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REVIEWS OF Penn Presbyterian Medical Center IN Pennsylvania

H Willi

I've been to the hospital before, not all but most of the staff were great. the emergency room gets a 2. period. improve that Penn Presbyterian .

Kathy Klein

Many years ago we lingered in the ER with a cancer patient for 6 hours while the whole neighborhood went through with stomach problems or something similar. Now another relative is back and the care in the regular hospital is shocking. We have had interactions with 2 residents that were... well, less than sharp They told our very anxious critically ill family member WRONG information that freaked her out. Good thing someone was there to catch their mistake. The security is appalling. They are more interested in their phones than in checking in visitors. May as well not be there. Seriously, I know NO ONE that is satisfied with this hospital or the "professionals" that work there. They must be working off a past reputation.

Micah Hart

These guys are the most efficient pharmacy I've ever been to AND I have found them super helpful and responsive on each occasion where I've needed something beyond the norm (i.e. Handling coupons or getting extra syringes).

Ebony Covington

The WORST hospital evvveeerrrr so unprofessional I will never attend this hospital again

Angel Hadlock

Made an appointment online, was seen right away. Super nice people in the waiting room and the doctor was great as well. I will definitely go back for any urgent care needs in the future.

Shanelle Pannell

My mother got there last night a little after 11pm with pains in here chest, ribs, stomach, and pelvis. When I left it was 2:45 this morning. When I called back to see if they had put her in a room they told me that she was still in the ER and that they was sending her home. Well when I got there they had her sitting in the chair waiting for me to pick her up. She went home in the same pain that she was in when she got there last night

Youcef Kada

They say , they are the first Hospital of the nation , and i say you are first thieves of the nation..

Daarina Najiy

Mali Tom

I've been here all day. I watched nurses change shifts and I still hadn't been called back. This is the 2nd time I have been at this place for so long and had to literally walk out. Without being seen I had been there for 6 hours because of a heart problem I will never recommend this ER to anyone your better of trying to go somwhere further even if it's an emergency. So disappointed in Penn. Again. Btw the good ratings for this place is from the nurses that work there so don't be fooled by 5 stars!


Excellent hospital

Princeton west Windsor taxi service

good driving

Yuzhe Zhao

Have been waiting for more than 9 hours

Anais Morgan

The fact that I’m using my last 5% battery to write this complaint from Lankenau’s ER says a lot. As a healthcare professional I was seriously disappointed and ended up leaving without even being seen by a physician. Seven hour wait times for “emergencies” are just not acceptable.

Sarah Finocchiaro

B Burg

Terrible signage, directions from personnel were erroneous over and over, difficult to find public rest rooms, non-compliant rest room door knobs, food before noon in cafeteria unpleasant, no idea what kind of cardboard muffin I had two bites of. I have been to many hospitals/testing facilities/physicians office buildings and this was by far my worst experience. I was sent literally on a twenty minute circular endeavor just to get to my procedure. First directed to wrong entrance, then to wrong area for test and registration was bypassed, then had to back track all the way back to entrance and beyond to register. Steps then retraced to procedure site. Only rest room near that was locked. Back on first floor only rest room had a door that did not lock...thus I walked in on another person . Finally found, after much direction , a public restroom in a patient area. It had round door knobs...mostly impossible to open without touching them with hands. Then another long and winding route to elevators. There is an entrance close to parking garage....but this was not disclosed when directions were given to me when appointment was made. Much of the run around would have been avoided had I been directed there as this is where registration is located. All personnel were pleasant and tried to be helpful. However, most of them were nearly as lost as I was in relation to locations of anything. My half day at this facility was very unpleasant. The $10 parking fee was outrageous, as well. I would strongly advise against using this location at Penn med.

Lisa Leff

Steph Bender

Dr Korus was dissmisive of my pain and lacked experience or knowledge of my condition. Nurses were great! However did not trust his decisions.

Lauraetta Austin


Kelle Thomas

Three stars. One because penn medicine is the best. Was seen in triage fairly quickly, and had blood work and ekg in triage. But after that you Have to wait hours just to be taken back to a room. Slowest ER I've ever been too.

KingReese Chasten

Manjeet Kaur

Anne McMahon

Never saw a Dr !!!!

Monica Johnson

My daughter is a patient at Penn Presbyterian Luis Anzalone on call physician has been very ignorant and disrespectful first he came in her room because she is big he automatically assumed she had beriatric surgery talking about oh how she get this big why she get the surgery was she having health issues when all alone my baby had major surgery and it had nothing to do with her weight than he gets mad because she was in constant pain and I was asking him for break through pain medication he tells me I’m stressing my daughter out when she is constantly calling me crying in pain he had the nerve to tell me to leave and do not come back call my daughter on the phone I told him he lost his mind this Dr is horrible I pray nobody encounters what my family have with him

Nakisha Butler

Horrible and dirty..

