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REVIEWS OF Fuller Hospital IN Rhode Island

John Cartwright

I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. From the rude staff to the sexual misconduct among the employees and the flagrant social atmosphere. Children deserve better than this form "Healthcare".

Char B

The DDU is very professional. Dr Mike has been a pleasure to work with, the staff is excellent with accommodating the guardians wishes and keeping us up to date. Given the circumstances we are thankful to have work with them.

Guy Borges

jeannette borges

Was there to see a loved one. The outside appearance seems nice but the room you go to visit the patients is horrible. I was totally lost for words. It smells of strong urine and is filthy. How can a hospital get that way and get away with it! Totally just goes into question, if the place we visit is that bad it makes you think what else we can't see...ughh! They need to invest in bleach and water.. They should be ashamed!

Gillian Weaver

Rene Salguero

Terri Dushane

In my own opinion I would choose another hospital. My step-daughter received two weeks of their inpatient care in April 2016. She was dead less than three weeks after discharge from suicide. She was 14. Arbour-Fuller has not been charged in any wrong-doing, but in my PERSONAL opinion they did nothing to help her. I'd admit family members - ESPECIALLY minors - with extreme caution.

Michael Carton

The staff is actually highly trained they are great therapists and the food is the best!

Lauren Basso

I was recently a patient at Arbour-Fuller in Attlebourough for depression. I understand this is a hospital, not a hotel, but the environment was terrible. The floors were constantly dirty and paint peels from the walls. The mattresses are maybe 2” thick and I have bruises on my hip bones from them digging into the wooden bed. There are barely any appropriate linens, and the bathrooms are unsanitary and tiny. Some serious renovations are needed here. During my stay I was transferred 2 times between units, during which the staff lost my purse, my car keys, and my vape pen. The purse and keys were found but the vape pen was not, and I was not reimbursed for it because the person who admitted me did not write it down on my belongings sheet. However, I received confirmation that it left the emergency room and the ambulance. I signed the personal belongings form at one in the morning heavily sedated, but because it was signed (without a witness signature as well) it “prevented” the staff from reimbursing me. I did not receive any beneficial treatment here. My psychiatrist was kind but only spent about 5 minutes with me each day. No med change, no individual therapy, and the same coping skills are taught that anyone could find online. One good thing was that I lost weight, because most of the food was inedible. For the first three days I did not receive my medications on time which is mentally critical for me. I completely understand that patients have to be searched upon arrival, but the way it is done here is humiliating and feels like you’re in a prison. I have been to two other psychiatric hospitals and I know things can be done much better. I left voluntarily without getting any help because it felt like a prison. I was discharged with no mental improvement, just the loss of my belongings and money.

anna c

I went to seek help at the day program by my own will and they tried to lock me up. They brought me over to a locked unit and left me . no one would relase me no one would even listen to me. I had to call the Attleboro police and let them know i was being held agaist my will. I was released . they even tried to manipulate the police. I was not a harm to my self or others. So be very careful if you go by free will. All they want is your insurance$$$$. I should have sued them.


My daughter was here and will never go back. We were appalled by the filth and living conditions. She was never seen by the dr and was never told how and where to get food. She sat alone and scared in her room. She didn’t receive any counseling or therapy during her stay. We do not understand the filth. Why isn’t a hospital like this kept clean so patients feel good? My daughter felt like she was in prison and was traumatized.

Alyssa Noble

I used to love this place, and saw so many people get help. The staff was awesome, kind, helpful, etc. Not sure what happened but recently after stopping in I noticed mostly new staff and had a TERRIBLE experience. I cannot even post it here, but just please choose somewhere else if you are seeking treatment.

I'm from the government and I'm here to help

Horrible treatment, close friends of mine have stayed too long and never got anything they promised "love and care" yeah about the same amount as an animal abuser.

Mike Roberts

WORST HOSPITAL. Avoid this hospital if you can. The units are a disgrace, workers are terrible, and place is disgusting. Only nice part is the elevator heading upstairs but just for show.

Nicolle Medeiros

helped me

Elizabeth McGrath

This is one of the worst places I have ever been. I was there maybe a week in there out patient program. The doctor met with me for 5 minutes my first day, the counselor only met me once for 15 minutes and thought he knew me when we never had a conversation just answer some questions (yes no type). Someone talked to me in group and I got in trouble. The next day was discharged because my attitude changed when it didn’t I was upset for being told be the counselor who didn’t know me that I don’t care about my self or health. Unprofessional and not called for. I feel he took it personally and that is why I was discharged. I had not been spoken to in any other group or written up for being disruptive. Most of the clients spoke to the person next to them or were sleeping. This is by far one of the worst places to get help. If you need help I would look somewhere else. As they will not work with you or if they do they call you the wrong name or jump to conclusions.

Katlyn Meears

I was treated horribly by staff in inpatient, not only that, but they did nothing to subdue the violent patients. I felt more like a paycheck rather than a person.

