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MAC Cheese

Me and my girlfriend jamey salvati jus had our son frank noce jr on june 20th let me just say that dr.shawl and all the nursing staff , food cart and linens attendants were very nice and had extremely satisfying bedside manor me and my girlfriend both agree. If your planning to give birth at another hospital with someone else beside dr.shawl then your plain retarted ... Thank you all !!

Erin Wolf

Nurses and doctors were very nice, but definitely rushing me out even though I was so sick from the anesthesia. I was also disappointed that no one called me the day after my surgery to see how I was doing. All of my other procedures were done at Main Line hospitals and at least a nurse always called to check in on how I was recovering. Even the doctor usually calls to check in. I didn’t even talk to my doctor about how my procedure went. I just felt like this was poor bedside manner and I expected more.

Maddie R.M

Love everything about this beautiful Penn Hospital , the staff and Dr's are wonderful and I am blessed to have known them❤❤

Fred Quattrone

Best experience ever. Had heart cath done. Everybody was wonderful and treated me like royalty. Highly recommend this hospital if you need any medical care.

Zakiyyah Jones

Love this hospital

Joseph Davis

Horrible experience

Michael Jaconi

The hospital did a great job taking care of my wife. She was diagnosed with cancer and there was limited options. They made her at home and she was cared for by all the nurses and doctors. They gave us the information that is hard to hear, but they help us understand the issue. We would like to thank Dr. Christine White and Dr. Souder for their care in a difficult sickness. Everyone made us feel like family. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Mike Jaconi & Karen Peter

Isabelle Griggs

Very nice hospital..

Vicki Raske

Spent 26 hours with a dislocated hip, extreme pain.

Thomas Stern

All my six children were born here. This is the first hospital in the nation. Small and intimate. Lots of great talent. My only complaint lies in their excessive emphasis on breastfeeding ( to the point of obsession). Not everyone can do it , and to make new mothers feel guilty, and inadequate for not doing it is wrong headed. Other than that I love this place.

quah Sexidirah

I love this hospital!! The best hospital ever !!!!! Everything about this place, I just love soooo much !! Nice and helpful staff. The doctors there are always helpful as well. They find out what is the problem and always fix the problems!

Ngan Ton

it was around 1 am when I headed to the emergency room for chest pain. Once i arrived, it was 1-2 patients waiting ahead of me. As my name was called, one of the nurses called me in just to be escorted back out because one male registered nurse rudely said "no she can't come in". On top of that, the same male nurse called me back in the office just to ask me if i was pregnant? when this has to relation to my symptoms. I came back out to wait, just to see the male nurse come back out and ask one of the lady security, " did the other male patient leave yet?". When the security guard said, "yes", they both high fived eachother ,knowing that I was sitting right there and can hear all those rude remarks. If some nurses dont take their job serious, and put other people's health in danger, I don't see why they should be hired? Utterly ridiculous. Please check your staffs, considering some don't seem to take their jobs too seriously.

Donna Dunning

I am researching hospitals due to my community hospital not being able to figure out what is wrong with me. My doctors and I have chosen that I go to Philadelphia. I do NOT understand why I reading reviews from 1976!!!! Are you serious? Certainly making me second guess one of my doctors suggestions. Thankfully he has told me that he will research and discuss the best hospital for me.

Jenn McCourt

I had both my children here, and the staff was great. I also was here recently for a loved one who was terminally ill. I have to say, for such a sad time, the hospital staff was extremely empathetic, and literally did everything they could to make the patient and the family as comfortable as possible. Many thanks to them.

East Rock Roots

So not only was this Hospital extremely nice and accommodating, they have some of the best surgeon's in the world and for that my wife and I are truly grateful. This place is LEGIT.

loay maher

Best hospital in the world thanks all doctors and nurses to take care of my wife and my newborn daughter

Clara Francis

On arrival at PA Hospital at 4:55 PM, I signed in at the Intake area indicating I was in extreme pain. I was asked to take a seat when the intake was completed. Sixty five minutes later, I asked the intake clerk if I could possibly be helped because my pain was so intense. Shortly thereafter I was called in to see the triage nurse. Reading from the prepared script, she asked questions like "on a scale of 1 to 10 what's your pain level?" Twelve, I said. "Are you suicidal or homicidal?" Huh? I'm neither, I replied, I'm needy, I need some medication to alleviate my intense pain. After that interview I was given an EKG, and told to return to the waiting room until a bed became available. At 8:30 PM, I went back to the intake desk, handed over the bar-coded page of stickers with my name, and my bracelet, and reiterated to the desk clerk that although my pain remained at the excruciating level, I would try to manage it in the comfort of my own home since it seemed to me the staff at PA hospital had no intention of helping me, and left. Unless taken to this hospital by ambulance, or I have an injury that's bloody and thus visible, I will never return to this facility's ER. In addition, I await my insurer's EOB to see what the hospital has charged. I will definitely dispute any charges beyond the minimal services provided--intake, triage nurse interview, tech who did the EKG.

