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REVIEWS OF Lancaster General Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Keith B

Went into the Emergency room at 6AM and at 6:02AM I was being treated. The Receptionist, Nurses, Attending Doctor and MRI Operators were fantastic. Very professional and personable. I couldn't have had a better experience. It's great to know that if I need them, I have an excellent hospital nearby.

Agitha of Lancaster

The doctors, nurses, cna's, WHOEVER, need to learn how to read. All of the cafes constantly have to clean up after them. There are WASTE AND RECYCLE areas. Grow UP

Sharon Alvord

General Hospital in Lancaster PA. In the city. Older but maintained well. Helpful, thorough, and knowledgeable. I had to go here because none of the local area hospitals provided what I needed. I went in a medical transport which enabled me to not worry about parking. I had to go to another place in the end because they opened up a new Cancer Institute. That's the place I actually needed.

Douglas Hershey

Worst experinces(plural) ever. My insurance pays for a free physical per year. Both times they billed as regular appts because i brought up a health concern. Apparently when asked Do you have any concerns?, ask for a list of items you can talk about. Even better yet find a competant health service.

Hailey Gutz

Vending machines take your money and don't give you your products


One star beacuse i dont have a choice..this hospital is the worst of the worst.i went with a back pain 3 times already and they didnt gave nothing but a headache.true story.this hospital and state laws are sucks way behind

Courtney Berry

This place is disgusting. Its full of fresh out of school nurses and doctors who got their degree out of a freaking cereal box. They have no idea what they are doing. They dont care whats going on with you, they just want to slap a diagnosis on you and call it a day no matter how wrong it is. They would call cervical cancer a bad case of cramps. I watched a very old lady with dementia try to leave her room, the nurse took her for a quick wall and then grabbed another nurse to drag this woman to her bed. They werent gentle, it looked as though they threw her onto her bed. She just layed there. Then they went out and turned the corner to stand there and poke fun at how much of a handful she is and its no wonder her family left her there. They dont listen to their patients, they dont care if your in pain or you have questions. Nobody is there to help you. This is the kind of place people go to die. The building isnt the problem, its a very clean and beautifully built facility with a calm atmosphere, its every last one of the rude and ignorant staff out to humiliate you and laugh at you and make you feel like you have nobody to depend on if your sick or need help.

ally taylor

So many bad experiences... I went in there for a stomach problem and they saw I hurt my knee, so they took care of that instead. Sent me home without checking my stomach. Went in again and they checked my appendix, but didn’t see anything wrong. I decided to see if my doctor could send me somewhere else and she did. The place I went found a cyst on my ovary right away. That was from age 14-17 I was in so much pain and the hospital just kept sending me home with no results. At age 20 I went in there because I thought I had a miscarriage. The doctor came back with my results saying “yup you’re not pregnant anymore. Take it easy.” Then left the room. I sat in the room crying and crying wondering what happened. Then a nurse finally came in to give me my discharge papers. My mom was with me and told her how the doctor was so rude. The nurse said “awe I’m sorry about that.” Then left the room. There’s tons of other terrible times in there. I really wish I wouldn’t have to go in there when I need to go to the hospital, but it’s my only option that’s close to me. I just want Lancaster General to start listening and be more caring. I mean we’re all going in there spending all this money, hoping to be cared for and leaving knowing that the hospital did everything they could for us.

Google User85

Had great service in the ER. Quick and thorough treatment. Was very impressed. Not enough people write positive reviews.

Erica Ringler

This is the worst hospital around even the patient reps. No one at this facility cares about anything. Your supposed to be helping people not being ignorant asses. So until someone proves me wrong this is by far the worst place ever an penn MEDICINE I think you made a bad decision linking up with this group nine none of the doctors care not a single f'in one of them I will be calling for legal advice cuz no one gives a rats ass about anyone

Elijah Rodriguez

Very friendly MRI staff, especially Denise Hollister. She was very helpful throughout the process from start to end and made my father and us as a family feel welcomed...Although cafeteria cashier was rude and impolite.

Susan B

The hospital is so nice and the staff in Day Surgery are wonderful. LGH is my only choice of hospitals in Lancaster.

Malika Pierce

Horrible service I don’t recommend this hospital at all. Waiting forever for someone who was having an asthma attack smh will never come here again.

Robert Peoples

Lgh staff are professional and caring

Jason Swearingen

The last time I was seen in er, I needed "comfort meds" whilst morphine withdrawal. I was treated with such contempt and disgruntlement. I was polite, patient, and persistent. The doctors I saw were knowledgeable and compassionate. It is the nursing staff that are miserable. But that depends on many different variables.

