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REVIEWS OF West Penn Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Walter Hilliard

Had rehab there Great service Nice staff Good food Very pleased

Patty Jacobs

I was in ICU here for 3 and half days due to being transferred from DuBois Pa . Staff was fantastic thanks so much for getting me back on my feet.

Monica Driscoll

I spent one week in-patient and could not have been treated any better if I were a (well-loved) relative of all of the staff! They were phenomenal!!


Ed Parady

Sarah Sloan

I got a tonsillectomy done here. Was extremely nervous because I have never had surgery and Allegheny Health Network does not have the greatest reputation. I could not have asked for a better experience during my surgery. Waiting rooms and surgery areas were super clean. All the staff was extremely helpful and surgery department was very well organized. Once I got to the surgery holding area I was not even nervous anymore, as the nurses, anesthesiologist, and all other medical staff were so genuinely nice and personable. Surgery went smoothly and recovery process was smooth with very helpful nurses. Definitely would choose this hospital again. I honestly have no complaints. On the way out, I told the nurse who had been helping me how surprised I was about how everything went and thanked her abundantly.

jennifer nicora

David Schwab

The maternity ward and obgyn here are as good as anywhere except McGee, the maternity staff handle good volume so they are pretty experienced

Kylie Young

They are so amazing, friendly nurses and doctors!!! The facility is clean and looks new practically. I really love it. The rooms for delivery and post partum are very nice and have a pullout beds and even a tv in the room. The tour was very great and they are very informative and understanding of my needs. I had my doctor to deliver my child and it was an amazing experience. I couldn’t have chosen a better hospital. You also get a beautiful view of the city too!

Mike Chidester

I am a previous patient at west Penn&I was went through a very bad accident &was in this hospital for 4&half months with over 27%of my upper body 1st&2nd degree burns and the nurses there in 2007 was very well mannered &made me feel safe.I am grateful for what they have done.the surgeons did very good on my skin graphs to my face,arms&hands.thank you&god bless

Nathan Williamson

They have a great burn center. Great doctors, nice nurses, and everything is nice and clean.

Jennifer Anderson

This hospital killed me. Was supposed to uave a laposcopic hysterectomy and the dr cut the artery to ky leg had to go through another emergency surgery to repair damage to the artery in my left leg and now have a huge scar. Was in icu in acoma for days and in the hospiyal for 3 weeks. They did not test my blood and almost killed me again giving me a transfusion. My cut got infected and no one cleaned it. My hisband had to clean it. It stunk and was green. Worst experience of my life.

Marlee Wiles

Shannon Thompson

Staff were incredibly helpful. Hospital seems well taken care of. I got lost trying to find the labor and delivery but a very kind staff member walked me the whole way to where i needed to be. Staff was prompt with my care and i felt well informed about everything they were doing to me. Will be delivering my baby there in a few months and i feel very confident and excited for the experience thanks to the staff and obviously to welcome our new addition.

Brenda Gaiter

I was totally satisfied with the care and handling of my situation at hand ,I’ve always appreciated this hospital and staff it did wonders for my husband back in time and myself through the years was very excited that I could come back ,already have some doctors there but will continue to come and remain thank you all for your concerns and treatment of me sincerely

Holly Shuba

Tee Tee

I don't like this hospital been on the phone waiting 20 mins had to call back and no one can tell me how my father is doing

Lyndcee Marcello

There are several reasons to give this hospital a 2 star rating but i will leave it at this-- One of the most important courtesies to extend to a patient who has been through major surgery and is on an extended stay would be to make sure they are comfortable. My mother has been in West Penn for going on 2 weeks, the first 8 of her days were spent in the ICU where she was taken care of wonderfully, the rest of her days have been spent in a different unit. For three days i watched my mom tell the nurses how uncomfortable she was and how she could feel the bars of the bed going into her back because there was hardly any cushioning on the mattress. For three days, no one even offered to put an order in to get her a new bed. On the third day while i was there with my mom, i watched her sit up in a regular chair, not even one that reclines because it was broken and they didn't provide a new one, but a regular chair for hours because she couldn't bare to lay in that bed anymore. I asked what we needed to do to get her a new bed 3 times.. Finally they gave her a new bed, but not without making sure that we knew they could get in trouble for doing it. When a patient expresses concern to you that they are hurting or they are uncomfortable, since when is it OK to disregard your patients needs? She by no means has been needy or constantly requesting or demanding things, but really when a patient has been stuck in a hospital bed for 2 weeks should you not at least try to make her comfortable. I am very disappointed in the way this situation was handled.

