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REVIEWS OF Women & Infants Hospital IN Rhode Island

Melissa Hudson

I'm shocked to see Women and Infants has so many one star reviews, and it seems like a lot of people are just angry and haven't actually had personal experiences with actually having a child here. I've given birth to two babies here and many of the women here went above and beyond to help us in various situations before and during labor. They were compassionate, caring, and generally helpful. My second baby was born with an issue and our nurses and [I think] the floor nurse, named Mary, worked so hard to get me discharge in time to go over to Hasbro where he was moved for an urgent surgery. I had to be induced, and one of my antenatal nurses French braided my hair for me because I couldn't do it myself because of IV placement. Both experiences were so great for us and our babies were born safely and well cared for afterward. Like any establishment, there are grumpy people and people who don't want to be there. I'm sure this has ruined some people's experience, but the few grumpy people we encountered, we just brushed it off and did our thing. Because of the nature of their work, they have a lot of rotating nurses come through, so if you don't click with them they may be gone next time you visit the hospital anyway. Which is also a con, if you do click with them! Also, I'm sure our midwives from OBGYN Associates were so helpful and integral to our care and experience there. They are all so amazing, caring, and helpful!

Adrianna Webster

Delivered both of my children there and I have had nothing but positive experiences during my stays. I did have one rude nurse overnight, but everything else was great. The way I look at it is, one rude nurse doesn’t mean the hospital is bad, or deserves 1 star. Which I feel like a lot of these reviews and reviews in general are based on.

Marissa Rocchio

I had my son at this hospital and from start to finish I was beyond grateful for everyone that I came in contact with. All nurses/doctors/staff were compassionate, professional and kind. The care I received during my labor and delivery/c-section was beyond words. I really wish I could find out the doctor's name [since it wasn't my own] and the RN's name that took care of me that day to really thank them. Also, the food was delicious.

Jesse motta

I just gave birth via csection, I was petrified due to some of the reviews. ...I have to say that the staff are amazing at this hospital, I was taken care of very well, from the tour of the NICU to my delivery and post delivery, the doctors and nurses were great, I did expect to have at least one bad apple but I can't even say she was bad just not as good of a bedside manner as the rest was the weekend and the nurses tend to work long shifts but I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone who is giving birth, the downside is the food is not too great but otherwise my experience was excellent my baby is still in the NICU and the staff down there are excellent as well

Leslie Costa

Just was there for the delivery of my second child (first one was also delivered here 6 years ago) and i have not one bad thing to say about the people at this location. Everyone from nurses, cnas, doctors, house keeping everyone was so kind and over the top helpful. This place is exactly what a new mother needs after going through delivery especially a c section.

Isaac Valerio

Great service and care.

Jillian King

Awful, Larissa needs to be fired. She has no people skills and is rude.

Noel Oyola 23

(Translated by Google) Good service and ample and easy parking to reach. (Original) Buen servicio y estacionamiento amplio y facil para llegar.

Moon Child

0 Stars Im tired of seeing black women dying from giving birth. Due to hospitals improper treatment. LaShonda Hazard deserved better.

Hiep Nguyen

Lori Gosselin Marcoux

These doctors are very professional, knowledgeable, and kind! My son was born here over 20 yrs. ago and the nurses and doctors in combined Hasbro Children's Hospital pedicardiologist saved my son. I find myself once again, in a very vulnerable and in need of a specialist expertise, Urongynocologist, I know and trust that they will do a great job and I will have a successful recovery. I would also add the fact that the on-call Urongynocologist called me within 15 min. Like I was shocked. ER, thank you for your kindness I actually had asked to hold the doctors hand and he obliged and he had to check what I was being treated for (mind you I had two doctors caring for me), the nurse stood by my side and didn't let go of my hand. I was contacted the next day with an appointment to see a Urogynocoloy department. Let me tell you...I was stunned and extremely impressed. Thank you.

