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REVIEWS OF Fox Chase Cancer Center IN Pennsylvania

Angela C

First class cancer center. Appointments always run on time. The staff is wonderful, caring, helpful. There are greeters to help you find your way around. Large waiting areas for family to wait for you. There is a Starbucks kiosk, a gift shop, a cafeteria and a snack shop. They also have weekly vendors with all different kind of items for sale. Wheelchairs are at the doorways of parking lot. The doctors are top notch, for my breast cancer I used dr. Richard Bleicher, he is amazing, I highly recommend him. I also used Dr. Rubin in Gyno. He is amazing as well. This is the place you want to be if you have cancer. Also for family members waiting for you, the cafeteria has very good food


Great facility, amazing physicians. Good and efficient imaging center and lab. Easy scheduling, and overall good communication. The hospital stay is another affair altogether; we mean the facility becomes quite different come 5 PM. It is normally staffed by medical residents after hours, and even on-call specialists are normally fellows (usually 4th or 5th year of residency depending on respective specialty). The 2-patients per room seems an equally outdated practice nowadays; the lack of privacy is not something post-op cancer patients usually look for. Would highly recommend it for all your outpatient needs.

Taylor Brossman

They have taken such amazing care of me it's un believable

Sasha Granger

My family and I would like to say that we love Dr.Sanjay Reddy. I met Dr. Reddy June 2015 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Dr.Reddy performed laparoscopic surgery on July 2016, the surgery was successful and am recovering very well. Dr. Reddy is an extremely great surgent, Dr. Reddy is compassionate, willing to listen to what client has to say, he explains everything to you so you can have a full understanding in your treatment. Dr. Reddy is totally amazing person as well as doctor. We love you Dr. Reddy the Meredith Family 2016

Tatiana Ioshpa

I was today with my client the place is clean the staff is nice. About parking is drama

Richard Kos

I have had a very good experience with the office staff, PA,s, Nurses and doctors especially Dr Chen and his group. From my first interview to my surgery (prostate) and follow-up, all my concerns were addressed and I was put at ease. I travel from Delaware and do not regret firing my Delaware doctor. The facility needs a little updating but I am not looking for a 5 star hotel, I just want the best chance I can get at full recovery and now I am 3 years cancer free, thank you. I do not hesitate to recommend anyone that asks to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center to get evaluated.

Michele Gorski

From my mother - Celeste Gorski Dr. Ridge is a highly talented surgeon at FCCC. He is caring and sensitive to his patients' needs, and always makes sure that they are receiving the best care. Dr. Ridge has performed all three of my surgeries since 2006, and I would not trust my life to any other surgeon. He gives each patient a regimen that is truly designed specifically for them. He is a brilliant man and I feel truly confident in having him as my doctor.

elaine monihan

Compassionate..professional care.

Linda Perez

The staff is really nice and friendly..

Bob Keller

I was a patient at Fox Chase Cancer Hospital for a short period of time. During a routine test at a local x-ray facility, the radiologist noticed a rather large cyst on my left kidney. My local doctor continued to monitor it and it continued to grow and it eventually became as large as the kidney itself!. She referred me to Dr. Robert Uzzo and Dr Uzzo and I agreed to have it removed. Dr. Uzzo and his staff were the best! They were knowlegable, compassionate, and caring. Dr. Uzzo took plenty of time to explain everything about my condition to me as well as the risks involved with surgery. Once in surgery, it was found that there were actually three cysts. Dr. Uzzo removed them laproscopically. After the surgery, Dr Uzzo even took the time to draw a picture for my husband of what he found once he got in there.The good news was that there were no cancer cells, thank God! During my recovery the nurses and Debbie my CNA were wonderful to me. It's unbelievable how nice everyone is. This is definitely the place to go when you are facing a serious illness like cancer. They are all on top of their game and strive for excellence. P.S. I don't know why this posted under my husbands account but this post was posted by Lillian Keller.

Vernell King

Dr Reddy is not only one of the most professional surgeons I have ever met, but he is the most compassionate; as he has a great bedside manner. He performed a reverse colostomy at the same time removed a very large tumor from my friends colon. I know this wasn't an easy job and it took several hours but Dr Reddy completed these 2 extremely challenging and difficult procedures getting the cancer out. No more colostomy bag. Yippee! My friend has a tough road ahead of him as he prepares for a secondary surgery in a different area from one of Dr Reddy's partners, but I am pleased with the surgical procedure performed by Dr Reddy. Oh! I may add that Dr Reddy is easy to speak with, answers your questions direct, no sugar coating; so you know what to expect before and after surgery. This was very helpful. Furthermore, upon my friends first post-op visit we spoke of some difficulty with home care and Dr. Reddy made sure he placed us with the proper people who had it all straightened out before we left the hospital. Dr Reddy goes beyond the call of duty and this is the type of surgeon you want, if needed. Fox Chase should be happy to have such an extremely dedicated, compassionate person, who's a surgeon at the top of his skill. Because of Dr. Reddy my friend is alive and still fighting, allowing us all more time to spend with him. Thank you Dr. Reddy

Mitterway Betty

Love the Dr and the ones who helped make the appointment Very Disappointed with the nurse!

Jim McGroarty

We had to take our 86yr old uncle to visit Fox Chase CC to have a melanoma removed. The entire process involved many different tests and finally surgery. The entire staff at Fox Chase is friendly and very outgoing! We especially want to thank Dr. Sanjay Reddy for his efforts. Fox Chase seems to have the right stuff, when it comes to Cancer treatment! Thanks, Mr. Jim McGroarty

Michelle Talley

My grandfather was a patient of Fox Chase many years ago. He had prostrate cancer, he had surgery and recovered from the surgery. They also gave him a clinical trial of chemotherapy. The clinical trial extended his life an extra year. Even though,, my grandfather passed in 2002, a month after I had my oldest daughter. I will always be grateful for this hospital.

David Mosley

Great cancer center, especially compared to other Philly options. Great location for anyone in the Northeast suburbs. The doctors are first rate. I interacted with some of the younger doctors, and they did very good work on me. They are very well versed on all the newest techniques, and they are actively doing research too. The nursing staff is really great too, much better than some of the other area hospitals. Penn has great staff too, but the location is a challenge coming from the suburbs.

Jack Gullo

You get personal and friendly care at fox chase. I was diagnosed with oral cancer 7 months ago. After surgery in October and following up with radiation and chemotherapy I am cancer free. I hesitate to name the great people I have met because there are so many I know I can't name them all. Nurse Judy in CRU is a great nurse who treated me with personal and compassionate care. Dr. Galloway, Dr. Bauman, Dr. Lango and Dr. Topham along with there staffs are world class.

Ted Bobroski

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2014. My surgeon, Dr. David Chen, and Fox Chase staff have provided me with excellent care. Aside from getting rid of the cancer, a concern that I had before having the prostatectomy was whether or not I would be incontinent. After the surgery, I was very pleased to find out that it would never be an issue. Dr. Chen makes you feel very comfortable and is thorough in answering your questions.

Some Person

Hospital makes patients pay for their food and for watching TV, and meeting a doctor will take hours after your appointment time.

Herbert Smith

I was diagnosed over a year ago with lymphoma and have received treatment at several different hospitals and clinics. I have had a few different types of chemotherapy and most recently a stem cell transplant. At every facility I felt that the staff went out of their way to make a sincere and genuine connection to my health and my recovery, until I went to Fox Chase. Cancer treatment makes the finite number of minutes we have on this planet very clear, every moment becomes precious.Fox Chase makes it clear that cancer treatment is a financial driver, money is the very first thing they want to discuss. Preserving life and the easing pain and frustration, in my experience, do not seem to be the primary concern. When deciding on where you will be treated I advise you look at the structure of the organization and ask questions. I believe Fox Chase lacks transparency and compassion. While I did meet some excellent nurses and doctors I found that dealing with the totality of the hospital network to be a terrible experience. I pray that you or your loved ones will never have to take on the burdens of cancer, but should that become your reality, may you find a group of medical professionals that understand the weight and want to help you carry the load.

Gerald Smith

My name is Gerald Smith. I came to FOX CHASE CANCER CENTER for a second opinion regarding my prior diagnosis of PROSTATE CANCER! I was assigned Dr. Marc Smaldone, and after meeting with he and his team, I knew in short order that I couldn't have made a better decision. I was enlightened from square one as to all that I would experience. Dr. Smaldone advised me and continues to do so on a personal level, ....more so than I had expected! He's provided me with a cell phone number that enables me to reach him at anytime. His bed side manner is very professional. There was never a time when I felt uncomfortable or out of the loop! Robotic Surgery was one of the things we discussed prior to the procedure. Where we are technologically is impressive, although I know that people in this profession continuously strive to be better. I was admitted for surgery 7/30/2015 and was discharged 7/31/2015. At this point, I'm able to do all of the things I was doing prior to surgery! I'm blessed and extremely grateful. My experience at FOX CHASE CANCER CENTER has been most interesting and enlightening thanks to my surgeon Dr. Marc Smaldone and all of the Professional, Dedicated, and Talented people there! And so in closing I say... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Helen Choy

Dr. Boraas is the best doctor I have ever met. She is extremely patient, willing to listen, and friendly. She communicates well with patient. Not only does she write down the details for me but also draw graphs to make it easy to understand. The nurses and doctors here are very responsive. When I called to ask a question, either a nurse or doctor would call me back within 1 hour. They also keep the appointment time punctual. This is rarely seen in other hospitals in the area. All the staffs, nurses, radiology staffs and surgical team here are friendly, professional and patient.