Shannon Meyer-Purcell

I had surgery here on July 30th and I was vrry impressed of how clean this hospital was and how quick and caring the nurses are. I couldn't have picked a better hospital! The anesthesia crew that were part of my surgery actually were well informed about my rare medical condition and had a backup plan in place if my condition caused any complications, which thankfully it didn't; but I'm so used to medical staff not knowing anything about my condtion that it honestly surprised me when the medical staff knew what it was and how to handle it. Hopefully I won't need anymore surgeries but if I do I'm coming here.

Foodie Traveler

Very good hospital. My aunt is in and the facilities and staff are top notch. Highly recommend. Always clean, nice rooms and comfortable for a hospital

Alyson Anderson

My 4 year old was seen at the ER and admitted for pneumonia. Everyone was so helpful, friendly, knowledgable, and kind. Thank you for making a scary situation, much less so.

Jacob Fisher

I have been there quite a few times since moving to the area. Twice for kidney stones, once for gallstones (and gallbladder removal surgery). Everyone has always been kind and respectful and the nurses are top-notch. After my gallbladder surgery, I bought a tin of cookies to thank the nurses on the floor I was on for recovery. Everyone was so caring! The nurse that was assigned to me while I was waiting (over 12 hours, but there were emergencies) for the procedure kept checking in on me and apologizing for the wait. I found out that if you go back and tell them who the best nurse you interacted with was, they would get a free meal at the cafeteria. I highly recommend LGH to everyone.

Amanda Sterling

Horrible service. They DO NOT care. Took my husband there for a severe back problem. He couldn't sit, stand, hardly walk. He paced the lobby for over an hour. They took back a women who came in long after us because she was DIZZY.

Steve Roberts

Received bill from LGH dated 9/16/18 for $106.03. Bank sent check on 9/10 but customer service said they only received it on 9/17/18 (Monday) but it was not posted until 9/20 (Thursday). Accounts receivable said I had a 0 balance. When I pointed out that they received a check for $247.79, she then said "oh yes, we're sending your a refund check for the difference. Poor internal procedures and poor communication. Glad I like the doctors!

nikki emp

Awful came in a lot of pain. The wait was long. Then when they put me in a room the wait was even longer. I came out to ask where the bathroom was the nurses texting, talking looked up and look back down. No may I help you? I stood there for exactly three minutes. Someone needs to retrain this staff horrible! Then after waiting they send a student in are you serious no doctor! This was the worst experience ever.


The staff is very helpful and will go out of their way to help you find your own. They also are very flexible with payment arrangements and trying to help people who don't have the funds to pay for healthcare. I think that's one of the things I appreciate the most about Lancaster General. They also have excellent staff and excellent doctors who are there to try to help care for patients. Overall it's a great health care System.

Vincent Fox

This is the most poorly mapped hospital. I was looking for dining room #3 for an AA meeting and couldn't find it. Also when I took the elevator to the second floor, I couldn't get back on because the doors locked behind me.

Vicki Fulmer

I took my father out of there and vowed never to return. The case managers taunted, tormented and harassed my 93 year old father who is a WWII veteran and scaring him into thinking he would lose his house and have to pay $4000 a day for his care when they had no clue about what our insurance company was telling us to do as well as ignoring my instructions to speak only to me because I am power of attorney. He contracted deadly c.diff and cre infections in there. They refused to follow his insurance company's protocols for pre-cert into skilled nursing causing me to not be able to get him badly needed physical therapy. The CEO, Jan Berman does nothing to help when you report wrong doings. She defends her employees actions and tries to charm you into thinking that their ways superceded your insurance company' s instructions. They have gotten too big to care. They did nothing to help my dad get into skilled nursing and then had the audacity to criticize my decision to take him home. If I could rate administration I would give them zero stars. With nursing staff, they try hard but are constantly switching and no one knows what the other is doing. I will probably end up in court over their mishandling of my insurance, however, I have everything documented and recorded so I have no worries. I will never subject a family member to their incompetency again!

Amy Arjona

The hospital itself is decent nurses are attentive and rooms are clean, however I had a big problem with the billing department. My husband has a lot of medical bills and he has to set them up on payment plans because obviously can't afford to pay in full. He called 2-3 times to set one bill up on a payment plan each time he was told it was good to go. Well 2 days ago he received a notice from collections that he hasn't paid the bill. Not happy at all.

Kerewin Shaw

I was brought in mid-December of 2018 due to self harm by campus police at around 4 A.M. The psychiatric emergency department staff disrespected me by loudly gossiping about me at the nurses station. I was questioned regarding the self harm incident and was unable to speak for a few minutes since I was crying. A nurse complained to the other nurses about me not cooperating, ‘being difficult’, and being ‘crazy’ for having self harmed. I was also bleeding onto the floor due to my wound, which I could not control, and the nurse seemed to be angry at me for having to clean up the blood. Ultimately, the staff made to feel less like a patient and more like a burden.