Cristina Smith


Roxanne Biagetti

Absolute horror show. At least in the er. I was told 10 different things without a straight answer. As I sat next to the nurses arguing about my dosage for what could have caused major issues, one nurse said "just give it to her" luckily tammy (the only good nurse) stuck up for me and said absolutely not and made the pharmacy fix their error. The secretary also seemed to care that I had been sitting for 4 hours for bloodwork and a shot, however it was out of her hands but I appreciate her effort. There was also one other woman who actually went to the pharmacy cause she felt guilty for the mess of a situation I was in the middle of with no control. I thought this was supposed to be some phenomenal hospital, but it seems as you're a number and if you aren't there to deliver you're not worried about.

Michael Shogi

If I could give Women & Infants Hospital more than 5 stars, I would. My wife gave birth there about 2 weeks ago. We found every person we dealt with on the medical staff to be professional, helpful, and compassionate. Every decision made by the staff was well-considered. They did everything they could to ensure a successful outcome, and their communication skills were outstanding. I highly recommend this organization - and the cafeteria food is excellent, as well.

ana veras

I came here telling them i felt bad and they took one hour to assist me then after they took my to the room they lasted another hour to assist me there

Mallory Foran

I just left women and Infants after having a d and c. Everyone was wonderful, from security to registration to the nurses and doctors. They were informative and sympathetic to my situation without making me feel nervous and overwhelmed. I also appreciated the openness of a few of the nurses who expressed there own personal experiences of pregnancy loss and helped me realize how common it is today.

Rebecca Celi

This is by far the worst hospital I have ever been too!!!!!!!!!! I do not recommend this hospital to anyone, nor the experience I had to go through upon anyone. Nurse almost gave my 1 week old son the wrong medication. Most Nurses have no compassion for patients nor children. 1 out of 20 nurses know what they are doing and what they are talking about. I would never ever go to W&I again. For the sake of your children, I recommend you do the same!!

Joideez Business

Lashonda Hazard : sent home to die! Baby didn’t make it.

Ana Torres

I was born here lol

Carol Brantley

John Robertson

Shikai Deng

(Translated by Google) Very good pediatric hospital (Original) 非常不错的儿科医院

Kirti Zinjuwadia

One of the worst nurses in labor and delivery. Avoid delivering your baby here

Leslie Chairman

Lashonda hazard deserved better ! U guys need to shut down because obviously ur not doing what a hospital is suppose to do


It's all about the people. Both of my children were born here and both experiences were excellent. Found the staff to be highly professional as well as caring and communicative. NOT having any more kids but if we were we'd go back.


I was born here! :-)

Stephanie Cosmopoulos

Candase Patenaude

Excellent care in diagnostic imaging. A special thank you to Deborah, Monique, the Dr. ( who is the head of diagnostic imaging) I am so thank full that I choose this hospital.

Angela Rabble

Good luck finding anyone that cares enough to do their job if you’re a POC. Racism is extremely real in this hospital!

Chris Mills

Assisted in bringing me in this world however I do not remember a thing ***. ...

Junita Hughes

This place derserves to be shut down. Your staff allowed a pregnant black woman and her unborn child to die because they decided to ignore her needs. If doctors and nurses at this hospital, like many others, can treat people of color differently than non POC then why become doctors? This is not how medical staff should practice. It's disgusting and inhumane.

Chris Eazzy

God bless this Hospital! My girlfriend was pregnant with 2 twin boys we are from CT and we went to Hartford Hospital and they were horrible they discharged her with preeclampsia. Finally we had enough because we weren't told she had it at all until this hospital got her records and this hospital acted so quickly and were so friendly to her and the family. The boys are in the best care here and they are so willing to answer any questions. Thank Y'all so much for everything y'all have done!

Debra Roy

Ava B

Lashonda Hazard!!

Jada Smith

Lydia Farmer

Wolf Martin

Kayla Martins

Kay E.

0 stars if I could. They do not care about black women's pain. They do not take our concerns seriously. They will kill you and your baby as they did Lashonda Hazard. They will dissmiss you doubt you and then excuse you. Going here leaves you and your baby at risk for death.

mj juniper herrera

This is a horrible hospital. All I'll prepared under educated student doctors. They tried to force me on birth control that could have potentially poisoned my baby. They are the worst and the most cruel. They think they are smart and do not listen to a women's feeling. Very cold and factory like . They are the most incompetent and all they care about is using YOU as a test dummy.