Jesca Leigh

UPMC is terrible, go to West Penn. I was a UPMC patient for 5 years and regret it every day. For one, UMPC refuses to accept all forms of health insurance, so you may not even be able to go there anyway. Secondly, UPMC doctors persistently charge you way more for services that are much more affordable at West Penn. Lastly, I have had problems and health symptoms for years (6 months without menstrual cycle, hair loss, etc). I brought up PCOS, but my UPMC doctor just made me feel like I was some crazy hypochondriac kept telling me it was stress and that I needed to go on anti-depressants. AS IF! Fed up, I found a new doctor through West Penn - within the first doctor's visit, I was finally getting the attention I've needed for years. Thanks to West Penn, I finally got tested and I do in fact have PCOS. I'm amazed, I didn't even have to bring PCOS up to my West Penn doctor, they brought it up themselves and helped me figure out what was really going on. West Penn is the Best Pennsylvania hospital. YAY!

L Larrison

ravi jain

My wife delivered baby last week in west penn....& I must say that i had the best experience...especially after i heard all the bad reviews about Magee from my frds.... great staff..great docs... thanks again for all help..

Jamie Smith

Michelle B

I've had 2 surgeries here, multiple tests done, and I come here frequently for appointments. I've never had a bad experience here. Staff has always been exceptionally friendly.

Charlie Dennis

I'm in here now my bed pan hasn't been changed all night told them I think something seriouly wrong all they did was check my vitals I'm in extreme pain

Hayley G

Genevieve McCauley

I ended up delivering my son here in a very busy time. I had a horrible labor but all the doctors, the nurses, the anesthesiologist, were wonderful. After my emergent c section I had a nurse who was really grumpy. She yelled at me because I said I felt stiff and told me I needed to get up and move. I told her I didn't know anything about C sections, it was an emergency. And she was a bit nicer after but someone also stole my phone charger. I called down for it and wouldn't be surprised if it was her. After that everyone was wonderful. I learned more about nursing from Bob, the guy who teaches it lol. I thought it was funny it worked out that way. My son is beautiful and healthy. He was a NIC-U baby. They took care of him. They took care of me too. The nurses I had were wonderful. They also give you such good food. Even the ladies who cleaned the room and brought the food were nice. I also recommend here. I was high risk and my son was early. They made it easy for me

james hoffman

This hospital is good I am here today with my wife had surgery today and everybody’s been so nice and helpful 5 Stars

Pat DelliGatti

jessica chatman

Amanda blake

The nurses and techs on t8 and t9 are amazing. I have to come in every couple of months for a week stay. I've been in both floors with multiple nurses and they were all great. Anytime I needed something either a nurse or tech was there.

James Bair

My wife has delivered both of our children at West Penn and after an incredibly positive first experience, they have blown away expectations now two years later. I am so thankful to have access to such an incredible hospital that has a positive culture that emanates through the hospital. The nursing staff is five star...caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable and positive influences on new parents. The doctors were friendly, thoughtful and thorough. Even the food staff were great and the food was good! My wife ordered cod one night (which made me nervous...still a hospital, right?). We both agreed that it was delicious and perfectly seasoned and cooked. We typically stick to Monterey Bay fish grotto for seafood in Pittsburgh and while this may not be Monterey Bay it was darn good. 100% of my interactions were positive. I am so thankful we chose West Penn. I can’t thank them enough for making our experience even more special. There can’t possibly be better place to have a baby in Pennsylvania.

Chris Murray

From the staff bringing meals to my wife, to the nurses, doctors, and physicians. Everyone has been pleasant and respectful. I regret not coming here sooner. We should have had our first child here.