Ali Jazayeri

I would like to give a ZERO star if that was an option. The ER was the worst experience of an ER that I've ever had in any developed or developing country. There was no care provided that I want to write about the quality of care and I am so sorry for all those people from the low socio-economic classes that have no choice but to go to this terrible place. No doubt that there is no customer relationship management in place that the "care-providers" allow themselves to behave in such an inappropriate manner.

josh Copeland

Im sitting in a room that is below zero. Why bring me into examination room, if no doctor is available yet? ?

Sara Pajouhanfar

Anita Kendall

Waited 8 hours in the Er , I was never seen.

Michael Zhou

To me, Presbyterian seemed in the rejected, dark corner of the Penn Medicine system. I arrived at the ER at 2PM and checked in. Was directed to Triage around 4PM. Waited for service and was finally admitted into the hospital room at 11PM. There I spent until 1AM until I was discharged (probably 20 minutes of speaking time with doctors). Got home at 2AM. 9 hour waiting time from check-in. The ER waiting room was the textbook example of poor patient care. Nearly every seat was occupied squeezing dozens of sick people together, names of patients were barked out haphazardly and often missed, and there was no water— I repeat— no water available for patients. Unless, maybe you wanted to use the warm-hot tap water in the bathroom (bring a water bottle in the case you want to risk it). They had a vending machine, but obviously water bottles were a hot commodity because they were sold out / empty. The triage nurse talked back rudely when I complained on behalf of half a dozen people. At around 8PM, a nearby old lady in a wheelchair was vomiting vehemently in the waiting room. At around 9PM, she was still vomiting. The experience waiting to get inside the ER was all-round sad, but I must respectfully thank the staff INSIDE the room, as well as security guards outside who helped. Hopefully Penn can pick up their act for this ER, which is massively underfunded and understaffed at this point in time.

Timothy H

These people saved my life after I went into cardiac arrest. They literally brought me back to life although the chances of me surviving was only 20%. I cannot stress enough the amount of care and skill that was committed to my recovery. THANK YOU

Joseph Ranonis

I was refered here by the VA hospital after a nasty fall that damaged a disc in my upper back. Only spent one night in Neurolgical ICU, but have to say, the staff, especially the two RN's that cared for me, where professional, knowledgeable and friendly, thanks Penn.

Choc Lit

Only gave this hospital a one because I couldn't put nothing lower than that terrible nasty dirty ignorant and lie about test results.


You can not go wrong with the institution, best medical care, and facilities possible, true that some of the staff are truly disappointing, some appear to be forced to hold a job, but I guess that's the nature of the beast, and we have to learn to live with it, some people that write horrible reviews are demanding in nature, usually the kind of people that are good for nothing anyway...

James Hodrick

Its sucks you never get through your die first

Rob Szam

Gwendolyn Hagen

I absolutely love this hospital the staff are very kind hearted and respectful they actually go out of their way to make sure your OK anytime I have a medical emergency I go here.... They come highly recommended from me!!!! But I also understand that not everyone has the same experiences but I am a strong believer that you get treated the way that you treat others....

Steve McKinley

Excellent care (In twice for heart issues)

Peggy Ingram

Don't go to this facility for a joint replacement as the goal of the hospital is to keep opiates from patients both inpatient and post-op. Penn's "multi modal approach" to pain management basically means that your post-op pain regimen is mostly over the counter meds; extra strength tylenol and Celebrex. Patients aren't treated as individuals regarding pain meds. Otherwise my stay was fine but if you choose this hospital be prepared for the worst pain imaginable after surgery.

Danielle Dawson

This place is were you want to go amazing doctors nurses financial department they will help you get your visit paid if you do not have insurance!!!!

Kevin Mack

Kyra Gan

Been to 2 EDs on the East Coast. The first one would charge $300 for a single pill, but this one would charge $1536 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you think the first one is ridiculous, then this one is greedy beyond your imagination :(

tanya m


Accra Zuberi

Adam B.

Went to their ER on a Monday at 11:30am with excruciating pain from a kidney stone that had been confirmed through a CAT scan two days before. Waiting in their lobby for 6.5 hours doubled over in agony. Finally left without being seen. Dogs get better treatment at kennels than that.


The 5th floor nurses station lost my $3,000 dentures. Repeated attempts to be compensated for them proved unsuccessful.

Mark Lewis

Great 14yrs

Cathy garrity

They took good care of my Luis he had

Daveena Pratt

Very clean, and proficient with medical care

Robert Egan

Excellent and friendly service for inpatient cardiac surgery. Almost everyone went out of their way to be helpful. Answered every question and addressed every concern.

LifeofQueen Cee

Going through so much pain in the er and this my second time in a week being here because they're too lazy to do their job and they will have you waiting for hours. I know someone who works here and can't believe that it's like this here even after through this more than once. Will be going to another hospital of nothing gets done here.

