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Michael Szubrowski

Several members of my family have been here for various reasons over the years. Some have been good and others not as good. In general it averages out to just about average.

Jaime Valladares

Joseph Pratico

Fortunately me, over the years I have not had to spend a lot of time in the hospital but when I do; RWJ Hamilton is always my first choice! Caring, friendly, and quick staff!

Estefany Rodriguez

Annie Hayes

The staff was rude and tried to forace me to stay


Warning to all who use RWJ for outpatient services. I used them in September for 2 routine exams covered by my health insurance. While at registration the woman insisted I pay for one of them or the exam would not be given even though I questioned why I was being billed when in the past (same insurance) they were covered. I wrote the check, had the exam and later called my insurance company myself to learn that the exam I was billed for was covered at 100%. It's been 3 months and I'm still being given the run-around by RWJ to get reimbursed this money. I've been told at least 4 times it's "being processed" only to find out that it is not. I know I was fraudulently billed and RWJ is floating my money probably earning interest on it and I question how many other people this is happening to and what kind of money they make off it. Very disappointed that there isn't a single competent person who can simply reimburse the money I am owed. I've filed a complaint with the state to expose my situation that I believe falls under the False Claims Act.

tina hanson

Went to the Er for a laceration of the wrist!! I waited forever after the doctor told me it just needed glue!!! I work for virtua and I know deep is deep I will probably have an ugly scar because they could not take the time. I work in the medical field and if they actually took Time to look they would have sutured but whatever I know how to take care of it!!! Horrible and they weren't even busy!!

Ashley Abdelmalak

Where is the review I posted in March?

Sresth Gupta

Went here to cure cancer but my father died


Came here about 8:30 this morning it was only 4 people in the waiting room I watched everyone going order and be seen all of a sudden the emergency room gets full and I'm still waiting here my arm was swollen and extreme pain all way to my fingertips I went and ask the receptionist how long is my wait going to be I've seen 4 people who just walked in the door go back up to the emergency room and I was sitting there for 2 hours stated to me she doesn't have control over that it's the head nurse I think it's disgusting and there should be something done about this you go to the hospital for help you don't choose people over one I can understand elderly and children with grown folks you walked in just like I did should wait in the order I would never recommend anyone to this hospital this is the second experience I had with you.. you won't get a third went to another hospital straight to them they did what they had to do for me without me waiting two and a half hours and still not seen

Mira Lopez

Bernae Beatty

Nick V

This use to be the hospital that I would prefer but not after have extremely bad pain due to kidney stone and took them a good hour or longer to get me back then had to wait another 20-30 min to get pain relief. They have no problem billing you thousands of$for poor service!!! I'll go elsewhere in the future.

Hema C

My experience as a patient. Delivered my baby here (when they had that dept), and the nurses and staff were great, very responsive. My experience not so great once I got bumped up to the mother baby ward (post-delivery). It's probably one of the reasons they shut that dept down. But I didn't take it personally, because being in the medical field and working with patients myself, here and outside of this country, nurses who work in these delivery/newborn wards don't seem to be sensitive! In regards to diversity, there really isn't any. Another time I was a patient there (for a fine needle biopsy on my thyroid - possibly 2012 or 13) I overheard some white nurses commenting about why women would put nose rings on themselves and how it would make their noses look so ugly when they are old, and why they tell their daughters not to do it. I couldn't believe that was the topic of conversation among them?!?! And I thought to myself, how ignorant these women are for making such a comment, but more so because they are considered health professionals hired by a hospital who are supposed to help the community and not have opinions. This is the very reason why cultural diversity training should be mandatory! If they had educated themselves on why certain women in certain cultures wore nose rings they wouldn't make such a stupid comment! And lastly I've also had the "pleasure" of hearing ignorant patients tell me why they don't have a white doctor treating them and why there are so many foreigners treating them! My simple response to them is " Ask them, why are you asking me?!! I am here doing my job but if you don't want to be treated now wait until one of them comes back from their vacation or God knows where and ask them to treat you. But by then who knows when you will be seen next." That usually gets them to accept it. I also worked here for a brief time as an outpatient registrar and let me tell you the staff are indirectly racist. The initial HR employee who hired me was a friendly, educated and highly professional black woman. She was thrilled to hire me because of my qualifications. After being hired by her she mentioned how the hiring process at the hospital was not so diverse or accommodating. And that the diversity training here was sub-par. Her white counterparts (a white woman at the time in her 50s Barbara and white nurse Shelley weren't too thrilled about it and basically were on a mission to let me go once the black woman left the department and they were successful. The Emergency dept is a whole other world and the worst! Wait times are horrible. (Capital Health is 100X better!) Expect to wait at least 2-3 hours here before getting in to see the nurse/tech for a history, and then another 2-3 hrs before you see the doctor. That's a whole 6 hours of waiting (since you're not considered critical!) Bottomline, not sure how this hospital is still functioning, especially after it's closed down so many of it's dept. It should have been shut down overall or taken over by a more educated and diverse person. I'm surprised they lasted this long.

dominga moralez-perez

Worst hospital ever I waited for over 2 hours witness a father with his child (baby) waiting for 1 hr and a half wasn’t seen receptionist in front desk rude to him and could not update him on wait time wow!!! and look like she ain’t want to be there why you guys got people like this working at a hospital why is it call emergency room if u can’t be seen in a timely manner I think small sick kids should be first priority why even bother going to this hospital when no one wants to help this doesn’t even deserve one star no help hospital!!!

angel rivera

Yaneth Morales

Gina Sabrina

I want to thank Dr. shah..nurse Noah..nurse Nicole... Tech Darlene! You guys were amazing very inattentive thank you for saving my husband. Y’all went above and beyond.... you guys are truly ANGELS on earth. If I could give more than a thousand stars I would. Thank you thank you , thank you so much.(Ps....Mrs Victorvil).

