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AydenBear MHelt

I have had my fair share of visits here; in fact, I have gone to this hospital only since I was a kid and even my kids have been here as well. Each visit, although nobody wants to go to a hospital or even stay there, it was amazing because they make you feel like you're at home. Last visit I had was delivering my youngest son in April 2018, and they did great! The staff members were nice and very caring. Our very last visit was for my youngest son who was admitted to the pediatric unit for RSV in October 2018, and they made sure he was very well taken care of as well as treated him as if he was their own. Unfortunately, we do not live in the area anymore, but would definitely go here if needed and if I am visiting again ... And would also recommend this hospital to anyone.

Lorenzo Amaya

Almost nobody in the waiting room in ER yet I have been waiting for an hour and a half (and counting). The two other people are asking for managers because nobody is getting help. I can’t believe people give positive reviews of this hospital. Maybe the other services are decent (non-ER). Because this is the weirdest ER I have seen. They should drop the emergency because it’s really more just a room. I was ordered to go to the ER by my dr. Now I wish I would’ve asked for an ER referral before I came here.

Bella D

Excellent hospital!!!! I received nothing but "EXCELLENT" service from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I was wheeled out to my brother!!!! Every employee that I came in contact with at The Rothman Institute & Bryn Mawr Hospital were "EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!" I am soooooo grateful & thankful to them all !!!!! I can't say enough "PHENOMENAL" things about them!!!!! Once again, Dr. Williams Jr, MD has come to my rescue!!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Williams Jr, MD, his personal staff, all the employees at Rothman Institute & all the employees at Bryn Mawr Hospital!!!! God Bless them all !!!!!!!!

Nika Shakhmuradova

Bryn Mawr Hospital Employees are extremely professional, trained, helpful, accommodating! They go above, and beyond their duties, tasks, in the midst of their already hectic schedules.

Betsey Iannarelli

I had a wonderful experience with the nurses on the labor and delivery floor and the maternity floor. I was sad every time there was a shift change because I loved my nurse, but I ended up liking the new ones who came on shift just as much. Very caring and wonderful nurses who answer questions and spend as much time with you as you need. I had two AMAZING nurses who were with me while I was in labor and I wish I could remember their names- I was so thankful they were there, they had wonderful bedside manner and truly helped me stay calm and get through delivery. I also had great experiences with both of the lactation consultants, Jill and Lydia. Even the security guards were amazing- we arrived at the hospital at 3am and I was in labor and could barely walk, a security guard met us and led us quickly to the right floor, then he even took my husbands car (which we had left running outside the main doors) to the valet and brought him back the keys on the L&D floor. We were so grateful! I had to drive 30 minutes to Bryn Mawr to have my baby but it was worth it and I know I will deliver there again if I have another! My ONLY complaint is that the woman who takes the room service orders over the phone was rude to me every time I placed an order- that was disappointing because everyone else was so helpful and pleasant!

John Hobson

Cardiac team is excellent.

William Mount

Dr kho physical therapy

Carlos Gonzalez Madrid

Good attention.

Sully Francis

Very amicable staff. Good service. Clean premises. No complaints from me.

Dayannah Woody

After leaving from having a horrible experience at Delaware County Memorial Hospital just hours before, I arrived in horrible abdominal pain. At DCMH, I was treated for constipation, which nothing happened - just made my pain worse. I was not constipated. After blood tests, an IV, and a CT scan, Bryn Mawr Hospital Nurse, Kerri & Dr. Schider discovered I have Mesenteric Lymphadenitis and Renal Insufficiency; which is inflammation of my lymph nodes in my abdomen. Although, I cannot take pain meds, at the moment, I did find out that dehydration makes the pain worse - which is what the treatments for constipation where actually doing. I am now scheduled to meet with a gastroenterologist to try to figure out why I am having these issues and how to resolve them. I am definitely more confident in the results, even though I don’t like them, and I have full confidence & respect for this hospital. Everyone really knows what they are doing! Great staff! Very caring, extremely attentive!