Kim Long

Went to ER after being struck by a car. Sent to trauma unit wear everyone was so calming and thoughtful. Had surgery and woke up on trauma unit. Doctors, nurses, aides, physical therapists, and even the dietician could not have e done more to help me. Very thorough and caring. Thank you

A Rose

I had my first surgical procedure done today. I'm 35. It was an outpatient procedure and I had anesthesia. I had the kindest, sweetest, most attentive nurses at every step in the process. I left feeling choked up at how nice the staff was to me. My recovery nurse Jerry made me coffee before I left just to be nice. I couldn't ask for a better experience. I had contact with at least 10 staff from nurses to My doctor and all of them were warm and kind to me. All the staff were thorough. Highly recommend this place. If you are someone who goes to the ER for a cold, have poor manners, or entitlenent issues it is likely you will have a bad experience in any hospital.

Master Street

The Emergency Room was great! Had no problems in there. When I was admitted, my room was filthy. I spent two hours with disinfecting wipes cleaning the room. And the pharmacy took six hours to straighten out an issue with a prescription. I had to supply my own medication and fight to get my supply returned to me. I really think I would have gotten better care at dirty, closing, could not care less about their patients Hahnemann


My dad had a heart attack and was taken here . This was beyond the worst experience. After he awoke the nurses neglected him which then he developed an eye infection which they gave eye drops . Still didn't help his eyes he is still bad and can't read , we are now taking him to an eye doctor. When he finally got down to a lower unit the nurses were a little bit nicer .. but still when he called they didn't come and had him waiting an hour before he could shower with supervision . What really got me is when we visited during shift changes and the nurse he had he asked for something left and went home and didn't tell anyone to help him . This is the worst experience my family had and we won't be coming back ever .

Lori Huntsinger

Thanks for all you do! You saved my grandmother’s life! She was airlifted from Virtua and taken right to the Cath lab. The staff on the CVICU have been great from the physicians, nurses to the housekeepers.

lion g

It is the worst place ever attempted !!!!!!!!! I want talk first about the SECURITY STAFF in the entrance : they treat people like a waist , no respect , nonprofessional and they have attitude , I attent the hospital with my wife that she was sick and the staff treat us very badely waiting for the registration ( happened may 12 , at 6:50 pm ) . After we were waiting 4hours and 20 minutes just to see the doctor despite my wife was bleeding . I try to explain the emergency of my wife but no one care about ..... never go to this place again .... it is the WORST EMERGENCY in Philadelphia

Bernard jakksen

I found Penn Medical Center, associated with The University Of Pennsylvania, a great teaching school. While a patient there a few years ago, I was asked to speak to a A group of student doctors who were making hospital rounds. When they entered my room I noticed the were wide-eyed an eager to hear what I had for them. My message was, To develop a pleasant bedside manner. Treat patients and if they were your loved ones. And never, ever question a person’s faith in God. My words were received and were greatly appreciated. Later, some students returned to thank me for the words of wisdom, and admitted, that listening to wise words are a part of the teaching method

Bill Rudolph

Great staff. Caring and knowledgeable

Brett P

Highly recommend this hospital for any surgical procedure. The doctors and trained medical staff are very professional and caring.

Louise Sorrells

Terran Tine

was in on 4-11 for a pretty extensive surgery. dr/ent did a great job. I give credit to the nurse staff that made my stay as comfortable as possible. the dietary department also went out of their way to make me comfortable at the time, could only eat certain items. all staff were courteous, respectful and did what they could to make my visit as comfortable as possible. don't remember the nurse name while in icu, but have a bone to pick with her. needless to while, while there I was bagged, couldn't get out of bed to use the restroom. well, at the time of tube/balloon removal, she was to count to 3 before taking out. she cheated and pulled on 2. lol all staff were good to me, no complaints.

lovelace daniels

Care for Patients with

Stacey Jones

im baffled by some of these reviews, this is a level one trauma center where the most injured or ill are seen as a priority. it is also located in one of the poorest sections of the city where the er is utilized as a pcp office and not so much as an emergent unit. in my case my mother was seen promptly and cared for with compassion. yes the waiting room may have been crowded but i saw the staff move quickly and efficiently to accomodate so many. the wait was not a factor becasue it is an emergency room where LIVES are being SAVED and since they are treating anything from the sniffles to gunshot victims the wait is miniscule. believe me, ive been to so many other ED in the city and nothing only complaint is the parking but what can you do its the city.

Salih Tolga Ozaslan

ER is so slow... Average waiting time is 6 hours. One lose step in healthy and leave sick from this health center.

Nicole Bervine

The worst! in the ER waiting having a heat stroke and no one cares!


HORRIBLE !! The worst ER that I have ever been to.I had to wait for 7 hours while I was in pain . Never got to see doctor because I left by disappointment I will NEVER go there again

Jacy B

Unbelievably terrible emergency room waiting experience.

Charles Gorgol

I guess if you're looking for a dining experience or to go to the bathroom maybe there are better places. However, if you're having a life-threatening emergency then there are no better places in this world to be. I can speak from personal experience. They saved my life and are saving others everyday. I will be forever grateful for their hard work, intelligence and dedication.

Shinel Rivera

My grandmother had no choice but to come here! Let me start at the “door” we enter the emergency room with the emergency room having gum stuck on the chairs and the floor full of trash. Now in the room, after waiting for 20 minuets for them to clean it. The hamper was still full of the last person sheets and what ever else! Just disappointed after all the money they spent on a NEW ER they forget to change the culture.

