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REVIEWS OF UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh IN Pennsylvania

Vanessa Deal

*•*•*•*•*BE AWARE. BE CAUTIOUS*•*•*•*•* I have read countless CPS horror stories where something so diminutive prompts an investigation or worse. I have always believed There is two sides to every story and that surely there is information that is being left out. At least that is what I used to believe... until it happened to me. I literally rescheduled an appointment. RESCHEDULED not canceled! Turns out false reporting of neglect is illegal in the state of PA.

سعد وبس

Very bad hospital taking forever to check in


Long wait tonight but necessary

elijah bunting

This place is disturbingly disgusting, the doctors and nurses have kept details of my sons treatment from me and his mother and he’s is a cardiac patient, haven’t updated us on his goals or what theyre planning to do. They’ve called Cys on us because we live 3hrs away and have 2 other children one in which is about to start school .The communication between staff is terrible , the nurses act like they are my child’s parents ,they keep my child in a freezing room with a thin blanket and he is 2 months old . they don’t let us even speak to members of his cardiac team unless we meet with the whole team someone just says they’re with the cardiac team no explanation what they do or what they do for my child , and this past trip which I am still here and will be here for numerous days have allowed and assisted in police to follow us around the facility and the city for no reason whatsoever . If you are black don’t bring your children here . This is a teaching hospital they have volunteers and interns caring for your children when your not here , the nurses are barley with them except for when they have a test to run . The food is disgusting here and they let people smoke anywhere on the facility even though they have multiple signs telling you YOU CANNOT SMOKE ON HOSPITAL PROPERTY . I would give this place a neg 5 Stars , I wish I could take my child and never return this place is a lab not a hospital.

Joyce Katich

The staff is very family oriented and very helpful.

h cameron

I'm giving this hospital one star as the waiting room don't have any books or magazines!! There was only one large block with minimal moveable toys. Very disappointed in them not providing reading material or toys of any kind. Check in, greeters and the doctor are five stars!

Jason Brandt

It is great to live near such an amazing place as Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The staff make every attempt to ensure you are fully aware of what they are doing or going to do. We were always asked "do you have any questions". A paper flow chart showing each step of the process was given at the first step of registration. Security and efficiency are woven into the layout of the building. A colleague and I were discussing CHP and we described it as a well oiled machine for fixing children in medical need. You never enjoy being a parent with a child in the hospital but the staff here do everything they can to put your mind at ease. The human element is top notch and you feel assured your child is receiving the best care.

Brittany Moran

***I wish I could give them ZERO stars!***This place is seriously the WORST! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD HERE. My boyfriend and I have been down here 3 times from 2 hours away for literally NOTHING. My son has a mild hypospadious (second pee hole) nothing serious, but nothing has been done for him still. Today was the last straw. We called several times and spoke with 3 separate individuals letting them know we had difficulties on the road and would be late all 3 told us to get there as soon as possible, upon arrival we were beginning the registration process and were notified that Dr. Schnik cancelled the appointment. Nobody tried calling us or anything, while they knew we would be late. The nurse whom told us then proceeded to follow us to the elevator while trying to explain it wasn’t their fault. We had to tell her 5 times to leave us alone. This was completely ridiculous. We will find another hospital to do the procedure. This hospital is a joke, should have listened to online reviews. Thought maybe it was a couple crazy people, nope! They just don’t have any sympathy or empathy for the parents whom have to drive long distances and miss work. I wish I could give them ZERO stars!

Paul Louk

The staff and atmosphere at the UPMC Children's Hospital is incredible. They're geared towards making the children as happy as comfortable as possible. Combined with the highly knowledgeable staff, this is the ultimate place for child healthcare.

Jalynn F

Best place to go if you have Children

Stellena Hargrove

I work here and have bought my daughter here when she was sick. It's amazing hospital

Roxanne Long

My Grandson was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done. He had to stop eating by 9:PM on Tuesday night for the tests to be done on Thursday morning.He was not able to drink anything after midnight on Wednesday . By noon on Thursday afternoon, the tests were not done.If a parent did not feed their child for 39 hours, they would be in trouble and accused of child abuse. Very disappointed in what was once a good hospital. On top of all of that, he had an MRI done which showed inflamation in his intestines . The doctors want to send him home after the tests are completed today, and call sometime next week to discuss a plan of action. Now really, if a child is in pain and has lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, do you really think he should be set home?

matthew duck

Where do I begin, yesterday was my 3 yr olds birthday but we had to cancel because my daughter had come down with something. She woke up vomiting and had a temperature of 103. We got to children's a little before 1 pm waiting in the er line for about 20 min only to be told to head up to the second floor and they will see you right away?? ( The whole reason my wife and I drove from our home an hour away, to children's was we felt she was dehydrated and might need fluids) My wife and I head upstairs with our sick little girl to go through another 20 min registration process, and then proceeded to wait 2 hours until we are seen! Diagnosis they wanted to test her urine and found that she probably has a UTI and is causing her symptoms. Then we were told about the medicine they could give us to help her but guess what !!!!! If we wanted the medicine there we would have to go back down to the er because they don't administer the drugs that you need !!! At this point it's now 345 my daughter still hasn't gotten any relief and the thought of putting her through more pain was too much . Eventually we were released to go pick up the medicine at our local rite aid. Good thing I called them when I left because they didn't even have the medication and I had to drive to another location out of our way to get it!. Thanks for nothing children's people come to you from all over to get the very best care . My only regret is choosing you over are local pediatrician.


