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REVIEWS OF Jefferson Torresdale Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Nancy Sheridan

I recently spent 2 weeks in the hospital and from the moment I stepped into the hospital I was treated with respect. The nurses, physicians, techs, nurses aids, and the social worker did a wonderful job and helped me get through a very rough time. They all went above and beyond for me while I was there and I am eternally grateful. Thank you all for all that you do.

Angela The Illest

Let me start by saying one of the worst hospitals I've ever been to. The staff was so rude and nasty I was shocked. The woman in the front end with short blond hair in her 50s or 60s absolutely no compassion at all. Just wants to judge you for not having a flu shot. Let me educate you a little bit flu shots are optional and honestly if you were so f****** smart you would know that it gives you a straight of the virus and a lot of times it makes you sick. This is the first time that I've been sick like this since I'm about 5 years old. All of my acquaintances, co-workers, friends that have taken flu shots have all been sick at least 20 30 40 times more than me in their lifetime. So this Hospital should get better staff that just is not in it for a paycheck because I was treated like I was in quarantine. Second the wait time is ridiculous for such a busy Hospital quote on quote you should have at least two doctors in the ER something that could have taken me two hours to get done took me eight. And the rudeness did not extend just for the front end your nurses in the back are also very rude. The only people that I experienced that were nice were either students or x-ray technicians. I will never return to this hospital again I was not evaluated at all for the problems that I had I am still severely sick after days of taking these stupid antibiotics I still have two fractured fingers as I'm just disappointed at the medical system of these days. There is no competency take it from me don't come here

Robert Burnett

The hospital itself has great nurses and doctor's just avoid its Gastrointestinal Specialists outpatient office. I have Crohns Disease which means I have to miss appointments from time to time the staff at this office are very uncaring and totally refuse to take me off this "block" list which I'm banned from making appointments. I've left numerous messages for the office manager who doesn't return phone calls and spoke to an administrator and haven't heard back from her either. Avoid this outpatient office altogether

dana w

Wouldn't be so bad if I haven't been in this ER for over 9 hours now. I feel like I could have built a house saved a life giving birth to a life done a half a million things instead of sitting here waiting for them to clean a room for 2 hours. Got here at 1 it is now 10 02 p.m. on a Wednesday. I've got to go to work the next day after I get my mother in a room.

Carol Sims

If you bring in a patient for shortness of breath and pain in chest area you should not have to wait over two hours to be seen. Wound up walking out of this extremely unorganized non caring ER. And went elsewhere! There were people that had been there for over 5 hours. One lady was bleeding and sat there FOR 5 HOURs. The nurse begrudgingly gave her ice and just walked away. Disgraceful!!! If I could give no stars I would.

Roger Thomas

Date: 01, 01,2019 Time: 5:06 PM On Tuesday new year day I Sat here for 4 hours waiting for a room which they called my name at 5:16 PM checked in at 1pm with my three kids which they did not allow because they said it was a two visitor policy just to be seen for neck pain. The RN in charge of the ER was very rude and unprofessional don't know where she went to school at but being a Director of Admission at a Nursing College myself this is not the type of student I would admit. And her behavior is unacceptable they are very slow in seeing patients. I even witnessed patients that came hours after me go in I started to wonder was it because i'm black! because everyone they called before me was caucasian didn't know they pull the race card at hospitals I guess racism is really everywhere. I would never come back to this hospital not even on my death bed!!!

Melodee Kessler

The staff here is warm friendly and keeps patients in the loop. My thoughts about these reviews are simple. If you don't have anything positive to say, keep quiet or better yet "shut the f*** up.

jason playz

Been here for an hour and a half my wife came in complaining of chest pains and the stupid triage bithes were standing around jokeing. Wow just wo

Dodo Goginashvili

Amazing hospital with very good Doctors and nurses . They safed my brothers life. He was admited in the critical condition. I recomended everyone to go there if need help. Thanks them milion time .


I was in the ER with my husband and we had to wait 5 hours. Terrible.


Very badly hospital. Takes so long to even get checked and the staff are very rude. It looks nice but beneath the surface, it’s just a bad hospital.

Julius Fayall

This is not at all an African American friendly hospital,waited in the ER for 5.5 hours,people were going before me,so u professional and organized.

Jenise Kerns

I originally wrote a review after taking my daughter to the ER a few months ago but I have to update. Since then, my mom was rushed to this hospital after battling breast cancer for 9 months. She was put in ICU and in the hospital for 2 weeks before coming home on hospice. I cannot say enough positive things about this hospital. Every doctor and nurse was so awesome with my mom. From everyone in the ICU all the way down to the hospice team, everyone was so great. I stayed with my mom from morning until night ever day and everyone even went out of their way to make sure I was ok! I couldn’t walk by a doctor or nurse in the hallway or even the cafeteria without someone asking how my mom was. I will always recommend this hospital to anyone! Thank you to everyone at Jefferson Torresdale for taking such great care of my mom and of me during her stay!