Charlette Baquero

I had a terrible accident and I was treated very poorly they had woke me up while I was still under whatever sedative they gave me which they failed to disclose with me. They had put the IV in wrong which caused my arm to swell up and ended up having to go back to a different hospital for proper treatment. They also failed to tell me they had put staples in my head and did not put it on my discharge papers where and when I should be getting them taken out. It was by far the worst treatment I have ever received at any medical facility. I have also heard how this is the hospital that they bring people to die at due to the fact the do not take care of patients properly. I could go on and on but I think I’ve said enough. WORST HOSPITAL IN PHILADELPHIA!

Louis Mattiacci

Bottom line .Me and another patient were treated badly. Doctor over looked siss on the back of injured knee.His intern spotted it and said it was run off water from injured knee. Not to worry. Well I'm worrying. After the Doctor. Isrealite 4 or5 mins. With me he gave me my first and last cortisone shot in knee. The pain is 10x worse before I stepped into his office. He's money motivated. Try to push a knee replacement on me the whole time in his and a nice lady were punishes for being late to last appointment and made us wait 3 hours because they fail to notify us a day before appointment.Not a good way to run a business.You fell like cattle. They truly show No concern for you Health. They can Kiss my Italian #SS GOODBYE !!!! NON PROFESSIONAL TO THE TEE !!!! IT SEEMS like it runs in the orthopedic field. This wasn't my first bad experience with these money HUCKSTERS !!!!

Maxine Brown

The Doctors and Surgeons at the Trauma Center are knowledgeable in their fields of practice and their “Team Work” was impeccable!!! (thumbs up)...

Tony Longobardi

Very friendly, helpful staff. Clean facility.

Nero Tús

Very bad hospital

Salina Riddick

Horrible hospital waiting room is cramped and dirty the wait alone was appalling if u want terrible service this is ur place otherwise I strongly advise u to not go there!!

Jeanette Tyson

This hospital is great the doctors and nurses are super nice.

Carlene Bowers

My sister was lovingly cared for by the physician and nursing staff. The ICU Trauma Unit on the 4th floor (room 4013) were exceptional. I have had many hospital experiences for myself and love ones and nothing can ever compare to the work done here. In my sisters last stages of life they made her feel like she was at home and they allowed family to spend quality time with her. Thank you to the one nurse who went above and beyond as he cared for my sister. He enabled me to say goodbye to her using SKYPE because I live 7 hours away. Thank You Angels of Mercy!

Cooldude Awesome

I remember I broke my neck a few years ago and they fix me up and like a week and a half later I didn't need any neck brace and all every one nurses , doctors and everyone else was so nice my neck was so bad that doctors and nurses from 2 different hospitals were suprised I wasn't dead or paralyzed I had to be flown in and they went to taking care of me right away everyone seemed to know what they were doing

Mark Garcia

Had surgery to repair my broken clavicle and elbow here. Great staff, beautiful building, amazing atmosphere.

Amber Kuhn

Horrible place! Go somewhere else any where else has got to be better then here. My sister was treated so poorly its ridiculous! Had anesthesia and cardiac oblation and they sent her on her way after 5 hours , she was still lupy from anesthesia. The nurses were completely awful and made her life hell the entire time! So disgusted at the negligence at this center!

Daniel Roberts

The care I received was very good the nurses are very kind and sweet and they make you feel like your on a vacation

Thaiyanah Day

I would like to know why is this hospital still open it’s blood all over the bathroom that’s a major health concern ! I wish I could upload the photos. Everything and everyone here is a mess the management team should be embarrassed

Baraki Baraki2

The worest hospital ever . Just to see a physician 2:30 hour . It is a rediculous!! Shame on them!! All employee starting from house keeping, are so rude. They don't know how to treat and talk the patient.

Raymondsma Jinkins

They stole something personal of mines that has nothing to do with my personal health its blue the sercity staff stole it god don't like thieves and lied about the I.A.S .

Richard Portnow

Clean Professional relaxing helpful... good food ... p.s. no junk food... 108

Jason Andes

I have to say I see a GI specialist there Dr Osterman. He is absolutely fantastic. I drive almost 3 hours to get there for appointments and check ups. I feel he saved my life and think very highly overall of the hospital. They are far more advanced then my local one. Also I spent about a week in the hospital there as well with all good employee feedback for the most part too. Now its not the fanciest hospital by any means but quality drs and nurses. The only thing I hate about going is the part of driving thru Philly traffic and the crowded city. Hospital is A+++++

Michele Mercer

Never will I come to this Emergency Room again!! I'm so shocked this hospital is associated with my Surgeon and University of Penn! This was this worst experience of my life they basically kicked me out before they even saw my XRays. I was so upset with the way the nurse practitioner was talking to me she saw my face and how I had to bit my tongue that she tries to soften of approach!! Her Name was Denise. I pay for insurance for a reason!! Denise does not belong in the ER!! When you are hurting or in pain and need assistance the Emergency Department is suppose to be there when you have an EMERGENCY!! THE FILTHY RESTROOMS AND THE RUDE STAFF MADE THIS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

Devon Estes


David Pickett

Great Cardio care!

christopher vega

Great experience. Great staff. From check in till check out. Every level of entry was great. They treated me with respect and was friendly. Had to stay for treatment for 4 days. And would like to thank all doctors for treatment and especially day and night staff of nurses and assistants for treating me like they would treat their family. From the day crew to overnight crew. You guys were amazing. Thanks.


