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REVIEWS OF Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital IN Pennsylvania

James Mcelroy

Been here with my pregnant fiance since 5 and didn't get in a room till 8 and now it's 9:36 and still haven't found out what's going on

George D Patnoe Sr.

My wife was in ICU over 30 days. Never in serious pain staff was right there as needed. They are the most loving caring people world when it comes to taking care patience. I will never ever ever be this I will I will ever be grateful for all I did George Patton

Guy Brennan

I've gotten good help from there. Glad there is a hospital in our town.

Audrey Epstein

Thank you for the consideration and fine health care given to my mother. It required such expertise given her declined condition. With gratitude to the staff, I say this with sincerity and with the highest of praise.

Callie Whitesell

If I could give this group a zero I would. I have never delt with more "professionals" who have no idea what they are doing. I have had to reach out to other drs and hospitals to get diganosed... had to being up concerns about drug interactions, have called and set up things had confirmations and drove 2 hours for appointments that they don't how they were scheduled. The most recent experience was calling a month in advance, speaking with the dr, making an appointment based on their schedule on ORDERING the vaccine I needed. Went to my appointment after having to take time off because they had to ORDER it and it would not be in until this date (asked for dates previous when I had time off of work) could not be done because this ORDERED vaccine wouldn't be there until then. Went to my appointment and there is no vaccine so they say that's ok we will give you the pill form... not covered by insurance (but the vaccine is) over 100 dollars out of pocket and have no other choice because it has to be started today because of a timeline with the oral medication. Also they ordered the oral medicine to the pharmacy downstairs so I could start taking it... they sent the wrong one which I then had to sprint up the steps to catch the office to send the correct one l, not once but twice. This appointment for my PREORDERED vaccine is now on hour 3.... I am so tired of doing their jobs, being proactive and them still not being competent enough to do their JOB on their end. It is absolutely pathetic.

Ada Wightman

Dr John McLain Jr is disrespectful to patients and their families, and the staff’s understanding of mental illness is insufficient.

David Williams

Feb 2019 Excellent care. Excellent staff. We are so grateful for the emergent care in ICU through follow ups that continue. May 28th, 2019 - My wife went in for a routine outpatient procedure called an ERCP. The surgeon said he could not gain access to view the common bile duct even after several attempts by twisting and pushing the camera on the endoscope into the duct so he couldn't diagnose a problem or clear any sludge/materials that could've been blocking the duct. When I asked him "What do we do next?" He said, 'What do you mean what do we do next?' And I said, "If I understood you correctly, you said there was no way to visually see the common bile duct to make a diagnosis or do anything to treat her. So what's the next step? How do we proceed from here to learn what's wrong with her?" He leaned in toward me and said, "Well, I guess you should take her back to whoever referred her to me in the first place." His tone was sarcastic. When she was discharged - an hour or so later we got 12 miles down the highway and my wife was crying out to God for His help to take her pain. We went back to the ER at Robert Packer hospital and they admitted her with acute pancreatitis! They told us it was serious and one of the surgeon's assistants told us she was very ill and could anticipate being in the hospital for 2-3 weeks then convalescing at home for about the same time. He told me the same thing on Saturday, told her on Sunday and told both of us on Monday face to face. Wednesday they discharged her against our better judgement based on their stated severity of her condition. We discussed it with the assistant and her nurse and finally said okay, we are leaving as they insisted she was well enough to return home. To make a long story short - 2 weeks later my wife was in an ambulance again for the same problems and worsening health. HOWEVER - She was not returning to Robert Packer hospital. We decided to entrust her care to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY where they diagnosed what went wrong, what got worse and made a treatment plan for her. The communication was excellent and comforting. She had a blood clot in her portal vein that was missed at Robert Packer hospital and the lesion on her pancreas that Robert Packer hospital found via ultrasound was noted but no further details were provided. The lesion ended up being pancreatic pseudo cysts. Had they kept her at Robert Packer hospital , it is my humble opinion that they would have found these things on their own and saved her a great deal of health issues that may now require medication for the rest of her life. We're trusting our Heavenly Father and the doctors at Strong Memorial hospital for her future medical needs as these are serious issues. I am not damming Robert Packer hospital. I am simply sharing our experiences with you both good at the ICU level and the bad at the hands of one surgeon and several other staff members whose performance was less than stellar. You may find 100 people who will tell you they are great and 100 people who will say they had bad experiences. I am simply sharing why we will not be returning to Robert Packer hospital unless they are the only viable option in an emergency.