Took forever to get doc appointment because they claimed to be too busy without the staff so we finally meet with Ortho doc to take off cast and we scheduled to get cast off now they claim he didn't have an appointment and won't answer the phone nor call back voice mails to schedule... We will be forced to go into ER to get his broken knee decent treatment

Portia Smithson

She always has an awesome time finding something new! From the penguins in the train set on the 3rd floor, to finding Mr. Weaslys flying car flying over the womping willow.. Its always something new and we always find something positive in every visit

Tina Hill

The care is wonderful. However the Scheduling is terrible. I'll call and leave massages and not get a call back for days. Also the wait times can take very long. I wish they would have toys in the examination rooms to give kids things to do while you wait (sometimes a very long time) for our doctor. Children's really need improve their scheduling service!

Zane Compton

We had our almost 2 year old in for an overnight EEG and the staff was extremely friendly to our son and to us. Definitely recommend them to anyone! If it wasn't 2 hours away from us we would come back for everything!

Lucy B.

Empathetic towards entire family

Amy Kunz

Worse place ever! Went there for assistance for my infant only to have her taken away. The life changing medicine changed my life forever. Stay away from this place!!!

Jarrett Froelich

ER is the best for everything but it’s a joke how long you wait. 2 hours in waiting area when it’s says average 50-60 minutes and haven’t been taken to a room. Total time 4 hours for 2 stitches but doctor ended up putting 4 holes in my sons lio. Snapped one and pulled string all the way through on one. Hands shaking like crazy. If this would have been my first experience I wouldn’t be going back.

Nigar Rzayev

I hope my baby girl feels better

cloey mae

The nurses on floor 9 are 100% amazing and know how to treat the little kids that are there for inpatient cancer/leukemia. If i could give more than 5

Abby Zalucky

I’m in here now for the same issue and their amazing ❤️

Ryan Kanski

This company provided a bait and switch practice with my family. We scheduled an appointment under a false pretense, upon appointment day we were told a completely different story. This medical practice did not provide the type of testing for my child that we agreed upon over the phone. We were then sent a bill in the mail after the waste of time appointment for $312. We will be filing a complaint with the proper channels to ensure this type of fraud is dealt with properly.

Brandon Archer

Love this place.

Maggie Beuchat

I Would like to say That my son Recieved great help and Thank you so much for what you all have done. The time was behind but he had great care and is wonderful now. Thank you so much for what you all do.

Chris Deluca

Easy check parking and check in. As always friendly staff welcoming with a smile.

Joseph Machesky Jr

Great facility

Nycole calaman

The night managers in the cafeteria are rude as hell. Treat their workers like garbage. They praise the lazy ones and hate the good workers. They try to get certain people fired for no good reason, even though they have a sick child in the hospital that they need to make money for. I wouldn't go near them if I could be home with my son. Everything else in the hospital is great! Just not the cafe.

Lorrie Hicks

We are currently in 8b and I feel like if I had not stayed the night along with my 6 year old daughter, my preemie baby would have been forgotten and neglected!!!! I have asked 5 times for a couple more blankets because it’s freezing. It’s now 5:00 in the morning and I haven’t seen a blanket or a nurse since 10:00pm. No bottle warmers. The nurse gave me a cold bottle and expected me to feed it to my child. My preemie baby was here for intestinal issues and around 3:00 earlier in the day started having dark green seaweed like stool and eating less. I am concerned and asked for a nurse but again like the blankets it’s now 5:00 in the morning and only some girl that takes vitals has been here. I am so angry!!!! What if I had went home? They seem to care less

Heather Maeding

Amazing place for a child with health issues to be. Have been to other Children's Hospitals and none compare to this one. As a parent you are valued as part of the team. Their specialists are incredible. My son is alive due to the expertise and collaboration of all who work here.

Michelle Barge

The staff here always manages to make my daughter smile even thru the worste of times. Absolutly love this hospital!

Sicco Chubbs

I usually don’t have problems when I go to the hospital but yesterday when I came to the hospital with really bad stomach aches, I’ve had for about a week. So I go to the emergency room...skip to when I get my nurse she’s asking questions and then the question do you smoke came up, usually id keep I to myself that I smoke weed but I figured to tell her anyways I’m 18 now, when I told her that her whole posture and attitude changed, she started making assumptions that it could be from marijuana and I do know that marijuana can cause stomach pains but I’ve had hypermesis before and when I vomited I would feel better after, and the pains would not last this long or hurt this much. After waiting 2.5 hours for a X-ray that had “nothing wrong with it” and bloodwork. I was told to “wait for the weed to get out my system (which takes about a month) and see if anything changes. No nausea medicine, no refills on my inhaler like I asked either. Horrible experience

Mara Rainey

I always go here for blood work for my daughter. They are great!!

