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John Hick

I Had the surgery there. the staff was very friendly they were very professional I liked it

heather hilbert

HORRIBLE... wish I could give zero stars. Doctors are a joke. When a Dr stands in the hallway making fun of the patient they're treating, their license should be revoked. Absolutely unacceptable. Pathetic excuse for emergency service.

Tiffany Pint

Eric Parks

Valene Hill

I've been in this hospital numerous times. The doctors, nurses and staff are excellent. They really care and are willing to help you in any way that they can. I live no where near here, yet I'll always travel to come here. Thank you!!

Colleen Geiger

Ive been sitting in ER with lots of leg/hip pain for the past 2 hours. Maybe if I fall off the chair im sitting on I'd be seen quicker. If i could walk I'd be otta here!

Barry Davis

We had our first child last month and she was delivered at this hospital. I cannot give the staff that worked with us enough praise. We arrived at night, and the night staff was awesome. They answered every question that popped up (there was a lot of them), checked in regularly, and were on top of any alert or anomaly. The day staff (when our daughter was born) was fantastic! I wish I could remember all their names because they really deserve to be recognized. We stayed in the hospital for 3 nights after the birth. Some of the nurses that attended to us were just incredibly pleasant people. The first nurse was CLEARLY doing exactly what she wanted to be doing in life, and it showed in every interaction. The rooms were clean, spacious, and accommodating. If you live in the area (or don't have great options near you as we live 45 minutes away) and need to find a hospital for your birth, I recommend you give this place a look. Thank you so much to the staff who made our stay a positive experience.

Cyndi Feidler

My husband passed away in the ICU the staff of Doctors and nurses were so supportive and kind during his last hours. Thank you to all ♥

Todd Heft

I spent one week in the hospital with a health crisis which came on without warning and was quite terrifying. The talented physicians, nurses, physical therapists, tech support, just everyone was caring, patient and courteous. (Hello 6th floor!). Even the food was well-prepared, plentiful and nutritious. I can't say enough thank-yous for getting me back on my feet and home within the week.

Maria Vazquez

I left my red bag with very important medications at Muhlenberg hospital and I was so distraught. But Security came to the rescue and found the bag and kept it there; until my Daughter Jen picked it up. I am so appreciative of having security at the hospital. They do a lot to keep us safe and I really appreciate it!!!!!

James Loveless

Worst hospital I have ever been to. The staff is incredibly rude and will not answer your questions. The doctors will rush you out, based on how full the emergency room is, however there is never a wait to receive a room, just a wait to get the care that in LVH words you "have a right to". Currently sitting in the waiting room because I was being a representative of a patient and they didn't like how I was asking questions. If you care about your loved ones, don't take them here. I've never seen a hospital break so many rules and been so unprofessional. It's terrible that places like this are able to run. Never coming back ever.

Jacob Dornbach

Greatest place to be when recovering from an operation everyone treat me as if I was the only one on the fifth floor

Giovanni Soto

Not only did they give me a medication that put me in extreme pain without telling me anything about it..... I was frantically pressing the nurse call button for 20 minutes and nobody came. They never responded to it they just heard me. This hospital has gone down the gutter the past 2 years

Marieangely Melendez

Joan Regan

Ben Steinert

This hospital is absolutely awful, do not go here. I had to go five separate times in four days and they didn't even fix the problem! Their conclusion was that it might be an infection, before even getting my urine back, which they already tested all the other days I was there. You couldn't pay me to go to this hospital again.

Tracy Collischan

Worst hospital I have ever been to and that is saying a lot since I have lived in 4 states. Staff is horrible they don’t answer questions and the doctors are even worse. And don’t try to get any answers from the director because I’m pretty sure that person does not exist. They just tell you that they will have them call and surprise it never happens. If I could give a negative 10 I would. Only come here if you don’t really want to be helped.

dave korp

Marvin Shair

My wife gave birth to our daughter at this hospital and the service of the staff was exceptional. There is nothing bad I can say about this hospital. Staff are all wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Best hospital around.

