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REVIEWS OF Harrington HealthCare IN Rhode Island

firebirdnewt .

This hospital's ER is terrible. My girlfriend came here for a eye issue. It took them 1.5 almost 2 hours to see her and shined a light on her eye for 3 mins. Didn't tell her much except they wanted to call another location to schedule an appointment. We waited an additional hour or more for someone schedule an appointment. Who the hell takes an hour to schedule an appointment? When we asked if we could leave and have the hospital call her when they find out. They gave her a cryptic answer of we might call back or we might not. I look out at the desks and I see workers just laughing and chatting. I know Ers can cause long waits but this was just rediculous at the lack of information and BS of cryptic answers.

Goat Cvlt

So apparently doctors and nurses at this hospital have sex and video it post it online of them doing it in patients bathrooms. I found the videos online sent the photos videos etc to the hospitals. This place is disgusting. They have a page where the doctors and nurses post their nude pictures a sex videos around sleeping or unconcious patients

Mary Lange

ABSOLUTELY WORST emergency room ever!!! Have had to visit it a few times over the past 7 years ONLY because it's the closest hospital and EVERY TIME has been utterly ridiculous. I don't care if my family and I are dying, we'll NEVER go again! Literally EVERY staff member is RUDE- Registration, nurses, doctors and security guards!!! ALL OF THEM!!! They're all useless. All they do is hang out socializing at the desk area with each other as a whole and/or on their cell phones. I wanted to take a video of these incompetent employees but didn't have my phone on me. Caring for patients is the LAST thing on their mind. I would seriously consider going out of your way to another hospital for any reason. This ER is a joke and I have no idea why they're even in business.

Xedd Mara

My 3 year old son was incorrectly diagnosed because the doctor in the ER did such a short, cursory inspection. The next day he was admitted after another ER visit to another hospital. Truly disappointed with the apathy and lack of professionalism.

Erin Rogers

Went in to have a hernia checked. Place is very nice for a small town ER. Everyone we encountered was curtious and quick as possible. No complaints from me. Much more convenient than driving 30 mins to Worcester at rush hour and having to pay to park.

508 Madden

Kathryn Bergeron

They almost killed me. I went two days in a row in excruciating pain from a migraine that i had for a week. I asked for testing because i knew something was wrong. They told me i was fine, not once, but TWICE and sent me home. Turns out, I had BACTERIAL MENINGITIS and literally almost died. Finally sought care at Mass General in Boston and was hospitalized for over a week because it was SO BAD. They literally sent me home to die. Never going back.

Jen Perry

Quick to get into a room, but extremely slow there after. Waited over hour for rapid strep test. Staff is not very friendly and do not seem interested in patient care. Doctor and nurses sitting at desk on their cell phones. Go to UMASS it's worth the drive. Would never go back.

Dermalee Gonzalez

Being Removedsoon

Stacy Labrie

I wish I could give zero stars. I was treated so rudely here by Kathy, this is the worst hospital ever!!! Nurses sitting around laughing and joking, while on their phones. I asked Kathy for some water for my mom who was dehydrated, and she rolled her eyes at me, as if I was bothering her. She told me she couldn't have any because they were waiting for her test results to come back, not sure what that had to do with her having water, so I asked if she could have some ice chips then, and she rudely told me she would check and never got back to me. A half hour or more went by so I asked another nurse and she brought them right over, thank you for that, I wish I could remember her name because she was the only decent nurse there. Kathy should be fired in my opinion. This hospital is a joke, absolutely horrible. Better off going to redi-med...

G team8

Some staff can be inconsiderate of needs. But there are some good docters and wait is not long.

E Bssd

Can't believe there's a metal detector at this hospital.

Bathory Blaze

Lona Carmody

Sondra Figueroa

My Husband and I just went and left ER. Went in quick and left quick too. The nurse that brought us into the room was F***k'in rude. She said next patient let's go. Didn't even call him by his name. We were the only people there. Me and my two kids were going in and she told us we couldn't go in with my husband. She said too many people you can't come in. My husband is an asthmatic and was having a lot of trouble breathing. So he couldn't talk. He told her I need my wife to stay, so she can tell you what is going on. She said no. You are the patient you need to tell me yourself what is wrong with you. She told him to take your sweater off and put on gurney. And you need to talk. He was trying to tell her he couldn't. So I said I am his wife I will tell you what is wrong with him. She told me no, that he had to talk for himself because he was the person here to be treated not me. My husband got so made at her and walked out. She was an older woman in her late 50's with dirty blonde hair medium built. She gave us attitude right when she called him in to the room. She very rude. She said on the way its going to take a couple of days before you get better. He was upset. So, with that not we will never go back there. Service was horrible.

