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REVIEWS OF Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest IN Pennsylvania

Coleen Greenwood

Great hospital with caring staff. People come from all over for the specialty care from LVHN.


I won't give it one star cause I guess they still help people, but good luck getting through the waiting room before you croak. Waiting time is absolutely terrible. You basically need to be bleeding out to be seen and even then they'll probably make you wait an hour. No sense of urgency. No empathy or compassion from the employees. Overall terrible ED. And don't get me started on their billing department... If you want to be threatened to have to pay thousands of dollars because they don't feel they got enough from your insurance company (even when it's illegal to do so) they'll ask you for thousands more. And when you provide them with documents from your insurance company explaining why you don't owe it, they send it to collections and start all over again. This network fails on so many levels it's ridiculous!

Joyce Cellini

I was admitted Oct For total knee replacement being a nurse I was not disappointed with my doctor or any of the other staff I felt everyone was professional and very glad to have picked this team Thank you Joyce Cellini RNBSN ET

Bennybets Med

I love this hospital. I love the way this hospital respect the family and patients. The patient was in the neuroscience ICU side of the hospital and they are the most respectful people and the most caring people I have ever met. From the doctores all the way down to the cafeteria staff. But then when the patient was transferred to the medical-surgical ICU; it was like someone flipped the switch. Without a respectful comment, two nurses said (as we were walking with the patient to the room) “you cant be here. We must be in the waiting room”.in the most disrespectful way as if we were breaking the rules. Now why she said it in a rude way, im not sure, but if you see another nurse give a surprised look to the nurse that spoke to us in that fashion, you know that something isn't right. And also with no remorse for what the patient might want, how the relationship might be as a couple, or what they have went through its sad to me. Another nurse came to the room and said, “I noticed that in the other side of the building you stayed overnight with your wife, you cant do that here, you need to go home!” All surprised on how she spoke to him, his responds was, “but in the pamphlet it says, ‘family presence outside of suggested visiting hours is permitted to only one family member’, what does that mean?” And with an interruption the nurse says, “doesn't matter what it says you cant stay here”. While this is being said, one of the residents over heard the what the nurse is saying and interrupted the nurse and with the upmost respect said, “ the problem is that its uncomfortable to stay...” and the nurse told the resident, “I told him already he can’t stay.” So the resident shrugged her shoulders and left the room. Now my question is, where is the respect?? Where is the understanding that we should receive from the staff? Why does it feel like the nursing staff, in this situation, are making up rules and showing no respect. I believe that since this is a hospital and a place where the mission is, “help the patients spirit and healing”, why is the staff being disrespectful? This experience feels like we were sent from a heavenly place to a place that didn't care. This experience feels like the patient wont get the best care possible and that worries me. This was something that I would not want anyone to go through. I think that this is something that should change. Either change the staff or change the the way things are said to the patient and family member.

Ruth Wellington

Best place to give birth hands down.

Kat Amakaaz

Terrible...waited for 2 hrs 30 min and then decided to leave and go back home with a severe pain. Edit:::: the original review was for emergency. Went again for a small surgery, everything went well and the staff took great care of me.


The staff did the best they could for the care of my loved one, just make sure that you keep an eye on their needed valuables. They lost my loved ones property and I'm now having a hard time getting reimbursed for it. Instead of making us whole for the item, they are coming across as we are only looking for money since now my loved one has passed.

Chris Evans

If I could give 0 stars, I would. This place is horrible. From entrance, exit, and billing. It’s a nightmare. I suggest driving however far need be to take care of your business elsewhere. Waited 2 hours to be seen. Was seen for 5-10 minutes. Woman at the front/signing us in was soo rude from tone to words being used. Made my wife and I feel belittled, for really no reason at all. I think she was annoyed that my wife was too prepared with all of my paperwork. I get the feeling she gets a rise out of making people feel dumb and she wasn’t successful here so she just decided to be nasty. Now for the billing process. We were billed within a realistic timeframe of this (as you know they are!!). It was all understandable. We paid the $300 and some odd dollars and moved on. It’s been exactly 1 year and we recently just moved down to FL. We just received a bill from them for $626.... hmm. Never received any bill from this whatsoever. Paid the ONE bill we were given and here we are. They wouldn’t even accommodate us more and let is look more into it because “we don’t live in PA anymore...” Whatttt!?!? I’m telling you, DO NOT GO HERE. Although it is almost Halloween... it’s not worth THIS nightmare!!

Scott J

My 2 yr old son went there when he fractured his femur. The entire staff of the hospital was amazing. The nurses who came into check on him all the way to the people in the cafeteria were very pleasant and helpful. The nurses went above and beyond to find him a Tom & Jerry DVD when he was asking for it, and they found one. The staff was very quick to respond to any requests and never had an issue. His room was in a new section and everything was very clean. Finally the cafeteria selection was very good and the food was good as well.

Amie Schaadt Knauer

Two stars is probably too many considering that I was totally misdiagnosed (which seems to be a theme in these reviews), and given inappropriate treatment. The only good thing was that my nurse and others I met were very nice. However, the chances of me ever going back there are slim to none.

Christine Garand Scherer

Always had good experiences and short wait times there. Just moved to Gainesville, Florida where we waited for 14 hours!! It's laughable that they didn't believe me that at Lehigh we would be seen and either released or admitted after 3 hours. I have to laugh now seeing people complain about a 3 hour wait. Is that all? Ha!

Paulette Yuschock

This has become one of the worst hospitals in Pennsylvania for patient care. Understaffed, with little compassion. You almost have to be with your loved one 24-7 to make sure they get the best care. It's not the hospital it used to be.

Jacob albert vazquez

they did no assist me well

Rick Frederick

Horrible! Had a fractured jaw which was MISSED! Jaw healed crooked and now have a multititude of problems which they refuse to pay for! 20 year old professional"test" takers posing as doctors with no common sense. Was there 5 hrs in pain before being looked at. They have NO TRIAGE! A guy with a nose bleed was treated before me! Go anywhere else, please!

alexander castillo

didnt even get a room for my daughter but i bet they charge me one... so bad it makes me not want to come back ever.

Justine Bachman

A staff of ANGELS watched over my husband & provided excellent care during his cardiac procedures

Rome Jr.

Just recently was admitted here due to a work related injury (fractured bones in my foot). They were so friendly and made my stay so comfortable. I can’t thank the staff in the ER enough for how they helped me get thru my pain, surgery and overall stay. I did have insurance via worker’s compensation so maybe that’s why I didn’t wait so long to be seen as other reviewers complain about. I know that does happen because i’ve experienced that in other hospitals in the past. I guess insurance dictates who gets seen the quickest. Capitalism/money talks. I love the staff at LVH tho.

