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REVIEWS OF Our Lady of Fatima Hospital: Crouch Shalisha K IN Rhode Island

Judy Champagne

God bless the doctors, nurses and CNA's that took great of my husband. The staff kept testing until they found what was wrong and were persistent. He was a very sick man when he was admitted. The doctors and nurses that took care of him were wonderful. The attitude from the staff was amazing! This is only the hospital he'd attend! The nurses do such amazing work and truly support the doctors. They really out their heart and soul into the job. They have amazing compassion for their patients, and if we ever need to come back Fatima is our choice! Thank you!

Denise Camara

Absolutely the worst hospital ever! Rude, quick, uneducated in customer service, billing dept. is horrendous. All they care about is the money. Stay away, I would trust a veterinarian with my life before I trust them.....but if u have to go make a Will first and call a lawyer......

Catherine Magut

I was “treated” for pneumonia in 2017. This included them hooking me up to an IV (with no gloves on or washed hands) and then forgetting to hook it up to the saline. Instead of receiving fluids, my blood dripped out of the tube for 2 hours. Walls and floors were filthy and the doctor was extremely cruel while I was in pain. Now, 2 years later they are demanding payment because billing somehow missed my insurance for 2 whole years and refuses to fix their mistake.

Kaytie Keane

Tiffany Stevens

This hospital was not worth the long wait to be seen ( even though the estimated wait time on they web site said a mere 27min wait that turned into a 2 hour and 47 minute wait just to be seen.) Then once i was taken to the back to be seen they stuck me with the geriatrics. ( whom is supposed to have they own elderly section to themselves in the emergency department). Then after an hour they moved me to the other side of the emergency room. I then had to wait another hour for the doctor to come in and do absolutely nothing. You would've thought that in all the time that they had me waiting to be seen, a nurse wouodve come into my room and identified themselves and then access my port. But nope. Not at this GOD forsaken hospital. Once the doc did finally order me some meds i had to wait damn near another hour for my port to be accessed because they didnt have the power port kit nowhere in the emergency room. So finally i get my meds. ( 6mgs of morphine). I damn sure wasnt complaining about that but i needed nausea medication because i was actively vomiting and i had to fight for that. I literally had to vomit in they face for them to give me some zofran. Smh. Then once the labs came back. The doc had the balls to actually tell me that he has never seen someone with a renal infart, in this much pain. Smh. I was so offended. A renal infart to the right kidney is when your blood clots amd cuts off the blood supply to the kidney. Then because of the lack of the blood to the kidney, the cells begin to die. And i can feel when each cell dies. It is very painful. And for someone that isnt experiencing this condition, how could they even begin to understand. So needless to say, i dont think that i will ever be a patient at that hospital again. They are very messy. Unorganized, and extremely rude to the elderly. I listen to the charge nurse tell an 80+ year old woman to shut up and stay in her own lane. Smh. Couldnt have been my mother or grandmother. I wouldve went to jail that night. Frfr.

Roxy Silveira

Worst sevice ever. Waited for 2hrs just to get my vitals read and for them to ask me what I was there for and I waited another 3hrs before I got seen by a doctor. And the doctor looked so tired and not as alert as should be. It was a terrible visit.


Worst "medical" facility in Rhode Island. Their staff stole from my wife while she was a patient.. she was transported to the hospital by rescue... while she was being wheeled in, she was handed a form and told to sign... it was a paper for her personal belongings... she signed it.. they never told her what it was... make a long story short.. her brand new jacket I BOUGHT HER for Christmas was never put on "the list" and she signed it not knowing what she was signing.. note, she was half out of it... when I arrived at the hospital, I PERSONALLY HANDED a person on the floor her jacket.. they said the would put it with her belongings... NEVER HAPPENED... She was insulted by a woman who worked there.. but there was some nice people that worked there was well.. Everyone knows they are better off going to Warwick Animal Hospital then Fatima hospital. They fight tooth and nail her never had the jacket.. I HANDED IT TO SOMEONE... and they remain to call me a liar.. They think im trying to get a free jacket or something.. if I was making it up wouldn't you think i would say she had a brand new iphone or something... Your employees pray on their patients...I told my family i rather have a DNR then get transported to Fatima Hospital.. Worst facility EVER...

carmin Soto

El personal muy eficaz e atentó. Sólo que hay que esperar mucho por atención médica .

Victor Fagnant

Peanutt ToxicLette

Chris Isdepski

The absolute worst experience I have ever had at any hospital...beware! My family had a loved one sent to Fatima hospital for emergency help with numerous issues. I am the primary contact for our loved family member, and should be the first contact if there are any issues, changes and for general updates. Fatima is a hospital that is supposed to specialize in psychiatric issues and ailments. After numerous trips to a different hospital with out receiving the help we needed, we decided to try Fatima hospital. BIG MISTAKE!! My loved one was there for less than a week. During this time I have been there personally four times, and left numerous messages to try and speak with my mother's doctor, Dr. Nardi. This is a life and death situation and we are desperately trying to get help for our loved one. For the entire length of the stay, we have not spoken with this doctor at all. When I went there Dr. Nardi was there both times I was present and during vising hours, and I was simply told she was busy. On my final call to try and get in touch with Dr. Nardi, the doctor was in the hospital and knew we were trying to reach her, and simply handed the phone off to the closest nurse as if she could not be bothered with us. Myself and several family members have taken time out of work to try and get help for our loved one. I can clearly see Dr. Nardi does not seem to think anyones time is as valuable as her own, and would not even take the time to return a single phone call or talk to any of our family members! I went to Fatima hospital today to try and visit and also talk to the doctor again. I was shocked to see our loved one has been discharged and sent to a nursing faciliy! NO CALLS OR UPDATES FROM THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL TO NOTIFY US OF THIS CHANGE!! We took the day out of work again today to try and talk to the doctor and our loved one was not even there anymore!! On top of this the plan of care specifically stated not to send her to the nursing facility they sent her to! This is honestly the worst experience our family has ever had at any hospital! If you are considering receiving care here or sending a loved one here we urge you to carefully reconsider your options and look elsewhere! BEWARE OF FATIMA HOSPITAL!

