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Lola Sage

I wish I could give 0 stars. Worst hospital EVER. I had my son here. He was an extremely large baby & they refused to give me a C-section, but after my extremely long & excruciating labor, that I needed a blood transfusion and they could not get my son out, said I’m sorry we should have done a C-section... and then after the long night I had, the nurses started harassing me saying my son “was crying forever” and “I need to take responsibility for my child” when I JUST went through an extremely rough labor and could not even get up. Eight months later, my son is perfect, happy & doing AMAZING. But I am receiving a $30,000 bill because they put the wrong last name for my sons insurance. I was never asked if his name was going to be mine or his dads until I signed the birth certificate on the LAST day. So until the last day the ASSUMED I was using MY last name (but his dad never left me the whole time) so I called to explain this & they are trying to tell me I have to pay the bill for THEIR mistake.... they were also very rude to me & treated me like garbage. I have had countless bad experiences with this hospital, some I legally cannot mention. But one positive thing I can mention, the one and ONLY woman that helped me 100% was Doctor Nussbaum. She was AMAZING. I am extremely grateful for this woman. Thank you so much and I appreciate you. But please if you know what’s good for you DO NOT go to cooper. Also, whether you’re a patient or not you have to pay $10 A DAY for the parking garage. So if you there a month.... GOOD LUCK. Worst hospital ever.

Diana S

The best hospital around! I had my babies here, they did a good job with my older son. ( he had to have surgery as a baby) I take my kids and me whenever we have an emergency, they are pretty fast and their peds are awesome. All the staff is pretty nice as well.

Lawyer APhys

They do not respect the patient or their family. I've retained a lawyer in seeking damages for emotional distress, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO COOPER, GO OVER THE BRIDGE TO PHILLY. UPENN.

Marlene D

Don’t tell them you are suicidal if you are homeless. They assume all homeless people claim that to get a bed off of the streets. You won’t get into their psych unit. I call this the “La De Da” hospital because it likes to cater to the rich.

Angelo Rodriguez

The worst experience I’ve ever had the Dr was rude to my wife the both the male and female nurses was absolutely awful had me waiting from 11:00pm till 4:30am I had to leave without even knowing what was wrong with myself because I had to be to work the nurse told me if it was anything concerning the Dr would call me.... like what no papers nothing smh I guess they treat everybody like they on drugs there !!!!!! I’ll never go back !

Jacqueline Williams

I went into cooper at 5:57 pm yesterday evening 1/7/2019 I checked in and registered an hour passes name still hasn't been called. With consideration of how busy the waiting was, I understood that I wouldn't be the first to be called but also didn't believe that I would soon find out that I wouldn't be called at all. As I patiently wait 3 hours comes around, name still hasn't been called. I asked the lady with the red hair at triage what was going and why has people who came in after me been called and I haven't? She reported and said that depending on what they came in for would ultimately determine whether they were called before me sit down I don't have a time when you would be called. Meanwhile i'm waiting for 3.5 hours with a drain in my chest to be taken out. Finally, after all patience has ran out I demand to find out what was going on. Just to find out that after waiting 3.5 hours and being told to sit down that my name was never in the Que and that I would have to wait another under closed time to be seen.... I made sure before leaving I got names and departments of the individuals that were inept in me not receiving only the proper treatment, but the opportunity to have equal treatment or treatment at all to others that were waiting. While waiting 3.5 hours at the hospital not to mention my first time coming to Cooper, I encounter many patients who were displeased with the treatment at the hospital such as being discriminated against and treated unjustly. The staff at Cooper does discriminate against, African Americans, Hispanics, low socio-economical status all the things the hospital claims they are against. From the feeling of the environment these patients at the hospital have no other local hospital to go to or are forced to continuously come to Cooper do to environmental factors i.e. transportation issues. I would never come back to a inferior hospital that treat humans being inhumane and categorize groups of individuals as being part of a certain status. From the emotions and physical ailments of the waiting room I could definitely tell this is not the first time individuals have experienced these kind of unfit medical practices that are deemed inhumane. The hospital claims that they don't turn patients away "Verbally" but the "Actions" that they take discourage people from using the hospital and actually staying to be treated. I have been to hospital in Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley that the wait time was shorter, which again I mention that is out of the hospital control, but the bed side manner of the staff was EXCEPTIONAL from the registrar, to the nurses, and lastly the doctors. As you can see from this review, in which everyone else should take the opportunity to look at this review I will not be returning for the simple fact that I would not be seen. I would be another statistic of hospitals slip through the cracks of what's wrong with the healthcare system. I do not wish be left a response in which I would get told the story of which i'm assuming all patients with complaints get told "Thank you for reaching out we'll talk it over with our team" which has no action, just merely talking.

Lisa Soltani

As a surgical patient, I had an incredible experience! The Doctor, nurses, anesthesiologist and administration were professional kind and reassuring! I highly recommend Cooper for any future care!

David Crescitelli

Hospital docs and nurses are quite kind. But the bridge to bring you outside into the lobby smelt like an ocean full of dead fish and the back of a fish market in NYC. Could use some are Freshener.

Lesly Alvarez

I went to visit my cousin in the ER. As soon as my family and I walked up to the security guard’s window, he began asking unnecessary questions and making rude remarks. He asked us why we were there, and I said we were there to see a family member. He then asks for the patients name. When we tell him he says, “and you are all here to see him?” He had an attitude the entire time. When we walk in to speak with the woman in the front desk, she said that we were not allowed to see my cousin and that she could not disclose any information. My family & I were still worried and wanted to be assured that my cousin was okay. We stepped aside from the front desk and called our cousin, who was previously allowed back to see him. Then both of the security guards continuously asked what we were doing and why we were still there. We weren’t even standing aside for a minute when we already had 2 security guards aggressively telling us to leave. They said, “Why are you here?” “What is wrong with them?” “You have no valid reason to be in the hospital.” “You all have to go.” “I’m going to call the sheriff down here.” My family said that they were racists and one of the security guards said, "that's everywhere." basically acknowledging that that's what was happening. The nurse eventually came up and said, “listen I don't want to have to call the police.” My family and I did not understand why these “security guards”, were so determined to make us leave. One of the security guards began yelling at us and screaming, “move.” At that point, I feared for my safety and my families safety. I begged my family for us to just go, because the security guard had become so violent. When we walked out, the sheriff department was pulling up and we approached them. We explained to them what happened and they referred us to Patient Services the following morning. I will be going up there along with my family to make a report. No one should feel unsafe or in danger when security guards are around. I will be traumatized to walk in to Cooper’s ER for the rest of my life..