Robert Schroth

Went to LVH last week for a sudden circulatory/heart problem. Had a choice to go to different hospitals in SE Pennsylvania area, but glad I made the decision to go to LVH in retrospect. I was brought IMMEDIATELY into the ER and checked out, then later admitted. Everyone treated me with loving care, respect and professionalism: The emergency room staff (Jenna, Dr. Ali, etc), nursing staff (Alma, Kelsey, etc), Cardiac team (Drs Dusaj, Lynam, Brewster, Tomasi, Marcus, etc), pacemaker team (surgeon Dr. Bozorgnia, anesthesiologist Dr. McGlouglin, etc). I'm grateful to see how the doctors and staff attempted to get to the root of my problem, treating the cause rather than the symptom – All during the process, they were very patient, thorough. I appreciated the little things too...The food was great -nutritious and delicious, made to order too. The semi private room relatively quiet, considering it was a hospital. The housekeeper, Clemencia, was very diligent at keeping my room neat and clean, all with a big smile...she's a hard worker. Give her a raise! Feeling much better now since I was in such good/capable hands. All of the Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest staff really cared and was genuinely concerned for me – I appreciate it! That is why I am writing this unsolicited review.

Jennifer Mul

My first two experiences were a good time there. I was brought in by ambulance so I was taken right back. Dr. Koons was very caring and pursued the problem of my pain until he found something, he did 4 tests. The second time I had to wait almost 3 hours in the waiting room and was placed in a hallway bed. Dr. Marschall was also very pleasant and nice and he pursued the issue thoroughly as well. He also did 4 tests and managed my pain effectively. Yesterday I was in with excruciating lower back pain along with chest pressure, unexplained bleeding and other symptoms. Dr. Sexton was the worst! He barley saw me and did not even do anything to address my chest pressure or back pain. The only thing he did was a pelvic exam (without my consent) and sent me home. He did not even give me so much as a pain killer but wrote me a prescription for headaches! The ER wait time is ridiculous but there are some very caring and thorough doctors there, and then some like Dr. Sexton.

Craig William

On Mothers day week end This hospital and their policies almost killed my Father. They were reckless and incompetent. They refuse to act in a timely manner causing him to go into shock and needing 3 blood transfusions. This Hospital is a disgrace. If it wasn't for some Nursing supervisor (Jason) realizing what was going bad, my Father would have died. The Doctors were useless and incompetent. It took a Nursing Supervisor to save his life.

Chuck Coan

Very poor patient planning on the hospital staff.Emergemcy room overwhelmed, I'm here 6 hours and many are here even longer. Real poor patient management. They are even taking patient vitals again since they are waiting so long. I will think twice coming back here. Nurses are constantly apologizing for the delays. Somebody should be replaced for this debacle...real poor...

maria vega colon

Took family member into ER complaining of chest pain and was told by security guard that there were 2 people ahead of her. Mind you I explained to him that she had a pacemaker in and 7 stents. Unbelieveable.

Eida Ortiz

The nurses are beautiful in heart and they are so lovely even when they come to you they look to make you feel nice and in family that is the word family thank you...

Ashley Ziegler

I have been here several times for different issues with my special needs son and not had an issue until this past week. My young son has a catestrophic form of epilepsy and is unsteady on his feet. He fell after being pushed by a sibling and got an oral injury. It appears that 2 concerned Drs did not ask enough questions about my sons fall, and were confused which lead to them filing a concern with protective services in hospital and a call from child protective services. After explaining the incident and my sons condition and how it all goes together, there was no case opened and it was very clear to them that he is medically complex and we are very involved parents who have gone to great lengths to care for him. I am 40 weeks pregnant and this has caused a lot of unnecessary stress for me, the PICU team seemed to understand the issue clearly and were surprised by the concern, in my opinion the ER Drs need to be trained to ask more questions if they are confused instead of jumping the gun, I have taken the mandatory reporting training and I know what it says about accidents and injuries, please ask more questions before jumping to filing, it greatly effects people's lives.


Currently in here for labor and delivery of my son and my problem is that it isn't father friendly. The rooms are big and nice but at 1am in the morning there is only two standard chairs to try to put together and sleep in. Extremely inconvenient for a multiple night stay. The staff is friendly but definitely check out the staying arrangements before coming here.

Stephanie Czop

I went in for chest pains and found out I had a pulmonary embolism. Everyone I encountered was compassionate and knowledgeable. A terrifying night was made more bearable thanks to the amazing staff. I cannot thank them enough!

Gillian Grossman

DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A BROKEN BONE. I was recently in a car accident and broke my leg and ankle but only found that out because I went to an orthopedist two days after the accident. Lehigh did multiple x rays and said nothing was broken. They never showed me or my family the scans which I thought was odd and yup, turns out I had TWO BROKEN BONES!!!! Truly terrible hospital

james hughes

Went to ER..might be the best hospital I've ever been too..from nurses to doctors they are great..I hope you don't need to go to the ER but if you do rest assured your in great hands...thank you to the staff at the ER..

Evan Sadanand

I HATE THIS PLACE! I was waiting all day in the emergency room in pain and no one ever called me out! Do not go here it’s trash

dj Caleb

I like the caff the sushi was good and the salad

Jefferson Lentz

Horrible! This place is a joke! Dr was 1 and 3/4 hour late for appointment then ripped into me my problem better be good and he had 2 others to see and he has to leave at 5pm! Scheduled a test for me two doctors basically humiliated me because I can’t have an MRI. Every person I talk to lies or tells you different information. Sat waiting horrible times for transporters ... they erase the messages on phone and eat! I was told I’d get lunch after my but saw the radiology folk and nurses get one! Now berated when I called for info why I’m calling because I have a phone number with 570 area code!

Dave E

you going to see for yourself

Kyla jones

Cafeteria is amazing and cookies are good . Very boujee hospital . Need bigger TVs !

April Bates

Went there for issue with my pregnancy. They took extra percaution to make sure me and the baby was will taken care of . They did their extreme best to make sure my stay there was comfortable, food was also great. Enjoyed my stay there, nice and protective staff. Love them

Tom Prostrollo

As a Big Rig Driver from Arizona, had a Stroke and wound up in Lehigh Valley, Cedar Crest Hospital. From the ER Staff to the medical floor I was on and all the test that were run, this was BY FAR the best medical attention I have ever received. The Quality of care was suburb and the entire staff right down to Housekeeping was Outstanding! Truly a Caring facility, especially for the size. Kudos to Lehigh Valley Health Network-Cedar Crest for taking such great care of me.

Sarah Rocco

Worst hospital. Several family members ended up here over the years due to surgeries and emergencies. Each experience was awful due to inconsiderate and incompetent staff. What happened to people actually doing their job and taking care of people? I would never recommend this hospital.

