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Susan Helm

I was visiting the Oncology center to see Dr. Peter Ward two weeks ago up at your Hospital. The building was immaculate, inside and out! The grounds were beautiful and represented a cared for property. I found your desk service friendly and informative. Dr. Peter Ward was the highlight.....I’m sitting there waiting and in comes this kid.... I am 63, and a mother of kids his age, so I am immediately tuned into what he has to say.....We joked a little, and he made me feel at ease. He had a wonderful disposition, and I really enjoyed listening and gleaming with information from him. My husband Jon was with me, and Dr. Ward was extremely polite and professional with him as well.....I had a wonderful experience in his care! Dr. Ward even took the time to write me a letter that I ASKED I could go to the YMCA here in Dartmouth for three months cost free being a cancer survivor..... Mrs. Susan Helm

bob conklin

I had total knee replacement on left. I can not say enough about all the ppl who came in to explain who they were and what they were going to do to help!!! What there told was in my day!!!! Post op all the nurses and asst basically everyone who came into my room was bright cheerful and just wanted to make me comfortable!!! Thank you. For a wonderful experience!!!!

glorimar vargas

I had a colonoscopy for the 1st time and the staff made me feel very comfortable. It was done in a very professional & timely manner. Thank you!

Linda Therrien

Keith Robinson

Friendly staff, excellent care, and little waiting. Would highly recommend them!

Michelle Gendron

Always pleasant, attentive and maybe I'm lucky but I never have had to wait very long

Ricardo Carchipuendo

The worst have to be diying for the doctors and nurses to take care the patience ......they dont even know what to do:(

Frank Parkhurst


Carly Pacheco

Went there for my boyfriends acl reconstruction. The surgery I guess went well but physical therapy didn’t show up before we left and with this kind of surgery is very important. Luckily I had a cousin who went through this so I had some idea of what he should do. When he woke up from surgery he wasn’t given any pain medication until about 20 mins after he woke up and had to practically beg for more, made us feel like junkies. No visit from the surgeon before we left as far as discharge instructions, and the nurses couldn’t tell us what to do either. Lastly the doctors office scheduled his post op appointment almost 3 weeks after his surgery. Way too long for a follow up on acl. ESPECIALLY since we had no direction for physical therapy. 100% will never go back and will gladly dissuade anyone from visiting this hospital. Get more qualified staff and then we’ll see.

jason sutherland

They seen to anyone withpain. Medication is somehow a lower form of being I have deen a canser patient for 5 years with stage4 cancer after needing help for a tumor and a poss brain anyouizem

Carolyn Burke

Everyone was so friendly and professional taking care of my mom. We really appreciate the great care and chaplain visits she received. Thank you everyone.

Destiny Sylvia

The doctor who I had came into the room looked at me instantly judged me and said he wouldn’t be able to give me anything for my back all I wanted was muscle relaxers when I said that he said “oh yeah I can do that” I was offended I’m not a drug addict for him to act like that he’s unprofessional and Needs to be taught something different

Cory Vingi

Prepped the prior day for medical procedure. Then I was told after waiting that my doctor is going to be a couple hours late. Unprofessional isn't even the word.

Pauline Roy

Quick service and everyone was professional and courteous. Very pleased!

Elizabeth Tolan

WAYYYYYY BETTER hospital than Charlton Memorial (the other hospital in Fall River). St. Anne's is so much cleaner, the staff is super-friendly and the ER is such a quick wait. For example, I had to go there recently because I stepped on a nail and I went to Charlton first because I live one min. away but it was a THREE HOUR WAIT. St. Anne's, I waited 40 mins. I'm ALWAYS going to St. Anne's from now on. The staff there makes you feel so comfortable, especially if you're going in for something embarrassing. I really do suggest this hospital over Charlton any day!

Joanna Andujar

The Doctors and nurses are wonderful. However, the Hospitals appearance looks old and dingy. I’m sure theirs is enough revenue for upgrades and better equipment.

Ebee89 19

I've never has a problem with this hospital until my most recent visit. Dr Mark Durfee is horrible. I came by ambulance because I literally was in so much pain I thought I would pass out. I'm home by myself with my 5 year old so I had to bring her along. We get to the hospital & he's asking me question & when I answer that my partner & I don't use birth control, he says so you're trying to get pregnant? I respond with no & he says so if it happens, it happens? How is that any of his business? I had to ask for pain medication. I was given toradol by IV which I wanted to disagree with because I'm not allowed to use NSAIDs but he said it was fine since it's not oral. He said I only had a severe UTI which I'm not even sure a UTI feels as bad as I did. This was on Friday & today, Sunday I passed two stones by myself. It was terrible. I've kept them to show to my dr. They gave me nothing else besides meds for the UTI while I laid in bed in pain my entire weekend.