Kaitlin Mulligan-Cummings

This hospital is horrible. when i first became a patient none of the drs knew what my disability was. when you go to school they teach you all the different things your going to run into. for them to start treating me and after my primary dr Jenny Melli went on maturnity leave none of the nurses or drs wanted to handle me as a patient. then after jenny melli came back from maturnity leave its like her son made her feel invincable. she no longer cared about me as a patient i have a lifelong disability and every month when i go there to see her she cuts my medication telling me i dont need it. if i was born with a disability thats going to continue until pass away why would it make any sense to take me off of a medication thats working for me. all the drs and nurses at this facility only care about their pay check and getting you out of their offices. they dont care about your complaint or the reason your going there.

Todd DeFranco

Very respectful nurses and hospital staff. The doctors take the time to explain things to you in simple terminology and I was satisfied with their bedside manner.

Gail Johnson

Thank you for the care provided to my husband!

Sarah Vile

Disrespectful nurses asked my husband if he “loved me or married me for the money” (military). Didn’t know either of us. I can’t believe the audacity of people

Linda Shaffer

OMG the worst hospital ever. We were transferred here from another facility around 2:30pm. We were in the ER with people in halls and all over. They said they needed to conduct tests prior to getting him a room. We sat and waited. In that time they did a deep clean of the area beside us, including spraying chemicals, and taking all the curtains down. My dad immune system was compromised and he was barely covered. They didn't really care leaving him exposed and right by the exit doors. We asked several times about getting a room they said bed manager had to make the decision! Around 11pm we finally were moved upstairs nurses told me to wait in family area until he was settled a hour and a half ago. How long does it take for them to do anything. I wanted him moved but he's too fragile. Please do not send your loved ones here. It is ridiculous!

stephen stanion

I'm 64 years old and have never had a stay in the hospital. I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My primary recommended Cooper and my oncologist (Dr. Chung) recommended Dr. Francis Spitz who introduced me to Dr. David Shersher. Not knowing what to expect, I went in with the desire to be a model patient. That was December 1, 2016. Today I am a cancer survivor. I owe it all to the wonderful surgeons, surgical team, nurses, and staff. These people were unbelievable! I would not hesitate to recommend them or go back, and I live 2 hours away! So the only "crackheads" I might have seen was in the emergency room! Which is not out of the norm!

Songul Sen

Worse service doctor taking their time we went there for a sick visit for my sister it took them 6 and a half hours to do a blood work and X-ray we were on prenatal triage floor there was like no other patients almost other than us they have a horrible service it took us 7 hours to get out from the hospital. Horrrible horrible service nurses take forever to come it also took us another hour to get our discharge papers they just talk sit on the front desk and giggle . I will not recommend anyone to go there for emergency because by the time they look at u you’ll be dead!!!!

Kai Sorbino

Pretty good place to receive your health care if you ask me. So far I’ve never encountered any major issues with them. The have expanded really rapidly over the last few years, which is something we needed in new jersey

Rosanna florentino

I grow up with Cooper and it’s very easy to get there but I have so much time waiting, that I can write this bad comment about them. Lord mercy cooper take forever to give a piece of paper so you can go home. Waiting it’s something that you do so much in here.

Noelle Mulholland

The experience I am having with this hospital is lack of communication between the doctors and the nurses. The nurses are not able to answer any of my questions because the doctors do not inform. During holidays there should be doctors available which there were not, I understand they have lives too but working in the medical field you should make that your number one priority, especially when you have patients that had a 2 day surgury and the outcome of the surgery does not match have any positive affect and not being able to speak to a doctor is unprofessional in my opinion.!!!!! GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Heather Hawk

I just had the week from hell at that place. My urologist called me on Monday to come to this awful place, I can't even relive all the details. That will be saved for the huge complaint and suit to follow. It was actually worse than hell, several of the nurses along with interns were EXTREMELY rude. The last straw was being thrown out of my room today because a couple nurses had to be moved to different areas of the hospital, when they knew I would not have a ride home for 4 more hours. That's one of the patient rights, it is to be made sure that we are not discharged without adequate access to transportation home. Yet I was thrown out and told I had to leave 4 hours early. If I could give them no stars I would, I am changing all of my Drs and will never step foot in there again unless it's with my attorney. This was just 1 of many incidents, it was just really the last straw.

Jenn McGregor

My daughter visited Cooper University Hospital after a bus accident on a field trip. After the insurance companies settled their side, I requested an itemized billing of what I was being charged for. I had no response for over a year or communication with the hospital. Two months ago, I was sent a bill, with no other information and then turned over to collections. Very disappointing that I could never get an accurate accounting of what was done for her there.

Melissa Phillips

My mom was brought in my ambulance with chest pains. She was in a bed in the hallway of the ER with no curtain and no chairs for me or my dad. I understand they were busy, but she remained in the hallway FOR 12 HOURS, during which a nurse stopped by maybe twice. Any time you asked someone a question, they acted as if you were bothering them. When they said they wanted to admit her to repeat testing, they said it would be several more hours to get a room. She signed herself out and went home. I'm very disappointed - I thought this was supposed to be one of the best hospitals in the area.

Kerry Bowers

Being from the South Jersey area, this was my first time as a patient at Cooper. I was admitted to my local hospital nearby, but after several days there it was determined I needed to be immediately transferred by ambulance to Cooper. To say I was nervous about the entire situation would be a huge understatement. Not only was I concerned about my worsening condition, but being far from home and in hospital that I was not one bit familiar with was very unnerving. I saw several teams of doctors, each in their own specialized fields. Unfortunately, I cannot recall all of their names but they were all, in a word, wonderful. My two "main" doctors over-seeing the situation were two of the kindest, most caring & reassuring doctors I've ever met. One of them was Dr. Lu, and I feel bad for not remembering the other doctor, who greeted me first thing every morning with a smile and a gentle voice and a reassuring update. In short, all of the doctors, nurses and techs involved in my case made a very scary incident much more bearable. I highly recommend this hospital. Kerry Bowers

Beriven Bear

We had our first born at cooper Camden and the experience was not perfect but over all good. The staff both on the phone and in person have been very pleasant and we only go to cooper Doctors and urgent care facilities since.

Jamilette Mendez

After I explained to them I didn't want something done a certain way because I was scared of the pain. They did it anyway. Giving me anxiety medication to calm me down like it would work for the pain I felt. I'm so upset

Morgan Jarret

I was transferred from Lourdes to Cooper. They are the best hospital in South Jersey, hands down

Gina Hertzig

My husband was there Saturday night. While we had a long wait, it was understandable given how busy the hospital is and The population of service. Dr. Holly Bartimus and RN Brooke were so TERRIFIC! Our community is so lucky to have them both.