Marianne Goodson

This is my second review, i deleted my first one so i could post a new review of this low rate facility and if that means I may never be a "local guide" so be it, but this place just has to be told on. The staff is arrogant, uncaring, and extremely rude! We did meet one nice nurse in our journey but that didn't outweigh the nasty teenager who initially greated us at the desk or the subsequent PA (physician assiant) who treateated us afterwards who had a huge attitude! The nurses are the ones with the monster attitudes though, like their above it all and we're a total inconvenience in their day. I caught them chatting every time I looked for the hold up. After waiting for 3 hours we learned we were waiting to speak to an actual doctor who came in for all of 30 seconds ( after he finished chatting with his co workers )and we were released. I will NEVER go back to this dump again. Next time I'll drive the extra distance to Princeton!

Michael Pratico Jr.

Melisa Vitagliano

While at the ER in intense pain, my nurse Martha was responsive, compassionate & very professional. She explained all issues, possible complications & medications. Dr. Betancourt was very good as well and took the time to really choose the better of 2 antibiotics for the problem i presented with. A horrible situations was resolved quickly and my pain was lessened.

Ted Taylor

Michelle Serrano

Currently in the er for 4hrs waiting for lab results. Hit the nurse call button 10 minutes ago with no respnce yet. Hooked up to monitors so I can't move freely to go to the bathroom. Really terrible service.

Cherry Padron

If I could give this hospital a ZERO STAR I would but it does not allow you to. The doctors who reside here do not care at all. No Answers..No follow ups.. 2 weeks in hospital and no plan. The nurses never came ONCE to room yo see if mom even needed water, which by the way she DID. The worst part is she is in the ICU. You would think there would be a nurse at least, coming in to check on her throughout the day. We were there all day and NOT A ONE. HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!!

Nathan Price

My wife called our primary doctor about my son since he was showing signs of the flu. So she goes to Robert Wood. When she is brought back to the E.R. the doctor tells my wife that we can't test him based on what the medical board has sent out. Than the nurse processed to swab my sons mouth and perform the lab. Even though the doctor just said not too. Than the doctors said oh well now you have to go through with it. Even though my refused to sign the paperwork. The lady registering my wife said that’s ok we don’t need your signature. $2,000 bill for something they said they shouldn’t have done.

Tim Kaplan

Absolute worst hospital experience I've ever had.. The staff the food and MOST of the doctors were complete assholes.. The nurses in the maternity ward were so bad I just had to write this post. If you can avoid this hospital please do at all costs.

Lionel Favi Tokyo’s page! Lío

I have been to the clinic at the hospital, with my mother the nurse and the doctor treated my mom and myself really nice, good experience so far.

ya herd?

a complete JOKE! countelss stories, but most recently, my elderly mother told by primary physician to hurry and get to E.R. she unfortunately went to this joint. had to sit in a hallway for 6 hours with NO communication from ANYONE. then told, "oh, you're fine, just go home." left and went to a LEGITIMATE hospital. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!

Casey Kocsis

I am not someone to write reviews, but for this I must. My stepfather in currently in the emergency department at RWJ Hamilton. He has been there since a little after 4:00pm, it is not 8:37pm. . The service has been extremely slow. On top of that, they took him for a CAT scan; he was gone for almost an hour and a half. They said they “forgot about him” at the CAT scan. That’s unacceptable. As this incident and many recent reviews have shown, this once fantastic hospital is declining. I hope real improvements (beyond just commenting on these reviews) are made for the safety and well-being of future patients.

myrlandeandjames steel

This is my 2nd visit to this hospital(ER) since moving from North Jersey and it was just as pleasant as our first. The staff were very kind and professional. The service was fast. The dr. Explained everything that was taking place and kept us in the loop. She even went out her way to tell us about closer hospitals with inpatient pediatrics for future references since our visit was for our children. No complaints-will visit again for emergencies!

Estefani Gonzalez

Smh ! Worst hospital ever and never wanna go back. Rather go to capital health in Hopewell or Princeton hospital way better then rwj in Hamilton. Why do you think they took out the maternity out the hospital?

Bold Lee

i was just rear ended by a car on my bicycle and slid on the road a quarter mile and twisted my ankle, road rash all over, back and neck badly hurt and i asked for crutches and one nurse asked why and was saying to other nurses that she didnt know why i needed crutches.. uh... because my ankle, duhh. very bad service, that nurse needs to be sent to a fast food restaurant job instead.