Pablo Paez

24 hour waiting room... You’ll be waiting about 6. Go elsewhere

Mark Kikendall

went to ER with stomach pain that I suspected was appendicitis. They acknowledged my symptoms and took me back right away. I was seen by the nurse and a doctor who determined I should get a CT scan. Was third in line because my pain was not severe at this point. They kept me in the loop. After my CT they notified me that I did have appendicitis. Assured me that they would operate on me the following day and had me stay the night, assuring me that it would not rupture while on antibiotics. All nurses were very nice and made sure I was comfortable. They checked in frequently. Dr. Operated the next day. Stopped in my room early in the morning and explained the procedure and recovery information. I was back home 5-6 hours after my appendectomy. Was very impressed with the staff and my experience..

Bri KU

Terrible wait times in ED. Expect 6-12hrs. I understand some things are priority but it seems to me Management could certainly benefit their pts if they had a protocol for their nurses or techs to draw standard labs while you’re waiting instead of after you finally get called back after 10hrs and then you still have to wait for lab results. Such an inefficient workflow. I saw 5 patients leave before even being seen.

Andrea Dressner

Wonderful nursing staff. Big problem: ER triage area violates patient confidentiality & HIPAA rules. There is ZERO patient privacy. You cannot even be examined because you're in the main entrance area where EVERYONE can see you & almost everyone can hear you. No walls or even a curtain! You are literally on display in front of everyone with no privacy at all.

mikheil Goginashvili

Best best Hospitall ever! professional staff! They know what to do! I trust them blind !

Horse Girl ‘

Terrible. My mother has had a 109 fever for a month and she’s been here waiting for 3 days they diddnt take her in on purpose saying “it’s not a big deal” this is by far the worst hospital I’ve ever been to.

Mike M

It's a Friday the place is extremely empty been here 5 hours. If you want to live don't come here!

John Thompson

I am in with serious sciatic pain i've been waiting for over two hours and nobody came out to see about me. Triage sitting behind the desk sleeping the nurses coming out and getting food from the vending machine orderly comes out to talk with security guards. No hospitality whatsoever. I'm new to this area, i will not be coming back to this hospital just horrible

Mohammad Alsalih

I came to this hospital for emergency 3 times, and each time spent 6 hour in the waiting room

kishore khemlani

Worst ER experience. Brought my mom in 6 hours ago to get checked out and still waiting to be seen. In the meantime she is sitting in pain and the nurse is telling me that she does not know how long it will be since they have people there before her. That’s horrible for an ER.

brianna roccia

11:30pm check-in 11:45pm 10 boxes of pizza delivered to the ER 4:45am still in the emergency waiting room Ridiculous!!! Not one person checked on me yet. But please, continue with the conversations & stuffing your faces.

Nancy Jaskiewicz

All this hospital is afrraid of being sued cuz it SUCKS

Joanne Attewell

The staff was nice but the wait time is crazy. I waited 6 hrs in the ER and was NOT seen. I was so dizzy I couldn't walk or lay down. I had to leave bc they could only tell me there were a lot of people ahead of me and I'd be awhile probably. Would have went to urgent care but it was 9 45 PM. Thought I'd go as the room spins out of control when I lay down.

Alvinia Hargrove

I came in the ER with severe CP and SOB about 11 days ago! I went up to the counter and when the staff asked me why I was there, took my info and then they told me to sit down until I was called on so and hour went by then the triage team called my name, I went into the room they took my info again!

kat mcfadden

this has always been my favorite hospital, and unfortunately I have been to many in phila.


The staff here isn't warm and friendly at all. And for Melodee saying keep your comments to yourself. Well nah f*** that, the rate and reviews are here for a reason, if you had a horrible experience you have every right to express that.

Agent 37

Been waiting in the ER to see a doctor for 3 hours now all while my herniated discs and throbbing and burning out if my back...listening to doctors and nurses talk about waiting out the clock so the can go home... INSTEAD of helping people that need it. This place is a straight up joke!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Mansfield

Much better than other hospitals in the Philadelphia area. My mom went into the ER on Saturday and they didn't do anything to help her. The doctor asked her questions but didn't examine her at all. She had severe nausea and swelling in her legs. But the doctor didn't press on her belly or look at her legs. They sent her home. We came back on Wednesday with the same symptoms and they admitted her. Since then she has received great care from the cardiology and nephrology teams. So overall im happy with the care but I think maybe some of the staff need a little more observation or training. The rooms are clean and well kept. Nurses have been pretty great for the most part.

Maryj Ganja

Had A Horrible Experience Here Today With My Fiancé. A Nurse By The Name “Shanon Price” Treated Us With Disrespect When we Asked For Crutches She Stated “ The X-ray Says You Can Walk” then shood Us Away With Attitude When I Asked About The MRI She Continued to Shoo me Away When Asked Why Was She Being So Nasty She Called Security (Kevin Gorman) He Then Proceeded To escort Us Out When I asked Him For Patients Relations He Threatened To Call the Police.... The Staff Of This Hospital Is NOT QUALIFIED In Treating Patients With Respect !!!

Kevin Higgins

How do you let anyone sit in an emergency room for 10 hours without being seen. Absolute disgrace. One doctor working in an emergency room (at least that’s their excuse). Multiple people leaving to go to another hospital. What a joke.

Walter Zap

I was in for 6 days. I had the best care.

John C.