Carlos Quinones


Glory Ortega

Very nice like a lot.

Nick Yuan

I am a patient at Pennsylvania hospital and let me tell you; this is the best hospital in the country!! The nursing staff here is second to none (top notch) Most of the doctors are very friendly and attentive to the needs of the patients ( me ) No matter where I am on this planet, I will do my best to come here for any aliments

Stevi Adams

My experience giving birth here was amazing! They saved my life and my son's life. The mid-wife I had was absolutely the best. All my nursing staff were amazing! Seriously I can't stress how great these people were during my complicated delivery! They care for you as if your family. If I could hug every member of the clinician team over the course of my 5 day stay I would!


Excellent hospital - life saving! Especially the Pen Hospital CAT LAB and the Dr. Haber and his cardiology team mates. Dr. Haber is a hero and brilliant doctor. Dr Haber discovered a 95% blockage that literally saved my life after conducting a thorough health exam including diagnostic tests. Incredible. Be advised and don't let the average 30 minute + plus wait times to call and schedule an appointment dissuade you from getting great care! Patience is worth it! THANK YOU!!!!

John Bonacci

My dad had open heart surgery and I have to say the entire staff is one of the most professional, kind, loving, and very good at what they are there for. They answered every question even the stupid ones we asked. Just overall the best hospital I have ever been too

Carolyn Amato

Wonderful experience in labor and delivery! (though the Prenatal ER/evaluation unit was less than desirable and being sent home - an hour away - at 4 cm only to have to return a few hours later was absolutely ridiculous and the NP in that unit left much to be desired...though the resident was great.) The labor and delivery unit was wonderful and labor nurse Lexie and midwife Vicki were astoundingly fantastic. I can't say enough about them. After my daughter was born, we opted NOT to pay $400 per night for a pavilion room; however, the staff in the regular maternity unit were all great. The nurses and lactation consultants were extremely nice, helpful and accommodating throughout our three day stay and even arranged to keep the non private room without a roommate in order to allow my partner and I both to stay in the room. I cannot say enough about my Pennsylvania Hospital experience and highly recommend it for any first time moms who are unsure as to where to deliver!

Keisha Williams

My mother had a procedure here, they made her feel comfortable and really treated her well. I appreciate all the staff

Eric Castro

I was born here, and now I've returned back to work.

Nina Mammarello

Lillian Thomas

They saved my mother's life when she had a heart attack many yrs ago

Ellie Roseman

Brought over my daughter and couldn’t be more happier with the care and medicine they treated my baby with. My first experience with this place and they def set the stage on a higher standard for other hospitals in the tri state area. As humans our loved ones deserve decent care and this place delivers that promise.

D Michael Broadnax

OKAY, so I basically grew up in downtown Center City Philadelphia after I graduated COLLEGE. So Pennsylvania Hospital became my neighborhood Hospital, I recently had to go there for back surgery and I can't say enough about this wonderful Institution and the professionals that work there.


Had my son here. Staff was very nice and they seem to work well together and also were very polite to each other. I liked that

Joan Posselt

Had excellent care with my hip replacement and recently a knee procedure everyone was so helpful and professional

Kenny Serrano

Cathy garrity

Took my mother to ER everyone was great thank you

Yvonne Jenkins

The worst I've been sitting in this place since 1:00pm was told to come here from The University of Pennsylvania because it was so packed that I wouldn't have to wait so long ,well that was a bold face lye it's now 6:19 and still haven't seen a doctor.

Ms.Ambitious Peach

I love just coming here a home away from home

Paul Zabel

Doctors Raj, Newman Myra , Carey all the ENT staff. The ICU nurses Kelly , Maureen , John. The 4th floor Cathcart Janice , Jackie , all so many others can’tremember them all very helpful and respiratory also. Thank you all.

Samad Agara

Excellent, fast and courteous service. Nice and friendly staff.

Amanda Gannon

I have no complaints about this hospital I love this hospital I delivered my first baby here and I will be delivering my second baby here in April very good nurses and staff

Howard Goodman

It's a hospital.