Virginia Moore

William E

Helen Abera

Brette Husar

My grandmother recently got back from a week's stay and was so happy with the experience she insisted we write a review. This is what she wants to say: "I greatly appreciate their care. The doctors, nurses, technicians and even food service delivery people. Having been to this hospital for 4 separate visits, the quality is always consistent. Thank you to all of you who helped care for me and helped me recover quickly. God bless you all." This is a great hospital and the staff are very considerate and kind to family of those who are staying as well.

dawn harris

A friend of mine recently had to have her 2 year old admitted. First in the er she was ignored while white people were seen first she is native American. She was told her son didn't look sick enough yet he was admitted for a week and coukd have died god forbid. Then when she reported the way she was treated and was very upset naturally and exhausted from having a very ill 2 year old the doctor decided to call cps on her after her son was discharged because she didn't "cope" with his hospital stay well. The doctor told cps the mother didn't have "coping" skills! Cps didn't have enough to go on so the case was immediately dropped and no visit was needed. This is not the way a mother should be treated when they are all alone as a single mom with their 2 year old deathly ill in the hospital! I hope a complaint will be filed with that doctor and looked into seriously as well as an investigation into the way she was treated in the er also.

Matt Jones

MOTHERS BEWARE! Your babies are not safe here. This hospital circumcised me against my will. I am now permanently disfigured and mutilated. The doctors and hospital administrators that allow this violence to occur against innocent children should have their licenses revoked and be put in prison.

Angel L

I entered Bryn Mawr's Psychiatric Unit in 2007 and was horrifically traumatized. The experiences I had with the threatening, uncompassionate staff and doctors who only wanted to force drugs down my throat, left me with flashbacks of the trauma, even now, 6 years later. One day I was given so many drugs that I blacked out in the arms of my husband. I nearly died several times from dehydration and no one seemed to care. And one nurse even threatened to punch me if I did not comply with her orders. It was beyond a nightmare, the conditions were dirty and cramped and totally unsupportive of any kind of healing. Please think very seriously about committing a loved one to this institution of horrors, they will most likely emerge with post traumatic stress disorder. There are so many other healing options, look into something holistic. The doctors here do 1 thing--prescribe medications, they have no training nor interest in helping one to HEAL, they just place you aside like cattle and hope the drugs will keep you quiet. The place should be closed, it is a disaster.

Unsigned Music

Terrible service tried not treating my husband for pain treatment because so many people come in fake pain for painkillers and tried accusing him as being a drug feined although my husband is. Us marine vet and is now missing a leg for his country he told drs he can't sleep and experiences terrible pain they said he was trying to jus use them for pain meds when he just took a leg for this country fucj this hospital remind u my husband has a clean record never abused drugs at all and just because he said he's in pain and lost a leg assume he just wants to get high

Marilynn Ziegler

I can't say enough about the excellent care that was given to my husband. Everyone was kind and compassionate to him and all his family. I was comforted by the gentleman at the front desk, hugged by a cashier in the cafeteria and even the custodian comforted me. My husband was very ill and passed away in the hospital. Nurses, doctors and staff could not have been more compassionate.

Armand Gjeka

Negligence and malpractice runs wild in this business-first,-patient-wellbeing-last type of facility

Sarah K

Took my baby here for flu symptoms. The ED had some type of water main break, but I was still roomed in under an hour. The more important thing was the team tested her right away for RSV, which was positive. Then they were fast and very aggressive in supporting her (no medication required- just fluids and oxygen). They also made a very quick decision to transfer to a higher level of care. Without that fast testing the baby may have ended up intubated, putting her at risk of more illness. Huge thanks for probably saving her.

Raj S

Very slow service. We were told by the urgent care doctor to immediately rush to the ER.. Not sure if the hospital understood the emergency. Had to wait 3+ hours for an UltraSound and that was bad..I wish we could get speedy service in future!