Went to the E R with an infected finger, sat for 6 hours to receive very unprofessional and rude service from Dr. Arinola Olubunmi Olarewaju DO. I was asked what medicines I take, my reply NONE, three sentences later I’m asked what medicines do I have at home? Is this doctor on drugs or just stupid, I’m a professional person with medical training, I mean really?? This doctor is actually trusted with patient care?? I Was given an IV antibiotic and a prescription, I inquired about an I &D and I was told No we can’t do that ! (It’s basically a very minor surgical procedure) to clear the infection. I returned the following day, less than 12 hrs later and sat for 6 1/2 hours more because pain could be felt up to my wrist, it had to be incised and drained which should have been done to begin with. I don’t know what happened with Jefferson’s hiring practices or their level of ER care but I DO KNOW that this is NOT in line with Jefferson’s core values! At least not the Jefferson that I’ve known and trusted.

Akta Patel

Unfortunately I cannot give a rating of 0. We have now been in the waiting room for over 5 hours for my mother who is fatigued with a hemoglobin of 6.2. The triage nurse is has an absolutely atrocious attitude. I realize that patients waiting are difficult to deal with it and that her attitude may be the result of everyone asking her how much longer it will be until they would be seen but this is her job so please be polite! Here is a possible solution : at least out of human courtesy give patients an estimated waiting time so they can decide on their own if they should go to another ER. If you guys are too busy please turn patients away, Stop wasting time!!! In the time we have been waiting here we could have gone to another Er and been seen. The seats are sticky, trash on floors and tables, no space available to put feet up if a patient is in pain or weak and no empathy from staff. Every patient has vitals done and is told “we will get you back as soon as we can”. We are now in hour 5 with no rooms available!!! still waiting in triage area without answers. I do not understand why they continue to triage patient when there no beds available! This is literally the worse service I have ever experienced in my life, i hope and pray my mothers hemoglobin drop is due to something fixable, because they clearly do not believe it’s a priority to see her even after 5 hours!!! *nearing 6 hours of a waiting time, staff still unable to give us a time frame stating no beds are available and they were now shutting down a part of ER and finding a way to route those patients!!! WE LEFT! THE WORST MOST INHUMANE SERVICE I HAVE ENCOUNTERED!!!

Im Him215

This is absolutely the worse hospital I have ever been in. I’ve come here at 7 o’clock and it’s now 11:05. I regret coming here. The very old lady with blonde hair and glasses at the front is very ignorant and rude. The triage doctors cut you off and rush you in and out. I walked in cause I was coughing up blood and the doctor I see told me to go to the ER. We are about 15 patients in here most been here several hours. No notifications about wait times nothing. Absolute no remorse or compassion from anyone here. We literally hear doctors laughing behind the doors meanwhile it seems to be okay 15 people with medical issues are sitting here waiting. I had better care at the cvs urgent care. And right aid minute clinic then I have here.

Donald Mccaughey

I gave them two stars primarily because of one doctor. I have had alot of problems in the last four years because I have a urostomy. I was having right kidney pain and alot of blood in my urostomy, when I was admitted the Dr I saw said anything they need to do she wanted done why I was their and it my require surgery. She was very nice and understanding as where my nurse's. The second day in was in a urologist came in and stuck a catheter in my urostomy that helped with the bleeding and back pain, he said he wanted to leave it in for two days. The next afternoon a new Dr came in and said they where letting me go and to follow up with a urologist outpatient for surgery. I told him that when I stood up the catheter hurt because I do not have a bladder and it felt like I was being stabbed in my stomach. He said I'd just have to deal with it, I told him I couldn't have it in that long like that. The Dr left and had someone come to remove it and said it wasn't helping, I was then held another night to see if the back pain came back along with the bleeding I feel I was being punished by a Dr with a god complex. Both came back and I was released without any help whatsoever. In short they are a good hospital with some of the most ignorant condescending "Doctor's" I've ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Lynda George

My experience was a 5 plus. Human nature being such people are very quick to complain But not to give credit where credit is due. I am a registered nurse and have nothing but praise for every department. Try finding something important to complain about Signed Linda George RN

William Keown

I walked into the E.R. with a heart problem.Within 15 minutes I was surrounded with the best doctors and nurses helping me breath.I was amazed at their skill and professionalism.Thankyou to each and every one of you.Special thanks to Anthoy for helping me keep my dignity when it got rough in the E.R. To my RNs..Sue,Sandy,Rosi,Karen,Shelly and Kim.To all the nurses aids that that do all the day to day repetitive stuff that makes that hospital run like clockwork.To the two E.R doctors that kept their cool like it was a walk in the park,Thanlyou.And of course my cardio team.Your the best!.Special shout out to Barbara J.

Dr. Marlene Chait

All night in agony with a leg quadruple its size waiting to see an ER doc. After 5 hours I learned there is 1 doctor on call. Had i known i would have left. Its been 7 hours. This place does not care or try. Staff not permitted to tell "one doctor on call

Dilshod Nurullaev

We have been waiting for a long time to get some help from doctors but they told us to wait we didn't got any help what a worth place !!!!