God Bless Oncologist Dr Evan Alley and his entire team for their expert chemo treatments- dignity and respect thank you Stewart Family

Adam Lerner, Host of The Learn with Lerner Show

The doctors this hospital are some of the best you'll ever find. After returning to the hospital from living in Florida for 12 years, I have found the best specialist doctors I have ever found. My Team of Doctors have dramatically improved my quality of life with multiple medical issues including a severe debilitating chronic illness. I highly recommend this hospital to anyone and give them 5 stars because they're care is the best you will find in Philadelphia and all of eastern PA. It's refreshing to see that such a large, growing well respected healthcare facility still lives up to their high standards of health care. I live an hour away from Philadelphia, but it's worth every minute of the trip for receiving such excellent medical care.

QueenG B

Undercover CEO needs to come HERE and see the treatment they provide for patients..This treatment needs to be addressed. How do you come to the ER with breathing problems, asthmatic and have to sit for 4hours without an intervention....I don't think So. Everybody Busy doing Nothing...Yall had a bad name just as Presbyterian, now y'all want Penn to be Attached like the Service was Better... Drive to the county hospitals u may have a chance at Living..

Veleda Purcell

Received excellent service here after being in a car accident.

Andrew Joos

Appointments happen on time and staff work to be engaged with the patient.

Diandre Robinson

I came in at 2am and did not get seen until 5:30am. There was nobody in the waiting room, and it's only a twisted ankle.

Ryan Linville

Birth facilities are great. Nurses were absolutely fantastic, except for one who was too rough with putting eye gel into the newborn's eyes. Some of the practitioners were disappointing like the anesthesiologist who had to redo my epidural because he messed up the first time and the pediatrician who used technology to measure jaundice risk that had already been thrown away by another hospital due to inaccuracy. Watch out when using wifi in the hospital - I had my Amazon account hacked into on my second day there. Overall, our completely uncomplicated childbirth cost about $53,000 here. Thank goodness for insurance.

Mark Schreiber

cynthia cuozzo

My mom just had an upper left lung removal do to cancer 6 days ago, she is not getting any of her needs met. She is voicing her needs and issues to staff,nurses and doctors and her need s are not being met. She is getting worse and nothing has improved. They are doing nothing to improved any of her problems and issues. Horrible patiient and famiy interaction. Questions are not being answered. Her needs are not being met and her family is very concerned. She is very scared and feels like she's being a problem and not having any of her issues, needs, and concerns met. I would not recommend this hospital to any one.

Frederick Downing

Blaine Grisak

Without a question the worst hospital experience ever. I had the terrible flu, I came in at 11:30 and didn’t get in until eight hours later. Several patients were admitted before me. If this is the future of US healthcare we are done for.

Keyaira Jones


Renee Taylor

I was employed at Presby for 15 yrs until I retired in 2011, so I know first hand how hard the staff works for the patients as well as the families. Since my retirement I have had hip replacement surgery with Dr Israelite as my surgeon and rehabilitation at Presby. I can't say enough about the doctors, nurses, cna's, housekeeping and dietary. They all treated me so special! I was a little nervous about having surgery but when each member of the surgical team came up and introduced themselves to me while I was waiting to go in, I felt more relaxed. My old co workers stopping by to see me was an extra bonus :) If I ever have to have the other hip done, or anything else, I wouldn't hesitate to return to Penn Presbyterian!

Teresa Rooney

What a Great experience I was admit to your hospital on Thursday Oct 4 for breathing problems eeveryone from the er the Drs and the nursing staff treating me with the utmost respect and then was admitting to your hospital to the 4th floor room 460 cup all of my nurses were amazing was so comfortable I sure hope you can see who they all were I do remember ms Stacy Kara Melissa and Lindsa the whole staff that took just excellent care of me and all my Drs and the people in the pharmacy who took time to bring me my medicine to my room and the pharmacist who took time out of his busy schedule to come and show me how to use my inhalers would really liked to thank each and everyone that helped me if there is away for you to looked them up all up for me and tell them thank you so much for caring for me Teresa ROONEY

Gregory Biederman

I've been under the care of a fantastic Cardiac team at Penn Presbyterian for the last 5 years. 5 years ago I had a Medtronics ICD implanted and then 4 years later the unit needed to be replaced due to a low battery. The hospital charged my insurance ( Fed Blue ) $ 177,487.00 . $110,149 for the unit itself. This was classified as a catastrophic event. I'm now in debit due to a $ 5,000.00 deductible. My main concern- Is this to be every 4 years ? When speaking to the cashier she advised me to shop around !