Bonnie S

After years of good and professional experiences, my experience at breast imaging on Friday, 12 April 2019, was abhorrent. The practice of overscheduling women for cancer screening imaging is apparently the business model. There is a severe lack of respect for my time, and my health concerns. I spoke with hospital administration after waiting for over an hour for my appointment (something else scheduled for noon) and she offered to take me back to wait. That's what I was complaining about. What was she going to do with only one machine? Kick someone else off of it, make me wait longer, give someone else inferior service? There was nothing that she could do to help me, and she wouldn't entertain the idea that the process was broken. Now, I have to drive additional miles through traffic to the other side of the city, take another day off from work, find another medical facility, and pay for parking. I also have to return to West Penn, physically pick up my 20 years worth of x-rays, pay for parking (if I can find it, since it is at a premium), perhaps, or perhaps not have a competent person help me. If I were over an hour late for an appointment with them, would they respect my tardiness? Boy oh boy, AHN, you blew it with this one.

Mari-Margaret Mischung

Melissa Davis

Wouldn't go to any other hospital

Christi Blon

My father is in there and they never told us that he was transferred back to his nursing home. We can't really see him while he's at west penn because we never can get a ride. So we always see him at the nursing home. He got transferred to the nursing home on Tuesday and never told us

MaCalias World

Racist employees and ongoing lawsuit.

NoaZaio Griffin

Was treated like trash by the security guard by the name of stanlon. The machine wasn’t working after my post partum appt and I was told to get out of line and go to the cashier. I told him I was in a lot of pain and really needed to get home to my baby. It wasn’t my fault that the machine broke and to please let me out. He said he didn’t care. The cars were all backed up trying to get out and he told me to somehow get out of line. He then proceeded to ignore all my request for help and sent a security guard down to tell me to leave and go to cashier. I told him I was in a lot of pain and I’m not parking and walking again. He apologized for the situation and said he would have let me out a while ago . He said he had to listen to stanlon and he took 3 dollars cash to let me out. That was the most unprofessional and embarrassing situation I’ve been through with west penn. I’m a longtime patient now and so are my kids and to be treated like that over 3 dollars was absolutely ridiculous. He inconvenienced me and several other patients and employees all because the machine couldn’t read my ticket. I’ve put enough money In this hospital to be let out because of an issue that was no fault of mine.

Leo Hedderman

You have to stay away from this hospital. Had back surgery at this hospital. The surgeon was top notch, very professional. But the stay at this place was like hell. Especially the night shift. Very low grade!!!!!

Shawnice Westmorland

I love west penn almost my whole family were born there. I wish this hospital was in one like west penn in Atlanta. I only wish they had baby pictures of me and my kids from years ago.

Eimaj Jones

Im here now. They're making fun of patients

Ziggy DaMoe

The hospital is very nicely organized with directions on almost every turn. There is always a helpful person willing to lead you in the right direction. There is a very high level of professionalism from all the nurses and Doctors.

Lee Anne Chiles

The experience I've had has been fantastic. My pain was under control. They never skipped a beat on helping me. Rooms are clean and i had a private room at the end of the hall so it was quiet. Bed is comfy... Dr. Gary Schmidt is phenomenal! Thank you for everything. I'd definitely recommend this hospital. Highly! I had an SI fusion using iFuse by SI- bone. Great to feel stable!

Emma Blumer

I've delivered two babies there and have had great experiences both times. Being in the hospital is never fun, but the staff made it less difficult for sure! The main issues are how hard it is to navigate and the occasional rude nurse, but that's pretty typical for a hospital.

Kim Talbert

I bought a gift for someone and the company sent it thru UPS to the hospital with the patients name on it. The patient never received it. I have the name that signed for it but you can not get anyone to answer the phone to get connected to the receiving area. Open 24 hours? Apparently the phone isn't..

Ian Friend

Complete waste of time. I came in for a severely inflamed muscle or disc in my back. Not sure which. They kept me here for 4 hours to tell me to consult with a pcp. I'm still in pain and have no answers to my problem. On top of that they asked me if I spoke to the doctor and he didn't say more than three words to me.

