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REVIEWS OF UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Chelsea Dicks

My labor and labor nurses were great. They were compassionate supportive and sweet women. But I believe this went so well because my mid wife was in charge. Although one stuck me 5 times trying to find a vein... The real problems began in recovery. I was placed in a room with a bed that was broken in three places. It wouldn't go down and was set at the highest height, the one arm with the nurse button never came up making it impossible to call for the nurse, and one side was broken so it was tilted to the left. I was never helped or watched while going to the bathroom, never received items I asked for multiple times such as ice packs, never was shown where any of the recovery items were. They placed size 1 diapers on my baby over her belly button and made it bleed, I never received the newborn diapers I asked for. I had nerve damage in both legs and they never offered me any care such as compression, ice packs, heat packs etc. I literally could not lay down or walk and with the bed broken I had to sit up on one of the couches for over 30 hours unable to sleep. I Waited close to 36 hours for an ultrasound. And they took my baby for close to two hours when I specifically said no longer than an hour. It was seriously the worst two days of my life. Their lack of care stole my first two days with my baby, they didn't respect my rights as a mother, and caused me to have anxiety filled nightmares for weeks that I had to go to therapy for. I am still traumatized by the experience, and never plan on having another child at the facility again.

Kess Occena

I just recently had my baby here, 2wks ago to be exact. When my water broke on the 1st of getting admitted it took them 10hrs to find an available delivery room. They starved me and didn’t provide me with water even AFTER they made the decision to try and keep my baby in the womb for another week. Everytime I requested for the IV to be placed in my upper arms due to constant infiltration in my lower veins, it was as if they never did it before, they poked and couldn’t find it. Placing multiple holes in both arms. They disregarded my request for a lotus birth, disregarded my request about informing me of specific info during the labor process, took my placenta after I requested for it back and ran tests on it, didn’t even give me the results of the evaluation. They didn’t ask the father to cut the cord, they yelled at the father for tying to see our baby come out of me from behind the blinds. Now my baby is in the NICU. A large sign on her monitor clearly states for them to keep my umbilical cord when it falls off my baby they deliberately threw it away and claimed they do that with all babies umbilical cords. (Which is a lie, one section of the NICU placed the clip that fell off my daughter in a specimen bag, why would they do that if it was common to throw all those things away. This hospital has put me in an extreme amount of depression. I can’t wait for my daughter to be strong enough to leave this place. I don’t even trust them to truly care for my baby at all. Do not give birth here. Please for the sake of your sanity and safety of your newborn.

Bill Knorr

I was reading some of the other posts and my experience was completely different... I have a daughter and a healthy wife thanks to the fast action and experience of Magees Staff. My daughter is still in the NICU, and I can not begin to express my gratitude to these amazing people. The Doctors/ PAs have been top notch and down to earth. The nurses have been out of this world with their above and beyond personalities. Shout out to Jen and Niqua on the 3rd Floor, we love you guys. Every nurse that my daughter has had in the NICU has been amazing!!!. The other staff have also been amazing. Especially when you have a Cook go out of his way and help you carry a tray to your room, that speaks volumes to me. Like I said before I have read most of the other comments and they just do not seem to fit my experience. My wife and I have loved every single thing about Magees Womens Hospital. Bill Knorr

David Schwab

Best maternity and obgyns in the country prob, def Pittsburgh, highest volume hospital prob very experienced anesthesiologist, even student doctors have done a thousand epidurals

Jasmynn Hill

UPMC has been here in Pittsburgh for years the employees are apart of the community they help provide the community the proper positive healthy medicine, health plans and teams. The people and the community continue to do the same to help eachother as well as the environment, this company continues to provide careers for the people to help as well as educate and keep and maintain the American Quality Standand for the Healthcare System. Stay Blessed!!!

Bungholio Cornholio

OB-ICU doctors, nurses and staff were great! They were the friendliest and kindest people I've met. They saved my life. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!