Sue Reth

Everyone was amazing and sympathetic.

julie simoneau

Shane And Brianna

I’ve been here multiple times in the last year, I’ve been misdiagnosed (more than twice) when I was clearly not fine, in fact had sepsis. “Next time go to RI hospital because you’re not pregnant” said the Dr I had seen after coming in with a uti I’ve had for almost a month. And now I have a kidney infection! Thanks guys!

Maria Ramos

Jared Palmer

I don't know about the hospital itself, but some of the doctors (namely Herman Ayvazyan) who are affiliated with this hospital are total scam artists. They take you insurance, say they accept it, even charge a co-pay. Then after you rack up a bill, they come back and admit they made a mistake and don't actually take your insurance. On principal, I refused to pay a bill my wife accrued this way. Four years later she's being sued and even has a hold put on our bank account by some scumbag law office. You guys are a freaking hospital, you really mean to tell me you can't eat a $400 invoice that was YOUR MISTAKE!!! Don't go here, go to a better hospital. The administration here is obviously slime.


You should be ashamed of yourselfs

Aisa Kamera

I received excellent service and care here.

Virgilio Ferraris

R Wheeler

After several outpatient surgeries I am not happy with the after surgery care. They over medicated which caused problems. Parking can be a challenge.

nikki austin

One of the best hospitals in R.I. all of my children were born there!!

Syvella Harris

Yaritza o garcia

lisa morales

arn cushman

I was born there

Marsha-Anne Silvia

Probably the worst hospital I've been to. No sense of urgency whatsoever. Doctor's aeafee and far between and the ER nursrndont seem to have a clue. 9 hours and still sitting in triage without a diagnosis.

Hector Nunez

Where do I start. I pull up with my wife, ready to have our son. Security tells me I have to park in paid parking like everyone else.. fine you know what, my goal is having a kid, not arguing with a security guard. I do as they ask and we are assigned a room. Room 4414, We find bottles of Alcohol in the bathroom closet (nips) cum stains on the couch. Some sort of crazy looking beetle flying around in the room. The bathrooms fan doesn't work, the hair dryer looks like an electrical hazard. Worst experience ever!!! We let the lunch room know my wife is vegan, so they brought us up eggs, milk and ice cream (seriously, they did this). They fixed our meal but still.. Hospitals charge 400 dollars for a pint of salt water, they should be in good condition and definitely not in the condition we witnessed here today (yes I am typing this while still in room 4414, expecting our son any moment today) I am thoroughly disgusted. Stay AWAY from this hospital!


My Baby was born here, we spent more than 5 days in the hopital cause i faced some issues after labol and we both recived excellent care ... The Nurses are the Best !


Love it

Shakira Foy

I live in Providence . I'm happy I didn't go here to have my newborn.

Rosemary Reyes


Trinity Pacheco

Lashonda hazard deserved to live.

alex garcia

Make everyone feel better

Nicole King

Nurses need a lesson in empathy and compassion. They are rude, hostile, threaten new moms with dcyf for every little thing. They make up lies and false accusations which resulted in one parent getting banned from seeing their baby that the hospital is pretty much holding hostage. Unfortunally the bad nurses overshadow the good ones, which is a shame because there are some that are good and are nice. Nurses should really be revaluated on what their job is and how they should act. If they want to have nasty attitudes then maybe they shouldn't be a nurse.

Candida Burgo

Kaylynn Buco

It blows my mind how much of a miracle baby Brooke is. The odds were against us and we beat them 1. I had endometriosis, which creates scar tissue and can block ovaries. I should have never been able to get pregnant in the first place 2. I had too much amniotic fluid and was considered high risk during my 3rd trimester. 3. When being induced, I had an amniotic embalism. An amniotic clot had passed to my brain and I temporarily died of a stroke. Causing stress on Brooke, I needed an emergency c-section. 4.also during delivery, my blood wouldn't clot, so I bled out, died again, then had to have an emergency hysterectomy. What happened to Brooke and I was 1 in every 180,000 births. At women and infants it only happens every 10 years and most cases do not end well for mom or baby. I sadly have to repeat this story to myself every day because I still cannot beleive it. I'm so thankful that Brooke turned out just fine. I couldn't be more blessed with her. We would not be here if it wasn't for the expertise of everyone at Women and Infants. Every one was so tentative and caring. Nurses and doctors who helped during delivery would visit me daily for the week I was there. Along with the stroke, I suffered from temporary amnesia. Everyone was so patient with me and my horrible memory. I couldn't have asked for a better staff!

