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Constance Scanlon

This was a wonderful hospital, with knowledgeable and caring physicians and staff. After having open heart surgery in March, 2019, I feel they saved my life. Thank you all.

Theodore Stout

Treated poorly every time I go there . Im starting to think someone wrote something durogatory about me in my chart .after a heart catheterization ,I had massive abdominal bruising and a lot of pain. Makes you wonder what they did to me

Kim Spinka

Had knee surgery in October 2015 the staff in N5S are great.......e-building great too

James Szivos

State of the art. Very impressive for a regional hospital.

Emily Zayas

Awful experience. My family and I had to wait 8+ hrs just to even see a doctor let alone get treatment. The nurses tell you to be patient and they are very busy which I won't deny but does that make us any less of patient than the rest of the people here!

Luis Perez

Thank you !! Reading Hospital Tower Health for taking care of my Mother Silvia in very difficult times , to ALL STAFF IN THE ICU unit , your professionalism and your care show the Bright side of the Human Kind , this acts shows hope in our society! Thank you AARON for making the right decision at the right time !! THANK YOU DIRECTOR OF Electrophysiology DAVID SCOLLAN For taking a closer and serious look in to my mom case

Gloria Irizarry

Was in ER until 3am. Very friendly and courteous staff, took me immediately as tier 3, guess Senior citizen proriority. Placed in Hall on stretcher until room available in ER, transferred to room saw Dr, Nurse, CNA. Various tests done. Dispatched and Took Lyft cab home.

Timothy Lori Clippinger

The Reading Health System Hospital is very new. Visited a patient in one of the new rooms, they are very clean and the staff are very nice and accommodating.


Doctors, nurses and aids are great!

Katie M.

They're not into the idea of hearing what you have to say about whatever it be that you're in there for. Regardless of what you believe you have, they'll test for everything else before they test you for what you thought it is. Very dismissive. Your say doesn't get very far. Of course I can't speak for all of the staff, but orthopedics are not very impressive. Your time is very underappreciated. I recommend Lehigh Valley Hospital, no complaints about them.

Maija Cassell

Great place to have internships it work for person with disabilities and so much more for toursits to great health care needs.great convenient for all different countries in Reading PA number one hospital.great staff and people who love helping people and nuturing people as well as well kept place and friendly staff and their Co workers to help with all people's lives in hospital to save everyone lives.

Mariela Caceres

The worst service ever I wait 4 hours fot them to help me

Joan Miles

Run away as fast as you can!

Rosemarie Kosma

If I could leave all of the stars blank, I would!

Justin Levengood

Intake process was fast nurses we very nice , i left work today to come to the hospital , the dr proceded to tell me that i looked "drowsey" asked me if i use iv drugs( never have a day in my life ) tells me he cant write me a prescription for pain meds (which i never asked for or even possibly insinuated i wanted any) an hour after he leaves a room a lady walks in telling me i dont have i surance (which i do ) pushing me for my info to apply for there insurance. Telling me the dr was the o e that sent her in lol this is insane this is not how you treat people healthcare isnt an assembly line ! Horrible horrible horrible

Brian King

One of the best hospitals in Pennsylvania very impressed with their service


Never coming to this Hospital against. The night nurses are very rude and unprofessional. Is one little nurse her name is Ana she work in Cardiac ICU and Sara the charge Nurse

Greg McCullough

It's gotta be better than St. Joes!

saima sanchez

This hospital is insane!!! they take forever and their service is super slow. If you go there make your ready to spend 5 to 6 hours there.

Lisa Davis

6-21-19 came in gi bleed nausea and pain. Got me right back Waited an hour for doctor to come in.. only saw nurse once.. doctor came in ask what was wrong told him.. he says he wanted to examine me.. this is a joke. Presses my stomach ok once says ct scan.. have not seen my nurse nor doctor since. It's been about 4 hours now in er. No one has offered me anything for nausea or pain. This place really is the pits! Tell ya how they dont know much.. lady comes in told her I wanted to use the rest room. She says I need urine.. Haha told her it's been sitting there for 2 hours !. Wow I cant beleive nothing for nausea and this damn pain ! Dont come here unless you have something physical they can see that shows your hurting because they sure not gonna care

Hannah Prater

If 0 were an option, it would be just that. Billing system is THE worst. If you don’t have thousands to pay your bill immediately, don’t go here. I’ve been mislead and lied to, miscommunicated and uninformed. And because of their faults, my credit is RUINED. I am beyond furious and I dread having to deal with this system any further. I didn’t listen to the negative reviews, but I sure wish I did now. The billing system is A J O K E. Sorry not sorry, the employees are not well trained, don’t know how to communicate properly, and ugh. Just not enough time in the day to explain how bad this is. I will speak my piece to ALL places I can leave a review. HOWEVER, my experience in L&D was great. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Payer for saving my daughters life, and to Kristy and Jamie, my L&D nurses, and to Rosie my PP nurse.

