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Marco Pichardo

3 hrs and yet to be seen

Brittny Gray

Discharged my mother after she had a recent fall in the house called by ambulance at 5:00 AM. She had a massive headache and was not herself. Just gave her IV and never gave us her results what tests they have run on and discharged her right after when she asked for medicine for her headache, no medicine, just discharge papers.We all believe she had a heart attack. Feb 2nd 2019. She was found in her home at 6:30 PM. She was suppose to be at work at 9:30 AM sharp at Walmart She had on Feb 3rd. passed on Feb 3rd 2019. May she rest in peace.


Went with a patient to wound care clinic, the APRN (Bridgette) was totally unprofessional, rude, cut my patients family member off every second she could. I get their are other patients, but at least have the decency to hear what the patients been dealing with instead of treating them like a number. I will NEVER recommend that wound care clinic to anyone! These elderly patients deserve to be treated with kindness, not be cut off and deal with awful rude bedside manner! So disappointed. Not to mention we barely got information and we’re basically told to treat the wound ourselves. Awful!

Fatoumata Sangare

Very good radiology department. Radiology technologist very well trained.

Stephan Schultz

I went to the emergency room for 6 hours for abdominal pain, they did a CT scan on me and told me I'm fine, i later went to a gastroenterologist and told me i have severe acute pancreatitis and might need surgery. I am shocked of what kind of care they give, I'm giving this 2 star because the nurse at the emergency room was very nice and helpful, other wise they deserve 0 stars.

Lane Milde

Do not go here! They will treat you like a criminal after making you wait for hours in pain, run unnecessary tests to run up your bill, and if you are as lucky as me, wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you that they are discharging you by hastily yanking out your IV line.

Van lynn Wells

Daniel Shea

Westerly's ICU has been wonderful. Having someone close on life support. Cannot say enough nice things for the nursing staff here. Always pleasant and polite of visiting time while still doing their job well. Also did a fantastic job of keeping everyone informed of any developments and what the plan for the following days. Highly recommended and I was always leary of westerly before this experience.

Susan Simard

I went by ambulance to the hospital (they were great, no complaints there). It was when the CNA came in to take my information and I told him that I was on methadone maintenance his whole attitude changed. Apparently when a person is trying to better themselves taking medication in order to get free from a disease. They are still put into the addict catalog. It doesn’t matter that it’s been thirteen years or that I hold two jobs (one of which is the same as his CNA). I have nothing bad to say about the doctor she was kind and tried to make me comfortable. However that CNA was cruel and cold And shouldn’t hold a position in patient care if he picks And chooses who he gives care to and who he treats badly. He was as unprofessional as they get. When I am feeling better I intend to follow up on this.

Mary Audette in Westerly Hospital upon suffering.a.massive heart attack. The ambulance.brought,.though.we.wanted South County and because South.County was where her doctors were and because we had heard so many bad reports about the Westerly.a hospital.We.were.pleasantly.surprised.that.the.treatment.that.she.received of.South County. The.doctors were caring.and.consulted.with.her.kidney specialist for.treatment.options.The nurses.kind, professional, and.caring..They gave . .


Always a pleasant experience for me given the circumstances. Triage as well as the nurses were excellent! Doctors were knowledgeable and relatively caring as well, but so quick to rush you out the door. I had a kidney stone that was said to be 2mm, turned out to be over 6mm. I was at a pain level of 10, vomiting every few minutes, pleading with the doctor to let the pain level out a little and they simply weren't hearing it. The ER was near empty as well. They used to let you spend the night if that's what you needed. I love the Westerly Hospital and would never tarnish your name with anything less than 4 stars, but please bring back the old ideals. Make all those contributors on the plaques in the lobby proud!! Some of us know them personally and speak with them frequently!

Sarah Behm

Would not recommend this hospital. I went in with a broken nose on Thursday night and felt highly uncomfortable my entire visit. I waited four hours for doctors to tell me that I broke my nose in one spot and they also refused to put my nose back in place that night because they claimed it was too swollen. I was seen by doctor David Bouslough MD. Every time I consulted with him the conversations we had were very short and he did not explain anything to help me with moving forward with this injury. Instead he told me that I needed to consult with an Otolaryngology in about five days to further discuss putting my nose back into place. Three days later, I went to my primary care doctor because I was in excruciating pain for him to tell me that my nose being out of place meant that it was dislocated, which I had never been told about at Westerly Hospital. The same day I went to Rhode Island Hospital because of the amount of discomfort I was in for them to tell me that my nose was broken in FOUR places not one and also, that the doctor that I saw at Westerly Hospital should have put my nose back in place that night instead of making me wait almost five days; it didn't matter if it was swollen. They also said if I waited the five days that I was told to wait I would have most likely needed surgery to fix my nose because it would have been harder to move after the bones were already fusing together. It was difficult for the doctors to fix my nose at RI Hospital, but thankfully for them there was still some movement and they were able to straighten it out again. It was likely that Dr. Bouslough wanted me to wait that long so that I would have surgery on my nose and so that would be more money in his pocket, which is sad considering the fact that I am a 19 year old college student that would not be able to afford that or even take off enough time to recover from something like that. Moral of the story, even if I have life threatening injuries, I will never go back to Westerly Hospital again. They not only waisted my time and money, but almost jeopardized my appearance for their own benefit.

John R

Kelli Murdock

Jodie Ismyname

Very disappointed with my most recent visit there. Don't want to get into the details but everything from not thoroughly checking me out (saying they did not have an ultrasound tech on...umm it was 4:30pm and it's a HOSPITAL!) to taking my BP on the same arm my IV was on and my blood drawn leaving welts and bruises that lasted for weeks! Totally unprofessional.

Joseph Kudrick

Horrible as usual

Dk Entertainment

No one really cares here. I sat in waiting room waiting for 4 hrs while I watched multiple people come in and out that came after me. I have Pneumonia and only got worse yet it didn't matter. No insurance no service I guess. My wife sat there for 9 hrs2 days prior. Unacceptable!!!!

Brittney Lamorge

I saw the nurse 2 times and the doctor at discharge. I did not receive the care I so badly needed.

Alicia Spears

Staff was to make you feel comfortable...doctors very concerned about their patients..and nurses seem to love their job and have general concern for patients also

Grant Spaulding

Melody Houatchanthara

My experience at Westerly Hospital was in high degree excellent, Main entrance staff was very informative with directions. The Radiology Department was up to date with the latest medical materials and equipment. Letter of certification of Radiology accreditation by the Board of Radiology in Reston, Virginia was clearly posted in eyes view; to acknowledge their qualification performance for the Westerly Hospital in whole. {one little thing.... a stool to get on the MRI bed would of help with the struggle of needing to tippy toe and the discomfort, ache and pain that came along with it and there was something very new to me, I was asked if I could hold up bags of weight; to which I couldn't but I found that to be an unusual request by a tech}. Beside that ***Marks of EXCELLENT all around.*** Thank you so very much to all the staff at Westerly Hospital.

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