Aisha W

Joe Caputo

Be careful with their billing and claims departments as they give misinformation, contradictory information and out right incorrect information. They have a practice of making patience sign a financial responsibility form and then these departments refuse to investigate coding errors stating that if the insurance company denies a claim it is the responsibility of the patient to pay the bill. The insurance company asked them to resubmit the bill with updated codes (that my doctors office provided) and the claims department refused to resubmit. Escalate to a supervisor you say? Well I did and was given incorrect information altogether and no help whatsoever. So good care at the doctor and nurse level but beware of the bill. DO NOT SIGN THEIR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FORM! Go somewhere else (like Boston).

love peace

Labor and delivery was good . In the recovery and discharge phase was not so good ...bad ,poor communication. I was under the influence I could leave early and that was not the case.

Lisha Carrington

If I could give them 0 stars i would. LaShaunda Hazard deserved better. Black women have pain too they deserve proper treatment.

Liz Droge

Love the patient valet and friendly check in staff. I do all my blood work here.

Jovanna Negron

*I would give Woman's and Infants 0 stars if that was an option!* had my daughter there January 10th 2018. Staff is horrendous. They are in such a rush to clock out towards the end of their shift that no one bothered to update our medical records. Therefore, they asked me to stop breastfeeding because they assumed my daughter did not have a bm. They called in a random pediatrician to enter our room at 4 am (on 01/11/18) to attempt to relieve (my then only one day old) with his finger in her rectum. Later that day when I was told the whole ordeal was a mistake because the doctor who helped birth my child, left a sticky note that she had a bm in the resuscitation room (,yes she had to be resuscitated. I did not hold her after she was born.) I asked for the male doctors name (the one who arrived at 4 am) and no one knew as he NEVER SIGNED IN!!!!!!! I asked to post pone Hep b and was harassed several times a day. I was told my daughter would die in less than three months without a Hep b shot. Please keep in mind, me nor my husband have Hep b. I was told that I better not take her out to the supermarket because she can contract Hep b there and I was told the flu shot is 150% effective. (It's less than 30%, we were not even discussing flu vaccines.) The head of pediatrics held us 12 hours past our release time with a jaundice test that resulted in my daughter not even being on a jaundice scale (we were manipulated and lied to as our punishment for refusing Hep b.) Woman's and Infants has an extrextraordy lack of compassion, respect and accountability. Have your baby there if you want to start having post-partpom depression immediately as you'll see no one (staff) really does not care for your well-being or your precious newborn's either. You're just a paycheck to them, believe me - nothing more.

Mary Henriquez

Shaun Bibby

My friend Ezra came out of his mom here!

Tre' Quarles

Frank Matthers

I am a new father my wife had the baby at woman and infants some nurses wanted to treat my wife disrespectfully by giving her attitudes and yelling at her till I stood up against them and told the head nurse to remove those disrespectful banshees outta my wife’s area. And another thing I understand that the hospital is called woman and infants but I would like to know where in the protocol does it state that the nurses and doctors could treat me as if I didn’t exist or as if I am a nobody they nurses were very rude and very disrespectful towards me and I felt it to the point of discrimination they gave me attitudes and looked at me as if I was garbage and I am there with my wife every time I had a question for them about my wife or baby they would roll their eyes and talk to me as if I was an incompetent bafoon and I really didn’t appreciate that no man who is with their wives should be made to feel uncomfortable by any doctor or nurse weather male or female there are laws against prejudice and discrimination I feel they need a refresher course in that area.

andrianna huff

Racist hospital that does not care about black women.

Katy S

Both my babies were in NICU and received excellent care. From triage to post partum everyone was great.