Christina Bierbach

You guys need to work on your discharge better, I got told I was being discharged at 9:30 AM and got out at 11:30 Am They seemed way too busy dealing with other stuff. I understand stuff happens but this was ridiculous. There was one patient that was making a huge stink about everything, so they paid more attention to her than me because I was being Nice and compliant. I guess that’s what I get for being nice and not a complainer. They told me they would send me home with a stool collection sample kit and never did either. These people are either too short staffed or way too busy

sue moyer

Wow! As a retired RN this ER is horrendous! Some of these nurses are rude and nasty beyond belief. I have no clue how they have managed to attain Magnet status with nurses this bad! Not only are the nurses bad but the time you spend waiting in this ER is hard to even believe! Terrible! I would be embarrassed to even work there or have my name associated with this pitiful health care system!

Winfield Wagner

Went to ER because could stand up without falling everything well there they put in room to watch me told them all this time that I was still bad problems yet then they omitted me to hospital dont know why because nothing was done for days thereafter for three days. And still told that problems were still happening to me. Sunday morning nurse came in probility will release from hospital sometime today after still what Ive to say about my condition. Release at 3pm in the same condition as I came now upset the poor decisions that were made the doctors part. So at home in bad dizziness still happening yet. From 6/30 since left hospital had problems of falling(3×) now since I've been home not good now. For other problems they didnt have my meds in house give me had to order from my pharmacy glad was close to hospital same gos for treatment what they said they dont do that at the hospital(what kind of hospital is this)at physical therapy to take the symptoms away. Personelly this was a total waste of time and insurance coverage. I've spoken to people that actually call me but is not done yet I'll continue speaking with more people reguarding this issue with Tower Health and there being.

Michelle Kirkner

Was her to visit a patient had to wait at your stupid badge area for 45 minutes and never got waited on I believe you need more help

Natalia Maria

Never coming to this hospital again the nurses are rude as hell. I waited 3 1/2 hours for my daughter to be seen and ended up leaving because they kept taking people that came after me before me mind you my daughter is 5 months she had a high fever of 102.4 for about 3 times within a day and she has a really bad cough! So disappointed with their service wouldn’t recommend coming here for baby’s.

Michelle Bailey

Loved this hospital ,everyone was very friendly and helpful, thank you

Joseph Lozada

Do not come here for nothing! My wife waited 3 hr in the waiting room all they did was took her blood when theyre was a room finally available she waited another 2 hr and still hadnt seen a doctor. When she asked for her discharged papers staff made a huge deal and tried to make her sign stuff and my wife blew them off and then the dr finally notice she was leaving and asked her for more time and my wife so mad she told him off got his name and reported it. When we got home her blood work results came in an hour after they were tooken so 4hr still she there her results came in with chronic kidney disease stage 2 and noone came to help her or nothing this place is a shame of a hospital

Robin Gelsinger

I’ve always had excellent care at Tower Health/Reading Hospital. I’ve had a life of Chronic health issues and been at numerous hospitals all over this country. I give Reading Hospital 5 stars for the care and compassion I always receive there from the cleaning staff to the surgeons.

Gregory Hammond

I gave them one star because ZERO was available!!!...I’m in this HOSPITAL right now as we speak

Mandy Roman

Great hospital and the upgrades and new expansion they are doing should make the hospital better

Michael Wenrich

Cleaner than Good Sam back home but still very slow.

Yeri Lara

Take too much Long. This is a very slow hospital you wait for hours

Manny FlasH

Staff was very courteous and helped me very fast

Jason Fretz

Acted like it was a problem to write out health sustaining medications if you are poor.

Angela Harmon

This hospital is very clean an the people are wonderful from the doctors, nurses, environmental services, food services, security ,ladies in the gift shop ect. The are taking good care of the love of my life an couldn't ask to be at a better hospital. We both work at Children's hospital of Philadelphia an to meet such nice people in another hospital has been a helpful experience..... Thank you

Ana Villaman

I have not been in Reading Hospital for a very long time. When my children were little I went there a couple of times. The service was great! The nurses were caring and efficient and the doctor did a great job. I will recommend Reading Hospital.

