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shanika mundt

I was there just last night to be seen and I waited in the roo. For 2 hours no doctor ever came in to see me was in massive pain as I just sat there every doctor and nurse just kept walking by my fiancee went to the nurse station and there all just sitting around doing absolutely nothing.. if i could rate a zero star i definitely would.. The staff are rude as ever and only care about there self's and what there doing at the time in there lives...

Britney Sterpe

When we first arrived we were seen by Dr. Bhupendra who was very helpful and informative. While we waited for x-ray, and blood test results he had finished his shift which we were not aware of. As we waited for about an hour I finally asked Dr. Galameau for assistance on the results of my mom, his response " I'm busy doing something else right now, I'm not even sure if I'm your doctor, just press the help button" very rude, and not helpful at all. So I did as he asked and pressed the button just to have a nurse come in and tell me he's busy. As we waited approximately 3 hours with no help and no results. Finally our doctor comes in, guess who, yup Dr. Galameau. He first said "sorry it took so long we are backed up at the moment" and proceeded to ask my mom if the breathing treatment they gave her helped. As my mom explained that it did but that she also had other issues. Stopped her in mid sentence and goes " that's not what I asked you, did the breathing treatment help?" (rude as can be) my mom answered yes. Then asked if we had any questions. As my mom tried to yet again explain her symptoms, he stopped her again and said " I'm sorry is there a question?" (RUDE) my mom being frustrated and insulted just said no. Not only was he rude but he never explained what the test were for, what the medication he proscripted would do, or the other syptoms she was having. WE ARE THE PATIENT, NOT HIM, we did not have to cater to his "busy" schedule! He should be tending to his patients, but he has neglected to do so. We should have never had to wait 4 hours, for something as simple as it was.

Purple Evo

Barb Rauch

Laraine Schollmann

Treatment at ER went South. They held onto me to have insurance payment for extended ER visit. No ER Dr care, ignored for 5 hours. Totally disappointed in care if Veterans here.

Ronald McDaniel

Not being from the area, we had a hard time trying to find a way to get to the hospital from off the 4 lane from Hornell. There were no signs indicating the hospital exit. I had to use Google maps. On the way back we figured out the quickest way is they eat Corning. Drive thru downtown Corning, past Dunkin donuts and follow the road straight thru to the hospital. Need hospital signs !!!!

Nicole Schock

I am going to deliver here and had to have an ultra sound. The "volunteer" nurse at registration is extremely rude. I tried to say that I have to ask a question because I need to know if I can start my glucose test, get the ultra sound and then finish the blood work for the glucose test because I have to wait an hour In between drinking the drink and having my blood drawn. She refused to answer my question and then made fun of me with the other nurses at the nurses station. I am very sad I am forced to give birth at a hospital that clearly cares so much about their patients. Being seven months pregnant you would think it important to answer my question about blood work but no.

William Scalzo

Good staff . Just over worked at times like most hospitals. People need to realize health is more important to pay for than entertainment. Hollywood sports and music is over rated. Stand up and support your local hospitals.

Marty McGann

Do i have to give it any stars? absolutely the worst hospital experience i have seen or had in 58 years!!!!!came in at 10am and left at 2:45. Almost 5 hours sitting in an uncomfortable wheelchair waiting for some relief from this pain in my knee. the people up front were nice and the x ray lady was nice..but that was about the extent of it. never even seen a doctor. but then i dont think anyone ever does anymore. then got sent home and told to take Ibuprofen. wth? i already am taking Ibuprofen that's why i am here! that it was not working and i still cannot move without pain!! and for this i have to pay my insurance company and they pay them? i will pay for the Xray but nothing else and i will call my insurance company to let them know of the scam going on here.