W Miller

Great people and good service

Brian Simmons

Very nice place. Staff is wonderful


The staff is very informative . I like the open communication.

Andrew Duda

This is the worst hospital system in America!!!! My son went undiagnosed for 3 months while they had the mri and cat scans. 3 months after those were taken his pediatrician calls us and tells us, not the doctor who ordered the scans. Oh and my son is 2. THAT MUCH Radiation isn’t good for him. So that’s reason 1. Reason 2 is medical records. After all that took place, my wife and I decided to go to Cleveland Clinic for my son’s diagnosis and condition. I requested medical records to be sent 4 weeks prior to the appointments we had. We go to Cleveland clinic (3 hour drive) they don’t have the records. I call Children’s hospital livid, and come to find that they never sent them to be fulfilled. Then today, about 2 months after the initial request (I’ve requested the records 2 additional times as well) I get a letter in the mail. It’s from a company called Verisma who apparently handles these things for UPMC. They tell me that they cannot fulfill the request because my child was never seen at the facility. Well if he wasn’t ever seen there, I’m not paying bills. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO TO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL OF PITTSBURGH!!!!!

Crystal O'Brien-Magdich

On two occasions I brought my son Colton in to children’s hospital. The first time was by ambulance to the Er for a head wound. The staff, every single one of those men and women were beyond kind, quick, smart and helpful. Just last night after 7 weeks and multiple pediatrician visits I returned to the Walk in Er for help on the same wound. They did an amazing job. They helped, repaired, referred, and reassured me he would be ok. Now if only every pediatrician visit could have been as helpful as children’s hospital is each time people would have to wait two hours. Even the custodian cleaning my sons room was so truly kind and gifted him legos she was a blessing.

Jarrod Warner

Children's Hospital has treated my son who is now 6 and suffers from a kidney disease, he's gotten excellent care not only from the very best nephrologists but also from the nursing staff all the way to the cleaning staff. Everyone was very patient with him and explained everything to us in terms we "non-medical" parents understand. We also have a second child now being treated for a heart condition and so far the doctors and nurses have been great again!

Teonia Coates

Never experienced such ignorant staff before last night. The nurses and doctors that seen my child were so unfriendly especially to my sick child and her brother. Not a comforting situating at all. Then, none of the doctors were helpful and real life treated us like they wish we’d leave! The police on duty should be fired. Unbelievable experience I had last night.

Kitty Cobbs

The staff in the nicu are so nice they make you and your child feel like your at home they went above and beyond for me and my child very supportive

Diana Chumburidze

My daughter had tooth pain and I brought her to the emergency room(called before bringing her in to check if they have dentist before I drive all the way in) ended up with doctor telling us to give her Tylenol and wait for the weekend to pass (3 day weekend and all of you know how it’s impossible to get dentist appointment for the same day when you call after that 3 days) and then call and schedule appointment with the clinic at hospital. It was insane to hear that-because of course they never forgot to charge emergency room fee! I can’t believe the care at Hospital is that bad!

Angela Confer

They have amazing staff. We go to the urgent Care a lot because it's faster than the ER. We always are treated great and we get in and out within a hour. The wait room is nice and has fun stuff for the kids to keep them occupied while you wait to be seen. The urgent care is only open til 9pm. So you arrive later then you'll have to go to the ER.

Jon Trent

Place is a nightmare. Sharing a room with my sick child and everytime he gets to sleep the other one in the shared room wakes up and her parents are not here for her just the nurses who barely come in. Asked for a private room and they said no others are available meanwhile I walk down the hall of nothing but empty rooms. Took 6 different people to try n take blood from my son n run an i.v. and they still could not get it. Was told misleading information from the doctors n surgeons that our stay here would not be as long as it's going to be. Very unprofessional and me and my wife and baby who are crammed in the smaller side of the shared room are very very unsatisfied with this whole situation. To top everything off if I wanted to even think about trying to relax n kick my shoes off that I've had on all day I cant bc the room is so disgusting. The floors are covered in sticky spots like someone shook a bottle of pop n opened it right in the middle of the room.

Destinie Bartlett

The staff are so friendly and there's a good vibe that makes you feel welcomed. I've been bringing my son here since he was a baby and I've yet!

Jaafar Al Maghazachi


Derek Willis

Very poor. They go hours upon hours without feeding our 1 month old. Then they tell us she has to have test done so we can't feed her even longer. This place is a joke. Everything they told us is everything we've already done. Do not recommend this hospital for anyone.

Laura Renee

While we have had good experiences in the past, the bad ones keep adding up more lately. First, I take my son to the main children's hospital to have blood work done. The lab script clearly specifies to not use a tourniquet while drawing blood....the lab assistant put a tourniquet on my son anyway until I told her what the script said. She read the script and forgot? Wasn't paying attention, didn't care.. I don't know. . Wish we could go somewere else.