Mary Cross

I was in excruciating pain and everyone from the EMT's who transported me to the all the Doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital took really great care of me. They went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. They also took great care of my family while we were waiting to be discharged.

kate buzin

This hospital is amazing. I was in a really bad car accident that left my leg in bad condition which landed me there in trauma for a month and a half. I had the best service from everyone there and I actually feel like the nurses, PCAs, and doctors really did care and they had my best interest in mind. They also took my wishes into consideration and put me at ease during such a difficult time. For the situation I am/was in, I could not have asked for better care and would highly recommend this hospital.

Set Free

My fiance was rushed to hospital via ambulance after collapsing today. When he arrived they proceeded to put him in a wheel chair and make him wait in the waiting room for 5 hours! While he is throwing up and suffering in pain and no one would help I'm truly disgusted he left without being seen he is in tourment and they ignored his cry for help.

Susannah Sterling

I should first say that my credentials include - RN, BSN, BA, MS. I worked actively in nursing for 47 years and am aware of concerns about a possible decline in standards of nursing care. With some anxiety, I submitted my husband to care in the Reading Hospital. The nursing and ER physician staff were excellent and sensitive to my husband's needs. His admission was smoothly managed. The nursing care provided throughout his stay was excellent-----certainly exceeding current norms I have recently seen in major medical centers in the northeast. I salute the Reading Hospital's School of Nursing , its faculty, and the legion of "Old Grads" in place, who act as role models for the young nurses coming up in their stead....Kudos to the Reading Hospital Nursing school staff and its excellent product., as well as the other nurses practicing there.

Milan Waters-Rain

Horrible staff, I would never in my life go back to this place.. they treat you like you're wasting their time

Michelle Jenkins

They do Thier best to get you in as fast as possible!

Brooke Chambers

I was sent here after I told my doctor I had suicidal thoughts. They put me in an ugly, cold, sterile environment with no clocks, no color, and I couldn't even use my phone. My clothes were replaced with an ugly hospital gown, and it felt more like prison than a rehabilitation center. I was in there for 2-3 hours and it felt like an eternity. There was no stimulation, and I had nothing to do until they evaluated me and turned me loose. It was the worst experience of my life, and I never want to go back again. So thanks for that traumatic experience.

guywith shades

I like the people that work here but it takes almost 5 or 6 hours for the doctors to get there

John Eilertsen

I have spent a few different occasions in the Reading Hospital for various age related issues and operations. Personally, I have never had a bad experience. The nursing and medical staff were always first class. Very professional is another way I could describe the medical teams. The only downside is having to spend an overnight. Because, to provide the best medical care, there's a lot of interrupted sleep due to noise that can include beeps, bells, loud speakers, TVs and staff requiring blood samples and/or X-rays. But that's part of getting good care. So, I rate the Hospital with 5 stars.

Katie Keedy

I had a great experience at the ER today. The entire staff, from security to doctors were friendly and helpful. I was seen quickly and doctors and nurses were caring and did everything to take care of me and make me comfortable.

Zaad Maada

For a non-profit. They sure did spend an elaborate amount of money on the new C suite. I'm not sure how they can afford if they are not in the business of making money. Then they have the audacity to tell employees to watch the budget and cut costs aka 40+ hour work weeks. How about giving their employees the help they need instead of spending on elaborate unnecessary bs. Maybe the Reading Eagle should ask these questions.

Luke Heckel

Went in for an ER visit with my wife and son. Every single person we interacted with was friendly, caring and helpful. This has seldom been my experience at hospitals, especially ERs and I just couldnt believe how much of a contrast Reading Hospital was. No one likes going to the Hospital but seriously thank you to Reading for treating us like people.

Melinda Tshudy

If I could put a 0 I would the worst hospital to work for because they discriminate. The managers don't know how to handle any situation or issue when it comes to an employee and on top of that hr isn't on your side either when you go too them for help, they just like to ignore your voicemail and not give you a call back for two weeks as of they don't wanna fix the issue. Horrible company.

Jean Finnegan

Staff was wonderful! Very caring. The nurses, transportation employees that that administered my tests were all helpful, Caring people. Food was food.

Lisa Lambert

Horrible very rude nurses! Bedside manner doesn't mean anything apparently! They refused to let me see the doctor when I asked for one

Yasmine Yvonne

Been sitting here for over two hours in the waiting room

Sarah Batchelder

Went here with extreme pain. They made me wait almost two hours the nurses did not care about my pain whatsoever!!! Then once I finally got to the doctor that is suppose to help people that beg for it. They do nothing at all then charge my insurance for me breathing there air. CAUSE THATS ALL THEY DID FOR ME LET ME BREATH THERE AIR.

Bob Cramer

Excellent people. Knowledgeable and compassionate

stacey becker

I was just at the Birdsboro Branch & the Dr didn’t even listen to my problems he just decided to send me to a specialist for my one condition. But totally blew me off on my questions!!