Mahesh Deshmukh

Its a RIP off.. dont even think of going there, once you're in ER you will not go back unless you stay atleast 2 days in the hospital.. for no reason.. you're scared specially when you have a toddler sick.. they make sure they take full advantage of that and ripp you Off with a big bill.. my son was having normal congestion.. and fever.. of 101.. we wanted to be safe and took him to ER.. after couple of hrs he was okay.. they could easily send us home with breathing treatment that can be given at home.. but they charged us for multiple tests $12K and never got any reports to see and $17K bill for 1 night stay. now im stuck with a $2000 out of pocket for a stuffed nose

Amber Hudock

We had our son at the Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital on Cedercrest Blvd. for four days!! I could not have more thrilled with the thoroughness of the doctors in both the ER and the hospital upon his admission!! They were amazing and attentive to my sons best interests and needs. The nurses were wonderful with my son and took great care of him. I will never take my son anywhere else!! Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, and techs that took care of my precious baby boy!!!

Kyle Gilbert

My 2 year old son went in last night for his tooth that he knocked halfway out of his mouth and bleeding everywhere. It was still connected to the root. They consulted a dentist and sent him home after hours in the hospital, and did absolutely nothing except saying to contact our dentist and eat soft foods. The dentist on call this morning had us send him a picture, and had me push my child's tooth back into place, which must have been extremely painful. Thank God for insurance, and an understanding employer due to missing work. Paying a bill for a job I did myself. Follow-up with dentist monday

Camille Jedwab

Overall, there are are some awesome doctors and nurses there. They work tirelessly to keep us healthy. What is evident that doctors are extremely busy and they seem to run from back to back appointments. When you look at Zocdoc for scheduling it's clear that their appointments are meant to be 15-20 min, which inevitably leads to delays. Doctors need time to breath between appointments, reading charts before seeing a new patients, after surgeries, etc. Doctors and nurses need to have more reasonable schedules to prevent burnouts and reduce risks in occurrence of medical errors.

Becky C.

Clean hospital and friendly staff. Only children's ER in the area. Free parking and valet service too.

Jan Radosin

I have been a patient in a few hospitals and this by far is the worst. This was my first experience for a long time stay.

Jennine Davis

I had major back surgery if u want to be yelled at in the recovery room and talked about to other patients then this is the hospital for you most nurs are so ignorant that my whole stay all i did was cry they are so not compassionate i had 3 great nurses on the 7th floor ORTHOPEDIC floor but recovery room u can just forget it because there isnt one compassionate bone in there body i dont even think they know the meaning of the word unless i have to i will not be back for nothing the best nurse i had up there was IESHA SHE WAS AWESOME

Kim Henry

I am so not happy when my uncle went to the emergency room there and was seen by Jason c morgan.that was the doc he had well I have words for him and what people to know he let my uncle die.and thay are the worst. How can he be a doc when my uncle came there for care.because he was in pain and couldn't put his clothes on that ran test.til one am he was there til 12 noon and thay sent him him home at one and said there s nothing wrong take a asprin.some doc becus e of his malpractice and uncle died one hour later in his sleep thanks to Jason c Morgan I can't pick up the phone and talk to my uncle any more or ever see him again he should be suied and never be a doc again he's a murder in my eyes I will never for get this and how my uncle died thay didn't care about him at least doc.jason c Morgan. I hope no one else has to go through this with a lovein famliy member and some one thay are close to in life

Ba Ut Kho

The room is too cold. I got fever and fell too cold in room. The nurses put ice pad under my body. Made my body more colder and worst. I turn temperature in room up and much warm. I only complaint my body little cold and they put more ice on me. I not only person felt cold in room. My mom is feel cold.

Linda Lipko

The nursing staff and assistants are incredible. This is the best hospital by far!@@

Adam Kistman

Had both of my kids born here. Nothing but amazing. Best hospital ever

Julie Cavaliere

Took very good care of my niece, when she was sick . The nurses were nice.

Alexander DeLeon

I work there

Marcia Alfredo

great care for our family

Rose Bud

The emergency room turns down sick people and they do not believe any issues are urgent.

Cristy Testino

Beautiful, clean hospital! We dealt with the NeuroScience ICU where the nurses, doctors, therapists and everyone else were amazing! You could tell they all put their heart into their work and care very much about their patients!

C. B.

Our son, Cory, passed away at Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest in Allentown, Pennsylvania on November 22, 2015. This review is long overdue. This hospital flaunts its "nationally ranked best hospital" status with banners and ads galore. We fell for the hype, believing our son would get competent care, only to lose him to preventable complications - which, we later learned, is something else this hospital is "recognized" for (in the form of penalties by Medicaid). Our son was admitted for pneumonia. He recovered from the pneumonia. However, while still in the ICU at Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest, he began to develop complications. He started to vomit with an appearance of "coffee grounds." We didn't know this is a sign of GI bleeding. We expressed concerns numerous times, which we felt were completely blown off. Cory vomited with this peculiar appearance of "coffee grounds" for 4 STRAIGHT DAYS in the ICU, growing weaker and weaker each day. We did not know (until after his death) that Cory's Hemoglobin levels also were falling during this same 4 day period. During those 4 days, his Hemoglobin levels were dropping as follows: 9.1 on 10/27/2015; 8.6 on 10/28/2015; 7.1 on 10/29/2015; 6.2 and 4.4 on 10/30/2015. Pretty significant, right? Yet, no one told us about it. We learned by reading about it in Cory's medical records after his death. An endoscopy (also known as EGD) was recommended and scheduled during this time period (for 10/29/2015). An endoscopy is used to diagnose AND treat GI bleeding. However, the hospital cancelled the procedure. Several hours later, Cory began to go into respiratory distress and require oxygen. Apparently that's what happens when you're losing so much blood. We requested the Attending Physician examine Cory. He never came. Instead, the nurse said he ordered yet another anti-nausea drug over the phone for Cory (for a grand total of 4 anti-nausea drugs taken simultaneously - and STILL he was vomiting with an appearance of "coffee grounds"). In the early morning hours of the fourth day of displaying all these signs of GI bleeding, Cory was intubated by a Resident accompanied by another Resident and a nurse-anesthetist (also known as a CRNA). A doctor who was watching over a Tele-ICU monitor "authorized" this trio to proceed - even though she herself wasn't in the room or even in the building. During this intubation for the respiratory distress, there was a "massive aspiration of dark gastric contents" (on the blood from the untreated GI bleed as we understand it). However, the hospital didn't tell us this resulted from THEIR acts and omissions. Instead, we learned about the "massive aspiration" by reading Cory's medical records after his death. We also made another disturbing discovery in the medical records. We discovered that a KEY procedure note for the intubation (the CRNA note) was "amended" 15 DAYS AFTER the "massive aspiration" to read "COMPLICATIONS: NONE" - this is at odds with other notes that document a "massive aspiration of dark gastric contents." After the "massive aspiration" on the blood from the untreated GI bleed, Cory's lungs were destroyed. For the next 24 DAYS, he was placed on a VDR ventilator, and then ECMO where he was conscious and responsive. To communicate, he could only blink, but was unable to move his extremities. Our family can hardly stand to think of the sheer terror Cory must have felt. Cory continued to bleed and deteriorate for WEEKS, enduring much conscious pain and suffering, until his organs finally failed and his family had no choice but to let him go. During Cory's entire 39 DAY ADMISSION at Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest, he never received an endoscopy (EGD) to diagnose and treat the source of the ongoing GI bleeding. Cory literally bled to death in a NATIONALLY RANKED BEST HOSPITAL. We love you and miss you, Cory. This never should have happened to our Cory. We feel a "1 Star" rating is actually too high for this hospital. #RIPCoryBisher

Kolt L

Cold rooms. OK staff. Buildings are well maintained and welcoming.