Lingaire Ofosuhene

Barbara Simpson

Doctor's are nice and have good bedside manor

Larry Hawk

Excellent cardio care. Made my procedure less stressful, and the outcome was a success. Thank You All

Carla Ramos

C. V.

Charles Nest

Very nice great staff won't go any where else

TA Gellock

This place is horrible just horrible the nurses are rude and don’t care about anyone but themselves seems like they just want to say that have a job and are nurses so unprofessional. This is the ER experience I had I don’t know about the rest of the hospital but the ER is just disgusting and they put you out in the hall like you don’t matter I will forever stick with St Luke’s I only went here because I thought it was the best place to bring my mother to go to rehab and they just threw her out and didn’t care never again. If I was anyone I would not go here at all!!!

ekko 93

They drown you with too many fluids (pulmonary edema). My wife could have died from a doctors mistake.

Bob Loblaw

Kathleen Satkowski

Professional and very caring staff in the ER and on the the 5th floor . Thanks so much.

David Church

The pregnancy ward is very nice. Everything is brand new, so much so they have a few kinks to work out. I imagine in a few months they will have it going full bore. Definitely worth it, I would come back for the next baby.

Anita Steinhauer

Nothing. Poor bedside manor. Fell and cannot stand on either foot. Told them pain level was at a 7, I never even offered motrin. After no treatment was placed in a waiting room and had to use a chair from there to prop up swollen ankles and feet..They shouldn't be open and if you are reading this, trust me there are better places to seek medical attention.

Harold Adames

Tattooed Rebel Girl

A man who I basically adopted as a father has been having health problems started out at the former Good Samaritan Hospital in Pottsville after them not being able to do all the things necessary at the time needed to get it done he was transported down to this hospital. I visited him and liked this place a lot. They are really great there! Don't get me wrong I'm not downing the hospital in my neck of the woods, but his real daughter pushed for faster testing and the hospital suggested the Cedar Crest Hospital, but he ended up at the Muhlenberg hospital instead. They get to the bottom of things fast. He was taken care of by some very nice doctors and nurses. For a man with a heart of gold and always puts others first he deserves to have the best care at the best hospital. Thank you

Joseph Basrawi

Nurses don't know what their doing and doctor is taking forever to see us. The ER is empty we don't know what's going on they keep saying that we are going to be seen next but it's been 20 min. Terrible.

Ivette Acosta

Melissa Rodriguez

Gina Dilorenzo

Mandy Hall


matthew munsey

Doctors are more worried about talking to their colleagues and looking at pictures on their phone then the people in the hospital. I'm glad my wife wasn't dying or should she be dead waiting on these people. Very unhappy with our service.

Rachel Boddie

Miranda Nguyen

I had an incredible pregnancy experience at LVH-Muhlenburg. The nurses were absolutely incredible and took such great care of me, my husband & baby the whole time. They were so kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and always there when we needed them. As it was my 1st child, I didnt know what exactly to expect. They offered several classes beforehand that helped my husband & I prepare for the birth and gave us lots of information we needed. It was great to be able to learn so much before giving birth which made me have a lot less questions during. The rooms were a great size, super clean and nice. Even the food was delicious! I always thought hospital food would be so terrible, but they had a great menu and for being a hospital it was great food. I will definitely be back to deliver when I have another child.

Albert Stepongzi

No name 20005

Charles Barbour

Got to love a getting a call from the collection agency claiming you had a 18K hospital bill from August of 2015. Trying to tell me the county paid 12k of it and i am responsible for the rest. No F'n way. They did nothing for the tooth infection I had but put me on pain meds. Trying to say a 2 day stay where I only saw and spoke with a doctor once equals 18k? HELL NO! I remember they tried to get me to stay another 4 days. I had to sign myself out against medical advice. all they said they were willing to do was fill me with pain meds. Why would I be willing to stay for non-treatment? They told me, I had to seek out side medical assistance for treatment and removal of the tooth! This hospital is fill with scam artist and unprofessional staff. They don't care for the sick and injured. They only care about money and their bottom line. The people of Lehigh Valley would be lucky if this "hospital" would close permanently due to some unforeseen disaster.