Jonathan Murillo

If I could I give it a negative star by far the slowest staff and doctors been waiting to be seee by a doctor for 2 hrs and then I asked how much longer it would be and the response was he will get to u as soon as he can this play does not feel like they care for there patient at all this hospital will be my last resort if at all

Ryan Simmons

Sweetums Bakery

I thought the staff in the ER was phenomenal. I had to rush my wife to the hospital after she went into anaphylactic shock. Upon our arrival, my wife was within seconds of losing all capability to breathe. The staff rushed her into a room and started working on her immediately. Dr. Gabriel Garcia-Ryan, all of the nurses, and the respiratory therapist were all so wonderful. I truly thank you for saving her life.

Shayna Alkema

Danny Belcer

This place was awesome! I slipped in a gas station parking lot and scraped my knee open. Went to the emergency department and thought I needed stiches and didn't. She rubbed some foamy cream on it, put me in a small cast and I was out.

Binwei Zhang

Nice nurse and bad doctor!

Dale Wright

Having some of the vey worst pain of my entire life the past few days, so I go to the guthrie walk-in clinic yesterday. P.A. tells me he thinks it's sinusitis, puts me on antibiotics, says if the pain doesn't improve or gets worse to go to the ER, even though they're the worst he has ever seen, calls them worthless and says he wouldn't send his worst enemy there. Waking up today in more pain than I could deal with, I go to the ER where they tell me that PA "is an idiot and only sent me to the emergency room because he doesn't know what he's doing". Says there's nothing they can do. Moral of the story, Guthrie is terrible. Everywhere.

Lora F.

Worst place ever to be seen! My fiance has been in excruciating pain with his back for two days. He's been here for 4 hours already waiting on an MRI. No one is in any hurry to help him with his pain level. I'm pretty sure they think he's a drug seeker. Oh, and he's been in recovery for going on 7 years! Absolutely not a drug seeker!!

Ken Driesbaugh

I had gallbladder surgery there 4 months ago. I have not been right since. I've been dizzy with neurological issues since. Surgery supposedly went perfectly. No follow up care from them. They only told me to go see my PCP. I've never spoke to the doctor after the surgery. Not even immediately after surgery. I was extremely healthy before surgery. I had no health issues before surgery. All started immediately after waking up from gallbladder removal. This hospital ruined my life. I feel like they were all nilly-willy and screwed something up with anesthesia and/or mechanical aspiration. I've been to see all kinds of doctors, none can give me answers, only some type of trauma to the brain from anesthesia. And that's just a guess. Never go here.

John Kinney

This place sucks its the worst place I have ever ben I came in 2 hours ago with a blood sugar over 480 and still having been seen but if u come In with a common cold u will be seen sooner the doctor (Randy) that is here ride and negative with to other people (patients) here this evening just a horrible place would not recommend to anyone

Jennifer Stewart

This place is a joke, unpleasant visit for sure! Staff acted like it was a huge waste of time and was treated as if I had made it all up, couldn't wait to get me out of there! Nurse stood and watched and never even assisted when I was in pain! Will not go back if can be avoided!

Merissa Butler

Randy Carl

They are really crappy at there job. Why would you allow a 15 month old little time. Wait of an hour to be seen by a doctor. When we left the house he had 104.8 temp. My opinion drive to Elmira or Wellsville . Not a place I would recommend

matthew nosar

Staff is friendly. They have done nothing for my friend who is in intense pain. They didnt check to make sure they had the tools for my ACL reconstruction. Didn't tell me they didn't have them until I as in the gown with IV in ready to go into surgery. If there was a 0 star option I would choose that.

Taylor Blanchard

Aleasha Hall

george felt

Faith Bogdan

Not a trauma center! I came to the ER with a fractured vertebra, not aware that this hospital is not equipped to handle this type of trauma. Rather than send me straight to the Packer, where I eventually ended up, I went through a grueling, wasted 6 hours in the ER, where Dr. Oakley forced me to get up and walk to the restroom before seeing the results of my CT scan, revealing a burst L1 (I had requested a bed pan). I still can't wrap my mind around a doctor making a back injury patient get up and walk; it is basic, common knowledge that you leave a back injury patient horizontal until you know what's wrong. The traveling nurse who was on duty also insisted I could walk. The staff of this ER don't seem to be educated in the basics of back injury. Also, they seemed to be understaffed as we waited for a total of 6 hours just for CT scan and results. Again, NOT A TRAUMA CENTER.