Daniel Liehr

Misdiagnosed here. No communication between nurses and the doctor. I'm still suffering with my condition even after going to them and doing what they said. I just want to see straight again.

Lorraine Negley

Excellent hospital. Clean and we'll organized as well as excellent care. This comes from a retired nurse from out of state.

vickie glosser

I feel like a number not a person every time I go Nothing warm and fuzzy about Lancaster general

Sandra Lerew

Our family came from out of town to be with our loved one while he was in LGH. Concierge were very kind and caring during our time there. The Palliative Care Team was instrumental in the care and support we needed for our loved one and family. The staff in Neuro Critical Care and 7 Lime were very busy, but when they walked through the door of our loved one's room, they were calm, professional and caring. We were able to focus on our loved one and family

Robin Haug

Horrible experience!!! I'm still sitting here 6 hours later waiting to be seen in the ER. They told me 2 hours and know it's been 6. Last time I asked I was number 2 in line 2 hours ago.

Dentz X

UPDATE: My symptoms stem from a skull fracture. I have a brain injury. What I should have done was gotten the name of my doctor, if he was one. Basically when I had complained of a migraine and symptoms of an aura before a seizure, he jabbed his fingers directly into the fracture, where bone causes chronic pain and blood pools. It made me lose ability to talk and sort of fall limp. I'm fairly certain I could be had a decent malpractice claim... I was misdiagnosed, my test results were not given to me or even put on file, they got my reason for visiting wrong, and I wasn't given a proper prescription. Calling my insurance. They shouldn't have to pay for this.

Darlene Altland

Staff is very nice.However the all diet drinks throughout the hospital is a little ridiculous.

Howard Shannon

Best Hospital for 2019 in Lancaster, PA 17601! Thank you. Howard Shannon

Joseph Yang

Unattendant nurses. Apparently the nurses button will do little to no good even when your in ICU.

Bradley Obrien

This is the 5th time I’ve had to come for surgery hip replacements now. Everyone in the orthopedic wing is very nice but there were problems with both hip surgeries and during my right hip he used a 36 gauge ball and later let me know he needed a 41 gauge ball. After the surgery I was just sent home and the hip was in terrible shape and dislocated 3 times. Now I have two large scars and cannot put any weight on my right leg. They told me I’m not approved to go to Lancaster Rehab Hospital but won’t give me a reason why. My suspicion is it’s due to me requiring financial assistance right now. I cannot even walk around the PT room without getting dizzy. My case manager was straight out rude to me and told me if I wanted to know why I wasn’t being admitted I’d have to call the Lanc Rehab Hospital I called the office of Jan Bergen for help and have already talked to my insurance who said I still have plenty of time to use at a rehab facility. Case management didn’t list any reasons in the system why I was being turned down according to my nurse last night - but they are trying to send me to Reading which doesn’t work for me due to the fact I live in downtown Lancaster and all of my support system is here. I’ve had a series of bad experiences throughout this surgery including a 6 hour wait in the ER when my right hip dislocated. A friend that works at Lancaster Rehabilitation told me yesterday that they are not even at 50% capacity and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t be admitted given my lack of mobility and the fact that I have a bad cold that I’ve brought to several nurses and doctors and no one will address it I am in desperate need of help after 5 surgeries just for two hip replacements, both of which could have gone much more smoothly. I have no support system outside Lancaster so I hope the hospital will do something about the cruel way I am being treated by case management. What is disappointing is the lack of concern for my feelings and wanting to have a support system nearby. I told them I refused the clinics in Reading and York - and the reply was “well you can’t stay here” I’ve been in the hospital since Monday and unfortunately things have gotten worse instead of better. I called the office if Jan Bergen who I thought might care after she sent me flowers after me having to sit in the OR FOR OVER 6 hours with a dislocated hip. My entire leg is numb and I’ve been developing a cold since last Friday who I’ve told the doctors about every morning during rounds and they still haven’t ordered me anything to help it. I feel very light headed even laying down and it really triggers my anxiety to be told my only two options are reading and york when my entire support circle is in Lancaster and I need my friends right now. I was supposed to have both hips completed in 6 months but it has now been over 6 months and I’ve had 5 surgeries and long rehab stays. I need to feel safe in the environment I’m going to. I’ve been getting very light headed since I’ve started PT. My entire right leg is numb and the PT team is afraid to work with me

Josh Guacci

I just got home. Still with a high fever and oozing puss and blood from my ear. I had to tell them it was my ear or they wouldn't have know. An ambulance brought me Which was more comfortable then the whole visit I was at lgh a total of 4 hours which 3 of them I was waiting in a room 30 mins of which was updating my info and 5 mins to tell me "your ear is not happy." And "get ready to leave" the other 25 was me getting my time in because I needed to be there over night and they tried telling me I had to walk home or somewhere which today is the 21st of March and has been snowing for 2 days. Knowing an ambulance brought me in they didn't even offer a taxi service and from Lancaster to Columbia is a far walk. The last and final time they told me I needed to leave that they have more important use for the room, I finally replied "so some of our lives don't matter." Had I had insurance I may have been treated a little better. No time it was uncomfortable and lonely experience. The fish painting on the wall was my only company.