Josh Shultz

A bunch of lazy unprofessionals took forever to get anything service when i was finally treated it was with little care more like they wanted to bill me and get me out of there asap refused to listen to anything i said more like they would ask and do whatever they felt anyway the meds they gave me made me have more pain was a very unpleasant and uncomfortable stay the physical therapy was a joke they didn't even take me to the front door apon discharging me

Bernadine Wedgie

The ER was a horrible experience. First of all it's filthy. Second, you wait for ever to be treated. Third, lack of care, none knows anything and be prepared to spend the day there. Absolutely no compassion.

Elizabeth Graeme-Olson

I am so disgusted by the treatment my elderly father received in the ER when he was admitted both last Monday 11/7/16 and again on Sunday 11/13/16. This is a man who has a fifty year history of coronary artery disease. And both times he was seen in the ER in the hallway. He wasn't even given the dignity of the privacy of a room. This man, a 79 year old Navy vet, was forced to endure the indignity of having to void in the hallway with just a screen for privacy. Anyway, I will be pursuing this matter with those who manage the ER at LV hospital. Because all of the "I'm sorry's" from the doctors and nurses won't make for the hours of indignity my father suffered in their "care".

William Simard

This is the only full service hospital in the Lehigh Valley. No other hospital can handle cardiac or strokes. They are over capacity. Standing room only all the time. We need to build more full service hospitals. Typically 300 people are waiting for help in the ER. It only fits 100 people. The Quakertown area desperately needs a full service hospital. Dozens of patients need to be taken by ambulance from St Luke's hospital every day to Lehigh valley for treatment. They were supposed to build a Cardiac hospital in Quakertown, but they scrapped the plan because they could not make money from it. We need to petition for a full service hospital here in Quakertown.

gina ellis-simpson

I had an accident on my way to Ny..from the moment I came through the dorr each staff member was attentive, thourough and empathic. When i got on the floor the staff introduced themselves reviwed my likes and duslikes and worked around my " quirky" foid practices. With the exception of one neurologist who kept pushing his narrative onto my life, each and every staff member was polite and cheerful. Its easy to heal in that kind of environment especially sice i was disoriented from a seizure Thank You a model

Kathy Wigoda

My husband just had open heart surgery. The staff and facility was amazing . Thank you ❤️

Marjulee Colon

I've always has a great experience with this hospital. I left St. Luke's for Lvh and haven't looked back. I delivered my baby here, had two surgeries and countless visits and I feel that they are very caring. To each their own I guess.

Endy Vargas

I don’t even think they serve a star

robert salim

Very taken back by the lack of professionalism in the ER. once i got into the ER after vitals and the waiting room, i was greeted by one nurse she was the only friendly one i encountered the entire visit. she put on my blood pressure cuff, attached the leads to my chest and set up the IV connection. when the doctor came around she made her suggestion for treatment. i was left in the bed in the hallway for more than 2 hours with an empty IV and not one person said a word to me. i was ignored by 2 doctors. Dr. Briana Tolly came over and told me to have a drink and if im fine im good to go. i had a drink she never came back . i had to tell the billing lady to send me a nurse. who mind you were sitting doing a whole lot of nothing but talking about happy hour plans. while another nurse shouted "oh he's fine" the nurse who discharged me removed my IV signed my papers with the blood on her gloves gave me my paperwork and script with the blood on it. and walked away. i sat there in a gown, blood pressure cuff still on, leads and monitor still on my chest and she walked away. i was recommended to this hospital , buy far this has had to have been the worst hospital experience ever. quality of care must have gone down the tubes from what i heard about.


Disclaimer: I have never been a patient at this hospital. However, I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to highlight the considerate and selfless actions of a Lehigh Valley employee by the name of Alex (I believe he works overnight as a potential groundskeeper/maintenance man). A few days ago I had a tire blow out in the wee hours of the morning (around 3am). Thankfully I was able to make my way to this hospital. While attempting to access the damage I was able to wave down Alex and without hesitation he offered his assistance. In no less than 15-20 minutes he removed my damaged tire and securely replaced it with the spare in my trunk. Afterwards he refused to let me pay him for his troubles as he continued to wish me safe travels to my final destination. I don't know what I would have done without his help. My hope is that upper management/his superior (Mike-- I believe) sees this and is fully aware of how great one of their amazing employees proved to be in my time of need.

Latoya S

Came in pregnant, dehydrated, and faint, was waiting 5 hours before I got care. The care here was good, but the amount of time you have to wait for it should be illegal.

Kristen Cole

Dr. Sexton is the worst. He did surgery on my husband (who hasn’t been to work in 4 and a half months) to tighten the ligaments in his ankle after he broke it at work. Now the doc said he can go back to work when he can’t even walk on it for an hour without massive swelling and unexplained bruising. Last time my hubby saw the doctor he was in the room for 2 mins!! How can anyone make a sound decision about a patient when he barely had enough time to say hi. I wouldn’t take my dog to lvh!! I tell everyone to run!! This story for the rating is just one of many crazy horrible experiences from this piece of garbage hospital!

Shawnie Bear

Rachael Golub the PA at LVHN Muhlenberg was amazing. She stitched my injury up and was so calming and professional. Way to go and great experience!!!

Julie Cobb

The Drs and nurses are awesome .thank u to the nurses on the 8th floor.

Barbie Derr

Its a wonderful place to be with a lot of amazingly sweet heart minded people

Rose Gallagher

Tom buckley was my nurse and Dr tenzer was amazing. But mr buckley made me feel so welcomed and was so friendly i hope he receives the proper recognition he deserves. 5 stars because of him! 3:53AM 2/8/18

Jim Jones

If you want to die, but lack the courage to kill yourself, then is the perfect hospital for you. I wish I could give 0 stars.

Eagles Rule

This hospital saved my sons life. He was 10 months old when he was transferred from st. Luke’s quakertown to Lehigh valley cedar crest, he was admitted to the intensive care unit not breathing on his own at all and not a stable heart beat. It was gut wrenching watching a breathing machine doing the work for him cause he was unable to do it himself. The doctors and all the nurses cared for him as if he was their own. As days past with constant care and lots of prayer and gods grace he got better and roughly 6 days after he was admitted we were taken him back home. I am forever grateful to everyone who had anything to do in caring for my child he has made a complete recovery and that in itself is a miracle. Not to mention a random stranger buying everyone in the baby intensive care unit a gift card for $50 dollars with a note saying we know what your going through, just an amazing show of compassion to complete strangers. This happen in November 2018. Not every life can be saved but I promise this hospital will do the best they can. Thanx and god bless!!!! James and baby Landon

Ryan Miklas

You goto the emergency room and you wait hours to get in. Once your in they rush you out and don't even run tests.

