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I went here when so I was nine years old, I'm currently 15 now. I was in this hospital for over two weeks. I remember being admitted here before I was diagnosed with autism. I was told by the staff working at that place almost every other day things like, "You will be restrained if you act like him." My mother was not allowed to visit me for the first week that I was there. My mother is really the only reason why I haven't killed myself yet. I sometimes cry thinking about leaving her alone in this world. The staff at Bradley tried over five different types of medication to "cure" me of my at the time unknown autism. Please if you dont want your child to have fears of being left alone in a room for four hours straight in order to "help" them do NOT come here.

Nicole Johnson

I wish I could give this place a negative review. I can only imagine how these poor kids are treated. Considering i only spoke to a bitter woman for 3 short minutes. I was rushed off the phone. Given the absolute nastiest attitude. I was only looking for information before I could evan ask to speak to a supervisor she hung up. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Your children will probably be worse off at this hospital. This woman shouldn't be answering the phone for people looking for help and answers. I hope this hospital wakes up and finds someone who's more careing and helpful.


Good memories and miss it. Lots of fun activities and I also learned how to swim. Great food and kind people, And awesome time.

Jessica Grossi

Maegan Atkinson

G Nidia G Palacios

Kayley Quetta

Michelle hernandez

LOVE the people very nice kind and willling to help in every ways they can my son graduates this yr from there having been there since 4 1/2 progress is unbelievable with God first then with all the people he put in our path God bless you all from the deepest part of our families hearts. Wouldnt change it just wish we found it alil earlier.

bea lasagna

mmm... union rings.

Gwen Pope

First Wind

Came here when I was 13, most traumatic experience of my life, literally, it gave me psychological trauma, I was involuntarily "partially hospitalized". My experience here was for 6 hours, the day before though, they had a page of me created without my permission, they took a photo of me without my permission. Not to mention the waiting was 2 hours. Anyway the experience? Prison. They have staff (guards" with radios), cameras at every corner, they have iron bars covering the windows, they force you to take medicine, also wanna hear a fun fact? I, then 13, WAS PUT WITH 16 YEAR OLDS, its apparently because of a "miscommunication". Also because I have aspergers, they treated me like I was mentally challenge, my mother and I were shown, to put it, a school for "special kids". They kept showing and showing, the classroom looked like a kindergarden class and there was a steel chamber with a viewing port in the GIANT DOOR, they called it a "timeout space". Unless you like torturing yourself, stay away from this poor excuse of a hospital

Kaitlin Wallen

I went there when I was 12-13. I went in with OCD and left with OCD, depression and anger management issues. It was a really scary place. They think isolation is the solution for bad behavior. Not a place for children!!!!

RealFMReaper YT

I loved it so much here! On my last day I cried because I was going to miss everyone! The staff is really nice and same with the food! If your child is having a hard time daily I would definitely send them to Bradley hospital!

Roy Rossi


Whoops wrong Hospital I was talking about Butler Hospital..But oh my god this place helped me recover from my depression man that OCD program really helped me get out of that box I was in and man that Dr. Case with his cheeto glasses (just jokin with ya!) But in all seriousness I highly recommend this Hospital the staff members are awesome they really care for you well being unlike other places *cough* *cough* HASBRO HOSPITAL *cough* *cough* BUTLER HOSPITAL *cough* cough* sorry kinda sick today! ^_^

Heather Calci

This hospital lies to patients parents, and if you catch them. Your told maybe u miss understood them. Horrible place, prison place....Doctors lie in patients charts.

beastbooy Hernandez

They were very nice people wouldn't change them at less they were for my family. Even my sister's children went there for one reason or another.

Eviltwins Eviltwin


Mark Botelho

Fantastic doctors,nurses and staff... literal lifesavers

DJ Fritz

I was at Bradley 35 years ago. I think that was the worst thing my parents could have done. It was like a prison. Cages on Windows. Padded rooms. Tunnel to the school building. Couldn't go out side . Restraining all the time. Parents couldn't see me. I was there for a long while. To this day I still hate my mother. All these years. And still that place never leaves my head. Screwed my head up. Made me think I actually was crazy. I moved a lot thru out the years. Guess being put away does something in your head. 10 states later and I'm settled I hope.

Cathy Dillon

Jeru Rasta

Tyler Ferreira

Jennifer Fisselbrand

Bradley HOSPITAL has been wonderful to my child. Excellent care and staff. We were in the CADD unit.

John Hinkler

Felt like prison. Structured kinda the same way. Unpleasant experience. Not worth it in the long run. My experience leading up to entering the hospital, and being forced to stay there was rough. They make you swallow pills that do nothing for you. After leaving i ended up getting a counselor because of how traumatic my experience was and i was diagnosed with PTSD. I did not learn anything by being there, other than i never want to end up in a place like that again.. I had such a sense of relief after leaving.

Oscar Carrasquillo-Cuevas

Cindy Fugere

lori Gorgone

Amazing !

Destroyer Stalingrad

my experience here scarred me for months, having flashbacks and even suicide thoughts. don't go here ever!!!

jenna marie

i really enjoyed the adolescent program that i took in the morning for three weeks instead of attending school the full six hours. of course, i missed seeing my friends, but i made some close bonds in the program and got to speak my situations to my amazing group and the supervisors i had in my group. amanda and jay were the best supervisors i could’ve asked for, and i thank them both for making the experience much better. (and i know amanda resigned, but she still deserves the recognition.) i came out feeling better and when i went back to school i felt so much better as well. the only thing i wish i would’ve learned how to handle better is my school grades at the time, and more guidance with the school work during study hour. overall, great experience. if you’re debating on putting your child through the daily program (they get to go home) i recommend this fully. the other part i disliked was family therapy, but andrea was a great therapist who understood my problems and getting them through to my parents.

