baby. Lots of other things we did not like about the hospital as well but don't have enough room to list it all.

Tracey Price

Great staff !

Michele Dougherty

Aiken Regional will try to RIP off patients. My daughter was seen in the ER and my insurance paid the bill based on contract sent an EOB stating I did not owe anything. Aiken Regional sent me a bill for almost $1,000. I called them and they said they would take care of it. I received a collections notice in the mail because they sent it over too collections. Watch your Bill's from them they try to collect more money then what is owed!!!!! They will RIP you off for very poor patient care.......please dont use this hospital!!!!!!

kenneth McMolin

Waited an hour just to get a room to wait another hour to be seen..It makes no sense how this place is called a emergency room because my girlfriend was seriously sick and they were more worried about going on lunch breaks,and talking and having a good time with other employees..there is a time an place for that. When you work at a hospital you shouldn't get paid or even have a job if the patient isn't your first care. When we got to the room finally they asked us to take urine sample we couldn't even do that because the bathroom was so nasty and dirty!! Like seriously isn't a hospital supposed to be clean or atleast sanitized?!? Nurse told us to use the button to call if we needed anything and it literally took forever for them to respond. The worse part about when we asked for someone to lean the bathroom they never sent anyone. We asked for a new gown because the ones they gave us were ripped. An never got those seriously what if she was having a seizure what is the point for the emergency button/help button?!? I have to say it makes sense why they got sued. Patient negligence is to common here But only E.R in the area so you can't really fight not going no real other options in emergencies...if you have a chance to choose a good hospital that cares and are prompt when dealing with patients please choose the other because Aiken regional is many more things I could list about this one experience and plenty more from others...

Laura Prather

I came to visit my moms and this is 6:15 pm on May 29,2019 and she was laying in the bed and it was a odor and a lift up the covers and the spell blew me away and I ask my moms have u been setup to b wash and she said no ,also I ask have u brush your teeth and she said no ,so I check her room and no wash pan ,no toothbrush or toothpaste and a Cleangrown that. in chair on the other side of room that out of her reach if she wanted to change her grown,so my moms came in May 28,3019 around noon and have not had any water on her yet,so after went to the nurse station around 6:00pm they sent her aide in and she try to explain her way out of it with excuses and I said ok I just want wash and clean up and her some items so she can brush her teeth, I wonder if I not show up ,would got am care at pm time

David Presley

The most unorganized under staffed hospital I have ever been to. I can fully understand the rating this place has it is well deserved

Kayla Barton

As a native and a healthcare professional, I can attest that people have a lot of outdated misconceptions and bad experiences regarding Aiken Regional. The rep it has is the community is not very good, but I talk to plenty of people who haven’t gone there in 20+ years. It has changed and is completely new doctors, management, ER staff, etc. ICU nurses, 5th floor nurses, pulmonologists, and cardiologists are amazing. It’s not perfect but no hospital is. Having worked in hospitals before, it runs as efficiently as any good hospital. Oh and I would argue that women’s life care is the best in a 50 mile radius!

Anthony Natáivius

The 2nd shift was very disrespectful and needs an attitude adjustment. I don’t appreciate the way the nurses treated me and my family. And I will be calling corporate! Plus people die in the waiting room all the time so beware of Aiken Hospital if you know what’s good for you

Latoya Francois

Although it took the doctors a little while to figure out a diagnoses,my time spent here was fine. The staff was really friendly and caring,the nurses Joe and Allison were true angels and would answer all my questions. Them along with the tech Kayla kept me calm for the most part during my stay,the only thing that could be improved on is some of the doctor's bed side manner. Patients are already uneasy about being hospitalized and to add onto the stress by not being compassionate and understanding doesn't help.

Jenny B

For the most part, the staff is pretty nice. However, the wait is always awful. I understand that the staff is busy and there's a lot going on. What I would really appreciate is better communication. The wait wouldn't be so bad if someone would just stop in real quick and tell you what's going on/What you're waiting on etc. I had to keep going up to nurses and asking for information. I don't like doing that. I hate to feel like I'm bothering people. Like I said, I know they're busy. So, that's my suggestion, better communication please.

Belinda Wooten

Kathy Toole

Stacy Smith

Patricia Peel

Awesome hospital, awesome staff! I went into the ER with stroke symptoms and they took very good care of me and very quickly. From the ER to my room for over night observation, my experience was excellent. The best hospital care that I have ever experienced.

Baby Martinez

Karen Mann

Very disappointed. Doctor's office sent me to ER by ambulance. Day nurse was very flippant and disinterested in my symptoms just asking me if I was suicidal or homicidal. In for chest pain and trouble breathing. Really. Had tests and ER doc said I could go home. I told her I was still dizzy and had a massive headache. She said headache from Nitro. Then left. Had to wait for second shift nurse to get out of meeting for change of shifts. After puling the 2 IV sites, she said we were free to go home and walked away. My husband tried to get me up and I almost fell 4 times in the room as I was so dizzy. He got me to the bed and went to nurse to get wheelchair telling her I almost fell 4 times in the room. She told him to pull around in front. I told her I was very dizzy and she just stood behind the wheelchair holding the arms. I attempted to reach wheelchair but fell on the floor on my knees. Crawled to wheelchair to pull myself up. She then proceeded to take me out to car never mentioning to anyone I had fallen. My husband had to get hold of me just to get me in car. Struggled to get from car to house and had to crawl on my knees there. What a joke that they were so irresponsible about my concerns and safety when I told doc and nurse. Never want to go there again. Will do anything to go to a different hospital. May get an attorney involved.

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