Tray Diva

The nurses in the Post partum unit are THE absolute best! Especially Ms Pat Massey, love her & she's helped more than she could ever imagine

Latesha Marshall

I gave birth to my daughter here. I was so comfortable the 2 nights I stayed. The staff is caring. If I ever have more kids I hope to deliver them here.

Gal Lakin

This hospital does not practice medicine, they practice academics and instruction manuals. Perhaps it is good for those needing care with classic "textbook" symptoms, but not for individuals that fall outside of this.

Jon Harrison

I really wish they could separate this hospital from the psych unit in the hospital..I never met such an unprofessional bunch of people with such an attitude. We unfortunately experience of having a young adult needing some in patient psych services, the child was having questionable symptoms and we felt penn could help her. Dr. Christian Kohler is a man of Ego, there are many prestigious doctors at Penn who are much Better than Kohler. Penn may be one hospital system but they don't share services. Presbyterein hospital at university of penn is much higher rated for psych and addiction services but Pennsylvania Hospital doesn't refer to services. it's all ego about with these doctors and staff. Terrible place try Eagleville Hospital or Belmont before subjecting family member to this nightmare.

J Zac

Crappy after care, awful hospital stay, billing department useless, they hit you with a Dr's bill who is out of network but fail to tell you before hand. I'm pretty sure they check your insurance prior to going in. I don't and won't pay bills that weren't my choice. Would never go back.

Fethia Fethia

My son was in the Hospital from 29-5 the staff made a bad decisions something so simple, went so wrong now my son is suffering the family suffering all because negligence. take time to correct things you just had acknowledged what you did was wrong. you go back and do it the right way he was on that wound VAC for 12 hours he was in pain he let the nurse know that air was coming out his wound he felt uncomfortable through the pain he asked for the doctor multiple times i was a Witnesses being there as a mother and friend today he was ready to get discharged it came up an excuse ladies and gentlemen if a doctor has made a mistake or a bad decision would you feel comfort in a hospital after you've been asking for doctor's all day long after you have seen him suffer as a mother as a father as a friend who could do about these things and then the doctor is not acknowledge what he did wrong and then when you asked. Are everything being documented and it's a yes and he get discharge and ask for the medication and was told no that he was signed out on his own Now ladies and gentlemen you tell me if my son was suffering he was in pain the doctor had made the biggest mistake of his life due to his lack of interest in his patient you think I'm going to be in that hospital yes or no you do the math

Renee Conover

I have been a cancer patient at penn for the last five years. I have received the best care and I have had one of the best Doctors Douglass Beach. And his staff has been the best. I also have had breathing problems and have been in and out the hospital a number of times. Doctor Marr and her staff has been great also. Would recommend this hospital to anyone looking for a new hospital since another hospital closed. This is the place to good. Kind Doctors Nurses and support staff.

Mindy P

Hands down the best hospital in the area! They make your hospital stay so nice you don’t even want to leave! Good doctors, good care, kind people.

Nicole V

Fantastic ER staff, great hospital, quick visit without feeling rushed

melissa braber

I gave birth to my son six weeks ago and I'm thankful we chose Pennsylvania Hospital. I have few complaints and a ton of compliments. The staff is wonderful and I gave birth with the assistance of the midwives. Everyone was helpful and had a great attitude. I was kept very comfortable and my mother was very surprised at how nice my room was!

Diane towns-Lakomyj

Open heart surgery by efficient staff and the best cardiologist, Dr. David Ain and wonderful surgeon, Dr. Furakawa. Both actually saved my life. I just love them both!!

Anthony Leone

I recommend the University of PENN TO anyone especially the RON PEARLMAN CNT.

Brian Opila

My wife and I just had our first baby here. The facility and staff are top notch. We couldn't have been happier with our experience.

Antonio Cima

Hopefully you get one of the good nurses

H. Woodard

It's not what it used to be...

Annette Rivera

I gave birth on 5/16 with my daughter and it was the best experience ever. My labor came quick and when they checked me I was already 9cm dilated and contractions ever 2 minutes. I had a midwife Robin. She was so respectful to me. She explained everything and asked permission before she did anything. I had a natural birth with no pain meds and did skin to skin for an hour. I also roomed in with the baby. We also got a lot of help with breastfeeding from the lactation consultant and nurses. so different from my first birth experience at a different hospital. it was like a 180 and I wish I had my first child here. They treated me like a queen, they feed me and kept me hydrated the whole time I was there and I will definitely recommend this hospital to everyone.

Arrow NJ

careful, this hospital and system will try to bill the most they can even when they do not meet the required standards of care

Osvaldo Colon

Worthless hospital gotten better care and more professional care at cooper hospital in Camden. N.j. Penn medicine is about money bottom point . All that bragging on this hospital as one of the best until you will someday find out for your self one day that it all a hypocrite place . It's all about money and insurance digging.