Michelle Johnson


Robert Malloy

I was very disappointed with my mother's care here, after she fell and broke her pelvis. If negative stars were possible, I would give them a minus 5 stars. I did not want to give one star, but the system makes you give at least one star. My mom was transferred here from Virtua. I wish we had stayed at Virtua. The care at Virtua was much better.

Sara Shocki

This hospital saved my life. I was involved in a car accident and was rushed here by ambulance. I was internally bleeding and I needed to have emergency surgery. They put me under almost as soon as I arrived, and I woke up the next day to find out that my spleen ruptured in the accident and had to be removed. They told my parents I was 10 minutes away from dying, due to how much blood I had lost. I stayed there for about a week and the nurses who took care of me were absolutely outstanding. In the future, if I have any kind of health issues, I will always be coming here. They are amazing, and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for their surgeons.

Paulita Viafara

BEST HOSPITAL IN SOUTH JERSEY!!! I been having great experience with all the staff and doctors , I had lol prenatal care and labor at the brand new building in Camden place was super clean , nurses very nice me helpful I'm very thankful for all , the room i stayed was excellent also the food, the ER NOT so much but where in the world hospital ER are pretty?? I highly recommend it they have BEST doctors and specialists and technology

conswela newton

Front desk staff was very pleasant and informative. Staff in surgery family waiting area was very rude. The process of waiting to hear about you love ones progress is horrible. Staff acts as though you are bothering them when you request information.Spent 12 hours at this hospital and I was very disappointed. Cafeteria was small and the food was not good at all. The prices were a bit on the high to say the least. Security was a thorn in my side because even though I had been there all day every time I passed them they asked me for a visitors pass. Just was not a good experience at all. More than like my family and I will not return .

Joseph Pacioretti

MD Anderson at Cooper was a terrific experience. Every step of the treatment was explained in the absolute detail and I even received a follow up call from the physicians assistant a few days later to ensure that I fully understood the treatment regimen. 5/5 overall for professionalism and commitment to my care

Keera Capulet

I would give the care 4 stars ,but due to the lack of privacy and intrusive discussions of multiple patients (because my grandma was one of them), I was appalled and embarrassed. These two ladies near my nana’s room on 8th floor were just talking and laughing in an area that one would’ve thought was for family members only. I am disappointed that I had to learn that my Nana was possibly going to spend a couple weeks in some kind of nursing care place that wasn’t even close to where we lived before the social services team did. And social services lady laughed with them in that area and stopped when I went in there. Just sad.

Regetta Gardner

My sister had surgery Wednesday had to stay over night upon her discharge she was given some else prescription for pain. She also was given the option to have transportation or to walk down to the car. After coming home the social worker called to say she wasn't supposed to leave until she had seen her to set up home care service, however the nurse said she could leave.

Ray Thomas

Unfortunately I had to visit cooper after a recent car accident. From the surgeons, staff, nurses, cna, med techs and cleaning staff, everyone was pleasant and accommodating. It turned one of my worst life experiences into the beginning of a tolerable and positive start to my recovery. I would like to thank the staff, and ask that you continue to provide top notch service and compassion to your clients.

Diane Weinberg

A terrible experience. I was brought by ambulance to Trauma Center ER due to motor vehicle accident ~5:00 p.m. on a Thursday, with 5 fractures, including 3 in my neck. Despite my complaints, rib pain ignored and fracture not discovered til post-hospital stay. I remained in ER til early afternoon on Friday, when I was moved to a tiny room awaiting a regular space in Trauma Orthopedics. I finally got a "regular" room in late afternoon and was not discharged til mid-afternoon on Monday. The entire experience during those three days was mostly terrible! Upon discharge, I was never even asked if I needed help (go to rehab, get a hospital bed, need nursing care and/or home health aide) and my only single instruction concerned my neck brace - which I would be totally unable to change by myself.

Theodore F. Prohowich, Jr.

Over the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to meet surgical staff, whether in passing while in college, surgery for other family members. Very professional and experienced.

Jessica Rivera

Worst hospital ever my husband nurse dont give him his medication on time and when ask to change of room then say that the whole hospital was full but a guy come in to the same room ask to be moved and then moved him. like for real we ask the same question and all we got was a no it full and then i ask if i can stay to help him then say no because someone was in the room but the guy have been moved then told me if he was he by himself i could stay with my husband my you he broken his 3 leg in 3 different places and went through surgery and these nurses was late on medication then are rude and when ask to see someone to report what was happening then told him he have to wait until tomorrow i still in a waiting room and my when husband call me to help i go in the room and help him. but i look at this nurses and think to myself why haven't then check what i was doing is he ok no them acting like then didn't have a jod to do worse hospital worse nurses i can wait to go home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

addie jones

I truly loved the care that I received at Cooper. Very caring and non judgemental in my personal views. I wish I could remember all the nurses and doctors that cared for me but everyone of them know personally including the administrative staff how much I love them. I live in South Jersey, went to Salem Memorial Hospital and they gave me such great care but because of my own issues prior they worked with Cooper and my physicians in a GREAT professional agreement. God Bless Cooper Staff and God Bless those at Salem Memorial Hospital that understood. Love, Addie Jones

Bob Andrews

today is sunday may 20, 2018. my Maria Petruzzi had surgery on monday to get her bladder removed. she is on the 8th floor. there is 1 nurse and 1 aide for the floor! she is dirty. not getting cleaned. her bed has been broken since 3 am. it is now 1220 and no new bed. she is lopsided and cant lay on bedpan! and she gets no assistance!!! her pain and inconvenience is off the charts and she gets NO HELP!!! why is this hospital like this??? this is the worst care i have ever heard of. will someone please help her???

DJuan Sloan

My boyfriend was transferred to Cooper following a series of seizures. Every single thing they did took hours. He started off at our local hospital but needed to be transferred. The transfer took minutes to complete forms but it took HOURS for the transport to arrive. Then once we arrive we speak with 2 doctors and explain what happened. Second day they ran tests and then waiting another almost 10 hours to get an MRI done. 2 doctors again come in but with residences and its as if these people don't talk to each other because we had to explain what happened for the 10th time. His mother voiced her concerns and they fell on deaf ears. He spent a whole day laying there waiting for a quick 20 minute test. Then they had him stay another night just to tell him it was all random. The staff are great when it comes to doing their jobs but when it comes to caring for the patients as if they're actual PEOPLE, they fall short.