Ashley Spitler

Excellent facility, quickly given a room, quaint privacy and very attentive care by staff...

gustavo carrero

This hospital is the most nasty place they have no good bed side manners ever I know that because almost died there and they covered it up

nina rosado

Horrible I was admitted and my charger got stolen now going through literal hell to get reimbursement. But before I had to go to Pottstown Memorial to be diagnosed with with hyperthyroidism. Because I guess everyone is too busy here gossiping instead if looking at simple blood work

Tina carling

I give 1 star because to this hospital my daughter had a baby there and put my daughter on bed rest for preclampsia and now she is suffering in and out of hospital with bloodclots on the lungs because they told her they were gonna put the things on her legs to prevent the clots and never did..they better hope nothing happens to my daughter

Frederick Bainhauer

nothing special about this place. It's just a general hospital with a Trauma Center on top. Staff is ok, but the ER staff are just plain mean to the patients and non-nursing staff. I do give an A to many of the physicians though. As a former employee I wouldn't recommend this place as my first choice. There is room for improvement.


To all of the people leaving bad reviews I would suggest not using the ER as a primary care facility. You get triaged when you arrive and you wait accordingly, the staff know what they are doing. Your cough or stubbed toe isn't an emergency. Sorry.

Lando R

@readinghospital emergency room has got one of the worst customer care ever . I have seen nurses huddle to talk about their personal days have asked questions and gotten nothing but attitude.I don't understand how you want to be a nurse and have no proper home training . plus the wait time 3.5 hrs in counting after waiting room. People come to the hospital to be treated of any type of concern they have. Some fear the unknown and some are alone. People should feel safe at a hospital and not judged. By nurses who were to slow to become doctors !!!

Diana Espinosa

This hospital inted of improving its getting worst when it come to the emergency room. Wow what a shame.

John Casey

Excellent, timely and compassionate care by ED and Observation Nursing, physician and technical staff. First Class care

Fury Gaming

I've been to the ER here probably about 5 different times and every time I had a bad experience. Long wait time, inexperienced nurses, no answers from doctors when they treat you.

Marilyn Singlar

Sat here since 6pm for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE was taken back to a room at 9 sat in a room for 45 minutes no nurse no pca no doctor. They had me hooked up to nothing no monitors nothing I finally went to leave without seeing anyone and while a pca sat down doing absolutely nothing an called My nurse my nurse said "who's in 3" who then proceeded to tell me she couldn't keep me there with no concern at all ridiculous

Gautham Ponnu

Run away from this place as fast as you can. Worked with office of Dr. Lisa Leschek-Gelman, MD who is the Chief of Neurology. Put in a prescription for a drug refill. Staff did not look at it for 5 days. When we finally realized what was happening - we called them over and over again to be met with people who continuously kept transferring calls with no one actually answering or helping. We are still waiting for their call back and would have probably died if we kept waiting without exploring alternatives. The doctor was good/ok but the staff are horrible - I would run away from this place as fast as you can considering the way they treated us for a vital drug.


The only reason I gave them one star is because I had to. Don’t go to this hospital. Do yourself a favor and drive as long as it takes to get to a decent one- Lancaster or Allentown. I just spent 14 hours in the ER to get diagnosed with bronchitis, was never even offered something to drink or eat... 14 hours!! And that’s just the lastest stint there. Horrible place. Another time I called to see what happened to my husband who was there for 10 hours, and they hung up on me! I called back and they would not pick up the phone at the nursing desk. I hate this place. Wouldn’t take my neighbor’s dog there.

Joel Seidel

Hospital care was fine however Insurance is another subject. Reading Hospital would not accept any payment from my insurance company and stuck me with the entire bill. I know insurance is a tough thing but to not accept anything, not even a partial payment, I don't understand. I pay a monthly health insurance premium and I'm still on the hook for almost $4,000 for one MRI. I spoke to my insurance company and they were told Reading Hospital refused to work with them. I changed hospitals at the beginning of this year and now go to Lehigh Valley. I'm a pretty healthy guy but actually needed the ER since I've switched. Lehigh Valley Hospital is top notch, from the time I walked in until the time I left and billing was a breeze. Don't get me wrong, I still owe money and insurance didn't cover it all, but the experience was not nearly as stressful as Reading. I was born at Reading Hospital and I've used Reading hospital all of my life for routine testing and any problems that came up along the way. After visiting Lehigh Valley only one time, my regret is that I didn't switch sooner, the difference is astounding!

Kenneth Bryant

Checking in was quick and they took me back to the ER within a couple of minutes. Note it was about 2 AM in the morning when I went in.