Kevin Bayley

I had a robotic partial nephrectomy and an umbilical hernia repair on November 19, 2014 at Fox Chase and was very pleased with the quality of care I received. Dr Robert Uzzo is the best in the country (if not the world) in performing the robotic partial nephrectomy, so I really felt that I was in great hands. My surgery took longer than expected because of the difficult location of the tumor. Dr. Uzzo took careful time to ensure the entire tumor was removed and saved as much of the kidney as possible, while keeping the procedure as minimally invasive as possible. Dr Sanjay S. Reddy performed the hernia repair and I can not say enough good things about him. Besides being a great surgeon, he is one of the friendliest and humble men I have ever encountered. He visited me several times every day at the hospital and called me after I was discharged. The nursing staff on 3 North was fabulous. They took such great care of me and educated my wife and me on how to care for myself at home.

Doreen Schild

Everybody is so nice and helpful here!

Larry Risch

This is the place to come if you have head or neck cancer. My oral surgeon recommended it and I am so glad he did. They have a team approach with the Chemotherapy, Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Radiation doctors and Rehab all working together to address your needs. They truly care about you . The nurses and support staff are all wonderful also, the treatment I received while in the hospital was amazing. I highly recommend this hospital.

Michelle Fox

My husband was contacted by Fox Chase after an initial series of test were done by a surgical team, from another affiliation, received an unconclusive biopsy report. Dr. Sanjay Reddy met us on time for an 8am appointment. His promptness was appreciated but from the moment he stepped into the room his calming, kind manor assured my husband and I that we were in very good hands. He left us with his exceptional staff and after blood work, X-rays, consult with an anesthesia specialist, pre-admission nurse and research specialist we were ready for the surgery to follow the following Friday. Dr. Sanjay Reddy, and his team, were a breath of fresh air and supplied the information needed to us in a timely fashion. He is recovering well and upon getting the stiches removed Dr. Sanjay Reddy gave us the great news as he entered the room, it was not cancer. Thank you for an incredible experience. Fox Chase is the BEST!!

Maria Dorsey

I luv my docs at FCCC they really listen to me and they always make sure that my pain level doesn't make me uncomfortable the nursing staff are nice and polite overall I THANK GOD I CHOOSE FCCC GOD BLESS THEM ALL THANKS MJDORSEY

Helene Mullen

On behalf of Helene Mullen's children, we would like to thank and commend Dr Sanjay Reddy on the 2 successful laparoscopic surgeries he performed on our amazing 83 year old mother in July and December 2015. The second surgery was a partial gastrectomy and the removal of a cancerous tumor. She has recovered beautifully from both surgeries and is now cancer free! Dr. Reddy has always been extremely caring and compassionate, qualities that are so comforting yet rare in today's world. Thank you Dr. Reddy!!! Helene(Jr), Marybeth, Sharon, Jacqui,Colleen, Sean, Meghan, Tim, Brendan

Rich Boehme

Unbelievable staff and physicians

Saturnina Rivera

Thank you Dr. Sanjay Reddy, Dr. Smalldone and Dr. Guynseman for making my brother Miguel feel comfortable during this difficult time. Your truly excellent doctors. Everyone who came in contact with Miguel ,were. very caring and professional.

Sorority Stitch

I'm a 52-year old male who had a radical prostatectomy performed by Dr Kutikov and the staff at FCCC. Dr Kutikov was excellent as well as everyone involved in the process: Nurse Lisa who works with Dr Kutikov, the anesthesiologist team at the hospital, as well as the supporting nursing crew. This decision to remove the prostate was confirmed to be an easy and correct one by the professionalism and performance of the FCCC team. Two months in after the surgery and on the way back to full health. Thanks to everyone involved!

Cheryl Dunham

i love foxchase hospital & all medical doctors⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tracy Humphries

My mom was diagnosed with saliva gland cancer and was referred to Fix Chase by her Oral Surgeon. Dr. Ridge and Dr. Galloway have been awesome. All the staff we've met have been extremely compassionate and caring. My mom had a really bad nose bleed after a treatment and the staff was so concerned, and took care of her like she was their family member. They made sure they had her music of choice ready and playing when she arrived to try to made each session pass by with ease. I would recommend Fox Chase to any family with a loved one or individual diagnosed with cancer. My mom had treatments during the winter and the worst blizzards. The staff made sure we weren't traveling in unsafe conditions and even double a couple a sessions so she didn't have to come back. I give Fox Chase


DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES HERE. It's the worst mistake you will take with their care. I have bringing my mother to FCCC for 2-3 years and they have done nothing but milk for money, fill my mother with false hope, and continually degrade her condition to the point where a gallon of milk would pull her to the ground. Her care team consisting of Dr. Jennifer Winn and Zachary Hasse (as well as many others0 has been nothing but a nightmare to work with. The doctors performed breast surgery on my mother bout a year ago as she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer to remove the breasts completely hoping to eliminate the cancer but it failed, and they continued to weaken her with chemo therapy to the point where the surgery could not be completed! Now she has very uncomfortable implants which cause even more pain (Like any one with cancer needs that!) to make matters worse, they are still pushing experimental chemotherapies which have destroyed my mothers body, caused endless vomiting and a quality of life not worth living. On top of all of this, we are from Wilmington Delaware and it takes an hour half just to get there! They know everything about this is wrong but continue to insist on her coming there for treatment. Today Zach finally delivered the news that the end of the road had come and that there was nothing they could do after we refused to let them inject more poison into her body (she was bone weak and they were still pushing Chemo!) and if that wasn't bad enough, Zach delivered this news when no one was available to be there with my mother. Awful. I don't know how these people sleep at night. If you have any regard for your family members well being, their life in general, you will stay far away from this place and these doctors. Please. I'd give no stars if I could.

gerald mayall

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer. Dr. Richard Greenberg immediately put me at ease with his knowledge and professionalism...and his wry wit. His surgical skill saved my life and gave me a lot more time with my wonderful family. His nurse, Pat, has a great manner, and she is very helpful and reassuring. She and Dr. Greenberg are a great team!

Carolyn Fox

I was referred to Fox Chase Cancer Center because of a new procedure to reduce Lymphedema. I am a 20 year breast cancer survivor with lymphedema in my left arm. I was introduced to Dr Eric Chang to see if I was a candidate for the Lymphevenous bypass. (LVBP) procedure. Dr Chang felt I was. I would do several months of continuous massage therapy with Wilma Morgan Hazelwood to reduce my arm as much as possible for the surgery. In Nov. 2014 I had the lymph-to-vein bypass surgery. This microsurgery involves connecting tiny lymph channels to tiny veins to unblock the lymph fluid for a better flow. An overnight hospital stay and I was home having no pain after surgery just needing to curtail activity of my arm for complete healing. I am back to my busy life after one month. I continue to wear a compression garment however now a custom Elvarex Soft Seamless Class 1. I could not be more please with the results. Fox Chase is one of a few facilities to offer this procedure nationwide. How lucky I was to have Dr. Chang and all the staff at Fox Chase to look after me.

Laura Dougherty

Going through cancer is not easy and they make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Highly recommend Fox Chase Cancer center, especially the Head and Neck (Dr Lango) and Endocrinology Department (Dr Sharda).

John Yam

This is a beautiful campus. You feel relaxed with the outside garden and trees. The staff is so friendly. All of this helps with patient well being and recovery. The system for informing the patient's family with update works great. There is also a quite period to promote patient healing. This is a great model for patient care.

Debra Zschunke

My dermatologist sent me to Dr Sanjay Reddy for removal of a malignant melanoma. Everyone at Fox Chase was helpful and courteous. I felt confident after my initial visit that everything would go smoothly, and it did. Dr Reddy and his staff took time to explain everything to me before the surgery and there were no problems afterwards. In fact, my stitches were removed today! I have already scheduled my next appointment. Thank you to everyone at Fox Chase and Dr Reddy in particular.

Helen Warfield

Fox Chase Cancer Center is a caring, efficient facility. I first was there in 1989 for mastectomy by Dr. John Hoffman. Then in 2012 I was dx with bladder cancer & immediately transferred to FCCC, Dr. Viterbo. She did 2 deep biopsies & BCG treatment. When a tumor showed on my CT scan, Dr. Shah did a lobectomy. Their bed patient nursing staff is the Best. All of the staff people are also very courteous & caring. I recommend it highly.

Jan Hanover

I recently moved to the Philadelphia area from New York. For the past 4 years, I was under the care of the Stony Brook Cancer Center. I was concerned 3 months ago when I had a reoccurance of my condition. Who should I see? My GP referred me to a practice in Abington. I found them to be cold and clinical. It took them 2 weeks to contact me with positive biopsy results. They recommended immediate surgery. No other options were discussed. I had an uneasy feeling and wanted to seek another opinion. My previous surgeon from Stony Brook told me to go to Fox Chase. BEST advice I ever received! The first step was being assigned a Nurse Navigator. That person was Carol Cherry . When I explained my concerns and previous negative experience, she said she had just the right fit for my needs. What a great help Carol was in guiding me through the process. I can't say enough about how valuable a service this is to new patients. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have been connected with Dr. Christine Chu for my case. Dr. Chu immediately put me at ease. I truly feel she treats the patient, not just the disease. Her knowledge and expertise were apparent from the start. She took the time to thoroughly explain all of my options and is very accessible. My fear and anxiety have now been replaced with optimism and confidence thanks to Dr. Chu. Cancer touches just about every family, and without hesitation I highly recommend that anyone with that diagnosis, seek your care through Fox Chase.

Ed G

This really is the best cancer hospital in the northeast. All the patients are treated well with the latest in cancer treatments. The medical staff as expected is top notch. But what surprised me was the support staff, everyone down to the volunteers are absolutely amazing. The waiting areas for the family are very comfortable and very clean. Bathrooms are plentiful. Cafeteria is large and has a decent selection of food.