Mary Sprameli

My husband was sent to the er for chest pains. I cannot say enough about the quality of treatment he received Everyone from registration to the surgeons were helpful, informative, pleasant and thorough. I was especially pleased with the er employees. Even though it was busy, my husband received the best quality care. Bryn Mawr hospital is the only place he will go to for medical care. Thank you all so much.


I never in my life was treated so poorly by a Dr. her name was Dr. Khorammi. How unprofessional and confusing. She never makes a point she just gives you a run around until basically you either self diagnose yourself (which i did) or get told to leave if what's going on is above her intelligence level. It's a shame I would like to leave 5 stars for the amazing nurses, other dr's, and staff but I was under her care (which I begged to not be after the first encounter during my stay) so I base this review on her. A good dr never needs to tell you they are a good dr, their actions speak for their words . All she repeated was "I'm a good dr" Her actions and bed side manners deserve a negative 5 rating. I hope no one else was treated so poorly by her. Again this review is based on her, if this was for everyone but her I would put five stars. But unfortunately a rating goes by who's care you're under and you are only as strong as your weakest link with reviews.

Janet Martinelli

My husband was just there for 2 weeks - first to have gall bladder removed then, at end of his stay, a foot amputated. We want to give a shout-out to all of the nurses and techs on 4C. You are the BEST!!! Dr. Patton and other doctors that treated him are awesome too.

Omar Franklin

David Brown

terrible customer service, very rude nurses

Ko B

We brought our son in with severe chest congestion for the seventh time in five months, , and yet again we waited with him gasping and wheezing for several hours before they gave him a treatment of the same medications he has at home, ignored or questions about the cause it, and told us to take him home and call the local pediatrician if it gets worse. We were in the damned emergency room, and you tell us to leave and call a local doctor if he gets worse? ! When the doctors are there and not walking out on you to answer the phone, they seem friendly enough. I can't speak to their expertise. .. so far they just keep addressing symptoms and ignoring our questions about the actual cause.

Christine V

I cannot say enough great things about this hospital. The service and every single employee was SO NICE and caring. Thank you!

Sheila Bibby

In and out quick of the ER quick. There were no extremely long waiting times and I actually saw a doctor not just an assistant and a nurse. Definetly will be going here for all of my families needs!

Michele Alperin

The nurses , technicians , and doctors were very nice to me and provided excellent care. Housekeeper was very kind.

Camila Elizabeth

My mom has had 2 surgeries recently at Bryn Mawr the first one was outpatient and the staff and volunteers were awesome. They constantly checked on me and updated me with what was going on (4/28/16) the second was supposed to be outpatient but they ended up admitting her (which was a great decision made by the dr she couldn't lift her leg by herself at all until the next day when she was released later in the afternoon) still great, constantly updated me, asked if I wanted coffee or donuts and let me know as soon as my mom was in post op. She was transferred to a room in 3C and the whole staff there was awesome for the 2 days she was there. Her PCTs were great and so were the nurses. The cleaning person threw away her menu so when Michael from the kitchen came to give her fresh ice water in the morning he went out of his way to not only give her a menu, but read it to her because she didn't have her glasses and then he even ordered her breakfast for her! Her care was amazing there.... Would definitely feel comfortable to bring her back and would go there myself. My mother has been being treated for melanoma (cancer) and they have really helped me with how much they have helped in taking care of my mom. I was comfortable enough leaving her overnight and knew she was in great hands. I would truly like to thank all of the staff especially Her nurses and PCTs and Michael for taking such great care of her on 6-2-16 and 6-3-16!!!!!!! Her words to describe her time there "better than being at a 5 star hotel" haha thank you all!!!!

Sameeksha Raghuwanshi

Thomas Highfield

saved my butt

Kyyle Rhea

People repeatedly pick up and immediately hang up the phone. Very frustrating after being transferred multiple times, having every single operator be annoyed that you called the wrong number despite being transferred to that number from the department they're transferring me back to.