DR Makeup Art

What can you expect from a ER personnel that wont hear what your symptoms are and sends you to sit and wait carelessly. So why I am here? So why do they ask “why are you here?” Work ethic is at it lowest level at this location. Tuesday Jan 15 2019 9:27 AM.

Serena Veazey

The staff is so clinical here. They don't see you as a person, just another case. Sometimes you have to take the person into consideration. They definitely don't do that.

Harleigh Reahl

my father has been sick in the icu for over 3 weeks now, has gone through a dozen surguries in the last 3 weeks, and time and time again.. nearly every single one of his nurses have been awful and rude and nasty, with only 2 or 3 being kind and understanding with our perspectives as the children of our dying father. 2 incidents that happened that really stuck with me and showed how little these nurses care for their patients, are 1. my dad had been vomiting from an infection, he is under heavy sedation because his abdomen is still open from the OR due to swelling. Because he is under heavy sedation, he is unable to clean himself up or use a bucket to catch his vomit. My mother walked into his room to seeing his face and gown entirely covered in vomit and his neck propped up in an uncomfortable position so he doesn’t choke.. my mom was furious, asking the nurse why she couldn’t at least wipe his face to which she responded with “Well I’m sorry he’s not clean enough to your liking” this is absolutely disgusting behavior and I have never seen anything like it, very inhumane 2. my dad was going into a second very serious surgery, me and my 3 siblings and my mom were all crying and praying around him, and as soon as we were done praying, the nurse interrupts with.. “I see that you guys are praying and all, but it’s really only 2 to 3 people to a bedside” and after hearing that.. we completely dismissed her and told her to go away so we could speak to the head of the icu, she left and the head never came.. shocker. this hospital DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS AND ARE RUDE TO PATIENT’S FAMILY MEMBERS AND SIGH WHEN WE ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT MEDICATIONS HE’S ON AND HIS CONDITION.. i seriously worry for my dad when we aren’t there and how they treat him when the family isn’t around.. worst experiences i’ve had by far and i’m only 18.

Chelsea Smith

Lehigh Valley childrens hospital is excellent! Great staff and surgical team!

Raymond Featherman

I was admitted in January for traumatic head injuries and twice got beat severely from security when I wanted to sighn myself out. I did nothing to harm or threaten anyone they physically tied me to bed and beat me with severe head injurirs

Danielle Eisenberger

Very clean, great service from staff, cafeteria has a wide variety of food

Felicia Nelligan

Gave birth at this hospital August 9th,2017. This is an amazing hospital ❤️. Very great at examining and understand patient care.

Henry B.

When my mother became terminally ill, the folks at Lehigh Valley Hospital.were nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY. There kindness, empathy, and professionalism were second to none. My Mom was on Medicare and I almost expected that she would have ended up in a ward of sorts, however she had a private room that was immaculate and first-class all the way. We were amazed and grateful. Thanks Lehigh Valley Hospital you were the best!!!

Lydia Rivera

It's clean is all I can say that's positive... I drove hours in a snow storm to see my dad and my sister drove 23 hours (we had rented a hotel but it wouldn't be available for another 3 hours since we were rushing and last minute) and the nurses were rude to us about our kids as another patients mom approached me and gave me a lecture about the kids when we just got there... They don't have an area for the kids like usual hospitals and our kids were talking (not running but they were coloring they are kids) ... Thankfully another patients father approached us and totally understood where we was coming from and showed us another waiting room with a play corner (he told us he had the same situation days before with his grandkids and they were rude as well) as nurses they should have more compassion especially considering how far we drove and the condition our father was in (plus for a huge hospital they should have little kids areas in the waiting room)... Also lets not mention the nurses taking care of my father... I had to remind them mutiple times that he was in pain (he had a triple bypass) and his lips were bleeding for me it's the little things that annoys me... If you can't handle chapped lips how can I entrust you with a big surgery like this?

Shaun Fenon

Recetionist was nice but I've been here for 4 and half hours, watched 5 people go back before me and still have 5 people ahead of me. Totally disgusted, if my business ran like this I would be out of business. Corporate!

Dannielle Bart

Where do I begin? I came in with pain to my side, I tried to explain I didn't need a chest X-ray or an ekg...regardless, they sent me back to the waiting room. 3 hours later I am still waiting.. if can give them a zero , I would. I left 6 hours later, after I watched the three nurses pick and choose who to give beds to. They were rude and if I was not in pain I woul day more

Ayanna Daring

The staff was very courteous. Attend to all my needs big or small. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Melissa Enck

We had to rush our one year old son to the Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital on Cedercrest Blvd last week and I couldn't have asked for it to have gone better. We were taken straight to a room and seen by doctors within minutes of walking through the doors (as they were pushing us into a room, two doctors and several nurses walked in right behind us). They had a woman come in and play with my three year old daughter so I could focus on my son, they even had a tablet with games to help keep her busy and got her snacks and drinks throughout our visit. The staff kept us informed and were very professional. I was allowed to stay next to my son the whole time and even hold him for most of it and my husband went with him for his ultrasound. The doctors were all fantastic. He saw several different ones but each one did a great job of explaining what was going on while addressing our fears and concerns. We were there pretty much all day but not once did I feel like we were just sitting around waiting. And while my son is going to need surgery soon, I feel better knowing that it's going be done there.

Jasmine Gonzalez

Worst experience in the ER! Waiting 4+ hours to be seen for a condition in which I’m in excruciating pain and not a single time was i checked on again from checking in. That’s unsat something serious is going on with me and it’s being treated as if it’s not. If the hospital is too full and the wait is more than 2 hours either redirect the patients to another branch or tell them to come back because this is unsat and I’ve never been so disappointed and appalled by a hospital before.

C. G. S.

This is the worst hospital I have ever seen. I went in for a surgery on my left ankle and the surgeon did not even know which one he was supposed to operate on. Doctors with attitude and impatient staff - amateurs. If you can, save your money and your sanity by going to a different hospital.

Joe Trella

We have always been an advocate of Lehigh Valley Hospital, but our last experience was a nightmare. My husband is prone to kidney stones and it has been a major problem. In December he was in for the same problem and he developed sepsus and 107 fever. So when we arrived at 12:30AM on July 2nd and his pain threshold was at 10 we thought his pain would have been managed quickly. Nope, we sat in a waiting room with a blaring TV playing a loud, banging movie. I eventually pulled out the plug. We were finally taken into the emergency room after 3AM and pain medicine was not given until 3:40AM. My husbands blood pressure was 170+/113 ~ why? "THE PAIN" and I mentioned to the nurse a possibility of a stroke due to the pain and rise in blood pressure. The most ironic was when my husband had a CAT scan one person was sent home after being given pepto bismol for an upset stomach. Another person had strep throat and was reminded not to drink milk. Unbelievable! There is not a pain management system in the emergency room. Empathy ~ zero! The emergency room is not the doctor's office for everyday common ailments ~ those patients with minor problems should wait until the true emergencies are seen.