Karen Buzalewski

My husband was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the peritoneum from an unknown primary source. We came to Fox Chase for a second opinion with Dr. Steven Cohen. If the word cancer isn't scary enough, the word metastatic is even more terrifying. From the moment we walked through the doors of Fox Chase, we knew it was a very special place and we were in good hands. Dr. Cohen's professionalism and cheerful disposition put us at ease from the moment we met him. After completing his twelve chemotherapy treatments, we were referred to Dr. Sanjay Reddy for surgery. After extensive testing and counseling by Dr. Reddy, my husband underwent the cytoreduction, peritoneal stripping and HIPEC surgery. Dr. Reddy is a talented, devoted and compassionate surgeon. We never met a surgeon so devoted to his patients and families. He called us frequently at home to keep us updated with test results and returned our phone calls promptly. Dr. Reddy checked on my husband at least two times everyday during his nine day hospital stay, We think the world of Dr. Reddy, and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs surgery. My husband continues to recover from his surgery and is getting stronger each day.

Megan Murray

My Mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in October 2017 at Einstein Hospital, I immediately called Foxchase to schedule an appointment and when we went to the appointment we seen Dr. Treat. He was very kind and very friendly. My mother had already had cancer all over her body before it went into her lung. So when I went to the visits with her, I had always asked where did the cancer start. But I always got the same answer, the doctor always told me it doesn't matter where the cancer started because it's already all over her body. This answer upsets me because I feel like it's our right to know where it started, I feel like it would give me some closure because my grandmother also died from cancer and I could get cancer one day. But other than that, doctor Treat was nothing but kind and he always made us feel comfortable. My mom was put on hospice in February but in the month of March her lung filled up with fluid. I had contacted Foxchase multiple times to try to get her an appointment, to get it drained. It took a lot of phone calls and two weeks to finally get my mom an appointment. We were so hopeful that if she got her lung drained she would be able to breathe better. We were trying to encourage her and make her feel strong. That would be her last appointment. When me, my sister and my dad took her to that appointment, the people that worked in that department we're so rude and disrespectful, my mother was nothing but the kindest person you would ever meet. But at this point of her illness, she was not even able to get up out of her wheelchair. She was so sick. But the women in this department we're unbelievably rude to her and to us. I asked if I could come back with her because I've seen her lung get drain before , and I knew that she wouldn't be able to get out of her wheelchair to get on to the hospital table. They told me no I couldn't come back to help her. So I respected that and sat down in the waiting room with my dad and my sister. I thought they would help her. But when she came out she was very upset. First, they drained her lung while she was in the wheelchair. They were Whispering about her as if she couldn't hear them. The staff was whispering about her saying that she's dying and they don't know why she's here to get her lung drained because it's pointless. She said that the ladies that drained her lung we're very rude to her and talked about her like she wasn't there, like she couldn't hear them. It's a shame that the staff in this department could be so rude and inconsiderate. Even though my mom was so sick, she was still the kindest person to everyone, to the point where right before she died she said thank you to the hospice workers. We were trying to be strong for her and we were trying to be hopeful that if she got her lungs drained, then it would make her feel more comfortable. Even the hospice worker said that it would make her feel more comfortable. So for this department of Foxchase to be so rude and so insensitive to such a kind person to me it's just inhumane. Its cold hearted. My advice to Foxchase is to train your staff better. Since Temple is a learning Hospital and Foxchase is a branch of Temple, you should teach these people not only how to drain a lung, but to be considerate because the people that are coming to this Hospital have a life-threatening disease, most of the time the people that you are treating are going to die. So what would it hurt to be kind and more sensitive to what people are going through? Ask yourself, What if it was you? What if it was you who had cancer? What if it was your life. My mother lost her battle with cancer on April 6th 2018. May she rest in peace, Amen.

Rick B.C.S

All the staff is great, best place to go for a bad situation.

Hank Boyer

I have had two occasions to use FCCC surgeons and facilities and have been highly impressed with the quality of care and degree of professionalism of FCCC. I'd like to commend both Dr. David Chen and Dr. Paul Curcillo two of the very best medical professionals I've ever worked with, head and shoulders above other physicians to whom I've been exposed. You cannot do better than these two or Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Annalisa Curcuru

When I was diagnosed in 2017 with breast cancer I knew I needed a hospital I could trust and feel comfortable with. My second opinion was with fox chase and I immediately felt cared for from the moment I had my first apt. The team of nurses are wonderful! Lori Goldstein was my oncologist who was very reassuring and compassionate. I also met with my surgeon Dr Richard Bleicher that day as well. I was of course overwhelmed and a mess. From the moment he walked through the door I felt comforted and reassured. His words to me were, “this is not a death sentence.” Those words alone gave me confidence that I was choosing the right hospital. Dr. Bleicher was so patience. Took his time talking to me and my family members about what to expect, questions and concerns. His bed side manner was phenomenal. He would go out of his way to stop in and talk to me when I was doing treatment to reassure me. He was there on day one of my treatment, came to a benefit that was thrown for me outside of the hospital, visited me then I was fearful of my surgery during treatment and today at my last treatment he was there to watch me ring the bell! . I couldn’t say enough of how compassionate he is and how great he is at what he does. Not to mention he removed all my cancer and I healed very nicely after the surgery. I trust him and I would absolutely 200% recommend him to anyone needing a surgical oncologist. Overall great hospital!!

Linda Iris Rosen

I was very disappointed recently because I called to become a new patient and I spent quite a lot of time with the lady on the phone who was extremely hard to reach giving her all my information she said she would call me back one week later no call I called them she said oh we don't take your insurance I said g it would have been nice if someone called to tell me that she said yes it would have have a good day

Chas Harris

Best care anywhere

O Schoolfield-Adams

I really went to Fox Chase by accident. I saw a doctor and a plastic surgeon. They both talked with me. However, I was turned off by the scheduling dept. Those women are very rude. A person who needs help do not need to deal with rude insensitive people. My told me not to follow through and I went to another people. Those people need to be trained how to deal with the public before the potential patient gets to see the doctor.

Mary Walter

My husband, Dr. James Walter, is being treated for metastatic prostate cancer by Dr. Matthew Zibelman. He went in around noon for PSA level testing. After a couple of weeks on the new medication, his levels were way down. Dr. Zibelman called to deliver the good news within hours of the blood draw. Thank you Fox chase.

Deborah Pabon

This whole hospital it truly wonderful. From the first phone call for an appointment to hospice care for my dad. We could not have chosen a better hospital to try for his condition. Everything possible has been done. Each issue that arose was attended to immediately. He received excellent care from every person who tried to help. We were never afraid to leave him at nights due to our complete trust in Nursing Staff. “Everyone” is warm, friendly, compassionate. This hospital is immaculate. Our family highly recommends Fox Chase.

Oksana Pechenyak

In 2013, I went to see my primary care doctor about recurring pain in my lower back. After a battery of tests - X-rays, CT scans, MRIs - I was finally diagnosed with cancer. I remembered that moment, because the world lost all its color to me - it turned monochrome. (I am an architect by education, like to draw, paint and take photography, so colors are very important to my perception of the world.) At first I didn't know what to do with myself and I felt defeated. Eventually, though, I collected myself and decided to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center for a second opinion. After some research - asking friends, looking through various websites - I was referred to Dr. Robert Uzzo at FCCC. My very first appointment with Dr. Uzzo gave me renewed hope. Speaking softly and warmly, yet firmly and confidently, he reassured me that I could expect the best care possible and that I needn't worry too much. While initially I had been told that I might need to have my kidney removed, Dr. Uzzo immediately relieved my worries, telling me that it was not necessary. His treatment philosophy, as I've learned since, is to do everything in his power to save the kidney. I come from a family of doctors - my father was a pediatrician and a professor of medicine back in Ukraine, where I come from. He was extremely kind to the children who were his patients, as well as to everybody else he met. When I was a child, I always felt safe and taken care of, because of his doctor's talents. I am not exaggerating when I say that after meeting with Dr. Uzzo, I felt just as safe and taken care of as I had been in my childhood. With his congenial manner, Dr. Uzzo engendered respect and trust. Perhaps I'm embellishing somewhat, but after becoming Dr. Uzzo's patient, I started to see the colors around me once again, and recovered my lost joy in life. I would be remiss if I did not also thank all the terrific people who took care of me both at Dr. Uzzo's office and at the Fox Chase Cancer Center hospital while I underwent and was recovering from the surgery - the entire nursing staff, the anesthesiologist, and all other personnel. They treated me with kindness and compassion, helping cope with the pain after what was a quite serious operation. I have no reservations about recommending anyone diagnosed with cancer to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center in general, and Dr. Uzzo in particular, in case of kidney/urology issues. It's no wonder that FCCC is listed as one of the national cancer treatment centers - the quality of care is outstanding.

Daniella Rosa

I love ❤️ the staff at fox chase cancer center. They took really good care of my grandma over the years with her treatments. She fell in love with Jayson, one of the nursing assistants that always made her smile when he came in. Always made her feel comfortable. Thank you!

Elizabeth Carmichael

The hospital is kept clean, and well maintained. Signs are good, not perfect, but good. Staff is pleasant and helpful.

Todd Murray

They cured my double lung cancer

Russ Walsh

My care was outstanding. I am now three years cancer free thanks to the work of Dr. David Chen and his staff at Fox Chase.

Claire Haux

After I was diagnosed with kidney cancer I was told the best place to go for a second opinion was Fox Chase. I saw Dr. David Chen and immediately knew this was the place and the doctor I wanted to do my surgery. He is a very caring and compassionate individual. The procedure was uneventful and my recovery was swift. I would recommend Dr. Chen to anyone looking for a doctor outstanding in this field of kidney cancer surgery.