Matt T

2 Hour ER wait. The waiting room was empty.


Several years ago, I had cataract surgery, one, one month, one the following month. Superb results. Everyone involved was perfect. My surgeon, all the nurses and support staff, flawless. Promptly signed in, made ready for surgery, done, and out. Follow ups, etc. Nurse and attendants where flawless, I don't understand these negative reviews. Also more recently, early this year, I visited the ER, for a simple non life threatening situation, but was recommended to go to ER by one of the quick Patient immediate care facility locally, since they weren't sure, they didn't want to take chance on a mis diagnosis. I was taken in promptly, efficiently, the attending physician was GREAT, all the entire crew was GREAT,they did a full round of tests, which I find incredible, by taking some blood and urine, can come back with analysis in like 20 minutes, and it shows practically everything going on in your body. They solved my problem, with proper meds, I was out in a very short time. And again, a follow up questionnaire etc. The ER folks are terrific, under heavy workloads, never knowing WHAT will come in next. Kudos. In the 30 years I've lived here been there maybe 4 times, always superb results, always. Ya don't realize how important it is, until it's not there. What it costs to keep it running day after day, big money to keep it clean, up and running. It a vital town necessity. Well done guys

Cindy Van Kirk

Tuanda Fortenberry

If I could give no stars I would thank God it was not my emergency I waited in the ER for 15 minutes with no one at the desk the EMTs who responded to my friends emergency we're rude horrible service

Sidney Pittman


Really bad service here. Takes forever for them to find out what's wrong with you. Really unprofessional people that work here.

Daysi Coronado

I went with my mom to the hospital to apply for charity care. We went to the RWJ and waited to be taken to the office. At first I thought "wow she is nice, she is going to make us feel comfortable talking with her," not the case. My mom had all her papers and everything. The lady then says in a very disrespectful way that my mom didn't bring the right papers. My mom did bring the papers that the lady said to bring for her to see on the appointment. I would've been alright with her saying that in very nice and calming way. But no, she has to bring her anger out on us. Never in my life have I seen someone this rude, and this is my mom. My mom is a very nice and respectful person and seeing her talking with this rude lady made me feel upset for my mom. I know working in a office seeing different patients is tiring but don't bring your anger out on your patients. We are here to do our appointment and not have any controversy. Do your job right and be respectful towards people that you don't know of. This hospital should be hiring people that are nice and respectful towards different people. If any one is planning on doing this, don't, you are going to be disrespected and you are going to feel hatred inside and that feeling isn't good.

AAC 91

I went to the emergency room and got great service. I felt like the doctors and nurses actually cared about me. DR. Betancourt and the nurses went above and beyond in my opinion, to try and find my problem. Thank you all.

peaceful meadow

Super long wait in the waiting room. But the transporter named Albert was the sweetest old man I have ever meet. What a darling. He is the only thing that made that stay there lovely!!

Wendy Fiore

My husband had surgery on 5/29/19. He was admitted to the orthopedic floor. Nurses, Aides and house keeping were AWESOME! very tentative and friendly! He had a private room which was a nice size and very clean. We live in PA and would make the drive again to RWJ if need be. Five star hospital! Nothing bad to say about it!!

Mary Vera

The best ER and excellent staff in hamilton

Jameson Gehm

This is the absolute worst hospital that I have ever been to/had to deal with. The biggest issue is there billing department who not only works slower than a dam sloth, in negative 12 degree weather, but everyone I have spoke to in billing has no idea whats going on. It's almost like they hire people off the street with zero training, hand them a phone, and expect them to magically know what the heck is going on. I couldn't even imagine what the call center looks like... must be a SIGHT TO SEE. Both me and my fiance have had issues with them and the Physicians that they use. I was billed almost a year after I received treatment even after my insurance company assured me 9 months ago that everything was taking care of. My finances is even worse... after being assured of that everything was taken care of, she received a collection notice for over 800$!!! Shady shady shady business going on here, i'm sure some illegal activity is being conducted. I would avoid going to this hospital at all costs unless you are in dire need of immediate attention. There are MUCH better choices only 10 miles away in Princeton and Pennington with first class facilities.

mark hanna

So I think after all the negative reviews they really did some work. My experience staying overnight after a lumbar discechtomy has been more than pleasant, the rooms are perfectly clean, the staff has been more then welcoming. Even the wait in the beginning was a solid 15-20 minutes before I got to surgery prep from the main desk which wasn't too long. Good on you guys Robert Wood Hamilton.

Fran Webber

Palice Kamara

Just needs to be trained on how to provide a little costumer service or show some care of wanting to come to work.

Lee Hart

Worst visit ever! The hospital was dirty and the staff uncaring. The security guard had a nasty disposition. When I asked him to ask a guest to settle down he told me no. After dealing with the rude guest for a few more minutes I decided to leave! Worst hospital! They really need to do better!!

kaitlin chambers

Best hospital in jersey!!! Super sweet staff! They took care of me from there hearts and that’s what matters the most! Thank you! ❤️

Jay Anonymous

Lots of equipment the hospital should have provided me to go home with but didn’t. Sad.

turanicza madeline

This hospital is filthy, in disrepair and had a very strong smell of urine in main corridors. Infection control measures and hand washing were near non existent in the ICU. Staff were uncaring and appeared to have less than desirable clinical skills. Staffing appeared less than adequate, and at times no one was at the desk in ICU. Staff communication skills were poor. This is a very dangerous facility.