Ray Baucum

I was treated in Cardiac Unit on 3/14/2018 after experiencing chest pains.I received two stents in the right Coronary Artery.I received great care while I there. The nurses are courteuos and very attentaive.I would highly recommend this hospital.

Michele Seddon

Cardiac floor,the one in the back of a unit.Nurses very unprofessional. Asked for a box of tissues and ice water,an hour later went and asked again and she said oh,I forget. So I just asked someone else. Day shift nurses are also very rude,unorganized, forgetful. I hated leaving my dad there especially after fighting with St.Lukes to fly him to LVH.I won't make that mistake again.

David Ruyak

I've always had good experiences at LVH. Knowledgeable staff and update to date facilities.

Silent Coyote

Has admitted for a blood clot in my arm and had to spend 5 days here. Can not complain at all. The nursing staff was very helpful and considerate. They worked with my methadone clinic very quickly to get me dosed the next day very early. The food was great. The nurses who had to take blood were well trained and very painless. The doctors were very helpful. Would come here again for sure. 100%

Brett Rutecky

Horrible hospital and a total scam. I was given a price for a EKG Stress test, which I paid via credit card prior to getting the test done. 2 months after the test I get a bill in the mail for 3x the price I was given (with my payment deducted). I called their billing to explain that the price I paid was the price I was given and should be payment in full. They responded that if I do not pay they will report default to the credit company's. These people are so pathetic and money hungry that they change the price of tests after the test is done and payment in full has been made and then use hurting your credit rating as a means of extortion. Lehigh Valley Hospital is a perfect example of what is wrong with our health care system.

Lynn Notellin

LHVH gives you the upmost quality of care. I have had many surgeries unfortunately but this is my hospital of choice. Outstanding Doctors and nurses.


The doctors Mory and Miller went above and beyond to diagnose my Lyme disease. So many different test and exams and questions . Thank you all so much for such great service, what a privledge.

E. Miller

Pediatrics department is top-notch

Pedro Leon

Horrible experience. My dad was ordered to stop blood thinners before surgery and was bleeding continuously which led us to come to emergency. 2 Staff members mocked me by laughing and when i got upset they called security. Also the resident doctor went ahead to defend the to what would be nurses on the computers. I asked please find the residents doctor because he was spitting out liver clots. She then told me to wait. And proceeded on the computer conversating with others. Great hospital horrible people (not all we have met great doctors and nurses here) this review concerns 2 staff members not the whole hospital. If staff was trained in deescalation this would not be an issue.

Jennifer Pennypacker

Best childrens hospital anytime my kids need a er I drive from pottstown pa to Lehigh and my sons specialists are all there great job keep up the great work

Deb C

It's been two years since I posted a negative review for LV Cedar Crest and the treatment of a family member's addiction incident. Unfortunately, relapse is part of recovery and my family member has had to be treated again at LVH. However, I must applaud LV Cedar Crest for the way they have improved immensely. All the medical professionals have upped their game showing empathy and respect to those that suffer from addiction. I have heard announcements that the hospital was making changes and they were telling the truth. I am sooo grateful to all that are making a difference in the lives of addicts. LV Cedar Crest keep up the good work you are going to save many lives. The planning of after care before the patient leaves the hospital is especially important to their survival. Thank you for realizing it and incorporating it into the hospital stay. Satellite

Robert Palmer

if you go to the ER, bring lunch and dinner and a pillow and blanket. The wait is quite extensive. In the ER, there are people in the aisles and every available space they can find. It looks a little third world. They send every doctor available to talk to you so they can send medicare and your insurance company a bill. The staff is overwhelmed and understaffed. The size of the ER should be expanded and staffed to handle the volume. I think if all the executives took a 10 percent pay cut, this probably could be achieved. This said after a 9 hour stay with no resolution to my problem. AMEN

Aaron Thronton

As a truck driver passing through the area and needing medical care, I couldn't be happier with the care the hospital staff took with me. From the Doctors and Nurses in the ER to the Burn unit staff and finally the friendly person who wheeled me to the Taxi. I say Thank You for the best experience possible.

Kerry Moore

Friendly staff, clean environment, many different services offered, and the pharmacy on site accepts many prescription discount cards.


The L&D team here is full of amazing, knowledgeable, patient, kind, understanding individuals who preform flawlessly and selflessly and put genuine compassion into their work. However once you get to the maternity ward, if you dare to ask your nurse any questions or stray from anything that may conflict with their careful schedules you will quickly forget any great experiences you had before entering. The nursing staff appear to be impatient (likely from being understaffed and overworked) and disingenuous and make any attempt at understanding procedures, or even just asking them to do their job at times, feel like you’re inconveniencing them. Their chain of command is ridiculously ignorant and just as dismissive, and their intimidation tactics are a joke. The techs seem much nicer and more than happy to explain things. The housekeeping staff and dietary are also awesome, very pleasant people. Overall, you’ll be lucky to deliver here but also very glad to finally be discharged from the maternity ward.

Felicia Young

I signed an agreement to work for this hospital system after graduating from nursing school, and when I graduated I was told that there is a hiring freeze, but to keep calling in every month. That was almost 2 years ago, and i am still being told there is a hiring freeze , so why are they posting fake jobs all over the job boards if they are not hiring nurses or anyone for that matter?

Taira M. Gonzalez De'Ferreras

Horrible Hospital.. Unprofessional staff and nurses, no lack of empathy and sympathy and extremely discriminative....They have absolutely no patience with people who speak another language... This hospital is an absolute disgrace

Cheryl Wright

My husband's father had a stroke. We feel like once his insurance ran out they were rushing for him to go elsewhere. They left him fall, get bedsores and a blood clot. He was neglected. What is worst is his doctor, DrRahman was rushing my husband to decide on what the family should do. Told my husband, that he was dying, like we should give up hope for him. Very crude, no compassion, only concerned about his ins6 running out. Unacceptable behavior. My husband's father is now in a rehab getting better care than what he received in there. There giving him speech therapy and treating his bedsores. The doctors in this hospital especially Dr Rahman do not care about their patients. We will never go here. No compassion and neglected my husband's father towards the end giving up on him. Dr Rahman even suggested hospice. He should NOT be a doctor!!!

Ivette Ortiz

The best

Ray Kochey

Waited in the ER with my wife for acute abdominal pain, possible appendicitis. Waited over 3.5 hours and never saw a doctor and finally left. Front desk staff was polite but totally ineffective. This was at noon on a Monday, would hate to see a busy time. Go somewhere else! ER not even close to what a trauma hospital should have.

Kathy Domingo-whitfield

This hospital is the WORST hospital I have ever been to. Took my daughter to the ER for a head injury and almost 5 hrs later we are still in the waiting room. I wouldn’t ever recommend going to this hospital to anyone.

