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Lily Pulitzer

I walked in with my sick child 10 minutes before closing and was welcomed by the receptionist who made it very easy for us to check in although we had never been and it was so late. Then was treated so nicely by the extra friendly staff Who even helped us to the door to leave. Thank you so much! We went to east greenwich treatment center first which was also ten minutes before their closing time And the lights had already been shut off and the receptionist rudely said “cant you see the lights are off” we are closed. Thank you again midland medical my sons’ eyes are already clearing up!


If I could give zero stars I would. I’ve been waiting for 2 hrs 15 min to be called in. I asked the front desk how many people were still in front of me because they kept calling in walk ins who came after me. The secretary never gave my sheet over to the nurse so I could get called. Hopefully the doctor won’t take as long to see me.

N M Martino

Don't take a chance coming here, they close early nightly. So unprofessional! How does an emergency room close early? When I called, the lady at the front desk was very rude. I work in retail, if I closed early, I would probably loose my job, but people in the medical field take an oath to help people and they can just close early?!

Edgerton Martin

Great staff

Shay Young

Midland medical is the beat walk in and primary care i have ever been to. The staff and doctors are amazing and understanding. The office is always clean and the wait is never long. They took their time to explain to me about my illness and what i needed to do to make myself better. I take my children there as well and i couldnt ask for a better urgent care for them.

Lori Gosselin Marcoux

Thank you each and every visit I needed urgent care I come here. The doctors are great and knowledgable and know their medicine. More recently, I was treated by Dr. Nadeau and he was excellent. Very ntelligent he had me in and out and off to get my prescription. Thank you

janice brioche

i found the staff and doctors to be very nice, competent, and thorough. I would greatly recommend this place to anyone. Best urgent care around.

David DePetrillo

lindsay scheer

The doctors are nice its just the old man nurse that takes your vitals is very rude and ignorant. He makes comments that aren't needed and very unprofessional...... So i go to the pharmacy to get my meds, it can't be filled due to them giving me one that mixes with my other meds (which they had a list of). Now, it has beem 2 days and i still have been trying to still get an antibiotic that will not harm me due to my other meds. I called multiple times as well as the pharmacist calling and still NOTHING. I will never go here again and i recommend ypu do the same!

John Haverich

Many staff members are deplorable. Racist. Degrading comments about children with developmental disabilities. As a medical facility it's concerning when trying to receive medical attention

Marlene Donnelly

Dr. Nadeau has officailly turned myself and my family from going to Midland Medical anymore. My granddaughter has been suffering for a week with a migraine and this man has not only left her hanging but did not have the decency to return her multiple phone calls asking for instruction following her appointment since nothing was helping. She was going to just go to Kent and I should've forced her to do just that from the start so she would not be in this situation and still suffering. Anyone who suffers from chronic migraine understands the severity of these. Her usual migraine medication was not working, nothing was working and the days were going on so it was time to see an MD and try something else! 2 days ago, I drove her to this facility where she saw Dr. Nadeau for the 1st time ever- she usually sees another Dr. here who she talks highly to and refers many people to. When she had gotten into the car and I asked how everything went, she explained that the Dr. was very nice and that the medicine should be kicking in and everything seemed just fine. Dropped off her RX, she went home and followed Dr.'s orders- cold face cloth, dark room, etc. Things she is used to doing when she gets these awful migraines from time to time. My poor granddaughter had hope and thought highly of this Dr. as did I, until now. Dr. Nadeau had the nurse give her a shot in the bum which he said will make the migraine go away by the nighttime and told her he thinks she has an upper resp. infection and that's what may be affecting her migraine, etc. So, long story short. Following Dr. instructions and doing everything correctly- all night long my gd was still suffering with the migraine, finally ended up getting a few hours of rest. ALL DAY LONG yesterday, her myself and her friend all trying to get a hold of the Dr. for her to ask what she should do because she felt the exact same and would come back in for a 2nd dose of the medication of need be or to go to hospital- we were all trying to help her and looking for some sort of direction. No phone call back, no nothing. She called up until 9 pm last night, still suffering with her migraine and had hopes for the Dr to actually care about her well being and to tell her what she should do. FINALLY THIS AFTERNOON- she called while i was rubbing her head for her waiting to either go back to walk-in, go to hospital or to pick up an RX. Being a retired RN, I was sure that the Dr. would want to give her an additional shot and see if that helped or call in a different RX for her and if that did not work- instruct her to go to ER. These Dr.'s all know that she does not currently have a Primary Care Physician and that she is very healthy, just gets migraines from time to time and that's all. When my granddaughter and I called and this was the last time we were calling and made that clear to the girl who answered the phone- we explained that for the past 2 days we have gotten 0 response from the Dr and just want to know what to do!!! Last time I checked- a Dr. becomes a Dr. to help patients!!! This Dr. Nadeau- APPARENTLY ... "left a note in the computer saying he can't treat for migraines anymore" and the girl felt so bad and explained to my grandchild and I - that she's so sorry and that she would just go to Kent cause obviously he isn't going to help. Not that he could even take the time to write that!! OR HOW ABOUT CALL OR HAVE A NURSE CALL AND SAY THAT THE DR FEELS I SHOULD DO .. X, Y, Z... instead that is the only note he leaves in the computer!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP. And now I get to spend the night at Kent hospital with my granddaughter and hopefully get a Dr. who actually cares about their patients and wants to help. AND IF THEY CAN'T HELP- WILL RECOMMEND SOMETHING/ONE/WHERE THAT CAN! Very disappointed in this place and especially disappointed with Dr. Nadeau! He had made a comment to my granddaughter that he has never had a migraine headache but had something similar- and was talking to her about that. I wonder if he will ever get a severe migraine and finally see what people go through.