Alissar Jaber

I've only had to deal with the hospice area of this hospital but every single nurse and person on staff was nothing but compassionate, warm, and caring. Reading the other reviews I was skeptical when we made the decision to bring my father to this center for hospice care but the hospice nurses of compassionate care were absolutely awesome and made this difficult time easier for my family and I.

john doe

marilyn cruz

Marsha Ponder

I was recently there on Friday and had a procedure but had a bad experience- they didn’t review my chart which made a delay in my procedure - I have a severe allergy and this was relayed upon making my appointment - when I got there they didn’t appear to have advance knowledge of this and were all confused and asked me person info when another patient was on the other side of wall sitting in waiting area

Jasmine Tam Rowe

Visited the ER in the middle of the night - for being an ER visit, it went as smoothly as it could go. The admitting staff was so nice and got me through to see the doctor very quickly. And the attending was great - he was efficient and figured out what was wrong right away. Thanks again for the excellent care.

pervinin yurdakul

Kathryn Simpson

Had emergency surgery appendics removed on Christmas eve by Surgeon Doctor R.Shah prior to my surgery I clearly asked him what or the options interims of being cut for the procedure and before he responded I shared that I'd like to have Liposcopic procedure done..and we where all in agreement with that he waited until the brought me down to prepare and prep me to go in for the surgery he came over to my bed side when no one was around and said he was going to cut me and yes I could have stop and said No I don't want the procedure down but after my primary received the CT scan report it showed early stages of appendicitis and that if I didn't go to ER I could die etc etc..I'm just so unhappy with him going against my decision and patients do have rights and mine where taken away I want nothing else to do with RWJ Hamilton. So so unhappy and disappointed with Dr. Shah he's over the top and he thinks he's the best not with d0ing patients wrong and it's his way or the highway he and his office staff have no freaking compassion

Aldona Gospodarczyk

No comment

Barbara Walker

My colonoscopy at RWJ's Outpatient endoscopy unit went smoothly thanks to the kind and professional attention given me by the staff, especially the nurse, Susan Shulte, who prepped me and Dr. Shariq Afridi, the gastroenterologist. This is a procedure no one wants to have, but the staff made it as stress-free as possible with politeness and good humor. I was in an out in a reasonable time period and informed of the results and follow-ups in an easy to understand manner. I'm very grateful for the services that will help to ensure my health offered by this aspect of the hospital's services.

Mike Bab

Bhagya Bayya

Worst service. Don't go even if u are dying. Charge thousands of dollars and keep u waiting all night. U will have to keep paying bills from the time u visit them

Joseph Rakoczy

My initial impression of this institution as a nursing professional was positive throughout the orientation process. All of the education staff were very friendly and approachable. On the other hand, the Cardiology Divisional Director, is unfit for the position she holds. How do you tell a nurse to remove a camera from a room when the patient is intentionally making her self vomit because she wants IV dilaudid instead of oral pain medicine. To say the least, the patient fell a few days later and the camera wasn't in the room. Then this director asks me to chart that I put the camera in the room the following week after the patient fell. I am not a dishonest guy, nor will I chart something that is false. Maybe she should chart that she took the camera out of the patients room against doctors orders. Additionally, she is a bully and treats her staff like children. No wonder she has a high turnover rate.

Ritu Deshpande

Had couple outpatient procedures, excellent staff and process.

Carl Wetterling

Always satisfied with service here. One of my preferred hospitals.

Diana Salazar

This ER is beyond HORRIBLE! My bf had to wait over 3 hours to be seen with people coming in before him getting a room .He recently had surgery and has been in pain and not able to eat or drink ANYTHING without pain or vomiting! I was told he will be seen after more urgent cases and that's understandable until in comes a new pt completely ok to wait as long as my bf has, and gets called into a room before him. Tell me why i got up and had to almost raise hell and 3 min later BOOM magically a room appears. They have no type of patient care common sense. With the exception of a few in there, i believe they need to retrain these people! I also lost my bby here in 2015 even after telling them i think i was having a miscarriage they kept me waiting for an hour and asked me Multiple times how i knew i was pregnant until i pull out the paper work. I understand they don't have a maternity section anymore but i thought since it was close and i was scared they would atleast be of some help, didn't have the decency to check me before even asking me such question! I Closest worst to St Francis!

Zummer Trèghy

Shawn Smith

Yaqoob Njit

Marianne Hovgaard

Worked with charity care at RWJ. Smoothest process and most professional experience. Office staff was nice and courteous and Juana informed me on a call exactly what paperwork I needed to bring and what exact dates they needed to cover. I brought my papers and it took less than 30 minutes fo finalize everything. The funny thing is one can be a little nervous, but then when you show up and there is someone really nice and professional, who is just trying to help you out. Overall, just a quick and pleasant experience. Thank you to all at the RWJ office, but mostly to Juana for a really great experience taking care of the paperwork.

Elizabeth Gonzalez

La Sala de emergencia se llena porque es un buen hospital y tiene muy buenos Dr y enfermeras. Por eso nos llaman pacientes porque tenemos que tener paciencia y acordarnos qué hay personas que quizás están más enfermas que nosotros y las enfermeras tienen que atender a más de una persona. y son humanos no robot. Aprendamos a entenderlos y respetarlos. Ademas ni los Dr ni sus asistentes ni las enfermeras son nuestros esclavos ellos hasen lo mejor posible por atendernos de la mejor manera posible. Sabias que en muchas ocasiones los Dr y enfermeras tienen que estar sin ir a casa ver a sus familiares hijos esposos por casi 48 horas y sin dormir para atendernos y salvarnos la vida en muchas ocasiones. Démosle el crédito que merecen y cuando salgas dale las grasias o un estrechon de mano un abrazo.... Eso los alientan a decir estoy hasiendo bien mi trabajo y les damos más ganas de seguir salvando vidas. A TODOS LOS QUE Trabajan EN SALA DE EMERGENCIAS MIS RESPETOS Y ADMIRACIÓN!. ATT: ELIZABETH GONZALEZ

