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REVIEWS OF Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philadelphia IN Pennsylvania

Geraldine AP Harris

A fantastic medical institution that I rate a 5 Star from the day I walked into CTCA Philly April 2017 to present. I felt the love and professionalism from the door person greeting and assisting to Check In for the very 1st day. Everyone is courteous, professional and caring (entire staff), a positive atmosphere where Dr. Chura, my oncologist and my team give me the best treatments. I have no complaints at all and I am doing very well! With my Faith in God as He works thru the doctors is Amazing

Trina Spitzley

I felt the love and care here the moment I walked through the door. My daughter told me I would be crazy not to come here. The love, support and care from the entire staff was the best care a person could ask for. And the positive environment and support from patient to patient makes you feel like you just came home. Since my insurance changed and I can no longer come I miss this place so much. There is no comparison to the car the give!

David Scudder

Amazing place for genuine care and the best possible cancer treatments.

Dorothe Doyle

I called for an older friend who has stage IV stomach cancer & is on Medicare. I was told that they only accept a limited amount of patients on Medicare & not with advanced cancer.

Kate Shider

DO NOT GO THERE.. THE DOCTORS ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY!!! We just found out today that my father has been misdiagnosed with cancer. He had real Colon-Rectal cancer that he got treated for eleswhere. After that trumatic experience he had a test done and Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia said that he still had spots of cancer on his liver. He went through 12 months of chemo. In that time he lost money, time with his daughter, he had to sell his house boat to cover medical bills, he lost income from his job because he had to take time off to receive chemo, and he fell behind on rent and child support because of medical expenses. He went though all of this because his doctors were so greedy and didn’t care about his life. Today he asked for a second opinion from a doctor that does not work there. After the doctor was done looking at his test results he delivered the news that my dad had been misdiagnosed. People say that it is a good place to go if you have cancer, and I believe that. But make sure that they are not the ones telling you that you have cancer. The only reason I put one star is because I had to to be able to post, but they shouldn’t even get one.

Sue Ski

Seems to be alot of bad,alot of good reviews mostly on bad is when they treat you different when your insurance runs out or running out of personal out of pocket money so seriously sad,funny you know ,,they have free methodone clinics all across America for drug addicts but not free chemo for cancer and it is a drug that's just plain poison,,period

chucker roo

I am amazed at all the negative reviews!!!

Marie Brandt

This center gave my dad a second chance at life. Thank you

Fred Danezey

William Wurst

Not only I work there but I see miracles happen

Michael Shields

Jeff K

They want me to drive 6 hr. Have a 1 hr apt drive home 6 hrs and set appointment for test. Knowing i have brain tumors and cancer. Not gonna happen. I quit. Cancer won.

Kellie Joseph

Best place for cancer treatment accupunture chemo infusion compassionate care for caregiver etc


was told they made the "difficult decision" to not accept medicare patients. that might be a death sentence for my family member. when i started to give them a message about that travesty they HUNG UP ON ME.

Kahlito Evans


Steven Loftis

I've been here twice and Dr. Cornell is the best doctor I have seen in SMedical Center, 1331 . Every time I have tried to call my regular doctor when I am very sick, I'm told that they can't see me for a week at least. Here, they can see me that day and are very helpful over the phone. My recommendation is to book an appointment after the morning rush. 10:30am has been a good time when I have come in. The support staff is great and they have a lot of equipment at the facility that I hope I'll never have to use but I'm glad they have it.

Lamont Butler

raj Bhagat

Ralph Sierra

Best cancer center

Edmund Alparone

This place is the worse, it started with a failed surgery. Thet say how supportive they are yet they would talk to my wife out of my presents. They talked her into more radiation then I wanted her to have and burned her so bad she could no longer eat solid food. Please go anywhere else. They hurt her and shortend her life.

Manese Beliard

How can this place has 4.4 stars they douches bag and crooked my aunt came to this place as a tourist who had a 5 years Visa. Was pronounced she had cancer of course she has no insurance we called this place and arranged to start her treatment over there ,they acted all nice and very professional it was all good to be true she only went there for 2 visit they took 15, 000 hundreds dollars from us just for nothing!!!!!! Others reviewers who are reading this please take your family and love one somewhere else who's going to be totally honest with you

James Mayers

I work here and see the care and service we render...

Ronald Chambers

Donna Battle

A place where people can get the very best cancer care not just for the condition, but for the mind body and soul.