Great care

Marangely Ocasio


heather breen

I have to say every time I go to this hospital I cringe at the thought. Unfortunately I am stuck using this hospital because my PC has privileges there and I like my PC and do not want to change doctors because this hospital is incompetent. No matter how empty the place is there is always a long wait to receive care. I understand ER's are busy places but if the nurses have time to stand around chatting and joking with each other why can they not have time to take care of their patients needs. Last night while I was there I asked my nurse to talk to the doctor about the fact I was in more pain then when I came in I waited 20 to 30 minutes meanwhile having a clear view of her at the computer surfing the net finally I paged her again and this is not the first time I have been there and seen this same type of behavior from staff. Once again told I had a non obstructive kidney stone and that should not cause me pain. Only one problem with that I don't trust their CT scan when I had four previous CT where they missed a very serious hernia when scans were brought to my doctor in boston he said the hernia was clearly visible on all four but it was only noted by them on two as I said pure incompetence. I am so fed up these are the people we are supposed to trust with our well being and they stand around goofing off like teenagers while their patients suffer. And that stone they say was non obstructive and not the cause of pain well I passed it this morning and it was not small and now the pain that I had in my back is almost gone just sore now so shock of all shocks they were wrong again!!!


Everyone is professional, helpful & knowledgeable.

Phyllis Manchester

Great experience despite being sick! Entered thru the ER and was immediately called to triage. Sent directly from triage to the ER. Had multiple tests with almost instant results. After about 2 hrs in the ER, the doctor decided to admit me. Spent 2 days on 2nd floor with excellent nurses. They could not have been more accommodating. Even brought ina bed for my husband to stay overnight. Every time they came in to check on me, they offered us beverages or food. Very helpful when you can't serve yourself. Food was not the most tasty..over two days, I had cheese omelet, cream of wheat, oatmeal and a very tasty, but terribly small muffin. Also had pizza (yuck) and fish..only ate a portion of those. Transport staff was friendly too!

Adrienne Medeiros

I would never recommend to go here. We waited here for at least 3 hours with the staff saying “you’re next you’re next”. I do not know how on earth they were they were rewarded one of the top hospitals for patients’ safety and quality. While I was waiting a women near me looked to be choking and having a stroke and it took the staff at least a minute to respond. Complete waste of my time. Stick to going to Charleston.

Josh Cruz

Wife was assaulted and the medical staff was amazing to help and serve her in her needed situation

Charles Czerwein IV

this place dose not even deserve 1 star!, staff was rude

Amanda Simpson

Everytime i come here its a horrible experience. I try and go to charlton but today i hurt my ankle and couldnt find a ride to Charlton. Had to take a cab. Im jere here. Been here for 3 hrs and haven't seen a nurse or a doctor. Been asking for ice since i got here.JUST GOT IT. Im in the hallway with no call button. Been asking to see my nurse or doctor. All these employees are doing are earint and talking in a circle for almost an hr. Really close to leaving. This hospital needs to be shut down. No one actually works EXCEPT the younger workers in Green not sure their title.

Patricia Vagos

IF I could give -0- I would. Been waiting for blood work over 30 minutes. Some people have to go back to work you know. Was told that there is no one in lab while they are out in the hospital. This is the most stupid policy I have ever seen!!! This needs to be fixed!!!!

Kayla Cashman

I will never go to this hospital ever again. From being ignored by the nurses when I hit the call light....literally they just shut it off and Contined drinking there coffee to being told my problem was intestinal and coming home and passing a kidney stone... None of my concerns were addressed and I was told my past history of renal issues didn't matter. Next time it'll be Providence.

Rose Shultz

Staff were fast friendly and very professional

Michael Macomber

Nurse practitioner, in emergency room, Katie Cardoso, one very professional, curtious, understanding, helpful, go out of your way, stand up, hear the patients, problems, kind of individual, I have not had in four years of these issues with this injury. I really believe this individual needs recognition for her outstanding care in treating me, thank her kindly please. I am still having a lot of issues . But she was a positive part of a bad day. Thank you

Cheshire Cat

Everyone at the Center for Breast Care office was very friendly and professional. The exam (and post exam procedure) was explained to me in plain English with compassion, not just medical terminology. I was in and out in a short period of time. I've been to other places to have a yearly mammogram and could not the same good things about them as I have about St Anne's, It's the only place I'll go for mammograms.

Elizabeth Castro

Awful experience!

Carlos Vasquez

Staff was great did their best. Was not happy that I had to wait 8 hours in pain just for a CT scan and blood work was no happy with that

Christine Frederick

This past weekend I was running an inflatable 5k (a 5k with inflatable obstacles on the course). Well, during one of the obstacles I stuck my arm out to break my fall and definitely did something serious to my arm. I denied Emergency transport and had my cousins drive me. She drove me here. There wasn't much of a wait time maybe 20 minutes(I have sat in ERs with family for hours before). They took me in, gave me xrays and pain relief while we waited. Turned out I had an anterior shoulder dislocation. The staff was all very friendly and they all made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I appreciate it, thank you!


St Anne's ranked with me the #1 hospital experience . The accommodations were first class and the staff was amazing!!

Chi Phoenix

The wait time for the "EMERGENCY" room is absolutely ridiculous! I'm absolutely appalled at how long I've been waiting smh Update: I walked out, I couldn't take it anymore. The fact that I was in pain, and expressed that to the woman at the front desk, and still waited hours to be seen most likely will not be coming back here. Respond to your patients quicker, and treat them like they're worth it.