Just needed to go in for an ultrasound- got there, was directed to the wrong floor/wrong office three separate times before getting to the right one. Once I got to the right place and checked in, they called me right back up to hand me a pager and said they were over an hour behind schedule, which turned into two hours behind schedule after I returned from stepping outside the waiting room to make a phone call. I immediately called their scheduling number to reschedule at a different location. The least their receptionist could’ve done was call their patients for the afternoon and informed everyone of the delay and gave us the option to cancel before using PTO or commuting from a different part of the city just to find out for ourselves.

Dinero Gang

Baby factory experience, no sense of caring at all Won’t be having my baby here

Angel Foreman

The worst place to have a child natural I had two out of three of my children here and was left in the room after several calls for both births and had both of them without my doctor or medical team because they did not believe I was in active labor and was having my child because I did not reach 10 centimeters dilated I called when it came to my daughter's birth which was the worst one between the two I called four times the first two times she came to the room the third time she answered the phone and said I'm not coming downstairs the fourth time she didn't answer the phone at all she just ignored the nurse who was calling my daughter's was the worst and most traumatic delivery and then when the medical team finally came in all they would do was apologize and tell my doula I know you could have delivered the baby that's not her job Miss smiling and trying to show face while I'm laying on the bed with my doctor daughter out of me my daughter's birth time is off by 15 minutes her birth certificate is wrong because of them off by 15 minutes the 15 minutes it took for everyone to get in the room trifling just trifling

Samantha Leigh

I was currently at Magee hospital on 2/1/19 for gastric bypass surgery, where I stayed overnight. I have a great deal of anxiety, especially when it comes to hospitals but everyone that I came into contact with while there, from housekeeping, nurses, Dr. Ahmed and all other staff members were truly so nice and wonderful. I've never met such a wonderful staff of people. When I was getting my blood taken for pre-op the ladies in that room were amazing and even held my hand. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Michael Sobek

My wife and I have waited in triage for 7 hours with little to no communication. Not a friendly staff either. Nothing redeeming about this hospital.

Kristen Blume

The worst emergency room experience ever the security guard and ladies in intake were more compassionate and helpful then the charge nurse and doctor. Nothing was done for my pain they "couldn't take an Xray ibwaa given Tylenol an discharged

Hanna M.

I suffered from the preeclampsia for the last couple months of my pregnancy. After delivering my child, I was transferred to the postpartum unit. On the next day after the delivery, the PCT was taking my vitals signs, my blood pressure was gradually one time she came to measure it, the systolic blood pressure was 142 ( I don’t recall the diastolic, but it was in hundreds ), so she told me “it is probably a mistake, I will be back to remeasure it”. She never came back. When the nurse came to my room, I told her my concern about my blood pressure, and that the PCT never came back. The nurse looked in my chart and told me that my blood pressure is not a concern at this time... I could not believe what I was told — PCT FALSIFIED my blood pressure reading. She manually put that my systolic blood pressure was 132!!! ( she never scanned my bracelet with the vital sign machine btw, so the readings did not go automatically to my chart) . When I told the nurse what happened, the nurse immediately checked my blood pressure, which was very high, she notified doctors right away, I was hyper reflecting, I was having muscle spasms and the worst headache ever ...and my blood pressure did not go down even after getting blood pressure lowing medication. I was transferred to the ICU and was put on Magnesium immediately. Because of the fraudulent activity of the PCT I could have been dead... or suffered a stoke.This is serious as it gets. I love UPMC hospitals, I was thinking a lot before putting this review online... because I have never had problems with other UPMC staff...but I want to warn other women about the situation that can happen. We all now that women die from preeclampsia, and I could have died too. Dear mothers and mothers to be, watch carefully what is going on, don’t be silent, speak up about your concerns. P.S. I am very grateful to that nurse who acted very professional and watched me closely before I got transferred to the ICU.