phil quinn

Daniel Rodriguez

Worse experience EVER!!!! Seems like a courthouses with that metal detectors once you go in. The fact that I couldn't bring my two kids in to the emergency room is ridiculous while my wife was having really bad pain. So in order to know what was going on I had to text back and forth to see what was going on "THATS horrible!!!! Suggestion UMASS MEMORIAL- they'll take care of you the RIGHT WAY

Brian Menard

Jay David

I wish they had a lower rating. They are awful and that is me being kind.

Jessica Cannata

Four hours in the waiting room this is great I'm out

Morganlee Bermingham

TO google user, in regards to Hubbard Hospital, I can only imagine the Dr. that you saw that day. I work for Harrington Hosp, and they are a pretty good hosp as small town hosp go. The Dr. that I think you saw no longer works for Hubbard Hosp. yes he is a dink. Not to down play his DX but we get a lot of med seekers in the Webster area. I have a daughter that is a athlete and I know as a mother I would have been upset if this was my daughter. Anyway, they should have done an x ray anyway. I would have gone to see my primary doctor. If it was to late, I would asked to be transferred to another hosp. we are getting better. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

Carol Hull

aubrey leclair

Last night I took my curly haired five year old daughter into Harrington ER because her doctors office was closed and she had her swollen glands and in alot of discomfort. The staff was great to my daughter from beginning to end. The receptionist got her a coloring book and some crayons and the security gaurd put on cartoons for her as we waited to be seen. She was very nervous about being there when they brought her back to one of the rooms but Nurse Chris was fantastic with her and made the situation as comfortable as could be for her. From joking and playing with her to get her calmed down, showing her his tattoos she thought were wonderful, and getting her whatever drink she asked for while she changed her mind after every medication they gave her. He was her best friend by the end of the night and gave him a well deserved hug for taking such good care of her! Can't thank the staff enough especially nurse Chris for being so great to my daughter. Better than any ER experience I've ever had.

Leslie Arevalo

WORSE experience ever. I don't know usually give reviews like this but as soon as we walked in we felt like we where walking into a courthouse. The nurse who brought me back was so rude once she called me I said hi how are you and she ignored me while she was getting my info/reason for coming in she seemed to have a stick up her ass. The "doctor" that came into check me turned around every time I would show him ABOVE my chest he told me we have to wait for a nurse and she'll come in and tell me what's wrong. The only nice person was the registration lady. NEVER COMING BACK HERE even if it is only 7 minutes away!!!

Erica White

I worked here as a phlebotomist in 2015 and was per diem. Then they asked if I wanted a part time position since I was already doing about 30 hours regularly and I agreed. They called me into the office not even a week later to fire me because im now on a probation period!!! They tricked me into firing me without any cause!!! I should have got a lawyer but I didnt waste my time or money. These people are awful I do not recommend ever being seen there unless its a life emergency. I think they deal with so many drug addiction cases they cop everyone an attitude too. NOT PROFESSIONAL. There is one ER doctor whos very friendly though. I give him that respect.

Rohma Aslam

Horrible staff horrible nurses they are so rude. They made us wait 6 hours for no reason. Lab results don't take that long!! Nobody comes in to check on you either. I am never going back there !!

Lisa Bertonazzi-Valaouras

I hope that nobody needs any X-rays / images prior to 2009 because they have lost them all. I am so upset. I really need images done in 2007 and they told me they have done away with anything older than 10 years. Extremely irresponsible of them !!!