Eve Currin

My son and I arrived at 10:40am for a foot injury, the emergency area representative was very nice and put us in a room shortly after we arrived. After waiting 45 minutes in rm#4 an aid came an took my son an I to a waiting area where there was 5 other patients waiting to be treated we waited for an additional 1hr. Then comes the PA who didn’t identify herself but did introduce the other personnel with a lab tap that would be documenting the findings of the X-rays. So I then interrupted her before she continued and asked if she could give us the privacy we are required and pls not discuss my sons health information in the public areas, to possibly put us even in a closet to discuss the findings and results. She the PA replied it’s going to be about another hour or so before we have a room available and walked away! This is unbelievable for any hospital official to think that openly discussing a persons information in a room full of people is ok or even except-able! By law hospitals are required to follow the HIPPA regulation and yet it seems as if their not being watch or followed by a HIPPA officer Anything goes.

Ray Chaapel

Very disorganized

Latoya S

I am a pregnant woman with hyperemesis gravidarum which causes me to vomit very often and become easily dehydrated. I came to this ER because it's usually a quicker wait than LVHN ER allentown but that day it was packed. I guess my condition wasn't seen as in need of immediate attention so I waited about 3 hours before being seen. Usually (i usually go to the one in allentown) when I first get to the back they take urine samples to see my dehydration and have me get into a gown to examine me and make sure everything is okay with me and the baby. Today it seemed like rather than truly trying to care for my health they just wanted to get me in and out as quickly as possible. I had been vomiting violently and would throw up any food water or medicine I attempted to swallow. Per my condition this happens when I become dehydrated and does not cease until I am back at a normal hydration level again. I expressed this to them and after the doctor gave me one IV bag which obviously diluted my fluids and then checked my fluids and stated because my fluids were not "that bad to the level of dehydration" they were going to still me home. Even though they tried to medicate me twice and I vomited both times. The doctor just gave me the recommendation of attempting to sip water and even if I vomit it up my body still got something so I'll be fine and not to force myself to eat because I can go weeks without food but only days without water. I personally have never ever had a hospital release me before making sure I was well hydrated(at least 2 IVs) and able to eat and drink, or at least able to keep down medicine. This doctor and hospital were very uncaring. The nurses I got were rude and one even accused me of spitting up my medicine although everytime I vomited I called a nurse but they would take so long to come that by the time they got there the vomiting was well over. I've been thinking about giving St. Luke's a try, not sure if they're much better but this experience is definitely a push in that direction.



Sanj S

Jess Pharo

Sorry so many people had bad experiences. I thought the place was great. Big and very clean. Good job housekeep! The place was empty being Sunday but we figured it out eventually. My son needed an ultrasound. He cried the entire time! And no one got mad or annoyed. So thanks.

Shawnie Bear

My name is Shawn Tapler and I was referred to the Alternatives program from the ER at Muhlenberg after suffering an extreme panic attack last week. After beginning this program yesterday I cannot thank already enough Dr. Maru and Valentine Croft for their amazing work. Dr. Maru pointed, dead on, my symptoms and diagnosed me. He was professional and actually listened. My therapist, Valentine, has the most calming, professional, and unique ability to engage with her clients. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I am truly blessed to be in such great care. From the front desk, to case workers such as Andrea I had yesterday on the 13th, to everyone else, the Bahvioral Health Sciences Center is amazing and the Alternatives program has saved my life. There are no words to thank how much I appreciate everything and everyone and every participant I met has had nothing but good things to say. I manage 8 Provider schedules where I work and reviews for all six of our offices. I know what a positive impact a positive review can have on an organization and more importantly I hope others are able to read about the wonderful experiences I have had here! :-)

Lopria K.

I went there because I was going into labor. The front desk woman in the ER was clueless as to what was going on with me. What ever. Anways I would like to thank my doctor and the nurses who helped me out on March 29,2018. It was not a happy day but I still left there happy with the wonderful treatment I received. I would definitely recommend giving birth at their Maternity center!

Helen M Unangst

Wonderful Hospital Staff

Annette Duffy

Ant Torres

All I'm going to say is don't ever take your kids there if they ever really need attention.