Carl 007

Waiting times are terrible. The parking natzies (valet) tell you. You can't park in a spot because they need the spot for valet customers and I'm handicap. Ran over his stupid come as I parked. Never agian I'll go to Charlton Memorial hospital. FYI there's never a place to park here

Nicole Monteiro

Do not go here if you are in need of the emergency room. I sat for 2 and a half hours with my daughter in pain with possibly appendicitis as referred by here primary doctor. I watched a kid with a rolled ankle, a kid with a bruised toe, a lady with possible pneumonia (that they did not give a mask and she kept coughing all over me for 45 mins) go in ahead of my daughter. The security guard stood at the door and stared at me the whole time and kept making the automatic door open which was very cold it was very uncomfortable. Then when I complained I overheard the nurse talking about me rudely to the doctor about how everyone has to wait. I walked out …. Taking my daughter to Charlton where we are comfortable and treated properly!

Devon Caban

Amazing team very professional and very caring always checking on patients and making sure that your needs are met

Edward Sullivan

My wife presented at the emergency room in early evening with very elevated blood pressure. They were very nice in the ER and after treating her acute symptoms, did some tests before telling her they wanted to admit her later in the evening. After getting to her room after midnight, she was seen by one of the hospitalists (new term for resident I guess) at 7:15 in the morning. That was the last time she spoke to a doctor with the exception of a cardiologist who they insisted she needed to see before they would consider discharging her. He took his sweet time getting to her room even though he was present on the floor for well over an hour before he came in to see her. We also got no assistance from her nurse who was very rude and condescending and even lied when questioned about all the delays. The message was "DON"T QUESTION US" We do things our way. The nurses on the floor were not very busy but it seemed they just couldn't be bothered to advocate for her. After the Cardiologist finally signed off on her discharge, it took another two hours before anybody came in with necessary paperwork. Along with all these other issues, my biggest disappointment with St Anne's was the total lack of communication from both her attending doctor and the nurses involved with her care. We were basically left with no clue for four or five hours as to what was going on and why she was being held for no explained reason. The anxiety we both felt was overwhelming and certainly very detrimental to her well being Trying not to be too cynical but wondering if her excellent insurance coverage had anything to do with it. Bottom line is do everything you can to stay out of this place. We will not be going back there for anything in the future and I will not be shy about relating our very frustrating experience to family and friends. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO RUN A HOSPITAL.

chr Newell

I was in the waiting room from 940 till 1 o'clock listening to a lady crying really loud and seeing her walk back and forth and practically laying on the floor but besides that doctors did amazing.

Becky Ferreira

Stayed a few nights on the Teresa floor after my hip surgery. Everyone who I saw over the course of my stay was pleasant, friendly, helpful and prompt. The meals during my stay were fantastic too. The one gourmet meal you get the following day for lunch was AMAZING! Still.. all the other meals that came were also very good.

kevin rodrigues

I’ll keep it short and sweet... staff was awesome! Dr. Stolper was my hero. She just made me feel like it was another day at the office and I never felt like a number. (And she was funny) This was the reason I drove from NH with my injuries... thank you all for the help!

Khir Sawah

Thank you very much the medical staff and the excellent care of the patient and thank you to all doctors and nurses

Bob McCue

When arriving by car, I need a wheel chair to enter St Anne’s main entrance, due to ADA non compliance, I needed additional help to wheel into the hospital. When accessing the surgery center in the wheel chair, I was unable to open any doors within the surgery center from the wheel chair due to no automated door openers.

Christine Jordan

The nurse were amazing so attentive so kind I had a great experience the doctors were great as well

Kendall Pelletier

I would choose Charlton Hospital over this Hospital. With Charlton at least you get treated with dignity and respect. With Saint Anne's it is the total opposite. In 2010 My husbands grandmother passed away while being in their shitty care. They let her light ring and also caused her to get an infection that basically led to her passing. They are not clean nor compassionate. On to my issue personally.. This is the first and last time i am ever going there for an Endoscopy. I called St Anne's Hospital to get my appointment time for an upcoming endoscopy and the receptionist in the scheduling was very rude , refused to give me her name. She stated that because there are older people or people with diabetes they are going before me. Hmm aint that hippa to tell me that? Also because i have ulcers and gall stones if i dont take the meds prescribed to me first thing in the morning i get extreme pain through out the day. I explained to the receptionist this and since i am not able to eat before the procedure since it is at 2:30 in the morning the girl told me not to eat anything after midnight. If i dont eat or drink anything I get extremely dizzy and that is why all my appointments are always in the morning if i have to fast. She said sorry but that's how it is. She's not sorry not one bit. Every time im there im always kicking my self in the ass because i know i should of went to Charlton to begin with. They always treat everyone that goes in like they are drug addicts because look at the city it's in. At least with Charlton they treat you with dignity and respect. Not everyone is a drug addict here. I would rather wait a year or more for an opening at Charlton for an appointment before ever going to St Anne's again !

Sharley Paul

They take chest pains very seriously at this hospital. Too bad that's not what I was there for. Either that or you have to go in there at 2 am, 3 am to be seen within the hour. God forbid you need stitches, they will try everything before they have to admit they don't know how to suture. ie: Steri-strips, Dermabond. I asked why my Dermabond was better than good old fashioned stitches, couldn't get a straight answer. Well, I found out the next day when it started bleeding, and 2 days after when my wound reopened. Either, they don't know how to suture or they know they suck at it. Smh, I should have demanded stitches. Two stars for the nurses and staff who try harder than the damn doctors.

Lidia Mello

If you feel like you're going to die choose another place

Dionisio DeMiranda

Initially I was a bit sceptical about going to Saint Anne's hospital but it ended up that I was wrong. My surgery for a pacemaker implant was a success. Doctors, nurses and staff were caring and very friendly. Service was first class. My stay was very pleasant and I will definitely recommend this unit to all my friends that eventually may need their services.