I will never ever again bother going to this Hospital . They do not care for their patients they are absolutely super rude . I went with a stiff neck from getting whip lashed and first of all the nurse was looking at me and questioning me as if i was lying about my neck being stiff and my shoulder hurting. I could not move at all . I couldnt look right or left , up or down . But the Physician ROSENFELD , JOYCE MD told me i was good to go back to work on the same day and sent me home with motrin . Doctors note said i could return back to work the same day i was so stressed because i could lose my job for not having the right doctors note and i could not move . When i went to take x-rays they asked if it was my ankle... then once i got the papers they said “NECK AND BACK PAIN” never once did i complain about my back . But i went home took medicine went to sleep and woke up later that afternoon worst so i drove my self not being able to drive because i couldnt turn my neck to ST Vincent where they took care of me alot better .. The doctor saw me and as soon as she looks at me she makes a face from how swollen and stiff my neck is at this point . After going to ST VINCENT they prescribed me MUSCLE RELAXER , ADHESIVE PATCHES , and MOTRIN. .. said i have to stay off from work for 2 days and can not do heavy lifting for 4. SAME THING HAPPENED WITH MY GIRLFRIEND AT HARRINGTON WHERE SHE COULD NOT BREATH FOR ABOUT 4 DAYS AND THEY KEPT TELLING HER IT WAS VIRAL UNTIL SHE WAS ON THE EDGE OF DYING AND THEY TRIED TO APOLOGIZE ABOUT IT ... it is just sad because we never know how far they can take it my girlfriend almost died because they say everything is viral .. absolutely EVERYTHING. . Something needs to be done .

Aaron Renaud

Sat there with a broken ankle for two hours before I decided to leave absolutely horrible I don’t care how badly hurt you are just go somewhere else

barbara fields

Joe Shmo

Absolutely horrible. I could hear a woman named "Jane" in the Lab being very rude to a phlebotomist named "John". When I was seen he was so uncomfortable from it he could barely focus. I couldnt even say Hi How are you in fear she might unleash on me too. DO NOT GET BLOOD WORK DONE HERE.

Emily Duhamel

They are incredibly slow and don't care about helping their patients. Will unfortunately be finding a new hospital

Jessica Plante

We brought our toddler in for what we feared was an eye injury. Luckily her eye was just fine! Every single person we dealt with while there from reception to the doctor was wonderful. We were in and out within an hour but more importantly we felt cared for and reassured when we were unsure and scared for our child. This was my first time at Harrington and I couldn't have been more impressed. My daughter who's only 17 mons even asked to give the dr a big hug. Dr Sullivan I believe was his name and he was fantastic!

Patrick DeMarco

Chrissey O

I had to go this morning for a problem with my eye and I was so impressed from beginning to end. The nurses, Dr. Marino, everyone was wonderful and super helpful.

Elizabeth Carmen

April quist

Most of the staff in the ER, needs an incredible attitude adjustment. This place is a joke. I am a single mother juggling a million things and i just got hung up on by one of the young and inexperienced staff members. Good job, Harrington. Goes to show ANY one that can go to nursing school, can be employed here. Absolutely sickening

Nick B

Staff is not very helpful at all. Security is disrespectful. For a new ED place is run awfully. I don’t know how people even go there at all. Especially for people who have donated a lot of money to build the ED and need to have actual care.

La Chikis

First visit to this hospital because vomiting and stomachache and staff,nurses and Doctors Very Nice people I get out in Two hours and feel alot better

Melanie Gajewski


My daughter has a concussion since 2014, so we sometimes have to get help to alleviate the pain. I usually take her to children's but went to Harrington/Webster instead! Our nurse was amazing!! I wish I remembered his name!! I wish all nurses were like him! The Dr. Listened offered to call her neurologist, and then treated her the same way as children's had done!! The Dr was very nice, if we go back hopefully its her and him again!!!! Also I use the lab there weekly sometimes WS weekly and I always get great care! Chrissy is by far one of the absolute BEST!!!!!

Liza Rodriguez

WOW!!!! The new emergency looks just beautiful. Two and half hour wait to see the triage nurse was super, another hour to get in a room. Forty minutes later a doctor walks in to excuse herself for another 20 minutes and she goes home and finally 3 and half hours later all taken care of!! Great Job Harrington Healthcare at Hubbard! Kudos. Have better luck in Southbridge!!!

Thomas D'Agostino

I have been a patient there for 11 years and they continually have a revolving door of physicians coming and going. My latest physician prescribed a medication to me that I was allergic to. It is clearly in my records and I reminded her when she stated she was going to prescribe something. I brought the script home and the first ingredient I read is what I am allergic to. No one at the facility cared they just passed me on from one rep to the next. To make matters worse, they are no longer in my network but when they took my new card, they said nothing about that. Needless to say I am going somewhere else. This is obvious negligent health care.

Kathy Krug Bell

Courteous staff, got me right in, taken care of and out.

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