Laurel Ripple

Trauma center and Intensive Care is good, but patients don't receive quality care on the upper floors which are understaffed. Residents follow up on urgent care and don't pay attention to patient history. This causes severe mistakes.

Rob Yod

Emergency room care was great for me. Nurse Regina was great


Took wife into emergency room for PCOS symptoms and they put her into the BSU and even though she is stable they are refusing to release her. They will not communicate about her release. They keep saying that it will take time, but refuse to tell me how much time. I will be filing a malpractice lawsuit. Worst hospital experience of my life.

Zorrbabe Sage

Amazing place with like heated puffy almistvairbed quality blankets. Also they use these great leg circulators. Surgeon did his job well Anastasia dudes were great. They listened when I said I needed extra painkillers for my pain. They listens to my mom and respected me that tonsillectomy is extremely painful for me. Thanks guys.

David Rodriguez

Lucy Beauchamp

Wonderfully caring and courtious staff, in and out within the hour

sassy no filter

I came here for my obgyn dr visits over all was good labor was good now yesterday was my tubal removal they tell me the normal rules of surgery and to be there at 12 wasn't seen till around 4 then waited like anther hour the Drs saw me then anther hour passed the guy that talks to about knock out stuff came in talked to me about stuff pertaining to it then like a hour later they tell me the green light was on then half hours later they start unhooking telling me they can't do the surgery today to remake a appt I went through all that just to get that I also had my mom taking care of my month old son my time was wasted my family's time I live in Endicott ny went to corning so my family to help by taking me they live in corning so when it comes to any surgery this will not be the place I go

Jaylene Noviello

This hospital is so slow and when people are in serious pain here, you would think they would hustle. No. Maybe they should get more staff to make this process better and faster.

Nick Shevenko

Horrible experience. Nice people. Horrible experience.

anthony corl

I dont wanna give this hospital any stars im givin one for the nurse i had but the doctors no nothing, i went in for stomach pains in the er and they told me after bloodwork, urine test, and ultrasound i was having muscle spasms. I went to wilson ER the next day and they found alot in my bloodwork and ct scan. And when i left guthrie with 2 prescriptions one hydrocodon and other zofran the zofran was in the hydrocodon bottle and hydrocodon was in the zofran bottle. When you want to know whats truly wrong DO NOT go here.

Sherry Hockenberry

The care my father received here was beyond horrible !! 6 north is absolutely terrible no care given to him very neglectful !! Communication from the Doctors is non existent !! My father passed away because of their non commincation and not listening to us about his symptoms by the time finally looked into his condition it was too late !! This place isn't fit to take care of a dog !!

1 2

This hospital has been jerking me around for TWO years. I have been trying to pay my bill. Once I pay my bill, they send the money back. And then a Different charge will appear. Get with the program!

Barbara Singerhoff

Had a very good stay at RPH. Every employee I encountered on Floor 7 NW was excellent. To name a few, Nurses/assistants. Valerie, Lorene, Alex, Cindy. Kim, Nicole, Meghan,Greg, and Marty. June the cleaning lady and Stephanie the case manager.Just to name a few. Also the 2 Carla's in Pre-op, Ti, Mark (anisthiesest?), and especially Dr. Dermot Reynolds. Food was very good also.hanks everyone.

Brett Mills-Collins

My brother was in a bad truck wreck and received horrible care from no baths to horrible wound care. Nursing staff sucked, Doctor Care sucked poor bedside manner. My brother was intubated and choking they didn’t help him. Red hair nusre changing my brothers dressing with her hair in his wound.

Mike Smith

I hit a deer on my motorcycle then onto berm into high grass doing 50+. Couldn't see the colvert ditch but whn I hit that I was ejected 90ft. I broke 36 bones, traumatic brain injury, punctured both lungs, lost 4pts blood and luckily found by passer by on a very rural rd 1 mile from my house. I was air lifted to Sayre Hosp after Dr. Wong got me intubated which no one else could do on scene not even medics as I had a large cut frm upper lip to lower chin right into bone. Was told I looked like a deer gutted open. That's where all the blood loss (4PT) came from. I was seconds from death as I was hypodermic whn found. Dr. Wong basically saved my life as he was ONLY one that got me intubated. While in ICU I received excellent care from the beginning to end. A big THANK YOU from me to all involved including Middlebury Rescue, medics, Wellsboro SSMH Hosp and all involved at Sayre which was numerous (surgeons, orthopedic, neurosurgeon, all that run machines like MRI, XRAY, etc. I've been told by17 diff Dr's so far I'm a living miracle. One saying that sticks to me to this day is "ur a better man broken than any other man unbroken". Thanks to ya all big time and God Bless!!! Accident occurred in 2008 and here it is 2017. Respectfully Submitted, Michael Smith

Katie stanton

This is for James Stanton but he said the nurse Christine on 6SW is absolutely wonderful and she’s the best nurse he’s had during his surgery. Also his care partner Linda was very kind and very helpful !