Ashley Charles & Amaurieo Charles

Linda Balletta

CTCA saved the lives of my brother and my niece. The hospitals in NY gave up on them. They wouldnt be here if not for CTCA.

Gloria Blueford

I was the first there to have Hipec for stage 4 colon cancer. Dr. Flynn was awesome from start to finish. Remission is wonderful!

Jason Lu

Tony Williams

I would like to thanks for giving hope and how they work with me to give me the best treatment FOR THEY Care.

Marquetta Dudley

My Mother is Still a patient here I absolutely loved this place at first,leaves you feeling as if there's hope However AFTER My mothers 65 Birthday her insurance changed and her Treatment changed for the worse.Although I am Very concerned we are hopeful that the team is dedicated to caring and helping her through her journey. We will see and if things continue to decline and the care continues to go downhill because of her insurance we will seek other options.God will lead us in the right direction! Prayers to All

John Aponte

Because they saved my life. They are all ANGELS sent from GOD.

Deborah Bell

What I like about this place is the fact that everything is in one place, e.g., bloody work, chemo, ct scan, etc and most of the people are friendly. What I don't like about it is that you become very much aware that this place is more about $ than it is about people. Trust someone whose husband just received a $25K bill, the courtesies dwindle once you're on the hook. And heaven help you if your insurance does not cover out of area costs. Thank God we can barely afford the costs, but I feel bad for those who needed help and were not getting it because of out of state costs and were not covered. I have found that if the attitude or stiffness becomes unbearable, just complain......loudly.

Quickscope_Addiction z

Carmella Siconolfi

Janice Hollingsworth

The best place to go for cancer help to fight for life. Wonderful,Confident, Skilled Doctors,Nurses,all the help.

Rob Dalton

Mina’s World

This is the worst place for anyone to send their family member for care! We live in Philadelphia and the coordinator claimed we can’t receive care here in Philly because of “insurance issues” but we can get all the “Southern Hospitality & Care” at the Georgia facility?! When I personally called my insurance company they said the Philadelphia office is CONTRACTED with my insurance and they don’t understand why the coordinator would say they weren’t?! I have several reasons why they would lie to someone suffering with CANCER....they are a price tag! It’s awesome to fly someone from Philadelphia to Newnan Georgia who has stage3b CANCER in the LUNG!!!! Who doesn’t want to stay in a hotel for six weeks of RADIATION & CHEMO away from family?! Don’t believe the hype from CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA! They prey upon the minds of ppl suffering....

T.E. Steger

Thank You CTCA Philadelphia! Your level of care is awesome and you treated me with respect during my visit this year.

Michael Taylor

This facility is no different than anywhere else "accept" they give you the limo treatment and overwhelm you with 12 doctor appointments in 2.5 days to give you the "smoke n mirror" effect. Everyone is super nice and goes the extra mile the first two days leading up the last half day which is the "hail Mary money maker" that being the meetings with the radiologist & oncologist. These two doctors make 90% of all profits for the hospital so they are the D day and they prey on the patients desperately to win over the BIG PHARMA way that hadn't cjachan for 100 years which is chemo & radiation that national surveys show if they themselves or their family members had to undergo the very same treatment, they would not allow, so don't let the "limo treatment" pursue you into their death trap and false hope especially with Dr Kazmi who is the most inconsiderate Oncologist when it comes to "non traditional" treatment like Cannabis because she doesn't get the "kickbacks" from BIG PHARMA" for prescribing the none carsanagenics like chemo that cost tens of thousands to the patients that medical science has show KILLS MORE THAN IT SAVES. The irony is every doctor agrees to an OATH which says thou shall not administrator POISON or cause KNOWN HARM to a patient or victim, yet most Oncologist are like funeral directors that are brain washed and see no other way.


They treat you awesome while you are there. My issue is with my surgery and what they kept from me. I had my surgery in June '16 because I had a recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer in 2 lymph nodes. 29 lymph nodes were removed. In Dec'16 my follow up ultrasound showed 2 nodes. The Dr told me I probably had a more aggressive cancer because I just had surgery and 2 nodes are now showing up. I was to go back in June'17 for more tests and scans. I told my local doctor what happened and she couldnt believe it. I showed her my ultrasound report from Dec'16. Well the report shows that the large lymph node is the SAME lymph node I had before surgery that was supposed to be taken out. The doctor did not take it out and did not tell me she did not take it out. Why tell a patient they may have a more aggressive cancer instead of just admitting you left the cancer in them???? So now I have to have another surgery to take out what was supposed to come out the first time. I was very pleased with CTCA until this happened. My team NEVER told me this lymph node was left. I am very disappointed in all of my doctors there because someone should have spoke up! I am extremely disappointed with Dr Yoo Bowne for saying I could have a more aggressive cancer instead of admitting her mistake.