L Zacamy

My mother was brought in for a fall at her job at 8:30pm. After being notified I got there at 10:30pm from driving from out-of-state. She was still in a collar that was put on by triage and it didn't fit!!! It was sliding up over her face and she was holding it down...FOR 3 HOURS!!! The nurse kept telling her she was going to read the scans and xrays for over 2hrs while I was there... When I told them we wanted something done the nurse became condescending so I went off about the unacceptable treatment of my Mom!!! All of a sudden the doctor was notified. She never even saw a doctor til 4 hours after she was brought in!!! The doctor doesn't do anything and in less than 5 minutes of speaking with us said she can go home!?! The nurse them comes back in with discharge papers apologizing about how busy they were. You guys weren't too busy to corral around the computers and chit chat, LOUDLY, though... They never even cleaned or bandaged the wound on her arm from the fall!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

Darlene Lipka

Sean Firn

The most dishonest hospital i have ever been to. David the social worker has to be the worst human i have ever meet and the staff stole my shoes. Filled out a complaint forum at this point im sure they just threw it in the trash. Worst 32 hours of my life! Go anywhere but here and dont send your loved ones here.

Josh S

I was in immense pain when I came in. After about 40 min of waiting, I was seen and checked in. The doctor spoke to me for literally three minutes as I was taking off my shoes to get into my robe. 7 hours later I had not seen, nor heard from him again. I flagged down a nurse (since I had not seen on in two-and-a-half hours) and asked to speak to my doctor (Dr. Ulan). She seemed surprised. She told me I'd already been discharged a while ago. I was bewildered and insisted I speak to the doctor. When he arrived, he told me I'd need to talk to my family doctor (whom I'd seen that morning and had sent me to the ER). I asked why nothing was being done to figure out why I was in so much pain. He responded with, and this is a direct quote, "Well, what do you want ME to do?!" That's about when I lost it. That visit was a complete waste of a day and money. By the time I'd left I was in as much pain as when I'd arrived, but completely disheartened, $150 poorer, and frustrated beyond compare. Unless you are in a life or death situation, go somewhere else.

Soujanya Thanneru

We were here for L&D and the experience was great with nurses & doctor, but staff in maternity were horrible especially in night shifts & weekends. They were expecting us to do everything by ourselfs instead helping us out and they were expecting the visiting guests to help us instead. Moreover we had go through rude lectures for requesting to hold our daughter for a moment. This is just the major part so you can imagine how other things would have gone....... my wife was in so much pain on the day of leaving as they forgot to provide medication.

Christopher Ross

Nothing but positive. Their emergency room is state of the art, very clean and fast.

Stephanie Morinelli

Only hospital in the area I’ll go to

Genine Massaquoi


Clueless. I just had an outpatient procedure done this morning and it was laughable. Speaking with the woman at admissions was like speaking to someone at the DMV. After I gave her my information she told me to have a seat in the waiting room until I was called. I waited for an HOUR to be admitted and was beginning to get antsy. I went to to the counter to borrow a pen for a crossword puzzle and the woman at the desk asked me my name. When I told her she very brusquely informed me that "they've been looking for you in the surgi-center", as if it was MY responsibility that they had completely forgotten to send me over. When I went to the surgi-center the woman at the counter rolled her eyes and informed me that they'd been waiting forever! Well, pardon me! No apologies, just another off-handed, clumsy attempt to blame me for her incompetence and lack of communication between the administrative staff. Really very poor.

Joshua Miller

I want to start by saying that the nurses and doctors I had during my 3 day stay after being admitted through the ER were mostly very nice. The Poor rating is for their billing. The 3 day stay was billed both as in-patient and out-patient requiring me to pay extra as if they were separate incidents. On top of it, I got the hospital bill and individual bills from about a half dozen different doctors for hundreds of dollars each. With all of these mistakes, multiple billing groups who don't communicate with each other and other issues with them not even submitting some things to my insurance, it's been 6 months since I was in the hospital and I'm still trying to sort out their mistakes and odd billing practices which basically force you to pay multiple co-pays per day to them, bypassing your typical max that you would pay listed by your insurance. I feel that these billing practices are dishonest, intentionally convoluted, and should lead to them being audited. I'm even considering contacting the Attorney Generals office about this incident. I'm sorry if this rambled a bit, it's a busy day. Also, you should know that if you stay here the food is terrible. I'm not picky, but it's hard to recover when you can barely stomach the food.

