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REVIEWS OF Roger Williams Medical Center IN Rhode Island

Avril Bentley

Arrived at the ER after a car accident, I felt okay but my airbags went off and wanted to confirm no concussion. Was with the NP(no doctor)for less than a half hour and I received a bill about 9 months later for $950. Stay away from this place, don't give them your money. Their prices seem higher than the other hospitals around. Never in my life or my family's life have we ever paid that much for a "visit" to the ER. Keep in mind no tests were run, no x ray. I was told from folks in billing it's normal for them to charge $1,000 to walk in there.

Stephen Brown

Good job they do. Very friendly people!!

Jacklin Velasquez

they have bad attitudes! every time I go I always have to be prepared for an attitude and being treated like I am a no one! I understand that working in a hospital is difficult and some people are very annoying but that does not give you an excuse to treat ppl like crap! and even when I call same thing this all happens from the emergency room department!

Alice Cannone

I'm looking for a good Dr at RWMC a Cardiologist can someone Please Help Me

Jatniel jimenez

Jon Daly

My daughter went here to get help with a drug addiction. She was there for 2 hours and they sent her home. They said didn't meet the insurance criteria for the impatient help she desperately needed. So I guess she had to be in a comma in order to get in. On top of the the staff were all very rude. This place is garbage. This is why people die of an overdoses. A for-profit hospital that puts profit over healthcare. Also, my daughter was discharged and the nurse never took the IV out of her arm and sent her home! Thank God my mother is a nurse and took it out safely. This nurse should be fired immediately!

Jonathan Singer

N/A meeting

Taylor nDuarte

Derek DeMasi

They are much better than Fatima and their ER is very good as well when it comes to wait time. They are usually around the same amount of time as Fatima (15 - 30 minutes)

Gaby Diaz

Worst hospital ever !!! They ignore you like if you are a piece of garbage

Ashley St.Angelo

Ignored disrespected and not even evaluated to determine what the problem was ! Horrible descrimination towards me and left hospital with bleeding from mouth and other areas not even looked at to determine the bleed ! They deserve to be closed down not given a star at all !

One Love

Never go here if you are sick. Never go here if you are in pain. Never go here if you are a minority because there is a large cold staff who will see a terminally ill patient as trash even with an insurance card. Doctor did not treat me because he "forgot". Was about to release me without ever treating me and after I told him the mistakes that were made he apologized. The nurse who took care of me told me that she would take care of me and that I would be ok... Mostly my crying in the ER was ignored. I am a terminally ill Cancer Patient. The story goes much much deeper. Rhode Island Doctors do not like treating Black or Latino patients. Not for an illness or Cancer!

William Fernandez

Angelo Costello

Cap town

Sophia Jevon

This hospital is awesome. Staff were professional and knowledgeable. Fast and efficient. The decor is nice as well.

carmelo montanez

This hospital should be closed. I went there with a swollen ankle. They didn't check me well. They tell me to keep my feet up and take some motrins. Everyday I was worse. I went to the Miriam hospital after a couple days they find out I have a heart failure that's was the reason my ankle was swollen. What happen? I end up at the Rhode Island hospital having a 2 valves replaced it. They was given me 30 percent to survive. Thanks to Doctor sodha and his staff I'm home. This isn't the first time I go there and do the same. Now they call me to collect 880.00$ just to look at my ankle and tell me to take motrins. its crazy

mekhye barbosa

Very rude staff, the physician was very helpful and kind. I got a lot of ill tone and attitude by asking simple questions and the operators on the line are very disrespectful

Donahue Models & Talent


I sat in my own feces in the emergency room because I could not get anyone to help me for over a half hour. It was I will be right with you. I had surgery there and did not regain consciousness for hours because of the anesthesia I was given. I would never go there again nor would I recommend them to anyone. It's too bad because the nurses are great.

Doris Monzon

Karen Costa

Kos Juludo

Serious bedbug problem. Employees get treated like dirt. A poorly managed, dumpster fire of a hospital. %75 of the nurses are rude beyond belief. Work here if you don't value your sanity.