J de la Cruz

The patient is first

John Standridge

denise makely

Team work is amazing . Staff ,doctors ,office staff are always so pleasant. I've never saw such an amazing place.

michelle lemasney

My husband was age 49 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had already spread to the liver, and the first hospital gave him 11 months to live so we tried cancer centers and we thought at first we made the best decision I felt like we were in good hands and we had a chance but 6 months later it spread to his spine ,hip and lungs and we were devastated but of course I am not blaming cancer centers for that but when it spread he started getting swelled in his stomach which was making him hard to breathe and so much pain so the first time we found this out they drained him and it took them about an hour and you could see the look of relief in his face ,the doctor added radiation and about 2 weeks later he swelled up again so I took him back to the there on July4th and he begged to be drained and it took them hours which made him weak so he stayed and the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him while in the hospital about a week later it happened again and this time it took them from 3am when the nurse called it in the nurse said I called them so they will take him early this time well they didn't take him until 4 that afternoon he suffered the entire time he just kept begging to be drained cause it was so hard for him to breathe and the pain it caused he looked like a 9 month pregnant person so the last time they drained him and ended putting a bag in him so it would drain itself and when they sent him back to his room blood started pouring in the bag the doctor on call said they hit something and he bled out and he landed in the intensive care unit that night and he passed away 3 days later .I don't understand why they did not put a bag in to drain it the first time when he was not weak and walked into the hospital but waited until the 3rd time when he suffered so many hours and to weak to a procedure like that done to him .I understand he was going to die but he shouldn't of had to suffer and be in that much pain so many hours for something that took them 45 min to do.

Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla

yeet skeet

I want to thank the team for giving me more time with my mother

John Fitzpatrick

Amazing care for body and soul. Love this place

Steve Lewis

I was going to CTCA in Philly because of melanoma cancer within the body. I saw a local Dr here who gave me [5] years to live back in 2009. I saw a commerical for CTCA on TV and contacted them direct and may the trip to the facility. We met with the people, Dr's, and accounts payable and were told they could help after reviewing my records. The facility is very clean, and the people are very friendly and I enjoyed working with them. One Issues there is Dr's and people turnover. The inconstant facts given to me regarding treatment, insurance payment and follow-up. I was traveling from NC to Pa by car for scans, blood work and a Dr. visit. Good thing is the test are completed the same day, and you see the Dr.. bad thing is the travel time and I was exhausted at the days end. We had an Insurance issue that caused me to stop going and the cost to travel back and forth and find out NO treatment was required every visit, was out of the question. The only reason I was going there was because they wanted all my test done by the same techician's where they said if I did them local they could not be sure the readings would be the same because of the different people involved in the test and readings. After great expense, a lot of my time, the final result was NO treatment and I decided to go to another Dr locally. Well this is what I have learned in 2015, Good news is I'm totally clean of the cancer and they said after my first surgery in 2009 I was in remission and CTCA should of said that instead of continuing test and Dr. visits for nothing. Of course when you go there they will tell you your insurance will cover it and you should go ahead and not worry. Beware of this ploy. Because when it is all done the paperwork, trust, and help they are giving you can cost you a lot out of pocket and if you have a caregiver cause a lot of undue stress. I wish anyone good luck with treatment just make sure you check all your options!

Nadia Sywkiw

James Hopper

CarolP2045 .

I have been a patient there for 6 years and since I have turned 65 and transitioned to Medicare my treatment went from great to non existent. I am no longer able to get the scans I did and travel has become almost impossible. For 6 years I was almost 100% PET scanned every 3-5 months. Exactly the next time and since then after going on Medicare I am now told it can not be medically justified. I asked why it was justified before and now it isnt since my medical condition is if not worse (dont know), it certainly isnt better. My doctor, who I used to love and trust, said he couldnt answer that question, but then admitted to me that they cannot be guaranteed payment from Medicare. So which is it Doc, payment issues or non justifiable? Does that mean you were taking advantage of my insurance company for the last 6 years? I wanted to believe that all the negative reviews were just from people who didnt understand or who had over reasonable expectations. I wanted to believe that the love, caring, care and attention provided by my Oncologist and the immediate ancillary staff were genuine, but the reality is it was money driven. I am now trying to figure out how I am going to get the care I deserve from whoever the provider may be. The medicare system and government suck and CTCA is a lie.