Zechariah Bennett

B. M.

After eating at Corked in Bethlehem I didn’t feel so good. Ended up at the hospital and they took good care of me. Everything came out just find in the end.

super insane

It's not the 1st time I've been here for X rays. Such a pleasure walking in since I have to use a cane. The greeter at the front entrance immediately said the if I work to be going to get x-rays done that I should use the elevator and he was gonna call the gentleman who drives the golf cart from the elevator and to the registration desk for the x-rays and after that he took us to the X-ray Room waiting Room. Once done with the X-ray the nurse called the gentleman who drove the Golf cart. We waited a little bit not long and then he picked us up took us back to the elevators and down we went. Using the elevator. That is so very conscientious and wonderful that Muhlenberg has that service for the People. Makes it much easier getting around the hospital. Both the gentlemans that assisted us were very nice and as well as the nurses that called for the transportation to return back to the elevator.

Linette Correa

The worst hospital /ER in the world! 1 star is actually over rating them! I came in a little before 11pm with my son who was the patient, they took him for x-rays pretty quickly. But here we are damn near 3 hrs later& no results. I understand the "physician" or resident is not a radiologist, however she is a doctor so she could've went with what she saw & played it that way (better safe than sorry ) until she gets an actual read! Like she said she saw fluid in his bone which to her indicated a fracture but still needed the call from the radiologist! U couldn't put a splint on my son & discharge him? & then call me with an actual read? Exactly how they've done numerous times before when they couldn't get ahold of the radiologist . Not to mention the attitude, snares, lots of eye rolling, & brushing me off from a few nurses & the doctor herself including her assistant. OH! & the crazy excuses such as oh if the doctor keeps calling radiology they'll take longer with results & the constant she's in this room, she's in that room she'll be right there. Long story short I left without results, without closure ,OH & HE LAST TOOK TYLENOL AT 7PM LIKE I TOLD THEM & WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT PAIN & THEY DIDN'T GIVE HIM ANYTHING!!!!! By the way it's 1:50am!!!!! I will NEVER come here AGAIN! WE WILL GO TO SAINT LUKE'S TOMORROW!!!!! TIME WASTED! THANKS FOR NOTHING! Oh & I bet I'll get a bill for no services also. They're known for that too!

Henry B.

When my mother became terminally ill, the folks at Lehigh Valley Hospital.were nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY. There kindness, empathy, and professionalism were second to none. My Mom was on Medicare and I almost expected that she would have ended up in a ward of sorts, however she had a private room that was immaculate and first-class all the way. We were amazed and grateful. Thanks Lehigh Valley Hospital you were the best!!!

Kylie Philhower

I spent an hour and a half ib a room waiting to be seen. Throwing uo crying and all I nevee seen a dr or nurse. I got up and left they didnt even know. Terrible hospital .

tracy steible

My mother has been a patient for a month. This staff is not professional at all! They argued in her room in front of her about helping her get to the bathroom. Both people left the room in a snit. Meanwhile my mother went in her bed and layed in it for over 15 minutes before someone came back to help. That is not the first or last time she layed in her own mess here. My moms I phone disappeared overnight. Nobody seemed to care that I wanted to report it to someone. When I tried to contact her on her room phone, that phone was not working! We still have no answer about her cell phone. Noisy at night. So much for getting rest. Her sheets were not changed for two weeks! They made arrangements for me to transport her to a rehab facility by 11am today. I arrived to find out that nobody,in the four weeks she was here, addressed her a fib. They are now doing that. So now transport won’t be til 4 or 5. I hope my job understands! This has been one bad experience after another! Nurse Deena needs a bedside manner class!

Berta Camacho

Desiree Strait

Very efficient. Went to the ER. Did not have to wait long. We were in and out in 2 1/2 hours.

Ayda Rodríguez

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Buenas

Nicholas DeWitt

Damn near saved my girlfriends life after another hospital missed that she had the flu. Something so basic was missed elsewhere but not here. Thank you.

