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Went to the Emergency Room with a burn on the hand, fingers, and thumb. Large, fluid filled, blisters formed on 3 fingers and on the thumb. The tip of my thumb was so badly burned that all sensation was lost and the skin was completely white and flaking. The doctor very quickly looks at it and says it's just a first degree burn and prescribes me 1 baby aspirin. I explain the lack of sensation in my thumb and the presence of large fluid filled blisters all over my hand. He shrugs it off as if it's nothing. Both myself and the person who took me to the E.R. were shocked at the lack of care. Thank God for my nurse that night. I got zero help from the doctor. When I said, "well, then I guess it was a waste of time for me to come in", he just nodded. Don't bother coming to this facility if you're actually hurt. You can point out the obvious and you're going to be treated like an uneducated peasant by the doctor. Very unprofessional and honestly, any book can tell you that the burns I have are absolutely second degree with a possible third degree on my thumb. Again, my nurse was fantastic and I am so glad she was able to help me out, as the doctor made it very clear that I was wasting his time.

Joel Youngquist

Takes time to get seen at the emergency room, but the doctors and nursing staff are capable to help you once seen.

Jessica McGuire

A great place to work. Everyone looks to make patients comfortable and welcome.

Aleesha Gariepy

Five Cat House Party

Christina Snyder

Worst hospital you could ever go too the doctor should go back to class I have been having problems with my health all they can do is send me home I should be in the hospital I go to kane hospital they tell me my white and red cell ant good I' come to Warren general they tell me there ok I think Warren general hospital should have doctors like kane hospital all Warren general hospital wants is the money and have you site for hours and hour I go to kane hospital they get you in and out I think you're better off died then go to Warren general I think they will kill you more I have always not liked Warren general ever one in there should go back to school on being a doctor

L Johnson

Had surgery today ... the bathroom in my room had blood all over the toilet seat so I literally peed in the cup above the garbage can instead it was way more sanitary ! Not to mention the nurse as usual somehow causes a big black and blue bubble on my hand .. taped it off and didn’t say a word . I hate this place . I am worried I will not make it out alive if you go in for a simple procedure ! At this point ! The blood on the toilet seat was absolutely the most unsanitary thing! Plus the nurse asked me extremely private things that have nothing to do with the surgery.. these people made me so mad I almost walked out

Landon Meyer

ER experience. If you go in at night and its empty you'll get in quickly with good care. If you go in the day you get left untreated for hours. They really don't work well at all. No one in the waiting room is getting any care.


Worst hospital ever. As a registered nurse, I had the opportunity to work in hospitals around the country; yet Warren General Hospital and multiple employees are nothing short of a disgrace to the medical field. One would like to be able to trust their neighborhood hospital but Warren General Hospital not only misdiagnosed a critical life-threatening complication performed by a radiologist at this hospital, the hospital failed to accept any accountability. Life is precious and so many people have gone to this hospital for help, misdiagnosed (one person being treated for cancer who did not have cancer) and their lives forever affected from doctor / employee neglect. One would think WGH's medical staff would know that misdiagnosis, delay in medical treatment, improper medicines does and will leave a person with life-changing, long-term complications and effects. HIPAA rights are violated beyond belief. What a shame to see nursing supervisors even lack the expertise / initiative to be a leader and do the ethical thing to be a patient advocate. I am so grateful to have experienced excellent work ethics, medical expertise, compassion beyond understanding, care of patients in regard to respect and acuity in treatment across our country. As for Warren General Hospital, I and so many others who have suffered due to their negligence and misdiagnosis, I have absolutely nothing good to say.

Diana Foote

Took my daughter to the ER because she's been sick a while. Dr. Pierson was the most unprofessional doctor I've ever saw. He never kept us updated with the waits. And when I told him I wanted my daughter checked for dehydration he refused and said she was fine. The following day took my daughter to Kane Hospital, which there they listened to my complaints and ran tests which Dr. Pierson refused to do on my daughter. Only test he (Pierson) did was a strep test. (Irrelevant. Her symptoms had nothing to do with that) And sure enough, she was VERY dehydrated, and sick. I will be calling and filing more complaints on this unprofessional doctor. His bedside manner was a disgrace. Told me several times, "There's nothing I can do about it" "You wasted a trip" So uncalled for.