Walter Tristan

the Inside of the hospital is like a maze. Easy to get lost in it, with multiple buildings and multiple different ICU’s. Overall a decent experience tho


Very disappointed in care. Every time I asked for a problem to be corrected, the staff and doctors were ever so polite and apologetic...but nothing was corrected. I felt everyone had been exceedingly well trained in how to deal with dissatisfied “customers,” but there was no genuine effort to fix any short coming. They can politely apologize you right into your grave.

John Flemming

Wife was taken in by ambulance sat in waiting room 3 1/2 hrs we left

Philly Resident64

The ER is extremely slow and inefficient! If you don't want be here for hours and hours, go elsewhere!

Natasha Marcellus

Came in through the ER, was check by the guard and was okay three hours past ( waiting on doctor) and I needed to go out and put money in the meter, came back in was check by same gaurd, and walk past the other guard that was sitting there from earlier now all of sudden u want to check my bag as well when the other guard already did it, which would of been fine I just don't like the inconsistency of doing your job!!! Also I was never given a visitor pass when I got here this is something that should of been handed to me not three hours later when everyone decided to do there jobs!!!

Patty Degenstein

I would like to give a Big Thankyou to One of the most Amazing group of People in the,ICU:: you All Rock, your nurses are Angels that bought me a Miracle thier care, compassion ,and all out kindness are overwhelming.Also to the Fabulous team of Nurses on 9 pavilion also Amazing with their inventiveness & thankyou to all the techs. Aides even the Housekeeping ,was a true pleasure to have all this people supporting us from conversation to hugs Thankyou Again ☺Now a Big Shout Out to Dorraine Riggins & Amy Gordon & her other Girl sorry forgot name for their Help & kidness to make our stay there was a the Best of their Ability, ,,From the Bottom of My heart & Ernie ,You will always be in Our Hearts & Prayers Thankyou all for Helping My Husbsnd in our time of needed Always in my thoughts ❤☺

Narissa Foreman

Cooper is my favorite hospital. Been going there for the past 5 years and have no complaints

Paul Jargowsky

Cooper has great doctors, but as a health care system it is a disaster. They can't keep their billing straight or properly credit you for co-pays made on site. If you want an appointment, be prepared to wait for 30 minutes or more on hold. During that hold, you will hear "your call is important to us" a hundred times. If it really was, THEY WOULD HAVE SUFFICIENT STAFF TO ANSWER IT. I have been on hold over 30 minutes this morning, and still no answer. As much as I like my current doctor, he doesn't do me any good if I can't get to him.

Forever Blaine

I had a labrascopic tubial ligation here a few days ago and i must say the nurses and doctors are very friendly and informative and they take very good care of me here and its day 3 after surgery and im 80 percent back to myself everything went very well and i am very pleased with my decision the day after i was goin crazy and called but they gave me the info i needed to swooth myself and get over the discomfort and it worked almost immediately and i would def recommend going for any surgical procedure and emergentcy care.

Amanda Arce

Came here to help my gmom. Seven hours later still nothing done the most horrible hospital ever do not go there.

Charlie Rickle

Everyone was incredibly respectful and took care of me well. They well exceeded my expectations and when I had to go into the OR again they made sure I was comfortable. All of the staff was so kind. The food was good too! Everything was a pleasant experience!

Lisa Torres

While I personally didn't need service here, my daughter got hit by a car and fractured her leg. While she was telling the nurse how much pain she was in and how her ankle seemed out of place, the nurse kept insisting to her that, "Oh, it just may be sprained." The doctor was the one that had to confirm and correct the nurse. Other staff members were nice and polite and it does have a spacious lobby.

Antonio Louis

Terrible service and some very rude employees. Tend too much to dope heads and crack addicts than those actually sick!! Seems to be a lack of knowledge and care at this hospital.! Outstanding wait times only to have to wait longer once you get into a room!! See three nurses who all ask you "has the doctor seen you yet" maybe cooper should hire more doctors and some employees period who actually care and are considerate!! This hospital doesn't hold up to even half the good publicity it gets.

Jonathan Feighery

I recently went to MD Anderson at Cooper for a second opinion regarding my diagnosis and I have to be honest, it was a very pleasant experience. The cancer specialists take the time to explain every little detail of treatment plans. All the nurses and support staff are very professional and polite. The MD Anderson building itself is very quiet and soothing as well

Michael Mace

My mom was in this hospital last month. This was the best hospital experience I have ever had. My mom had chest pain and they were worried that she may have had a heart attack. They sent her home and said that if her 2nd blood test came back positive for what they were looking for they would call and have her come back in. They said most times the 2nd blood test looks like the 1st and she had been in the ER all day. They called her back a few hours later and had her come back in. They wanted her there in case anything happened while we were waiting for a spot in the cath lab. Turned out there was no heart attack and her arteries were totally clear. I'm telling you, I'm glad I took her there.

Thomas Haluszczak

My father was admitted into cooper's trauma unit. Five days later a floor nurse takes pity on my relentless questions to everyone i could find that worked there and advises "your father has two subdural hematomas and pleural effusion - he's being released tomorrow!" This place is an inner city dump. Doctors are nowhere to be found. Nurses are overwrought. Stay away. They should be ashamed- but they're too busy raking in cash from medicade, Medicare and healthcare carriers. I could only speak to one condescending resident who ran off in his hipster outfit when i demanded answers. His response was "Oh well, old people tend to fall.." This place is an unsupervised nightmare. Be vigilant - better yet, stay away.

Benjamin Koroegerburger

everybody from the security guard to the doctors was very respectful. Spent two nights at Cooper and was not disappointed


Not the best option when it comes to a hospital. Employees aren’t professional and between doctors and nurses when it comes to taking care of a love one overnight seems like they don’t take care of patients as well. Mistreatment is high here I recommend another hospital!

armando pacheco

It's been a long 3 days and nights at this hospital. Firts time patient and a complete dissapoitment. So I was admitted to the hospital tuesday afternoon and it wasn't till 2am the next day i was taken to a room. schudele for OR wednesday and after waiting all day i was told i was not having surgery because there were full with emergencies greater than mines ( Hernia). You been scheduled for 4:30 pm tomorrow thursday. i figure well one day its not going to hurt as long as they keep control of my pain. Thusrday morning i get woken up by a OR physycian to let me know my surgery was happening in the afternoon as plan. After you experience not having anything to eat for 24 hours the las thing you thing about is going tru it again. An guess what the nurses comes in the room 30 minutes prior to the surgery to let me know it was not happening and you can go ahead an order some food. Seriously since when it became a joke to play with patience health. I ask the nurse to bring the physician in charge and Im still waiting for him or her. This is totally unacceptable not only for my health, but financial as well since their charging my health plan for what i now consider an unnecesary stay at this facility. Lets see what happens tomorrow friday.