Bobby Ferdinand

My rating of this hospital would have been zero if that option was available. On July 2nd, 2019 early morning I went to the emergency room of Lehigh Valley Hospital. I was placed in a room to be seen by the nurse or doctor, the room was dirty. Soil crumbled sheet on the bed and tons of dirt on the floor. I was surprised, appalled and disgusted. I asked the nurse who came to attend to me why is this room so dirty. Her response was, maybe housekeeping did not get to this room yet. I said St. Luke Hospital is much cleaner and her response was, " If you want to leave, leave and go to St. Luke's, I don't work with housekeeping". So, I am wondering why was I placed in an unsanitary room that was not cleaned. I HAD TO LEAVE LEHIGH VALLEY EMERGENCY HOSPITAL BECAUSE I WAS NOT COMFORTABLE BEING PLACED IN A FILTHY ROOM! (VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL NURSE). She told me she is from New York and if I wanted to leave, leave.

Sammi Stem

If I could give them a ZERO I would! Their emergency room is A JOKE! I came in with chest pain, Iv had a previous heart attack. At the same time I came in an 85 year old man came in with chest pain as well and he expressed he never had any history of cardiac problems. He immediately gets put on a heart monitor. I however get shoved in a dark room, with NO monitor, NO BP, NO pulse ox, NOTHING except an IV starter in my arm. I rang my nurse call bell and watched 20 EMPLOYEES walk by my room 50% of them looking up at the light above the door and kept walking. Not ONE including the doctor who was supposedly taking care of me came to see if I was alright, or what I needed. When the doctor finally came back and I called him out on never hooking me up to a heart monitor, never checking on me the ENTIRE 45mins the call bell was on, telling him I could have been in the room coding and NOBODY would have caught it because NOBODY seems to be concerned on doing their job and caring for patients! And his response...Well we would have found you eventually! The on-call cardiologist was waiting to be called with my EKG, and blood work results and the ER doctor REFUSED to call him. I will NEVER step foot in that hospital again!

Shannon Lambert

Their staff is far from professional!

Heather Sandt

The waiting room was not too crowded and I didnt have to wait long. But I told the nurse that I couldn't feel my left foot and it was numb and they made me walk by myself with no help. They did not give me my call bell and would not give me a blanket even though I was shivering. I had to get up by myself to get an emesis bag and tissues because no one was around. When the doctor finally came in he didnt even ask me questions and just said that it must be muscles and he would give me motrin and send me home. I got angry and they finally agreed to do a catscan. In the long run I was disappointed because I always felt like this was the most reliable place to go for medical care.

katrina carver

Worst experience with Labor/Delivery mother baby unit. Pediatrician did not respect our personal beliefs and treated us unprofessionally also overstepped medical boundaries. Would not recommend having baby at Muhlenberg campus!

alex Bush

Cruz Gonzalez

4/02 6pm to 4/03 6am...AN AMAZING TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS during a 12 hour shift and non-stop emergencies. MY ER DREAM TEAM OF Triage Nurse Lori, ER Nurse Caitlin, CT Tech Courtney, ER Nurse Gregory, Nurse Jicenda, Nurse Samantha and ER doc, Dr. Weaver. Sharp and still on their toes helping me throughout the long night. Never experienced such professionalism during such a hectic evening. I WISH WE HAD MORE PEOPLE LIKE THEM EVERYWHERE, IN EVERY HOSPITAL ACROSS AMERICA !!! WIZARDS WITH ULTRASOUND IV INSERTION ON A BAD, SCAR RIDDLED ARM, AS MINE, FROM YEARS OF DIALYSIS. Kept focused and resolved many technical issues regarding my IV which was necessary for a few CT scans....then the professionalism continued after that, with the next shift, till I was finally discharged.

Missy Hubbard

I was seen..treated..and released within 30 minutes!! The staff are very courteous & efficient. The doctor was very helpful & genuinely nice. I am from out of state so I was very nervous! They put me at ease the moment I walked through the door. I am very grateful to the night staff . Thank you so very much!!!

Troy Dean

Today i had to visit the er. The male nurse who came in first was completely rude and was talkin down to me and made me uncomfortable and mad. He looked like a mix of waldo and zelda. And i say that with all due respect. He was very rude and i left upset about it. The doctor was great and the person who showed me out was great but that nurse needs to treat people with respect.

