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REVIEWS OF Geisinger Orwigsburg IN Pennsylvania

Isaac Crockett

My wife went here because of a sore throat and allergy or cold symptoms which were making her asthma worse. Dr. Tabios stuck a swab into her nose without explaining the purpose of the test, price of the test, or asking her consent. We didn’t hear anything back from that visit until almost 2 months later when we received a bill for the testing without any explanations of the tests. The bill was over $1,500.00. I would not advise anyone to go here or any Geisinger location. I would also warn you that Geisinger insurance will not cover much or any of this kind of treatment. I would still like to know what the testing was for, what the results were, and why it was so expensive. This is not the way to treat people.

Hadi Dastgheib

Great staff and doctors3

B. Berry

My family Dr. definitely cares about my health and is very knowledgeable to help me in any questions based on health and gives me Solutions for my health questions and we'll being. Nurses are also very helpful and understanding.


I had a good experience so far, I like my dr Anita Kozlowski because she is personable and courteous, front desk were friendly in person and on the phone, test results given the next day on the mygeisinger website. Also my doctor returned my call right away when I had a question. So far so good.

Dave Zerbe

Joke place Don't call back at all

Amanda Staller

Takes forever to get checked in.

Lindsay Bast

Can never get an appointment and wait on hold dor HOURS every time I call Switching to another dr after years of putting up with this crap

Lon Chaney

Always really helpful staff, nurses and doctors. Everyone tries to make you feel at ease and do all they can to treat your problem professionally and with a smile. Always a really good experience.

Clayton Minnich

It is nice there. But sometimes you are there a long time. And once they take you to a room. You still are there any where from 45 mins to 1 hr. So make plain to be there a long time.

Erik Searle

The facility is a terrible place. Some people are nice, most are not. They don't care about you as a patient because they are too interested in taking your money. They ignored my insurance twice and made me pay out of pocket. When you try to rectify the situation in a professional manner, you are treated as a child and with a complete rude personality. You are also treated as someone who isn't smart and doesn't know anything about your insurance. Worst doctor I've ever had.

david drake

Ten stars

Stacy Perlaki

Always helpful , short wait times and very professional.

Brian Mannon

If their phone system, web site system and response matched how nice the people there are it would deserve more than 5 stars, Problem is phone system after years is still horrible as is their website. Way too often there's no response to messages that I send and I go to the outbox to check that the message was sent its very disappointing when the people you depend on for your health, your life are for whatever reason not doing their job. A few months back a guy responded named Simone was clueless with what I was requesting even with a clear message and when I called several times they blew it off. A week or so ago it was the same thing. This happened two or more times over the years in situations that were important. One time is one time too many. Ashley The PA is wonderful, Holly at the check in is wonderful, Brenda is wonderful but that's only when you are there for appointments. Everyone there is. The waiting to be seen is typical, sometimes its quick, other times its a bit of a wait but that's cause things happen and they can't rush patients in front of you. The question I ask is. Do I want to deal with a place that can't help out when they are needed most? Answer is no. Its very disappointing. Hearing they are improving their system after all of these years is old. There are better places I'm sure

Ashley Matalavage

Expect a long wait

Heather Stone

Staff and doctors are friendly and helpful but they are never able get you in when your sick.

Brandi Huber


PJ Merritt

Donna D

Call center constantly sends you on a wild goose chase. Prescriptions sent to Express scripts constantly get messed up. Staff are ok...but could be a little friendlier, even if faked. They could also lower their voices when talking about other patients. I have had to give them my insurance information repeatedly to correct what was in their system. And billing....... they NEVER get it right. I am on a payment plan and rather than put new bills directly onto the payment plan they don't. You get separate bills. Then you pay the payment on your plan and get a harassing letter the next month saying your payment is late and you are going to collections. What they do is take the payment and split it up with all of the bills rather than on the payment plan. Otherwise, my doctor, Dr. Gupta, listens to me. I have several chronic sometimes debilitating illnesses and she likes to coordinate with my other specialists so they are all on the same page. If it weren't for her I would be long gone.

Annette Feeley

Joe Tracy

Was told by many friends that this place is very professional.

Fed Up

When talking to some of the nurses there, I have never met such rude and ignorant people. If you hate your job or dealing with the public you are in the wrong business and need to find another job. I am reporting the nurse I dealt with Friday but nothing will probably be done since Geisinger patient services and kindness has gone out the window over the years. This is why I will never go back there again.