James Medeiros

I found the time frame of 5 hours in the ER to be expected from previous visits to other ERs in the area. But I was put off by the fact that the business office was more concerned about the money than my healthcare. I understand it's a business but little more compassion from the business/billing department would go long way. That is the reason for the 2 star rating. Care in ER is just as good as any other hospital that I have experienced in south coast RI/Mass area.

Dan Cooper

I just spent four days at St. Anne's, starting in the ER, after an injury that left me unable move at first. I had never been there before. My experience was wonderful. Everyone I met on the staff was super friendly and professional. They were very thorough about the diagnostic procedures and the treatment, so I recovered very quickly.

Eileen Marum

I was impressed with the coordinated care provided to my mother by Saint Anne’s Hospital staff throughout the entire continuum of care, particularly, its transparent communication and teamwork beginning with admissions, the Emergency Room and her unit. A caring environment is the culture of this fine hospital. Eileen Marum May 19, 2017

Joe Costa

I have bin there this year a few time and they where so good to me . I spend ten days there everyone where so nice and friendly .

Jen Sullivan

Everyone was very helpful

Marsha St Pierre

I have an extremely painful condition which can only be corrected thru hip replacement after my blood infection clears up. The pain is unbearable and getting pain relief from this hospital is almost impossible. The staff acts like they are breaking the laws to give you pain relief. Asking for help made me feel like I was buying drugs on a street corner. I am a 66 year old woman looking for help and I am obviously not getting any at St Anne's hospital

ana braga

Great service but I was shocked when someone came into our ER room with a podium as we were getting ready to be dismissed and asked, “I’m here to collect your co-pay. How will you be paying today?” Absolutely tacky! Here’s sick people at the ER and at the end of the treatment/assessment, someone comes knocking at your door for money. Just tacky and insensitive!! Bill people please!

Frank Holland

Don't even bother to go here, big waste of time and your or your insurance companies money. They make you sit around for hours while they "develop" your care plan. what a load of crock. And if you don't agree with their plan, your out of luck and they will basically tell you it's their way or the highway, i took the highway. I felt that they talked down to me and they made me feel like i had a drug problem and should be avaluated for that too. i don't really even like to take advil, imagine that! They ignored all other doctors findings and replaced it with their own, very unprofessional. that was my first encounter with them The second time i was refered i had to reschedule my appointment because my kids where home sick from school (they woke up sick) and even after explaining this they told me that I had to find somewhere else to go and that i could not go there ever again! These people are a joke and smells of a scam operation if you ask me. I will never go back there and absolutely will not recommend this place to anyone who wants some real help for their pain. Plus the receptionist was very rude and didn't care that my kids were sick.

Gail Rodrigues

Had a total knee replacement at St Anne’s. The overall care & experience was terrific and I was admitted on the day of surgery & discharged the next. Remarkable.


Great hospital in ap

Linda Albernaz

They be went above and beyond to figure out why I was in so much pain.

robin healy

I was brought in by ambulance because I was severely dehydrated. When I got to the ER the nurse removed the saline bag from my am, which the EMT’s had put in to begin hydration. I understand that they have to take that one out, but they left me there for at least an hour, waiting for them to start a new bag. I finally had to ring the buzzer for them to come hook it up. I had to get up out of my bed, in my weak state to find a buttton to buzz, because they never put it near my hand to begin with. They did, reluctantly give me a taxi voucher to get to my home in Tiverton, telling me that the vouchers are meant for Massachusetts residents only. They said they could make an exception, considering that it was around 11:30 PM.

Jason Matos

Great doctor and staff

Patty Pimental

Testing went quickly and painless

Isnina Haji

Slowest process of my life

Joyce Kosiba

The worst hospital. I will never go there. They let my father starve to death! He could not eat because he had panceantitis and we kept asking for a feeding tube. They kept dropping food in his room and picking up trays he did not touch. They were not tracking his food intake. This went on for 2 weeks. My father was amaciated. We(my sister and I) had to point out to the staff that he was not eating and he needs a feeding tube. 2 weeks of this went on. we screamed in the hallway you are killing our father because his blood preasure and pulse they could not find . think they finally said it was 40 . and we said why are you not putting him in intensive care and they told us it was too late and now we cant get the tube in because his veins or blood pressure was too low. you have to really wait a long time o see ant doctors. they are SEVERLY UNDER STAFFED. The staff has horribly uncompassionate too. The seem like machines just trying to get through a day. THIS HOSPITAL SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH IF YOU ASK ME.

Ralph Pacheco

The nurses are excellent there the best an all the other staff.

Meralie Rivera

Worst hospital!!! I have been here for 2 hrs and a half already at the emergency room. They took one hour just to take my daughter's vitals and its been one hour in half more and they havent give her anything for pain at least while we wait for a room. So I talked to the girl in the registration and she called the nurse and she said she has more patients before my daughter I need to wait just to have anything for pain. Two hours in a half AND STILL WAITING! IF YOU'RE FEELING REALLY BAD, DEFINITELY GO TO A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL!

Frank Meireles

By far the slowest and worse hosp in mass

Suzanne Parent

As a nurse, I tend to be quite critical on care I receive however, I do have to share that From the moment I registered until discharge everyone I met was pleasant, caring and professional. Living in Florida most of the year I tend to hold off on medical care when I come to MA - St Anne's will be my Hospital of choice!!!