Michellemarie Mcardle

Great doctors nurses so nice

Sarah Thomas

I gave 3 stars because of the good doctors, but we are currently here overnight for our 1 1/2 year old. First of all out of the many nurses and doctors we saw today, only 3 were kind and lovely people. They are not as kind as you would think with children my daughter’s age, at least and even worse to the parents. My second biggest issue is that you have a facility where parents have to stay overnight with ther children (obviously) and the rooms have nothing on the side of accomodating sleep-deprived, worried parents. I suppose I was expecting a bit better all around due to how reputable they are, but I was sorely disappointed.

Melanie Roberts

Daniella has been a patient in the HHT Center since 2015. She has had many surgeries at Pittsburgh and was even scheduled to have brain surgery at Pittsburgn to have an aneurysm removed. Unfortunately, it ruptured 10 says early. We have been traveling 7 hours each way, so it is only logical to look for a closer alternative. We chose Boston Hospital at the recommendation of Dr McCormack. Due to complicated nature of Daniella's illness, Boston has required all of Daniella;s records before they review her case. We have not seen any doctors at Boston. Daniella has developed a tumor in her Pituatory gland, Her local dr asked to consult with Dr McKormack. Dr McKormack refused to offer guidance as he said Daniella is no longer a patient.

Daymon Black

This hospital is half assed at best. The doctors are fine. It's the overnight staff. The nurses acted like they dont know what they are doing. They told me at 2 30 pm that I would be staying 12 hours. What a lie. Left at 12 pm. The nurses forgot to insert my sons iv fluids. Security is annoying especially if you smoke. They have no smoker spot. Just a bus stop that people smoke at which is disgusting. My one nurse even complained about having her job. Which is unnerving. If you dont like your job get a new one. Or at least dont complain like a child when there are patients who are dependent on your performance. I have to call for everything and am made to feel like a burden when I'm paying your salary. This non profit needs alot of work.

sara perkins

Been here since 530 last night my child got admitted at 9pm and yet to have a room upstairs it’s now the next day 10am and still down in the emergency department I’m sorry but with a child that can bearly make it to the rest room and has to walk down the hall every 10 mins is uncalled for. Not satisfied at all and we are still here in a er room

Nicole Kutcher

This is the worst hospital ever!!! Never again!! Floor seven is filled with a bunch of kids working there. Not even real doctors. There is a "nurse" named Mike who was very uneducated. I do not know why they would hire someone like that. He seems on the thuggish side too. He did not know how to use the blood pressure machine, or know how to examine my son. All he could do is use a stethoscope. Very pathetic. Also, the food there is horrible and disgusting!! Even the fruit there is old or not ripe. Everything on the menu is unhealthy. If this is supposed to be a nice hospital why are they feeding junk food to little babies/kids!?!! I can't even go on!! It make me sick thinking of it. Also.. You will have to wait an entire day to get discharged. I think the staff gets paid more the longer you stay there. If you stayed over night.. Be prepared for a very uncomfortable pull out bed, with no blankets. Loud staff all through the night. I had to wait an entire day to get out out of there! They're very slow. Not on top of there patients. Also some of the medical advice they gave me did not make sense!!! This place is not even close to a one star!! If I have to go to a hospital next time.. I will drive the extra hour away!! Never ever will I stay here again!!

Oscar Librado

Worse place to bring your kids , waited 2 hr daughter was having little of trouble and they couldn't wait 5 min for her to calm down send us out and wanted us to make another appointment for a month from now save your time money and patience ....

Christy Thibodeaux

This was my 3 trip to Children's Hospital and will be my last! We were patients in the cardiology department and every staff member was rude. When we arrived the lady that called us back was upset that she had to come get us because, we didn't come when she called my daughter by the "wrong" name! Like why did she expect us to come when called by the wrong name?? When back for the stress test, I had to ask if my daughter was ok. Then they gave her hot Gatorade to drink and told her to peel of the electrodes herself! We were sent back to the waiting room where family guy was playing...talking about penises etc! Once back in the exam room, my daughter felt nauseated and they gave her a "hot" rag! Who gives someone who feels sick a hot rag? I am very disappointed that such a reputable hospital could be so unsympathetic

Seddra Jones

We had our orthopedic appointment today and it was the fastest appointment that we have ever had

Jason R

Quite a mess of unqualified, uncaring, zookeepers learning the "business" at your child's expense. Totally clueless on modern medical treatment. Only a good place to go if you know nothing about health, and are prepared for them to manipulate their care to milk your money as much as possible (to the point of dancing on the malpractice line). If you know what your child needs go elsewhere, because asking for them to give you what is needed results in them giving you what is best for their shareholders and scrambling to explain why the child has to wait to receive the care they deserve.

Joseph Murray

My son's Pulmonologist is a God send. The desk people in the pulmonologist "cow" room, not even sort of. I don't drive 2 hours to see this doctor for his staffers to be snippy and act like a-holes

Roberta Tennant

Unless your child falls within the staffs little box of known problems, they will dismiss you and not help your child. We have heard " I've never seen this, I dont know what this is, " so almost 2 months and still no answer. Drs give different opinions which if you dont choose the correct treatment, your child can be harmed. As a grandmother I am truly disappointed in this world renowned hospital in our backyard.

Brian Sharp

Once you get in the door the care is decent. Trying to have the administrative assistant (or anyone) in child neurology to return a call is near impossible. They state that someone will return your call within 2 business days. Still waiting.