Andrés Catalán

Michelle Adams

My son's hospital admission was the best medical care ever! The doctors and nurses were very professional and made us feel at home. I give five stars in every category you can think of!


Small hospital, you get a small community vibe from the staff. As in, they're very friendly and attentive. They made my stay comfortable.

Jurawan Technology

Had an emergency while on vacation and was treat so well and quick. I was in a room within 30 mins and well treated by kelly and magan. Doctor puttanniah was on point and attentive. Thank you for your help i feel much better and god bless you all

K Bailey

The doctors are rude and they treat their sickel cell patients like trash ,they need classes on how to talk to patients in any circumstance, horrible horrible stay every time

Carolyn Dubble

My son spent 3 days here and each day we received great personal care. We aren't from the area but would come back again because of they have the best doctors! The only negitive thought we have would be the directions given over the phone. The main entrance across from the parking garage is NOT located at 800 Spruce street.


My daughter delivered her son here and the staff was amazing. Just as amazing when I delivered all three of my children 26, 23 and 21 years ago. My daughters midwife, Sandra Donover CNM, is the best. Very pleasant, professional and above all a beautiful personality. She made this experience very satisfying. Also Steph and Jen were great. Thank you Pennsylvania Hospital for hiring such beautiful, loving souls!!

Lekeisha Lewis

We'll I had my baby girl there 16yrs ago an they were great with everything from mid wives to doctor to medicine

Nona Parker

Update 3/6 Just gave birth here last weekend and it was thee absolute worse experience ever !!! From beginning to end. Labor and delivery and post partum room... I was expecting sooo much more from this facility as they are known for delivering babies. But my experience was horrid, and I will never ever be returning here for another birth. The best experience I had here was one of my nurses named Erin. She was amazing , and I wish the entire staff could be like her! If you ever read this , thank you Erin for everything ❤️ Went for an ultra sound for my 1st pregnancy. Was so excited to get a copy of my ultrasound pics to share with family and friends, just for them to tell me the printer is broken because they have a "new" computer . What?? That made absolutely no sense . And now I don't have any memories of my 9week fetus to put in my pregnancy journal book. Will not be going to this radiology department again. How can they give ultrasounds out to mothers all day knowing will want a print out to take home. I was highly dissatisfied and disappointed . Needles to say, the staff were very nice . It was clean, and I was seen fast. So I give it a 2 star.

Lee Duncan

A family member ended up in ICU during which the family needed to make many decisions and understand many of the problems that were going on. The doctors and nurses were a bright beacon to sort us through the darkness. I found them not only professional and helpful, but human and friendly. Such kind words I'd also extend to the cornucopia of technicians and other specialists that were working hard for us. They were always well informed about the patient and our family and went out of the way to give us updates and discuss progress/set backs. I'll miss them when we are done here -- they joined us in prayer, felt scared with us, overjoyed with us, ate with us. No, everything was not perfect, but I cannot imagine how such a difficult time for my folks could have been better supported by a medical team. I'll always remember the kindness here -- the person I love was treated with love. and lastly, Parking was EXPENSIVE!!!!

Brian Wadsworth

Excellent Service.

Ellen SnyderDavidson

If you have to be in the hospital I know this is no ones favorite place but you can not get much better from dr’s to nurses, patient techs, admin staff, just a wonderful and caring staff If it was not for Dr Arlet and his staff I would of never been here a 2nd time in 6 month ! Thank you

Sheldon Miller

Super nice staff of nurses and doctors

Sarah Harrell

Horrible I had to go to the bathroom thank god my boyfriend was able to reach the liquid bags and take them down. All the nurses were just sitting at the desk doing nothing I would’ve pissed on myself if he wasn’t here. The emergeny maternity side is way better then the regular emergency.

فايزه الخالدي

(Translated by Google) The best hospital care and assistant and the crew work very cheerfully (Original) افضل مستشفى عنايه ومساعده والطاقم العمل جداً مرحين حبيتهم

Tenaj Alburg

I was seen by Doctor Hansell Sheri Anne on November 24th at 7am at the Pennsylvania Emergency Room. Dr. Hansell showed patient neglect, insensitivity and poor knowledge of other races backgrounds to make a proper diagnoses. When told to Dr.Hansell I cannot take naproxen or Motrin I was told there was nothing she could do. So I asked to speak with her superior who then gave me with a similar medication but one that would not upset my stomach. Dr.Hansell’s attitude showed she was insensitive to my medical issue. It’s important to diagnose the patient based off who the patient is not based off of a personal experience. And when giving me my note for work she then told me I will be fine to go back to work the same even though I was still in pain and she did not ask what kind of work I even do to say such a statement. Dr.Hansell was hostile and made me feel uncomfortable. I will be reporting her to the board of medicine.