Maria Esposito

I was very pleased with the efficiency of the Emergency Department. I was not a true emergency patient, but everyone who I came in contact with (with speed and efficiency) were the nicest people. I was extremely scared and they put me at ease immediately. They even allowed my son and daughter to stay with me. This new department was well thought out when it was planned and I hope you continue to do so throughout the hospital. Thanks for your thoughtfulness when hiring the right people.

william smith

Food and trash all over the floors and tables in the waiting room. 3 hour wait and was never seen. Walked out. The auto repair shop i use literally is cleaner. Terrible.

Jungay Martinez

The worst ER a ever see.they have people waiting for hours. Totally unacceptable how this animal play with people health

Tawana Layton

This is the worst hospital ,you will die in the emergency room just waiting and the staff is worst.

just me


Aliyah Muhammad

Extremely disgusting service! My mother stated that she had to use the bathroom and no one never came, we waited over 15 mins. After they noticed through the window that my sister and I was transporting her to the bathroom they rushed in. Also we have been waiting in the ER for over 7 hours for my mother to get a broken wrist treated. Sharon was our head Nurse Dr Minaliski (might be spelled wrong) was the Dr at the time. Due to disgusting service we are leaving this hospital and transferring to another hospital on our own.

Aurelio Xhepaj

Emergency room?! Yah after 6.5 hrs.. unbelievable., and if you ask them what's going on or when is your turn. They just get an attitude and just push you down the line, complete abuse of authority.. miserable people! Wish some one would Audit their Job possition!

Joe McGowan

Excellent care. Very nice staff. Would highly recommend.

Kathleen Benek

Waiting 12 hours to be seen. My adult has left arm pain & chest pain. Many people (12-15) left after several hours of waiting. What needs to happen in ER ....they need more staff. Beleive this post.

Paul Keefe

I have been there twice now with heart problems. Stents and bypass surgery. I have only the highest praise for the staff. Especially the nurses, all of whom went out of their way to help me.

ricardo rodriguez

Sitting here wait for my wife to be seen it's been two hours she keeps throwing up and looks dehydrated and pale but I guess she will be fine..smh..this place is horrible!

Yonnah Owens

Sat in the emergency room because I’ve had the same headache for 3 days, along with blurry vision, and stomach cramping. I’ve noticed that more and more people came in after me, and seemed to get a higher spot on the list. This place is horrible!!! I’ve been waiting for 3 hours already and it seems like I’m not going to be seen because they keep pushing me back!!! I guess my pain is overlooked because I’m a black woman. I better not go home and die because I wasn’t important enough to be seen! I will NEVER come here again!

Duke Ladderman

ER wait times and attitudes from triage staff are disgraceful. Filing a complaint with PA Dept Health.

abdullah sezikli

Very nice service.nursing personnel very nicely and politely.Thank you very much.

Nichole Washington

Horrible people work here. I got bitten by a dog and was wheeled chaired out. The doctor clearly saw that I couldn't walk. I called back the next day because I saw my paperwork saying that I was to return to work the very next day they required me to come back to the ER get admitted over and pay another 200 dollars just for them to fix something that shouldn't have never been done. Horrible!

Rosemary Harris

My 88 year old mother had surgery with Dr Sugar, her care was excellent, the nurses were very patient with her and even the food was good. She lost her wedding ring in her room and they called after we left because housekeeping found it under the bed. I cannot tell you how much it meant to her to get her ring back and how thankful we are to the professionals who work here.

Christina Perez

Waiting over 6 hours just to get a few stitches. This place is horrible. I will be finding another ER!

Eneicea Stephens

Been waiting here since 8:10pm and I'm still here in the waiting room at 12:20am haven't even seen a nurse, not to talk of a doctor. So unacceptable. I honestly should've read the reviews before coming here. As close as this is to my house i rather uber myself to Nazareth hospital if i can't drive instead of coming back here because to be waiting for 7.5 hours is outrageous.

Marie Lynne

This is the second time I’ve had to bring my mother to the ER . On the second time she had to be admitted to the ICU and I must say I’m so grateful for my mother nurses they were so kind and patient. Both Nurses Sue and Tina were amazing and I want to say thank you and I want you to know that my family and I greatly appreciate you both!

lawaangel ming

ER staff was wonderful. Nurses on floor were very helpful and always pleasant. Only had one bad weekend nurse but my stay was very comfortable.

ruvim korchuk

Took mom there with what turned out to be pancreatitis staff did not care that her pain was at 10 they took someone that was sleeping in the chair before her when asked how long she has to wait was told hold a sec on two different occasions ended up leaving going to another hospital and when told them was leaving they just smirked like it was whatever

Marquis Whitaker

Came in to this branch of Jefferson because it’s close to home NEVER again we sat in the ER waiting room for 4hrs Jefferson just simply has to do better than this.

C Wilson Sr

Sat in ER waiting room for THREE, yes, THREE hours and still wasn't seen. The only thing they did was take my BP and drew blood. So I left. Do you they had the nerve to send me a $1300 bill? This place should be shut down and investigated for fraud.