J Molina

I guess the care is fine but almost 2k for my son's tiny dab of glue on his tiny head wound! Ridiculous especially since insurance is covering about half. They squeezed 1 drop of medical glue! 2 thousand dollar glue apparently!

Tara Srager

Emergency room is a joke. They violated my HIPPA rights and caused me great distress. The floor staff is not much better. It takes way too long for them to answer your call bell and then even longer to process your request. Extremely difficult to deal with especially when you're in excruciating pain. Only came here because it's the hospital associated with my neurologist. Screw that. Next time I'm going to St. Luke's.

Todd Kratzer

I went to the ER because I had a piece of meat stuck in my throat. During the procedure to remove it they had my upper lip pinned against my front teeth with their equipment to the point of almost cutting the inside of my lip, my lip was very swollen when I got home, it's been two days now and my lip is still numb. They also stretched my Uvula so much it touches the bottom on my throat giving you the sensation that there is something hanging in your throat and you can’t clear it. I also have a severe sore throat. I had this same procedure done 5 years ago at another hospital and I came home fine. This complaint is more for the people who worked on me (Doctors), the nursing staff was great.

Tara Jordan

This morning I went in with recurring pain in my left foot. It was visibly inflamed. And I can barely walk on it without being in excruciating pain. I was put in the hallway to start.. Rather than a room. Had labs drawn... Which I understood. But when I mentioned that I had a scheduled MRI this coming Tuesday but was in too much pain to even wait that long, clearly I was ignored. Because rather than sending me for one, I was told that they were basically going to go off of the labs (which were normal) and sent me to another waiting room where I stayed for hours waiting. All for them to come tell me they were sending me home on an anti-inflammatory (after telling me that my labs show NO inflammation), an orthopedic shoe, and that I should wait for my MRI. I didn't want pain meds because they make me sick. I just wanted to know what's wrong with my foot and get some kind of answer so I can have it taken care of and go back to work without being in so much agony. I wasn't even put in a regular room.. And there were a few available. I was basically put to the side. In extreme pain. So much more could have been done. So much more care could have been given. But I spent hours with no answer. Until my mom went and said something. I ALWAYS swore by Lehigh Valley and ALWAYS recommended. And today, I was so disappointed. And here I sit.. At home. In pain. Cannot take pain meds. In tears at times. But I guess it's no big deal since I'm going in six days for an MRI that could have been done today. Thanks a bunch Muhlenburg hospital. To add to my review... I went for my MRI and found out that I, in fact, have a fracture. Thanks so much Lehigh Valley hospital for basically making me suffer in pain for almost an entire week.

Donald Rump

If I could give this place negative stars I would, I have a deadly cdiff infection that was killing me fast this hospital took a cat scan, blood test, the doctor came in finally after waiting all night said well you look a little swollen down there, itl go away just see a g.i. doc, at this point I was in so much pain in my insides I had to be carried out, low and behold the next day I went to st Luke's Anderson campus, they did all the "necessary" tests ct scan, while drinking the medication, and blood test and stool sample rite away they admitted me 5 days, the sample came back for positive for a cdiff infection,god bless st Luke's, I'm never a bitter person, but I will never go within 50,000 feet of this hospital, whatever you wanna call it, more like an asylum m abye, or mental institution, but the doctors are the mental ones, I will never go there, I'd strongly advise to go to st Luke's Anderson, they are the best team of docs, and nurses you could ever have


Svend la Rose

nursing and tech staff are gr8. doctors not so much. i didn't get any general medical care my whole time in bh2.

Robin Lang

Jay Lehmann

My mother was admitted nearly two days ago for pancreatitis and has yet to be seen by a doctor. The service at LVHN is aweful.

Shel Fulmer

ER service here is hit or miss. Other services are performed as should be.