Rachel Garber

Great hospital (the nation's first) now part of UPHS very friendly helpful staff. I get my mammograms and bone density scans here. Always voted among the best in the country.

Kayley Coons

I came in with an asthma attack late in the night. The waiting room was empty, and intake was fast. I got treatment, x-rays and a prescription remarkably quickly, and all staff were friendly, professional, and explained what they were doing and what was going on with me. Hopefully I don't have to go back, but if I had too, I'd return here.

Maria Rodriguez

This is the best from the time you enter to time you leave. The staff are very friendly. Where ever you walk they either say good morning ot hi to you. I like it here cause they treat you like a person not as a patient. The staff make you feel very comfortable here.

Ginji Strife

Can't get addresses correct, cant schedule appointments correctly, seem to always have an issue when it comes to helping my mother. Thank you for having a ghost schedule us. Because apparently you have workers giving fake names when they don't know what's going on.

Denise Iezzi

Not good for E r.


We had to take my 82 year old father (Lee Zollo) to the ER at 830 pm on Wednesday, 20 August 2019 because he fell on his head. I want to praise the ER Staff. Everyone was professional and went out of their way to help us. I want the below list of your employees to be recognized for their hard work and professionalism. Pennsylvania should be proud to have the following employees. Dr Preblick, Mark McKinney ER transport, Andrew Cosmelli, X-ray and Sabina (I think she was a nurse but I didn’t get her last name.) and the security guard at the entrance of the ER but I didn’t get his name. Keep up the good work Pennsylvania Hospital you have a great staff and should be very proud of them. They went above and beyond what they had to do for us.

Cyndy Walls

I have nothing but great things to say about PA hospital and it's staff. I spent 9 months at the Abramson Center and felt very well taken care of. I read some of the other comments and I can identify with some of the things that were said. Yes the Emergency Care Unit can be slow, but i don't know of an Emergency Care Unit that isn't. I have learned you get what you put out. I make it a point to be kind and thoughtful to all; even when I feel my worst. In return, I get a great response and people tend to bend over backwards to help me.

Eric Lee

The nurses were very kind and helpful. The quality of the health care is one of the best in the nation.


The reputation doesn't live up to the level of service for the Emergency Room. Expect to wait for most of the day/night, unless you're near death.

Leah Jones

Had my daughter here 6years ago & was treated so good , I love this hospital

Jessica Smith

This is not the hospital I will be delivering in, but I had to go here when I was in a lot of pain while pregnant with twins. Everyone from the intake receptionist, all of the nurses, and the doctor were amazing!! I was so impressed by everyone, that I just had to write this review. It turns out I was just having muscle spasms, but they made me feel comfortable the entire time and not at all silly for coming in! Michele was my nurse - 20 years of experience and one of the best nurses I ever had in a hospital!

David Boyko

My wife and I are both patients in the PennSystem and have had uniformly great experiences both on the Campus and in Radnor.Unfortunately,our recent experience at Pennsylvania Hospital could not have been more different.A retired Cardiologist myself,I was shocked by the appalling lack of respect for patients I witnessed when I took my wife to an Out Patient appointment at the Orthopedic department. My wife,a new patient , had an appointment for 11AM but wasn't seen by the MD until 12.50 PM!She was kept waiting 50 minutes in the waiting area and an additional hour in the exam room.While in the exam room, she popped her head out to try and find someone she could ask about the wait.She saw a group of HC professionals eating lunch,including a Physician Assistant who had been in her exam room briefly earlier. When my wife asked the PA when she could expect to see the MD the answer was"I don't know".When the MD finally came into the exam room my wife recognized him as one of the group she had seen eating,alongside the PA.To add insult to injury,when someone called the MD while he was with my wife,he told the caller he "took lunch in 3 minutes or less,standing up" right in front of my wife! Yes,we all need to eat.But this experience showed an appalling disrespect for patients.Such poor communication and sense of entitlement would be unacceptable in my view at any leading medical institution but particularly in one with the Penn logo.We will be going elsewhere for Orthopedic care.

andrew jacob

There is so much good to say about this hospital it is hard to decide where to begin. I am most impressed with the wall of plaques naming every resident physician going back to the 1760s! And the food — cafeteria and bedside —was much better than what I’ve experienced elsewhere. But what really counts — the staff (starting with the receptionists at the entrance) — was friendly, confident, supportive, and capable. What more can I say?