Emmanuel Ozuna

BE ADVISED in The emergency room This is a Tuesday empty 10:45am. I’ve been to numerous of hospitals and this one was unbelievable slow and careless and no hospitality. I understand there is a protocol that has to be followed a routine and priority. I work in the automotive industry. I get it where there is a process that has to be taken. But even in the process and protocol I’ve never taken my time. Because I value customers time and need. While my mother is in pain for for an entire hr I walk out side and see people talking , being on the cell phone, using the hospital computer surfing the internet shopping online. mean While there’s patients that need to be attended to. They did not monitor her vital signs while waiting the whole entire time. A resident doctor shows up and my mother cant talk because of the pain. he only tried 2 time and left with a ugly face, without no info and they told me to wait for the next doctor that didn’t show up until 45min later. I bring this all up not because it’s my mother and I want her to be attended first. I say this because what happens to next person who is in jeopardy of death or something and they give them the same treatment.

Abraham Keita Jr.

Prompt care in Emergency room. Got me sown up in no time..

Rema J

You can be dying and they’d make you wait all night to be seen so if you need the emergency room whether it’s serious or not don’t bother coming here

Holly T

This hospital should be ashamed of themselves. My mom went to the er and had to wait almost 10hrs before getting a room in observation. The nurses over the weekend in that department were an absolute disgrace. When my mom called them they would take forever to come to the room. When they did come to the room the were snotty and rude like you are an inconvenience. I do have to say the male nurses were way more attentive and compassionate. This hospital really needs to get it together. They need to get more nurses who care and not people who are rude. Its sad though because with all these bad reviews nothing will be done about it anyway.

Mark Kelly

The ER is so un organized. We entered an empty waiting room. After a 100+ minute (still waiting) we are still here and no one has been seen, the room is 3/4 full and no one has been seen. People are in pain and not being seen.

Robert Taylor

Tried for over 3 days, 10 phone calls in all to get a M.R.I. appt. Never made it past hold. This place continues to be a dump. Don't put health in the hands of these idiots.

Tina S

How can you go from being 5 stars to a 3? Cardiac step down, that's how. My father has been an in patient since December 23, 2018.... And up until yesterday I would have given this place 6 stars if possible. Traci and Anthony in CCU were amazing, and I would have paid them both whatever they wanted to take care of my dad. Yesterday he was transferred to cardiac step down. It's as if they did not know he was there. They gave him something to help him "go" post open heart surgery 2 days prior. But then did not keep an eye on him. My brother spent more than 45mins trying to get someone to help clean him up. Dr Shah has an excellent team. And the CCU is extraordinary, but getting to the step down unit is the lesser if the two evils.

Philly Sports!

My girlfriend was in excruciating pain that she described as 10x worse than child birth which ended up being a kidney stone but we couldn't of been happier with the staff. They were attentive and very helpful. There was one nurse whose was excellent(redhead I believe was named jennifer). She was attentive,compassionate and helpful.

Tee B

Do not go to this place! I went here on 7/20 after having a couple of weeks of dizziness, headaches, ear pain, and neck pain. The Dr didn’t listen to anything I was telling him and said if I get some rest that may help. What? Then he sent the nurse in who stuck me 4 different times trying to get blood work that left me bruised for 3 weeks! She then put a dump IV in and gave me 600 mg Motrin which didn’t help whatsoever! They never took a CT scan, MRI, or nothing! Dizziness is very serious, and I’m no Doctor but even I know to take at least a MRI to make sure everything is fine! I would never return here again! Oh and then they send you a survey through email. I put the same response I did on here. Close this hospital down! The Doctors don’t care!

Louise B

Horrific 11 hour wait in ER on Monday Jan 8th. Patients helping patients in the waiting room. Limped over to ask for ice for my leg had to ask twice then it was handed to me ,I was in so much pain and had to tie it on myself!! I had to limp over and help a young woman get her coat off and ice her broken arm after she also had to beg for ice and a blanket that she never received. Once I was seen after the first 6and a half hours the nurse and Dr was nice but I was left to lay on a gurney in the hall with no pillow ( used my jacket) until i was taken for CT SCANSand xrays then waited until 5 a. m.for discharge. I don't care how busy an ER IS that is unheard of!!!!

Daniele Dellavalle

*ALMOST 7 HOURS OF WAITING* I had a bad infection to my left leg. I checked in at 2:35 PM and I left at 9:10 PM. After the visit they prescribed me antibiotics. There are clearly some problems with this hospital. Will never go there anymore.

Chris Turner

This Er is a joke I checked in at 2 am there were only 5 people in the waiting room it's now after 4am and they haven't called a single person. What a joke.

Hitesh Patel

Staff r so rude and my kids are waiting for last 2hr kid are crying since we r here but they don’t care about that ...... they told me other people not crying that’s not means they don’t have pain ..... I never ever back again ..... go for other hospitals .... still I’m waiting ...I don’t know how long .......

dr delia Edison

Patient asked the attending nurse to clean the blood from patient's hand but the nurse answered t that you are a grown up man you can wash your hands when get discharged. How can a patient admitted in ER after an accident, waiting for CAT scan result, having an injury and stressed wash his on hands?


I had a recent stay here for GERD pain, (wasn't sure if it was heart related or not so I went to the ER), and they did absolutely nothing for me. I had to stay overnight and I had a roommate. I had no idea any hospitals actually made you share a room anymore and it was disgusting. The other patient had no manners, pretty much couldn't make it to the bathroom and would go on the floor and wouldn't flush even if they did make it to the toilet. I also left with the same pain I had going in. I would never go here again.