R Mahosky

Robert Conkin

Over 5 hour wait. Go else where. It is so dumb to leave someone so long in the waiting room and in the room. For just an X-ray. Will never go there again. Way too much to ask of anyone in pain with no ice or pain meds or anything.

No One

Went in with the flu and in need of my thyroid meds refused to do anything about my thyroid or do blood for it gave me all i needed for the flu and sent me on my way i guess if you have multiple issues your have to walk out and back in to pay another visit will not be going back there

Heather Weigel

On birth floor, with my sister, if you are not a patient they are just rude. I had asked if there was another recliner for the room sense I was going to be there for the birth of my niece and needed a place to sleep....i was told no, one chair per room and that if I needed to "kick my feet up and relax" to go to the waiting room. I dislike this hospital!

Howard Simmons

I went into the hospital in a wheelchair and after non medical treatment. I was sent home but i still couldn't stand. Corning hospital answer was,"we don't help you after your discharged from the hospital. " so I had to crawl out of the hospital to my car, while two new York state police waiched me leave. No help from anyone. Worst hospital ever, I will never go back to that hospital again and i will tell anyone willing to listen not to ues Corning hospital, unless you want to get no treatment at all.

Blake Lee

Clean and modern, have always had good experiences with the staff.

luvgolfknit 1

I recently was a patient at Guthrie Corning to have a total hip replacement. I couldn't have had better care from pre-admission to being discharged. Dr. David Austin, Kimberly Ryan and team in the operating room were professional. The nurses,PT and all the people who took care of me, thank you.

Ben Wilson


ER department is a joke. Went in for lower abdominal pain which I had had for over a week, waited an hour before anyone even came into the room while listening to the doctor and nurses watch videos and laugh at the nurses station and then finally see a phlebotomist BEFORE the doctor ever came in. I could understand if they were busy with someone more serious than me, but obviously was not the case. The doctor made me feel like a nuisance (I've encountered this doctor before and didn't like her then, 5 years ago, didn't like her this time and can't believe she is still allowed to practice) after being there for 3 hours, was told "it's a stomach bug, clear liquid diet" and the doctor leaving the room without asking me if I had any other questions. Followed up with a family doctor who was certain is my reproductive system, not a "bug" at all. Save your time and money and go somewhere with more competent individuals who take pride in their title.

Jon Pitman

Incredible staff in the birth place. Great doctors and attentive, competent, informed nurses! Great experience with our 3rd baby!

David Embury

Here we sit. Wife lost breath. Taken by ambulance. People just sit around. Been here before and they were great. That was on days. Third shift doesn't give the proper care. They don't have any sense of urgency. So my advice is during the day Guthrie is the best. During the night go to arnot.

chris russell

Every time I come here bad hospitality. Like now i have my girlfriend here and i can't even sit in a comfortable chair. They should atleast be able to give you that since you are gonna wait to hours for a dr to even wave hello. It's real sad id rather go to schuyler county hospital. You should hear what we say about that place.

Tiffany SP

Took them two hours just to get a doc in the room to look at my one year old burned finger tips from him reaching out and touching a hot pan. Two hours for a parent with a toddler can feel like a lifetime when they are hurting. Are they short staffed or something? Why would it take two hours to come look at the burn, cream it, wrap it and prescribe the cream to heal it.


i was born there on august 3 2003

Melissa Troutman

Elizabeth Payne

Great Polaris

Waited over 3 hours for my sick girlfriend who passed out to be seen and healthier people went ahead of us