Greg Daly

Natalie Mitchell

Bruce Segal

I've 2ce accompanied friends or family to the e.r. here. In both instances have been amazed at how quickly and efficiently the nurses have triaged and begun to treat them. And it looked like other patients received similar quick and excellent treatment.


Usually hospital is good I’ve been going here for 20 years but dr. Lee the woman doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about . Very unprofessional and rude

Jacqueline Bonney

I just delivered my baby at Bryn Mawr this week and I cannot say enough good things about our experience. Everyone- surgeons, nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, techs, food service, etc. was polite, helpful, accommodating, and professional. They made the whole process from pregnancy to c-section a great one. If there are more kids in the cards for our family, they will most definitely be delivered here.

Sam DiTonno

ONE OF THE WORST HOSPITALS!! I have been in well over 15 hospitals due to type one diabetes and I have never hated one enough to actually take the time to write a review about how much people should AVOID this facility at ALL costs.

Rebecca Donovan

The worst hospital we have ever been too, all the staff acted like we were a burden to them. None of them wanted to do their job when my husband went in for surgery! Horrible hospital never want to have to go back.

delroy smith

Kieran Tully

Brother goes to Villanova, cut his hand and was bleeding for 8 hours in the waiting room of the ER... left, drove home to Long Island (3 hours), went to the hospital and was out of surgery 3 hours later and in the house 2 hours later. If you can’t do math that is 8 hours to drive to another state, go to the hospital, have surgery, and be home after recovery. So if u want to sit for 8 hours and not having anything done go here, if you want medical help, drive to Long Island and have it done there.

Begona Garcia Requena

I was on holidays for the first time at the United States. On my way from Washington to New York I felt so sick I must stop in Philadelfia and look for a doctor who sent me to the hospital emergencies. I was afraid but just for the very first moments. Nurses, technicians, doctors, event cleaning ladies were so nice to me. An incredible sens of professionalism made me feel in very good hands. I had a serious pneumonia and asmatic bronchitis. I spend there four days of my holidays. I just can say thank you to the staff of 4C service.


Tm Katzski

The ER was horrible. Mean Nurses. One Nurse named Linda or Belinda was so loud she made my headache worse. She would not stop talking. She had NO compassion or understanding of why someone would need medical help. She judged me and never addressed the reason I came to the ER. Shocked that a main line hospital tolerates such low standards of care. Do yourself a favor and go to another hospitals ER.

L Fontaine

Noah Maltzman

I've been to a lot of awful hospitals in my life but this hospital is quite honestly the worst out of all of them. I would entrust a middle school health teacher to provide better treatment than these shmucks. Stay away!!!

Celia Shafer

My post partum experience here made me feel like a failure. I chose to breastfeed my son, and the nurses were obviously not very breastfeeding friendly. At least seven different nurses tried to "help" me latch him by manhandling me, grabbing my breasts without warning and trying to latch the baby for me. This was humiliating and unprofessional. When the lactation consultant finally came in, I asked if my son could have a tongue or lip tie that was affecting his latch. She wrote me off and didn't even turns out, he had a very prominent tongue tie that was noticed by a different lactation consultant weeks later. I would not recommend this hospital unless it is truly your only option.

Ellen Smith

Do not go to Bryn Mawr Hospital as an abuse victim they make you feel like you deserved every abuse you got. Doesn’t matter if you don’t feel safe or not. Pretty much they’ll tell you the abuse is in your head. Pretty much the only option they gave you was to go back to it

Rashaan G

Charlette Baquero

Jackie Schluth

I had never been to Bryn Mawr hospital before and it by far exceeded all expectations we had. My girlfriend came from urgent care and needed to be seen in ER immediately for potential appendicitis. They took her in with nearly no wait time at all, did thorough routine exams and tests, and each nurse doctor was extremely kind and nice to us. She stayed over night and had a successful surgery for appendicitis the next day. The hospital room she had was brand, start of the art technology, and super clean. From start to finish Bryn Mawr hospital was amazing to us!