Milla Erratic

Unless you want to be traumatized for life, I suggest going to a clinic that you'll actually be respected and cared for.

Mike R

The Cardiac Care Unit nurses that took care of me before and after my quadruple bypass were amazing. They did everything possible to help me stay positive and keep my spirits up. Some of the little things, like bringing me a midnight turkey sandwich or spending time with me shooting the breeze meant so much to me while I was going through hell.

Autumn Adams

Front desk extremely unprofessional screaming to patients across the ED

Samyllos Fumaera

I went there because heart palpitations waited for 5 hours and never got called

Kimberly Miller

My experience was rather quick. Less than 1 hour for emergency room from triage to discharge. My doctor A. Ball, MD was nice and funny.

Anthony Aliberto

Been here 5 1/2 hours to see if the wife has a concussion. Still haven't talked to anyone since we signed in and was told there's no estimated wait times you just have to wait until they call you. Highly unsatisfied and will recommend going elsewhere if in serious trouble because you will spend all night waiting for a doctor in the waiting room.

Brittany Sims

I just sat in the ER for over 3 hours with shortness of breath, got an EKG and sat there and sat there. The waiting room had at least 30 people waiting. Called maybe 2 people while I was there. Nurses gave attitude when people had questions. I thought Nazareth was bad but I guess not.


My parent was transported their with an open fresh surgery wound from foot needed a wound vac to prevent infection and further trauma, they have no resources, she has a feeding tube and hasn’t been fed in over 24 hours they don’t have resources, her bag was leaking and in terrible pan refuse to medicate, they released her back in care of St JOHN Newman’s Rehabikitation stating that they only panicked and seem unfamiliar with her car Hahnemann released her to them because they communicated they over medicated her and caused her whole body to swell and cut her for various thing amputating and was all brought to the forefront of their wrongs so no one want responsibility. She’s been waiting in Torresdale Emergency awaiting to be transported for several hours still haven’t been fed, cleaned or prepped with meds and psi. Medicine. There needs to be a new job for advocates to stop hospital neglect, lack of empathy, and unusual treatment- why disregard or rush your patience without proper cause.

B Pugliese

This er is disgusting arrived 630 pm never got in er til 530 next morning wenr 35 hrs without food or drink er told me ill be fine yeah ok was going to go home but no one would help me get in car seeing im in wheelchair

Jenny Decker

My dad was in there over a month ago the nurses and doctors were very caring and helpful with keeping me and my brother up to date with my dads condition unfortunately my father passed away after being there for 5 days but even as he was near his end of Time the nurses were very caring

Sasha Cruz

Nurses here are RUDE! Horrible service.

Marieh Santiago

This place takes FOREVER & a damn day just to see a patient.

Abba Sami

They are the best The employees are helpful The doctors are so smart The nurses are so helpful The place is clean and organized It’s the best

James Duffin

This was my first time in a ER and DEFINITELY THE LAST for this place ! The guard when walking in was very nice and gave me a number and told me where to go to wait to be called. When called up to the counter they took my ID, sign a paper and took BP temp and weight. I went there for a possible kidney stone or infection, my blood pressure was 189/104 and i was in terrible pain that everyone in the place could see in my face, i was asked to sit back down and i took the seat that i had taken when i walked in. Then a young white female nursing with tricolor hair and pink cloggs asked me to move all the way to the back, i asked her seriously i can barley move how long will this take, she replied with a sarcastic tone i dont know, and said i can get you a wheel chair if you needed, in a belittling tone. I said im fine. And moved to a seat where a lady sitting directly in front of me was yelling on her cell phone for over a hour. The one older lady at the counter who did my paperwork asked why i am here today and i explained my symptoms and she looked at me like i was nuts. As she was telling me its odd to have pain in my left side as well as my right, lower back. With her breath that smelled like halitosis and stale beer. After 2.5 hrs i walked up to the counter and asked a young sweet African American female nurse does she have any idea as to how much longer this is gonna take because im in dying pain, she couldn't give me a answer so i told her this is unbelievable and unacceptable i need to be seen, im gonna have to go somewhere else. She was nice enough to try to call Bucks for me but i couldn't take it there anymore. I WILL NEVER go back there ever again, !!! Oh and the heat was set on hell the whole time. I wouldn't take my dog there ! Disgrace to the medical field !

Barbara Deegan

Sat in hospital tonight for 5 hours, did not see a doctor and they had no idea when I would be seen. Place was packed and nothing was moving. This hospital should be ashamed.

Janice Brown

Aria hospital is the worst, they have you waiting forever to be seen. Every time I've come to this hospital the wait was too long. You can die and come back to life by the time they see you in the back. They need to reevaluate this hospital and some of the staff and send most of them back to school. I hate this hospital, it sucks big time.

Aiden Santiago

I’ve came into this hospital at 3pm on January 5, 2019 with pneumonia symptoms it is now 6:15pm and I have yet to be seen nobody checks and when you ask how long they tell you they can’t say mind you it’s about 5 people in the emergency room waiting to be seen. This place is horrible if it wasn’t because I don’t want to go home and die I would leave. I’ll never come here or my children EVER AGAIN.