D DeCru

I have had experiences at four hospitals and this is by far the worst one that I have ever experienced. First, we went to one of their associated walk in clinics hoping to get an oral steroid for our 2 year old son who has asthma. We had been to the hospital before and were instructed by specialists on what to look for. The Nurse Practitioner told us we had to go the ER because our son was in distress. We refused and they told us they would get social services and law enforcement involved if we did not. When we arrived at the ER, the doctor on duty told us there was no reason for him to be in the ER. We were sent home and he was fine. Second, when you receive bills from the hospital they send you a total. If you want an itemized statement you have to request that. Why? Maybe because they are hoping that you will look past the 50 minute IV that costs $1200. Or maybe the room fee that exorbitant. On a prior visit to the one mentioned above, it cost us $7500 for a 2 hour ER visit and 20 hours at the hospital with only minor medical care. Third, when we tried to appeal, we went through the whole circus, they basically don't return your calls and treat you like an idiot. They had another doctor look at his visit records, and even though the attending physician said in his notes that there was no need to be in the ER, the "chief" doctor knew better and said that the visit was justified. The nurses, facilities, and most of the doctors were great, but the inability on the part of the hospital and business end to make the right decisions is horrendous. It seems they are content to create a self licking ice cream cone where they tell people they need XXX (just to be safe) and in our case force us into 2 years of debt for something that was not needed. Since most people have better insurance than us most people would not care. By the way, we did see a pediatric pulmonologist (at Geisinger) shortly afterwards and were told that their (Robert Packers) criteria for forcing an ER visit was "on the extreme end of caution". Danville or Tunkhannock is a far drive but worth it.

Shannon Sepulveda

Jack Tidlow

yuki chan

Would give zero if I could horrible service and when you tell them your uncomfortable with a chaperone they say they have to be in the room for ALL PROCEDURES OF THE PHYSICAL isn't that illegal?? There unprofessional I wouldn't recommend to anyone the nurses at the desk give false information on a question someone should shut this place down!!!!!(ps I cancelled)

Jeff & Kim Barrett

Worse hospital ever. Save your life and go else where. Horrible staff horrible care.

Montana Lipps

Boyfriend was in a very bad dirtbike accident and was life lighted to here. Staff is nice but got treated better in the ICU than anywhere else. The doctors also need to learn how to get their communication skills together because we were told numerous of other things by different doctors than what the actual doctor even said. Was also told by a charge nurse that his mother and I could just go home knowing that we aren't even from around here!

Nicholas Miller

So nice! And very efficient!

Meeka sids

This hospital provides excellent service !

Jon Fuller

Crystal Best

Oliver Smith

Best hospital & staff!!!

Kailyn Tibby

Exceptional care from compassionate health care providers.

Melissa Ryan

Terri Hull

Donna Nebesky

Went to the ER for an emergency after office hours. Was advised by two of my Drs to do so. I was supposedly "triaged" (BP and temp) and told to wait in the waiting room. I waited over two hours, getting worse over time. Finally left. They had the nerve to charge me $100 and bill my insurance company almost $500! Will NEVER go there again and I advise anyone with an emergency to go anywhere else. You could die in the waiting room and they'd never notice. This will be appealed through my insurance company. Please stay away from this ER if you are in need. They don't care!!!!!

Jacob Peters

Awesome staff. Friendly, competent, and professional.

Autumn Mead

Every person we dealt with at this hospital was amazing. Completely amazing. Every nurse and doctor. The nurses especially were very kind and very amazing to our son. Thank you all so very much.

Melanie Stratton

I was told by my insurance company that I could have one wellness check per year and it would be covered. I saw another doctor, as my previous doctors had left. Guthrie refuses to code it properly and my insurance company even called them to try and talk to them. My bill is outrages.., pure greed!

Julie Tomasky

My third visit here, and second time I have been here for an endoscopy and colonoscopy, and I won’t go anyplace else. Dr. Georgetson is absolutely phenomenal. Actually takes time to talk to and listen to you. The staff in the surgical unit is extremely friendly and caring. Valerie, the intake nurse in the unit is so personable and genuinely cares. Everything ran so smoothly and communication was great. They have their act together!