Janey Brigida

Been going here for years and the average quality has dropped from a 4/5 to a 1/5. That’s not to say that there aren’t people employed there that make the visit a 5/5 it’s just that the odds of that keep drastically dropping. My three biggest examples of this are DR.DARHUN and the CALL CENTERS/OFFICE CALLS, and ATTITUDE OUTSIDE OF PATIENTS ROOMS The most personal of the complaints is DR.DARHUN. He can change his opinion at a drop of a hat even during a visit. He can be heard audibly sighing when a patient asks a question about what he is saying since he talks very quickly like he is always in a rush, which I can understand partly because he may be busy, but he needs to understand that talking really fast is going to make the patient uncomfortable and confused most times. The speed of his conversations are not the worst part by far that would be his knowledge or sometimes lack of knowledge about prescription drugs that the simplest research in a medical book or on a reliable website could disprove. He seems to try to convince patients that what he says is true and hope they don’t question it or maybe that the patients minds will change how they feel on the prescription if they just believe him. Another problem is how aggressive he is on some general cases/prescriptions/treatments. I understand if each doctors had a personal record of experiences in relation to what prescriptions/treatments work and which ones don’t. But it seems like if you go to him with a pre-existing and what he suggests hasn’t worked for you in the past and he personally doesn’t like what has worked for you then he gets belligerent. It’s strange how sometimes everybody being effected differently by treatments is true but only when it favors his point of view. I could go on, but I have other topics to tackle. The ATTITUDE OUTSIDE OF PATIENTS ROOMS is inexcusable and borderline if not violates HIPAA. This usually is only the case with PAs, DR. TERLINGO, and some of the other staff I don’t often hear this doctors. I understand the purpose of not bringing your personal attitude or bad day into the patients room so acting all sweet and caring is a comforting thing, but these attitudes while between patients rooms is gut wrenching. You will hear PAs and certain doctors loudly sharing information about patients within clear earshot of many other patients. I know the facility isn’t the largest and they may not have the time to make it completely private but they need to learn to control the volume of their voices. And openly screaming “I don’t have time I’m taking a break forget them”. The CALL CENTERS/OFFICE CALLS are horid at least half the time and even the other half of time you may start off thinking you’re getting good treatment but later in the call it gets bad. I’ve had calls where the woman on the line have actually aggressively screamed at me while it was not a loud scream it was a scream. I’ve had insults be heavily implied and sometimes blantantly said to me, I’ve been belittled, given half their attentions, questioned aggressively over subject matters all the medical charts already have, and many more horrible experiences. One of the most recent phone calls ended with the women who was cocky and rude the whole conversation tell me “Then find a new doctors office and stop bothering us” with a half laugh half scoff after it and then she hung up. It isn’t like I call all the time in fact I rarely call anymore or see the doctor unless for a checkup or something simple like a virus as I’ve taken most of my health concerns to better professionals. So, the phone operators have absolutely no right to be so rude and I know I’m not the only one as I have talked with 20+ people just in the past few months that have had the same experience. Additionally the give preferential treatment to people using certain insurances and neglecting the others. I’ve hit my maximum character limit so I can’t add more. But, I could write a book.

Rachael Goetzke


Check in is so slow. All the check in person cares about is her phone, she laughs and says my kids keep texting me. The are bored since school is out

Michael Ferguson

Don't move to the area and need a doctor. They have appointments but only for existing patients. New patients have to wait a minimum of 2 months before they can see you. And they aren't the only one like this...they push everyone to these Urgent Care places because Doctors won't actually see patients anymore.

Samantha Heffner

I have been going to geisinger in Orwigsburg since I was a baby, what's the move their location to this place the check-in staff seem to get very rude and every time I go there there is one lady I refuse to check in with because she's constantly on her cell phone. The last time I was there it took me three phone calls to set up the appointment because the online portal I kept getting in the message from someone saying I should call instead of making it online. it was for my asthma and I couldn't breathe so I consider that urgent and the fact that it took way too many times to make the appointment was very frustrating. I did eventually get a phone call from one amazingly nice nurse who got me in within an hour of the phone call and I wish I knew her name because when I got there she knew who I was and was super sweet to me. I also got a do physician, Alex, and she was very helpful very understanding and easy to talk to. I really hope that the check-in and check-out staff learn to be more carrying and polite to the people coming into the facility. Other than them my experience was very good!!


This facility has only gotten worse since I started being seen here. Wait times are ridiculously long and I have had a whole waiting room clear out before I was seen meanwhile I was one of the first ones to check in while others walked in after me. I will be looking for a different provider. Dr. Tabios is one of the rudest providers I have met in a long time. He is very arrogant and is only worried about if he is behind schedule rushing you out of the appointment and not listening if he is.

Jason Li

Christopher Mataka

I went to see DR Gricoski today. I waited for an hour and a half til i was seen. I could have went to the ER at Geisinger in Danville. I had a temp of 103.5 for 3 days. When I called earlier the nurse called back and was rude. Instead of the doctor seeing me she just called in meds that I was already taking. The nurse then made the appt. and when the doctor came in she was rude and treated like I was a low life person. After telling her everything that was wrong with me she seemed not to understand. I also asked her something different from an injury that I suffered in Iraq. The VA was not treating it right and it was recommended that I talk to my own doctor. After the visit was over I told her I was going to file a complaint against her. She canceled the meds from a war injury I was suffering from for over 10 years. And according to the paperwork I had Blood Work done. I never had any blood work. Going to contact insurance company and let them know. I just want to let everyone including fellow veterans about my experience.

TXO Troll

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