Leonor Silva

James Gattoni

Catherine Saideen

I wish I could give lower than 1 star that's how awful they r. I went in tonight and they told me my health insurance wasn't active and i didn't know that and they refused to help me with any sort of payment plans (i work a minimum wage job and only about 12 hours or less a week). The staff treated me badly when they found out I have no address (homeless). Please don't go there

Sweet Marizza

I went to this hospital 2 days ago .it was all normal like the rest of the hospital..i went back today day so. They made my sister wait in the waiting room wich it never happens they always let ppl go in with you .when i got in there the fat Spanish girl already had an attitute cause she wasn't done with the bed..then they make me get naked and the security guard search me while naked.they searched my bag she told me to take my engagement ring off . i said why would i take my engagement ring off she said its hospital policy and that people always wear fake rings to act like they're engaged .so i go dressed and left they really treated me worse than an animal.SINCE WHEN DO YOU GOTTA GET NAKED IT FOR A hospital security guard TO SEARCH YOU ..AND THEY SAID ITS THE HOSPITAL POLICY I WAS JUST THERE 2 days ago ....

Brad Couture

Horrific place. Terrible communication with nurses and doctors Nurses are rude and im baffled why som of these individuals chose a career in helping people emergency room app that is supposed to tell you in real time how long your "forecasted" wait time is does not wirk. I was brushed off after making ER staff i was having chest pain. Mean people. I realized they are busy and i try mybest to be understanding and be patient and respectful. One er nurse wasso rude i was astonished. If you're considering goin to this hospital or taking anyone you care about there . RUN.

Jovanna Guerra

Suraj Ram


I have used this hospital for different reasons over the years - but will never use them again. In fact, I will direct everyone I know away from them. My daughter was brought in voluntarily but was forced to stay in their 'psych ward' against her will. The treatment she received there was abominable. The staff of this mental health dept is rude and unprofessional beyond belief. We are considered taking legal action due to they way she was treated. Never again.

Rock Jocelyn

Fast ER dept with excellent health care. Better wait times than TO hospital. Felt the care was good and staff was top notch. Will go here again if I or any of my family gets sick.

Emilia Mendez

AVIOD at all cost. Worst place ever.

R Wheeler

I was treated for a annual medical procedure. The staff was professional and friendly. Free parking .

Static Jones

This is not a good hospital. Rude disrespectful forgetful negligent staff. Want to be misdiagnosed? Just visit the ER. Incompetence at its finest.

Jess Afse

Deplorable treatment! Deserves 0 stars. I brought my brother to the Roger Williams ER based on their boasting on their website that they were the only Level IV detox in RI. This means they can handle detoxing those with other serious medical conditions. He has an opioid addiction. However he is NOT a recreational drug addict. He became addicted after a painful cancer surgery and radiation treatment The pain management center is responsible for his addiction and their existence as drug dispensaries is criminal but that's not what I'm writing about here. The way Roger Williams ER treated him was HEARTBREAKING, NEGLIGENT and INEXCUSABLE. After a 6.5 hour ER wait he was taken into the detox evaluation area where blood and urine were to be taken and a social worker assessment was to take place. He was extremely sick; dehydrated, shaking and lethargic from trying to detox himself. His condition was further complicated by severe emphysema. They took his belongings and he couldn't call anyone. They put in an IV and took blood BUT didn't bother to use the IV to give him fluids for dehydration. His skin was visibly dry and wrinkled from days of severe diarrhea. They lost his urine sample so that important test was never done. An addict in a blind rage off the street was put in with him. He got to witness this guy's near death experience, thrashing and screaming in all it's horror. After ignoring my brother for two hours (including a request for a drink of water) they said there weren't any beds, he didn't meet the criteria and he was sent back to the waiting room. An opportunity to help a very sick person who was a productive member of society for decades was thrown away and a recreational heroin addict got to stay. This morning as one of the 15 beds in their detox becomes available, I'm willing to bet this guy gets it. So that's the criteria.

Meghan L

Horrible doctors and nurses, they have no communication skills what so ever!