Dawid p

Craig Schultz

Had surgery here in January on my knee. Pre-surgical testing was a farce: waited an hour before being told that they didn't have my information so I had to come back another day and repeat. Post-surgical care was a misnomer. My wife had to wait in the room next door without being told I was awake for an hour, Once they let her in, it was like a race to kick me out. No assistance getting off the gurney or getting dressed. Made my wife do it all. Wouldn't let me use the bathroom. Nurse lied and said the only bathroom was outside in the main lobby. I had another surgery last month and scheduled it at Capital Health. Night and day difference. I woke up from surgery in a private room with my wife and a nurse who assisted with everything and never made us feel rushed. To add insult to injury, RWJ called me days before the surgery to erroneously inform me that the hospital was not in my network and demanded pre-payment. I pleaded for them to accept partial payment. Later I called Aetna and found out RWJ is in-network. Still trying to get reimbursed. Moral of the story: go to Capital Health.

Mirana Vyas

Very bad experience every time I come. Staff is very rude and unprofessional. Waited for hours for someone to put fluids in the IV. Save yourself the trip and go to another hospital.

Mr ed Framer

was taken fast and had a cat scan and x rays done with in a 1 dr on call was great! thanks for your service

Angelina Vargas

Been sitting in the ER for five hours

Steve Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Sausage ER (Original) Worst ER

Eva Hargis

While all the staff has been nice, we have now been here over 4 hours.. I am falling over with exhaustion. This is nuts

Pat Weldon

Called the ER for assistance after a visit earlier in the day - I can understand if there is nothing you can do "Alicia" but no need to hang up on someone. Not really busy in the ER but slow service non- the less. Quite a few staff members busy on their phones. Overall not great costumer service.

Natesa Bland

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! The service was slow and the triage nurse was rude. My friend thought she was having a miscarriage and they had her continue to sit in the waiting room for hours on end.

Nichole Nichols

Staff was courteous enough. Rooms in the RDU absolutely DIRTY DISGUSTING DISGRACEFUL MESS!

suhas ghatge

Had to wait two hours at Occupational Health. Appointment at 10:30. They were understaffed probably due to Hanukkah. Staff was good but overworked and overwhelmed. The staff scheduler needs to be fired.

Akikaze S

I selected RWJ Hamilton to have surgery due to cancer complications. Everyone was amazing, especially the wonderful nurses who took exceptional care of me during my stay. Facility was clean and patient safety and satisfaction was of the utmost importance to everyone on staff. I would not hesitate to recommend this hospital. Keep up the good work.

Jaime Lynn Berg

I have had both good and...interesting experiences at RWJ Hamilton for both myself and family. For the most part, I will say that the staff is kind and compassionate. I've met wonderful Doctors from Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Neurology. That said some Doctors affiliated with this hospital most definitely need to be educated in customer service/bed side manners. Either they choose to relay messages via the nursing staff or are snide. Hospitals work with people at their worst. Both the patient and the Doctor would do well to remember this. I will say that when visiting – be ready to be your own advocate or have others with you that can advocate for you because it can be very frustrating talking to some of the doctors. Beyond that, the hospital clearly does not have funds to keep up appearances which can be off-putting to most. The appearance of cleanliness is a concern for me. With the exception of ICU (which I thought was both immaculate and the best part of the hospital) I have noted the floors to be in dire need of stripping/waxing/buffing and the ceiling fixtures should be dusted. I did note staff using hand sanitizer though, I do not know how often they are actually washing their hands in between. Another concern came from my most recent visit where the tec did not check my wrist band before performing a test. Granted I was the only one waiting for testing however protocol dictates that she should have read my band to confirm my information. She was really nice though. For emergencies, I would definitely come here again but would prefer to go elsewhere for scheduled surgery. I struggled between giving this hospital between 2 and 3 stars but ultimately went with a 3. There are most definitely gaps that need to be addressed and education that needs to be performed. Hopefully, the affiliation with Barnabas health will help breathe the new life back into RWJ Hamilton that it desperately needs.

jam domini

when I was in the ER you they stated I had a stroke. how scary right but they discharge me to go home . ended up going somewhere else and it wasn't a stroke. I call this hospital death valley for they will scare you to death m is the pits. Then today I dialed with mom's rotary phone if I dialed from an old phone it kept disconnecting me because of no push buttons so since that happened 4 times after I even ask the operators to connect me I will be going to a different hospital. I wouldn't even give it one star.

JCiCi _

Diane McCoy

No comment!