Ralph Molina

Excellent Service. My hospital since 1996. My stay again at the emergency room yesterday (4-23/25-2015 to Saturday 4-26-2015) demonstrated once again their service is extraordinary. Congratulations.

Ivy Gonzalez

Needs alot of improvement. Security is unprofessional and so is the front desk ladies. This Hospital is poorly budgeted and they keep you there lingering because they know you have great insurance.

Michael Warwick

Nice had a rn buy my lunch thanks!!!!big mike also they took good care of my relatives wish I could have thanked rn for lunch!

Greg Ruch

Switched to Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network a few years ago because my girlfriend and I lived closer to them in the Lehigh Valley at the time. My GF had neck and back surgery from Dr. Cammichi in March 2019.She has fallen five times since and refuses to see her. Dr. Mahajen is another one who either makes an excuse or isn't in the office. We're both going back to St.Lukes We have had enough.

Donna Beaty

No fluids 12 hrs! Low staff no rooms sitting in er room. Cks only every hour n 1/2. Been here 12 hrs no answers no nothing. How can you charge thousands of $ for this

Patricia Picone

Go somewhere else if you can! Nursing was ok. Food ok, but if you are too sick to think about food and don’t order it, you don’t get anything! Bed was terrible for someone that couldn’t get out of bed or move at all! I needed an orthopedic bed, but they didn’t have them on that floor! So I went without one! Surgeon was negligent and incompetent, he never came to see me! Even though other doctors told him there was nothing they could was the best option! Was told from time in ER to discharge that I needed an EMG by Neursurgery PA’s, but it was never ordered...So obviously never done! A waste of a week to only feel worse! When I got out I cleared my head and searched for another surgeon at a better hospital. Surgery done without the need for an EMG and positive results followed!

Scuba TV

This place is a accident waiting to happen. If you have a loved one here better look out for them, especially if they are older, they will end up sitting in there feces and not get proper care. BE WARNED !!!

Sharon Labriola

Convenience for non drivers even ppl with disabilities that walk and it's a good hospital

Natasha Carter

A very Beautiful Hospital. Cause the Nurses and Doctors took really care of me when i was Pregnant . And when i was in Labor they kept me calm also. They really did there job. After i had my son . One the nurses came and checked up on me. And they gave me some things for my son. I was very thankful for what that had gave me

Daniel Shuey

Worst ER room ever. Always more people waiting than seats available. 3 RN's behind the desk and two of them not helping anyone. The two times I went there the wait was indefinite. I just left the place cause it was packed out the door and the woman next to me said she has been waiting for 5 hrs to be seen. My son is seriously injured bleeding all over his shirt and I had to leave after an hour waiting. The receptionist told me their seeing kids in the hallway. How sad. You know what's even more sad, all these rich snobs bringing their kids in there with a sniffle clogging up the place while other kids are really needing to see a doctor. Pathetic on all levels.

Nicole De Selm

Went into ER with dizziness, nausea, sweating & chest pain...history of heart problems & waited over 5 hours to even be put in a room! Very fast at triage & getting labs, xrays & EKG, just super slow at actually seeing a doctor! Don't have a heart attack in the ER, you may die!

Amber Rogers

Poor patient care long waits in er, some nurses okay others obviously negligent place is dirty, low on staff. My brother has been seen by this er several times and is quickly discharged and then has to go back! My advice drive the extra mile if possible to go somewhere else. There is no respect for patients here any of them no humanity exists.

Brenna Missimer

Good and bad come with this place. My mother had surgery done, that was scheduled, and the initial take in/until I got to say goodbye was good. The doctor and staff checking into the main hospital entrance and surgical area were great and compassionate. When I went to see her in recovery it was totally 180 different. She was out of surgery for about 4 hours - had to wait an hour for her food. Her room was right in front of the front desk with the curtain open - front desk continued to chatter to each other, not even bothering to assist to my mom's needs. I had to figure out how to operate her bed so she could sit up and eat once the food came, they ignored as I tried to help my bed ridden mom find the remote. Front desk is one of the main things people notice! I don't care if it's not your job to do those things: being helpful is expected in a hospital environment

Alcides Martinez

Great hospital. My mother was a patient here. Until she past away today. They treated her well. Great friendly staff.

castaño paulino

Great hospital, they treat you with dedication and care for you, you can tell they love what they do. Food is great, they offer a menu and room service, cant complaint

Snake Nunya

I appreciate the Nursing staff for providing Awesome care

Mac Mimi

Service has definitely declined at this hospital since I had my first pregnancy. Some of the staff are rude and the quality of food has gone down. It is almost impossible to get in touch with the billing department. One of the doctor's had a terrible bedside manner-I could not believe she was a doctor. The way she spoke was unprofessional and she sounded uneducated. She was a resident.

Katerina Paulauskas

been there several times with myself and my kids. always drs who think they know everything and CLEARLY they do not! was told son "couldn't have chicken pox and shingles at the same time" and I called CHildren's Hospital in Philly and they said they "see it all the time". Another time I went in for emergency surgery and the ER nurses made faces at me because my case was presumed to be "boring".... went in once for EXTREME abdominal pain and was doubled over and crying in agony and the desk woman asked me on a scale of 1-0 how much pain I had!!! ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martina Chevalier

My doctor sent me there the beginning of this year because I went in with severe stomach pains and she had concerns about my appendix. So I went with a note from my doctor and my doctor called them ahead of time. I sat in the ER for 3 hours in extreme pain. We asked twice what the deal was and the response was practically nothing. Went to the ER in Reading and was seen and treated within an hour and a half. TODAY my older brother had severe chest pains and a numb arm. He had surgery about 2 weeks ago. Again, he sat in the ER WITH CHEST PAINS no tests nothing for almost 2 hours. He's actually still in the ER. I'm disgusted with their lack of care or compassion. They are drained out robots and label you as soon as you walk in the door. Unless you're bleeding and they can see it, they do not care. Lehigh Valley Hospital has TWO of the worst ERs I've ever seen. Reading Hospital gave me great treatment in 2018 ST. Luke's Bethlehem ER has given my family very good treatment back in 2012, however we have not been there recently. I highly suggest going to any other ER than Lehigh Valley.

Judhy Rosado

Over 2 hours waiting to be seen by the docto after check in. We came here’s cause my son’s pediatrician belong to the network. Unbelievable the wait and don’t dare to ask the stuff about it cause they don’t seem to know anything

Paul Maldonado

E.R HORRIBLE! My mother waited 11 hours for 2 tests and was In excruciating pain when one of the male nurses said to me, "if your mother has to pee that bad, then I'll cancel the test and she can come back tomorrow." As if 11 HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO WAIT FOR 2 TESTS! ATTATBOY

Me Mine

my wife gave birth to our daughter on 4-26-2016 The nurses and doctors are amazing they took care of my wife and daughter .They treated us the love and respect . Their Guardian angels! Thank you LV for the work you do! Thank you to the whole nursing staff from maternity ward

Kisha Brown

My daughter was in for a week in September the nurses in the pediatric department were wonderful. They went beyond their job to make my daughter feel comfortable and not afraid

Amy Ricketts saloum

Terrible nearly killed me .will never never go back .I was pregnant giving birth amd was treated liked a ginny pig hands all over me and they were all students.I get they have to learn but not while im in labor having complications and etc had an emergency c section .could hear the doctors laughing after the aftermath while im on oxegyne .Never never i swear i should have sued them .