Amy Marie

I delivered all 6 of my children at Pennsylvania Hospital. For 4 of my kids I had the same nurse. Her name was Michele. She was an amazing nurse. She helped me get through each birth with her kind words and inspiration. She never gave up on me and was there at my every call, never had to wait on her. She constantly checked on me and my husband. Michele is one of the best nurses I’ve came across in a very long time. She takes the time to get to know her patients and treats them as real people. You can see in her eyes how much she loves her job. Michele is amazing, loving, and so kind hearted. I truly believe if it was not for her I would have never of been able to give birth to my last 4 babies especially my very last one. I really hope she gets to see this message and I want to try and nominate her for a daisy award. If any nurse deserves it, it is her . She never skipped a beat. If I could give her 100 stars I would.

Bach Tram

The nurses and doctors are among the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. They made sure that my family and I were comfortable and took excellent care of my dad. Despite the pain he was experiencing, he smiled every time the nurses or the doctors came to check on him. The staff were very well informed and could explain any questions we had. They were quick to respond despite their many responsibilities and happy to do so.

nailah Brown

I love this hospital I had my daughter here and had to end up getting a c section my first ever when I say they took very good care of me and made sure that they met all my needs and shout out to whoever my doctor was because I barely have a scar at all I have one of the best non existing c section mark I ever seen in my life literally nothing there. I am currently pregnant and I’ll be delivering here once again. Best hospital so far that I have delivered at and I have 5 kids

Danny Howlett

Great hospital E R nurse Claudette and Chris who got us A wheel chair for my Dad went above and beyond what is expected thank you to A great staff all around

Korinne M Jackman

Partial meniscectomy with outstanding ortho surgeon Dr. Zgonis. From the second I pulled up to the entrance, I was treated with the utmost respect and care, from the valet, to admissions, to the pre-op/post-op floor and the operating suites, everyone was friendly, compassionate, and professional. It's a state-of-the-art facility in a gold standard health system. I feel very fortunate to be taken care of by such an outstanding team. This is what healthcare SHOULD be.

Ashley Dibartolomeo

They help me alot so so i just have to get better my therapist super helpful

Capri Devito

I usually brag about Pennsylvania but over the past few years it's been going down hill as far as their employees. They will give u a lack of attention and/or treatment and will put the blame on the doctors or being over worked.

Angelo Bucci

I have to say it’s such a disgrace that only 3 people are allowed in the room with the mother! A parent can’t even see their child! I thought that children had 2 sets of parents and a father! This is a policy that certainly has to be changed!

Maha Subaie

I gave birth in this hospital . And it was the worst experience in my whole life !!! I supposed to have a natural birth; however, there were two students with the doctor and the students trying with me to take the baby out and suddenly the doc wasn’t there ! And the students change my position while the head of the baby is almost out they told me it’s good for you! It will make it easier, and the baby go inside my belly again :( so the pressure and the heart beating was not ok !! Another doctors came and did for me a S- section to get the baby out! I was not okkk ! So hard. After a while I had bleeding so much. When I went to the emergency they told me there is a Part of the placenta didn’t come out! And i have heard that if you had a C- section, your uterus must be completely clean. I will never go back to this hospital): I wish that I could rate them lower than one star.

Tisha smith

I am overdue and at this point I don't even want to have my baby here nor even get induced here. Back in February my privacy was violated while in the Petu department. When I say that I'm still bothered by it, I'm really baffled by it. I have been a patient at Pennsylvania hospital and clinics for many years and when I say I never want to get any more care from any of their affiliates I mean it. It wasn't up until my privacy was violated (Penn petu dept), a crnp lying on notes and me feeling disrespected by her (Ludmir Center), not getting my permission or even informing me of things I were getting tested for (sure just take all the little blood I do have) and even being misdiagnosed (Wood clinic). There is so much more that I can't fully get into however, I am completely done with Pennsylvania and all of its affiliates. Thank you to all of the staff that have been amazing over the years. The ceo need to sit down and re-evaluate and provide additional training to many of its employees. It has truly gotten horrible over the years.

Christine Heitzman

I love this hospital.


Penn Hospital interventional radiology is TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!!!! Made an appointment at this department three separate times and every-time the appointment is ignored. Waiting hours after hours to get service for a Chemo Patient is disgraceful. No compassion or consideration for the Chemo Patient or the family who sits around and wait for hours with zero explanation. Dawn who does scheduling i assume is clueless, unorganized and that is short of words. Where is management who over see this. Leadership starts from the top. It show what type of leadership is running this department. HORRIBLE !!!!!!