Gail Rothfeld

This place is a very nice place to go for care. The care is great. the staff are very friendly, and they are very efficient. I am recommending it to all my family and friends.

Darlene Hoague

Jan Siegrist

If you are a male looking for a scrip for Viagra, at least one of the doc's there won't prescribe it. Of course you find this out AFTER you pay your co-pay. I had a UTI and also needed a scrip for Viagra filled, they did prescribe meds for the UTI but not for ED. The staff was not courteous when I complained about this at the end of my visit. I feel cheated to say the least. I did however learn one very important fact, when you are about to see a new Doc for the 1st time ask what meds they refuse to prescribe. This type of info should be clearly marked on the wall of the waiting room in this persons opinion. I hope someone finds this review useful.

Jennifer M

Dr Bavoux is excellent. He's very patient and dedicated. Superior service. We recommend him to all who need medical help. And Robin has that motherly kind way she is also excellent. Thank you.

Jennifer Cobb

Great Staff and Dr's

Rebecca massaro lindall

Have a worker's comp claim so had to go Midland. Sprained foot/ankle First visit was ok Dr was nice and helpful made sure I was alright gave me a ace bandage and a surgical boot, crutches. Had a recheck visit it was awful had to see a different Dr .... Had to wait in the room for 45 minutes before Dr abruptly came in ready to dismiss me back to work told him my pain was worse reluctantly ordered more x rays took off boot and bandage etc it showed nothing.Made me sit another 15 mins to tell me that I need physical therapy.. Left boot and bandage off figuring he was going to look at it etc. NOPE he handed me paperwork and left. I gathered my belongings crutches and all... Sat in a chair trying to rewrap my ankle... A nurse asked me if I needed help and she wrapped up my ankle while that same Dr was sitting only a few inches away from him. Never said a word..... Wish I could go somewhere else...

Erik Osterholm

I was very happy with the services

Matthew Thurber

stephanie wohlfahrt

awesome emergency walk-in. very thankful for midland medical


Dr. Beaupre isn't bad but a majority of the doctors don't really seem to care. I went in because I was suffering from extreme fatigue daily. The doctor that saw me acted like I was wasting his time and just recommended that I start drinking coffee. Didn't do any examinations. If you can afford a better place, then go there.

Elana Leanna

Took my kids here a few times. They don't take much insurance, so that's a minus, but we really like the doctors there. The wait can be kind of long depending on how many people are there, but not always.

Barbara Valletta

Midland Medical is the best walk-in I've ever been to. The staff n doctors are awesome. They are always compassionate and the wait is never long. Excellent excellent experience there. Thank u Midland Medical docs and staff.

Gail R

Every time I go there I am very happy with all services

Rina De Leon


Lock the door in our face at 845 ended up going to Garden City they were great!