Cheni Khonje

The wait to be seen after triage was long, given my pain. The intake , triage and ER staff were pleasant, as well as the CT Scan techs. One ER nurse was unpleasant at one point seemingly dismissing my pain. I asked to have someone else assigned to me if she didn't wish to treat me. I hope to follow up with the risk assessment manager because fostering good relationships with patients is critical.

thom logue

Came in for an abcess on my leg. A student accidentally kicked me and due to blood pressure meds the leg was swollen so a hematoma develops. I have some high blood pressure and a kidney transplant so they admit me. Instead of sending in nephrologists and cardiologists I get a floor doctor who is supposedly consulting with these specialists. A foot dr. (?) bursts the hematoma and then wraps it. I am given some Iv antibiotics and told they will culture the fluid. I am to be seen by infectious disease. I never do see infectious disease. They abruptly stop the antibiotics cause I don't need them and no they are not going to culture the fluids from my leg NOT FOOT! They wrap my leg up super tight and disappear Two days later I have to unwrap it and the nurse is not sure if I can shower or not because of the hematoma. UH how about contact a dr.? I was pretty happy that they were going to address the blood pressure issues. The meds I was on were not working well. How do they go about this? They start dosing me with the blood pressure med round the clock even giving it to me through IV. It congests me and clogs my ears and my blood pressure never gets below 160. I complain some and ask for a different drug. Nurse states they do not change your meds while you are an inpatient just try to adjust them. Well since the floor doctor I am seeing does not appear to have any type of specialty medical degree maybe he should stay away from blood pressure meds. All the while they are taking blood work and my creatinine level is `getting super high. I may need dialysis. I finally just checked myself out. My discharge papers list all the specialists that my floor doctor was supposedly consulting. I saw him every morning at 8 am and then not again till the following day. So if you want to watch tv in an overpriced room go here. If you want real medical help keep driving. I keep hearing this place is going down the drain, yes it is. I was actually healthier before I was admitted. I was also given a variety of diet plans that included regular with no concentrated sweets, diabetic, low sodium and pureed! Who is in charge? I was injected with Procrit an expensive,long term therapy for anemia. Don't know when I'll receive another dose of it since I am not currently receiving it from any of my health providers, and have not in years. Except for Bryn Mawr billing my insurance the benefits of that were nothing. I also was injected daily with a blood thinner to prevent blood clots in my legs although I was only there for three days and have never needed a blood thinner or had any history of blood clots. I do have high blood pressure that is due to renal insufficiency NOT STROKE OR HEART ATTACK!! Why would I need a blood thinner, two days in bed? These people were taking shots in the dark. I was discharged with no instructions for caring for my leg but to follow up with podiatry. No follow up at all with Nephrology.. Advice to see my primary care doctor who I see for colds not kidney transplant or even blood pressure ( I have plenty of specialists) and then they scheduled me an appointment with Dr George Chamoun for April 11 No one mentioned this to me and he is not my cardiologist. Clearly no one listened to me in any effort to gather pertinent information and help me This is just a huge insurance scam. Update: I was contacted by my nephrologist today (a Bryn Mawr physician) who was never notified i was an inpatient. Nice!

Kyle Overholtzer

I can only reviews the psychiatric unit here. I only come here for psychiatric issues I've been to over 12 different psychiatric units and this is the absolute best one around. Dr. Conen and Dr. White are excellent doctors the place is very well staff and clean the programs for the psychiatric center are very well put together the head nurse of the psychiatric unit she is very excellent and nice and always there for any issues. The rooms are private except for two that share. I only had one problem once and the head nurse took care of it rigth away. The food is good as well. Higley recommend this place.