Steve Hawthorne

This hospital is dishonest and is not to be trusted. You will be over-billed and cheated for every procedure you receive. The doctors are often incompetent, overworked, and rarely speak fluent English. Way too many student doctors also. I came here after I was in a car accident and the nurses compelled my family to sign a document that said we would be financially responsible for the treatment even though we were not at fault. Guthrie lied to me and my family and attempted to bill us $35,000 for emergency procedures we were not responsible for.

Christina Roosa

Great care by the nurses in the ICU on the 2nd floor. Miriam, Stephanie, Rachel, Bronston, Collin all were amazing. Dr. Meyer, the neurologist, and my dad's resident doctor, Dr. Kahn took great care of my dad. They both kept us up to date on tests and plan of care. The entire staff were so helpful in making sure we honored my dad's wishes for his end of life care. Thanks also to the palliative medicine nurse practioner, I didn't get her name, but I am so grateful for her listening and making sure my dad was comfortable.

Chelle Thomas

These people were caring, understanding, and absolutely wonderful.. saved my life!!!!!!

Wendy Spickerman

Friendly staff, Doctor's explain things in great detail. Easy to find.

Rose Marie Jenney

They are running behind again today

Valerie Sweets

Every single time I call to speak to someone in the billing office I get transferred to a silent line and wait for 20 minutes with still no response!!!!!EVERY TIME!! The woman on the 9th floor are amazing! but the billing offices are full of incompetent people. If i could give them 0 stars, i would!

Kevin Parkhurst

Cindy Ratner

It's the only Hospital in the area.

Donna Stanley

Dr. Hayes (Ears, Nose, Throat), Guthrie Clinic, Sayre: OLD, OUT OF TOUCH, RUDE, INSULTING. NEEDS TO RETIRE. THIS STORY IS DISGUSTING: I went to this doctor, not because I chose to, but because he was the only Dr. available to see me after my CT scan of my sinuses. In addition I also had an esophagram and an endoscopy (in the Operating Room). I have had post nasal drip so bad for an entire year--Can't sleep, can't work, can't function). Was treated with steroids, for allergies, for reflux, all to no avail. When viewing my CT scan my GP exclaimed that my septum was so deviated to the left my nostril was almost closed. That explains all the repeated infections all the time on that side. AND by research, I learned, also causes chronic post nasal drip. So Dr. Hayes says, "You don't have a deviated septum" --I said, "What about the repeated infections? The swallowing and clearing my throat every 15 seconds?"" He says, "Well they healed up, didn't they?" He goes, "Breathe. See? You are breathing." I'm flabbergasted at the logic: So someone can have 20 sinus infections in a year but as long as they heal...nooooo problem...then he treats me like a Dr. who doesn't like or respect women...he must be 65+ and has NO bedside manner whatsoever-probably thinks women don't have an opinion or can't research or think for themselves. I starred at him blank faced as he opened the door, pointed to the exit sign and said, "You're a healthy women, you can go now." WHAT????? Also, I said, " I think I broke my nose several times as a kid." (I was a battered/beaten father abused me and my sister all through our childhood) He says, "So, you didn't break your nose, then." I go "Well, yes, I think I did, I know I did." He says, "Well you would have gone to a doctor then." I say, "NO, my parents wouldn't take me to a doctor."( I tried to explain that I was a teenager in the 80's and at that time we teens were not believed when we said we were abused...and if I had a broken nose, my parents would not take me to a doctor...they probably feared the truth would come out and they'd go to jail!) So he totally brushed off a very painful event and fact of my life and ignored the black and white result on the CT scan. Its so bad my GP asked me right away, "When did you break your nose?' Said its almost closed entirely. I left in tears. I still tear up every time I think about it. NOT AN OUNCE OF SYMPATHY, HE IGNORED ME, HE TALKED OVER ME, HE IS DISGUSTING.HE SHOULD NOT PRACTICE.

Audra Kemmerling

Just like in any other business, you're going to run into some level of apathy. After spending 9 days in this hospital, (and understanding this is a Hospital, not an all-inclusive vacation) I'd say we are very happy with our care. The doctors were thorough, the nurses were kind, food was tasty, and the discharge was seamless. Were very happy Robert Packer Hospital is right here in our own backyard. Hope not to have to come back, but if we need to, it's Packer.