Wiam Younes

ER treatment is so disappointing. I am here with a friend who was hit on the head and may have a concussion. My friend has been waiting in the ER waiting room for more than five hours and is still waiting without seeing a doctor. When I asked a nurse about my friend’s condition, she looked at me emotionless with little to say, just to mention my friend needs to see the doctor. Well, after more than five hours of waiting, I wonder when will the doctor bless us and the other patients with his presence. Even in third world countries an Emergancy doctor saw the patients in less time . This hospital is not equipped to handle a number of emergencies at the same time. Can’t believe it! Soooooo disappointing.

Lo Mack

Recovery room in new building is nice but what happened to the coffee. Also parking validation only for one car. Father getting surgery.. Mom drove, I drove separately but I have to pay for full price on parking. Absolutely ridiculous! Here for 6 hours and no validation. Shame on Penn

Mary Leventon

The doctors and nurses at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center saved my life by diagnosing and successfully treating my complex cardiology problems. I have had open heart surgery here, a pacemaker implanted, ablations, and other diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Special mentions to Dr W Clark Hargrove, my surgeon, Dr Brian Drachman, my cardiologist, and Dr Joshua Stern (no longer at PPMC), my electrophysiologist, for providing outstanding services. Special mention to Sandy Solomon, the heart failure nurse, who works tirelessly for her patients. And most special mention to all the nurses on the cardiology floors, who give their all every day. I thank you and salute you all.

J. Marcus

for organ failure, gun shot wounds, and broken bones they are GREAT. but dont expect good care unless a tenured teaching doctor is called in and takes interest in your case. the er drs. are over worked - HORRIBLY undertrained - and just looking to finish residencies to get a job giving flu shots somewhere in a quite private pratice. the er doctors here could miss Staph Ebola or any disease google does not remind them to check for. basically dont expect much more than a low cost urgent care facility, unless a sharp resident admits they dont know but maybe should and calls in senior staff. this once happened to me and i recieved the best care in my life from penn while they unsuccesfully searched for what caused my sudden organ failure. true even their best couldnt figure much out - but the senior drs WILL try - bless thier little hearts.

Dana Henry

Exceptional. A whole-hearted thank you to the staff here, especially the trauma nurses. I was taken to Presbyterian after being hit by a car while walking my dog on the sidewalk. I ended up at the trauma unit for a week. My left leg had multiple injuries and my dog was killed. I arrived at the ER feeling helpless and afraid. I was also sobbing because of the dog. The staff was wonderful: They did an excellent job providing care, explaining my care, and answering my questions and concerns. My pain was well managed. I never waited after pressing the call button and the CNAs and house/food service staff were very helpful and pleasant. The trauma nurses here are highly competent and compassionate. I have stayed with several friends and family during hospital stays. I have never seen the quality of service this hospital provides. What really got me was the amount of compassion the staff showed. I broke down crying several times during my stay and whatever staff member was there would listen, and one even held my hand and reminded me the incident wasn't my fault. My ER doctor went out of his way to talk to my boyfriend for me because I arrived in emotional distress and felt I needed to speak to him. I had serious injuries, but these people see situations that are far worse than mine every day. Still they treated me with utmost respect and empathy. I deeply appreciate that. Lastly, my social worker, Chanelle, didn't give up when my insurance tried to refuse the next stage of care (a rehab hospital). The ordeal lasted a few days, but she stayed on top of it and finally won. I was able to receive the care I needed because of her and owe her a big thanks.

Mackenzie Hlesciak

They treat people like garbage here. I waited 7 hours to be seen for severe stomach pain and once I got back to a room I was told to take my stuff with me during my CT or else it would get stolen. I had a random man (not staff) open my curtain 2x to look in at me which made me feel very uncomfortable/unsafe. I arrived at 9pm, wasn’t seen until 4am, and waited until 6am to actually talk to a doctor.

D. Smith

I am very grateful for all the people at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center who helped me and my family during a very difficult time after our mother was taken to the ER by ambulance. The security department was very professional and courteous, also helping assist us by directing my family in getting around the area for free parking, cafeteria & other departments at the hospital. The nurses and doctors we're very understanding answering a majority of our questions as expected. The Neuro (ICU) nurses & staff were very professional & caring. Visiting the hopital's cafeteria was not as large as I expected however they had a salad bar and a variety of healthy food choices with nutritional charts displayed. Overall, I would recommend this hospital to others for great service & care!

Tim Speicher

Philly Girl

Hold onto ur debit cards or the low-rent staff and trashy gaurds will steal them. PROOF TO BACK THIS UP !