John smith

Dealing with family members that are in the icu is emotionally tiring, the situation I recently went through was extremely hard and unfortunate. Its very disappointing when you deal with nurses who are unsympathetic to your situation. This one particular nurse had the audacity to tell us the patient we were visiting wasn't going to make it, after she said that she proceeded to yell at us and tell us there was too many people in the room. On top of that I never once saw her wash her hands, and her unkempt hair was not once pulled back. We were so uncomfortable asking her questions about my family member who was put on comfort care for the fear she would belittle us, we actually had to ask another nurse to help us with him because her attitude was so horrible. If you see this review watch out for a blonde RN on dayshift that works the icu. But I will say besides her there are some fine nurses working that were so comforting and caring, but I hope to never encounter her again in my life, and I along with my family members with find a new hospital to care for us to avoid that nasty, heartless nurse. I am still so hurt and disgusted by how she treated us.


Place is great..


Waited 8 hours than was told It can be a few more hours of a wait so I left. Won't go there again.

Joanie Morgan

I called just to find out the hours of operation for the radiology dept for xrays and am still on hold 7 minutes later!!!!! why is this info not on the website? Not everyone cant sit on hold all day to speak to someone

Jose Gonzalez

Brought my mother in the emergency room ,quick response, polite staff from the security guard up to the nurses ,she was admitted and lots of attention given. We were very pleased....

Kathleen Hayes

I just wanna give everybody a heads up about the emergency Room at Jefferson Torresdale,, it's not really conducive to privacy or fast treatment. Because my problem was considered a very minor problem I was placed in a hallway(they called it fast tracking me) where I've sat the entire time being seen and being asked private questions for anyone who is passing by to hear and see. I did complain several times to on several different levels but to no Avail. I'm going to give one last opportunity to their administrative department to correct these issues. I feel that this type of neglect by putting people in hallways And not treating their issues making them wait hours upon hours while everybody else is Seen is malpractice. When I can see from my location 1 Room open directly across from me with no patient in it at all and several down the hall. I was called a fast tracked patient but I am the last to be seen and the last to be treated. Very disappointed with this hospital! BACKWARDS!!!!! I have a word of praise for this hospital though, their attending physician, the ONLY ONE that was on call this morning, doctor Ghaffarian was wonderful and Dealt with my issues 1 by 1 in a timely manner. He did try to help with the situation of being in a the hallway but he was quickly stopped by the charge nurse on call on duty. I've got to report to my insurance company, who is being charged for a Room yet I was treated in a hallway so I'm going to also complain to them about this billing dispute. This hospital has a lot to answer for! WHAT A DISASTER!!!!

Mary Sheree Roop

Poor service. ER service sucks. They have to hire new staff and start to educate their staff about emergency care

Mike Chilinskas

Is a joke. Jen or whoever the nurse at triage taking blood pressure with no cuff on and NO beside manner. Walk through a metal detector and a security guard determines the severity of your condition. they just say "next" for the other patients causing confusion and stress for people in an emergency room

Tim Welsh

Great staff an nurse's in icu,or an recovery room

Diva215 Rivera

My mother came in with swollen legs and has CHF, Diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, three stents and is still waiting in the lobby! Its been 5 hours! No one checked her blood sugar or an EKG nothing!!! This is a disgrace!!

Olena Hart

I would not recommend anyone going there if your case is a real emergency. We rushed our 6 year old feeling so bad she had no energy too sit because of constant throwing up and dehydration. And we waited for his majesty doctor in the room for over 50 minutes!!! I find this attitude to patients, specially children simply outrageous. And when the doctor gave orders to nurses we waited even longer, since each time they drew blood or give my daughter fluids was followed by another waiting time! We spent there around 6 hours before transported to the hospital. One last phrase: never again this non emergent emergency room!

Katty Acero

I am in the ER as I’m writing this review and the quality of service is terrible. I am a Jefferson employee as well and I would never talk to a patient with an attitude specially in the ER because of the amount of discomfort one can experience. I arrived at 8 pm something and it’s 12 am still waiting for a cat scan on my head and x ray of my knee, only to be told that I’m 6 in line and I would need to settle for a few hours more otherwise I’m ok to go. This service is unbelievable. The nurses are rude and angry. If it wasn’t because I may have a fracture I would be leavin this place and on my way to abington

Maureen Mccloskey

been in waiting room now for 5 hours with pain shooting down my back and into my chest...i won't be back

Anas Jubran

Horrible staff in the front desk I broke my hand when I got there with a lot of pain they were telling me i had to wait 4 hours

Donna Hazlett

Dont get put on the 4 th floor in telemetry unit you have to share a dirty bathroom with everyone in that (pod) so 10 to 20 people even 1 person is bad enough . this is disgusting. Why would jefferson allow this .theres so many germs in a hospital as it is. Id like to know why they think this is ok to treat people this way. I would never ever allow this ESPECIALLY if im paying high health insurance rates.