Amy Jo Mitchell

I had the unfortunate experience of having to use the emergency medical facilities. LGH is listed as an in-network provider with my insurance company and I have used other LGH services and facilities many times. Afterwards, I received a LARGE bill—one that should have been covered by my insurance. When I called my insurance company, I was told that it was because the doctor was not an in-network provider. This information was never relayed to me. When I called LGH billing, they said they have no control over how individual doctors bill. I told them I think this is consumer fraud! The consumer assumes that because the entity is listed as an in-network partner, that everyone under that umbrella is too. I told her if I had known otherwise, I would have made a different choice. They absolutely should disclose UP FRONT that the treatment you receive may not be covered even if LGH is listed as a participating partner. THEY DONT! So... if you go to LGH, to make sure you are covered, you should ask each person touching you if they are an in-network provider. SHAME ON YOU LGH!

Rachel Nicole

On Sept 16, there was a nurse named Chris on the 5th floor. My mom was passing away and he was there the whole time, making sure that she was comfortable as possible, answered any questions I had, and overall was just really genuine and kind during that hard time, I couldn't have asked for someone better. I wish I had his last name but I just wanted to put in a good word, he took such great care of us. Thank you.


This hospital is the worst place to go too. The wait time is ridiculous. It’s sad how long people have to wait too get simple help the place a hospital is for.

Amit Doshi

good hospital. highly recommend.

Peggy Koach

Excellent ED experience on Christmas evening. The staff --from front desk, to security (very kind professional security agent interacting with patients of all ages during our evening visit) made a difficult time as positive as could be hoped. Also, Gretchen a nurse in the ED was the epitome of helpful, compassionate care for our family. Our thanks and kudos to LGH.

James Schledorn

Staff very informative and helpful didn't waste any time and kept me posted about everything I'm impressed


Worst hospital to go to when looking for help, I waited in the waiting room over 4 hours with a temperature of 103 and rising. They show no care for human life. Lancaster general is just all looks nothing more. Then when they did take me back and got checked they just guessed and said it might be the flu. They didn't even do a cotton swab to find out. And on top of that the doctors prescribed Tamiflu. That's a seasonal med you morons. Never again.


Staff are held to very high standards. If there ever is a problem, it is addressed very seriously in a timely manner.

Bob McCarthy

They did OK

Beth Greenawalt

I was there for several things and so was my husband. They gave v wer ry goo care. There were times they were slow, but sometimes that can't be helped. I thank them for both of us.

letitia flynn

Today August 2019 had the greatest doctor ever , he was very caring and had a sense of humor . And when I thought I came to a dead end due to my insurance he stepped in and solved the problem , Hope they keep him around !

Eric Ware

I have never experience such an unprofessional group of employees and organization. Save yourself an added aneurism and head to Hershey Medical!

Joshua S

The er staff goes about caring for you like a bunch of zombies, no compassion and completely numb to those who they are supposedly trying to help .

Carl Strickler

I've always had excellent care by the nursing staff and aids .my Drs were great explained things in terms I can understand. The only problem I have is takes too long get discharged iv been waiting 3 hrs to get discharged that's too when people are waiting for this room.

Alexa Krause

Pretty terrible overall experience. Long waiting times (4 hours there, spent about 25 minutes in an actual room). The "Doctor" came in and spoke to me for approximately one minute. I sprained my ankle VERY bad and they didn't offer me crutches. Never will I come back here.

Melissa Greene

Husband sent here from a Patient 1st Facility. Doctors spent quality time explaining what was wrong. Nurses were attentive and went above and beyond, printing articles on condition and medicine. The only negative is that only diet soda is available. I understand their reasoning but Aspartame is a health problem for many, you should have a choice.

Jorja Castoni

As a caregiver of someone who has been battling stage 3 cancer for the past 3 years, I have spent a lot of time in hospitals and emergency rooms. This is my second visit to this er this year and ever. We have had to wait longer in the waiting room than other ers, but when they take you back their efficiency is a marvel. Kudos to the awesome staff who are friendly, upbeat, and on top of it. Made our 6 hour (short for us) visit fly by. Seriously awesome. Thank you!