Melissa Mikkelsen

This hospital seems to have a good reputation around town but from from my personal experience I do not think they take patient concerns seriously. I called centralized scheduling to make an emergency appointment and they were unable to get me in with a female doctor for over two months. Finally, when my appointment came I found that I was scheduled to be seen by a nurse practitioner and with my symptoms I felt this was just not okay. My appointment was then reschedule for two weeks later (which was helpful - thanks to the office manager). But at that rescheduled appointment my two biggest concerns are still not treated and I was told to come back for ANOTHER appointment when the symptoms return. Yes this makes sense but with wait times for female doctors for two months it is just not realistic. There is very little regard for your time at this practice and what your wishes are as a patient. It seems that there is a considerable amount of passing the buck to the next person at UPMC. Everyone will be nice but being super friendly and nice only goes so far. When it comes down to actually figuring out the answer to something whether billing or medical related it is one of the following 1.) A phone call with a ten minute wait time 2.) You are told to ask someone else likely in a different department leading to more holding time or 3.) An individual who gives incorrect information. I really felt like a number here and that my health concerns presented were construed and interpreted as patient anxiety which absolutely was not the case. This was unfortunately my experience and I truly wanted the scheduling mix up to be a one off but I left Magee with a pit in my stomach.

Gina Fisher

Stay far away from this hospital!! No matter how many good things you read pay attention to the bad reviews could be you next . My daughter suffered tremendously at the hands of these so called nurses and doctors. She had a uterine rupture and labored for 3 days.? Too much detail to list...but she almost died because of their uncertaintys and ill advised decisions. The worst experience I ever had at a hospital!! Please if you value your life and your babies go somewhere else!

Timothy Daniel


Jordan Taylor

Currently here because my water broke 7 weeks early. I am being kept in the OB ICU until contractions start and the care is absolutely wonderful. The nurses and doctors all treat you like family and actually show and prove that they care what you have to say. I would absolutely 100% recommend this hospital to anyone giving birth (especially to a preemie) and I will continue to come here in the future .

shane byrnes

Absolute horrible experience, wish we weren’t restricted to using this hospital because we have UPMC coverage. I was supposed to be induced & was sent as direct admit when arriving to the hospital they had no beds & instructed me to go to triage in the interim. We where then in triage for over 16 hours! Still no bed and no estimated time when one would even be available! I guess UPMC Mercy shutting down their labor/delivery may of not been the greatest idea and current patients of Magee are suffering the consequences. Your simply just a number here, I would not recommend this hospital to anyone as this is a special time and/or experience in your life to bring new life into the world. FYI-I’m still waiting to hear back from clinical when I can schedule an induction, who knows how long or when that’ll be.

Alisha Diets

I had good experiences and bad at this place. First I’m absolutely grateful they saved my baby girl. There were fantastic nurses and some were rude, didn’t know what they were doing. I spent a lot of time at this hospital! I was high risk and ended up staying till I had my child. I went into labor and the doctor that checked me pretty much said I was crazy cause my water hadn’t broke meanwhile my water was already broke it had been for some time that’s why I had to stay. I screamed so much from being in pain that they moved me to the labor ward and strapped us up to a nst. The non stress test showed my Emily wanted out and she wanted out now! She was born very early and I was relieved I didn’t see the doctor that told me I was fine just five minutes ago. I had an emergency c-section. My family was two hours away so I was alone when I had my beautiful daughter. There was one woman and I can’t reme her name. I try so hard and see her face but can’t think of her name, she held my hand and talked to me the entire time and I was so extremely grateful ❤️ When my daughter was born I heard no cries and was terrified because I knew it was to early to have her. I didn’t even know the sex because she would never show on the ultrasounds. I repeatedly asked if the baby was on and that woman assured me she was but she was a little small and needed help. I felt so hopeless laying their on the table but that woman god love her was their for me. The doctors saved my girl but she spent 67 days in the nicu. That’s where Our journey began. She had suffered major brain damage at birth and the doctor that broke the news was completely rude! He was An older man with no bedside manner whatsoever. It was a punch in the gut to me but he seemed not to even care. I was asked if I was sending her to a children’s home because where the damage occurred she wouldn’t thrive in life or be able to do very much i about hit the floor but looked at my beautiful girl and right back at that doc and said she’s coming home with me! I was then trained in her equipment that we were being sent home with. The people who trained me were phenomenal! All fantastic I only had one other issue besides the doc who broke the news my girl would be “different” it was a nicu nurse. I was finally allowed to hold my child for the first time and was sniffling cause I had been bawling tears of joy! She said to me you shouldn’t be holding her if your sick

Kellz Luna

I have had nothing but bad experiences with this hospital except for at the recovery clinic. The recovery clinic has an amazing staff but the obs and nurses are not understanding, judgmental and rude. Go to west Penn for your pregnancy you will be better off!! Edit: and after speaking to other woman and reading these reviews I think all of us need to sue for medical malpractice then maybe something will get done to make it better!!!