Lauren Cohen

I had my daughter (my first) here in 2017. I was induced on a Thursday at 41 wks and she ultimately arrived on a Saturday, so I can speak to a breadth of amazing staffers who were attentive, positive, and kept me calm when I don't think I've been more scared in my whole life... for 3 days. I appreciated their 'real talk' with me rather than sugar coating everything (i.e.- the next step is that we're going to break your water... if you want to feel some pain... don't get the epidural now. If you don't want any pain... get the epidural and then we'll break your water). My epidural also wore off and I appreciated that they heard me and got the anesthesiologist back to fix the dosage or re administer... fuzzy by that point. In recovery, I can't say enough about our nurse- Sara! She was with us for 3 of the hardest day of my life (sleep deprived, painful, constant visitors and terrified of messing it up)... and she really lifted my husband and my spirits while taking great care of me. As I anxiously await the arrival of my 2nd, I wish I could have him here too, but we've relocated out to the burbs... and the delta of care is noticeable as the bar was set high and I didn't even know/appreciate it at the time. The only missing star goes out to billing. I didn't get a single invoice for the birth of my daughter until she was 16 months old! Good thing we like her :-).

Peter Furlong

i love this place, it has the best caring nurses and doctor's of all the hospitals i've been too, they dont try to just push you out or get rid of you from the emergency room, they really show care and concern and want to get to the root of the problem, also unlike other hospital they treat you the same regardless if you medical insurance


The admissions agent passed over me twice in favor of others.

Robert Denny

Good l & D has been great

Tawanna Clark

I just want to say I had the best of the best team from the emergency room to labor & delivery. I will never forget the team that took great care of me my daughter & my family. My situation was very sad & tragic but they treated me no different. I can’t say thanks enough. 01/03/19 (

Alexa Guiles

Absolutely amazing staff!! Doctors and nursing actually take the time to listen to you and genuinely care about what you have to say. Wonderful bedside manor. Have been to this ER several times and each time have been very well taken care of. I can't say enough great things about this hospital! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!

Joanne Shaffer

Has Surgery on January 11th 2019 had the worst experience I ever had a second back surgery and nurse and house Doctor treated me like I was a addict, pain meds wasn’t helping I asked for a shot in my iv cause the pain was horrible and I couldn’t deal anymore, they released me when I couldn’t urinate , I have a large cut on my butt cheek!

Charles Gray


Miriam Barry

one of the best hospitals in the world they took good care of my mom on 4-21-76 the day I was born.

halima peru

Waited in the Liberty Lounge for 12 and a half hours to hear what room my mother was transported after post-op, told she was still in post-op only to find out she was in her room for 3 hours can't be a great way to run a hospital, it just can't. Also told a release time that occurred 3 hours later, no space to sit or stand in the room while visiting, had to stand in the hallway and nurse asked "are you claustrophobic".

Jesse Bautista

Lack of communication. Lack of care. Lack of knowledge. Lack of ability to listen to patient. MD ED was Lord, Kito M.D. I explained on, Dec. 29th of 2016, throughly that famiy history has sciatica issue. I personally been dealing with pain for many yrs. Sharp pain down lower back to right leg and pain is now worse on left side of lower back and leg. M.D. Kito Lord misdiagnosed my issue as a "pulled muscle". I have, since then, went to a real professional, and been diagnosed with a pinched sciatica. M.D. Lord, Kito should not be working as an M.D. and giving false diagnosis. During my visit, I was never taken for a xray or mri. My visit was processed and discharged too fast. I WILL be seeking a lawyers' advice on the M.D.'s false diagnosis. Are M.D. ED doctors educated properly or is it the little knowledge and big checks are these doctors after?

terrie brandolini

On April 27th 2019 I Had to be Air Lifted to University of Penn Medicine for a Brain Bleed! I had never been admitted to a hospital before in my 57 yrs! I spent 11 days in the Neuro ICU! My Care was Outstanding Professional and caring! I couldn't have asked for more considering I was in a life and death situation! they treated me with Dignity my Nurses were Amazing and so helpful and caring! My Doctors were excellent! I came out the other side being part of the 10% that have no Nuer issues after having a Brain Bleed! 60% don't make it to the hospital and die! 30% have Neuro issues! Thank You U Penn for taking such great care of me! I would tell anyone to go to this Hospital! #1 in my Book! Dr. Zegar was my Doctor he and his team of Doctors and nurses are best in the World to me!