Nicole Lopatka

I’m not even ready to share all of the horrible experiences I had at Fatima hospital. The staff was not only lacking empathy they were flat out cruel. Don’t. Anywhere else. Not Fatima.

Katie R

Very prompt, professional and caring.

lori lefort

This hospital is awful- the ER staff could care less about you, the wait time is ridiculous and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bill for things they don’t even do like give you a line for IV and never actually give you fluids when you been there for over 4 hours. What a shame because it wasn’t always this bad!

Cheryl L

Absolutely awful. I’ve been to many hospitals so I have an idea of how doctors and staff are supposed to act. Fatima Hospital was the worst experience I’ve ever had. The ER Doctor was rude and dispassionate when informing the family I was with of their Grandfather’s death. Less than five seconds after informing the family of the devastating news the assistant nurse started hounding everyone for contact information instead of giving them time to process. Two nurses chatted together in the room while the Chaplin was praying and putting holy water over the Grandfather’s body. The nurses and doctor treated the whole thing as a “pump and dump” situation. It was a disastrous experience that did not help with coping of losing a loved one. They had no respect at all and should be ashamed.

Leslie Jacobs

This not a good Hospital to go to. I have witnessed too many harmful incidents with staff not properly caring for patients. And no one seems to care. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Teofila Fernandez

Patient focused staff, peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Highly involved medical team.

Giavanna LoBello

Where to start? They’ve nothing short of been responsible for the death of my grandfather and my cousin... and given many others I know horrible treatment as well as myself but they also violated hiipa and illegally released my medical records! FATIMA IS A JOKE!!! Do not go there unless you want to be incorrectly diagnosed and get SH!T treatment! I wouldn’t take my cat there!!!! Never mind myself or anyone else!!!!! Stay away from that hellhole!!! They need to be SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!

CAroline Fair

Both my husband and myself have had procedures done at this hospital. Believe me when I tell you, I would not go anywhere else. The staff are very professional and family friendly. When we and other family members were have been in this hospital, the whole experience is as best as can be expected. Every other hospital that I have had to visit have always had many miscommunications with everything from medications to misdiagnosing, among other things. These people did not have a good outcome in other hospitals. I am glad that there are still conscientious and hard working people who care for us when we cannot care for ourselves. God bless you guys, some of us do appreciate you!

Ann Ferreira

My sister is there and my son is with her and the nursesn there have bad attitudes. If people want to work at hospital with patients they should be caring and if they don't like their job they should not be there. I would never have my family go there again.


Peggy McClure

Psychiatric ward is not equipped for a handicapped person. They should of not taken him if they could care for him. Can find him a nursing home.

Ellise Russell

Billing seemed to somehow MISS my sons insurance a year later and is now demanding payment. Won't pick up in billing. I absolutely HATE this hospital.

Mackenzie Miranda

Michael Soares

Fantastic Staff

Ann Smith

Not a bad place to be if you want to die...... this is by far the worst hospital that ever existed. Ooh and it would be an agonizing death, seeing that they could care less about treating patients in actual pain. The ER treats everyone as if they are med seeking...doesn't matter if you have a real condition or not. I would refrain from sending my dog there!

Denise Lozano

The nurses and Doctors in this hospital are giving our mother whom is in the intensive care unit, the best care anyone could possible want for their loved one in these conditions. I am truly honored that my mother is here. The love and the attention that thy provide so diligently is beyond words. To the Doctor’s and Nurses.., THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for taking in our loved one as one of your own. You are all TRULY HEAVEN SENT!

Marie Aline Sillice

Nurse Suzanne was pleasant. The other staff did not want to be bothered and were rude.The place is dirty and worn down. The curtains that separate patients' beds have blood stains. Do not go there!

Paddy McCourdy

Unbelievable!! I took my son in with a brooken leg and they suggested that we just shoot him!

Alacyn Stoepker

I was there this morning and immediately given an attitude by the doctor... at the end of my “exam” if you can even call it that he said to me “I assume you want a note out of work for the rest of the week then” I have never been treated so poorly!

Johanna Lopez

Awesome. Place.

Carla Batista

I was on the ER last night and the young staff/doctors treated me well, however, front desk nurse/clerk was on her phone texting when I arrived(nobody else on waiting area)she kept looking at her phone and rushed conversation to get back to her texting, she didn't show too much compassion in my opinion she could benefit from a training. It looks like they are remodeling the area, they can use more signs too. I'd rather go here than RI Hospital where there's so much activity that the stress level could give you a heart attack before you get to be seen. God Bless all the Doctors/Nurses and staff!

Tosha Downing

Unorganized and rude staff. They need better bedside manner

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