Grace Leandres

This place is amazing, they did a wonderful job taking care of my mom. Could t ask for better service in the day surgery dept and icu! Thank you so much for all that you do.

Emily Goyette

Had a speedy visit to the ER. I went in on a Monday night and was in and out within 3 hours. The staff was super friendly and kind.

Crystal Burnside

Their misdiagnosis resulted in my mothers passing. Then they said she had a heart attack. She passed because they depleted the platelets from her body with medication and let her go home 2 weeks prior with mrsa on her lungs. She was 72-year-old mother and grandmother. She was discharged with MRSA on her lungs I found out 2 weeks prior to her passing. You ask me to contact you but you leave no name or number. I refuse to get the same run around to get no justice from your hospital again. You cannot replace my mother. All you cared about was getting her out of your morgue.

Midgard Moose

I visit my father here once every two days. The nurses here are such angels! He’s on life support and thanks to the nurses, slowly healing. He made a big mess today (“bathroom” wise) and it took a long time for somebody to clean him up. Me, being the child, was starting to get very stressed out. He got some uh.. mess on his sheets. Eventually, after about 20 minutes, he was changed and was cleaned up very well! One of the main things that bother me are the two drunk men who visit the lady next door. Them being loud stresses my father out and makes him anxious. Security handled them a few times. I want my father to heal properly and be able to get off of life support. I love this building , the ICU nurses and cleaning ladies! I trust them with my father!

Diane Coriaty

I've been going to St. Anne's Breast Center for my mammograms and bone density tests for many many years! I have always had a very good experience with the friendliness, kindness, compassion, gentleness during mamos , always making me feel comfortable instead of anxious! I am very flat chested, and it can be embarrassing, and that never happens! Also, making appointments, never having to wait long! Overall, my 5 stars, says it all! Thx!

Amy Flaherty

They took really good of my friend cuz of another hospital messing up big time. St annes is best hospital in fall river. Ive been in 7 hospitals in my life and this is great place.

natural navigations

My wife has a neurological condition that has ties to her heart and other autonomous nervous system issues, today she had a syncope episode passed out, hit her head and twisted her ankle. She has been nauseous and sleepy since it happened. We have been waiting almost 2 hours they finally just did a EKG and then promptly sent us back out into the waiting room. The ice pack they gave her melted down over an hour ago and there is seemingly no end in sight to this walt. What bothers me is that people that have come in with minor injuries and belly aches are being seen before someone that has hit their head and has multiple underlying issues. Would give 0 stars if possible.

Leslie Dias

There is always a long wait at this place, there is no express care so everything is very slow paced.. go to charlton memorial if u want in and out fast service

Albert Vezina

My review don't involve the quality of hospital care..It involves finding the records of Lillian Dumont and what day she was born..You see circumstances came about and she lost her birth certificate.They gave her another one and instead of the day she was born THE FOURTH OF JULY they gave her another day ,the 22nd...Yes mom is 96 on the 4th of July.St. Annes Hospital has the records and I don't know how to get them.Can anyone who knows how to get these records contact me.

Maria DaSilva

Terrible experience, sat in the ER for 3 hours, had a terrible cough, some fever and chest pains which I was told they were ordering an X-ray but yet 3 hours later nothing, it wasn’t until 2 people that came in after me got called in and when I approached the desk I was told that I should be going in soon, half hour later still sitting there and waiting, so I walked out and waited for the next day to see my doctor.

Mnm kinn

Just this week I had surgery to remove a mass in my sinus, I can truly say that the staff at St. Anne's hospital are great, from Karen the receptionist preop telephone call, till the moment I arrived for surgery everyone was very professional but most importantly, they were so nice, caring and very companionate towards us patients.. Thank you dr.Cahill and all your great staff..

Heather Gracie

I would not recommend this emergency room to ANYONE that can't give up 7 or 8 hours of their life. We got there at 6pm, didn't get called into a room until 11pm, didn't get seen by a doctor until about 1230, and didn't get out of there until 2am. If I could give this place 0 stars and still leave a review I would. Yes, I understand that a wait in an emergency room is expected, but eight hours is just unnecessary.

m sarwar

This hospital staff deserve more than 5 stars. Best nurses, very experienced doctors. Quick and fast care. Almost no wait time.

Sonnja Devlin

My grandmother went there after a very long illness only going to Charlton they pretty much told us to give up on her shes too old 92 so I brought her to Saint Anne's because of the wonderful care she received and great staff I truly believe they were able to prolong her life over 6 months with a great quality they gave her a blood transfer and her sprits went up and she ate better than she did in 2 years I am truly blessed to have had her for that extra 6 months and I know it was because of the care and amazing bedside manner we received at Saint Anne's Hospital Thank you

Bethany Morgado

The staff was nice. The tech assigned to me was very nice and explained everything. I gave 2 stars because I think over 2 weeks is way too long to get test results and no one seems to care it is taking this long

abeer moussalli

Thank you very much For the medical staff and the excellent care of the patient and thank you to all doctors and nurses

Danny Darko

Its a great hospital for kids. I always take my kids there over Charlton. I just find that they are more attentive and knowledgeable.

shelley almeida


ethan woke

Always a excellent care

Nancy Brasells

The procedure was perfect. The BILLING STINKS! Patient Beware! If you cannot pay and set up a payment plan you will be HOUNDED for balance due even when paying on time.