Wendy Steen

Very pleased with the ER last night. My mom fractured her pelvis and had to be admitted last night. The care she received in the ER was quick and compassionate along with professional. As a RN I am a bit critical but have no reason to complain. I hope the experience from her on out is as positive.

David Laughman Jr

Unless you're non-WHITE, can't speak English, aren't crying, or not mooching off of the system.. FORGET getting seen! Not a veteran friendly hospital either!

Dominick Prince

We were treated very well here. Hopefully I don't make it a habit of frequenting them however.

Timesha Woods

Pretty good hospital.

jennifer rohlf

I agree that the walk in emergency department can use a lot of improvement. A lot. However, a couple of weeks ago my daughter and I got into a car accident. My scalp was avulsed from my skull at the forehead to about halfway back. My daughter had a large laceration on her forehead. We were taken to LGH in an ambulance to trauma. Right away, I was rolled into a room filled with doctors on stand by for my arrival. As soon as I got in they started to strip me to look for other injuries. I remember a very kind nurse introducing herself as she stood over me, wiping the blood from my face, telling me I would be ok. They all worked together. Put me right into a CT scanning machine to look for broken bones. All the doctors introduced themselves, even in the chaos. They bandaged my daughter's head and wheeled her into the room I was in while we waited for surgery to correct the injuries. She laid beside me and I was able to comfort her as they inserted the IV. Even a volunteer sat in the room with us. The Chaplin came in to comfort us. The plastic surgeon came right in to talk to us about doing the surgery. She went first and I second. After surgery, they took us to different floors. My nurses were always attentive. Helped me to the bathroom on my severely sprained ankle. I only used the call button once, but a nurse came right away. They let my daughter come to my room that night so I could be with her. They were very attentive the entire time. Even after we got out, a couple days later a card came from LGH. It was signed by two of the nurses from the pediatric unit, wishing my daughter a speedy recovery and how much they enjoyed her. I was very thankful for the trauma team that treated us. I didn't remember much at the time. Now I think back and appreciate what they did. While other areas lack empathy and understanding, and patients are not treated as priority, I did not have that experience. I'm very happy with my experience in a scary time.

Kathaleen Mcgrath

I Give this place a 0 Complete o , its A Terrible Place , Expecially If you trust them with a Older Person , Forget it , There The Worst ,Stay Away From ThemThere ICU , Is Terrible , And there 3rd Shift is the worst , My Mom was haveing a issue with sum back pain , They had her dyeing less than a day after, Straped two a bed, I have proof , and evidence of , It was a realy terrible experience her stay there, Alot of cover up , Rest In Peace mom, You will neaver be forgotten ,Mom is Dead , Now , From this Place, ooooooo Rate She Gone , Passed away , June 13,2019, , Its a Funeral Home, There , Beleive me They dont Care, Its a Total Funeral home, Just make Sure two Notify Yer local Funeral Directer , They will also have the Proof , O my , I am Disgusted with this place, It was a very bad Experience there, They where Actualy Ignoring my Poor Mom , I want two post the Pictures of her Care there, Room 6010 ICU , They put a Paper in the window So she could not see anyone

The DustierMoney74

Disgusting patient care all around. Makes me sick to know it's the closest and it's more of a really bad school than a hospital

Stacey Vera

I wouldnt step one foot in this hospital. Pretty sure the doctors at this hospital got there degree from a cracker jack box. Husband was admitted three times only to be sent home and told he has pancreatitis. York Hosptal admitted two days later and was told within 2 hours cancer on his spine.

Brandt Bouslog

hello i am in the wrong state please he;p[,m e

walter robbins

LGH does a great job. I feel they are the second best hospital in Central PA, only Hershey being better.

Chari Keddy

I couldn't have ask for a better team of Doctors nurses and aides in the Intensive Care Unit They all were my rock I especially want to thank Dr Salami and Patrick Love you guys

Red Dragon

Great place for what they are intended for. Helped my father-in-law after he had 5 strokes in a week then went to LRC for the reminder of the time. He's doing good now that he's finally home. Great nurses. Good doctors.

Trevor Newhook

Way overpriced - $600 for stitches - PatientsFirst does it for $200. Save your money

Marquella Wilson

When you sent someone home and that night she was found dead in her home. SHAME ON YALL SHE HAD BABIES INSTEAD OF SENDING HER HOME YALL SHOULDVE DID YALL JOB. Don’t go to this hospital y’all sent me home on many serious situations too.