Benevolenta Bryant

I want to thank the staff and ESPECIALLY, the NURSES and NURSES ASSISTANTS on the 4th floor CUPP PAVILION!. They were so nice to me made me feel comfortable all the while taking good care of me! Thank u so much

Google User

The nursing staff is great! Most doctors are great! However, there was a PA in this ER department who walked in the room extremely rude, without asking any questions, assumed the patient was here for pain medication. While she had a chart in her hand, she assumed again, without asking the patient his name DOB or any other necessary questions before speaking with the patient. She was loud, rude and very humiliating. There were patients and visitors in the hallway and it was extremely embarrassing. We wanted to leave before we were even able to get the necessary treatment such as xrays etc. We decided to stay due to the Ortho team we are currently working with. HIPPA and showing care and concern for a patient is something most of the employees here could use some training on. The PA I am referring to in this post is an older woman with short gray hair and glasses.

rich casaletto

Triage nurse was horrible older women zero compassion. Never asked about pain what level nothing. I would love to speak to the person in charge of ER

omar hassan

انا انتظر في الطوارئ مدة ساعتين انتظر الرد منهم المريض حالته حرجه

jessica putman

This hospital is such a scam. You have to pay for everything with or with out insurance from tv to phone service to parking smh. No wonder why people rather suffer then come to hospitals a damn shame one of the richest countries in the world can even offer their patients the common courtesy of the same free basic channels you get at home smh. Hey y'all selves together. The two stars are literally just for the nice staff who deserve 5 stars but the hospital it self sucks

Paul Bernstein

They were the best ever they had to put my finger back in place told me I could yell as loud as I want I did for the one finger not for the other they were the best ever nurses were nice doctors were nice definitely recommend this place to anybody great job everybody

Lisa Dicicco

It's so sad .The ER is so slow , waited for hrs. Maybe if you come by ambulance it's different .but walk in and it's like we already have socialized medicine....Maybe they don't have enough employees or maybe the employees they have shouldn't be there. I'm still sick, I couldn't take the wait. Managed to get blood drawn and pee in the cup they gave me....I hope they don't charge me for there insufficiency! Every seat was filled by the time I picked up and left... So so sad!

Judith Bien-Aime

I was treated nicely but the wait was ridiculous.

Brianna Dawkins

Came there for an emergency guy laughed and tried to make a joke about the emergency which wasn’t funny at all.... they weren’t calling people back so I left and went to penn.

Lee J Harold

Unfortunately, I did not get Judy's last name, but she is a hospital rep. I called looking for a physician that would take new patients. She was very courteous , reassuring ,and efficient in assisting me . Good patient care begins at the first point of contact.

ToniAnn Eisman

I understand the realities of an ER in the center of Philadelphia. But I have waited more than 5 hours with severe nausea, vomiting, and diahrrea. Took my vitals maybe an hour into the experience and the medication they gave me is wearing off. It is 2am. Please do not do a walk in!!! (I'm changing this because the nurses and staff in the back were lovely).

Ellie Millard

The Best Joseph in the world Ya save my life thank you So very much love you guys That's to everyone Thank you again Have a Bless day

Anthony Nero

Doctor's and Nursing staff were awesome. Not to knowledgeable with my LVAD, but eager to learn the in' and it's of it. BUT THE FOOD SERVICES, SUCKED!?!!!!! THE ONLY TIME MY MEAL WAS FULLY COMPLETED CORRECTLY WAS WHEN THE MANAGER himself brought it up. PATHETIC !!! From the call center to the people making the trays. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Jeffrey Gatano

Dr. Mantell is the best vascular surgeon. And the IR staff can't be beat!!! I feel safe when I'm here.

Joshua Alford

I’ve been sitting here with severe stomach pains chest and rib pains, paralysis of my fingers and feet vomiting and breathing issues we got here at 3:45am it’s now 7:30am and we still have yet to be seen tempted to just walk out if you have A SERIOUS MEDICAL ENERGENCY stay far away from this ER you’ll get faster service at HUP down the street I went here because they are supposed to be the best trauma hospital in the nation yeah right

jiahong zhang

Worse hospital ever !!!!! My dad had heart rate problem they still let us waiting for 10 hours and we still didn't see anyone to do anything for us

angela s

The worse hospital in Philadelphia the service is slow you will be in the waiting area for at least 10 hours so many sick people and no quick service to help them do not come here you can die in the waiting room before your actual seen by the doctors it's not worth it

Latoya Lewis

Penn always great.

Unique Hart

Worst experience ever I'm 5 months pregnant and I waited for 7 hours to be checked an seen. I was never seen by a doctor 3/8/18 6pm - 12:03 Am. I had to go get a nurse to inform the nurse that sat me in a room for 3 hours. I will be calling to make a complaint

Kalyn Kay

The staff in ER gets 5 stars but the emergency room wait gives them zero stars still waiting to be seen and been waiting 2 1/2 hours this is ridiculous and unacceptable in the healthcare industry

Chick Achilles Jr.

It's where I work, place puts money in my pocket. :)

William Griffiths

I entered the Presbyterian Hospital on Oct 12th and from the minute I walked into the hospital, and when I left the hospital I felt like royalty. I had my left knee replacement done and the staff in post-op pre-op and the nurses on the fifth floor treated me like I was one of their family. The people in the rehab unit where also great. I had my right knee done four years ago and it the treatment was just as good.