David Malave

medilea Rosa

I came in with serious chest pains at 11 pm Tuesday night the staff were unbelievable they were so kind and caring and On top of every thing I couldn't be any more pleased here I would recommend this place to anyone esp over cape cod hospital, The rooms are amazing, the staff are just amazing the doc are the best caring and there isn't any thing they done miss I love this hospital and I thank all the staff members here for all there kindness I appreciate these nurses and all they do

Songlover l

I was scheduled for an appointment at 2:00 PM. I arrived at 1:40, they called me in at 2:50. The nurse sat down with me for some questions, the doctor didn't see me until 3:50. I was treated (very) poorly, The doctor didn't have my records so wasn't able to do anything even though I scheduled my appointment a month before that date. They need to treat people like human beings, not like animals. The doctor stood outside the room to talk about his new fitness program and how good he was feeling while I was siting for two hours in severe pain waiting for him.

Lars Salomonsen

Absolutely god awful I wouldn't go back to this place if I was on fire they make u wait hours just to b seen for 5 seconds then u wait another 5 hours b4 u get discharged. God awful service and even more awful doctors everyone was incredibly rude and disrespectful will never b going back.

didi diva

I been at this hospital since 8:30 am its just about 9 am..with no other people in the waiting..why am i waiting 30 miniues and still havent been called..I can see why everyone goes to the other hospital. .witch ill be leavi g this waiting room in 5 minutes. .this os the worst hospital 2 go 2 in Fallriver mass

aleksandra albuquerque

I went Saint Annie's for help and left with a very broken sternum. This hospital needs to learn who to treat patients with mental health problems.

Crystal Roderick

the staff are very professional and very friendly. i felt more at ease visiting and they were very resourceful

Leon Lomba

This Hospital is outstanding from the receptionist to ICU nurses the doctor's and all between. Thank You.

Joey Ellis

You guys suck, absolutely suck. Where did you guys get your PhD?

Ed Silveira

disgusting treatment by Dr. Freedman- He should have his license revoked. His Behavior is and was a disgusting example Of somebody in the medical field that’s there to help people in need. You see I have two very of somebody in the medical field that’s there to help people in need. You see I have two very own Mrs. rare Illnesses that I’m in a study at the NIH, in Maryland and have been for four years now so when I ask her doctor if they know what these illnesses are and I Get in response, oh yes I know about those illnesses, well how can they know about it when my harves get in response, oh yes I know about those illnesses, how can they know on my own Harvard Brigham geneticist team of doctors in Boston at every major hospitals in Boston and the best of the best still can’t Diagnose and treat affectively what makes Dr. Friedman think that he knows more- He was arrogant, his behavior his posturing was disgusting and insulting! Do not go to this hospital, unless you’re dying, or maybe you even want to consider not because your chances may be better if you don’t go there- I would give them a -5 so it pains me to even give them one star.

Alexandra Ferreira

Worst hospital ever my mother who just found out she has breast cancer had an appointment for an MRI at 715pm needed to be there at 615 for blood work we get there and the senor women working in patient information tells us we need to go next door for registration the girl in registration tells us she's closed go back and she will have someone register her we wait 30 min noone comes I ask the senor women to find out what's going on she calls for labs to come they come and ask for paperwork I tell her she hasn't been registered so no blood was sent to the ER side for registration no blood order can be found go to MRI she needs blood work before hand so by this time it's been 2 hours of nothing my mother is 68 telling me she's tired and wants to lay down on top of that she has anxiety poor women just found out a few days ago she has breast cancer and has to go through all this due to lazy staff

Kelly Monteiro

The nurses were awesome! They were attentive and nice. I’ve had to had a facet shot a few times here and they nurses have always been great before and after the shot. The doctors, such as anesthesiaologist has been great, as well as Dr. Gorski. I was treated well and they always calmed my anxiety. Check in is easy. They take care of you through all the steps. Would recommend to anyone!

Lanette Errante

As warm and welcoming as an emergency room can be! The staff there were wonderful. I was treated like a human being. About eight different people tended to me for different things while I was there and I couldn't have had a more lovely experience with them and in this emergency room.

Greg Figueroa

THE WORST HOSPITAL TO DATE!. Went in with my 2 year sick and crying. WAITED OVER 4hrs just to realize they were taking in people that arrived after us. I don’t know who does managing around here but at least half of the staff should get fired!


We took my elderly aunt into the emergency room. Every last person that we dealt with was kind, professional, respectful and knowledgeable. I can't say enough about how well she was treated and how wonderful the staff was. I felt extremely comfortable with her being there. Excellent job all around!!!!!

Patrick Donovan

R Choquette

the Most Horrible Hospital i have been in since Humana Hospital in Roseland Fl... I just sat there in Excruciating pain for over 3 hours, and they didnt even ask me How much pain I was in... Zero Stars, DO NOT GO THERE, and No you Really Don't want to hear anymore about My Experience in Your SHithole

samantha pevide

I went in with terrible pain when breathing and waited over 4 hours. I saw multiple ppl that were after me being taken in, most were small children and elderly so I understood. After someone with a simple cough got taken in I went to see how much longer I was going to wait. I was told that someone had called my name and I did not answer so they took me out of the system .... I was sitting in that same spot for those 4+ hours. No one called my name and I was still in pain. I then had to wait to be reput in the system just for me to be seen.