Stevie Hammond

Jeffrey Meehan

Very nice, professional employees

Abby Zolner

Been here three times in the last month for xray related things and each time the staff were pleasant and friendly. The man who I spoke with for registration is a joy to talk to on a Saturday morning. Very quick service which is also a plus.

jennifer gindele

The service here is soooo slow. Granted, we're not here for anything major, but the time they make us wait is ridiculous. If they're running behind, at least they should let you know so you're not expecting to be treated in a timely manner.

Arnaldo Perez

Crissy Gee

That is just the only Hospital where I can get help with my mental issues.

Christopher Schroeder

Why does it take an hour to see a doctor in the ER? A simple cheif complaint and I'm sitting here after 3 hours waiting for them to finish a simple assessment.

Carlos Crenshaw

The staff are incredibly rude, they do not listen to you at all.

Heather Brookover

Renee Reynolds

They violate Happa law

Moni Sly

Bobby Stinson

This is just about the worst medical care I have ever seen , wouldn't take my dog there , I really try to take everything in to prospective and understanding , I just cant give any positive to say about this topic.....

ashley Smiley

I’m not sure how this hospital can have so many communication errors and still be operating. I would give this hospital 0 stars if I could! My family member was in the ICU for an infection and multiple issues arose during her stay. Flies were flying throughout the ICU area and mice in the kitchen area. She had been placed on special precautions due to her infection and no one followed this protocol of putting gowns/gloves on before entering her room. Due the the severity of the infection we were told everyone, including her family, must wear gowns before entering the room. On that day, she was on a normal solid food diet and I personally seen she did not get fed anything the entire day, even though we had requested a tray of food for her many times. We were told by the nurse “no one in the ICU was brought a tray all day”. This is only a summary of one of my family members stays. I have multiple stories of how negligent West Penn hospital is!

Bruno Sartorio

Megan Tutko

I delivered my son here and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The doctor and nurses were wonderful during my delivery. All staff were friendly and considerate even the food service staff.

James Wilson

They repeatedly screwed up the billing for my wife's pregnancy. The bills came in too late for our insurance company too pay for it then they immediately had a collection agency go after us. Try to find another hospital!

Sheila Contos

OK< so I never wrote a review on Hospital Staffing, BUT I must Admit that the Nurses on the 8th Floor East wing, well my Nurse there, Jordan, Who not only went Above and beyond his duty, He is Undeniably Good looking, I wish I had taken a picture of him, BUT if you get sick and have to go to a hospital and be admitted, Try and find your self to the 8th floor east wing, he works from 7 am to 3 pm, Ladies you will Drool, so take a napkin , But be polite, I am not sure if he is married, do not want to harm him in any way with this .....

Zawjatu AbdulHafith

Horrible birthing experience. The pediatricians bullied me postpartum because I dont vaccinate which is illegal to do. I signed all necessary paperwork. A racist social worker named KATIE, knocked on my door, i told her i didnt need her services, she threatened to send cyf to my home. They took turns like a gang coming to my room being very aggressive. I spoke with nursing director and hospital administrator who assured me that i was well within my rights and that they will make sure the pediatricians were reminded of it. I told them i felt something in my uterus and begged twice for an ultrasound before being discharged , they dismissed me and discharged me despite me bleeding heavy amd telling them i felt something was left in me. 2 days postpartum I was, pale, weak, hemorrhaging, losing large amounts of blood, and had to have Magee remove the clots from my Uterus. They removed 3 extremely large ones. Magee also prescribed me iron and were ready to give me a blood transfusion if it didnt get better in a few days. When i got home from having the clots removed, lo and behold a letter from CYF was in my mailbox. CYF came to my house and acknowledged that it was clear KATIE was not truthful when she contacted them stating that I "refused treatement" for my newborn because A: treatment for a problem is not the same as optional vaccinations B: I signed papers declining which is perfectly legal. CYF closed the case IMMEDIATELY. With that said, if the pediatricians and Katie the social worker, were not so focused on discriminating against me due to their bias of my religion (im Muslim ), my race (im Black), and my beliefs on vaccinations, they would have been able to notice that I had a serious issue that almost cost me my life. Stay away from them if you are not white, and dont vaccinate. Their BIAS gets in the way of their ability to administer acceptable care.