Lawrence Hadley

OMG can not say enough about Doctors and staff what a wounderful place to be if you have Cancer

Shannon Ricks

I am currently receiving care from this facility and the doctors here and I am exceptionally pleased with them and the care I'm receiving. They are attentive, caring, knowledgeable and proactive! Thee best care I've ever received! I have so much more but I can't find the words to express my gratitude!!

Alisa Smith

Michele fefe

This place almost killed my mother.I advise anyone that go to this place fine another place they not right it's alot from the DOCTORS TO THE FOOD TOO THE HOTEL BE CAREFUL and and a person my family meet in Philadelphia her husband was a patient their and she said they killed her husband this organization has alot of loss suits pending and my mother still not doing to good after they messed her up she done had several operations and gotta go for another one October 2

Anita Gray

I am a Medicare patient with incurable Stage 4 breast cancer which has metastasized to my bones. I was treated for 6 months locally and then transferred my care to CTCA-ERMC in Philadelphia because I wanted more than just medicine for this journey. I received counseling and support in many forms which gave me strength to deal with the cancer diagnosis and all that it entails. From the beginning, through the ups and downs associated with this disease, I have been treated there in a way that has far surpassed any expectations. And I know this is true for so many others that I meet there monthly. For the past 5+ years, I have been given amazing care at CTCA and an opportunity for a high quality of life in spite of a difficult diagnosis. My oncologist and the stakeholders at CTCA are incredibly caring and are like family to me. I look forward to every visit knowing I am getting the best possible help. The atmosphere is always upbeat and even my caregivers leave amazed at the experience of each visit. No special promises were made to me and I know there is not yet a cure for many of us with advanced cancer, but this is where I want to be treated for as long as I possibly can. CTCA is a place of unmatched care and Hope.

Lillian Hunter

Before information was given to the patient by a medical professional, this institution posted devastating news into the patient's online account. My friend had a four hour drive home, sobbing and in shock, when she learned her cancer had spread to several new places and in the bone. As a professional Registered Nurse, I am outraged. As a friend, I am severely disappointed in the idea that this institution, which touts treating the "whole" patient, would allow this to happen. Be cognizant of what you're doing, employees. It may be a another ho-him patient to chart on to you, but to the patient and their families it is their LIFE.

ROBIN Darling

I feel that this organization is very bias, due to a persons finacial status or there insurance plan.or their poverty level. Rather your patients have medicaid, medicare or managed are plan we all deserve life over money. I have lost so many friends that reached out to cancer treatments of america and died due to treatable cancers in their first stages. It's all about beuocracy7 And that's sad at the osteoporosis of a life what if it were you or a family member.

Matthew Kratz

Thank you for taking care of my wife april

Brittany Cannon

I wanted to share the amazing experience my family had at CTCA in Newnan Georgia. A family member was diagnosed of prostate cancer and the treatment options in our area were limited.Physicians say it is slow growing but since the patient was only 56 they wanted to treat aggressive in our area by doing a surgery and removing the prostate. the long term potential side effects are urine leakage and erectile dysfunction. We decided to reach out to the CTCA for additional options. They had a therapy not available locally and we decided to make the trip...It was the best choice we could have made. They arranged everything for my family so they could come to the center for a second opinion. In two days they completed all testing in place of the six months it would normally take. All areas of the discipline met with us and a decision was made. the staff was the best I have ever encountered. I am a medical professional and I can say it was the best . I recommend anyone on a cancer journey reach out to this Treatment Center. Calls are returned quickly. treatment begins soon after the decision is made and all the scheduling is done by the center. They provide transportation to and from the center, hotel accomodation with wonderful staff and even animal friendly. The security guards, transport drivers, greeters, nurses, doctors and all staff are wonderful. They know your name not just your face. The Center has state of the art technology and they make you feel like you just entered a resort. My husband stayed in Georgia for 6 weeks and had NO side effects from radiation. He has no urine leakage and no erectile dysfunction. They made it so we could afford to keep him there for 6 weeks. They think of everything!! Some of the reviews I read paint a different picture. I need you to keep in mind that people write reviews based on opinions. Yes all medical is generated by insurance and many other behind the scenes politics. There are not many medical facilities that provide treatment without proper insurance and ability to pay. I can tell you that our experience was wonderful. I highly recommend this place to anyone that is doing cancer treatment!! They are the best in cancer treatment. They treat you like family and make it affordable. The support in the community is also amazing. At the hotels you meet many people that are on the cancer journey. EVERYONE has amazing stories. I say put your faith in God and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America!!!!!!!!!!!