Gerald Moss

I have a family history of prostate cancer and went to see Dr. David Chen after learning that my PSA was elevated. I did some extensive research before deciding upon Fox Chase and Dr. Chen. I called Dr. Chen's office and was surprised and pleased I was able to be seen in within 2 weeks. Dr. Chen was (and is) terrific; as were all of his associates I saw the first day. Given my history and the rate of PSA rise, Dr. Chen recommended a biopsy; this was performed also within 2 weeks. The results were positive; Dr. Chen even called on a Saturday (72 hrs after the biopsy) with the results, stating that he wanted me to know the outcome sooner rather than later for my own piece of mind. I saw him the following week. He spent almost an hour reviewing and discussing the various treatment options. I had many questions; all were answered in terms that were very understandable. I opted for the robotic prostatectomy, (a procedure which Dr. Chen is expert; he received a glowing recommendation from my second opinion Dr., the head of prostate cancer surgery at University of Chicago) which was done on January 4, 2016. The procedure was "uneventful". Dr. Chen spoke with me following the procedure and reassured me that everything went very well. I would also note that the nursing staff at Fox Chase were outstanding. Very attentive, very professional and very caring. I was only in the hospital for 36 hours, but was able to experience great care from great people. I am now 3 months post op and nearly fully recovered. I am seeing signs of " sexual life" and the urinary incontinence is almost completely gone. Fox Chase is great. Dr. David Chen, his fellow Benjamin and nurse Sue are all wonderful. Strong work by all involved. I recommend this team without reservation

Nancy Campbell

I was referred to Dr. Robert Uzzo after being diagnosed with a left renal mass, and after being informed that the medical facility where the surgery was initially scheduled was unequipped to handle my surgery because the tumor was very close to the pancreas. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Uzzo's expert knowledge and confidence that he could perform this surgery for me. For the first time in months, I was so happy to know that I would be taken care of. Of course the operation was very successful and Dr. Uzzo saved 80 percent of my kidney. It has been three weeks since the surgery and I am feeling great. Thank you to Dr. Uzzo and his remarkable staff for their warmth and expert care throughout this difficult time for me.

Chris Kreider

I received exceptional care from Dr. Esnaola and his team. I was very fortunate to have such a skilled team of doctors and nurses help me through my two liver resections to remove my liver cancer. I was not the easiest person to do deal with going through my issues, but the care and support I received was top notch. I highly recommend Fox Chase

Michael Feeney

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer following a biopsy performed by Dr David Chen. After considering all options,I had my prostate removed in January. The surgery, again performed by Dr Chen, was minimally invasive and could not have gone better. I only spent one night in the hospital, the pain was minor and there were no complications. Dr Chen and his staff were excellent. In addition to being highly competent and professional, they were all very pleasant and caring and did all they could to help me through a stressful experience. The same was true of the all the nurses and staff that I had contact with at Fox Chase. I would highly recommend Dr Chen, his staff and the entire staff of Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Joel Aronson

Best cancer care anywhere! Doctors are world class best and nursing care is more awesome than I can even put into words. Their greatness is beyond my ability to put into words! Love and kudos to the 2nd floor nursing staff, each and every one of them have my eternal and undying gratitude. Thank you all ladies and gents, one and all!

Sonia Estevez

I took my mother here in 2009 for her cancer & they turned her away..she passed away later that same year. FYI: She had great insurance, they just didn't want to assist her with the kind of cancer she had. Shame on them!

John Bogart

My recent bout with prostate cancer was met head on by Dr. David Chen of Fox Chase Cancer Center. His team of doctors at FCCC were knowledgeable, kind, caring and honest. I had no complications from the surgery or recovery. My procedure went better then I could have imagined. I would recommend Dr. Chen and Fox Chase Cancer Center to anyone going through this difficult time.

Daneen Bettner

I just started a job here and I love it. Knowing that I am helping people is the best feeling.

Jim Lenhard

The nursing staff is outstanding!

Kimberly Wilson

Great gyn onc team!

Rita C.

The team at Fox was EXCELLENT! Prior to removing my gall bladder, Dr Nestor Esnaola made certain that my other issue, pancreatic cysts, was thoroughly examined. Dr. Esnaola left no stone unturned, ordering genetic testing as well. Dr. Heller preformed a pancreatic EUS, and as promised, phoned me by the end of the week with my results. Dr Heller answered my questions and made me feel at ease. Dr. Esnaola also phoned to reiterate the results, and to discuss the next step. The nurses, genetic team (Susan Montgomery), staff (Rose - Dr. Esnaola's secretary), and front desk staff went above and beyond. Thank you Dr. Esnaola for making me feel healthy once again, and for giving me back control of my health!

S. Colossi

When diagnosed with kidney cancer, I sought a second opinion and without so much as a few seconds passing, the oncologist I spoke with recommended Dr. Robert Uzzo. I couldn't have been in better hands. Not only is Dr. Uzzo highly regarded by other doctors in the medical community outside of Pennsylvania, he is top-notch surgeon, compassionate, and most importantly, helped to save my kidney. His team is extremely capable and equally compassionate, and thoroughly explained the post-surgical care and follow up I would receive. The doctors and nurses at Fox Chase are wonderful, and saw to it that I was comfortable following my surgery. Even during the surgery, my family was frequently updated as to how things were progressing during the operation. It has been well over a year now since I first came to Fox Chase and met with Dr. Uzzo, and I continue to be grateful that I chose him and his team, and highly recommend them.

Brett P

What a great place! I go there for Speech Therapy due to Dysphonia (not cancer). Thank you for all you do for those in need! A+++

Edie Elkan

I took my 90 year old sister-in-law, who had never had a colonoscopy, to Dr. Minhhuyen Nguyen to whom I've been going for many years. Dr. Nguyen performed the procedure and found colon cancer. Even after taking into account my sister-in-law's age, Dr. Nguyen recommended surgery and referred us to Dr. Sanjay Reddy. From our first appointment with Dr. Reddy, we knew he possessed the absolute right combination of talents and abilities--not only did he have surgical experience and expertise, he was compassionate--explaining everything clearly and kindly to my sister-in-law and letting us know that even considering her age, he too recommended surgery. He also promised that he would be in to see my sister-in-law every day of her hospitalization, including weekends and holidays. It turned out that she was operated on over the Memorial Day weekend, and Dr. Reddy was true to his word--he visited my sister-in-law every day--some days, twice a day. And it turned out that her surgery was a huge success--Dr. Reddy was able to perform it laparoscopically and further, assured us that he'd been able to remove all the cancer so that neither chemo nor radiation would be in order. I must say as well that FCCC's nursing staff was just amazing--responsive, caring, compassionate. I enthusiastically highly recommend both Drs. Nguyen and Reddy--they are top-notch and the hospital's staff too are truly exceptional.

Sandra Smith

My husband Wyman was treated at Fox Chase for prostate cancer. He was treated wonderfully and has had good results. This is a great place. Dr. David Chen was his Surgeon assisted by a great staff of doctors and nurses who really care about their patients.

New Oddly Satisfying

Horrible hospital my wife went to see if she had something growing in the throat. Took her 15 minutes and got charged $5789.00 for that test ...this is outrageous... The doctor only looked into her throat to make sure there is no cancer and got changed with this much money...I rather die with cancer than coming back to this place ....horrible real sad ...I do not know where to take her if she ever get and actual cancer I have to come up some money ...

Carol Etlen

Dr. Sharda is a fantastic doctor! He fully engages his patient in understanding every step of the way from his examination to the plan of care. He is very detailed oriented and demonstrates extreme care. I highly recommend Dr. Sharda

Jeff Smith

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and turned to Dr. David Chen at Fox Chase for treatment. Dr. Chen performed robotic surgery to remove my prostate in September 2014. I could not have been more pleased with the results of both the surgery and all follow-up visits. All of the care givers with whom I have come in contact at Fox Chase have been professional and genuinely concerned for my well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Chen and his organization.

Randy Kersey

Bottom a result of her treatment my wife suffered years of hospitalization then death.

Jerry Herrmann

I am the biggest coward when it comes to the doctors or hospitals. A Cancer center? Oh man, this the sum of all my fears! The folks at Fox Chase Center are really amazing. From when I waked in and one of the volunteers greeted and assisted me to the front desk to the Fellow that first saw me to the excellent care of Dr. Farma. He made me feel very comfortable but was also very thorough as well. I cannot express my appreciation for the care I received from Dr. Farma and his team. Thank you Fox Chase!

reythmband .

My entire surgical experience with Dr. David Chen at Fox Chase on May 1st was a very positive one. Dr. Chen was very attentive to my medical issue and my concerns and always took time to explain his diagnosis and procedural plan with my wife and me. The results have been successful and we feel very grateful to have had this skilled doctor for my surgeon!

Scott Hackman

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in early April this year. Although I had a good experience with my local Doctors in Chester County two of my friends recommended I visit Fox Chase Cancer Center and especially recommended Dr. Alexander Kutikov. My wife and I met with Dr. Kutikov in early May and we both were impressed with his bed side manors, his knowledge and the overall way we were treated at Fox Chase on our initial visit. I was so comfortable and impressed with my initial experience I decided to move forward with Fox Chase knowing at the time my insurance might not cover my procedure and it could possibly be out of pocket. Turned out my insurance did cover my procedure since Fox Chase formed a joint venture with Temple. My experience going through the operation and post opt have been fantastic, I was only in the hospital overnight and was coached on what to expect and left knowing that they would be available 24-7 should I have questions or problems. My operation was on a Friday and I was amazed that Dr. Kutikov himself called me at home Sunday to check on my status. My recovery was extremely fast even though the pathology report came back with a greater amount and more aggressive cancer than originally diagnosed. Two weeks after my operation I was able to resume work and eased myself back into the full swing of business. Two months after my operation I have been cut loose to do anything I want except ride a bike for a year. At this point my PSA level is undetectable and we will monitor it for the next two years. Having a radical prostatectomy was one of the largest decisions I have made in my later years and I was supported all along by Dr. Kutikov and his staff. My experience was a 10 on a scale of one to 10 and I would go back to Fox Chase in a second should I ever face the big C again.