Timothy Baughman

Brother is in for chemotherapeutic morning, multiple Phone calls, takes information desk for ever to answer, daytime nurses seem very polite, but the weekend shift ( WOW ) wife was On hold for ten minutes with nursing station, when lady asked if still waiting, another 30 minutes go by and lady comes back on and says sorry, nurse is unable to take your call, was at 1:00 am, 12 hours later and nobody called us back, feeling sorry for my brother. Hope he won’t need to go back again

Sarah R

I recently went to the emergency room at West Penn Hospital... now from checking in they seem to get me back to a room pretty fast but once I was back there I waited a good hour before anyone saw me and it almost seemed like they didn't care to find out what was going on with me when they were there... they ran absolutely no tests I ended up having to go to AGH to get the care I needed. Now I've not liked West Penn for a long time I had my 6 year old son there and my birthing experience was horrible!! He is my first and only child and nobody wants to experience a crappy delivery like I did with their first!! The person who did my epidural had to do it 5 times only for it to still not really work, nobody could find my nurse when I needed her, nobody could find my delivering Dr and I was told to not push until they found him, my room wasn't set up for me to have my son and years later I thought maybe it would be different and they still suck!

Karly Morgan

I had a scary diagnosis that required some scary tests this week, and every person at West Penn Radiology went above and beyond and out of their way to make sure I felt safe, comforted, and supported. I’ve never had an experience like this anywhere. Not only was everyone kind, but my tests were done perfectly. I didn’t feel ANY pain, not even during a spinal tap! I’m writing a hand written letter later this evening to say thank you. If you’re nervous about your testing and looking for someone you can trust, go to West Penn.

Jeanie Cancilla

Quinn Favo

Alyssa Sharp

I had an excellent experience in the L&D department at West Penn, along with the Women's Behavioral Health center for postpartum issues. Wonderful nurses and doctors!

Jennifer Smith

This place is a black hole. I've been sent here twice from Forbes to be seen by a particular doctor...then lo and behold, that doctor isn't here and makes no effort to see me when he's the one who asked for the transfer so that I could be seen. Then when the other doctors try to contact him, I hear nothing for at least 6 hours from neither him or any other team of doctors. The ER department is even worse. I have a pancreatic divism and growing cysts that cause me quite a bit of pain and nausea and need to be tested ASAP. The ER department turned me away the one time I tried to come straight to West Penn. The ER doctor who discharged me told me that "a lot more people than you think have pancreatic divisms and you'll just have to learn to deal with it." Needless to say, I only come here when I have an actual scheduled appointment or when the doctors lie to me to transfer me based on lies and miscommunication. I don't think the doctors here could communicate effectively enough with each other and work together to escape an non-taped, flimsy cardboard box.

Rose Hills

Hospital still is no better truely!! very rude nurses and the doctor was a JERK!!!

Marly todegla

Regi M. Lyimo

Jerome A Jones II

I deliver here and the staff in various areas are nice.

Gladys Cordwell

Early morning on 6-10-17 we had a very special person life flighted to West Penn Hospital. Although he did not survive his illness the exceptional care and compassion shown toward him and us was way above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in an ICU. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude toward the entire staff especially Dr. Khan who done everything in his power to save our loved one. His compassion for us was beyond measure. May God bless this staff and keep them doing what they do so wonderfully. Thank you all.

Bobby Carder

I hey are rude

Wendell Ball

I hope you are aware what is getting ready to happen to your reviews section because of Denise D Healy

LJ Equipment

We were in Pittsburgh from out of state and treated like we were local to the area. The staff from the intake person who takes all your information to the doctor were all very nice and informative. We had an excellent experience in what was a difficult experience going to the ER. They made things much better with their professional demeanor and personal touch. Would have given them 5 stars, but the discharge nurse was rude. Would not hesitate to return if necessary. Thank you!