Curtis b

I pritty much was called Liar by doctor and long whateing and end i lost contact at home any way but i was treated badly i was trying be nice but only i know my eyes thank you for waste of gas for no help i forgive nut will not forget but i was treated well by every one elce there

Jess Mohring

Nice wheelchairs and fast ER services

Suzanne Torres

The front desk in the ER was efficient and friendly. The doctor and nurses were excellent - good medical care as well as compassion. We were not there nearly as long as you'd expect an ER visit to last. Quite pleased!

tom McDonald

One of your nurses stole our drivers tip money. A customer asked to be called when the driver arrived and said he's sending the money and tip with one of the nurses. The nurse pocketed the tip money in front of the driver. The driver called the customer to tell them and they were furious. If your nurse steals a $2 tip from a delivery driver I can imagine what they do in the hospital! All shade

Samantha Pimley

Horrible service sat in the waiting room for almost four hours to be seen. Finally got seen and the dr completely ignored me. So now I will be paying again to go somewhere else get the same thing that should have been done here. I will gladly be driving to Paoli for now on atleast they will actually solve the problem.


Came in 930pm. With infection, level 8 pain and swelling . 3 hours later, still waiting.

squanto M

I had to get taken by helicopter to Hershey because lancaster general almost killed me from over dosing me after I had multiple seizures with whatever they used. I refuse to go here and tell everyone I know to advoid this place

Lori Campbell

Doctor was rude and refused specialized testing from other doctor

Jon Arkady

One more example of modern medicine and where it has gone wrong. Things keep getting bigger and bigger! The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. I felt like a rat in a maze when I went there. My nurses were awesome but otherwise not impressed.


As a nurse I spotteed many incidences of malpractice. And God for bid if you don’t have some sort of infection, You will catch one from one of those filthy rooms. I know it’s in constant use, but they need to take a moment to clean those rooms. On top of that we were told we were being discharged by a patient care assistant, an hour before the doctor even showed up. I hope whoever visits this hospital has some of their own medical knowledge, because if you need some real help, this is not the place to go. Sadly enough, there are people that will be forced to go here. Do better LGH

Mike S.

One of the very few hospitals in the area that I would trust.Friendly people and they explain everything to you so you know whats going on.

Ana Rosa

My daughter was admitted to the hospital and they had to operate on the appendix. The nurses of the third shift did not give her good attention. They treated her very badly. My daughter was in depression, the one in charge of bringing her food was also treated badly. the patient is treated as he deserves because for that he is paid that sad and regrettable that they have employees like that with such a good hospital

Mukaram Syed

Nice hospital

Chris Bastone

The worst hospital I've ever been too. Worse than hospitals in Afghanistan. Rude staff with subpar care. Didnt clean my wounds/ left dirt and debris in them for hours even after I repeated asked someone to clean them. Didnt give me a hospital gown (when I asked repeatedly) after they cut my clothes off unnecessarily and left me naked wheeling me around the hospital for 12 hours. Specialist came in and didnt even know what was wrong with me because he ignored the numerous xrays and didnt read my charts at all. It was so bad I just asked to be released because I didnt want to be held against my will anymore with incompetent "care". Money also went missing from my wallet after they took my belongings. They still cant figure out how to get paid even though I gave them numerous insurance options and keep trying to charge me directly for care. Avoid this hospital at all costs even in an emergency.


I was transported to LGH by ambulance. I was in ICU for about 6 days. I recieved good care. It was when I was moved to the 4th floor, things changed. The day shift was very good and attentive . The night shift was horrible. After 2 days I was transferred to Lancaster Rehab. A very precious painting that was given to me as a gift, conveniently did not make the trip to Rehab. I reported the painting missing, but nobody seemed to care. I never saw it again. I am very upset, so because of the lack of concern I give this hospital a 3. If patients have to worry about their belongings instead of getting better, then there is something seriously wrong with the employees of this hospital.

Dean Beckett

If the Three Stooges had lobotomies and then opened up a hospital it would be a billion times better than the shitstorm that is Lancaster General. No one seems to think ahead or talk to each other. What they have put my father in law and family through is just a nightmare of incompetence. Failure OF care. Failure TO care. Failure all around. #PennMedicine #LGH

Lindsey Seif Eldin

It always seems like they are in such a rush with EVERYTHING and care about nothing but making money! Last year in August, my husband had a very serious case of the flu that was about to become pneumonia; with a temperature of 105. He could barely walk, talk, and stand. My dad and I brought him to the ER and they took him in about 15 minutes. One of the nurses were VERY rude to him because she was checking his tonsils and he was about to vomit and she said "I barely checked you". I told her she didn't have to be rude and that he has a sensitive gag reflex. After that, he was there for two hours and they just put fluids in him and scheduled prescribed meds that DIDN'T EVEN WORK. They didn't even try to lower his temperature. It was a waste of money prescribing them. I spent a whole week lowering his temperature and turned out Tylenol for arthritis lowered his temperature IN THREE DAYS! These nurses could honestly be more considerate about their patents instead of making everything quick and acting like it's not a big deal.....