Jake Presser

These guys delivered both of my kids. Each time they treated my wife as professionally and nicely as possible and made the experience easy, so that we could focus on other things besides the hospital.

Rishona Campbell

The hospital itself is beautiful...but I will not go back there if I can help it. I went to the hospital for two of my pregnancies. I always had a different doctor presented, a different opinion, and no sense of personal caring or concern. I started out with the midwife group and they were fantastic. However once I was determined to be high risk, I had to leave their care.

Rhaisa Tsyboukov

I had my baby here and could not be happier with the care I received. Amazing nurses, doctors and PA's. The nurses during my delivery were truly caring and helped me to feel calm and safe through out my labor.

Jennifer Mcclintock

I was in labor for 23 hours after they induced me. I asked for them to give me my epidural before they broke my water because that's what a friend recommended. Everything was all well and good til I hit 10cm, and the pain was unbearable because somehow my epidural wore off or moved or something. Well they all knew I was in pain. I pushed for 6 and a half hours that way, the whole time he was sunny side up, and kept having d cells so they kept making me turn on my sides. Finally at that 6 and a half hour mark my doctor gave me the choice of forceps or a c section. I went with forceps but they fixed my epidural so that I was completely numb and took me to the OR incase they had to do a c section. My doctor was very petite and when she was pulling and I was pushing him out, she fell backwards just as his head came out. In the grand scheme of things, he was okay. But he had bruises and a mark on his scalp and the worst cone head from being lodged down there for so long. They told me my experience was one in a million. And I ended up staying in the hospital for about 4 whole days. I had a 4th degree tear, and the stitches ripped about a week later, I had to stay the night in the hospital again and go under for them to fix it all. Then a week or 2 after I went under again for them to take the stitches out only they didnt and said I had to keep them a bit longer. They finally took them out at a regular dr appointment. Without me even needing to be put under. Overall my experience with Magee womens hospital sucked and I wont be going back for my next pregnancy. The only positive thing I can say about magee was the one nurse I had on my second stay, I think her name was danny? Well she was wonderful. Probably the best nurse I've ever had anywhere. She actually took the time to talk with me and gave some insight to some of my issues.

Muhammmad Zia khan

Good care but WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY WILL NOT BILL INSURANCE ۔۔it has been 6 months and after 10 calls, hours of phone calls, emails, they dont bill insurance instead send you bills again and again. I have been to many system but by far this has been the worse. update: so almost a year passed away, and customer service emailed me, but they gave up too, and now are asking me to call customer support number now, when i call them they say everything is in archive and ask me to write request, so basically they dont even know about their billing. probably visiting them in person might help, who knows. bottom line: dont be surprised if you get thousands of dollars in medical bills, even if its insurance approved procedure, as they would simply send you a bill, a common person might not even know that insurance was never billed, or they might need up billing both of smart and walk to Allegheny next door

Anonymous None

Worst hospital on the earth

Ivanna Severn

Rather good hospital, can't say that I've enjoyed the visit, because of long time of waiting for my doctor. Anyway, I was accepted by insurance and my issue was solved.

Amanda Cooney

Staff are always helpful. Aside from the person that is on the reception desk to help you with directions and questions, they also have another staff there standing extending help immediately to their patients or visitors.