Dhiraj Chhetri

If I would have options for zero star, I wouldn’t mind giving this Hospital a Zero star. Worst experience ever. If you have any other options please go with that one, stay away from this hospital. My wife had to go with some procedure two weeks ago. We were there for 9-10 hours. The stay at this hospital was worst. I felt very disrespectful. Unprofessional & short staffing. I was finally called to meet her 6 hour after taking her inside, that place was a MESS AND FILTHY. There was only one nurse and she had 6/7 patient. I felt very bad for her. She didn’t have enough time to finish with single patient. I wanted to talk to doctor about how her procedure went, nurse said doctor was left already and she had to call the doctor. Fast forward, here we had to follow up with them in two weeks, I called and spoke to 2 operators. Not only one, both operators hung up on me. Great job.

Sierra Kyles

Phone stolen out of my bag while in er. Smgdh. Ghetto ass hospital

Irina Smelov

Rob D

Rich Ednie

Unfortunately I have been there many times! The nurses on T7 are the best! The docs are, too!

Christina Bechtol

Worst hospital I ever been to!! I regret ever having surgery here again!!

Georgia Hardbarger

Very excellent hospital. Very nice staff we all thank you for what you did for my dad!

Patricia F.

taneilbossup Watts

Kellie Putnam-Miller

If I could have given zero stars I would have. I must say this has been the utmost, uncaring, unprofessional Hospital stay that I have ever had. Beware if you want to come here to feel better!

Ken Kohr

Chelsea Faulkner

The only kind people I ran into were the security, admitting clerks and head nurse.. My room was right next to the nurses station and I heard ALL the gossip on other coworkers and patients.. I only saw my assigned nurse twice.. The head nurse came in to check on me more than her.. My assigned nurse and Doctor were very rude and didn't take me seriously.. You could see it all over their faces.. Drugged me up and sent me out the door with NO solution to my issue. JERKS.

Lucas Kowalski

Chanel massie

Rich X

The staff always give great care. They take the time to listen and take care of you.

Chris Reidenbaugh

Not much to say other than Our kids were delivered at WP and they were amazing! The nurses on down to the valet were great!

Adam Bright

This hospital is unprofessional and disorganized. There is little to no security around the maternity ward. When my wife was in the delivery room we received very little privacy since she had to enter all of her notes and documentation on the computer inside the room. Also, in the delivery room another nurse barged in and asked our nurse if she wanted pizza for lunch, a benign request but unprofessional in front of a patient. All of the estimates given for when events would happen were wrong by a minimum of one hour and at one point stretched to four hours. In the last several months we have received three different bills for services rendered which they claimed our insurance was denying despite this hospital being in network for our insurance. One was resolved after multiple calls to both my insurance and Allegheny Health Network. One I just paid myself after multiple calls not getting anywhere, and I am still waiting on medical records from West Penn to be reimbursed by my insurance. Finally I am disputing one final claim where West Penn has claimed that they accepted my insurance just not my particular plan within that insurance. During our stay at the hospital we were never informed that our insurance was not accepted. I will never voluntarily admit myself or any of my family to this facility (or likely any Allegheny Health Network facility) again.

OSA Mir Yt

I am presently a patient st West Penn hospital I have made numerous complaints about how cold it is in my room all I get is yes we know the maintenance man just left looked at the thermometer and said it should be about 20 or 30 minutes it should get better when you complain all you get is we’re sorry we know in the mean time I’m cold as all get out I have five blankets on me and still cold one nurse said it was warmer outside than in here in the meantime my body is aching from being so cold also why does it take two to three hours for someone to come to your room when called I understand they are busy it’s so sad I’m more miserable now then when I came in

Nikki Saylor

I had a linx done here Jan of 2018. I was a very late surgery didnt get in till 5:30 PM. The surgery went well but the after care was not great. Thank you for my husband staying because I was suppse to be offered a cracker or jello every few hrs I was not except once. My Nurse gave me my Heparin in my arm, it should never be given there. My arm bruised for months to the point another doctor had to look at it. Thank God for a student nurse who finally came in and help me out of bed, and walked me when all the other nurses were busy. I am only giving it a 3 because the surgeon was great!