Megan Barth

The doctors and nurses in the birthing place were great when I had my son in July. That is the only reason they are receiving 2 stars. I received a bill from them 2 months ago after paying what we thought was all of the charges from delivering my son. It turns out, Guthrie's billing department was negligent in sending some requested information to my insurance company to process a claim back in August. The insurance company denied the claim, stating they weren't paying and it wasn't my responsibility to pay until the claim was processed with all of the correct information. After months of Guthrie not sending the information to insurance, they decided they should send me the bill. Thankfully, I have a little background in medical billing. I know it is illegal (and completely unethical) to bill a patient for a charge that insurance has deemed not the patient's responsibility. The day I received the bill, I spoke with a rude lady in the business office. She stated the bill would be sent to review. I hear nothing for a month until I receive another bill. I call the business office again. The bill has not been reviewed yet so I decided to call my insurance. They placed me on hold, called Guthrie to formally ask for the information again, reminding them the bill is not my responsibility at this point. Fast forward to now (about 2 weeks later), the charge is still on my account, Guthrie still hasn't sent the requested information and I'm unhappy. I called again and after speaking very firmly with a supervisor about the illegality of the charge on my account, they are finally taking steps to settle the claim with my insurance and my account now reflects that I currently owe nothing. I highly encourage every patient to compare your bills with your explanation of benefits from your insurance before blindly paying Guthrie a penny. They are obviously more interested in getting paid than making sure it is done the legal and correct way.


Joseph Clayberger

Scott thomas

Nicole Frawley

I came in with chest pain and shortness of breath and have been waiting in the waiting room for over 2 hours now. My doctor sent me here worried about a pulmonary embolism. Nurse that did triage acted like she didn't care at all and I was just being dramatic. I know I'll be driving to arnot from now on. IRA Davenport is better than this place. Sad. It used to be the best around.

Rob Willosn

Waiting room is full with people whom have been waiting for hours. Iv been wait an hour and haven’t even be check in. Thinking I should’ve just went to other hospital.

notjack McBrayer1

trying to get help, I am in severe pain in my abdomen and they told me not to bother to show up and hung up on me, because I told them VA has been working with me.

Crystal Chaffee

I have mixed feelings on the hospital. I have had good experiences and bad. I myself have been seen in the ER twice at the new location and once was an ok experience and the other one was insulting. The birthplace is nice. If I have a serious medical issue this wouldn't be my first choice for care.

Clinton Simmons

Danielle Klem

Robert Vanderpool

Need to get your guys stuff straighten out. U guys are worst then arnot

Hilary Castel

I've experienced excellent care

The truth Will set you free

Gregg Lantz

The people here seem to want to help but they don't appear to get along with each other. As long as they don't get along they will continue to undermine each other and patients will pay a price. Took my son here for a skull X-ray after an epileptic seizure. It took them three hours to stop arguing over requesting CT scan or an X-ray. Then they wanted to fix his epilepsy. He has neurologist's for that. Many people have died from hitting their heads during a seizure and we just needed to know if there was any swelling. Even a call from his neurologist at Strong Memorial did nothing to fix the problem.

Sarah Seager

I was in for 5 days had two surgeries. Staff and doctors were so nice to me.

Pat McSherry

Thank You for saving my life.5/22/17

Eileen Leinemann

Clean and New


I fell asleep on a Friday evening, with the air conditioner blowing on me. By Sunday evening, my breathing was very difficult, and I couldn't hold out till Monday to see my Dr., so my wife drove me to the ER. It felt like I had pneumonia, since I'd had it a couple times before. I saw the ER Dr. in a fairly timely manner (of course, since I had difficulty breathing). I told him what I felt I had. X-rays were taken, and because my pneumonia had developed so quickly, the x-rays didn't show hardly anything, and no one thought to think, outside the box, that (being a retired RN myself), I might actually know what I was talking about! So procedure was followed, and I was admitted, put on IV fluids, and given IV antibiotics for what they thought was a blood infection. In the mean time I had a hard a very hard time trying to breathe, and was coughing, coughing, and more coughing, badly! I really suffered needlessly for days, and was given some relief, when given some morphine, every so often. My blood culture results showed positive for pneumonia, after 3 days of suffering! I was finally put on an IV antibiotic for the pneumonia, and somewhere along the way, I developed acute renal (kidney) failure! I was discharged after 5 days, and later received a $25000 bill!!!