Rachel Buczynski

Took such great care of my child as if he was the only one! Great one on one time with nurses n doctors.

Rick Finamore

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh gave me the greatest gift one could ask for: A Granddaughter with a chance for life. She underwent a liver transplant in February of this year at a young age of 7 months and now I see her smile, laugh and cry. One can only imagine what Grandpa feels; as I will never be able to forget the first 6 months of her life and know full well that everyday since has been a gift. She is such a beautiful little angel and I choke up inside every time I am with her. If it was not for Children's Hospital and the quality care she has been receiving, I would not be posting this message. Thank You so much for letting my Granddaughter have a chance at life!

Will & Kelly Lytton

From the second we walked in the door, I felt like we were in good hands. We visited the Emergency Room and then escalated to same day surgery. Every nurse, doctor on surgical team, and even the transport team was top notc. If we should ever need to visit another Emergency Room, we will go back to Children's. The nurse in O.R. recovery was the absolute best! Megan was her name. Thank you for taking care of my kiddo, Children's

Christal Meador

Slowest er ever they take hours to see my daughter every time I’m here. I was there today from 12am to 6:40am when we got released and majority of that time i spent in the waiting room and when i asked the front desk associate what was going on she had an complete attitude with me saying that they shut down most of there rooms at night because they don’t expect as many people. But to add a little bit of positivity to this message i do feel as though they have some of the best doctors there.

Dana Hughes

I went to the emergency dept with my child. I've never been so impressed. Each one of the staff we encountered were amazing and all so kind to my little one. I'm 100% satisfied with the care we recieved.

Faith Wolfley

Not the way you want to spend Christmas, but a wonderful and professional staff

Lori Gross

My daughter goes to the clinic every 3 months and they are so kind and friendly.My grandson now goes here to the dental clinic and they all were great. Also when my daughter was in the hospital in 2012 everyone was so wonderful.Thank you all for being there.Especially to Alisa the receptionist, Dr Keitz and Miss Pam the nurse in the Dog suite. You all have been wonderful.Looking forward to the future now.

Lunch Box

Staff was very attentive to my son while he was recovering from surgery.

Deanna Turner

I love this hospital wonderful NICU nurses miss them all

Jeff Haggerty

Great staff. Everyone really cares about your child. It seams like it's more than just a job for them.

Paul Kelly

My daughter was brought into childrens hospital after surviving a Pulmonary Embolism. Only to die at the hands of somebody on the staff. Who punctured my daughters lung with a breathing tube and killed her. They hid that little fact for over 6 months until I got the autopsy report. And then tried to blame us for neglect, laughable. I will find out who killed my daughter with the breathing tube! Accident or no accident, I will have closure.

Kimberly Lefchik

Never again! We go and never get answers from the neuro department. You feel as if you are just a number in their eyes. Time to move on. UPMC is getting too big for their own britches. Done!!!!

Melissa Castelveter

Well we've always had negative experiences with the hospital. When the hospital was still in Oakland the interns were very ignorant. They acted like our daughters health wasn't a priority. They would treat her for dehydration and send us home. Which I understand is protocol but knowing that she'd needed to be admitted they wouldn't and I asked the intern do you have children of your own when she said no then I said until u walk a mile in my shoes don't tell me that she's fine. I told the intern that I'd be back in a few hours for the same issue I was and she gave me a look of what are you doing back. The chief resident asked what was going on and I told him. He looked my daughter over and asked why wasn't she admitted when I was here the first time. I told him what the internet said and did. He said something to her about it. Thank God she outgrew those issues. She's a healthy soon to be 23 year old.

Lynn Lee

Skilled physicians. kind staff. Difficult scheduling and no direct lines posted for sattelite offices. Should never be this much trouble scheduling an appointment.


All the staff we come in contact with is great!! Our regular nurses are always awesome & does an amazing job with each & every bi-weekly visit.

Tiffany Taylor

An awful place with poor communication. We had to come twice. They skipped us during the first visit because the greeter directed us to the wrong location after waiting three months to get an appointment. Because we have no option we rescheduled, the physician assistant we saw was terrible, she was very rough/careless with my daughter. She scratched her ear drum while trying to see in her ear. She is usually very good with doctors.

Nichole Garnett

My daughter is a Premie and has some issues that she will outgrow hopefully:) the team at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is amazing and always helpful. She has at least 4 doctors here and every time we come it feels as if we are the only ones here. We love it and although one day I hope she doesn’t have to come I’m glad that there is a hospital with so much support.

Because I said so

Our 13 months old son had a four day hospital stay at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC. During this time he was seen by Dr. Goldstein and his team and also Dr. Pollack and his team. The care provided by these two skilled teams was outstanding!! The doctors made sure to keep us updated during our son's surgical procedure and then also in the days following they would check in on him and sit and speak with us with any concerns we had. They really did take the time to communicate with us and we certainly did not feel they rushed us off. Also, the entire staff, from receptionists to nurses etc., we could not have been treated with more respect and courtesy. The food available in the hospital was good as well. The facility was clean and sanitary. The staff made sure we where comfortable and answered all our questions and concerns in a kind and friendly manner. I would certainly highly recommend CHoP UPMC! If it where possible I would rate them a 5+ !! Personally, I am proud of the fact that Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh is in the 10 ten in the nation. And they do not get that way by being unscrupulous. You know you got the best at Children's Hosp. of Pittsburgh

James Herriott

Staff is great. They treat the kids so well. Wait times can vary, but best place around to take your kids.