Ryan O'Neill-Moon

I had a bit of a health scare when a chest xray discovered a 1cm lung nodule. I work at Fox Chase, so I knew already that I was in good hands, but it was quite an experience being on "the other side." From the second I was put in touch with a nurse navigator for the lung cancer program, I knew I made a good choice in coming here. They led me through all the steps and helped me make some decisions I needed to make. I ended up seeing Dr. Manley who reviewed some tests with me, and thankfully the nodule turned out to almost certainly be nothing. I have some follow up visits coming up to confirm, but even if it does turn out to be something, I feel like I'm in great hands. I feel proud to work here, and I can see why so many of our patients love Fox Chase!

Carol Ann Eline

Dr. Marcia Borass, you made a huge impact on me and my ability to maneuver through the foggy maze of breast cancer therapies. Your passion, motivation, knowledge, caring, and expertise are totally amazing. Your patience and compassion with my family and our many questions was exemplary. As we devised a plan to defeat this invasive enemy called breast cancer, I could feel my fears starting to subside. I say we, because by giving me choices and respecting my decisions, you made me a part of my recovery process. Your guidance instilled confidence and courage in me. I was blessed to be guided to you and Fox Chase. It is truly a wondrous occurrence when one person can touch another person and their family's lives in such a positive way. My life was literally in your hands. Thank you for handing my life back to me. I will never forget you. The entire health care team at Fox Chase offered me encouragement and kindness throughout my journey. My recovery team was comprised of outstanding human beings that provided me with extraordinary care. My utmost respect goes out to you all.

Stephen Osborne

Very professional, courteous staff. Excellent care and attention.

Adam Donkus

Visited a friend who had an operation. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Parking was easy to find, but driving in the parking deck is a bit confusing.

Pennee Marlene

A heart felt thank you to all of the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at FCCC, from Dr. Von Mehran and Eric Tetzlaff to Drs. Farma, Vitterbo, and Anderson. I appreciate everything you did for me! Although I could write a glowing paragraph on each of you, today I am writing about Dr. Sanjay Reddy. I met Dr. Reddy while recovering from surgery in July 2013. My husband I were immediately impressed by his big smile and friendly attitude. He was so compassionate and concerned. He offered to help us in any way he could and even gave us his email address if we needed his help in the future. Even today, almost two years later, he still stops me at FCCC when he sees me and asks me about my health and offers his assistance if needed. I am sure Dr. Reddy is a wonderful doctor, but I also consider him to be a friend. Thank you Dr. Reddy and all the wonderful Doctors who make up my team.

Darryl Maggie Hall

After an initial diagnosis of cancer at another hospital and the frustration in trying to follow up with treatment after being released, my husband went to Dr. Sanjay Reddy who had reviewed his case prior to the appointment. He took charge of my husband's case and set up a treatment plan that was thorough and gave us peace of mind needed to face the challenges of his treatment. Everyone who has been involved with my husband's care at Fox Chase has been wonderful and have been very helpful in getting him the treatment he needs. We are thankful for their care and concern.

elizabeth giordano

I too was diagnosed with a melanoma on my forearm. I met with Dr. Sanjay Reddy in the beginning of May to discuss treatment. As with the other review . . . Dr. Reddy took the time to thoroughly explain the nature of my cancer and the recommended treatment. It is now the beginning of June and I am cancer free. Dr. Reddy is a very impressive doctor and person. I thank him for all that he has done and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an extremely competent doctor.

Anne Taylor

The front office and especially the nurses Sue and Lisa are outstanding! Dr Chen is great both as a doctor and as a communicator-- always encouraging and willing to explain and answer questions. I've been coming there so long everyone treats me as an old friend.

Jeffrey Filko

When my kidney cancer came back, I wanted another opinion. I was referred to Dr. Robert Uzzo at Fox-Chase. I could not have been in better hands. My operation was complex due to previous treatments, but Dr. Uzzo was able to save most of my kidney, removing the tumor and surrounding scar tissues. The hospital facility is very nice and almost every single staff person we met was beyond friendly and helpful, seeking out contact with us. If we stood still for too long anywhere, someone approached us and asked if we needed help, or directions. It's like Disney runs the place! The food is so-so, run by Sodexho, and tastes institutional, and not the good kind of institutional. It was nice though that there were no set meal periods, I could pick up the phone from 7 am to 6 pm and order anything I was permitted to on my special menu. But the rest of the facility is top notch. Nurses are compassionate, and genuinely cared about my recovery ,and my family while they were visiting. Not fun to be in the hospital for 5 days, but my pain and comfort were managed as well as could be expected.

Donna Long

Hi I just wanted to say how wonderful the nurses in the infusion room are.They were great caregivers. :)

sean kelly

Couldn't have been happier with the treatment my wife has received from the doctors and nurses at Fox Chase, as well as the helpfulness of support staff. 5 stars all the way... My only complaints begin with the disturbingly unwelcoming reception area while awaiting chemo. Stained furniture...stained rug sections...unacceptable in an environment where patients have compromised immune systems. One younger chemo patient said to us that she was afraid to sit on the chairs that had discolorations, from Lord knows what, all over them. (By the way, this is NOT a negative comment about the cleaning crew; it's a byproduct of the material used in the furniture) The other issue is the sometimes distressingly long wait in this area; appt. times seem to mean very little. Note: I'm sitting in Abington Hospital's waiting area, which prompted this comment. Clean....comfortable...attractive...the way it should be. The pre-op areas even have murals on the wall...

Wayne Moore

I have been a patient of Dr. Chen's since 2015, when he operated on me for prostate cancer. Dr. Chen has been very involved in my care, encourages your questions and answers them in a professional and caring manner. He maintains an open dialogue - I have been able to call Dr. Chen and ask questions during my recovery and have found him to be most patient and available. During my post surgery visits, Dr. Chen continues to be open, frank and provides options to any topic discussed and I have never felt rushed during office visits.

Ryan Cywinski

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. After meeting with the Doctor from our area, he wanted to do a double masectomy. After meeting with the plastic surgeon in our area, we knew that we needed a second opinion. We've heard good things about FCCC through friends and research. We also had a friend recommend Dr. Bleicher. My wife spoke with his nurse navigator, Megan for quite a long time via phone. She answered a lot of our questions, but deferred some to the Doctor. Megan did an excellent job of putting my wife's mind at ease. A week later we were scheduled to meet Dr. Bleicher at FCCC. First impressions of the hospital was that it was big. Upon arrival, we were met in a friendly and compassionate manner by the admissions receptionist. Once checked in, a gentleman by the name of John escorted us to the women's center where we were to meet Dr. Bleicher. John was also very friendly. The hospital appeared to be very clean and well organized and efficiently run. We didn't have to wait long to register and once at the Women's center, we were quickly greeted by the receptionist, followed by Dr. Bleicher's Nurse. She was also very compassionate and friendly. Before arriving, we viewed Dr. Bleicher's profile on the FCCC website as well as his video. My wife found his video to be very calming to her. Our first impression of Dr. Bleicher was that he was very professional, compassionate and extremely intelligent. His positive words and confidence in himself, his team and the FCCC were truly a relaxing, calming blessing. Dr. Bleicher told my wife that his recommendation is a lumpectomy followed by some type of oncology treatment (to be determined following the results of the tumor and lymph node biopsies). He also told her that he is not going to do anything that is not medically necessary or which will not improve her quality of life. He said that his goal is to only have to operate on someone once. He fully explained and detailed the procedure to us. After explaining all of the statistical chances of re-occurrence, his positive outlook with this course of action and of course his compassion for my wife; she felt totally 100% comfortable with him and with FCCC. We booked the lumpectomy for the following week. She needed an up to date mammogram, so Dr. Bleicher's team got her in within minutes, since we came from 2 hours away. My wife also told Dr. Bleicher that she liked his video, and he got a big smile from ear to ear. My wife said that's when she felt a true connection with him. The following week, we came in for pre-op testing. The entire staff from the secretaries to the phlebotomist, anesthesiologist, Dr. Rainey from the genetics team were all very comforting and a complete pleasure to deal with. The day of my wife's surgery, again, everyone was fabulous. She was running a fever, so they didn't know if they were going to do the surgery, but after a blood test and waiting about an hour, Dr. Bleicher said everything looked good and he was going to be able to do the surgery. Everyone was so very patient and understanding! He stopped in pre-op to speak with us and then when he was done, he spoke with me privately and explained everything in detail and was very happy with the results of the surgery. He reassured me of a very positive outlook. The waiting room facility was very nice, comforting and inviting and the volunteer secretary was very nice and compassionate. I finally got to see my wife in post-op recovery. The nurses kept coming over very regularly to check on her. My wife did get nauseous from the anesthesia and dye. I called the nurse for a bag or bucket and within a second or two, she had 3 or 4 nurses and the attending doctor rush to her bed side to ensure her safety and comfort and to provide some anti-nausea medication. I couldn't believe how attentive, comforting and patient they were. It's like something you only see on TV. We go back next week for the follow up, pathology results and then the following week, meet with the oncologists. FCCC definitely hit a home run with us!