Victoria Spies

Multiple times now I've called different departments of Reading Health System just to be hung up on or transferred to another line which hangs up on me. It's not professional. I'm tired of it.

Yekaterina Bisher

Security guards one in particular is too aggressive for his job title. Failed discharge for my mom er night shift doctor sent her home with a brain bleed she was admitted at another hospital three hours later into trauma then ICU.

Jose Luis velis

I have taken my wife twice. The first one because of lower back pain and they only gave him some pills and he did not improve he had to go to another place later. Last week, Thursday, September 6, 2018, it was because I had vaginal bleeding and a positive pregnancy test (we had an appointment for 9-20-18) and it was not seen by a doctor but by a nurse and they told us it was a very early pregnancy. I am a doctor in my country and a woman with a threat of abortion is treated by a gynecologist. Not a midwife as they tell us.

Leivy_D Cas

Communication and education for your patients is not your strength. To have a patient not be seen by their hospitalist in over 24hrs (or at least someone to come inform them of what’s going on with their treatment) is ridiculous. The nurse kept feeding meds (Tylenol to be exact) without letting us know what was going on with the tests that were given the night before. I understand that it’s a hospital and doctors are very busy, but you should never be too busy to COMMUNICATE with your patient instead of letting them just lay there... also, own up to your mistakes, if you failed to take care of something with a patient, admit it, apologize and move on. I’ll be submitting more reviews as the time passes..


well if you got to go to the hospital I would say it's the best around

Melissa Najarian

RIPOFF ALERT!!! Unless you're low income and qualify for the hospitals financial assistance program to reduce their over priced charges, you will pay at least four times more for services like x-rays and MRIs by Reading Health System than you would anywhere else!!

-potatoismyname -

Treated me very well and have friendly service. They are also very clean and sanitary. Although you sometimes have to wait a while, I can not say that I didn't feel better after leaving the ER. 10/10

jermaine dennison

the worst ER experience i have ever had sat there for 3 1/2 hours while the so called physicians assistant sat on a computer for well over 1 1/2 hours i informed them that the patient care is horrific i left after three and a half hours of no service after i told the nurse i was leaving if the doc didn't come in within 10 min and i would never come back to this hospital again ..well guess who jumps up off the computer and says that if i don't like it i can leave yes the physicians assistant who sat on the computer for well over and hour says she was about to come and talk to me ...hello i just watched her sit there and do absolutely nothing ..THIS ER IS THE WORST IF YOU CAN DRIVE TO LANCASTER GENERAL IT IS WELL WORTH THE HALF HOUR DRIVE STAY AWAY FROM THIS ER!!!!!

Impuis Lupus

Arrive here at 200am cause i fell at work an something that should been a quick in and out has been a 5 hr wait with no communication whats so ever

Carolann Seifrit

This hospital is very clean and upbeat. Having to go through security and get a badge is a little time consuming especially if they are busy. But if it helps keep our loved ones safe that’s a good thing. The nurses are very caring and attentive as time and number of patients allows for. Emergency room visits are usually slower and often we wait for a long time. However once through the double doors, the care is excellent.

Cyndi Lott

Went to ER. Waited over 5 hours and never got help. There was next to no one there waiting. I think this place is all about money and isn't a hospital that cares for employees or patients. It shows with the employees attitudes. I could say a lot more, but will hold my tongue as non of it is good


Very helpful and kind

Melvin Barnwell


Ryan Schaeffer

Nothing like being made to feel like a criminal when going to visit your sick friends! Ridiculous policy where they make you wear a name tag,that does nothing to actually add to security! This policy assumes that people with a drivers license can't possibly do anything wrong, not to mention that once you get past the check in desk, they don't check your badge! Stupid policy all around, go to St Joe's unless you like making your loved oneswait in line every time they come see you.

Kmk braun

The Reading hospital is GARBAGE. The orthopedic team is a bunch of mouth breathing morons, and to even make an appointment with them I had to wait over 24 hours for a call back. Much better off going to Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Ken Hunt

Birdsboro location....I had a hives outbreak and asked for 5 minutes of the doctors time to verify it and prescribe prednisone. The receptionist told me they didn't have time and I should go to the the urgent care facility in Douglassville. If you try to schedule they're always days out and it takes forever to see a doctor when you do finally get an appointment. I'm done with this place.

Robert Carl

I wanted to change family doctors in the same office & I was told I could not. The nurse said it would be uncomfortable if I needed to see my old dr for some reason & that was their rule. I was VERY unhappy with my dr at my last appointment!! I don't not recommend the Reading Health System. It's run like a business. They do not put their patients first.

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