Melissa Best

The staff is always helpful and friendly on all our visits

John Dunkle

Beware! Went back for a follow up showed up plenty early and didn't even get called back for an hour and a half past appointment time! You know how hard it is to keep a 3 year old busy for 2 hours in a doctors office? Obviously not these people... The nurses were very rude and were very uninformative of the situation! Last time I'll drive this far to be disrespected and ignored! My child will from now on be going somewhere else!

Arlene O'Connell

They were not helpful at all they just were in there office and there vending machine is auful

Jim H

We have been to Children’s on many occasions, some overnight. This past visit was to get my son’s arm cast. The ortho nurse practitioner and nurse who cast my son’s arm were polite, professional, and timely. I will say this was a change from past experiences where timeliness was an issue. The reviewer who wrote that they only wait in the ER for 1-1.5 hours max is downright silly. I’ve never waited less than 3 hours when we visit. That said, much of the time taken here is not due to staff incompetence but rather the many checks they are mandated by law to do to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the child they’re treating. It would be nice if this process could be expedited but that’s modern life.

Gdf Beth

Amazing staff.... everyone from the Drs & nurses to the receptionists to the maintenance & janitorial team truly care and do everything they can to help make the kids' experience here as pleasant & happy as possible. There's tons of toys & games to keep the kids entertained. This place and the people here are truly a godsend

Rosemary PECK

My daughter and I took her 2 month to emergency for 3 hours of non stop crying,screaming. We got there at 9.30 ,then called into triage 90 min.later,told were cleaning a room would be seen soon.Didnt go back to a exam room for 2 hours with a screaming baby.meanwjile it looked like most of the patients there were using it as a doctor's office.No one was in any hurry to help you .I felt the staff was very rude.If you have a true emergency PLEASE DON'T GO THERE

joyce olshavsky

They really care for your child and me as the parent!

Jamie Price

Everyone is always friendly. Always knows how to make my daughter fill comfortable when she is here.

Brandi Campbell

We had to bring my 5 year old daughter here a few nights ago. It was terrible night; but, she says she is no longer afraid of the hospital thanks to the amazing staff in the Emergency Department. I think that says more than I can, because she was terrified. I hope I never have to go back, but if I do I'm glad to know we have such a place so close to home. Everyone was wonderful.

Ashley Taylor

They never seem to help at all they always push things off to the side I have had epilepsy for 10 years they have not helped once they only have made it worse and now I can't even. Do my school work I went into the hospital after I had a seizure told the doctor my rib hurt he looked at it didn't even get an x-ray had to go to a different hospital to find out I had a bruised rib

Crystal Y

The experience with them keeps going from bad to worse. First, this hospital isn't close to my home, yet every time something is wrong with my son they tell me I have to go here because other UPMC hospitals don't have qualified doctors. The most recent is for a broken arm. That night was OK enough, minus the extra time and duplicate work (and charges, of course) they conducted and the hours of delays. After we left I had to call Children's Orthopedic to schedule an appointment. Got stuck with a woman Pamela, who is perhaps the worst most unfriendly person in any customer service capacity. Went to the followup appointment to get his cast off and the woman who was removing it had been giving bad information on what his appointment was for. That woman and the physican assistant are nice enough and seem to have a handle on their jobs. I was sent to checkout and instructed to make a followup appointment. The woman I was pointed at stared at me blankly. No response ever. Finally, the woman who had pointed me to her told me just to go ahead and schedule it online. I'd suppose the woman at the desk was Pamela, or else Children's has a plague of poor staff. As I was told, I sent a message online. It got ignored. A week later I sent another. It took Pamela 3 days to write back, and her response was, "ivm". What is that?! I reached out to the online scheduler and he informed me the only way to get a followup appointment was to contact Children's Orthopedic. Guess I have to wait for Pamela to quit before my son gets scheduled for the followup UPMC requires.

Zachary Musser

This hospital is amazing. The Drs here will take time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

Lori Lohr

We have found the nursing staff, doctors, cleaning crews, and aides to be kind and helpful. The patient room provided privacy for our daughter and our family. The atrium, garden, chapel and library were wonderful to have. Very grateful that CHP is within an hour of us.

Cathy Hladney

Always excellent care. Love the nurses of 7b.


Best hospital ever! Thanks for dedicated treatment and care!!! You are all are amazing people! Have no words to describe the outstanding treatment and experience, thanks!!!!

Michael Thompson

My daughter recieved a bilateral ureteral reimplantation performed by doctor Schneck. All staff was extremely helpful and genuine about my daughters care. Her incision was done extremely well so she should have minimal scarring. I am very happy with my experience and highly recommended.

Allie Vee

They do an amazing job here, saving lives.