David Heinaman

I've been a patient at Fox Chase for four years. I have had numerous tests, major surgery, and a year of chemo. During this time I have come into contact with many staff members at all levels. Given that no organization is perfect, being composed of real people, the level of care by every measure I can think of has been absolutely excellent. The one or two instances of having less-than-stellar experiences were the exceptions that proved the rule. My doctors have included Dr Kutikov, Dr Millenson, and Dr Wong. All awesome. My nurse practitioner Sue Roethke exudes competence and compassion. Not to mention the sundry nurses and administrative staff. I thank God for FCCC.

Laura Pepper

My mother was a patient at Fox Chase in March 2016 due to emergency surgery for a repair to her duodenum. Dr. Reddy & Dr. Heller were amazing. They were very compassionate towards her and saw her everyday. I can't say enough about the care she received at Fox Chase. The entire staff that took care of my mother were wonderful, kind, & caring. Thank you ALL.

Bob Frizzle

My wife loved all who helped during her battle, she was treated as family n kept in touch after her passing, God bless all.

Linda Bennett

I Love Fox Chase Cancer Center., The Staff & Dr’s Are Tentative To The Patient Needs & All Are Very Helpful.. I Have Been A Patient For Over 4-Yrs.

Linda Wade

they are so nice here and the doctors really care

Michael DeCicco

You always have cancer in the back of your mind because it impacts so many people, but when it happens to you all of a sudden it takes on a sense of urgency. I was referred to Fox Chase by my local physician and I could not be more thankful for that referral. From my initial visit to my post op visit I have been treated with the utmost respect. I had a robotic partial nephrectomy performed by Dr Alexander Kutikov. I feel honored to be in Dr Kutikov's care and thankful that people like him are so accomplished to fight cancer. My deepest appreciation goes out to everyone at Fox Chase for the level of care that I was given.

doriane s

Well if Fox Chase Cancer Center is a "center of excellence," THANK GOD my loved one did not go for treatment at one of those un-excellent centers of mediocrity. If FCCC holds a higher standard, than I shudder to imagine the disgrace others may encounter along their journeys to wellness. Sure, everyone there is really, really nice. But as Little Red learned in Into the Woods, "nice is different than good". Their hook, line and sinker approach to the patient's initial visit is misleading. The team of medical professionals appear to be a cohesive network all on the same page. An assessment was made. An appointment for surgery was given. Then the appointment was POSTPONED by one week (the doctor says "a few days to a few weeks don't really matter") because there was another surgery scheduled that day. Some tests were done. The assessment was WRONG--the problem was worse than they first assumed. A more complex surgery was rescheduled again (the third appointment). ONE MONTH after the initial appointment, my loved one is finally in the hands of FCCC for major surgery. Not good. My loved one gets sent home with an I.V. still in the arm. Not good. Two lumps of gauze fall out of a wound that were previously causing stabbing pains. Not good. And today, one week after the latest tests, FCCC RESCHEDULES the results appointment TWO HOURS prior to the appointment time. We now get to wait ANOTHER WEEK before getting more answers and, oh, finalizing a treatment plan. Maybe these doctor's are among the nation's finest and only their admin needs major upheaval. Maybe the problem stems from this nation's misguided approach to wellness. Regardless of "who done it", I, as next of kin, find FCCC's mistakes to be unacceptable, offensive and terribly upsetting.

Jane Cartwright



I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Dr. Farma, Dr. Chang, and the team at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Every single person we came in contact with throughout my entire journey was amazing. Drs. Farma and Chang and their team were thorough, answered all our questions, reviewed the options, accessible, and most of all were personable and understanding. They listened to my needs and provided options that other hospitals would not offer. They went above and beyond the call of duty! It truly was a team approach in every sense of the term. My recovery has been far easier than expected and the postoperative results are awesome. I attribute this to the skill and expertise of the team that worked on me. I have already sung their praises to other desmoid tumor patients and would highly refer this team to anyone seeking top notch care for the treatment of their cancer.

Bruce passer

Great Dr. Cancer free 12 years now

T cli

Sorry in advance for the long review... but I feel compelled to mention some of the staff members that helped me. I was diagnosed & treated at FCCC. Now in remission from stage 2B IDC triple positive breast cancer. Thank goodness Dr. Tuite immediately spotted the cancer after my own primary physican doubted it was cancer & didn't think I should have bothered with a mammogram. Be persistent people: get a second opinion. Dr. Tuite first initiated me into the world of cancer. She assured me without promising anything that there was a winnable battle ahead. Nurse Practitioner Tumelty guided me through my treatments. This woman has remarkable patience & dedication. She worked with me despite my constant whining, complaining, and crying. On two occasions she came to the hospital & checked on me & reviewed my lab results for infusion issues on her days off. I wish she was still my oncologist. The entire staff at FCCC was professional, caring, & kind. The hospital is clean and fresh. There were early & late appointments available. However, sometimes there were long waits for your infusions appointments and parking. It's understandable since they're world renowned with an infinite number of people seeking help in such a finite space. Wish they had weekends, shuttle service and valet available but I know that's just the "entitlement" in me talking. Just prepare yourself and your companions to be patient. Michelle in the social department is an absolute star. Very resourceful yound lady. She always came through and cheered me up. She has an honestly realistic & heartwarming insite of the process. Dr. Sigurdson (lumpectomy) and Dr. King (hysterectomy) have amazing surgical teams. They provided me with precise cuts, minimal scaring, and no complications. In both surgeries I recovered and healed well. I would strongly recommend Dr. King for anyone considering a hysterectomy. I have no regrets. She answered every silly question I had thoroughly. Overall, I had a great experience with this hospital. I could be the worst patient at times but they always made me feel like I was getting the best care. Good luck to all!

Kelly B

The care I received at Fox Chase Cancer Center was exceptional! Dr Bergman was such an excellent surgeon that I had a quick and uneventful recovery. Everyone in the GYN department provided the information and direction I needed at every step. I would absolutely recommend FCCC, especially Dr Bergman.

Alex Goldberg

The staff only helps when they feel like it, obtaining paperwork is a hassle, and one of the doctors did a poor quality job. Due to the poor quality surgery, and lies, I will not be getting surgeries there again. I have contacted a lawyer and will have to sue for malpractice. A neurosurgeon, at a different hospital, confirmed that the previous surgeon didn't cut out the entire tumor. Sadly, the quality of care at this facility has drastically decreased. Unless my lawyer states that I need to go back, I will not be coming back to Fox Chase Cancer Center.

joe riehs

I've been a patient at fox chase since late 2008 . Dr Uzzo did a phenomenal job handling my kidney cancer ! Fox chase Dermatology have performed the mohs procedures for my skin cancer and did a incredible job ! You get treated like family from the office staff ,nurses, doctors ! And I consider them family !!!

Regina Ratzlaff

Thank you Dr. Uzzo and Fox Chase! Dr. Uzzo was able to remove a cancerous tumor in my husband's kidney robotically, with minimal kidney loss (only10%). Recovery from this operation was much better than we expected with minimal pain. He is very thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. What an excellent physician - the top in his field! Everyone at the hospital provided wonderful, personal, and timely care as well. This is the place to go -- and Dr. Uzzo is the doctor to see for any urological issues, especially kidney.

big B

I was very disappointed with the care. The surgeon Dr. Kutikov was more concern with using a robot that didn't even help vs regular surgery. The commercial says they offer treatments that no one in the world has access to however the hospital didn't have anything to offer. They made several mistakes when providing my aunt with care. I was very disappointed to see that half of the center was close on the weekend. When i went to see my love one, almost every door was locked. Should of went elsewhere! Please avoid! The center did not even have a doctor on call in the middle of the night. Please avoid at all cost. This place is like stepping into the past. Philadelphia has so much more to offer don't get stuck here.

Lawrence Kronstain

My local urologist diagnosed my kidney cancer and immediately recommended that I go to Dr. Robert Uzzo at Fox Chase for the most capable and most up-to-date facilities and treatment. I followed his recommendation and found Dr. Uzzo to be the absolute best --- in addition to being at the top in his field technically, he is extremely personable, caring, and patient. He performed laproscopic surgery, removing a portion of my kidney, and everything went exactly as he had explained beforehand. There was very little pain and I was only in the hospital for two nights. Pre- and post-operation testing were well-organized and efficient, taking into account that most patients come from a distance. Of course, there were a few areas where the hospital came up a bit short --- the nurses, while caring, capable, and patient, were overburdened due to staffing limitations and often slow to respond; food was so-so; my room temperature was not adjustable and always frigid. These shortcomings, however, are of little significance; what's important is that the Fox Chase surgical team got the job done expertly and I would not hesitate to go there again. And my highest recommendation goes to Dr. Uzzo. Thanks to both FCCC and Dr. Uzzo

Joe Briscoe

Saved my life


I'm a former administrator from a major medical center, so I'm pretty particular about the whole medical experience. My surgeon was Dr. Robert Uzzo (Urology). He has a stellar reputation and did not disappoint. He was terrific. I can honestly say that I've never had a better overall health care experience--ever. And I've had a few. Dr. Uzzo's staff, from his assistant to his office staff, from his Research Fellow, Dr. Mohammed and the PA, Marcel Knotek, were all kind, caring and patient. The hospital nursing staff at Fox Chase Cancer Center Hospital were all wonderful, caring folks. They truly epitomize what nursing should be. And, If I may point out, the facility was very clean. When the patient next to me left, the bed was sanitized thoroughly in short order. In a word, outstanding. I'm exceedingly grateful.

