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REVIEWS OF Penn Emergency Medicine HUP IN Pennsylvania

jonathan mason

(I only describe culture and gender because I don’t know their names and I want to be very descriptive). This place is far below the standard, I went here for a very serious issue. I had 2 female doctors, one younger Latina and the other a upper 30s 40s, Jewish woman perhaps. The wait time wasn’t long, but the service was pretty horrific. Do not go here if you have a serious emergency, go to a hospital in a close by suburban area. I was accused of being crazy for simply explaining my symptoms. The first Latina doctor was too lazy to even test me. Seemed like she was in over her head. So she called on a middle aged “maybe” Jewish woman that was equally below the standard of a good doctor. In which she called me crazy and forced me to see the hospital phycologist. Moments later a 17yr old girl from Bethlehem Pa approached me and commenced an actual psychiatric evaluation. I could smell a combination of morning breath and similac, it was not fun. She pretty much gave me a bunch of cookie cutter answers while destroying me on her It was so bad. None of the doctors ever conducted any testing whatsoever. Now I can understand if they tested me and found nothing, but that wasn’t the case. I was called crazy, with absolutely no medical history that could be a witness to this accusation. No data to prove their diagnosis, so in other words they all got together and collectively insulted me. Brief synopsis, run from this place. The rankings on this hospital are fake. I’ve gone 3 times and all 3 times have been a nightmare. Needless to say I got a second opinion and I’m now being treated. Yay!

Amanda B

What a terrible experience. Was in the waiting room for 3 hours, I understand other emergencies come first like heart attacks, car crashes, etc. but this wait for someone in pain was uncalled for they should have more staff to handle everyone. After the 3 hour wait, waited another hour before a nurse came in as I remained in pain. The doctor didn’t come in for 2 hours later, now 6 hours there and still in pain and not seen. Took X-rays, 2 1/2 hours later still not doctor still no review finally after we were giving up to leave to go somewhere else the doctor came in and we were there a total of 12 hours and left still in excruciating pain. We never even got the X-ray review, the doctor never came back in, and was told a cat scan would take 3 more hours for the whole process. Will never go there again you will die in there before getting help.

Jennifer Anderson

Horrific. 7 hours. We finally walked out.

Krystal Tolentino

Shivajee Govind

The staff and people are nice and helpful but there is a definite lack of organization and if you are ill, your situation will get worse while waiting there. Waited for 6 hours in pain until we were seen. I don't know if the problem is with healthcare in the US in general or just this ER room. As a foreigner in Spain, I was seen, treated and discharged within the hour and I would assume the US has better doctors or equipment?? I think it's unacceptable that someone who needs immediate medical care has to wait for so long before one can get help.


Waited 5+ hours..VERY VERY VERY VERY SLOW..if it’s an emergency, go elsewhere

Will Schafer

8 hours to have a catheter inserted and discharge paperwork signed...poorly managed third world country service

Vatsala Goyal

Waited for 5 hours to be seen for what should have been a quick procedure. Never coming here ever again. Receptionists were rude and said that if I left, my insurance would still be billed for the emergency services even though at that point I still hadn't even seen a physician. Worst emergency department ever- don't ever go here.

Monika J.

Waited for 8 hours for an ER exam...

Jazmin Fred

Worst place ever! 5hr wait !! Like what in the world??? smh

Carter James

david King

I will advice anyone who needs urgent treatment not to go to Penn Emergency for treatment. The average wait time is at least 6 hrs ( 2 hrs before you even see someone to attend to you first, then the whole wait cycle starts again in a room) . It is not worth having an ER if it can not attend to people quickly. The place deserves a negative star rating if possible.

Rhonda Flowers

Katherine boldon

Most ghetto staff find employees off the street.

Charles Clements

Daniel Jafari

Sam Imani

Terrible place. you want to visit a third world country visit universty of penn ER.

anthony angelini

Robert Rossi, Jr

I was registered and triaged while actively bleeding from my hand and leg, but was still not seen for 2 hours afterwards. It was quite busy, but no one else in the waiting room seemed to have any pressing issues. I needed to be seen so I went to another hospital, but they still billed me without being treated. I'll think twice about how urgent my need to be seen is before I go here again. Now that I know that just being registered and triaged (before actually being seen by a PA or doctor and treated) started the billing process, I'll make sure I go to a hospital that isn't quite as busy.

Pavel Agafonov

9 hours waiting time 1 star. Nice personnel 5 stars Offered service 5 stars

Harrison Sherwin

Ama Geewandara

Really nice people and service. So much better than Staten Island NY hospitals.

Annet Cherusseril

Penn Med ER was the worst experience I have had in an emergency room and I would’ve given 0 stars if it was an option. My family member went in with pain in her lower abdomen alone and was waiting for 3 hours prior to other family members coming in and demanding a DR see her. They did every test under the sun (mind you an 8 hour wait) and found nothing. She was released with pain STILL and ended up in the ER the next night with even worse pain. They again did everything, found nothing and released her. On the way back home, they called and said she had a UTI.....Urine was the first thing they tested and did not let us know this the first or second time they tested!!? I understand ruling out but seriously?! and the resident on the case only called to let us know the findings 2 days later. And of course we were left with one very large bill for not detecting a UTI earlier. Horrible communication and decision making per the staff

Anthony Tamburro

Wanna explain to me why your neurologists were laughing after telling me to smile repeatedly. Or maybe you can explain why your attending neurologist said that my face “looked flat.” I wonder where he got that idea. How many geniuses does it take to figure out the difference between right and left? These people are criminally insane and have no respect for their patients. Talk about ripping out Ivies...