Sonia Ari

This Hospital is no good emergency. Have to wait 10 Hours

Michael Garofalo

I'm satisfied with the service triage was fast, and the overall it took about an hour to get into the emergency room to get into a room. While my diagnosis is not very clear coming to ARIA has shed some light on my health and has ruled out a life-threatening condition. It's funny people say this is the worst hospital in the area but you know they keep coming back so I can't be that bad.

Stephanie Townes

This is the worst hospital ever and the triage nurse is so rude she should learn how to talk to people I been sitting in the er waiting room for over three hours and there was only two people in there and my husband has kidney failure with the night sweats and he is so cold how do people just let you sit there like that

Julio Pagan

Worse ER I've been to. The wait times are unacceptable! Even when it's not crowded. I have been waiting 4.5 hours and counting w only a few people ahead of us. Now after waiting 4.5 hours, debe been un the room 2 hours. The IV bag was back filling w blood because they didnt bother checking it, until I said something and still no blood results. Still waiting

Jim Diienno

Great Hospital. Had surgery on a clogged artery in my neck and 2 months later clear blockage in my legs. The staff could not be nicer and very professional. Dr Mohan is the best. If I call him he always gets back to me to answer any questions. He makes you feel extremely comfortable. Thank you.


Assistant nursing staff were rude, laughing, and talking about patients "conditions" as if they did not care if you heard them. Extremly rude, not to mention illegal!! Why work in health care if you are snobby, and have no people skills?? Find another facility to go to!! Please.

Andrea DiFonzo

After an 11 1/2 hour wait in the ER I was finally taken back & giving a bed. I was having trouble with my throat (strep) & had painful swallowing. You would have thought in the 11+ hours in the waiting room that they could have taken my blood tests & started an IV so I wouldn’t dehydrate. Nope. I’m was in legitimate pain. I am not a drug addict. I don’t even drink alcohol. They were so slow to getting me some pain relief. My nurse was mean. She was finally getting an IV in my arm but I was crying bc of the Tunicate. I also was choking on my own saliva & she says to me cover up if you cough. I don’t want to catch your strep. FML. She is a nurse & had zero bedside manner! I will NEVER go to this ER ever again. Such a shame bc I had never really had so many complaints from past experiences at Aria Torresdale.

Ella Phila

I stayed in rm 20713 for 3 nights including Valentine's day. In my entire life I have not received such amazing caring team of doctors, nurses, aids, techs, even the meal prep and cleaning ppl were so attentive. I feel so grateful to all these people.. to be so hurt and in this agonizing pain. You made me feel better. Thank you, and I pray that you may all be blessed the way you healed me; Tenfold! ❤

Paul Iverson

Family member rushed to ER with ruptured colon. Excellent surgeon and ICU. Recovery was gradual, staff was patient and nurturing. Round-the-clock care is phenomenal. Highly recommended.

warren stevens

I brought my father in yesterday for x-rays. We went directly to outpatient services. I was surprised by the level of care he received. Everyone we dealt with was extremely helpful from the time we checked in until his x-rays were complete. Special thanks to Brittany B. who took the time to explain everything to my mother.

Boris Matusov

If you want your elderly parents to loose ability to talk, walk and eat - then this is the place to go.

La’Shiona Renee

!!!! Terrible just mean Nasty nurses And Racism Angela and Elsa bad hire (Meaning The ICU really sucks because there are just a few ( I Mean A Few As In 3 People) That has a great sense of humor I’m very happy this hospital (Do Not) handle Babies I would be Worry every Day About these evil Unhelpful nurses who won’t do there damn job Kayla in ICU is very nice and Kristen & mr Dennis was helpful and the surgeon Was 100% professional Thank You ....KEEP THE HATE TO YOURSELF AND GO FIND ANOTHER JOB IF CARING FOR OTHERS IS Not Your profession Smh Wow Terribly,Extremely upset can wait to leave

Tim C. Hernandez

Poor excuse for a hospital. This is the second time I’ve been to the ER for 2 seperate friends. Both times we were made to feel as if we were an inconvenience. This is a hospital. People come to the hospital to get help. They need to shut this hospital down and get new management, new staff in here. This place is a joke. Ashley Frank was the Dr. assisting and we asked for the supervising head doctor because Ashley Frank was so rude, and intolerant and insensitive. I understand as a dr. You see trauma all day everyday but it is unacceptable to make a patient feel as if they’re an inconvenience to you. Disgusted.

April Williams

Basically almost killed my mother. Days on end of doing nothing for her, doctors not agreeing on diagnosis giving us different info every day, not knowing what to do or just not doing anything. She was starving to death and they didn't care. We finally had to get her transferred out of there or she would be gone. They had her diagnosis wrong. Thankfully she is still with us because we moved her. I will say this the nursing staff was pretty good, but this hospital should not be used for anything that is complicated. or when a patient cannot advocate for themselves like the elderly.

Mathew Albrecht

Was called in as an add on for an ultrasound and was also there to get an xray. The people who took care of me from the information desk, check in, and getting the procedures done were so nice and helpful.


Ridiculous wait time in the emergency room. They need to work on a better system. Not enough doctors? Not enough staff? Who knows. Just sit, and wait... Jefferson, don't bother commenting asking to work on a solution. You know the problems your hospital has. Work on improving them.

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