Joan Steinberg

Hellish experience overall. What should have been a 5-6 day stay at most, ending up as a life-threatening 15 day stay! Nurses & techs are mostly great. Doctors/team have no communication with each other - little, if any 'teamwork' - or with patient & family. Proof that no one should ever go to the hospital without an advocate, you'll probably end up dead if you do! Especially bad was the intern working on the 5th floor, Dr. Khan. He shouldn't be allowed to speak with patients & family, at least not at this point, if ever, in his career...maybe he should consider a research job with no contact with people, just lab rats!!! Almost forgot to mention how bad the Pharmacy was ..made THREE mistakes with medications...we had to watch & question all his meds because the Pharmacy didn't mark meds correctly!

Naruto Uzumaki

Worse hospital ever. My child was urinating blood and we sat there 3 hours. He had to use the bath 4 times in extreme pain since we has there and still wasn't seen. I rather drive across th own and go to Easton Hospital before I ever come here again.

Tina Unrath

My husband was bright to the ER for a high heart rate. ER was fab. He was admitted for 24 hr observation. The next morning he had an ultra sound of his heart around 8 30 AM . The doctor came in read the results of the ultra sound telling us he had an enlarged atrium. That was probably the reason he was throwing such a bad rhythm. Follow up with cardiologist and probable electrophysiology study and he was started on new medication. Waiting to be discharged. The nurse came in and said they have us all the wrong information and that wasn't even his ultrasound that was read to us. Now it's 1 15 in the afternoon, we have no information and will probably be charged another day. I'm calling Medicare. This surely isn't his fault.

Austin Carpenter

Jesse Seelos

The doctors are very intelligent and thoughtful. They asked a lot of good questions and we're not judgemental. The nursing staff was also amazing. They came when we needed them, and were very helpful.

Deborah Evans

My father was admitted to LVH Muhlenberg twice since January 2017. Each included an initial ER visit. Our entire experience, including all levels of staff and care, was absolutely positive. He is now in their Hospice care at home. LVH has provided the most experienced, caring, individuals for my father and his family. We are very pleased and grateful. Thank you.

April Woolever

Staff was friendly and seemed sincere with their care towards their patients. I wish the after care was just as important to them. I feel this is an issue at every hospital.

Holly Mongi

My experience giving birth to my daughter here was excellent.

Aamer Salloum

The worst hospital I ever had. I was hit by a piece of metal in my eyes. I entered the emergency room and waited for two hours. No one cared. When I asked the nurse (Kristine d daly) if they had a doctor or not, She replied with a terrible face and voice , that I had to sit and wait, really feel unsafe to go back there for any reason , they made me feel people Life is so cheap for them. All that Time made my eyes go worse,after all that , I called my friend to get me to another hospital. He took me to the emergency center on Airport Road and felt the difference there from good treatment and quick service.and they take care of me very well .

Cathy Smith

Can YOU say slow. This hospital is ridiculously slow. They have a bunch of stupid rules and they lie lie lie. We waited for a room for hours. I was told i could bring my daughter in..... a few hours into it I was told she couldn't be there and that it was against policy because you had to be 18 and only one visitor is permitted. Like I read their policy when I was having an emergency. I was told we would leave at 1am.... 12 hours later and we are still here. The doctors bad mouth and talk about the patients loudly.... so much for patient confidentiality. No phones, devices or any belongings allowed. No phones during an emergency, that makes 0 sense. Some nurses were great. Othere were cold and bitchy. The night staff was extremely loud while people tried to sleep. St lukes is so much better

Katelyn Rosa

Just Terrible experience in ED. Smh very unprofessional.

Amberlynn w

The staff is UNBELIEVABLE!! RUDE COCKY UNPROFESSIONAL !! This is a HOSPITAL the way these's people treat one another is sick not only to us whom have to go there to there own staff. I don't even want to say one star. GET RID OF THE TRASH OF PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE & MAYBE JUST MAYBE TEN OTHER PEOPLE ON HERE WOULDN'T HAVE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE AWFUL SERVICE WE HAVE IN OUR AREA!