Kathleen Zak

I could give a zero star I would. No help at all. Meds and go away that's how it is. No counseling or help in anyway. I watched 2 girls suffer severely and Noone would help. The reason I'm writing this review is because I just got my bill and they did nothing. The bill states they did meetings, counseling, help with concerns etc.... all I got was some meds that did nothing and a cot that had mice or something living behind the wall cause I kept having to bang the wall for the scratches to stop!!!!. I'm getting charged for crazy stuff that never happened and I honestly wish it did I would have gotten more out of the program. Left early because it was a nightmare... I pray for one of the girls that was there she was not well and they let her lay in bed for 3 straight days because she was so sick. I wanted to bring her food but unable to due to rules. I didn't want to get in trouble. I wish I would have said more than I did. We did kid crafts that my 4 year could do it. Complete joke I would nor recommend this place to anyone.

jamarc Tidwell

Alicia Nelson

Staff can be ride and uncaring. Says, and I quote "if your going to act like an animal, we'll treat you like one." Had to transfer, as the staff were unable to properly handle the situation.

Matt Haltzman

Dani McGrath

Corey Silveira

The nursing staff is condescending. The nursing staff can not get their stories straight. When separated the nurses do not answer any of the questions the same, to the point of not even answering discharge questions the same. The doctors and nurses are rude to family of patients. It appears the only people who care are the staff assigned to the Units. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Literally go anywhere else.

Elias Infante

Max Smith

This place is absolutely horrible. They don’t care about you at all!!!! The staff don’t help or care about your problems. I asked the psychiatrist for an anti depressant I was prescribed before ( and I knew it worked for me ) but he refused to give it to me even though my depression was at an all time low. kids were bullying me and intentionally saying things that would trigger me and the staff did absolutely nothing. If I could rate this place less than one star I would

shira oknin

darling diva

"Our staff views every patient as a person who is entitled to empathy, dignity, respect, and the level of clinical excellence that each of us would want for ourselves and our loved ones." Well then why do they treat someone's loved one like an animal? Accusing them of having stuff they do NOT have, isolating the paitent, not allowing the paitent to do anything, denying the paitent medications, I could go on. This hospital needs to be investigated, there's paitents there trying to cause fights and assaluts other paitents yet nothing to been done, they should have removed the aggressor yet that person is still there while others are in fear of him, staff does absolutely NOTHING to fix this. Do not send your loved one here I REPEAT DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONE HERE!!

Mike Simpson

If I could give this Hell Hole 0 Stars I would . My daughter was sent there because there were no other placement available at the time of her crisis she was placed in the adolescent ward and had to spend a week there while we looked for other placement. The ward is dirty/ holes in the walls under staffed /very unsafe/the boys and girls are together all day and night in the same ward nothing separates them .Basically this Hospital if you want to call it that is a dumping ground for unwanted children we never saw any other parents there visiting their children we were there every day . Basically the week our daughter spent at Arbor Fuller Hospital in South Attleboro was a waste of what was suppose to be her 1st. week of recovery . The afternoon we when there to move her to her next Hospital one of the workers on the ward floor was attacked by a 17 year old Male patient the employees injury's were so bad he had to be transported by ambulance from Arbor Fuller . Please Do Not Send Your Child There .

Ashley Goodbrake

Hell no... I have been there about 15 times and they do NOTHING

Erin Zielinski

This place was just awful, I hated every minute. The only thing I would like to remember about that place is the family I made in there. I was one time drugged so bad, I couldn’t even remember where I was. I was given the wrong pills several time, they would tackle patience who didn’t need to be. They sent a 16 year old to the adult side of the building because he was causing too many problems. There were around 3 staff members that actually cared about the safety and well being of the patients. The ceo is just awful too, she cussed us out for sticking up for ourselves when we thought we were being mistreated and we were. It was just hands down a very dangerous place. There were around 5 physics fights a day and every fight ended so badly that the patient needed to be put to sleep. There were always fights in the cafeteria because they don’t separate the teens from the drug addicts and adults. People were always punching walls and breaking their wrists and blood would be everywhere. The staff would make fun of teens and tell us we had no reason to be depressed. Staff members used to blame their problems on the kids. I witnessed people slitting their wrists and trying to hang themselves. I now suffer from ptsd and if anyone touches me without me knowing I go into a flashback, I developed very bad anger issues and as 15 year old, I’m telling you, no one should go through that

YouTube says I need a name

I would have to say this is useless for mental health . Nice staff tho some tend to make in fun of patients .. just wanted to add with the amount of money they take from insurance over 1300 a day they should at least offer scrubs or something for people who get brought there with nothing. Anyways take it with a grain of salt nothing u can do to stop this abuse obviously government just keeps paying for it .