Santos Ramos

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Jess P

So, I went there to get care and I ended up being the topic of discussion. While in the patient's room, I overheard the nurses joking around about my medical condition in the main area. I wish that I could have stepped outside to remind them of HIPAA policies and their incompetence. I told the healthcare providers that something was seriously wrong because I don't tend to get fevers. They sent me home with an antiviral medication. I'm glad that I second guessed their diagnoses. The next day, I went to Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA. They treated me with dignity and respect. It took them less than 3 hours to figure out what was going on. The physician assistant was comforting and VERY knowledgeable. I was prescribed ANTIBACTERIAL medication for strep throat. The symptoms that I had were all attributed to strep throat! The fever went away the following day. To the incompetent and inconsiderate staff of Saint Anne's Hospital: It's not what you know, it's who you know. It's obvious that you got your education from dollar tree or you kissed butt to make it to your positions. I don't recommend these people and will be changing my primary care provider since their affiliated with these morons. The person below me is correct in stating that the staff are just there for comedy. The hospital is a joke!

Kimberly Snow

If your family member is dying do not go to Saint Anna's Hospital they will not respect your wishes because my dad was dying and they did not respect he's wishes they let him suffer and die I am so mad at Saint Anne's Hospital.

Jaime Goss

Went in on a Sunday for an eye injury. Four people before me. The nurses were caring, compassionate and kind. The NP that saw me gave me something so I would be comfortable right away and I was in and out in less than an hour!!!! This is consistent with my experience there two years ago with my son that was then 6 months old. They did for him so much more than Hasbro.

Jeffrey Rowe

I recently needed to be admitted for my copd condition the care i received at Saint Anne's hospital was nothing but professional. All staff from housekeeping to dietary was awesome, can't say enough about the care i recieved from nurses,cna everyone should be applauded for making feel as comfortable as possible.

Louisa Melanson

I was in for a broken ankle on December 23. The staff was amazing, very caring and companionate. They made my over night stay a comfortable as could be expected. It took less than an hour to see the doctor, have x-rays done and advise me that I will need surgery.

Jan-Marie Hamilton

Worst experience at hospital ever! Got registered relatively quickly but as I was registering a nurse came to get me I took 30 seconds to finish registration I turned around and he was gone I then sat in the waiting room for two hours waiting for someone to come back for me just for an x-ray they never showed up then a helicopter landed and I had to leave my son has school in the morning

Tracy Parmelee

Spent 4 hours in a. Wheelchair after failing on the floor. Excruciating pain they did nothing.

Barbara Jean

My experience at the hospital was excellent, the staff was wonderful, but I had no idea how long my pain med would go. The result was that I only had enough oxycodone to get through Friday, but all of PrimaCare was on vacation from Wednesday through Sunday, and there is no on-call to authorize pain meds. I now have to decide whether to take NSAIDs, which previously gave me stomach erosions, or try to make it with Tylenol, which doesn’t keep the level necessary for my PT.

Robert Viveiros

As a nurse, I can say this hospital does a great job at triaging patients. All of these people complaining about the wait time..... It’s a ED - For emergency’s... If you are able to leave the ED due to a longer than expected wait time... then odds are you didn’t need to be there.

Steven Andrews

Wife was admitted , cna said slanderous remarks towards me. Then same cna broke her phone and phone charger. When these issues were brought up...they promptly said she had to be discharged. She said she didn't feel well enough for discharge. They said either she discharges to crawford or they have the police usher her out. At crawford....they didnt set bipap up when asked. Then at 1 am crawford calls me says they have to send her BACK to the hospital. Surprise surprise... Unsafe discharge is a form of medical malpractice. Her winding BACK up in the er shows she wasnt ready for discharge. Will be talking to NUMBEROUS lawyers and pursuing legal action about this.

Mark Oberg

I have never been an inpatient here, my comments are based on outpatient services only. I like St. Anne's quite a bit. The doctors I see there are very good and work with me to improve the outcome of my treatment. They listen to me when I suggest something as an alternative approach. As with any personal interaction, someone who is having a fit and screaming at people or who is there to cause problems is not going to have the same experience I had. One more thing. Every time I go there, I see a lot of activity making improvements in the hospital services and buildings. The new owners appear to have the money and intent to modernize what was not exactly the best infrastructure when they took it over. Investment in people and infrastructure is always a good idea when it's done to meet future needs and raises the level of service and quality overall. Bottom line? I'd go there if I were sick and needed to be hospitalized.