Queen Drip

Definitely not the same I could go on for 10 years about this place your jaws would break from hitting the floor

Temmy Ogunwale

Updated**I wish there is 0 star! I went hours without meals and they totally just forget that I was there the second day I had my baby! It was sad and I was on Pain medication. Doctors don't care! Just wasn't what I was expecting. They made me wait for hours for no reason. And I couldn't get my prescription at the end of the day, just because they couldn't get the doctor on the phone to confirm.


magee is just horrible..They tell you, you need to terminate but don't return your call to schedule been several weeks. I don't recommend this hospital to anyone

Kunapuli V.S.Sastry

One of the best hospital for women's needs in Pennsylvania. This hospital has good and caring professionals and staff who make sure your stay is less painful. We had our first kid delivered in Magee. Also it has a NICU that has an excellent staff. They cared for our second one so much that we did not have to worry if he is in good hands. The doctor made sure that all our concerns were addressed during the rounds every day. Nurses who attended our son were emotional the day we left the facility

Gail Harrison

I have been waiting for critical surgery for almost 2 months. The date was changed and I was not notified. Then I was completely taken off the schedule and I was not notified. It took over 8 hours of phone calls to finally speak to a human, who could not help me. I dont think I have ever been this angry in my life

Kayla Shaffer

The nurses were extremely nice and accommodating and everybody was very thorough in explaining to me about my procedure and aftercare. I felt like I was in good hands and would come here again.

Adam Prince

If you love your family don't take them to this Hospital. They have some of the best medical technology in the world sure, but babies and patients are treated with selfishness and neglect throughout their entire stay. Take it from me and please don't take your family here.


Exceptional service. Immense amount of care that led my family and me impressed. My mother was taken here for a DCIS procedure and it went great. The nurses were very kind. Everyone helped out. Pre procedure, she fainted twice, and without hesitation they helped her. I'm really glad she was taken here. Soon she'll be going through radiation. Now it's mys dream to work here at Magee's, as a breast cancer surgeon!

Megan Michalowski

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at Magee. I was considered high risk pregnancy from the beginning and had to deliver my daughter at 29 weeks. She spent 49 days in the NICU and I attribute her success now to the amazing care she received while in their hands. I never once felt worried about leaving her there, because I knew that she was the best place she could be. Some of the nurses there, were there when I was in the NICU 31 years ago!

Lita Abram

Upset I don’t recommend this hospital .

Tilynn Dawson

I have recently started using Magee for my care needs. I am currently in the process of trying to conceive. I go here for everyone of my appointments even for just simple bloodwork. I live about 45 minutes away and I can definitely say that it is worth the drive every time. The satisfaction of my care was absolutely outstanding. Every one from nurses to receptionist to the scheduling staff on every floor of this hospital is excellent. They truly show their care on not only a personal level but an emotional level. They truly listen to what you’re saying and take all of your feelings into consideration, they show that they truly care about you and what you have to say and what your wishes are no matter what you’re there for. I have never been more comfortable with my doctors. If I have any questions and I need to call even if I leave a message they are always quick to respond my call that same day. I have had horrible experiences in the past with my previous doctors and I have to say I am so glad that I have chose this hospital for my care for all of my needs. I have never been more happy with how they treat everybody and how nice all of their stuff is. Their staff is the least judge mental staff I have ever met and they are so kind and they welcome you with open arms no matter what your situation is. I would recommend for anybody that I know or anybody reading these reviews to definitely take a chance, you will not regret it.

Katharine Nahemow

I hope if I need emergency I ll do alot better at Magee Emergency than at UPMC Shadyside, 5 or 6 years ago . I broke 2 fingers a few years ago, I did better at Urgent care. I malreacted to chantix recently. Im fine. Guess Ill have to quit smoking without medication. 9 months ago I made it too Craig Medical Associates ,Dr Arora, with severe dehydration. From drinking only coffee. 8 glasses ot water a day. Only 2 cups of coffee a day and limit sweet drinks. Now Im fine. For all UPMC Shadyside Emergency cares. Get out and if you ever show up again without busfare well start burial plans for You right here. KC ,Katharine God forbid I see them again. Hope Ill do better at Maggee Womens Hospital Emergency, if I ever need to go. Other services have been good.

Kristie Draszkiewicz

The best and highly recommend Dr. Tedd Lee for surgery!!