Steve Anderson

This place is one of the worst psych hospitals around. While the staff for the most part is great the management, doctors, and social workers are reprehensible. I find it amusing that the word stigma gets thrown around all the time as meant for protection for people with mental health issues, but places like this (and many hospitals) would it like a weapon against you because you have little choice but to submit to their will even if it's not a good treatment or make your issues worse. I was given abilify when I was there and it increased my SI, but fell on deaf ears. I stopped taking it on my own but was even thinking of ending it all while I was there just to shut the place down. For some reason at discharge the doctor didn't realize I refused the medicine for days and I lied and agreed I was taking it just to get out of there. Now they changed to a for profit facility so it's clear that the cost cutting patient neglect has at least enriched the lives of a select few while trampling over the backs of those in need of critical care. Greed before Need!

Deven Shah

Darker laugh

My doctor at .......... .........Massachusetts just shut me off everything and said I had to go to this horrible place I dont recommend this detox at all if I had to wait in a psychiatric world for 3 weeks to go somewhere else I would protect yourself and children from not knowing doctors who will ship u out to any place that they feel fit without knowing or looking into horrible disgusting places like this

Rose Bolivar

The staff are rude when ask to be send to the unit 3 to talk to someone they hung up

Mark Manzello

Drew Parker

D W up


Abusive staff

Will B

I had a bad experience at this facility!!! I took pills that a patient told me to take and now I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME! I told the hospital about this and they didn't care. The hospital was filthy. They do not care about the patient, they only care about the insurance money! The doctors there threaten you!!!


Dirty place and it smells like fart in the units. Worse hospital around.

mike christani

Eric D. Knight

You are just a number to them!!! Good staff there are few and far between!!!!

Emma Rose

I only gave one star because that was the lowest I could give. I was sent here for suicidal ideation and my experience was absolutely frightening and terrible! I was put in the drug addiction ward (god knows why) and I was with a lot of convicts who were there due to court orders. A lot of them were violent and would throw chairs and scream profanities-- for someone with PTSD this was really scary. There were no groups or therapy- well there was on the schedule, but it got cancelled nearly every day. So we just sat around and did nothing. Definitely didn't help my depression. They didn't even set me up with aftercare! Luckily I had a therapist who was able to help me get through this because this whole ordeal made my suicidality WORSE. I just pretended to feel better to get the hell out of there! I went on to a different inpatient care center and actually got the help I needed there. If you feel you need inpatient care, please go somewhere else.

Sienna Bulger

i was a patient in the teen ward in march-april of 2018. could definitely use some renovations and such but overall i had an enjoyable stay. i think they should let patients be able to listen to music as that is a really great coping skill. and i think patients should be allowed out in the yard more. food was okay, but could be better. i got sick while i was there tho and the nursing staff/janitors didnt really handle it well so. mostly nice staff when i was there, but some hard asses. i met a lot of great people there. my experience there was beneficial, but it depends for everyone i guess.

Hale J Mock

Staff is rude and inconsiderate. Could use more group classes and support.


I was there once awhile back and was voluntarily there, I couldn't sleep, as that is one of my worst symptoms of P.T.S.D>, Bi-Polar 2, And anxiety, ADD. Yes a lot, so anyway, I requested staff to get help medication wise to sleep, as I took a pill at home nightly, and they said I must see the Doctor on duty, so I said "sure". I went to see her, she was immediately mean, cold, impersonal, God-I wish I could remember her name! She refused me and when I showed only verbal anger, and disagreed - SHE ACTUALLY HAD FOUR MALE STAFF MEMBERS TIE ME DOWN FACE FIRST TO THE BED!!! AND LEFT ME IN THE DARK WHICH IS MY FEAR! AND I AM A RAPE VICTIM AND SAID THAT THE MEN CANNOT TOUCH ME, I HARMED NO ONE, THEY DIDN'T RESPECT ME, OR ANYTHING I HAD TO SAY!!! THAT IS A LAW SUIT ALL DAY, Lucky for them it was long ago, to long to press charges of neglect and cruelty, personal disregard for a patient in their care by choice, or forced, but I was by choice. Today I called, to go in for out patient psychiatry services and THEY DON'T HAVE THAT ANY MORE!!!, NOT IN SOUTH ATTLEBORO, WHERE I LIVE.WHAT KIND OF MENTAL HOSPITAL IS THIS? They fail all around, and I've heard horror stories by 2 of my friends that were R.A,'s there. They hire off the street & with no experience, or college in psychology, to work with people with addictions and the mentally ill. They are lucky they even get one star from me, and many others all I see is bad reviews chee, wonder why??? Renee C. Attleboro

Lazy Boy

Just to let u all kno u have the right to tell them to go f them selves it’s freedom of speech and tell em to shove their pills

Lindsey McDonough

Brian M

Used their outpatient service to help our child... Completely useless. They offered very few ideas for counseling and when those ideas didn't work they had nothing else. Two counselors, one was in her late 20s and the other was just out of college and still lived at home. Inexperienced and useless.


Luis Rosario

Pam Burkley

After reading all 3 of the ONLY and ALL reviews posted, I am concerned this is NOT the right place for my family member should be. Dual diagnosis/drug addiction was the goal. NOT mentally ill with drug addiction separate. I'm calling them tomorrow to ask director some very specific questions! They better be the right answers or else she's outta there and will go into another tx center!

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