Mabel Thomas

So my husband smashed his foot this morning into a wall with a forklift this morning we go to cooper sit in the waiting room for a n hour just to be pushed into a hall for more than an hour more so that's 2 hours that has passed keep in mind no one has come to look at it yet he still has his boot on the doctor has come and asked what happened but never took a look so finally the x -ray tech comes to get a x-ray brings him back to the hall where I was waiting to tell me a doctor has to take the boot off and clean it first. Which should of been done immediately when he came in and said he smashed his toe. He's complaining of pain some much I go to the nursing station and tell her what's up with the doctor who said he would be back and wasn't and if he could get something for pain. Another 30 minutes or so past the doctor comes and finally takes off his boot sees the smashed toes cleans it gets the x-rays and off to surgery he goes to get it amputated . Where is the level of care something like that should of been handled immediately it could of been all 5 toes he said he couldn't feel them when we came in an waited 2 or 3 hours before you even looked at it. Meanwhile y'all laughing, eating and walking around. Terrible! l thank GOD he's alright but a hospital is not supposed to do anything like this. Sight look at it then decide whether or not we should be sitting in a hall this long without medical attention or meds for pain if I was related to someone in here this would of never happened!!!!

Monica Kyriagos

Once you get through the extremely busy ER, the inpatient care is descent. The inpatient floors are clean and the doctors and nurses cared about my medical needs. Overall I think the would benefit from extra ER staff but otherwise no complaints

Tarquin Jones

I would like to thank Cooper University’s hospital, specially the staff at the occupational health department for being so actively involved in my care. Thank you again, you guys are awesome!

Kimberly Carty

This review is for my daughter who is currently there. It's horrible, nurses could care less, she's pregnant and was there all day and just was able to order food. I don't want to get specific about my daughter because God only knows if she would get even lousier service. I'm so upset for her.

Priya Patel

I’ve heard good things about Cooper’s emergency department. I drove the extra 10 minutes from the emergency department near my house to Cooper to give my mom (the patient) the best possible care. Got here 3.5 hours ago and still waiting. Even after all the wait, they moved my mom from a wheelchair to a hospital bed in the middle of the hallway. The doctor has met with her once in the past 3 hours (for a 2 min convo). I expected more from Cooper. Service could be A LOT better.

Chris Stevenson

Pretty bad when you dont offer guest meals to parents staying with their children

Charlene Grear

Horrible hospital! They made my sister’s cancer worse by holding chemo up. They were more concerned with tests and apparently making the difference up in money from their contracts with the HMOs. She has a non cancerous polyp in her colon that they aren’t taking out. Her cancer is traveling because they haven’t started chemo even though they knew for some time that the main cancer was in her lungs but still held everything up. The non cancerous polyp has the potential to become cancerous. So all in all, they made her worse! Stay away from Cooper because they apparently have D- doctors. They aren’t too quick either when in the hospital. Patients still wait for a long time for nurses and doctors. They have the potential to kill you!

sarah kerr

I love cooper! Always good experiences

Donald Belliveau

This was ABSOLUTELY the worst experience I've ever had at an ER! 5hrs in a waiting Pom filled with drug seeker and homeless. Then when I get call back to the ER there's no beds now I'm in the hallway for another 4 hrs only to be treated like I'm trying to get drugs. I have diverticulitis and when you have an attack it feels like being stabbed, they give me a placebo then try to send me home with ibuprofen! I should have been admitted!! Awful awful place. If you want to die in pain go there

Anita K

Awful experience. The hospital staff is clearly overwhelmed by the unfortunate situation of being located in an inner city. We were beginning our experience at the trauma unit , our father having been admiited after a fall. The process of gaining entry to the trauma unit is like boarding a plane- checking handbags, walking through x-ray machines. Doctors appear make a few innocuous remarks and are never seen for the rest of the week. When asked to speak to a doctor we were told, " You should be here at 9am when they do their rounds." Who knew?! The emergency halls are lined with hard luck cases having overflowed the rooms. The ICU is another harried atmosphere. Technicians entering the room, doing a procedure, and exiting without making eye contact. There are plenty of residents milling about but none who seem to be aware there are patients and family present who have questions. The staff is glued to their computer screens. They only look up long enough to glare at you for having asked questions. Finally, the release to come home takes the entire day. No one is available for hours on end to sign papers, etc. The process took the whole day. I'm sure most of the staff are skilled, caring people put in the circumstance of working in a hospital surrounded by a culture of drugs and gangs.

Norma Davis

The ER: The day shift was gorgeous looking from the candy stripers, administration, technicians, nurses and Doctors. They looked good so I felt good. Dr. Nyce went above and beyond after spending 12 hours in the ER hungry. Thank you for rhe sandwich. The night shift consisted of young girls pretending to be professionals. After I informed the non etiquette RN Christina to get away from me and the technician thereafter trying to get my blood pressure , which I knew was high, they felt it necessary to contact two male security guards and a female to watch my 160 lb 5'8" frame. Imagine the shift has changed, and you're waiting on test results that could determine life or death only to be told by a young girl, with a title in the medical field only " I'm trying to help you." Word comprehension means the same in a nice voice or a frantic voice. The evening shift that had just arrived at 7pm. Looked like I felt... After I spent 12 hours patienly. Yes twelve! My morning nurses had my IV so tight the blood wouldn't flow. RN adam and the female assist that had no photo or name visible Both caused bubbles and bruising. Thank God no air caused my death . To the CT and MRI teams thank you for making me feel like a proud US Army soldier. To the youngsters with passive aggressive behavior, I comprehend very well. And lastly.. Thank you Dr. Chavez your bedside manner was the best , I've seen in many years. Stay beautiful inside and out. PA-C Kehoe your attentiveness was great and your smile beautiful. I have photos of bruised arm upon request My first in 56 years

Jaquay Washington



My favorite and only trusted hospital to go to when in need of any treatment or ER visits. My mother has been a RN at this location most of my life and some years before I was born. She's been employed with the Cooper Health system for over 35 years(+/-). Every experience here has been enjoyable and caring. Most of the staff know me by name, or at least by my mothers employment all of these years. Many friends and friends considered family have been introduced to me here or have met them because of this Hospital. I was born here and have always had any health care needs met and taken care of by this amazing place. It feels like home when I'm there. Very comforting to me and always has been. My most trusted Hospital of my life. Wouldn't consider going anywhere else around here unless a very urgent situation is at hand that can't wait make it to right away. But would definitely get myself or any loved one or friend transferred to this facility for treatments or diagnostic purposes as soon as possible. Very intelligent, caring, and understanding staff available 24/7.