Lilli Wydra

christian holliston

Doctors and staff are very nice and competent. They always take great care of my medical needs

Ryan Lee

Patient and hardworking doctors

Stephanie G

I changed to Dr Beaupre after a terrible experience with my prior PCP in Woonsocket. I was suffering from major pain in my wrist (on a scale of 1-10, it was a 30). Dr Beaupre decided to do a Lyme test, unlike my previous PCP who told me to go see an ortho and take pain meds- it came back positive for Lyme. He takes me seriously when I say "Something isn't right", does the testing to ensure what's going on, and helps resolve the issue. When I saw him to restart my meds and discuss my hysterectomy, he redid the blood tests due to concern about the severe anemia I was experiencing. Recently, I've been experiencing financial difficulties and can't pay the copays or balance, even though I have decent insurance, and both he and his office manager are willing to work with me so that I can still be seen. Dr Bouveau is equally thorough and kind. When Dr Beaupre isn't available, I've seen Dr Bouveau, and he has also taken the time to determine what is wrong, the best way to help me heal, and followed through. their office staff has always been very kind and caring, showing empathy and concern when I'm frightened about a test result in pain. I don't like going to the doctor in general, often skipping things like physicals and such; Dr Beaupre and the staff make it less scary for me and I never have any fears about going alone.

laurie ryder

I had a very positive experience here. The staff is the nicest around. They and the doctors are very thorough and give great medical care.

Kathy Fitzpatrick

I recently went to this walk in center. I had never been here before but unlike the other urgent care places around here, the waiting time was fairly short especially at night. Dr. Nadeau was very nice and explained my condition to me thoroughly and gave the proper treatment. I am definitely going back to this place again and have already recommended it to my family and friends.

Tammi Whelan

Donna Gonsalves

Madison Gauvin

John John

My mother highly recommended this place to me. She was severely sick and she was seen by Dr. Marcel Bavoux. He was able to treat her. She is all better because of him. At first and after reading the negative reviews of Midland Medical Inc., I was a little worried and refused to go there during my sick days. However, when Hasbro ER and Providence Community Health Center failed my son, I took him there. Dr. Marcel Bavoux saved my son's life.

Lisa Maroni

I have only good things to say. They are so great that I actual made them my primary care physicians

Tina G

this place is the worst. my daughter went there for a burn 3 times (it was infected) they tried to prescribe a medication that she is allergic to and afterwards we left & went to Kent Hosp who told us she had cellulitus (which is a form of a staff infection) and was admitted for a few days to be given medication by IV. needless to say she WILL never go back

Tanya Lynn

I would give them less than one star if I could. I got into an accident and they had no problem taking my money to be seen. All the doctor said to me was I think you should see your primary. He also said he'd call me in a prescription and never did. I wouldn't take a dead animal there. Beware go to a real urgent care!

justin olson

Doctor is imcompitent. Gave me a medicine only 5 months ago but will not prescribe it to me when the only other medicine he can give me makes me vomit like crazy. Would not reccomend this place to anyone, do not go and waste your time or your money here.

jordan young

I went to this place a few weeks ago. This is the best walk in around. The waiting time is not very long especially after 3p. The staff was very pleasant . The doctors spent the right amount of time with me, explained things well and treated me with the proper meds. I plan to go back there in the future.

Rachel Moyer

Lesson learned...never again. Unbelievably long wait, people with free medical care waiting to be seen for a "cough", zero bedside manner and incompetent staff. Had a sprained ankle from a fall, dr. Never even touched the foot, asked me to flex it or move my toes. This is our health care system at work. God help us.

Lisa China

tiffany malek

My family and I have Been going here for years. Always nice and caring for your needs.

Sarah Meghan

This place is horrible!!!! I went here because I had a sore throat I got swabbed and put in a room. Shortly after a girl came in introduced herself and said she is taking me for a x Ray ? I was a bit puzzled because I never even spoke with the doctor and why was I getting a x Ray when I was there for a sore throat? I asked her and she got snotty and said the nurse requested it! She then sent me back to the room not doing the x Ray . As I was sitting in the room waiting for the doctor I could hear her mimicking me! Once I finally spoke to the doctor I did address the fact that I did not appreciate her talking about me! After all that they forgot to call my script in I had to wait till the following day to get my script! Never again would I go there! Very unprofessional !

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