Marcin Druzdzel

Avoid at all costs. Broken appliances, insects in patients' rooms, and ER staff that write outright lies in patients' medical records. After seeing how their employees treat patients, and lie to their families, I'd rather bleed out on the side of the road than be dragged into this establishment.

Morgan Brendel

I recently had a seizure and was taken to west penn. I haven't gone to another hosp for years other than west penn... When the ER closed I lucky didn't have any need to visit an ER. upon my arrival post seizure I was taken immediately back and they were drawing blood and had test's scheduled in a timely manner..The longest time was waiting for blood results but the doctor was just as agitated wondering why it was taking so long for results. My nurses, doctor and the radiology department were all very kind and covered all the bases to make sure I was ok.. I don't think I would ever go to another ER. I am very happy with the care I recieved and the bed side manner of everyone I encountered. Even when we first walked in the receptionist heard me say I was cold and brought me a warm blanket...I highly reccommend West Penn emergency room.

Si kyles

Had a bad experience at first with a stolen item. Item was found and I have had nothing but positive things to say about this place ever since. My specialty doctor is located here and she is absolutely wonderful. I recommend this place to everyone.

C Dee

Jeffrey Cohen

Great maternity ward

Batyr Ismailbekov


I had to stay in the hospital for 10 days because of my illness and on the third day, a member of the billing department came to my room to give me my bill. She also told me that they would appreciate it if I could pay the bill by the following day. Obviously, West Penn Hospital values money over caring for their patients.

jaimy john

I had the horriblest birthing experience at the West Penn hospital..I delivered my 3rd baby last week...I had my 2 other children in India under epidural anesthesia...myself being an anaesthesiologist from India always preferred discussed with my obgyn when my pain starts I was asked to call the doctor and head to the West Penn hospital...I reached on time at 3.15 my horror...there was no anaesthesiologist available, as they were with another caesarean(no 2nd on call, no 3rd on call, not even a resident???)..I was vaginally examined by end number of people...I suffered the worst pain in my life...towards the end i told them i could feel my baby is down and to call the anesthesiologist or obgyn...but no sign of 4.30am the anesthesiologist and obgyn came together..who told me there is no use of anesthesia as baby is at the bottom, to be brave and women have been delivering without any pain management for years...the next moment my baby dived out literally while the obgyn was putting her glove and I had a cervical tear point is what is the point in me calling the obgyn at the first sign of my contraction and not having a gynaecologist and anesthesiologist available...secondly, in case of an emergency if there are nobody available what is the use of that emergency patients should die..??...I'm deeply hurt by what happened and traumatised...I'm an anaesthesiologist myself and I wouldn't want anything like this to happen to any patient ever..

Chade Hamilton

Douglas Aloi

Steve K

Let me start with my wife has had several surgerys over the past few years, all of which were at different pittsburgh hospitals. Our experience here at West Penn was by far on another level of excellence. Everyone from the time we entered the hospital made our experience as good as one could want. Dr. Sword my hats off to you, and the nursing staff on Nine east id have to say the same. We feel blessed to have had the staff of West Penn at our side, Thank you all

Kimberly Lockard

Just has surgery there staff was amazing..service..and just wonderful.The best care.I have ever had at a medical facility.

Tim McIntyre

The NICU staff at West Penn is world class. Our daughter spent 77 days in the NICU and over that span we had absolutely no complaints. We can’t say enough good things about the staff and how they looked after our little one. We forged close relationships with many people on the NICU staff. One in particular, Kasie Baverso, changed our lives forever and we will be forever grateful for having met her. The NICU staff @ West Penn Hospital take traumatic situations in people’s lives and handles those situations with compassion and professionalism. We truly feel that the members of the West Penn NICU staff saved our daughters life. I wish there was a way to honor these individuals or have them recognized for the fantastic job they do because their efforts should not go unnoticed. Thank you again, you are the best!

Laurie Mavoureen

Good experience. I had surgery and my specialist's office is also here. Having visited several times, I did not waste time waiting. Surgery was well organized and timely as well.

Amreshkumar Mishra


SG TwoTitan

Waited over an hr for the removal of a tick while twenty people just stood around.