Elizabeth Slovak

Edgar Vigil

I am still waitin with a 12 hours pain and nobody cares

Anne Lisa Forestin

Jake SugaShane

Vanessa Thompson

Does not even deserve 1 star. My 86 year old father was admitted last Thursday night for delusions due to dementia and an acute UTI. They recorded his weight by "estimation" as175lbs when he actually weighs 124. That's a huge deal especially when he has IV meds administered. The staff did nothing but act smug, blame it on each other and act like I was out of line for even caring. Fast forward to Sunday night . I was leaving, and the nurse asked me to bring in a medication that he is on but the hospital didn't have it. I brought it in Monday am and it wasn't even given to him until Tuesday. He basically slept the whole time he was there because he missed 9 doses of his dementia medication and was going through withdrawals . Again, the nurses all blamed each other for the breakdown in communication . My dad was discharged tonight (against my judgement because I would have preferred that he be monitored while readjusting to his meds since the instructions clearly stated that if you miss several doses not to restart without supervision of a physician). They ignored my request and sent him home anyway. He was sent home with in an ambulance where he arrived at my house in 33 degree temperatures wearing only a hospital gown . I was shocked. I called the hospital and was told by the nurse that discharged him that She said she had told a tech to dress him but the tech said she didn't know if his clothes were dirty so she just didn't. His clothes were clean and if there was a doubt they could have called me and I easily could have driven the 1/2 mile to bring him clothes. The nurse said well he did have a blanket. Nothing but excuses....This place is a disgrace. If you love someone , do not send them here.

marisa clark

Outpatient surgery done almost 2 wks ago. Service was ok prior to surgery, explanations and bedside manner were good. They had some of my medications wrong and when I told them that the nurse looked at me in disbelief, that was discomforting. After surgery I felt like I was getting kicked out really quickly and wasn't given any written instructions on how to continue taking my current meds and new meds, side effects, or what to do if stitches break. I was kind of out of it after surgery and the Dr said he couldn't find my mother in the waiting room and left a nurse in charge of discharging me with post op instructions but she didn't seem to be fully updated with my case in particular. Needless to say I was sent home and rested on the 1st floor the whole day and in the morning my naval incision was bleeding lightly out. When the hospital called me that next day to see how I was, I told them about the bleeding and they told me to just stay as still as possible. My incision got a bad infection 1 wk later and now am on high level antibiotics. Probably should've been prescribed an antibiotic prior to leaving the hospital to prevent an infection. On a high plus side my anesthesiologist was awesome, nice older Dr explained things exceptionally and I was totally comfortable. (Dr. S.) I suck with names but that much I remember. His assistant was pretty good too.

Joe Lucarelli

Misdiagnosed. Doctors did not treat me properly and released me too early. Ended up at another hospital a week later where I was treated correctly (perforated appendix). Wrote RWJ a letter detailing my experience and they laid all of the blame on their doctors, but said because their doctors are not hospital employees that they could not waive the hospital bills. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy.

Donna Parker

Christopher LaBella

I previously posted a review of 3 stars. Its back down to 1. After 6 hours of being at the ER, The doctor gave me nothing to help me immediately with the terrible pain I am in. The staff watched me limp in and limp out without a shoe on because of how badly my foot hurts and no one offered me a chair. I will be going to Aria in Langhorne next time for sure even if it is a 30 min drive. They treat me like a person and are concerned with my comfort, at least. I understand coming up with the correct treatment plan long-term, but ignoring the comfort in the short term makes someone feel helpless and angry.

Mary M Dillard

Unprofessional; dont go here go too Princeton, New Jersey

US North Constructions

Never go there in emergency, no take care . Wait in waiting area for hours .


This hospital has some of the worst staff, very unfriendly and unprofessional. I can’t speak about everyone but the ones I encountered were awful!

Frank Ciampa

After reading some of these reviews, I just had to write. I ended up in the RWJ Hamilton ER August 12th because of some serious pain and vomiting that I was having. Long story short...the staff was absolutely outstanding. I was seen within minutes then brought into a private room in the ER where the doctor questioned and examined me. I had a CAT Scan within minutes and it was diagnosed as a kidney stone. The ER doctor and nurses were kind and professional. They took me out of serious pain within a short time. I went back to RWJ Hamilton a few days later and had a procedure that is called Lithotripsy that uses shock waves to break up stones in the kidney. I just can't begin to express to you how professional and kind everyone was. The crew of professionals in the surgery room were top notch and serious about your comfort and health. Just had to share this information with you.

Kathleen Principato

Every time I go here there's something to complain about. During this experience, my girlfriend broke her ankle and her fibula. The immediate reception was pleasant, caring, and sympathetic. Then the next person we saw, was quite rude and unfriendly. She kicked everyone out of the room and then told my girlfriend that at least ONE of us could stay after I asked her if I could specifically stay. Next, we were wheeled into a hallway where we sat for 3 hours. After the 3 hours, we were directed to follow up with a specialist and given medicine and sent on our way. It has been 2 days, the first contact the hospital gave us requires a $400 copay for no insurance. The second contact is its outpatient services which I have been: 1) hung up on 2) spoken to rudely like I am not a human being 3) misdirected to another service This entire hospital is so unorganized it's not even humorous. But because her foot is in a fiberglass shoe and wrapped in 3 ace bandages, I have to keep trying to contact someone because casts are no longer given out at the hospital even to someone with charity care. Overall experience: Bullshit

Michael K

raquel guzman

(Translated by Google) If I liked how they treated my child and very kind everyone (Original) Si me gustó como atendieron a mi niño y muy amables todos

Lexie Gordon Richards

Dirty, staff are neglectful, 4 channels to watch.

Ralph Monperousse

Patricia Bordignon

Horrible place!!! The facility and equipment are old and need to be updated! My husband got surgery and the doctor didn't come to see him to follow up until midnight from the next day. The food took 2 hours to come and it came wrong , when he called to complain, it took them another 30 minutes to get back to him. Stay away if you can!