Dominga Japa

jissel antonio

Kayla Rogers

Awful awful place stay away...... they misdiagnosis me and I lost 70% of my sight

susan gaucher

This hospital deserves no stars. I brought my brother to the ER at 2:30 pm per his pcp referral for detox and to seek help for his addiction. He was treated as if he did not matter. The staff placed him in a room that looked like jail cell ,none of the nurses asked him about any medical conditions or medications that he takes.( he has multiple medical conditions and takes many medications.) They gave him IV fluids and left him in the room ,never once explaining anything to him. They kept trying to discharge him as he was telling them he needed help and wanted to get into rehab! He had to beg for his heart medications!!! He sat for 7 hours waiting. He finally spoke with a clinician and she said he had a bed and would be admitted , that was at 10pm. Then they woke him up at 1am and told him he had to leave. They Never said why. He had to fight and beg for his belongings back and his money ( took over 1/2 hour to find his money). This hospital is horrible , I spoke with the nurse and clinician myself and they are liars . They lied to my brother and to me. As a nurse this is disgusting and unprofessional and unforgiving. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANY GOING TO ROGER WILLIAMS HOSPITAL FOR ANY MEDICAL CONDITION!

becca perkins

Had a horrible experience here a week ago. I went in with severe abdominal pain and they dismissed me saying I have heartburn. They were rude and cold toward me. They only took my blood and didn't do any other tests. I came to Miriam hospital today and they have been amazing and very caring. Come to find out I have to have my gallbladder removed. This could have been discovered a week ago if they weren't so negligent. I have been suffering for a week because of the carelessness of the doctor at RW.

Kitty Milton

Couldn't have asked for better treatment during my surgery, recovery, and emergency room visit. The nurses are truly caring and protective. I had no expectations as this was my first experience with Roger Williams. I was very pleased.

Gabrielle Libutti

I would not send someone I care about to this hospital. period. The staff is awful and downright rude. I've never been treated this awful anywhere else. I took my grandmother here after a surgery and she was also treated terribly. To top it off, nurses talk very rudely about staff and patients "behind their back", but be assured that you will overhear. I would never go here again. There are plenty of other hospitals to go to that will be much more helpful and pleasant.

Dallamantty Rodriguez

If I can give a 0 I would horrible nurses with am attitude I was the only one in waiting room HORRIFIC PAIN CAN BARELY MOVE NO ONE CAME to triage I kept ringing bell for like 15 min till finally someone came through intercom then another 15 min of me ringing bell for triage to check vitals had to give a urine bathroom was HORRIBLE GROSS worst than a public New York bathroom. NEVER AGAIN THIS WAS TODAY


Good emergency room, staff is attentive. Also very short wait times.

Brian Izzo

I've have been waiting to be seen for over 5hrs in the E.R..I have seen 8people get discharged and yet I'm still waiting..there is no staff upfront a lady came in and slipped and yet they told her to sit down n Waite..Are you serious.This hospital needs to retrain the staff and of course the food comes so now everyone has to wait..Rediculus

Rosa LeClair

Billy DeLuca

Detox beds are always full.

Patricia White

If I could give less than one star I would. HORRID inpatient experience with inexperienced, "Residents" The supervisory doctors NEVER see you, but make decisions on your life, health, well being based on these "student doctors". I'll NEVER come here again and will never allow my children or famiy to be subjected to this barbaric, horrific, so-called "medical care". I must add however, that the ER and nursing staff are ABSOLUTELY amazing and phenomenal!! They truly care about their patients and it breaks their hearts too to see how patients are treated by ignorant, inexperienced medical students who have ABSOLUTELY NO idea what they are doing. My heart and prayers go out to these wonderful, amazing nurses who have more experience, knowledge, and training than most of the medical students and resident "doctors". Please do NOT leave yourself or your loved ones stuck in this horrible hospital. The wait at RI Hospital,Miriam Hospital, and others are WORTH it!! I wouldn't bring my DOG here for treatment!!

craig packard

sharon callender

Had back surgery one year ago. Nurses and staff great.dr. Sampath came to check on me often. Would recommend it.

Kate Massey

Worst ER ever!!! Rude staff and ignire everyone...