Alicia Steigerwalt

My little brother was there recently due to a kidney stone, which was found by Easton hospital NOT Muhlenberg. We waited over an hour for him to even see a doctor as he was writhing in pain - nothing was given to him, they refused to give him an x-ray because he was "too young"??? They also stated he was too young to have pain medicine. Absolutely ridiculous. Once we went to Easton hospital, the next day, they immediately did an x-ray and found a 7 cm stone lodged in his ureter and if he hadn't received treatment when he did, the stone could have blocked blood flow from the kidney and would have caused necrosis. Easton treated him appropriately for pain and also gave him some sort of medicine to smooth out the calcification of the stone. I would never ever recommend muhlenberg hospital to anyone - ever. I understand the issue with opioids - but when someone is in severe pain, which he was, that pain should be treated accordingly and stop labeling. I truly have nothing positive to say about this hospital. If they would have done their job correctly and had given him an x-ray, like they should have, they would have seen what the issue was.

Debbie Metzgar

The ER was filthy! The floors very dirty and a puddle of urine in the bathroom!! Unacceptable!! The service was very timely and I didn't wait long for anything.

Jerry Sornatale

I went to that hospital about a year ago I thought I was going to be checked into the mental health unit at Muhlenberg the thing was they sent me to some Hospital in Philly cuz they were booked up it was a nightmare I'm 55 years old some Blue Valley Hospital in Philly the thing was everybody was half my age and on heroin that tryingtrying to detox I I want in there with depression trying to get help I wasn't on anything to detox never again

Nia Powell

If you're in pain do not go to Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg they take forever to treat you and they DO NOT CARE about the patients. The staff stands around chatting and laughing about their personal business and when you ask them for help they act as though you're bothering them. I don't understand why most of these people are in health care because they obviously don't care about their patients they're very rude.

Marianne Yochum

This hospital is tops, I have one suggestion, please make a Handi-cap pathway from Emergency to the Main Hospital, their are only steps, I use a electric sckooter to get around, today I had to go down the main road out of emergency to the Hospital for blood work, I had to go all the way around into the parking lot, it was dangerious to be in all that traffic, please dig up some of the ground and make a safe sidewalk passage way, Thank you

W Irvine

Poor experience overall - inconsistent or incomplete information given, always needed a patient advocate for critical care, some staff were incompassionate and at times argumentative, didn't respect requests to name just a few issues.

Kerolyn De Jesus

I had a good birthing experience at the new mother and baby unit. The only foul was that the lady who was in charge of my birth certificate never processed it. My baby was born in June 28th and if i have not called 2 months later to check on it and why is taking so long it would have never been processed. Now i have to wait another two months to get it which it shouldn't be in the first place. I will recommend that if you deliver there to make sure the birth certificate is taken care of the next day.

edward g

Exodus Production

Has to be one of the worst hospitals in America. The majority of people here seem like they do not have souls. I lost someone here and would never recommend this hospital to anyone, and that is not emotion talking. Horrible treatment and bad attitudes, unsympathetic to the illness of your loved ones.

Kathy DiMenichi

Extraordinary patient care and expertise.

Tanya Remaly

Have been here for about an hour and we have not seen a doctor or nurse or had any kind of test and nobody cares to help just all sitting around looking at eachother. The made sure to register us as soon as we came in this is definitely why the healthcare system sucks no body wants to help but they all want to get paid

Rose Hartz

Nurses and staff very kind and helpful

Richard K

This large hospital is located on the outskirts of Bethlehem Pennsylvania and it is the largest hospital in the network. Emergency room is open twenty four hours a day.

Joslyn Morris

This place is awesome. I went in late night and the emergency room was packed. Even so, in a matter of 2 1/2 hours I had been tended to, had various tests done and had been examined and diagnosed. Walked out with the proper scripts for medication and very satisfied. The staff her are great, ver friendly, professional and caring. I won't be going anywhere else

Agatha Lopes

Super long waiting! If you are in pain do not come here,you will not be seen in less than 2-3 hours. This is my third time waiting 3 hours to be seen. Emergency? I don't think so...

Brett Kemmerer

Most of the time the appointments are prompt and on time. The admissions staff, doctors and nurses seem to be qualified and genuinely care about their patients. I have had the opportunity to visit both as a patient and with family members many times over the last five years ,since returning to the area and think the Valley should be proud that LVHN is part of our community.

Larry Kandel


Ashley Ellex


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