Meredith Weaver

Went to the ER early in the morning with terrible stomach pain and vomiting after my primary care physician decided to close for the day. All the staff were very encouraging and gentle (a nurse I think was named Bang was particularly good). Although I was pretty out of it, they explained what they were doing and made me as comfortable as I could be under the circumstances. After diagnosis, they gave me follow-up instructions and let me rest as long as I needed before I left. No one even asked me for insurance information until after they'd helped me!

steevenson michel

Service is horrible. First and last time I will ever go there. Now some of the nurses were nice, but one of them in the ER told me that I wasn't important, when I told her I was in pain and that I haven't seen anyone in a couple hours.

Yenny Alvarado

Johnny Romero

My wife came here to the emergency room thru ambulance spent two hours before she was called back another five hours before she was called back to get a cat scan of her stomach because of very bad pain every time I went to ask why it was taking to long she wasn’t called for cat scan they gave me excuses there wasn’t even a lot of people in the emergency room this hospital use to be good a long time ago but not anymore service is very slow nurses joking around and not doing there jobs I will never come here again to the emergency room

Jamie Goldman

This has to be the worst hospital in the country. I went to the emergency room in late March with the flu and it was extremely to swallow. I saw the er doctor for 30 seconds and he neglected to examine my throat. He discharged me with antibiotics and medication for nausea and vomiting. I didnt even have that symptom! I complained and the doctor wouldn't change anything. I had to go to Capital Health the next day when it was too difficult to swallow and I was dehydrated. What a difference in the care that I received! I even filed a complaint against the doctor at Robert Wood Johnson and nothing happened. There are so many other options in the area! Read the other reviews! They are atrocious!

Vivian Gutierrez

Tone Toney

Every experience I’ve had there, you have to search call bend backwards to seek customer service. Ride simple minded workers. The ones I have met.

Vinnie Kane

I had a total hip replacement on June 24, 2019 and spent two nights at the hospital. The entire staff in the orthopedic unit was professional, caring and attentive. No matter who was assigned to my room, I always felt well cared for. Everyone who entered, including the woman who cleaned it, assured me that if I needed anything to just ask. When I pressed the call button, the response was quick. Would not go anywhere else.

Briana Johnson

The ER department here needs to be shut down! they aren't like they used to be. My brother came in today by ambulance and was wheeled out to the waiting area and was not seen at all. I told my brother lets go, were are going over to capital health at Hopewell. he was seen within 5 minutes of being at capital health Hopewell. I wouldn't bring my dead dog to this hospital to be revived. Hamilton Hospitals Emergency room is nothing like it used to be, They need to take that sign down that they have in their waiting room of the ER. #ASHAME

Mel K

Was taking to ER by ambulance. Everyone in ER was attentive and took care of me. I had to have emergency surgery. Dr. Eisengart and every one on the surgery team was awesome. I had to stay four nights on the surgical floor department. All the nurses and staff were caring and attentive. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. It was a good experience but I pray I won't have to go back again.


Nursing service is POOR. My mom had surgery there. Nurse assistant was SO RUDE when talking to us, like we owe her something. Listen, this is supposed to be a hospital where professionals take care of people who are sick. You guys are not in the hood. This is not the ghetto. Okay? Nurses appear bothered when you ask for help. Takes a long time before nurses answer lights, and IV pump keeps on beeping on end without anyone attending to it promptly. Don't you know that those IV pump beeping sounds are annoying the hell out of the patients who need rest and sleep to recover? Please go back to basic nursing care!

siddles c

this hospital sucks!

George G

Kevin Patrick

From my own experience, it's not the best or the worst hospital. If you're going there for out-patient imaging services, you will probably be satisfied. If you're going to the ER, you will probably wish you picked one of the three other hospitals nearby. Nurses in the ER aren't very caring.

Cierra R

I went in for breathing difficulties, a choking feeling 24/7 and chest pain back in November. I was in the ER for approximately 7 hours and maybe seen the doctor twice. Ran a few tests and the dr. said he doesn't know what's wrong with me. Told me I could leave and when I said that I still couldn't breath and asked what should I do... he wrote a prescription for an inhaler for the nurse to give to me... after I told him I used one to see if it would help and it did not. Didn't even look down my throat or anything. I guess just a way to clear the bed. Still dealing with these issues to this day. And to top things off, I got approximately 20 bills in the mail from 3 different departments and even when the payments were dealt with and I called and talked to them numerous times they sent me to collections. No one in the billing department has any idea what they are doing. They all have different answers for the questions you ask and when they say something is taken care of, it's not. 90% of the doctors and nurses I dealt with seemed inexperienced and didn't even seem to care.

Tanvir Chaudhary

Good Hospital

M Patel

Horrible place go for ER, especially the Pediatric ER. It's not mention in there website, but the Pediatric ER is not even open until 4pm some day. Regular ER's wait is liker like everyone had mention. Looks like RWJ has PR giving them self 5 star to keep there rating high. Not a good hospital. Go somewhere else.

иришка beri

So far excellent service. I've been there twice with my daughter and couldn't wish for a better help we were provided.

Matthew Gonzalez

Sucks! Wait for hours for nothing! While the doctor sits on their ass and play on their phone! Worst service ever the hospital should be shut down!