Susan King

I can't say enough about Dr. Dietre Pohl Gastric Surgery. I had the surgery 6 years ago and I did very well. Last month I was having issues with food staying down. I went for a cat scan and found I had a blockage. Dr Pohl not only did my surgery but actually tried everything else before having to do the surgery. His bedside manner is above any Doctor I have seen and I am 58years old!! His staff Dr Holly, PA , Jeremy and John are just as kind and even try to make you laugh and comforting while going through a really rough time. Dr Pohl actually came in at 2am in the morning to re operate on me because of the pain I was in and found I had swollen appendix which he removed. Any other doctor that I have met would have just given more pain medication and wait till the morning. Kutos to a man that I respect and generally love as a Doctor and a person.

Rafael Difo

Jane Boulukos

Excellent care. Very good food and the best.compassionate doctors I have ever met.

Joe Pitocco

Worst Experience Ever. 88 yr Old Father which they kept for 4 days in ER ..then went in a unit for 6 Days, Doctor called once then couldn't get a hold of them...on top of that they lost his clothes Bag as well with all his clothes were. SHAME ON THEM..SUGGEST A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL THATS FOR SURE. THEY ARE THE WORST..ALL ABOUT $$$$$$$$

Justin Maher, 8o7 O

In for major shoulder surgery today. Everyone on staff including my surgeon in the ambulatory surgery center was unbelievable. I was cared for with skill and compassion. I was treated well, as a patient should be. I wasn't a procedure to get thru! Thank you for my care!

Ricardo Raffa

Very friendly people


Lisa Pimental

Roger Williams hospital is the best hospital I have ever stayed at from the care and service to the amazing food, and the next day they call you at home to check on you. I wish all the other hospitals would learn from them.

lorraine pelletier

Brought my son here due to his drug issues and he was evaluated and sent home .i am outraged at the er nurse letting him use her phone so he can hook up with a drug dealer. Thank you. I will never step in their again.

Skinny Mama

Love my Nurses and the Staff in Endoscopy!!!! That's it.... Doctor Pohl Screwed my Whole body up! Dr. Death I'm still Alive

lisa abreu

I gave it one star just because there’s nothing lower, I went to the emergency room last night with chest and upper stomach pain I was vomiting uncontrollably I sat in room 9 for 2 hours crying in pain vomiting I had the chills I asked for my nurse multiple times I asked for a blanket multiple times and no one ever helped me There were at least 4 nurses just sitting. At the desk not on even one of them could even bring me a blanket I ended up leaving I could no longer wait there were people fainting in the waiting room horrible horrible hospital never recommend to anyone

Carmen Nunez

I wish I could give less stars and that I was in less pain so I can leave a proper review. I was in a lot of pain when I arrived and was in even more pain when I left. I was seen by Dr. SHAWN A. HOWLAND MD who was very clearly in rush even though there were no other patients in the ER. He didn't introduce himself or the other male he brought into the room to examine my half naked body. He very roughly poked the affected area in spite of me letting him know he was hurting me. He barely let me speak, needless to say he didn't listen to the few words I was able to get in. A few hours later and I was in tears from the pain. I don't even know why they're still open. They are under constuction and a freaking mess. Rusty hinges, blood splatters on the wall and dirty pillows. Just close this place down.


Worst hospital ever they just throw you out to the wolves I went in with a mental problem and now I’m contemplating because of there lack of care and compassion unless your dying or have something you can teach this new learning hospital your better off waiting the ten hours at Rhode Island hospital cause at least there the don’t just feed you to the sharks ! At least Rhode Island has real doctors and people don’t die there because of mistakes they make like her at Rogers I will never visit this place again and those with elderly parents don’t take em to Rogers that’s like sending them to the morgue

Ashley Teague

My sister in law had to bring her husband there and the nurse was very disrespectful and rude ..


HORRIBLE PATIENT CARE ! My husband has a history of Afib and when checking in there was no staff members at the entrance. When a nurse did come out she said "who's the one with Afib" while there was 3 other patients waiting. It is 1506 and my husband still hasn't converted over to normal rhythm since 2300. SHAME ON YOU ROGER WILLIAM'S EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT

Hylda Z

I will never come back here again. I got here around 7:45 This morning and now I'm told that I have the wrong type of IV put in and that I need a pick IV. ONLY TOOK 4 HOURS TO TALK TO MY SURGEON TO FIGURE THIS OUT. The TV doesn't have a remote that works. THIS NEVER HAPPENS WHEN I GO TO FATAMA.