Amberina Lynn

Worst hospital ive ever been to. Id rather drive from ri to boston where i know my pregnancy and I will be well cared for and listened to. My rating is zero. Not even a 1. This place Can never keep correct info or straight info on pacients. Every single time i go here(this was my 1st time in er here) i get told a new due date and info from what I assume is another persons chart bc its not mines. Lack of concern for pacients and their concerns which brought then in and their symptoms. Told me i wasnt even pregnant what was i doing there?...(nurses exact words to me and fiance) when i know i am as it was confirmed 6 diff times. And at 2 other hospitals. But there was an "error" that my urine can back neg for pregnancy? Now, i have a strong history of miscarriage....what do u think that did to me? How do you think my mental health state was after that? I was a flipping mess. N had it all brushed off and dismissed as nothing. Doc dismissed all my symptoms I originally went in for and then refused to give any kind of reasoning for "error" or help clear my mind and give me an ultrasound/ dopplar to confirm i still was pregnant after they just told me i was not. And blatantly argued with me! Even after i sat there bawling my eyes out thinking I had yet another miscarriage. Not only that, that same urine showed pos for a uti/kidney infection(which i also have strong history of and is charted) and they never treated me for that or let me even kno i have it until 2 and a half weeks later! I never even saw the "doc" that caused all this turmoil after the fact b4 I was discharged 8 and a half hours later. Not even a cup of ice water or crackers for 8 n half hours. Even after going in for feeling deyhydrated and begging them bc i finally felt thirsty n capable of even drinking. This was the worst hospital visit i have had in my life. And ive been to some of the worst inner city hospitals in boston. Id rate those hoapitals better than this one. And they most def have discrimination issues here at woman and infants also.

Willo Carter

Loved the lab technician it definitely made up for the long wait and the screaming 2 year old in the waiting room!

Kevin Golde

I know some children born here, and the nurses are great!

Mary McIntosh

Went with my wife to a scary procedure and they wouldn’t even let me go with her. Took a day out of work to be there and stayed in a waiting room. She got to be in pain without her wife’s hand to hold!

Giselle Lopez

This hospital is the worst! Had my baby here and the nurses are disgustingly rude! I would give them zero stars if I could. Do not recommend this hospital to anyone!

edward ninteau

Now that they are not mixing the kemp at the oncology unit it takes forever to get our treatment.

Say NikkiNicole

LaShonda Hazard

Julio Morales

Lindsey O'Lassiter

Lashonda Hazard #sayhername

Lindsey-Rae Bouchard

Raelynn Vasquez

Panini Chowder

literally murdered LaShonda Hazard by refusing her care. Shame on you all

katina bartholomew

They tore my placenta out leading me to having parts still inside of me 5 months after giving birth to my son i had a really bad miscarriage and was bleeding out because the parts of placenta was trying to come out

Adriana Salazar


Gyno nurses and doctors are kind and efficient. Both appointments I've had were done even before my actual scheduled time.

Aisha Cruz

I love ❤️ women & infants hospital the take care excellent mom and baby. And I love ❤️ the nurse CNE doctor the best and the friend hospital is very clean the food is great I feel like home

Ashley Wright

If I could give a zero star rating I most definitely would. I had 3 babies and every single baby I had there didn't have a good experience I mean like 1 out of 3 would be like whatever (depending on reasoning) but all 3!! my next child I will have else where!! First baby June 27th 2016 I went to be induced.. when the nurse went to put my iv in me she tried 3 times on my left arm and couldnt get it so tried on my right arm and got it the 2ND try on my right arm. I felt like a pin couchion. Then the first time they put the inflatable balloon thing inside to induce labor they did it wrong the first time okay whatever no big deal. I also have food allergies they brought me food that I KNOW I'm allergic to. I have never came across a bread that is nut, soy, and sesame free so knew not to eat it... other than that it wasn't too bad. 2nd baby august 29th 2017 everything was okay other than the fact they forgot to close off my IV and when they took it out blood went shooting across the room on the wall! Also got on me and the bed. My anxiety levels went up seeing that much blood come out and that time I went in alone to have my second daughter so anyone who knows what anxiety is like knows sometimes it's worse being alone. My husband was at home with out first daughter. A few hrs went by I got up to go to the bathroom and got soo uncontrollably shakey I ONLY threw a pad in my panties and went back to lay down in bed cause i soo shakey. I got soo freezing i wanted to wear a winter jacket and gloves. I survived though.. My 3rd baby i had there i went into the hospital because i was in labor and they question me why im here "so you think you in labor" pretty sure by the 3rd baby i KNOW im in labor! then they checked to see if i was dilated n they said i was around 4-5cm n they was admitting me the nurse went to hook the IV up while waiting to get into a delivery room n hit a nerve i jumped cause it hurt and she started wiggling it back and forth all around with the needle fully still in my arm. even showering after sucked for MONTHS trying to wash my arm if i would touch it in the slightest way would send my whole hand and part of my arm numb. my baby is now 5 months old and still have issues. . Also been having a ton of other issues. Feeling like ima drop dead not sure if all my issues are cause by that or not yet though been trying to get into a dr. Will update once i know if i dont die . I dont have any pics of the swelling but do have a few pics of the bruising

