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REVIEWS OF Butler Hospital IN Rhode Island

Marina Peckham

they do not help you just want you on meds that it worse feeling they will kick you to the street do not help with school or care or people the rn didn't even know that the medication was or that it was a one time med because if she was an rn she would have known it was a one time med not something you use daily. they don't listen to what you have to say they are just out to do as little as they can for here job to have the title without really caring there was a blonde lady rn she was the only real person in there

Yana S Durishin_19

Amazing got the help I needed. But my boyfriend is there and they won't let me talk to him aaah. Taking a star off for that

Ronda Jackson


Ann Marie Oates

Patricia Gushee

All were very nice to me.

jeika Miguel

Kristen Farmer

Denny Salsberry

Money grabbing .

Maribel Gonzalez

Very good hospital


I went to Butler Hospital and I ended up spending 5 days there because of suicide attempts. At first, I didn't like it because I was homesick and surrounded by people I didn't know but as I got use to it, I felt like I was getting mental help. They have free and fun activities to get involved in and to relax your mind. Also, the staff is quite helpful as well and always there for you. When I first started, I was on special precaution and they put me off of it within 2 days and allowed me to go on outdoor walks. What I'm saying is that this program gives you special privilege's and help and it can be fun and enjoyable as long as you want the help. I loved Jen the RN, she was really helpful and there for me when I missed my family.

Alicia D.

Omaira Navarro

Edward Lake

Excellent mental health hospital if you are willing to help yourself as well. Unfortunately I have been to quite a few, this place was top notch. I wish some of the people on here leaving comments saw just how "bad" they can really be. Butler isn't a med seeking hospital. They are going to give you what you NEED...not what you WANT!

megan monaghan

Angela Burchill

Peter DiPina

I've had nothing but good experiences. I think it's one of best hospitals in RI.


Rhe best place I've ever been

Patricia Shaheed

All the staff at Butler has always been very helpful to me and I've been in and out of this facility since last year and every time I was a patient I have always left there feeling better about my mental health issues and also my substance abuse treatment I've learned through the wonderful groups they've that I'm not alone it this life long battle with substance and mental health issues I would like to thank all the staff at Butler for giving me my life back

Paul Kopech

roland barratt

They take care of you inside and outside to help you with things you need to succeed to help you with your cure

Harlan H

Hillary Lux

Danielle correia

Yolines Murillo

Great nurses in special carmen

Flora DePena

win markus

bad bad place don't go here unless you want to traumatize yourself or your kids


A young friend was told by her school she had to go there for counseling or would not be allowed to attend school. She did not know she was sent there to be admitted. She is 19. She is there against her will. I have visited her and all they do is give these kids " homework" which is literature and they have to answer questions. This is how you help young adults who have multiple personalities, are suicidal, and need help?? My young friend is not suffering from any of those issues, all she wanted was someone to talk to. It has been 3 days and she is still forced to be there. She has been talking to a physician who has brought up her file from 6 years ago and is pretty much harassing her into saying she is still dealing with those issues when that is no longer the case. Staff there are not kind or compassionate, they are more like robots, just following procedure and checking off their little I did my duty box. There is graffiti in the rooms from previous patients, nasty things and staff can not even take the time to remove them. They mix the population so someone who just needs someone to talk to can be placed in a room with someone who wants to kill themselves or others. I am going to try to find the Director's name and let her know all that goes on there. Is she even aware??? My young friend can't sleep because she's in a holding area, with people she does not know, who are suffering from mental illness yet if she says she can't sleep, they will try to sedate her. If this is the best you can do for young adults with mental issues, there is a HUGE problem. Also, my young friend is Christian and when she wants to pray or read her Bible which is what helps her cope with the stress of being there, she is being told she can't do that, it doesn't help her and that she HAS to do the WORK they give her. They are trying to FORCE her to say she has a problem when she does not. This is horrific. Unprofessional and demeaning.

David Farias

Nothing but an overpriced homeless shelter. Areserious or what . They do absolutely nothing for you but shuffle you off to another one of there facilities the Providence Center or The providence center CSU . Good place to go if looking for a good bed and breakfast and only have a insurance card to pay for it .