jooj najwa

It's one of the worst hospitals I went for 1 surgery I end up with 3 surgeries in the same night for malpractice that that was in 2005 and I'm still suffering They busted my bladder open After they took me to the Room my bed was Wet for more than 5 hours and when they came to check on methey told me it yoyr bladder busted and you have to go through another surgery and I was bleeding overnight a my blood Lovell went from 14 to 8 I don't know everything if they give me a blood and why didn't allow any visitors they told my family I'm sleeping and no visitors with it to other surgeries without consulting any of my family I'm still so far in I have a lot of problems I can't hold my urine or number 2 they A nerve in my spine And I was for 1 month and after a month they want to do another surgery for my bladder I ask what the reason he said we need to do something they didn't wanna explain to me what the surgery for so I refused to have the a 2nd surgery for my bladder and when they stitch me in the 3rd surgery they stitched my intestines with the wound and beside that it's a dirty hospital the nurses are so rude and rough it's one of the worst hospitals I don't know why is it in the top hospitals when it should be closed


Wow!!! Cooper hospital has the WORST emergency department !!! The women at the front desk is extremely rude, unhelpful and prejudice!!!! My father was brought in by ambulance and was made to wait for 4hrs shaking and shivering!!! We had to leave because every person from check in to the nurse was incompetent!!! Every person that came in after my father was seen before he was even thought about!!!! I strongly suggest and recommend you to really think before bringing your loved ones to this emergency department!!! Awful!!!

Krissy Connelly

They're probably the best hospital in South Jersey. Unfortunately had to go there couple times for different reasons but the overall experience wasn't too bad.


The Emergency Room is very slow. ER doctors and nurses need to pay more attention to detail. I agree with everyone else about there poor billing system as well. Must be a reason why they only have 3 stars.

Lori White

I am waiting with my significant other after having surgery in recovery since 11:30am and haven't had a room assignment. Very tired surgery was 7:30am and still waiting and it's 6:23pm. Don't want to leave him because I want to make sure he is settled in his room. They need to do something with people waiting after surgery that 6hrs is too long to wait for a room and we are still waiting. The staff was amazing in post-op

C. Harry Knowles

Cooper is absolutely the best hospital in the Delaware Valley...BAR NONE! The doctors and nurses are as close to the top as any group can be. I just finished an emergency treatment, for 3 days, at Cooper. Every single staff person I was exposed to gave me the most respectfully professional treatment I could possible expect.

L Smith

I had a hida scan done here. My review is based on having a procedure / test rather than a hospital stay personally. My experience was - quick and easy to make an appointment. South jersey radiology wouldn't take me for 4 weeks. Cooper had next day availability. The price was comparable at both places. I enjoyed knowing that if anything went wrong I was already at a hospital.( Fortunately nothing went wrong). The test takes an hour and I had a nurse by me the entire time. Wow!! The nurses I encountered were all very nice and my comfort was a top priority. Blankets, pillows, they even propped my feet up with a wedge and put a movie on for me to watch. I was very nervous - as I always am - but I felt so much more comfortable because of the personal care I felt from my nurses. The facility is impressive and clean. It isn't the closest place to me but I will come here anytime I need a test done in the future. Thank you Cooper! And for what it's worth: no, I do not work here. I do not know anyone who works here. I have no affiliation whatsoever. I just had a wonderful experience here.

Mickey McH

The doctors and staff are very good but if you go to the emergency room be prepared for an airport security type search. They go through all your belongings to be sure you're not coming in to finish off one of the gunshot victims.

Rachel Holdren

I was admitted on my birthday in September 2017 with infective endocarditis, I was in a medically induced coma for 5 wks while the ICU/CCU worked to save my the help of the nurses and doctors I recovered and have been clean and sober ever since.The staff treated me so warmly and caring and like a person not a junkie.. I am so thankful for Cooper Hospital

Hill Life

Perfect example ! Although I bought The racism that I have experience During my interview process to Rosaria Mineo, MS Just the overall experience of racism I’ve encountered in this establishment I was told that I would be contacted a month later and still no contact I am perfectly Convinced That Cooper hospital Has no respect for black people Or any other race that is not considered white caucasian Dissent It doesn’t matter to them which is why I have decided to file EEOC complaint. Unbelievable racism That no one that is not considered white should never Encounter

Nellie Bee

My loved one recently had surgery there. The staff was so very nice. I did not encounter one person who was rude. The surgery was successful and we got a call the next day from one of the nurses To follow up. And then 3 days later we received a personalized card from the hospital wishing a speedy recovery. Great service.


I had a small surgery And I must say •Everyone was on time • Nurses and doctors so friendly and nice •when I woke up I did not feel the pressure to leave or anything So nice and welcoming Very careful with helping me move and get myself in order And then I received a card with signatures of the nice and helpful nurses and doctors

Steve Ferber

Great patient care and follow up on outpatient services!

Ed Morgan

Saved my life more than once. Knowledgeable and caring staff that go the extra mile to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Clean, modern and pleasant facilities with state of the art equipment to provide the best care for you and all your conditions. I could not be happier with Cooper University Health Care and since my initial dealings with them I have switched my doctors and specialists to all Cooper Doctors. With recent developments and partnerships Cooper University Health Care will grow and flourish to be one of the top hospitals and health care networks in our region.

Ashley Pierce

Don't trust this hospital my boyfriend ended up coming here with bad pain's and weeks later of being here they assured he would be fine....but the outcome wasn't so well they KILLED MY BOYFRIEND AND COVERED IT UP WITH A B.S STORY HE HAD A MASSIVE HEART ATTACK DON'T TRUST THEM.... This was last year I'm still trying to wrap my head around it they killed him I know it How do they manage to do throat surgery on him and the same night he dies(he was killed) The only man I ever loved was taken from me only 37 anytime I go passed this hospital I get sick...not to mention when he was in the hospital room the doctors cut his neck open right in his room and later figured out it wasn't a good idea to do it there and I seen the stitches how unprofessional and untrained they we're unfortunately my boyfriend lost his innocent life because of a poorly ran and poorly managed hospital

Nate Easton

Horrible customer service . I drove two hours to do construction work on their building. I arrived early in the morning around 630 am I parked in the parking garage I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I took elevator down to the bottom I asked the people working in the parking garage if they had a bathroom the said we no nothing about a bathroom . I went too the hospital got stopped by the security officer in the front door he said can I help you I said yes may I use the bathroom he said no I said I was there to do construction work he said that the construction site should have a bathroom . I said sir I'm new to the jobsite I have no idea where it is yet I just parked my car in the garage I really need to go he wouldn't let me. Well let's say I didn't make it and now I wasted my whole day driving to Camden from tamaqua Pennsylvanian 92 miles away to drive home because of rude service and the obvious .