Zalena Skye

They only care about money $$$$$

Dori Holmes

Although very nice during web chat. HOW the hell do you NOT ACCEPT MEDICARE? How do you call yourself a Cancer Center of America if you do NOT take all insurances.

Deniqua Gardner

They took excellent care of my mother. They made her feel right at home and they made us (visitors/caregivers) feel right at home too. I love it

Carlie Palmer

My mother went to CTCA . She had liver cancer and decided to go to CTCA in hope to rid her of this awful disease that had come back for the third time. She went out there once a month. Her doctor put her through an experimental treatment. She went through an intense amount of radiation that was suppose to shrink the tumor. When she was home she was taken off of solid food because she could no longer hold it down. Her doctor ordered her to feed through a feeding tube. The method of feeding was TPN. After months of this she showed no signs of progression. She started to get worse. Her liver started to fail due to the TPN. She became too weak to go and went back to the University of Maryland. The doctors agreed that she should of been doing much better than what she was. She died shortly after that due to liver failure. Her doctor did not treat her appropriately and it resulted in death. I would give them no stars if it was an option.


Every, EVERY, staff member that we (the visitors) encountered were extremely kind and helpful. No matter what their position, they asked how we were, if there was anything we needed, anything they could do for us, could they get us something to drink, and so on...they were not only concerned with the patient (of course) but they were also concerned the patient's loved ones. You do not receive this type of care and concern from other facilities and it did not go unnoticed and it was so very much appreciated.

Stan Cohen

You also discriminate against senior citizens by not accepting Medicare Look how your representatives beat around the bush without giving straight answers and try to obtain personal information. Copy of chat which happened tonight. I even had to make up a name just to chat. SHAME: Mona S: Thank you for contacting Cancer Treatment Centers of America. My name is Mona, how may I help you? Me: Do you accept Oxford Freedom Plan Mona S: Were you or a loved one diagnosed with cancer? Me: I just want to know about insurance. Do you accept this plan? Mona S: We would have to verify with the insurance. Is that through the employer? Me: Yes United Healthcare Oxford Freedom plan. Are you in network and do you accept new patients with this insurance plan? Mona S: I can verify the insurance. We would need the Id number as well as customer service number to reach out to. Me: I don't need or want to verify my insurance. Please just state whether or not your facility is accepting new patients with this insurance plan. Mona S: There are many different types of insurance plans. That's why we reach out to the insurance company. Me: I have provided you with the exact insurance company plan. Mona S: Again we need id number and phone number Me: You are in network or not Mona S: We are out of network with most uhc plans Me: Ok that is a partial answer. Please check Oxford Freedom plan Mona S: id number and phone number is needed Mona S: You can call them also Mona S: to verify Mona S: Hopefully that helps Me: No it is not to determine plan participation. This information is required only to check MY coverage and benefits Mona S: I wish you the best Mona S: God bless you Me: I will be sure to flame you on Facebook and complain to insurance if I find out you are in-network Mona Mona S: God bless you Me: You are inappropriately requesting HIPAA protected information Mona S: Insurance is not Hipaa I;m sorry you are misinformed Mona S: Again you are welcome to reach out to your insurance company Mona S: or we can verify with infromation Mona S: I wish you the best Me: PHI is anything that can identify me to include my name do and insurance number Me: I will now report this as well Mona S: We verify beneifts for all our patients to make sure they are well informed Mona S: I hope you find what you are looking for Mona S: Have a wonderful weekend Mona S: Hope it gets better Me: I am not asking for my benefits just your participation Me: Status with this plan Mona S: As I stated we are out of network Mona S: I have already provided this information Me: No you said out of network with most UHCplans with out stating MY plan Mona S: Yes we are Me: So then THAT is the answer. Not trying to steal my PHI for marketing Mona S: We still verify for each patient and do our due diligence for our patients in case benefits have changed Mona S: Mike have a wonderful night Me: I can't wait to post this conversation on Facebook Mona S. Have a good night Mona S: Again if I offended you I am sorry. I'm not sure why you are upset Mona S: I hope you get the help you are looking for Mona S: God bless you Mona S: Take care Mike Collin Mona S: If you need our help in fighting your cancer we will do our very best Mona S: I wish you the best in your fight The agent has ended the chat. Save Chat

Kenia Cabrera

They have taken care of my dad as if he's family! I recommend this center to anyone fighting cancer.