Rockwell Jacobs

Lishaly Madera

Erina Kironde

The worst service I have EVER RECEIVED. Every time I go, it’s the same slow process. Every injury or illness I’ve had, they’ve always prioritized other WHITE patients to get beds before I get a place. Every time I ask about it, they say it’s ‘based on severity’ but honestly, some people walk in right from the entrance and get a bed before me who’s been here for 2 HOURS. Is that severity, or is that discrimination?


I wanted to express my sincere thanks to the nurses of 3c who provided the best care a person could ever imagine. Their dedication and care shown to me was bar none the highest quality care. I would also like to shout out to the ER staff who took the time to explain the test and care needed. Thanks to the wonderful doctor and support staff for excellent care. These folks deserve the highest recognition for their dedication to health services. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

Kevin Wapner

1 review 1.0 star rating 10/3/2017 If i could give a negative 1 i would. My father in law was in for the second time in a week. He is a 92 year old man who lives alone when healthy. The case worker in charge decided that he was good enough to go home. She never bothered setting up any plan for his discharge. Basically telling us to pick him up on a day my wife and I both work. He was also discharged from Bryn Mawr Extended care the same day. The only choice besides leaving him on the streets like the case worker Lisa would have liked, was to bring him to our home. No problem bringing him here,except he has not walked steps in 4 weeks. We have steps to get to the bedrooms. Neither the hospital or the rehab had him doing steps. They did nothing to help. I have never experienced such a non caring bunch of administrators in my life. Despicable treatment of a human being. Bryn Mawr Hospital needs to reavaluate the children they have running the Hospital. God help us all.

Neil Auricchio

Edward H

Excellent staff and Dr. who really care about your well being. Especially, nurses are great and very kind. Nice and calm environment. I appreciate it.

mike iveson

Terrible Emergency Room. Long wait, terrible staff, once you're in a room they forget about you. My fiance was stuck here for 6 hours waiting for blood work and a urinalysis with a newborn at home. I called after 5 and a half hours to find out what the hold up was and got transferred around a bunch of times and then ended up in an automated dead end. When I called back the nurse I spoke to wouldn't answer my questions and just forwarded me to my fiance's room after talking over me repeatedly. Come to find out that nobody had checked on her in hours. She was discharged 15 minutes later. Awful, awful, awful experience. Edit: My fiance just got home. They lied to her about her urinalysis being complete. They said it wasnt finished yet but she snapped a pic off the computer stating otherwise. Put discharge orders in before midnight but didnt follow through with them until 12:48. Conveniently after i called.

K Singh

gerald ALTUS


Christina Lisk

If you can, stay away from the emergency room, especially during holidays and nights. The doctors and nurses on-call at that time are infamous for gaslighting and emotionally manipulating patients. Several friends and I have experienced these problems amidst very serious issues, including anaphylaxis, a ruptured ovarian cyst, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). During the ruptured cyst incident, no one took my abdominal pain seriously and only gave me an ultrasound to shut me up. Thank God I didn't back down because the ultrasound tech found the problem. Only after a CT scan with contrast though did the doctor believe me, and he actually cowed his head in shame because of how many times he told me it was all in my head. For my friend with MCAS, she was told she just had anxiety, even though MCAS is a very serious illness involving extreme allergic reactions. It was only after I pushed the doctors and flagged down several nurses that she was given treatment at all. With the anaphylaxis, I had a nurse tell me that I was faking it and just hyperventilating because I did not look as bad as her son did when he had anaphylaxis. Add to it that I have two bruises in my arm because she couldn't find a vein to save her life and she didn't think there was cause for alarm when my blood pressure dropped to 86/50 even with epinephrine. "It's just because you're lying on your side." I have tried following directions and calling the hospital for further discussion. Nobody has returned my call. Deeply disappointed in this hospital. Avoid the E.R. here if at all possible.