Ben Evans

From the front desk of ER in admittance is a very nice experience until you get to the back the nurses that work there seem to be very judgemental but if you make it through that part of it the ER doctors are very professional and nice and helpful as well

Addie Richter


Elyin Williams

This is my second time coming here and I have to say nothing but positive things about this facility. Didn't wait at all, staff are friendly, knowledgeable, caring. .. I do hope not to come back next year though jaja... I like you guys but not that much.

Annette Miller

Never long wait and hospital staff members are the best.

Gary Del Grande

Entire staff was outstanding

Hachiko Murphy

Charbel Gheya

A zero star is too much for rating the emergency room at this hospital, my dad is 82 years old sitting in the ER for 2 hours waiting on a room. I walked to the front desk ladau and asked her to get him a room as soon as she can and didn’t even care, then I said if we are not gonna getting him in shortly I will take him to another hospital she said up to you. Careless people slow and not caring.

Elif Yilmaz

The staff here are so nice! Everyone here is helpful & the wait time isn’t ridiculous.

Sunil Manickalal

We really regret coming to this ER. We came to this place for my mother who is a cancer patient - fainted. Since this is nearby - we considered this place. Definitely in future we will not consider this hospital. Seriously there was one lady Dr. called siddiq who was really rude towards my mother. My mother was not interested in taking a CT scan telling she has an up-coming CT scan scheduled at another place and doesn't want to under-go any radiation but this lady Dr was like at this age and cancer stage it doesn't matter whether you successfully go thru this radiation or not. Which clearly exhibits her attitude towards patients who are sick. Anyway it was our mistake - should have checked the past reviews.

Mujtaba Farooq

i had a great experience with doctor vijay vaswani.

Mickey/Manny Kornbluth

Had heart re-hab at RWJ. The nurses, assistants could not have been more helpful, nice, pleasant, etc, etc. I could go on and on but suffice to say - this place is very well run and managed with excellent staff.

Patricia Pavlovsky

30shot Geez

One of the worst places to get treated

Juan Torres

Rony Ruiz

Google User

This hospital has completely gone down the tubes. They have no pain management specialist on staff. The doctors are clueless and at times unprofessional. Most of the nurses are fabulous but there are some nurses that treat patients with no compassion, patience or tolerance of the patients needs or issues. I will never send my loved one to this hospital again, I will never personally go to this hospital for how they treated my loved one. They look down on people with addiction problems and refuse to make patients comfortable when they are screaming in pain after they performed surgery on them. They will ignore call buttons, MY experience in the ER with a nurse arguing with me over my loved one's bedside about their treatment should have been a red flag for me at that moment. I wouldn't send my dog to this hospital let alone another family member. I have been to that hospital numerous times over the years due to my loved one's health issues and their addiction problems. Each time my loved one has gone to this hospital their treatment of my family member only got worse. They didn't treat our loved one like a human being - they treated them like a wounded dog only wounded dogs are treated better then this hospital treats their patients. BEWARE OF TAKING ANYONE TO THIS HOSPITAL especially if its a significant illness or needing surgery.

Anthony Kozar

Without going into too much detail, because the list could go on and my complaints could go on for paragraphs, this was the worst hospital experience I have ever had. The ER portion was great. Staff was caring, attentive, and efficient. When I was admitted, my experience was abysmal. So much of the staff was terrible. Some rude, some very slow and many were annoyed when I needed extra accommodation because of my condition, which is serious. A few nurses seemed highly unqualified for their position which was very unsettling. I had a bad experience with more of the staff than I did with the few good ones. Manny was incredible and made my stay pleasant while I was being taken care of by him. He had such a great attitude and was VERY attentive and on time with everything he did. He went above and beyond when I needed additional yaccommodation because of my serious condition. Antionette is a tech and she was wonderful as well. Simone was another amazing nurse who was very much like Manny. One of the techs, when I called to ask for my medication because it was due and (I was and still am a week later ) in an excruciating and immobile situation. My mom walked up to the nursing station to get my nurse, because there was no urgency when I called and needed assistance (about 15 mins had gone by so I called again telling them i needed my nurse because i was really struggling) while she was walking up, the tech didn’t see her but my Mom overheard her telling the nurse that I was struggling and needed help now, in a sarcastic and mocking manner while basically laughing at me. My mom let her know how unprofessional and disgusted she was with how she acted. Of course, the staff member denied it. While my situation is complicated, I am extremely unpleased with the result of treatment and am basically being forced out the door tomorrow. Let me reiterate that I am NOT ready to be leaving because of my pain level and physical condition. Even if I am going to a rehab center. The PT department was pushy and not understanding to my condion. The whole staff, including some doctors who were treating me, were not interested in what I had to say and had their answer even before my explanation to questions THEY HAD ASKED ME. As others have stated, most of the staff was uncaring and annoyed at any request I had. Again, the level of incompetence in some staff was almost scary. Lack of urgency was pathetic. And the discharge plan, which is okay in itself, has come much too soon when I do not feel at ALL I am ready to be kicked out. Myself and my family are extremely unhappy, unsatisfied, and overall disgusted with this entire experience. I wouldn’t come back here for a band-aid and especially not for something as serious as what I am going through now. Not only would I NEVER recommend this place to anyone, I would do everything I could to talk them out of coming here. If possible-I’d have rated this hospital LESS than 1star. Disgusting experience.

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