Carrie Linkhauer

Love the people great food and service. What an amazing place

Mishayla Fleeger

Would like to say it was great but... The staff was very nice and good with my son. But we were transferred down from 2 hours a way saying he needed surgery done ASAP for them to put a iv in his head and keep dragging out when they were doing surgery and he could not eat untill 6 hours after surgery and could not eat any time before he was 3 weeks old and they did not do his sugery till after 3 days of us being there and that was after I call the family doctor and told them they just kept pushing this 3 week old baby off and would not let him eat for 3 day and the family doctor called them and cussed them out was when they finally got him in to surgery and got things done

David Dickerson

This is the place to take you child when sick.

jay anderson

I had to go to three different floors to find a clean bathroom. Hopefully everything else is clean

Hailey Bamugo

They took great care of my little one and made sure to update me of his progress every morning

Terri Manon

My 2 year old daughter had surgery on Aug 27th at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. She had surgery on both of her feet the second toe next to her pinky toes. My family woke up at 3:45am on the 27th to make sure my daughter got something to drink before for 5am cut off. The surgery went well, however when the breathing tube came out all my daughter did was scream and cry from 10:30am on the 27th all the way till the 28th at 9am the next morning. She didn't sleep all night and either did my husband and myself. She kept complaining about her feet. I understand she just had surgery the day before. It's hard to understand what is really hurting my daughter when she can't say what it is. I made multiple phone calls to Children's in Bridgeville to see if I could get my daughter a same day appt. No one answered my calls or voicemails. I was very upset, I ended up getting a call from the hospital seeing how my daughter was feeling after surgery. I explained to the lady on the phone what was happening. She advised me if I couldn't get a "same day appt" to call her back and she will have someone waiting for us at the ER. She advised me she could have an infection or something else could be wrong. She would have them unwrap her feet and check her toes. I drove 1 1/2 hrs to get there, the MD assistant came in and I expressed my situation with my daughter's feet hurting. That doctor would NOT unwrap my daughter's feet to see what was wrong! She wrapped them with coband over top her other exsiting dressings, she gave my daughter Motrin and sent us home. They didn't care about my daughter's health or her pain in her feet. The lady was very nasty and so was the Bridgeville office once they desided to call me back. All they wanted was to collect my $125 copay. If I would have known they weren't going to do what they said they were I wouldn't of went. Lastnight my daughter unwrapped her dressing and what was under that was utterly disgusting and I know for sure that they were hurting, it's terrible that they made her deal with this pain for this long. My daughter's right foot the toe that had surgery was completely open with no stiches and HUGE BLISTERS all over both of her feet! I have called to make my daughter's follow up appointments since last Wednesday and no one can return my calls. It took my daughter's pediatrician to get my a phone call from these people. There is poor communication with that hospital. Now where my daughter's feet like that on Wednesday when the hospital neglected my daughter's needs when I took her into the ER? I'm very disappointed in this hospital and I shouldn't have to pay the copay due to them not taking care of my daughter like they should have. If I could figure out how to post pictures of her feet I would. Update: I took my daughter to her pediatrician today 9-6-19. She ended up getting a cold, he also looked at her feet. He was so disappointed that the doctor's didnt check her feet on Wednesday in the ER on 8-28-19 or do anything for her on 9-3-19. He advised me that her toes shouldn't be cut open like that 10 days out of surgery. He can't believe she is able to walk, and they didn't put her on any medicine to help her not get an infection with them being fresh open wounds. He also disappointed that my daughter is being neglected like this. The soonest post op appointment I was able to get is 9-30-19. My daughter is suffering and no one wants to help her from Children's. I can't thank my daughter's pediatrician for stepping in and trying to help! * Parents we know our children better than anyone else, we know when something is wrong! Don't let anyone tell you differently about your child. Taking my daughter back to Children's ER. I hope she gets the help she needs!

Jenn P

The people here are super nice, but sucks that they ask the same questions over and over again. Seriously?!

Paige Shanner

This place is genuinely amazing. Everyone is attentive and helpful, with not only my son but also myself. They even brought an xbox into his room to pass the time. Even the surgical staff who are normally cold elsewhere are warm and informative. Highly recommend, its so worth traveling here

christina Nagel

The entire staff at children's are angels! My son has been going through chemo for 15 months, and with related appointments for eye, ear, MRI , physical therapy and oncology they work together. With his low immunity we have had emergency room visits and nights in icu, and regular rooms. The nurses and doctors all explain things throughly always make sure he is comfortable and happy. The volunteers child life, and the community support are all above and beyond the call of duty. They even keep in touch once we are home to see if he is doing well. We are very lucky to have chp

Char Johnson-Ledbetter

Their motto: Medicate and release. If you advocate for your loved one they give you a hard time.

Aa Ma

Clean, kid friendly, professional!

Thomas Patricia

Have been here several times and always had great nurses. Have stayed in room with child each time . They have been very considerent of us

Betty Page-Crocker

CHP saved my son's life on multiple occasions. He was born with multiple birth defects and the staff and Doctors really do care about the patient's and their family's!

Charlotte Harbaugh

Doctors and nurses are so caring and loving here. My newborn was in hospital for 4 days and they treated me and her like a queen and did everything they could to help my daughter. Greatest children's hospital!