Awful experience. Our ER nurse was Elizabeth worst nurse I’ve ever experienced. Was rude to family members and got frustrated when they asked questions or made requests. She was completely unapproachable to the point where we had serious concerns and were nervous to ask. We waited hours before we heard anything or saw a doctor. Excellent hospital but their first line of service (the ER) makes it not worth while.

Ida Tursi

We took my daughter there a few weeks ago, this happened 2 weeks ago from today. Because she was having such a problem walking due to her cancer. When we reached there the man at the desk was so wonderful to help her out of the car, & put her in a wheel chair. The problem began when they put her in a room waiting for someone to take information. Well not happy with the NP that we had, she thought she knew it all, said that my daughter didn't need an X-ray of her leg when she didn't have a fall. (Stupid on her part). Then she said she didn't think she would be admitted (wrong again). I approached one of the nurse named Rachel & told her how upset I was & the nurse was so nice to me. As it turned out the ER Doctor came in & said this was the best place for my daughter to be & she was admitted to the hospital. I was not impressed with that NP at all. She acted like she knew what she was doing? Wrong. And yesterday 1/31/18 I decided to call the hospital & tell them my thoughts on this, they said someone would call me, guess what not even a call back from anyone. I guess they are just plain ignorant.

Debora Smith

We we seen i the er immediately, all doctors came in, security was amazing, they helped us out of the car to the nurse then to the er, best hospital around, Go to Scranton pa if you think penn is bad..

mike cook

i spent almost 12 hours waiting for a clear discharge disposition and had to sign myself out. The staff is rude and I believe racist. I urge African Americans do not use this facility for healthcare.

Alexa Jackson

Horrible, waiting time is forever . Have you waiting for 2 hours before triage in & 6 hours to be seen in back . Overall horrible

Kiara Scott

Horrible !! Waited for 5 hours before being seen . Having chest pain and shortness of breath( with a history of heart issues ) they don’t care and they are very rude . I always wait for hours then go to the back and find all these problems( of course they hit you with all the apologies at this point ) while all the people in wheelchairs before me is WALKING out a hr later . Can they not see through BS !

Manuel Pérez Leindekar

Waited for more than 6 HOURS to get someome to see my friend. We are talking about a stage 4 breast cancer patient who needed to be seen ASAP to start chemotherapy. All they gave us was a couple bottles of water and a $20 voucher for the gift shop. Not even in a third world country.

Eileen Spampata

Five hour wait, sitting next to 40 other sick people I guess that’s to get more patients. Total waste of your time they actually treat people in the waiting room. Patients with IV, open wound next to guy that may have the flu. Why don’t they start operating in the waiting room? Maybe they’ll do that that will get the more income. You’re risking your life Then when they finally get you back they make you feel really bad that you showed up. The last time I came I couldn’t see straight and had double vision for more than eight hours I didn’t get a single test. I also had to wait multiple hours and by then I’m sure I would’ve made up anything that I’m better because of such a long wait. I got the Neuro exam so they got paid.But they definitely got paid for their $2000 or more hospital bill they at least make sure the doctor comes in so they can bill you then they never come back. I went to the hospital because I started feeling ill because I didn’t know that sewer gas was going into my apartment. Because of the advice of the doctors I live there for a month. They don’t care they told me a was having a panic attack, I guess they used their magic Ouija board without any concrete evidence. Truly only about money and nothing else. And don’t say anything else because it will minimize responsibility

Kevin Robertson

I have seen the commercials of all the stuff they have cured and founded the revolutionary department of medicine except the er sucks They treat everyone like me have a motive no it's called cure the people LIONS LED BY DONKEYS

Amelia H

I was in and out and the staff was so nice. I was nervous bc it was my first time in the ER but everyone kept me a calm

rosemarie curry

Would give 0 stars. ER wait time is terrible. You don't leave a patient with heart failure and afib in waiting room for hrs.


Piss Poor. Can't give no stars. Who has patients waiting in a waiting room for over 5 hours vomitting blood.

spor eo

Kyle Smith

amany adel

It’s not a hospital by any means. Staff is very rude! I was told why are you asking about the time, you have only been here for 3 hours. After 6 hours, I was not seen yet. A patient came in crying badly from pain. She was left in severe pain crying for 3 hours so far. There is no management and no brains at all. It’s the place that is supposed to be the second best in Philly. It is the worst I have seen in my life.

Shianne Pepper

I was waiting here with my friend for 7 hours just to be seen for a SICKLE CELL PAIN CRISIS. if you have a real EMERGENCY DO NOT GO HER. You will end up dying before they even register you in. there is an actual waiting list to be registered in. it's ridiculous. they're insensitive and rude! NEVER again. if i could give it zero stars i would.

Sherina James

This hospital is terrible they have people waiting in the waiting room over 10hrs and just check vitals. My job sent me here for me falling out on duty but I will never come here again. This place does not get tended to for maintenance and asked people one time if they would like a blanket because it freezing in here. The smallest score I could give was one star but that's all from me.

Phillysteveo 000

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