Roberto Bernal

Dolores Robinson

I just want to let you all know that you have an outstanding doctor. He worked on my neck and back. Dr. Christopher Paramore is missed here in South Carolina. God blessed me to have him do my surgeries and the results are very good. I suffered for years with lower back pain. Now I am free from pain. So if you all don't treat him right, send him back to us in South Carolina. I love you Dr. Paramore, Annie Robinson from Hartsville, SC

Aidan Smith

Terrible. Waited in the waiting room for hours.

Sandy Scrivener

If they had a -10, I would put that, worst Hospital ever. butchered my daughter, ended up going to Gisinger to fix all they did to her. Also Dirty rooms, Didn't clean her after the operation, which cause a sore rash. Left her in a dirty bed. Do NOT GO THERE

Emily Ann

All they do is shove pills down your throat and then send you home. Some of the staff are rude and only cares about the money they get from you or your medical insurance.

kyle blackstone

Best hospital in the area.

Andrew Brush

People who work here for the most part are great and work hard. I do think they must be short handed of staff. I was trying to get discharged yesterday after knee surgery. Waited over an hour and a half for final Blood draw and when I asked the women why she took so long she said she was the only one for the whole hospital just no sense of urgency.

Dalton O'Neill

i was born here i didnt want to

JennyLynn Gardner

Lori Lee

Waiting in triage in terrible pain, an overly sensitive millennial RN yelling at me because apparently only her problems matter. Not one friendly smile from staff. I work homehealth and id be FIRED for talkung that way to a client. Asked to be transferred to Arnot but just ignored...

Phoenix Marie

only giving one star because i have to, and one or two of the nurses was kind. after a car accident i was taken to this hospital in an ambulance. when i came to, i still had dried vomit on my face, no one had bothered to clean me up. one of the nurses while moving my coat took it upon herself to say “you girls REEK like weed!!” as i was just coming to. police were in the ER questioning me, while i was still UNCONSCIOUS, and my blood was taken without my consent, while unconscious . the first night there i pressed the nurse call button several times with no response, i had to use the restroom, i peed myself because no one came and i was scared to get up without assistance. the second day there i begged for a shower, clumps of my hair we’re falling out, i smelled of vomit and urine. and i was told “we don’t do that here”. consciously, i would never go back. the environment was unwelcoming, uncomfortable and rude.

Jenna Naylor

My experience started out great here,went in the evening to the emergency room wait time was pretty long.(4 hours) when I went back my nurse Liz was amazing and the Dr. As well as MRI people. Ended up needing emergency back surgery it went well the Dr. She was great! But after surgery my nurse on the 7th floor Lorene was terrible as well as my care partner Cindy. I was crying because if my pain and unable to empty my bladder by myself and they waited two hours to help me then instead of trying to help my pain level had me take a walk in the hall then sat me in the toilet for an hour to make me try to push out my urine on my own which didnt work made my pain worse and I cried and cried. She finally put a catheter in ( she shoved it in really hard to where I bled) and gave me a muscle relaxer for the pain which didnt help and refused anything stronger. I couldn't get comfortable couldn't eat pee on my own nothing and she left me there in pain for hours with 0 compassion. The nurses were so awful to me on day shift but night shift was great!

Chef Mike Palmer

I been to hospitals that beats RPH. It took the 3rd day for me to see my personal family physician. I suppose to have a procedure done, but they didn't do it at all. It's like they forgot all about it. They had me on NPO for that procedure and everything. Mainly I was ready to go in. This place is a joke! I can't wait until another Hospital comes in our area! I'll go to that one before RPH.

Veronica Walker

RPH is dedicated to serving the community at large. The people are friendly, and do everything to make patients stay comfortable. Not only that, they are skilled and I would not go anywhere else if I needed to be admitted to a hospital!

Kat Terry

I broke my foot, went to Sayre orthopedics and the guy wouldn't do anything for me I never went back went down to Williamsport and got very well taken care of with a cast and then surgery.


Besides a surgical assistant who had a low key stank ass attitude and kept rollin her eyes at me like I ain’t see it. I let your old ass rock....but don’t let me catch on the flip side though cause ima slide you!

serka sazoras

Sometimes when there is only one service location the service seems to suffer. If there were options for other places then I am sure they would do a better job. The nurses are really awesome and seem smart - but they have too much work to do and they seem to spend too much time "charting".