Bryon Decker

Same old 'stab and slab', with a new location.

lawrence hughes

My son presented with acute onset pain...arrived by ambulance at after shows up...proclaims kidney stones...based only on bloodwork. No imaging of any kind. Apparently Guthrie has hired Kreskin to cut down on pesky services.State of New York needs to investigate this place and grind through a complete AUDIT of patient complaints. Maybe actually supplying medical service in a timely fashion...time is now 930pm...Guthrie should know the clock is ticking. So it is now 1030 pm...he is in pain...without food or fluids. And still no imaging. The iv bag is empty and aside from bp measurement no medical staff. Cant confirm diagnosis until imaging. Excuses? We were busy. So busy that an x ray cant get done. So the nurse shows up for pain meds..still no imaging we say...her reply..he is scheduled for ct...scheduled....when asked why it takes so long she gets snippy and says..well other patients came in....well did here we are from on the ground and needing ambulance transport to hospital...45min .tme till imaging and diagnosis confirmation...5 x ray can confirm but we are sitting here for 5 hours

karissa vaughn

Brad Enderle

My father came into the ER he cut half his finger off. He is on blood thinners so went to the emergency room staff and told them. They made his go sit in the waiting room without looking at his finger and said he would have to wait . We sat 30 mins with his finger bleeding and I told the nurse again he was on blood thinners and was bleeding. No one came out to help. So we went to arnot hospital were they got him right in with a sever finger laceration. They couldn't believe they made him wait. They said he would have lost his finger if he would have waited any longer. Worst staff in history and they may be hearing from my lawyer. I give them zero stars too

Heidi Weaver

Only getting a 1 Because 0 isn't an option. Long story short, husband took his son for a broken bone. They knew before he even got there he was coming and what for because another hospital informed them. He waited 4hrs in the waiting room. Then they wouldnt use the xrays from the other hospital and lie it's because of hippa. Yet they wasted 4hrs that he could have been getting them done instead of sitting in the waiting room. Then take 45min to get xrays, spew a bunch of other lies, horrible attitude and just to give him a sling. All they want is insurance money they could care less about patients. From now on I'll drive the extra distance to another hospital.

Jean Harris

I had a severe stomach pain. A small red spot, the size of a dime, appeared immediately after the pain hit. I went to Corning Hospital for treatment. After routine blood work, a CT scan and two morphine doses, I was given the option of staying overnight and be treated for pain or going home with pain medication. The Nurse Practioner told me it was either a gas pain or a muscle spasm. I NEVER saw a doctor. The spot from which the pain radiated from had grown to about 2 inches while I was there. They had looked at it and disregarded it. The next morning I went to Arnot Ogden ER where they actually treated the contagious staph infection on my stomach with an antibiotic and gave me a pain medication that did not make my eyes swell half shut. Corning Hospital ER is literally going to kill someone with their incompetence. This last visit definitely showed me how dangerous it is to go there for treatment. Later I found out from my doctor that Corning Hospital ER stated in my medical record that it was a belly button infection! I showed him a picture of it and he could not believe how Corning Hospital ER had handled it. He held his head and shook it from side to side saying “Oh my God!!”

Pig gamer happy

Do not come here i came for my grandma and she got worst from here

Sara LaPoint


Me and my wife had our 4th child here at corning hospitial and they completly ruined anything and everything that is special about the birthing process and stay. Really wish i would have gone else were as i lost out on a beautiful expierence for the last time in my life please consider anywere else rather than this circus!!!

janie novakowski

The doctor was very nice, but if you have to go potty you are in trouble.

Laura Damian

Phillip McAllister

Abhishek Gupta

Deborah Hager

A. R.

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