Debra Beard-Bader

Scam outfit, refuses the poor or those with limited insurance because they are a private FOR PROFIT corporation accountable primarily to their owners. They skew their success rates by cutting loose the "bad" outcomes, refusing to accept patients that demographically will or may hurt their "survival rates," etc. There is a lot of sad data out there that distressed families & cancer patients don't want to consider.

César Rosas Hernández


Lu Ann Freeman

Pauly Oncu

My wife has stage 4 lung cancer and after 2 other opinions we chose CTCA. They took care of everything from the scans, treatment and medicine. They are personal and very helpful in every way. We feel so comfortable here and the staff is great. Also the food is amazing and free.

ren j

Candace Stewart

Surrounded By Love, Support, Encouragement and Strength!!

Cynthia Baldwin smith

Everyone treats you like family . We are happy we decided to bring our father here

Tabitha Scott

When we first contacted the cancer center we were welcomed with arms wide open and finally had hope. The staff were all very helpfully and kind, the center was very clean and comfortable. Appearance is not always what it appears to be. Going into treatment 6 months now and we had to tell the doctors every time we needed a scan thinking the cancer spread. Meantime since they were slow at helping we ended up in 2 different hospitals and a broken leg. Cancer spread without notice bc they said “we can’t do scans on every part of body”. So I guess I’m order to get proper treatment you must diagnose yourself. Cancer went untreated while treatments failed. Delays in between treatments which caused cancer to get aggressive. Oh and don’t ever get admitted to their ICU department. Worst heartless staff you can possibly imagine for the most part. There were a few good employees who helped but for the most part they didn’t not treat us like “motherly love” as advertised. Also must have perfect insurance or you will be turned down.

Sonya Bratman

This center is a complete RIP OFF!!! They take advantage of sick people with cancer. I called the center and spoke to Mark Gabriel who said that my insurance would cover all of the procedures. He assured me there wouldn't be any extra costs. I also spoke to the registration where they took my health insurance card and did not NOTIFY me this center was out of network for me and all of the procedures would not be covered. I am now in thousands of dollars in debt all because this center!!! They do not disclose anything and take advantage of lost people that are seeking help, medical help and they take advantage of them!!! they are the epitome of what is wrong with our healthcare system. They are cynical, two faced, ugly people that shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine. Written on behalf of my mother's experience.

Illuminated by Dezign

If your thinking about going to Cancer Treatment Centers DON'T!!! HEAD MY WARNING! They take advantage of sick people and ther insurance companies! When they canceled my fathers insurance they acted like he ddnt exist or the whole in the back of his head they created!. After he was a patient there for 7years you would think he would have had.better care. They continually messed up his surgeries which were on his head with infections & ovr radiating so his head wouldn't heal. They would not even take our calls. No one would take him bc they didnt want to touch someone else's mess so to speak! I wish I would have never called them in the first place! Never in my life have I seen people be so inhumane & cold then the day I saw them escort a woman on her death bed because her insurance was canceled! They ddnt care she was.moments from death. Completely heart breaking! Don't let them do to U What they did to my family and that woman's.

betsy ferrell

This is a place where they go above and beyond to help you.

Melissa Anderson

No words can describe my satisfaction for CTCA. Never have I ever experienced a medical facility that cares so much about their patients! Unlike most hospitals, money is not their primary motive... your health is. What an awesome place! I wish I lived closer so I could volunteer there!

Stephen E. Brice

This place and the people you meet fills you with warmth and hope for your journey ahead.

Timothy Knipling

Mary Nice

Alexis Grenier

This is the most amazing place for people with cancer. As bad as everything could have been for my dad who had stage 3C colon cancer the cancer treatment center of America made it as easy as they could. I am so grateful for what they do.

Megan Devlin

Thank you for giving my mom more time with me and her granddaughter.

Calypso Lune

Tonya Forrest

Ken Wilson

August 4th my mom lost her cobra....they demanded we leave..well..except mom was in a seized her assets and allowed her to die say I like ctca would be me saying..i back pretty..good food..death.

Kim Gladding

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