Ms. Luvly

Too long of a wait in the emergency room and bed bugs was found crawling around in the waiting room. Feb 19 2018

Alexander Serio

Patrick McGoldrick

Can NOT fault the care and the medical staff. Can NOT fault the Physician billing operation. But if there is ever an error on your hospital bill? My experience suggests that it may never be corrected, and that, even with the assistance of your insurer, Penn will ignore you and the problem.

Donna Sweeney

The cardiologist are the best.

Lamont Jones

My experience sucked!! I spent, so far, 5 hours sitting in the hospital waiting room to see an actual doctor, all the while in a lot of pain. There were people here in the ER when I arrived of course, but it shouldn't take 5 hours to get into a room and bed in the hospital! What's the point of the thousands of dollars in hospital and ambulance bills when I spend most of my time NOT BEING TREATED!!!??? They suck at this hospital and if you wanna go somewhere to actually be TREATED, this is NOT the place to go. No one is around to answer questions, no one is coming out every so often to give any of us patients reassurance, no one is actually doing much of anything from the patients point of view, except sitting around and running their mouths while people are spending entire work shifts sitting in these uncomfortable a** chairs waiting for someone to take them back into a room for a quick pill pop and send off home. If I'm in the room for less than an hour after spending 5 hours in the waiting room, this place is horrible and isn't doing their job correctly. Very VERY VERY bad hospital to go to. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!

Anthony Christopher

The wait times at this hospital are unbearable. I was rushed here dripping in blood after having been BIT by a pitbull and still had to wait over 2 hours to be seen.

Deborah Roebuck

Nice people

Jack McGough

Would give no stars

Erdem Yildirim

Great staff


Gina Raul

This is the worst ER ever..... I have been waiting over 5 hours n still haven't been seen.. people are sitting on the floor..... This is horrible

Kris Reilly

Picking up a friend for a 11 am release. It is now 1:56pm and we are still waiting!!!! Have never seen a more unorganized hospital.

Charleen J

My brother in-law was here after being in an accident. The doctors, nurses and assistants all took wonderful care of him. All his nurses where very caring and compassionate. Can’t thank them all enough for the care they provided for him on the 4th floor PACC unit!!

Michael Mclaughlin

My wife was brought in to the Cupp Pavilion of the Presbyterian Medical Center of the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System for a heart valve replacement today. Her entire team did a fantastic job, but even better (for our peace of mind), her transition to recovery in the ICU matched their predicted timetable exactly as planned.

tamia west

Wait time wasn’t long ! Nurses & doctors were very nice handled my problem & might I add the hospital was very clean including restrooms ! Now my only problem was security!!! Very unprofessional

Metal AccOunTant

The initial walk in was not pleasant. Staff members cursing at each other, talking about previous patients issues, and who they were currently sleeping with at the time. Waiting room was riddled with people who looked like they needed a band aid as opposed to an emergency room visit but is such the way of most er facilities. Patients with legitimate emergencies are taken back first(thank god). Once back In a room a doctor visited me before I even sat down. A nurse was in right after getting my X-rays and the pain taken care of. The medical staff was excellent but the front line staff left a lot to be desired. I would start with explaining to them how HIPPA works then how their sexual promiscuousness isn’t appropriate talk while working or in a public setting.

Naomi Fiordimondo

4 hours of my life I'll never get back. I picked Presby because i had heard good things and their waiting room was almost empty compaired to HUP. The staff was super nice despite being over taxed and out of space. But i waited 90 mins before I was taken back - to a bed in the hall. (There was a printed room number above it along with 5 or so other beds in the hall effectively doubling their "rooms". All rooms & beds were full.) While i waited, the fire alarms went off for the better part of a half hour while the staff just went about things with out even acknowledging the sirens and lights. An elderly patient in a nearby room called for a nurse for 15 minutes without any nurses even walking by any of the rooms. When I flagged down someone to help her, they whisked her away quickly shortly after checking on her. Not a good sign. Then when the Dr. Finally came to see me (another 90 minites later) it was a rushed, disorganized and unfruitful experience. AND I still need to go somewhere to have my medical issue dealt with because, at the end of this all, the Dr. said it was fine and put a bandaid on it. Uh... really? (PS No One wanted to see my insurance info and no one ever registered me nor did I sign anything. I asked about it but they just handed me discharge paperwork and sent me on my way.) - 2 stars for the staff trying. No stars for the constraining systems they are operating with in.

Ivy Smith

Great staff!

shawnna Gable

worst place ever. After my car accident, the doctors did do the proper tests for a car accident victims. I had to go to another doctor for a 2nd opinion just find out that my spin was serverly damaged

Alea Frazier

Worst experience ever in the er since 11 am did not get to the actual room until 7 and released at 4 am never again there are better hospitals people.

Amtrak Amtrak and more Trains NJT SEPTA CSX

The worst place ever. I went in for passing out twice chest pains out and vomiting. Not one x-ray no IV fluids just a pill and out the door i go. I wouldn't take a dying cat there

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