Robert Jetter

4th floor desk attendant does not like her position, she gives off a very disgusting vibe in the way she speaks to people. I prefer to never have to deal with her again.

Tracy Connors and celina pollock

They are doing everything to save my daughter Celina Pollock` s life I am so thankful to them I love my baby girl Celina hope to see u soon love mommy and daddy

tara himes

This hospital is amazing. My daughter broke her arm on a Thursday afternoon and we were there for an appt with ortho the next day at 2 or 3. They had her in emergency surgery to fix it that evening. The ER surgical resident explained everything to my husband and I and answered all of our questions in depth. The ER staff was great as were the nurses on the fourth floor (we stayed overnight). The orthopedics dept knows what they’re doing and got her all straightened out. We’ll return if we need to

Chris Murry

No one chooses to be sick, but if you have to have a sick kid. Go to children's. Don't even waste the time going to medexpress.

Collier Family

With 5 children under 6 this hospital is very accommodating. All staff is amazing. Very child friendly environment. Wait time in ER is about an hour to hour and a half every time I have gone but there is enough to entertain children as they wait. Stayed multiple nights on more than one occasion, staff is personable and friendly. Feel safe with security. Nursing staff and doctors are great with children. Mouse pod for urgent care after hours is exquisite! Used multiple times. Never a long wait!

MonaLisa Leung Beckford

I work here, and it is a wonderful hospital! Quality health care, a big family resource center, a lot of activities for our patients to do, and the food is amazing! The hospital is very colorful and there's a healing garden on the 6th floor. The nursing staff are very nice. When I have children in the future I'm bringing them here for medical care. Hospitals are not perfect, but this hospital definitely doesn't have a lot of flaws.

Candida Wojcik

They are so great with my kids every time we are there and provide wonderful support when needed.

Wild dreamer

They treated us like we were the only people in the place. They treated us great and I would definitely recommend this hospital to any parent out there.

Barbara Quiroz

I love the care the people the service

Porcelain Lace

This places has always been incredible for my child

Edward Kaiser

Fast and efficient. Highly recommend.

Breonna Morris

Other than having to wait in the ER waiting room for almost 5 hours and then having to wait almost half a day for my daughters MRI, I am very pleased with the Children's Hospital! Because of them my daughters bone infection got better within days! Every single nurse and staff member that I came across were not only kind, but went out of their way to make sure my daughter and I were as comfortable as possible. My daughter had a great team of doctors and nurses who kept us updated on everything that was going on. I am definately going back if anything else should happen in the future!

Lina Viveros

People are really kind, the service is excellent.

Jamie DeVaughn

They saved my Grandson's life and continue to provide him his lifelong care.

Martin Wierzba

Excellent care. I feel blessed to have such a great hospital near us. Our two sons have Muscular Dystrophy and Children's of Pittsburgh have always done a great job getting them well. I have six children and would never point any parent here if I thought they wouldn't take care of your child as if it was their own. 10 Stars **********

William Aldrich-Thorpe

My child is well cared for here.

Joyce Morra

Hi my name is Tracey my son was in icu back in 2015 for weeks he had the most amazing nurse named Michael i was always at ease when he was on his shift I tried to find him after My son got out but they said they couldnt tell me his name my son wanted to meet him to show him how good he was now Michael really touched are hearts I wish my son could of met him if your still out there Micheal you are our angel

Kaitlyn Lakin

Great staff. Very thorough in examining my 5 month old. Quick results. Extremely satisfied with our visit.

Julia Solomina

It is perfect service 24 /7. All specialties that can exist. One of 10 best hospital in US, it is referral hospital for metabolic disease.

james jenkins

Amazing staff who helped us when we were at our most desperate point. CAn't say enough positives about UPMC

Christian Norris

The nuclear science department is a joke they don’t listen at all

Beth Ann Fuhrer

Outstanding hospital for children. Every doctor, every nurse, every intake specialist I have ever encountered has been nothing but caring, professional and excellent in their field. We in Pittsburgh are so fortunate to have this hospital for our children.

Theresa Wiant

Just got here this trip but spent 5 days with grandson in patient before

Deb Gilchrist

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is truly the best!! They have so many Specialists that do not give up on finding out what is wrong with your children especially when it's something that may be rare. They consult with other Children's Hospital's and other Specialists in that field of medicine to get to the bottom of what is wrong, they don't just give up!! Thank you to all the exceptional Specialists at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for caring about children and their well-being as much as they do!

Kristy Kruszewski

My son has cancer and receives his chemo there. The nurses are like family and our floor social worker has a very special bond with my son which makes every hospital stay bearable. Dr. Peter Shaw is a top notch pediatric oncologist! 5 stars from this family.

Bonnie S

Spent the night when my daughter had her tonsils out. She received fabulous care. Every staff member we encountered was so nice & went out of their way to make her feel comfortable at all times. I wish all hospitals were like this. Ryan in the 6th floor post surgery unit went above & beyond to help make discharge easier & ensure her meds were ready to go. If your child needs to be hospitalized, this is the place to go!

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