Mae Trexler

Have had nothing but horrible experiences here. I had an operation in March that only made me violently ill and made my pain worse landing me in the ER where the nurse ignored me most of the 8 hours I was there. Now I have a gigantic bill from them, I can't even apply for financial assistance because I don't live in NJ, its just where I needed to go for my operation, and the billing department won't work with me at all on payments that I can actually afford. Now they're just going to send me to collections even though I was trying to set up a payment plan. They do not care about actually helping patients at all.

veronica gaskill

I was in the PICU with my son for 4 days. We had a nurse named Sue every night we were there (overnights) and she was outstanding. My son and I loved her. Always made sure we were 100% comfortable and took great care of my son. She deserves recognition!

T Cadiz

I wanna say thank you so much to the cooper labor staff everyone that I came across was wonderful mrs Nancy thanks love you helped me a whole lot mrs barb and everyone that was my nurse ..thanks to labor and delivery

Patricia Leslie Hyde

I’ve been at Cooper both as a patient and as a visitor. Both times I was overwhelmed by the courteous and professional staff. I would prefer to come here than any other hospital in the area.


Best hospital ever and the doctors are t he best

Eric Prusinski

Was treated by great staff n took care of me in a fast fashion so I could get back to my wife. Thank u for the best and fast treatment I ever had in a ER

Santoshia Daise

HORRIBLE! The nursing (Chrissy, and others) and operator (Louise and others) staff are highly unprofessional whilst being disgracefully rude. Our loved one is already unwell - suffering from cancer - but they added insult to injury by being non compliant and BANNING me from asking any further questions about my grandfather's current and future care. They had my grandmother (patient's wife) inform me that I was asking too many questions and that I should "let up". THEY DON'T WANT ANY QUESTIONS ASKED AND SAY THEY'RE TOO BUSY TO ANSWER POSED QUESTIONS. I AM SO SAD AND DISAPPOINTED - they are supposedly a leader in CANCER CARE, but they don't care.

Caitlin Wilson

Poor clinical performance might be difficult to assess but in general any action or inaction by a nurse that puts a patient’s welfare at risk must be addressed. Each nurse—including office manager(s), doctors in charge— has the responsibility to ensure nurses are competent to practice nursing. In my case, the cooper physicians and the office manager on-site at 1103 kings hwy, cherry hill, nj failed to address an serious medical gross misconduct and discriminatory complaint with the LPN (low level) Michelle assigned to Dr. ROY. The nurse and the facility patient relation department concealed her identity, thus, it can not be reported to the State License Board. Not sure when, the law in New Jersey started to allow an LPN to give poor medical advice to the patients over the phone and without consulting with an Advance RN or the Doctors. I highly recommend everyone to stay away from all Cooper facilities and the doctors who is letting these nurse make medical decisions for your health. Taking medical advice from a LPN is no different then taking advice from a hospital room cleaning technician or food runner. Furthermore, don't waste your time with the Patient Relations Representative they are just as useless as their higher chain of commands. They will just get a feedback from you and close your complaint.

Genna Brunetta

Would give 0 stars if I was able to. Stuck here for 35 hours waiting for an induction. NOT ONLY WOULD THEY NOT PROVIDE US A ROOM FOR DELIVERY, but INSISTED that we must stay there while we wait for one. During this, we were informed the baby was at risk, and needed us to stay, BUT DID NOT KEEP THE MONITOR HOOKED UP. The Head Nurse was absolutely rude, snappy, and flat out ignored us. BUT WAIT Once she was moved to a room, they REFUSED to induce her, for lack of room, yet would not transfer to Virtua for proper treatment. Now they are trying to administer medicine to put her to SLEEP, just so the doctors don’t have to deal with her. May I add, her doctor (that she’s had for 9 months) was working, and has only seen her once for about 5 minutes. Now he sends his nurses into the room to inform her that they are reducing to induce her. How last minute, disrespectful, and rude. Would never, ever, ever wish a labor process like this to any expecting mothers. Don’t waste your time

Erica Miller

Excellent hospital! My mother came there and received specialized care and her health has really improved. She had a major surgery and all of the staff supported her though the whole process. I believe they helped save my mother's life. Thank you to all the technicians, nurses and doctors. We especially have to give acknowledgement to Dr. Coleman, Dr. Ortman, and nurse Kate Sparrow on the 9th floor in the Pavilion.

Kelly Bariglio

I had major spinal surgery on May 24 2017. Health aides wonderful. Post op a disgrace l screamed as an inept nurse tried to put in a line. Knowing my intense fear of sedation , since I've had MS since 1994, even my oral surgeon took precautions doing a minor procedure, a gang of nurses came at me held me down n put me out. After that it's just was a disinterest in me as a patient, l had replacement of my lower disc's from 2 to 4, my own body feels foreign to me, doctor doesn't call back only arrogant nurse. So my experience at Cooper not positive, even though l was born here!

Michael Ciccotelli

Great...everyone is so pleasant and very helpful.

Jenni Dye

I came to cooper for a cardiac study a few days ago, I must say I left feeling truly joyful and grateful for their staff. I give their full staff I saw that day 100 stars and Thank you all so much for the compassion in care I recieved. The staff from the front welcome desk through to my final escort out were very kind, caring, attentive, compassionate, happy, & hands down 1 of the best hospital visits I have ever had! Im so very grateful and blessed that the staff worked so well with me to heal my needs. THANKS AGAIN TRULY ANGELS! The cardiac care team was AMAZING

Cpo Oehboi

Horrible hospital, the experience has been something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. If you care about your loved ones I wouldn't take them to this hospital. And before I receive a email or call from Cooper Customer outreach. I hope they would think about why I would take the time to write a review like this before you ask "how can we help" and "I'm sorry for what you experienced" You're primary job is patient care and to that regard.... you have failed.

Thom Dickinson

Cooper/MD Anderson diagnosed and cured my wife's breast cancer that had been misdiagnosed by other providers. For me, the diligence of one of their internal medicine doctor's correctly diagnosed a brain condition that also had been misdiagnosed by several other health care providers...and Cooper NeuroSurgery successfully corrected the condition. Cooper Health is the ONLY institution we will trust for as long as we need health care services.

shakira johnson

If you have an emergency but your heart isnt falling out, you will wait forever in the ER waiting room. I once waited here for 8 hours to be seen for 30 minutes about a back injury in which they told me was nothing at first. I later found out that i have arthritis AND sciatica and my back. Making appointments is also horrible. Appointments are always backed up. So if i make an appoitment in september i may not be seen until late November. Staff is always very nice and respectful though. They need to hire more doctors. The wait take so long because they are understaffed on doctors and most people are waiting to see the same person

Jessica D

Worst hospital they take forever to discharge you. Nurse staff are rude and nasty! horrible attitudes!