Staff and DR were excellent. Major problem is dealing with hadicap accessible for the none patient. Parking garage doors had no handicap accessible door on third floor. Today had to take Husband to ER early morn. Where was security. A staff helped, still myself being handicap I could not see access signs for doors. Why do we have to show our private paper work to parking lot employee. Hipa laws. Over heard on an elevator how great LGH was and other hospitals. May I direct your attention to Penn State in HERSHEY. Valley parking, PT transport, shuttles and people who want to work there. Some PENN Medicine do offer GOOD service not this one.

Leslie Sheehan

After 1.5 hrs, we left. We are traveling North in our 40 ft RV and unfortunately he doubled over in pain so we stopped overnight hoping it would get better knowing his history with kidney stones. After 24 hours of excruciating pain and unable to pee, I took him into the Emergency room. Security was wonderful with helping me find a place to park the big rig but that's where it ended. After check in and triage, they told him they would like a urine sample. Okay, can we have a cup? Yes they said just a minute and we will get that for you. Well, after 1.5 hr and continuing to watch them take one after another in, I inquired, how much longer? Oh, he is close to the top of the list now so not much longer. I couldn't believe it, they had taken in 22 people that checked in after checking him. I asked about the cup again and after a confusing struggle among 5 people looking at the computer and walking back to triage they said sorry, we will get those labels printed now That was it, thanks but no thanks. I told them when we checked him in that this was going on 24 hrs and he had a history of kidney stones and surgery twice before because his kidneys were shutting down and this is how they reacted. I told them we were leaving and he lady had the nerve to say he wouldn't get anything better elsewhere and he would still be waiting. What a joke to be criticizing another facility when your own house is in such chaos. The best thing you have is security. We are miles from home, in a strange place and looking for quality healthcare and the best we got was a side show of an emergency waiting room. To the triage nurse who neglected to print up labels and was not paying attention to the signs of kidney failures, I'm happy to report there are more efficient emergency rooms that listen, recognize pain, swelling and discoloration of yellow skin. I'm glad we choose to leave for better medical attention. You should also, since he is fine now and all you got was this crappy review instead of a letter from our attorney.

Donna Cole

I am a nurse and knowing that Lancaster General Hospital is a trauma center and also associated with Penn Medicine, I expected the highest quality of care. However, I have been sadly disappointed on three different visits to the ER in the last 11 months. On first visit, with a high fever, I was misdiagnosed and was clearly prescribed an antibiotic that was in my hx of allergies. Thank goodness, my sister who accompanied me and who is a nurse practictioner picked up the error. ER nurse very poor, didn't do a good assessment and couldn't even pronounce antibiotic name correctly! Second and third visits for different illnesses weren't any better! Almost all nurses were rude, disinterested, did not know simple procedures and left me without call light which didn't matter anyway because when it was used it was not answered! Last visit physician, was great, kind, calming, and supportive, yet I only saw him initially and was discharged by a "stupid nurse" who again did not even know the basics! I never want to ever have to go to this ER again! And i will also point out that it was a slow time of day and also day of the week that I was a pt., it wasn't like they had any major traumas. Maybe this ER does show a better response during a life/death pt. That was the case when my Dad was admitted with a massive CVA, they did actually save his life!

Dougie Hummer

On July 21st, 2017, on a very hot Friday afternoon, I had the extremely and enormously unfortunate experience in the Medical facility located at 555 North Duke Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the Lancaster General Health Emergency Unit, Followed by an equally horrific and senseless experience in the Mental Health Sector. That experience on July 21st of 2017 has created Great Trauma to me by the immensely unprofessional "care" inflicted upon me by LGH Hospital Staff. The culprits involved in instilling Trauma within me were primarily a male nurse named "Dayne", and a petite black woman in the Mental Health Unit, name unknown, professing to be "their leader", who was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL individual I have ever encountered in my lifetime. I am a 63 year old man with cancer, and I was treated by LGH staff in an absolutely horrifc manner on July 21st. Several Attorneys have been contacted.

Sara Davis

The hospital is AMAZING, I work there, but it legit is an incredible hospital. The best PA has to offer!

Kara Laube

The billing department at LGH is absolutely horrible!! I received a bill and paid the amount in full and then got a final notice letter a few weeks later. So I called them and they saw that it was “applied to a different payment plan” so I asked if they could transfer the money over to the other bill that I owed and they said yes. A few weeks later, I got another final notice letter in the mail so I called again. This time, they said that they are unable to move the money from one “payment plan” to another. Even though I was frustrated that they didn’t do what they said they could do to begin with, I made the payment again because I didn’t want the bill sent to collections. Today, I received ANOTHER final notice letter. What?!?!? I have paid this stupid bill TWICE! I don’t even know what to do at this point. Like, did they not want to minimize their personal Facebook page to do their job? Or are they just not capable? I hate having to get nasty to get things done but I am so sick of trying to fix the mistakes they have made!! I might also add that this is just the most recent issue I have had with them. I could tell you story upon story but this post is already too long. I have absolutely nothing to complain about as far as the care goes at LGH. Unfortunately, the billing department could not be more pathetic.