Hunter Smith

Unlike the clinic, the hospital side of things isn’t so great as it used to be. Before, they had been phenomenal to family, etc, over the past decade... but after the last couple years, it’s truly gone downhill. I was admitted with bad pancreatitis... Only one nurse truly did her job...Nurse during the day just sat at the station and wouldn’t even come when called. They’re also understaffed— which I think is a huge problem for such a big hospital. Only leads to bad/mediocre care and frustrated workers. Only one hospitalist/main physician for the whole hospital at night?! Seriously?! There was SO much mixed communication that nothing was ever up to speed. The computer, the doctors, and the nurses were never on the same page... which again is hitting at the quality of care that you need... I felt like instead of focusing on getting better, I had to constantly be worried about everyone being on the same page with my care therefore I was my own advocate... My floor looked like something out of a movie. I understand it’s a hospital, haha, but it was unsanitary, not updated, ONE shower for everyone for the floor... bed linens never got changed the whole time during admission, wrong medication doses or when they were last administered.... Just sad to see something go downhill... Hopefully the clinic side wont follow suit. Overall, I don’t recommend it there, unless it’s outpatient for surgery or something.

Brittany Bunce

Visit started off great. The drs and nurses were helpful but once we got transferred to floor 4 it went downhill. Nurses were nice, but communication is poor. One dr tells us one thing and another something different. Was scheduled for emergency surgery to find out an hour before they decided not to do it and gave us every excuse and beat around the bush. Main reason being they dont want an infection to happen.. so we've been sitting here for them to just keep giving morphine every 2 hrs. Every sign/symptom they told us to come back for, patient has. Bathrooms were nasty, pee sitting in a sink, bloody pee catcher sitting by toilet and dirty pants on the floor. Not sure what we're waiting on for us to be discharged, but its been 6+ hours and still no answer of when we're being discharged.

Tracy Mason

This place is crazy. Long waiting times and also long waiting for Drs to come in and nurses

Chase Osper

Clearly time for the doctors to start running the hospitals. Too much administration here.

Susan Sarabasha

I spent 8 hours in the Surgical Waiting Room, an hour in post op and an hour and a half in my DH's room. EVERYONE was helpful, cheerful and upbeat. Surgical nurses come out and give periodic reports. Surgeons either call or come out to give a post op report. Nurses and Care Partners are knowledgeable and flexible. Free coffee, water, bagels and pastries.

Cathie Marie

I was in a serious car accident and unfortunately that is where I had to be taken. The most incompetent unbelievable care for a TRAUMA CENTER I have ever heard of or witnessed. What used to be an award winning center in now a joke!! Not only did they not do quite a few important things the should have, but when I awoke in the middle of the night with terrible thirst and asked for a pitcher of water, and I had no restrictions, Ives told “oh we don’t have that here” water???? With a fractured back they didn’t even ask if I wanted a wheel chair when being discharged with a back brace they waved goodbye as I WALKED OUT on my own!!! Stay away. This administration is all about money and NOT about one bit of care for their patients. That entire administration should be investigated and fired so the hospital could go back to being what it was prior to them taking over. Stay away

lauras Hope

My friend was a patient in this hospital. She was mentally challenged.. Her bed sheets were not changed on a regular basis There was feces on her chair and on her floor. Her dr and nurse did not speak fluent english and her needs were not met. Because of the care she received in this hospital I went and obtained POA for her so no one would ever treat her that way again.

Tanya Smith

Theresa Sales

Jennifer Ryan

Thank you all for helping me in my battle with behavioral health. You all are amazing.Anthony Ryan

Jessica White

Billing, confusing. Service, terrible.

Spotted Eagle

It's good but could be better

Sean Blenn

Pathetic hospital like most hospitals. $$$$$$ for terrible care and service. Stay healthy

Jitin Makker

JE Vasilchik

excellent, one of the best hospitals I EVER BEEN.

John Wahl

I would not give them one star if I had the option

jacob landis

I can't say i love my stay at this hospital due to why i was there but, Everyone in the ICU SAVE my life and i cannot thank everyone enough. They had given me a 5% chance of living when I got there due to a motorcycle accident. I was hit head on my a truck and suffered massive internal and head trauma and broke 11 bones. But im glad to say im getting healthy now and still recovering and its been just over year now and i still cant thank everyone here and especially the ICU nurses and helped keep me alive thank you...

Deborah Hager

Martha Price

A surgeon here saved my dad, after another hospital messed up. Very grateful.

Tyler Ballien

They are very slow here. Out of all hospitals ive visited this is the worst one. Wether im first here or theres 5 ahead of me it takes them hours apon hours to take us back or to give us answers. All these employees walking around nonstop but no one checks up for along time .

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