Nilesh Sheth

I have been seeing Dr. Shah @ Fox Chase. Dr. is very good and thorough, however the scheduling department is horrible. I have had three seperate meetings over the last 4 weeks and every time I was given time to report at the office 15 min prior to my appointment time. They take you in the room and let you sit there for an hours before doctor come and see you. in all three meetings I was waitng for doctor for more then an hour just sitting there. The scheduling department need to realize that patient time is just as important as doctors. When I spoke with her scheduling secretary all she said is sorry. Please be considerate of patient time. You have a job because you have patient and if you do not keep them happy they will go elesewhere. There are many choices and soon you would be out of work if you keep ignoring patient.

Monica Banks Miller

Did excellent job with family member

Jamal Green

my mom was being treated here for cancer they messed up on her bloodthinner meds and gave her the wrong dosage and knew one of her assistant doctors inquired about it knew she should have been taking twice aday but never did anything about it she ended up having a massive stroke in multiple parts of her brain she is now in icu fighting for her life please make sure u monitor ur love ones and fo ur own background check and plenty of questions because this type of negligence isn't acceptable and the doctors and hospital need to be held accountable for there actions


My mother will soon be a patient at ths hospital. Dr Sandone is a great doctor.

Anthony Scafidi

The doctors and nurses here are the most caring group you will ever meet. This should be the first and only place you look.

Joel Edelstein

My name is Toni Edelstein. My physician is Dr, Robert Uzzo. When I first met him, I was very nervous and frightened. Dr. Uzzo very patiently explained the type of surgery he would do, and what would be expected. He went into great detail, and periodically stopped to ask if we had any questions. When I woke up from my surgery late in the day, Dr. Uzzo was waiting for me, so he could share the results of the surgery with me. This was after being in surgery from early morning and visiting other patients. He is an extremely caring person, and has a terrific bedside manner - not only in the hospital but also in his office. His phone nurses, the office nurses and the office staff also are very patient and caring. It is a pleasure going to his office for follow-up care. I would highly recommend Dr. Uzzo to anyone. Having dealt with many physicians over the years, Dr. Uzzo is definitely #1 in my book!

Shawn Bauer

I was diagnosed with a Left Adrenal Mass. Not feeling comfortable with direction my local doctor wanted to take I started researching on the web. Fox Chase kept coming up, and had most informative web site for my particular diagnosis. Seeking a second opinion I called, and they set up an appointment. Could not believe how quickly they had got me in to see Dr. Marc Smaldone. I was very impressed in Dr. Smaldone's confidence and how informative he was. So I scheduled surgery to have Mass removed. I cannot say enough about my experience, Marc Smaldone's bedside manor is second to none. He handled my Wife's concerns with great care, and kept her posted continuously while I was in surgery. I was home in a matter of a couple days, and recovered very quickly. The nursing staff at Fox Chase was also very responsive to my needs, they made my stay very comfortable. If I would need any procedures of this nature in the future, without doubt I would call Marc Smaldone.

Susan Holowiak

I am writing this letter to let people know about the amazing staff and facilities at Fox Chase Cancer Center. We have recently moved to New Jersey and this summer I had kidney stones. I went to a local hospital and on a scan they found two suspicious tumors. I was referred to Fox Chase by a local urologist. My wife and I do not know much about the medical facilities in the area so we were pleasantly surprised with Fox Chase. We were introduced to Dr. Kutikov and his staff and immediately felt a sense of confidence and knowledge. My surgery was this past September and I was lucky enough to have two rare but benign tumors that were removed. I remained in the hospital for almost a week following my surgery. The staff at Fox Chase couldn't have been nicer or more efficient. Every problem I had was quickly attended to and always with a smile and a gentle demeanor. Any question I had was explained, answered and reassured. I had two surgeons for my surgery. Dr. Esnaola was the pelvic specialist and I met him separately before the surgery. He walked me through the scan and explained things in great detail. My other surgeon was Dr. Kutikov and I can't say enough good things about this man. My wife and I checked out his credentials before the surgery and he has a superior background. But the best part of Dr. Kutikov was that he treated me with such respect and kindness which made all the difference. I knew I was in skilled hands but I also knew I wasn't just a patient on his surgical docket. The staff before the surgery was attentive and reassuring. The facility itself is beautiful, clean and respectful of the patients family. Looking back on my experience I have nothing but great things to say. If you are looking for a place to go for surgery or for treatment look no farther than Fox Chase Cancer Center. Respectfully, Nick Holowiak

lorry smith

If you or your loved one has cancer stay far away from doctor LAINIE MARTIN at Fox Chase Women Center. She is an incompetent, negligent and self-centered woman who has no knowledge or desire to treat and prolong another woman's life. Lainie Martin will take away your chance to fight your disease and she will simply kill you because she is a cold-hearted individual who has no right to call herself a doctor.

Diane Alba

Never have encountered such positive, caring, professional staff as FC. I can't recommend enough! I you or a loved one is faced with cancer, this is the place to be. I am simply amazed which inspires me to have hope, and an I am going to beat this attitude. God Bless every on staff at FC, including maintaince, coffee shop workers etc. They are all special ♡

Harry Callan

FOX CHASE CANCER CENTER Dr. Farma and Dr. Chen are the best......Period Colon and Prostate respectively in their fields EXPERTS!!!! Thanks Jeff & Dave H Callan

Bill Davis

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and my wife and I researched a lot to find the best Hospital and Surgeon. So we finally decided on Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. We chose Dr. Marc Smaldone as my surgeon. We could not have made a better choice. My hospital stay was just one night. The surgery went great. The cancer was all in the left side of my prostate so Dr. Smaldone saved the entire right nerve bundle and removed all the cancer. He came in late evening post surgery to see how I was doing, after doing operations well into the evening. Poor guy was dead tired. He even called me twice while I was home recovering. 2 weeks after the catheter was removed I was back at the gym working out at around 50 percent my capacity. My wife and I are intimate at least 2 times a week. No erection but that will be normal for months. Also the thing I worried about the most was incontinence. But the day they removed the catheter I was so surprised to find that I had most of my continence. Of course it was because I practiced and practiced my Kegal exercises. Today, 6 weeks post op checkup my psa test showed nothing. I'm getting away with wearing just a thin pad once a day and one at night just in-case. I do have a little leakage once in a while but OMG it's almost nothing. The Staff at FCCC was so kind and caring during my stay with them and continue to be today. Dr. Smaldone is so great. He understood my needs and did everything to meet them. He just seems to be a very caring down to earth guy who took the time to explain everything to me and my wife. I'm very glad we chose him and FCCC. I may not be the norm for recovery from this surgery but I believe that if it weren't for Dr. Smaldone and FCCC the outcome would have been so different. I'm 60 and never in my life thought I would have to go through anything like this. But I can honestly say the experience was so much easier for me because of the support from everyone at FCCC.

Lilly Pearce

Great hospital,my husband had stage four throat cancer and went to Dr John Ridge and he is fifteen years cancer free.Dr Ridge is an excellent doctor and the hospital is great,everything about it.

Evonda Todd

I wouldn't go anywhere else but Fox Chase Cancer Center. They're the best for Cancer Treatment & Care. The staff at FCCC treats me like family. Thanks FCCC I Love you guys...

Pamela Hampton

I contacted them for a second opinion for Triple negative breast cancer but canceled appt. a few days later. I got billed for an evaluation even though I had canceled an appt. When I called to speak to the billing manager, Theresa Mandel, she was very rude. She told me that they had received my info. and sent it out for evaluation. I told her that I had canceled the appt. well ahead and that it should not have been sent out nor was I ever told that they were sending my records anywhere. They only asked if they could obtain my records. We set up an appt. to review the time line and the billing manager failed to contact me as agreed. It was only after I left multiple messages for her again did she attempt to reach me. When she did she was once again extremely rude and refused to repeat the info. that she had and then told me she could not help me. I was billed $280.00 for a pathology consultation. Based off my initial impression, I would not use them if they paid me. It looks as though they billed the wrong insurance company anyway but because they refuse to even contact me back because of the rudeness. It leave me little options other than to appeal the bill with the department of insurance. If this is what you get upfront, I would not trust in any other services from Fox Chase. I dodged a bullet and will get a second opinion elsewhere.

Keith Moon

I went to Fox Chase after a something came up during a routine X-Ray at my primary care doctors office. The doctors and staff at Fox Chase were excellent, and I recommend them to everyone I know who unfortunately needs cancer care.

Chaplain Patrick Hodynski

Caring, concerned, & compassionate Doctors, and entire staff. Dr. Cynthia Bergman is the greatest. Top of Philly, in my opinion. Two thumbs up.

Erik Schouten

When my local Urologist discovered a mass in my kidney in a extremely difficult location for removal, He referred me to Fox Chase Cancer center. At Fox Chase Dr. Robert Uzzo was able to remove the mass and save 90% of my kidney. Not only is Dr. Uzzo a highly skilled surgeon, he also listened to any and all of our concerns and gave us the reassurance that we were in the best hands having chosen Fox Chase. Only a week and a half after surgery my wife and I enjoyed a lovely day at "Longwood Gardens". Thank You again Dr Uzzo and your team at Fox Chase for giving me excellent care and guidance through a very difficult time.

Phil Sanchez

All the nurses on the 2nd and 3rd floor are great, as are the doctors and other staff

Maryann Daniels

I have been a patient at Fox Chase for 13 years. I have always had the highest regard for this hospital, until I recently found out that two of the most kind, caring and compassionate nurses were let go. Bonnie and Bill have always made my visits to the hospital not seem like I was the hospital. They have been there for over 25 years and that is how they are thanked for all of there hard work. They go to work and get let go. Well I think this sucks!!!!