Amy Huddleston

I have had two ultrasounds here and they have never been on time. What is the point of making a schedule if you can never follow it? I had an appointment scheduled for 3:40, was told to check in by 3:25, I showed up and checked in at 3:19. I did not have my ultrasound for about an hour and a half after my scheduled time. I have had ultrasounds at UPMC Mercy with no delay and have had wonderful experiences there. I feel that Magee does not care that I worked 10 hours on my feet in one of UPMCs hospitals, then rushed from work to make this appointment for them to hold me hostage for nearly 2 hours. I'm only pregnant, exhausted, and hungry and no I dont want the free snacks that everybody has touched in the waiting room.

Buddha Timsina

Best hospital ever for too get delivery baby I loved this hospital

jacob Loren

This is where my 14 pounds and eight ounces daughter was born. A record for the hospital! The hospital must birth thousands of kids every year, for over a century. So, having the biggest baby born there, with my history is a crime! Go ahead and google high birth-weight babies! All they talk about them dying at 4 weeks, 6 months, one-year, 5 years, and etc.! Update, I had twins after my daughter and I am concerned with all my kids about autism. In all cases, the UPMC genetics tests were ignored. In fact, there was a posting about 10 years ago by UPMC medical research for peopel with familial autism links. I responded! I wonder if me being a vulnerable orphan with very little family is what lead me to not be screened for having kids, as recommended! Is there a crime if no one tells the tail? After my PhD, I was forced into a job at the national energy technology laboratory where I was doing scientific research, myself! There I was being harassed into leaving the country, and moving far far away from UPMC. My family history is Andre Citroen and John Von Neumann, before our family was hurt to take us and launder us and sell us in the back-parts of Europe, where they lured our parents to for that! Years before this I had genetics testing at upmc two times by drilling into my hip bone to take bone fluid. I was adopted to the US from a Hungarian orphanage In Transylvania when I was 15 in 1995. When I was young I remember many kids at the orphanage with serious severities such as autism and medical test, but then a major clean up took place and many kids disappeared. They were all Jewish looking but you were not allowed to say Jewish things. I recall being forcefully taken from family before the orphanage and adoption. Some people took my younger sister, very early on. I was quite I'll with allergies when our daughter was born. I tried telling the doctors that I was told to have screened pregnancies by the upmc genetics lab, but I was ignored for some reason. The orphanage I was laundered had a secret room with kids with all sorts of severity, and severe autism, and etc, before a big cleanup in the late 80's after which many kids disappeared. I suppose I ended up at UPMC genetics and then at magee to have kids! I have a balanced chromosomal inversion, which is linked to autism as you can see on the genome website! I wonder if they were finally able to crack that code by knowingly violating medical ethics and human trafficking us for that! Everyone praise UPMC of Pittsburgh for cracking the Autism code! The orphanage was filled with Jewish kids whose families were hurt and killed in Klausenburg Europe. The orphanage was located at the Zeyk Domokos School in Europe, and I also saw another school filled with little kids building electronics and etc. They were all Jewish kids, related to famous scientists and etc. Like myself, John Von Neumann was one of the father's of the atom bomb!

Sarah Oros

This past week I had my stay in the triage unit for the birth of my son. This was second birth here(first was 2015) and they are a night and day difference. Overall my care this week was phenomenal. From the personalble nurses to the really thoughtful doctors. Even the meals were excellent and the dining attendants were sweet. I especially appreciated the director of the unit(Kristen) coming by and asking about my care and if I had any issues or concerns. Overall I'm super pleased this hospital has improved their measures and training since my last birth and felt comfortable being discharged today while was a great feeling.

james vogel

We had all of our children here The piano in the lobby adds a nice atmosphere to look so it feels almost like the grand entrance way on a cruise ship but serious medicine happens here it’s not just a women’s hospital they have specialties and cancer and some of the best bone joint muscle tear doctors are here have an excellent security staff

Korab Murtezi

They make u wait for hours and hours, doctors are very good, , but the rest are most laziest peopel i ever saw. They walk in and out with out even knwoing what they are doing Am very upset

Danita Ferguson

No communication, everyone tells you something different. Doesnt tell you about scheduling date specifuc tests. Plan on looking for a different group that everyone can be on the same page.