Sarah Marshall

By far the most amazing hospital I have had surgery at. I believe I will recover quickly from this and I also highly recommend Roger Williams hospital and my surgeon Dr. Daniel Christian from Charter Care for the amazing work he did and the excellence of care and bed side manner from all the staff. They were all very informational, knowledgeable and professional. I usually giggle and tell jokes when I'm nervous and they played right along and made me feel comfortable. Definitely more than a 5

Shannon Y

Christine Potter

If you can go anywhere else for cancer treatment, DO IT. Their compassion is lacking, they have messed up appointments four times - and never call to tell me; and I am always treated like an inconvenience when I call for help with chemo side effects. My doctor also dismisses my actual side effects if they don't coincide with what he expects them to be and treats me like I am not smart enough to understand anything medical. I am in the process of transferring care to Rhode Island Hospital where I hope they will be more professional, caring, and compassionate.

Kimberly Bello

Best hospital I’ve been to in RI! The staff was so kind and helped with requests extremely fast. I was in soooo much pain and they were so delicate with me and some told me stories to distract the pain and help me. The minute I got there I was taken into the room which was amazing, never has that happened to me at any other emergency room.

Greg Pare

Two surgeries went great. The first surgery food was great, staff was awesome. I took my hat off. Second surgery went excellent, but the night staff were so very lazy. I was starving, asked these two ladies three times and never even got a sandwich. I was very polite had to buzz everytime, that I needed to take my pain meds, to get an attitude and tell me it wasn't time. When it was written on the marker board in the room. Sad thing, I had been fasting, wide awake and it wasn't even busy. I was overjoyed when the shift changed. Amen..I will always love this hospital and the other compassionate people, just a bad night.

lazaro olmos

Princess Smith

The wait it's terrable, the service its terrible, No privacy, the RN ask you for personal information in front other patients and who ever is in the check in area (violating HIPPA)!!! I been here for 3 hours and there was other people who were waiting and have to leave to another hospital. And when they finally bring me to a room it was a dirty room . This hospital it's horrible.

peter martineau

I was put in a room for 4 hours couldn’t find any staff to answer questions I finally left , worst care I’ve ever seen, the worst part is they don’t care if you stay or leave Very Sad

sonic 90

Places is a joke

Elisabeth Bergmann

Horriable place to go ! Security would not let me use parking lot ! Wanted to know detailed information about my doctor and my condition , when I said it was none of there business they said my car would be towed ! Parking is limited in the area and I had to walk several blocks on a bad knee to be seen .

Nidia Salcedo

Thomas Wood

Total knee replacement excellent staff food and services gave a 4 do to a 5 hour wait in recovery

May Beautiful

Worse HOSPITAL ever. They don’t give af about anyone at any given time I go to this hospital for myself or family the nurses are always literally sitting their on their phones showing their co workers pictures in their phones. But on the good side the PA Jarred Burr is AMAZING he is very attentive to his patients and he does the nurses job and still gets everyone out and helped

Gabi L

If I could give less than 1 star I would. This is an awful place that cares nothing of the staff or patients. I wouldn't wish their "care" on my worst enemy.

Ashley Ardito

The nurses openly talked about cockroaches. The nurses openly talked about other patients. It wasn’t a caring environment at all. I wasn’t given the names of the people who were taking care of me. I went to the ER at 2:30am because i’ve Been having pain in my abdominal area. It was severe enough to the point where I woke up crying and made my sister bring me to an ER. They told me “you probably have some weird virus. People get all kinds of crazy symptoms around this time of year.” Then they told me I was being discharged. When I told them I was still in pain and they told me to “feel better soon”, and gave me my discharge papers.

Ashish Gupta

The doctors are horrible to say the least but their accounting services is worst. They will treat even the follow up visits as 'sick visit' and on top of that, they will send your samples for unnecessary lab works without even telling you. Not to mention, when you call them to discuss the insurance charges they will very coldly blame you for everything and cover everything under the 'consent' that you signed right at the beginning. Is it too much to expect that your doctor atleast give you a heads up that he will be sending some lab work for you so you don't get surprised with hundreds of dollars of out of pocket expenses!!! I am changing my PCP RIGHT AWAY!!

glock 19

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