Carolyn Green

I was a patient at this hospital for 4 days. I had a complete, total hysterectomy. I have to say the personal that attended me in all areas from surgical prep to discharge were very professional and caring. Any surgery you are apprehensive. I was treated very calmly and very well. The rooms were clean, the food was good and the nursing staff and attending physicians were great. I would recommend this hospital for future medical procedures.

Amanda N

West Penn Hospital saved my life. All of the staff are wonderful there.

Mariah Ashlyn

I like nothing about this hospital! Everyone were rude from the time I walked in until the time I left. I came to the ER for an asthma flare up & I had to WALK to my own room.. No wheelchair or anything. I didn't even see the doctor until an hour later. The guy for registration came in faster than anyone else smh.. I didn't even get a breathing treatment until a hour and a half of waiting in my room. Thank God I didn't die! I'll never come here again.

Destiney Henderson

Nathan Cinker

My wife went into labor 12:30am on Nov. 26th 2017. We stayed 2 days. The staff was great. They really know what they are doing.


Nen Nen

I came here for mental health care during my third trimester for pre partum depression then delivered my baby at this hospital a few months later. I’ll start with the psych nurse, Sam. She was awful!!! I break down talking to hurt because I was filled with emotions and she seemed like she really did not care and her comforting was very minimal. Made it very hard for me to want to return. She gave me a low dose of anti depressants. I came back a month later and she asked me how I was and told her some problems I had and things that have been making me sad. She says “well sounds like things are going well.” Things weren’t at all going well. What I had told her was some vey upsetting things in my life but again she did not care. I left feeling WORSE than I already had. Do not go to psych NURSE SAM. Now, on to my delivery of child. The nurse were great, my dr was great, the room was lovely. My only problem is that I had a student do my epidural without my knowledge and a crowd of students watching me giving birth without my permission. Other than that I liked it there. I give it a three for over all experience.

Francis Sweeney

Wonderful experience during my daughter’s birth. A great hospital with a caring staff.

robert custer

Was flown here in June of 2008 due to electrical burns. Those nurses in that burn unit are the best among the best. The way the treated me and were there for me made all the difference in the world.

Francis Gigantic

Nancy Sindall

Harisuryanarayana Kandula

My Spouse got an emergency, we went to st clair hospital. They referred West Penn. In just few hours West Penn started delivery process. Its a premature (34 weeks), but unbelievably its normal delivery. Nurses were damn damn good. They did even sanitary work. Staff were very good responsive people. They gave clarification of each and every question. They took very care for kid. not even allowed us(parents) to touch them after touching mobile phone. They are more then relatives.

Steve Harold

Wife had our second delivery here. Doctors, nurses, and all staff are so nice, calm and so pleasant. Rooms are comfortable, cafeteria is great, everyone answered all of our questions and nurses were quick to any call or need we had.

Amanda Scott

My aunt was in for Ambulatory Surgery. Staff in recovery were not helpful at all. Nonresponsive to requests, proper equipment not in room, call bells unanswered, inappropriate meal choices for diabetics. Everything moves at a snail's pace. Very disappointed in services at West Penn.

Sharaina Troop

Love. Best hospital to give birth.

Vito F.

Was here and had a 3 night stay almost a year ago. Staff was great every single doctor was very informative and helpful. Got my daily meds on time and meals.. Will not go to another hospital in the city again besides this one... After care was great as well...

Dr. Marc Micucci

The doctors are excellent. The staff on the 9th floor in the East Pavillion are non-existant, rude, unhelpful and lazy. Lucklily my father doesn't need a lot of attention because he wouldn't get it here. My father had his wireless heart monitor fall on the ground and the wires were pulling on his skin and it took them over 10 minutes to help him. He also asked for Ice chips, once again no one came, The next day he asked to be helped up to walk and it's been over 45 minutes and still no one has come. Funally a nurse comes in and says we will get you up later. It's now beem 3 1/2 hours later and its 10:30 pm and he still hasn't been up. Next time we will not have any procedures done here. Very disappointed.

Kathie Kennedy

Their really nice people. I was in the burn unit 19 years ago.

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