Alyx Beacham

Never recommend this place on any thing. For any one. Doctors are rude. Nurses aren't the best of moods. No remorse for those that are in pain. Dont handle people well like they dont care. Place seriously needs a reality check. Dont come unless you want to wait 5 hours. Bad service all around. But have to turn around next day to come back for the same issue. They literally aren't fixing anything. They aren't doing thier jobs here.

Carolyn Novak

I would have provided a 0 rating, but that was not an option. Re: Dr. Robert Faizon LGH Family and Maternity Medical I saw Dr. Faizon about 4 months ago for multiple serious issues. He did not read one page of my very detailed history I clung multiple ultrasounds. I had multiple issues. He had no idea of my history or medications. He insisted I was not post menopause, even though I have been almost 3 years, which was in my records along with 3 medical tests confirming my status. He did order a CT scan but even with my calling his office and my insurance, they denied my test as he didn’t submit medical necessity. I went to Hershey GYN. They ordered an MRI, which was immediately approved because they ordered it correctly. I had one surgery and am still working on two other health issues. If his lack of care wasn’t already inexcusable, several higher up dictors all state I was given appropriate care. If appropriate care means throwing his hand in my face and saying don’t interrupt me when I tried to correct him several times and not preparing or listening and not knowing how to order crucial tests??? If you care about your health, DO NOT see Dr Faizon - no don’t go to LGH Family & Meternity Medical!

john john

I have heart problems since 2014 I have been more than 10 time in ER and admitted for one day in 6th floor all the stuff are superb all of them took good care of me. I can not ask for more. Great hospital and very nice people. 5 stars all the way.

Marilynne Flaquer

I had the best care, today, in the trauma unit. Thanks, doctors, nurses, pa.

Alicia Karras

6 hrs in the er for a knee brace was told id need a pelvic exam that they waited til i was there 5 hrs to ask me about it i ended up walkn out then the nurse had a nerve to slam down my papers for me to sign needless to say ill neverrrrrr go there again

Jonathan M.

Just floored at how I was treated.. Some of the nurses seemed very nice and competent. However, I went there cold completely soaked from falling in the rain. They did nothing, they threw me on a bed and asked if I wanted a blanket, I was like, yeah I'm freezing. They never got me a change of clothes. So laying in a wet bed/clothing in a VERY drafty area of the er. Also, never asked if I wanted even WATER! Some freaking nice lady got me some. That was cool, but about as good as it got.

k S

Went to this ER. No ER rooms/bays available, put up in a litter in the hallway no privacy. Care was good but did not enjoy laying in the hallway in a litter. Lancaster needs another hospital, I won't go back to this ER. My family seen trauma patients coming through, violent patients in handcuffs, patients with bags over their heads. Just very chaotic and not comfortable, and not private. My family had to keep moving their chairs so strechers could pass. They need to come up with something more accommodation than litters in hallways.

Kaylee Mika

Doctor told me my numb limb could be fixed if I tried harder and told me I was wasting her time as if I want to be here in the first place. I didnt get taken seriously by staff until I mentioned having a doctor in my family. A few months ago I sprained my ankle, it was black and swollen and I wasnt offered a splint or crutches even though I was in extreme pain. We werre billed for crutchess anyways.

Dennis Fisher

Excellent care from ER through to ICU and discharge. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. All concerns were addressed promptly and courteously.

Christopher Horne

The wonderful staff here made the visit a lot more pleasant (at least as pleasant as an experience can be when one's son is getting surgery!). Special thanks to our nurses Chris, Amanda, and Russell and to Heidi, John, and Kay at the Sunlight (?) Information Desk for making it a good experience.

Nathalia Rodriguez

I’ve been waiting in the er for almost 4 hour and no has called me such a big hospital and no bed

Hanna Marie

ICU staff is PHENOMENAL. All questions are answered, and all concerns are addressed. You feel welcomed and cared for.


cant even put an iv in correctly, now i have a huge bruise on my arm and fluid under my skin

Michael Anthony

This is a great hospital, as a patient and as a visitor! A+, wish I could work there.

Rich Sherman

Great hospital! Very helpful staff! I only give 4 stars due to it being in a not so nice town. Other than that, i recommend them if you need medical help.

Ayanna McDowell

the psychiatric ward NEVER picks up. you give us a number to call our loved ones & i have literally been calling since 10AM. its ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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