Catherine Rosenberg

Living with lymphedema is not an easy task by any means. There are lots of things involved in managing this condition. Although I did do all these things religiously, I still developed lots of complications from my lymphedema. I have lymphedema in my entire lower extremity. Unfortunately, we did not realize how bad this condition was for me until about 2004 when I started to get cellulitis infections on a regular basis. These infections are very painful and always involved at least a 1-week hospital stay. Needless to say, that was very difficult especially being a college student. Not only was my lymphedema causing cellulitis infections, which can be intensified with a total hip replacement, but my lymphedema actually played a role in a dislocation of my recently replaced hip back in November 2013. My infection rate was so frequent in Fall 2014, where I spent more time in the hospital than at my own home from September 2014 – March 2015, that I approached my Orthopedic Oncologist, Dr. John Abraham, about a surgical procedure that was being offered by Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department. I was advised to go for a consultation with Dr. Eric Chang and see if anything could potentially be done to assist with my lymphedema. Upon meeting with Dr. Eric Chang and his resident and fellow it was determined that I would be a good candidate for one of these surgeries, more than likely the vascularized lymph node transfer however he was not discounting the lymphaticovenous bypass until he actually looked for the blockages in the operating room if I decided to go through with the surgery. Unfortunately, we did not know what the ultimate outcome was going to be because I have had this condition for 25 years where the average person only has lymphedema for about 5 years prior to having this surgical procedure done. At this appointment, Dr. Chang encouraged me to go home and think about if I wanted to go through with this procedure before making a final decision. During my conversation with Dr. Chang on the first visit I asked him lots of questions and he answered my questions with ease and confidence. He also provided me with a list of other doctors who complete these identical surgical procedures if I wanted to obtain a second opinion. I knew that this was not going to be an ultimate cure for my lymphedema; however, at this point I needed to do something because my lymphedema was now controlling my life where I was unable to work or do anything except rest which is not the lifestyle a 33-year old should be living. The following week I met with Dr. Chang again to discuss the surgery further as I did make the decision to have this procedure done. I had nothing to lose, it was not going to make my lymphedema worse the worst case was it helped my infection rate without reducing the volume of my lymphedema leg. I am now 8 months post surgery and can honestly say this was the best decision I have ever made in my medical history. I am now able to do things I could not have imagined or have done since I was 8 years old. I have had an amazing experience at Fox Chase through the many nurses, doctors and nursing assistants that were present during my hospital stay. Prior to surgery I had an almost 30% volume difference between my affected and unaffected leg. Currently, I have a 10% volume difference between the 2 limbs. This change in volume accounts for a 60% improvement in the difference between the volumes of my 2 legs. Needless to say, I was not expecting the volume change to be that drastic in such a short amount of time but I am very happy that it did being we didn’t know what the potential end results would be due to my longevity with lymphedema. Currently, I am receiving lymphedema treatment through Fox Chase Cancer Center as well as following up with Dr. Chang. If I ever need any questions answered about my condition Dr. Chang is just an email away.

Kim Davis

Have been an employee and a patient here. Top quality care, highly recommend if need specialty care.

John Chick

My name is Maria chick, I have been seeing Dr. David Chen for bladder cancer. He is the best. He is gentle, kind, and easy to talk too. He cares about his patients. He makes you feel comfortable and explains every step in the process so you do not have that "worried feeling" when you leave the office. As for the staff, I can not say enough about. I thank Tina in the front for getting me in asap when I first called to schedule. She was kind and understanding. Sue and Lisa who work with Dr. Chen in the room's are very understanding and they make you laugh. They make you feel like you are part of their team. Thanks to all for making my life great again.

Mike Chernoff

I was first diagnosed by a private-practice urologist, who referred me to his partner, who had a private treatment center. When I met with the partner, he showed me a video slide show of the radiation treatment he proposed. Since it was too much to absorb in one sitting, I asked for a copy of the slides. He refused, telling me it was proprietary. Afterwards, I called a friend who was a specialist at Fox Chase, and he immediately told me not to worry, that I was in a very early stage, and gave me the names of a radiation oncologist and a urologist, Dr. Eric Horowitz and Dr. Richard Greenberg , respectively. Soon thereafter, my wife and I met with both of them, in search of their recommendations for treatment..Both gave us three possible courses of action, and each separately offered their own opinion. When asked, Dr. Greenberg said " If was my brother, I would recommend radiation", ( even though he does surgeries )and we took his advice. The treatment was easy; the technicians were caring,friendly and went out of their way to make me comfortable. My follow-up visits with both doctors have been very personal; both told me that they take as much time as needed with their patients. The entire staff at Fox Chase has been personal, caring and all that we could have asked for. I cannot conceive of a better facility, Doctors, or staff.

Biker Chick

Margo, the nurse at Fox Chase Cancer Center is the most insenstitive cold hearted person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. My mother who was the kindest soul would do everything to dress perfect and cheerful while she was battling stage 4 stomach cancer. Margo had the outrageous nerve to say "Well, don't you think that is a bit to cute for you, so much pink?" Additionally Margo did not stop there. Every time my mother had an appointment my mother dreded seeing Margo. It is hard enough to get up the energy to go for chemo but to encounter this nasty negativity I am shocked that such a person would be employed by this facility. Additionally, Margo, your ego is too big for your rudeness outweights your horrendous negative attitude. I think you should do all the patients that are trying to live another day a favor QUIT! By the way Margo I called the head of Fox Chase and I made my review clear as a bell to them about you. My mother is dead now. Her fight for her life was hampered by your eye rolls, and nasty comments. What comes around goes around. If you should ever get cancer you will hopefully get a nurse like yourself!

Joe King

Cancer sucks but Fox Chase is the best for treatment.

Ken Dickinson

Staff very friendly and compassionate My Oncologist for my ca is the Best there is according to Health Care rating services. Great knowledge, experience diagnostic skills, as well as surgery & radiology expertise!

Carol Ann Edwards

Friday, June 24, 2016 To the 2nd and 3rd Floor Staff at Fox Chase Cancer Center: My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and wonderful care that I received during my stay at your facility from late May to mid-June 2016. The caliber of your staff is top notch. The courtesy, compassion, respect, and professional treatment is without comparison. It made all the difference to us dealing with staff who understood what we were going through, and who always went out of their way to address and resolve any issues that arose. This means so much, and makes an unpleasant experience a bearable one. We are extremely grateful to every one of you! Thank you so much for your care, and may God Bless you all….. Sincerely, Henrietta & Earl Lewis

Cynthia Keiper

Every detail was taken care of including making an cordinating appointments leaving you to just show up. Fantastic

Dale Langan

It was my great pleasure to have met Dr. Nestor Esnaola,a compassionate, caring, extremely qualified surgical oncologist who performed surgery on me in December of 2015. I have been doctoring at Fox Chase since December of 2014,when I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor.At that time I had surgery to remove my tumor by Dr.Christina Chew a caring competent doctor with a friendly smile and a way of making u feel at ease even with that big bad word cancer.After my diagnosis of gist tumor,I was referred to Dr.Margaret Von Mehren, a medical oncologist who gave me a thorough explanation of what my treatment would entail and thanks to her and her team I continued with my treatment until in November of 2015 when my cat scan show a 2cm mass again in my small intestines.After further testing including a pet scan she referred me to the surgical oncology group where I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr.Nestor Esnaola, who was to perform my surgery.He had a calming,friendly air about him. He explained to both my husband and I what my surgery would entail.He in a people person exhibiting friendliness,and confidence.He is extremely knowledgeable.After my surgery,he was able to give me the best news ever NO reoccurrence of my gist tumor, just a fibrous benign mass,thank god.I will continue with my treatment for the next 2 years.From the first moment I set foot in Fox Chase Cancer Center,I could not believe the friendliness and helpfulness of all the people i came in contact with.I would highly recommend Fox Chase to anyone seeking cancer treatment.

Liz Bowen

Dr. Sanjay Reddy was the was surgeon who removed my husband's melanoma in October 2014. He showed us great care during a very stressful time. He is not only a skilled physician but a great person who truly cares about his patients. Would recommend Fox Chase and Dr. Reddy to others!

Teri Bell

Lung cancer and Mother are words you never want to hear in the same sentence. Our world was turned upside down three weeks ago. Consensus from medical professionals was go to Fox Chase. We had the first of many appointments last week and I can't say enough about the caring and concern of the entire staff. From the schedulers, to the lab technicians, to the physicians the level of caring is phenomenal. We know that our Mom is in good hands with this team called Fox Chase.

David Vassar

I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my forearm in February. I met with Dr. Sanjay Reddy in mid February to discuss treatment. Dr. Reddy took the time to thoroughly explain the nature of my cancer and the recommended treatment. He provided an extensive step by step description of the treatment plan to avoid any surprises for me and my wife. He also made special arrangements to move up my surgical date as my family and I had some special travel plans coming up that would have had to be canceled otherwise. He was kind, thoughtful and upbeat and encouraged me to call him directly with any questions or concerns I had during my treatment. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Reddy as my specialist and owe him a great debt of gratitude.

George Cole

Everybody at Fox Chase have been very helpful,caring and understanding in are troubling times. Dr. Sanjay Reddy has been one of the most caring and willing to listen Doctors me and my wife have met in years.

Theresa Capella

My husband has Barrett's Esophagus and he gets his annual screenings at Fox Chase. Having a Fox Chase gastroenterologist gives us comfort that he's being properly monitored for any cancer risk. They are awesome!

Don Kruger

I highly recommend fox chase. Dr Chen and his staff were very professional and made me feel comfortable through a cancer situation. Every person in that hospital was excellent... 100%. Thanks guys for taking care of me.

Stephen Kelbick

Some of the older receptionists are constantly complaining about their work duties.

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