Error Edits

Just saying I trust Butler more than my own home

Vincent D

I've been here so many times and they've been excellent every time. There is one doctor in particular I but heads with because he's arrogant, but 99% of the staff is awesome

James Ward

My grandmother was experiencing stroke-like symptoms, and the ER doctor told her she was fine and the ER was for people who were going to die in the next 24-48 hours, and she shouldn't be there.


is good jaden carlg.louro

craig packard

Thank you so much for everyone's help, you all have wonderful inpatient programs, different floors, different faces, but wow you keep us safe, get us better, send us on our way with aftercare, nice...;-) & they love my service puppy WARM..

dani tieler

Denny Sals

Be very careful of how you say things. They only hear what they want to hear and never listen to what you are saying. They hit you with loaded questions. Not a very nice place

Jaleh Fallah

Casey Joy

Ernie Leblanc

Made an "Appointment," went to complete my "Appointment," Dumb-Ass old man at Front Desk brought me to Crisis-Unit to be stripped searched and commited...Thankfully, I Asserted Myself and "The Cops & The Charge Nurse" realized the mistake and simply QUIPPED, "Happens All the Time?"...WTFun? The Dr. then told me that in his opinion, Butler Hospital MIS-DIAGNOSED my actual medical condition nearly 20 Full Years Ago!!!!! WHA'DAH'PHUCK?!?!?!?!?! UPDATE! - Dumb-asses REMOVED ME from a group, then accused me of LEAVING on my own! They pulled me out of the ''-> $5,000.00 <-" per week group session to go down to the BILLING DEPARTMENT and when we got there, THEY sent me back UP STAIRS to the group, then a Doctor came into the group room and REMOVED ME AGAIN! By the time he was done, the "$5,000.00" per week group was DONE! GET STUFF, @#$%^& BUTLIAR HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ernie Leblanc, "Into the Bass" & "Fender Squier Bass Artist!"

jazzy cakez

They Really do help I left early not realizing I really do need there help more then ever .... so I called them up and bam I can come back

Cindy Fugere

I tried calling to speak to my brother and they won't even pick the phone up very very sad I wouldn't send my dog there I can't wait till I see him in person Lord have mercy on that staff


Tammy Rice

Lasheem Wilson

Nice staff, just don’t like the visiting hours 12 to 1:30 and 5 to 6:30... I should be able to spend time with a love one whenever... Very inconvenient. People do work and have lives ya know.

Lily Arnold

I loved it there everyone was so nice to me when I went there when I was 8.

it's raining

The staff bully and try to scare you in the beginning. Then the doctors call you a nobody. After that they pretend nothing happens and have patients try to scare you by having males stay and face your room. Don't go to this evil place if you want help.

Nevyss Nieves

I sign up for a pregnancy study here for depression and stress during pregnancy the lady said because I see a doctor for mental health Nd take meds I don’t qualify like if it ain’t for depression I thought it was Tom help me monitor and see but apparently it’s not what the flyer stated for the study fraudulent

John Deaautel

Been one time an spoke wth dr an they let me kno lifes not as bad as it seemes an i was discharged bc i was intoxicated an been threw alot over the past 4 yrs

Maurice Williams

Andrea Fantasia

Steven Yu

Maylene Sok

some place test children as lab rats how cruel

samantha davenport

Sarah Martin

Some of the staff are very kind and others are very rude. This hospital does not like it when you add insight to your own problems. It's better to be dumb and let others define you and decide what you need. Also when it comes to anxiety they load you up on medications that are horrible for you because they don't want to compromise their license for other medicines. They also took me off my atterall right away which appears to be their standard practice as I now have a friend there and they have done the same thing.

Ileana Aviles

Mary Ann King

My husband went there for help to get off an opiod suboxone wecwere told years ago it wasn't an opiod it was like pill y take when y drink. Wrong just as bad as opoid takes 6 monthes or longer to get off . My husband tried to take himself off and went to butler and kept him 2 1/2 days he wasn't ready to come home because he jumped out of car while i was driving thank god he wasn't hurt. They put him back on soboxone or he could of had methadone what a great idea.boy wish i went to school to be as smart as these doctors dump bastards Signed Mary ann king

Lizzabeth Cante

Recieving out patient care getting all the help I need aiming at every angle of my problem areas. Amazing staff, caring and understanding. The group I am in is a room of open minded unjudgemental people. Highly recommend.

Alice Chamberlain

Everytime I stay, when I come home I fell like a new person !!!!!!!!!!!!!******

mike m

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