Princess BatQuinn

Honestly if you want your time wasted this is the place to go. Waiting in an area for 4 hours to be seen and once seen Then waiting another 4 hours for improper care and then being told nothing more can be done.

sheldon johnson

Completely terrible hospital with an incompetent medical staff they gave me fentanyl when I was 11 years old despite me being an asthma patient and not even being in pain..

Kris Raedler

If I could give the ER negative starts I would.

Pikachuu Kawaii

I love this hospital a lot! They have wonderful staff members!

Todd Kaplan

Horrible experience here over 2 admissions. ER nurses never introduced themselves just walked in and out without explanations. M.D.s would show up once and not come back in spite of saying thet would. Floors were horrible. Call lights be on for 45 minutes while nursing staff were on cell phones or gossiping in hallways. List of problems goes on and on. My advice is if you have someone you care about in this hospital do not leave them alone. Be an advocate for them amd don't be afraid to call supervisors to manage the care as there is a lack of it readily done.

trapper surg

Worst ER wait. Not very caring.

Sierra Osorio

I was seen by the ER/OBGYN Dept. I have neverhad such a group of compassionate efforts in an emergency situation. Overly accommodating and efficient. Not to myself but my family also. 7th floor staff outstanding, ER and labor and delivery staff. They made a nightmare event as comfortable as possible! I could never express my appreciation any further. Outstanding work, great hospital care!!

Scott Colosi

Let me start by saying this was the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life, that said.. The staff and doctors are some of the most heartless people that I have ever met.. My father had seizure and went into a coma they told us at first he was brain dead and to pull the plug... we were not ready.. but they insisted.. we still said no.. then he started moving.. that said it was nothing .. then we were told he is not brain dead... but still wanted us to pull the plug... we said no... so the hospital did not like that ..then they were going to pull the plug... we had to get a lawyer and have several stays of execution... this is not a prison? Or is it.. we just got my father moved tonight .. thank god.. ICU in this hospital is death row...this is the truth.. I can say much more ..but ot of respect for my father I will not

Joseph Whiteduck

What a wonderful facility! Clean and has any kind of care you might need! Found the staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable.

Shawn Cicero

As for doctors there great, staff around them is horrible. I wanted to show the screen shot of 53 minutes listening to the auto hold music but not wasting my time anymore. I wish he had his own place. Appt's get messed up, they forget, literally forget even tho you can show the paper appt. slip they gave you.

Brendan Kuhl

I had a half good and half bad experience. The worst part is my grandparents were upset The best part is the Café, it had good food. Mmmmm.

Gem E.

My grandpa had to get heart surgery and everything is fine now. He's very grateful for this hospital, just as my family is also.

Louann Cox

My husband has been here for 32 days. Came in with a blood infection which he got from Capitol health trauma center in Trenton, NJ. He has since had too many bouts with acid reflux becuse they took away his 80 mg Protonics and gave 20 mg pepcid instead the result was not pretty. Now today he has a fever of 102 and they are all head scratching.. whats up with this... came in on 2 bp meds niw has 5 and bp still spikes over 200 over 100 hundred and change and they talk about sending him home really????

Tashia Dylan

They have the best ice in the cafeteria!

Marwah H

Words cannot express how unbelievably horrendous this ER truly is. A BLEEDING PREGNANT WOMAN had to sit for over 6 HOURS in the waiting room to even catch a glimpse of a physician. Absolutely sickening. And shame on your miserable front desk staff. It's bad enough that people are sick, they don't need your disgusting attitudes!

Erana Marks

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in the hospital. His appt, to meet with the oncologist was initially 17 days away. They apologized and mentioned that new patients are supposed to get an appt with the oncologist within three days in Stroudsburg. I told them that Morristown hospital gave him an appt. the next day . My advice is to stay away from there if you have cancer. Run. They have a brand new cancer center in Stroudsburg and lack personnel. It is impossible to get appointments within the cancer center.

Derek Ritter

Waiting in the ER for well over an hour with 6 week old infant that rolled herself off of a couch. Hmmm not too happy with the service

Trey Woodring

Too big for its own good. No compassion, under staffed, impossible to talk to a real doctor.

Miguel Torres

If you got to the ER here, prepare to wait over 3 hours. Unless you're white & look sicker. Then you'll be seen fairly quick. Attempted to leave after hour 3 but they said I'd still be charged, so I'm forced to stay. I am in a lot of pain but i have to wait over some lady with a sprained ankle. This place is terrible.

Sandra Daidone

I went into the er last night for extreme nausea and blood in my vomit and abdominal pain . They did a cat scan and found a blocked pancreatic duct I was told I was being admitted to have it repaired. A few minutes later the dr comes back and says he is releasing me due because they had no rooms and that I wasn't sick enough. Needless to say my pain got worse so went elsewhere.

Vanessa Fontanez

By far the worse children’s hospital that there is around. I was there from 2:50pm-7pm at night and not even seen. People act like they don’t know what they are doing. While you sit and feel like your being neglected there too busy sitting down eating at their computers enjoying their foods. They really need help in the children’s emergency department. By far the worse experience I’ve had. And still my child hasn’t been seen. Walked out the hospital to go to another. It’s a shame what these hospitals are coming to

Judith Shoup

I had Dr. Scott Beman for a huge hernia surgery. He was the greatest surgeon I could have asked for. I recommend him for anyone needing hernia surgery. I felt he was not only a surgeon but a friend.. He gave me excellent care and after surgery follow ups. Thank you Dr. Beman. If ever I need another surgeon you will be my choice. I also received excellent care for my overnight stay. Everyone from day one was so friendly and caring. I live over an hour away but it was well worth the travel to get excellent care. Thanks again to all the staff!

Stacey Sanchez

Worst ER I have ever been to. I was told by their urgent Care to go to the ER. Waited almost 4 hours before I was taken in. The waiting room is ridiculously cold. I was placed in the hallway which is not uncommon for busy hospitals, but they didn't give you any privacy what so ever. Then another hour before I was seen by a resident. In total about 8 hours with no answers, I left. I couldn't even get an ibprouphen or a sip of water. Many of the staff looked completely miserable, only a handful were pleasant. Your best bet is to go somewhere else. If you have a child go to CHOP, it is a 45 minute drive but they are awesome there. For adults I think pretty much anywhere else would be better.

Nancy Morgan

Horrible nurse . She made me feel worse then I already felt. Yelling and looking angry at me.Becuase I couldn’t walk. She didn’t seem believe me when I was passing out .

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