Shirlee Scott


Inspired Heroes

After surgery on my right knee, doctors decided to place a brace on my right leg to keep my leg straight for proper healing.of the knee. On day two I woke up in excruciating pain. The nurse team shouted that they gave me all they could and left me in agonizing pain. I couldn’t bear anymore pain so I cut open the straps of my leg brace and had immediate relief! As I began taking the brace off, I realized the brace was digging into the swelling - or perhaps the swelling wad grown over the brace. Anyway, with a pain level of 9 and various bruisings on the knee.

Andreina Hein

I delivered my first child at this hospital in December 2016. I found the medical staff from nurses to residents to doctors to have their own agenda to push medication and get you in and out through the system. They did not believe in having the patient be well informed and part of the decision making process in their own care. I had to fight and advocate to be medically treated the way I wanted to be and ask a million questions to be given full information that they should freely provide to all patients. The lack of communication and follow-through was persistent through discharge and my postpartum care. I had to make 4 to 5 phone calls to follow up and get the at home nursing visit I was promised. I never received an apology or a call back from the hospital social worker or anybody at the hospital. I now find out 4 weeks later the hospital never filed my child's birth with the division of vital records. I have no birth certificate and no social security card and hence am not able to add her to my medical insurance. I would NOT recommend this hospital. At every step of the way each person blamed somebody else deflecting responsibility on others and on the fact that they were "so busy". Unless you're having a baby when nobody else in the world is and you have their attention I would not deliver here.

William Fritz

This is by far my favorite hospital in the city of Philadelphia. The staff are not only very friendly and helpful but are very respectful. Many hospitals don't listen to what the patient says and come to their own conclusions, but they work with the patient in making them feel better. Hospital is often mistaken with UPenn, but should stand out with their own stellar reputation.

George Lutz

Its historical ambience is tangible yet the modernized first class treatment from the Doctors is ahead of our times.

Andrew Spagna

Great hospital and great doctors and nurses.

kader K2R

I like it

Carl Barberi

BEWARE!!! If you have a baby at this hospital they will charge you TWICE for the delivery! Once for you and secondly for the baby! If you have a large deductible with your insurance, like we do, they count your baby as separate from you and you will pay the full deductible on your baby, as well as your own deductible. This means, for us, we paid the $1,000 deductible for myself, plus $1,000 deductible for the baby, plus co-insurance after the deductible. SHOP AROUND!! Ask the hospital before you deliver there if they will charge separately for baby! This is NOT industry standard! And they started this more recently because I gave birth to my first child at this hospital and only paid once. Typically, the baby is included in the mother's charges, NOT charged separately. I wish I had known this going in. I would not have delivered here if I had known I would be paying nearly $1,400 extra! They don't care about people, just their bottom line.

Lisa Henderson

Pennsylvania Hospital is the best hospital, with outstanding nurses, doctors and aides. Pennsylvania Hospital and their doctors literally saved my life...and I won't go to no other hospital!


My oldest daughter had surgery & care there. The nursing staff as well as all the employees were fantastic. ps, and the surgeon ,Dr.s & staff were impeccable ....!

Rob Szam

Regular rooms they cant get their story straight and your really sick that you have to fight with them to go to icu and they admitted that they are wrong. Icu floor they Work hard and much caring. When you have a bipap machine thats new to the hospital, they will use it to test you as a guinea pig. And you have to fight with them on getting a new machine from oxygen company. Lung doctor told my wife she wasnt wearing her bipap machine and she was. It was that he assumed , and the modem wasnt connected on his end. So he lied.

Steve Sillman

Ivy League

Michelle King

Love this hospital maternity ward is great had 3 of my children here and plan to have another 1 here this year

Nelson Orellana

(Translated by Google) It was not as we expected and we expected more it was lousy nor the navel let me cut and other things mad (Original) No fue como esperavamos y nosotros esperavamos mas fue pésimo ni el ombligo me dejaron cortar y otas cosas mad


Amazing hospital

Connie Harrington

Surgery went very well and lasted from 7:30-12:15. Surgeon spoke to me and reported it went very well. I was extremely disappointed patient was in recover room for 5 hours. When I called to ask why recovery room nurse, Alexa, said he was in recovery room so long b/c she did not know he had a paralyzed diaphragm. When I asked why she did not know, she replied “No one told me.” Very disappointed with the lack of communication. Spoke to nurse coordinator and asked the same question. On May 10 at 5:30, she replied she would get right back with me. Today is May 13, 2019. And I have not heard from. Eventually patient went to ICU, was very well taken care of and now has been moved to a regular room and is still alive. My concerns are with communications. I can’t stay & be with him as an advocate.

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