Majid Dudha

great hospital wonderful staff


Doesn't consider possible cancer or tumor a emergency went in with pain in bladder tells me they can't even do a x-ray or ultrasound, nice emergency room? Long wait for not many people 3 hours it took for me to finish and I had 1 person infront of me and the doctor did was a urine sample and talk to me for 5 mins. Literally told me to go see another doctor the one in the emergency room doesn't know how to check for a tumor or cancer says they only can treat emergencies that will kill me quick, yet anytime I have someone really sick/hurt they go to saint annes then get sent directly to providence hospital... literally like 8 people I know.. so what the hell is this emergency unit even for? My grandpa they didnt know he was unconscious from a brain tumor they thought he was a junkie they bruised him up trying to wake him up. Heres a picture of what they make you sign so you wont sue them for their incompetence. They will tell you to go to another doctor so you can get "permission" to do a x-ray in a different unit they even want another doctor from another hospital to look at it, what do these doctors even do? They do the typical upselling doing the typical blood pressure tests and offering pills that have nothing to do with your condition. The time before this one they sent me to primacare which primacare sent me back to them which they sent me to a urologist and the urologist to saintannes because they dont even have the equipment to do the test so its a pass the ball game. please go to the providence hospital if its serious or Charlton if its minor, saint annes will make you die.

cynthia j rogers

Had my routine colonoscopy and while the place was very busy in the endoscopy unit ,I did not wait unduly,was checked on frequently was given warm comforting blankets.after the procedure and I woke up, the dr came our and told my the results, I was given a snack and left.i found everyone I came in contact with smiling and caring .thanks for the job well done!


I had complications from an abscess drainage done at my doctor’s office a day later. There was a Knick in a superficial vein so there was a lot of bleeding and a lot of pain. I can’t describe the pain it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I had never been to St. Anne’s and from the minute I walked in it was incredible. The registration was fast, I was seen very quickly, and the NP who treated me explained everything and made me feel so much better. The nurses were outstanding. The abscess was on my thigh and I’d bled through my pants and it was messy and so painful. The nurses dressed and cleaned the wound twice in a short time and even cleaned my leg where I had bled. They got me a pair of hospital pants to wear home. I’ve never been to the ER for anything like this. I never go to the hospital. Maybe three times in my whole life?? The compassion and kindness showed by everyone there was incredible. Thank you St. Anne’s.

Lori Ham

Aiden Murphy

Hassle free experience. Great communication with all staff. Surgery went smoothly.

Darlene Machado

I was prepared for a wait however I wasn’t expecting to be seen in the hallway nor was I expecting such a minimal exam after falling at work. At this time I complained of back pain and shoulder pain however only my shoulder was given an X-ray even after saying I had had back surgery in 2012.

Beth Pistolese

Carlos Rodriguez

The wait time once your in the room sucks you have to keep reminding them when you need your next dose you press the button and wait like a half hour someone comes in then wait another half hour to get what you need sadly welfare has better service

Joe Gouveia

On June 6 I had surgery at st. Annes hospital when i got to the OR they asked me if i had the payment for my deductible i said that i had to pay the doctor ,office called me and said if i didnt pay the co -payment to them there would be no surgery so obviously the doctor's office and the hospital are not together on the same page the surgery went well 2 months go by and the hospital calling for the payment again I told the the doctor took the deductible payment I had to go to the doctor office and explain what was happening they gave me check and then gave the money to the hospital told the cashier about the problem with the payment she replied that it happens1 out of ten great I was the one made a complaint to The patient advocate at the hospital I'm still waiting to hear back from them no one that goes to have Surgery should have to worry about payments that were paid and you have to go run around get their money Because it seems that a doctor and the hospital are not on the same page and something or other is about fighting over payments it's very sad because they are my community hospital but this left q bad taste with me

Juliet Pelletier

I just went for Pre opt and everyone was very nice to me .....I, had my total hip replacement there and took very good care of me ..Great job Doctors,,, Nurse's....and everyone else. ❤St Anne's Hospital

MJ Miles

My family has lived in this community for years. When my dad slipped, fell, and broke his hip it was an unplanned visit that brought us to St. Anne's however I don't regreat it at all. Soup to nuts we can only give praises. Everything from attentive doctors and believe me things cropped up that we did not expect to the most fantastic Nursing staff on both North 1 and the ICU. Thanks to attention to detail he is on the mend at 72 y/o and moving in the right direction. I am a nurse in a big Boston Hospital and I can't make any recommendations to make it better, even the kitchen staff, transportation staff, and houskeeping were all very kind and helpful. The rooms were clean and bright. Thank you so much for making what could have been a horrible experience the best it could be. You all do such a great job!!

Stephen Chase

2nd-best hospital ever!!!

Carol D'Alessandro

I recently underwent an operative procedure at St. Anne’s Hospital in Fall River and it could not have been a more positive experience! From the Pre-admission testing appointment the week prior to the surgery date, right on through to being wheeled out to our car, everyone I encountered was pleasant, caring and professional. All of my questions were answered completely and in a timely manner. Time wise, everything luckily flowed as expected which does not always happen given the unpredictable nature of the healthcare environment, so that was a definite plus too! As far as the surgeon’s service and the outcome of the procedure itself, Dr. Roger Rosen was terrific and the healing process is moving along without concern. In closing, I will, without hesitation, request St. Anne’s Hospital for any future incidences requiring hospital services. Thank you to the St. Anne’s staff for a job well done!

Coby Rae

The suck

Paul Santos

Er mattress are so worn out , they have no cushion left, time to replace em, I already have a bad back, laying on that old worn out mattress only made it worst, and what was I in there for ? Now it was my back I'm in pain and can't move , yes keep changing your personal rooms, put it here no put it there, no let's put it here, tear down this wall, now put up another wall, wait, let's start over again , wat a waste of cost, how about new improved thick mattress, and simple medical supplies that are really needed then yous can go back to your non-medical room changing nonsense, and welcome????

Emily Mullen

Julian Brien

Emergency room is a joke. Walked out after waiting an hour and half

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