NRg Mandrake

Allan McCord

I've had a really bad doctors here really bad nurses but this visit tonight so far the nurses and the doctors or have been excellent it's a hit or miss at this Hospital

Ernest Wegg

Yes I came into do blood and urine and always nervous about the blood. Laura did an absolute amazing job because I felt no pinch and went ten times more smooth than ever givin blood. If I need bloodwork again I recommend Laura!

Bryan James

I've only been to the digestive disease department in separate building and it was a chamber of horrors. The office needs new lighting at least, it felt so drab I thought I was visiting the Munsters. The novelty of an old exam table from WWII or before wore off quickly. But worst of all was the physician assistant (pa) who barely listened and seemed to focus on one part of my story for a diagnosis without running blood tests or doing much of an exam. I felt like I had seen a sham witch doctor. I was prescribed pills that I was told were for diarrhea but after reading the paperwork that came with them should hardly be prescribed without further testing. I really don't want to go back.

Tyson Martin

Yes, the ER takes an ungodly long time. No denying it. I have no idea why. I would plan to make the drive to Kane, Titusville, Jamestown, or Erie if it's an "emergency" but you aren't in an ambulance. The maternity department is fantastic. We had our first child at McGee women's hospital in Pittsburgh, the second at WGH. The nurses at WGH are sweeter, kinder, more caring, and calmer. It's not big or fancy, but we were well cared for. Our room in Warren was larger than in Pittsburgh and the security was MUCH better! I wouldn't hesitate to have another child there. (If my kid needs an ER though, I'll probably keep driving.)

Joshua Ward

Poor work environment. Poor communication. Too many other poor subjects to mention.

engle lease

not happy with them all I will say

Mark Shields

I went to the ER this evening with severe ( unprecedented) pain. Registration took a mere matter of minutes. Afterwards I was taken to an exam room, where blood tests were administered and a series of questions were thoroughly asked. Although it was somewhat busy, I was given one-on-one personal attention by both the PA's, phlebotomists , and interns. A CT scan was also ordered and the young lady who performed it was very informative as far as telling me what was going on. At all times I was asked about my pain level and was kept informed as to the progress of my case. Finally, the Dr discussed her diagnosis with me and addressed follow up actions I should take. I could not be happier or more pleased with the treatment I received at Warren General! Everyone with whom I came in contact treated me as though I were the only patient in the building. My only regret is not catching the names of these individuals! Thank you for helping me and getting me back to feeling good!

Ronald Bonavita

This hospital is absolutely terrible. Under equipped to handle care in a timely manner.

Justin Hinzy

Went to ER for hurt shoulder, Doc checks it out and decides a torn rotator cup. Still insist on xray, said results be back in ten minutes, why we need xray results for a torn cup I will never know, after an hr I ask what's going on and they still didnt look at xray. Worst hospital I have ever been in!!!!


Candice Smith

Over crowded, very hot and the wait time is forever and now my family is sitting here while they are bringing prisoners in to sit next to us. Wow, completely uncomfortable.