Eithen Tucker

This women hospital is allowing women patient to forge men names on children vital birth records without any identification.. I've even called and talked to the hospital staff who keeps hanging up on me instead of helping me get to the bottom of the problem that they caused. I'm not going to call anymore my lawyer is going to handle it

C Dee

Had 2 operations here. The first one left me with lower back issues for the rest of my life. Spinal block gone wrong. DONE BY A STUDENT WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE! This latest one from a hysterectomy with the da Vinci robot, has cause me to go to the ER 3 different times in 18 days. Literally had to go to Ohio to get me on much needed antibiotics for an infection and correct pain meds that Upmc said I SHOULDN'T NEED after a major surgery. come on!!! Stay AWAY!!!!! The anesthesiologist had me in tears right before my surgery as well!! When I asked him to stop making me cry, he said he's not here to sugar coat anything. His words! And continued to upset me. I shoulda walked away then! Upmc is full of Learning doctors who know nothing and could careless about helping. I AM NOT A CADAVER!!!!! Pics are my blown out veins...just one of many.... #day 20# still in pain and new bleeding!you can keep removing my pics to protect your so called reputation..I'll keep POSTING!!!

Brittany Simmons

Dirty hospital dead bugs in the rooms. Rude nurses and staff.

Dick Bob

Was treated rudely again. Internal Fetal Medicine is the worst unit! I have been made fun of for my weight, my food choices. And, for the fact I was better educated then the doctors that are assigned to me. In ultrasound the receptionist sneezed on the pager. I did request a new one due to it being flu season. She got an attitude said it was Asthma. I have Asthma. It doesn’t make you sneeze!! Then she sneezed right on me and conintued to say, “If you don’t like it? Feel free to leave.” Worst hospital the doctors don’t wash their hands!! They don’t sterilize equipment correctly. GO TO WEST PENN!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILD!! This is not a good place!! I’m looking into getting a lawyer.

Linda Carr

The piano in the lobby adds a nice atmosphere to look so it feels almost like the grand entrance way on a cruise ship but serious medicine happens here

Paradoxical Insanity

I’ve seen some horrible reviews on here about how bad this hospital is. It’s not. This is a amazing hospital. Great doctors, Nurses, and Staff. The food in their cafeteria is wonderful for a hospital or any mass cooking institution. One of the best things that I seen about this hospital is how they deal with early babies. My newborn sister was born a month before her due date and is her small. However, thanks to the NICU she is alive and doing okay. Which is amazing. I know my local hospital was unqualified to deal with that case. Overall I recommend this hospital to any birthing mother. Any bad reviews just sounds like people not getting their way.

miles2 go

I delivered my first baby here & I had a such a wonderful experience. Magee truly made me feel safe. The rooms are very accommodating with your own bathroom! I love how they tuck everything away but once it's time, they open picture frames & pull this light out of the ceiling, it gets a little crazy at that point but more so because its freaking happening! Anyways, I loved the food, drinks, & desserts they offered me. I also breast feed, so they accommodated a breast pump before I got mine from my insurance. They also offer a lactation consultant inwhich she helped very much!! I was so amazed by the experience I had. The epidural did not hurt one bit even I do not like needles. I didn't feel it & at that point, I wanted it due to the pain I was experiencing. I got it pretty quickly & asked for it when I got there immediately. I would love to continue to grow my family with the sentimental value of knowing Magee was apart of it ❤

Tech Systems

In the middle of an interstate move we stopped in Pittsburgh for a night (or so we thought). My 7-month pregnant wife gave birth to our "premmie" son after somehow contracting a dangerous infection/illness, which had put both their lives at risk. 100% professional and aggressive care at Magee-Women's kept them both alive and well - and aftercare was outstanding as well. Can't say enough ++++++'s about every single person we dealt with here. Outstanding in EVERY way!!!

Cindy Wrzesinski

Nice hospital

Amanda Scott

Have had a wonderful experience with the minimally invasive surgery team. My hospital stay was filled with dedicated and efficient staff, and my aftercare was handled promptly.

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