Jacob Hazard

i made new friends there

Melissa Barraza

Where do I even begin about this incredible place? Our 7 year old son has been attending the OCD day program for over a week. From the very first moment we stepped foot into the building we were blown away by the professionalism, kindness, compassion and thorough care we've received from the staff. The medical professionals (Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Nurses) earned our trust and quickly and made us feel comfortable and listened to. They took the time to answer every question we had and keep us involved in all decisions needed for therapy and treatments for our child. The Milieu are diverse, friendly and knowledgeable and quickly earn the trust and friendship of the children. They are an incredible group utlizing their knowledge base specific to OCD and Anxiety in children for a gentle and gradual approach to exposure and response prevention therapies and cognitive behavioral therapies with some classic good childhood fun in the mix (swimming in the hospital pool, gym, art, dance you name it). They make sure to visit with your child not only during the day in the program but also at home/out in the community where OCD and anxiety live and cause problems. This alone is the ultimate saving grace. The parents/siblings are involved every step of the way and also educated and guided through the steps to learn how the entire family can help the child fight back anxiety and OCD. This place, this program is a hidden gem...a life boat that has been sent to us as our boat has been taking on water and gone under. The kindness, compassion and support we've received from Bradley Hospital has been more vital to us than air and our son is already making huge progress and our family is breathing lighter and smiling again...looking forward to all of the help we will be getting over the length of the program and know this is exactly what our family needed to help our son get well and return to functionality and happiness. Bradley Hospital is helping us give our child his childhood back and we are eternally grateful.

Carol Malloy

I was there 40 years ago, I'm sure that things are different then they are today but I do know that they saved my life and made it okay to like myself. Way back when I was there, I came in at the age of 13, my mother had physically and verbally abused me. That was 1978, there was nobody that helped an abused child. Bradley Hospital got me to like myself and learn that my feelings were normal. I had wished that I could have stayed there until I reached 18 so that I never would have to go back to my parents. I made life long friends that were there with me and I would never have changed the years that I was there and the knowledge that they gave me. I made mistakes over the years but I learned from them using the tools that were given to me from the staff that was there and I will never forget them or what they taught me. I appreciate what they did for me even after all these years.


i was a kid and i went there and i hated it

Karin Dydowicz

Julian Schultz

Such a terrible place. Very pour treatment. Disorganized (they lost a whole bag of clothes of mine, and everything else was scattered across different offices). The staff lie to you and the parents.

Brendan Merolli

They stole my friend Brianna

Marlee Page

this place sucks

CM94 Returns

they used me as a guinea pig because i have behavior problems and my family made me stay there for a whole month they are the worst because i never want trust them again after what they did to me

Melanie Lemay

The reviews below are true. This place is equivalent to a prison. I was brutally suffering from severe OCD and planned to go to Butler. There were no beds at the time so my only option was Bradley. I immediately met the staff who started to treat me like a psychopath. They constantly followed me around and asking if I was going to kill my mom or heard voices. I had a type of OCD that revolved around fears of hurting others. Since I did in fact had OCD I sobbed after each interrogation. I met with my doctor a little bit after and described my symptoms. SHE NEVER TOLD ME WHAT MY DIAGNOSIS WAS, DID AN IQ TEST FOR SOME UNKNOWN FREAKING REASON, PRESCRIBED MEDS THAT WEREN'T PROVEN TO TREAT OCD, REFUSED TO PUT ME ON A SSRI, AND SAID I COULDN'T BE HELPED. SHE EVEN CONSIDERED I SHOULD RECEIVE NEUROSURGERY. I was infuriated by this bullshit and demanded another psychiatrist (who was not from Bradley.). I sat with her for about 20 minutes and she was calm, cool, and collected. She said I definitely had OCD and was perplexed that the doctor didn't figure it out on the first day. She was ticked I wasn't on a SSRI. I think she told my doctor off because after that I was finally prescribed a SSRI and treated like a human being. On my final day my doctor came up to me handing me the discharge papers. I was like "what now?" She said I was too challenging. SHE DIDN'T REFER ME TO A BETTER PLACE FOR MY CHRONIC CONDITION. SHE THREW ME TO THE WOLVES OF MY OCD. Staff would scream at you to get up, you were locked in a tiny activity room all day, weren't allowed to go outside in an enclosed area, staff seemed to love pissing off patients, they said I was extremely dangerous despite me exhibiting no symptoms of true homicidal tendencies, and often ignored my cries for help. The nurses were the only people decent. Most were very kind and comforting. However, most were clueless. IN CONCLUSION, NEVER COME HERE FOR ANY MENTAL CONDITION. GO TO BUTLER. Butler was extremely on top of things and told me my diagnosis. They added other OCD treatable medicines to combat it. Staff was enlightening and very friendly. If you needed to talk to someone, they would come right away. BUTLER LET YOU GO OUTSIDE AND FREELY ROAM THE WARD. They never made you feel frightened. That's all.


Bradley was very helpful for me and i think anyone who has a tough time should go there, With the comments below i think maybe you said the wrong things and such. Everyone has a diffrent expierence.

Jen Gallant

in 5 admissions, they have made FOUR different medication errors JUST with my child. Wonder what happens with other kids who might not know their meds or be able to report errors. At no time has the doctor owned the mistake beyond a shrug and an "ooops". This place needs to be investigated.


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