Alex Z

Warren General hospital is by far the worst I have ever been to. I went there one night for an abcess located on my neck that was progressively getting larger and more inflamed. After being in the waiting room for 2 hours, i was taken back to an ER room. The doctor came in to see me and spoke to me for a mere 5 minutes to indentify the problem and what allergies etc I have. When the doctor left i was taken to another ER room for further waiting. 1 hour later, two nurses came in to collect blood cultures and take blood samples. I was severely dehydrated and becoming more ill from the now extremely inflamed abcess on my neck. My blood pressure was low as I was ill, so they were having trouble finding a vein to draw blood from. The one nurse found one, had to dig around with the needle to get a small amount of blood. The needle came out of my vein but was still under my skin when she pushed Saline solution in. It made a bubble under my skin and caused pain because she was not in my vein. She then gave up. Another nurse tried, she fished around with the needle for almost 2 minutes until she struck a nerve in my arm which caused excruciating pain. She then also gave up. They attempted to draw blood from me for over 1 hour, finally a 3rd nurse came on shift and got it her first try. While the nurses were trying to draw blood they belittled me and insinuated I used IV drugs and thats why they couldnt do what they needed too, even though i do not and had no markings an IV user would have. Totally unprofessional behavior by the entire staff. An hour after the blood drawing debacle i was taken for a cat scan, and sent back to my room. 2.5 hours passed and not one person came to check on me. The doctor passed my door one time, and he mumbled to himself that he hates working here (WGH) , when a nurse informed him of a phone call. 5.5 hours in I had a cat scan, and some blood drawn. I had to search for someone because they had forgotten about me, and finally the doctor came. He informed me he cant cut the abcess, a surgeon has to do it and hes not here. Then he asks if id like to start my antibiotics 3 hours after they said i was going to get them. All in all, they didnt drain the abcess, insinuated I was a IV drug user, and blatantly disrespected me. I have never seen so many un-professional medical staff in one place. I will never go back to this excuse of a hospital unless absolutely necessary. If you live in Warren and need treatment, drive the extra 30 minutes to Corry or Titusville. I only wrote this because I am in shock and outraged that this actually took place, and don't want anyone else to experience what I did. 8/29/16

major tom

This is by far the worse place I have ever worked at. Clueless work environment and management that is even worse. If you value a professional work environment, this is not the place to work!!

William Bunce

Terrible diagnostics, terrible remedies, just all around terrible unless you need stitches.

Isaiah Nordland

I came here for a workplace injury. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Austin Worley

i have nothing else to say about the place

Jimmy Struthers

Why wait when you can wait even more.

The Backyard Ginger

I received frustrating news today from my mom. My dad cancelled his surgery due. For some reason, in the past year or so WGH has decided to make sure patients pay for their co-pay before the surgical procedure is performed. I know that this has not always been WGH policy because my mom was employed at the hospital for many years. My parents have no issue paying the co-pay, but only after the procedure is completed and the insurance has been billed. They have been paying co-pays before services and then been reimbursed by the insurance company due to the hospital over-charging for the co-pay. I agree that patients must pay their co-pay, but what happened to treating all patients first. I am a very frustrated daughter. I personally receive the majority of my medical care from a neighboring hospital and they stated that its against the law to ask for a co-pay. I find this odd - but still for me - it comes back to treating a patient no matter what the patient can afford or not afford. I hope Warren General takes a deep look at the policy, procedures and process of patient care/co-pays. --- sign a very frustrated daughter.

Craig Lindquist

Geoff Swanson

ER VISIT: I recently came here following a car accident. I had a serious leg injury (which was dislocated at the kneeband later popped back into place) and a bruised tailbone. The paramedics that took me to the hospital were amazing and very prompt. When transported from bed to bed and onto beds for CT & x-ray machines, the ER doctors did not support my leg, causing a great deal of pain, and took quite a while to give me any working pain medication despite several requests to do so. Thankfully, I was transferred to UPMC Hamot soon after. UPDATE: After further thought regarding my 12/10/2016 visit, I have realized that, while they are not always prepared for a situation such as mine, they did the best they could with the resources they had. They were as friendly and straightforward as possible (even with my constant complaining). During previous visits they were very friendly and worked as fast as they could to help patients. I suppose my memory of that day was a little soured by both the fact that I had almost died and I had received a serious concussion. REHABWORKS: The therapists at RehabWorks are fantastic at their job. I had chronic back pain for years and, after a month of therapy here, I felt much, much better. I could not have gone to a better place. Truly five stars. Had to split the difference.

chris droney

had the absolutely best appointment , with dr tootels on second floor, very quick, and professional,I was seen by madison baker, she has no equal, she is pleasant and highly intelligent!

Bryan Johnson

Unbelievable slow care while ERstaff seems to walk around doing nothing. 3 1/2 hours to see a doctor who was rude. Go somewhere else if you can unless you w as nt to spend the day

Dedi Brickley

They are great!

Michaela Anne

Literally every time I've ever gone here it's taken a minimum of 5 hours to be seen in the emergency room. Busy or not. I'm the only one here and I've already been sitting 2 hours. Don't waste your time, make the trip to Titusville. Or anywhere but here.


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