Rosina Shrestha

Good pediatric ward. Loved and appreciated the stay

Joseph Dreyfus

Excellent treatment. Courteous staff. Thank you to all involved in caring for patients who need your help

jazmone byers

I am currently still sitting here in this hospital In what they call ITrack I’ve been here for 10 hrs complaining of pain in my lower right quadrant of my stomach it took 8.5 hrs before i even received my cat scan they are really slow and the staff is extremely loud and forget ab the Hippa law I’ve overheard every patient medical information including their treatment plan they Violate everyone’s privacy I would never suggest anyone To seek care from Cooper Hospital of Camden New Jersey!

Stewart Bourdain

There are two reasons why I respect Cooper: one is the fact that they are really helping the revitalization of my hometown, Camden. The other reason is that they are also a much needed academic hospital in the area that has the capacity to take over care once the county hospitals in the area fail to treat a patient.


Best hospital in NJ. Courteous, knowledgeable professional staff. Wonderful nurses and doctors. Beautiful facility.

lisa hill

I had an excellent experience! I thought the anesthesiologist, nursing staff and surgeon were great. They took time to speak to me and explain everything. The hospital is growing and renovated a lot. They’re part of MD Anderson in Texas. I have no complaints!!

Zubi M

Thank you soo much cooper for saving my baby life .. nd did what was best for me nd my baby i came here in emergency i was supposed to deliver in virtua mt holly but my water bag broke called the ambulance this hospital was the only one near to me ... thanks to all the staff nurses there were excellent specially laurie / margaret in emergency . Kristin my night nurse they all were great .

Jennifer Coleman

Although our experience with Cooper for my husbands operation was wonderful in regard to the doctors, facility, nurses, this all came crashing down once we called the billing department to talk about payment. We were told to either pay $328 a month or the account would go into collections. We attempted to explain what we could pay and were willing to give a credit card to keep on file to have automatic payments. This however was not enough and they were unwilling to work with us. Historically, we have used Virtua; their doctors, facilities, and billing department all did their part to make past experiences pleasant. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Cooper.


Cooper hospital does not even deserve 1 star for their service. Very bad billing management. Without informing me they asked collection agency to recover their money. Because, they submitted our claim with wrong diagnostic code and our insurance asked them to correct, but they never did. I had to fight with Cooper and their collection department to explain why insurance did not pay.. it took me more than a year with big mental stress. Now again today, I got letter from collection department ( I have no idea). Cooper never informed me that the claim got denied. I am again in mental stress by looking at the amount. When I check with my insurance, I got to know Cooper submitted that claim to wrong plan. How can they every time messed up with billing... no clue. Please guys, if you want to save your money and love yourself then please never use cooper hospital in your life. (I already changed my provider.. no more cooper for me and my family)

Siobhán O'Connell

I came to the Emergency Room for disorientation/cognitive difficulties. Basically I was having significant trouble thinking, understanding and responding to people, couldnt speak coherently. They had no clear what it was and didnt really care. I also had severe fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle pain and joint pain both around a level 7-9 that was steadily getting worse. I was sent home because "you arnt dying, the ER is for people who are dying or have something life threatening" and in reference to my joint pain, "your joints arnt swollen, when I had signifcant difficulty walking or even getting out of bed!

Luci Vazquez

Terrible I went to my appointment for the first time and they told me the doctor had to go into emergency to take care of a emergency ok I don’t blame him but isn’t he supposed to have a second doctor for his other patients appointment ? My boyfriend took the day off from work to drive me here a hour a half from home and I couldn’t see the doctor ? I m going through pain I had to wait a month to see him ? I couldn’t ? On top on that we needed to pay parking for nothing waste of time I didnt see him I don’t even want to come here again first worst experience ever .. no good

Vicky Ortix

My mother has been in there on several occasions n everyone there has bin so helpful n always a good experience the nurses and the social worker are the best they really help

Gary Smith

Never had a sub par or bad experience with Cooper and staff.

Michael Hattan

My father needed surgery and I was unavailable at the time to explain everything to him in plain English. The staff went above and beyond to make sure an interpreter is available for every step of my father’s care. The interpreter was very friendly too

Elsa Hart

Poor service not good experience. I waited on ER hallway for 7 hours. Only the resident came to see me No Attending.

Stoli Up

I have had two extreme medical conditions which have required two hospital stays, two outpatient surgeries, dozens of physician's appointment's, and too many tests to even mention. The physician's, nurse's, technician's and non-medical staff have been outstanding. I feel I have received care as good or better care then some of those Center City hospitals although I have received less then expected care from one nurse, and one physician's assistant in my 4 years of treatment. I would recommend this facility to anyone. The MD Anderson facility is also top notch.

Kylie Tomlinson

Very respectful staff, I’ve always had a good experience with Cooper

sherie reed

I interviewed twice there for a nursing position on N10 and the Nursing manager walked out on the interview twice. I'm thinking about turning them in to EEOC for discrimination. Even if they weren't interested in hiring me walking out in the middle of the interview is unacceptable.

James Altare

So u all have something that you want?

Tanesha Brown

I dont like this place we only go here if its an emergency but they treat you like they dont care

Tatiana Lenis

If I could rate zero stars I would. I took my husband into the ER with extreme abdominal pain, he was in so much pain he was falling over and could not even talk so he leaned over to the first seat he saw and the rude security woman said to get him off her chair, like really? The man couldn’t even walk! Then I’m told by the rude counter staff to get a wheel chair which I did and I wheeled my husband to a corner. The check in guy then called my husband’s name to take his information but since he couldn’t talk I was trying to talk for him. The man got really rude and said my husband had to answer to which my husband responded really loud that he was in extreme pain and could barely talk. I quickly realized that this was a crappy hospital and told my husband I would take him somewhere that would treat a him with respect and not a like a bum drug addict of the street. Took him to Virtua and finally we were treated like human beings. Before tonight I had always liked cooper. I have 4 children seeing cooper peds, one for diabetic care and I see cooper doctors for my cancer, internal, endocrine and cardiology care. Not anymore! They have seen this family for the last time! I’ll take my family where they value their patients!

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