NaNa Matherson

How do I file a complaint against an employee? I have been screamed at, intimidated by, and heard slurs made by a hospital employee here.

Jessica Chapman

matiyah chigano

Nana Marie

Been here for an hr & a half stool haven't been seen .

Kara Mckervey

My experience at women's and infants was outstanding. My baby was born 35 weeks early and the care that every nurse gave not only me and my baby but my husband was amazing. The doctors took their time to explain what was going on and not once did I feel like they were talking down to me. My baby will be turning a month in just a few days and it all because of the wonderful doctor's and nurses at women's and infants.

Denise Douton

My 1st experience here was awful. The 2nd was great. I guess it just depends on the nurses.

Annie Morrison

Shame on you! Lashonda Hazard deserved better!

Orlando Estrada

Shortyy Shorty

A woman just died because these people ignored her.. She was in excruciating pain! & they did nothing.


Wish i could give 0.. Went in to have my daughter after my water broke at 37 weeks.. She was healthy everything was fine. I had gotten to 10cm dialated and the dr informed me my daughter was face up and wanted her to turn on her own. Meanwhile i was in intense pain on my left back side and they just kept pumping more medication to dull the pain but i couldnt lay on that side becaise when i would my daughter's heart rate would drop.. I finally convinced the nurse to start pushing since i had an altercation with the dr.. Dr gray.. who at that point had left me at 10cm for 6 hours and was so rude to me telling me "turn the tv off go to bed" ok lady.. When my daughter was born she was not breathing and had tremendous birth injuries to her face and neck from being stuck on my pelvic bone which ultimately was suffocating her. I screamed and cried and begged someone to tell me what was going on and got no response as I laid there saying "is she alive is she alive" They were able to resuscitate her and she was sent to the nicu.. Heres where it gets worse. They misdiagnosed her and kept her in the nicu for 2 weeks. Fed her through a tube and put her under anestesia for surgery where they found out she didnt have the problem they thought she did. Also due to her injuries on her face they would tell me shes deformed and one nurse even said special needs. She had a full genetic work up done and it xame up negative for every syndrome they were suggesting.. When we got those results the dr said "you never know something may still be wrong".. Nice to say to a new mother with no information supporting that. Shes two now.. Normal functioning healthy happy beautiful girl, not special needs, not deformed, nothing. I will forever resent these people this was my first child and what a disgusting experience i had

LaQuinna T

This is the hospital responsible for sending 27 year old LaShonda Hazard and her unborn baby home to die after complaining about stomach pains. Her last words were “I’m literally dying and their not taking me seriously.” Everyone involve in her care should lost their licenses.

Natalia Vygovskaia

Great nurses and excellent care!

Sarah Woodacre

Raymer Coronado

Nahshon Thompson

They neglect women’s pain and give improper care

Sabrina Durastanti

Perry Baker

I had my baby here four months ago and all the nurses and doctors in the ER and labor and delivery were amazing. I attempted to go in today since I’m a woman and I was turned away because I’m not pregnant. It’s called women and infants. I’m a woman. The woman at reception laughed at me and told me to do to Rhode Island hospital which was a freaking nightmare. I thought they were a hospital. For women. Not just pregnant women. Not happy.

Tara Dubois

Was treated in the emergency room department early Saturday morning and throughout the day. The entire staff I encountered was extremely attentive, compassionate and professional. Can't thank them enough for all they did for me.

Briana Palmer

sandra taveras

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