Jessica Cornell

jon se

While it's been many years, both of our children were born in Bryn Mawr. Can't say enough good things about the genuine and caring treatment we experienced from all the staff. Surprised to read so many negative reviews. Over the last 15 or so years, we maybe visited emergency room twice. Treatment there was same as any other hospital I've been to. Some people may expect too much and think their every cut and scrape is life-threatening and every doctor should put their needs ahead of other patients

Sean Meredith

Tanvir Tariq

Everytime I called to inquire about my father every one was so nice and helpful. From nurses to operator.

Dawn Mckeown

great staff. Everything was great day of surgery(6/2018)Weeks after i caught a horrible infection called Mycobacterium fortuitum from a breast reduction! My infection put me back in hospital over and over i was down for 7 months. I had a picc line and 2 surgeries since. My new univ of penn drs told me this cake from the or equipment. My results were also hidden from me! I Called hospital and explained to the women what had happened to me she told me she would look into it and not even a call back it is so heartbreaking they could not even give me a phone call or email back after they almost killed me.

nino nazghaidze

When did the doctors and nurses stoped being doctors and nurses? I always came to this hospital and were alwayse treated me well no matter what! This time i had the worst experience ever! I camr in witht the horrible throat pain and they just simply didnt care at all! I was unable to swallow anything if i had to with a severe pain. Upon seeing tge doctor really didn’t care how i was feeling and was forsing me to drink the pills even though i said i cant. To make things worst the just made me stay in the hallway and only once the doctor came and didnt give me much examination. So the question i have is when did the doctors and nurses became cold harted people that don’t really care about the patients

Danielle G

I showed up at the ER with my 8 year old asthmatic daughter. We sat there for 3 hours before walking out. I came there to get her help as she was in obvious distress and pain. Clearly an asthmatic child does not take precedence. My little girl was in tears and just wanted to feel better. I am so disappointed with the service there I will make sure any further asthma emergencies are handled downtown at CHOP. After taking her to CHOP she was given iv antibiotics, a steroid and neb treatments. All within less than 2 hours of arrival. They took her asthma attack serious as you should! Death trap Bryn Mawr never again.

Rachel Leonard

Confiscated my wallet and wouldn't give it back until I escalated chain of command. Am not an in inmate a criminal; however, I felt like one. Couldn't even to the bathroom in private. Previous experiences have been great. This one was a nightmare. By the way-no one cleaned my room since I've been here and no one can "locate" my recent latest lab work P.S-came in for abdominal pain treatment. Day 3, haven't seen a single one. I am on officia hunger strike.

Richard Turner

Julie Corcoran

This hospital is wonderful. Any time I’ve needed to take my kids here for anything serious (pneumonia, RSV, etc) they go out of their way to make them comfortable. They are very professional yet understanding of children and will take a minute to bring in a toy or stickers if it will help. They also have a separate pediatric area for the ER which is great. I will only take my family here for emergencies as it is a really great hospital all around.

Mari Beltran

Victoria Vella

Stayed at this hospital for four days in my own spacious room. My parents were given a cot to stay overnight with me and the staff was very accommodating. The hospital staff and medical staff were all very nice.

Samuel Colonbambam2015


Nice clean hospital and doctor offices. Parking is convenient and hassle free.

Jared Huddleston

Staff is great. Quick ER service.

Barbara Davis

Be careful in emergency. My daughter left her I phone in the bed sheets on November 21. We have searched everywhere. Came straight home from the ER. No stops. Bryn Mawr says no one has turned in the phone. Such a disappointment.

Barbara Welsh

Lynda Moyer

My mother had exceptional care by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Good and the team of nurses, techs, PT staff and case manager on the 5th floor of Bryn Mawr Hospital. Everyone was extremely competent, caring and went out of their way to ensure we had a good stay. My family is very grateful to the whole team.

Nate Mellor

Really solid hospital. One of the best in the area. I’ve had to take family members to different area hospitals and we all prefer Bryn Mawr. Generally responsive staff, clean up-to-date facilities and good amelioration programs.

Vivian Close

Great hospital! Top notch care. Dr. David Rose, MD was my general surgeon who removed my gallbladder and he couldn't have been a nicer person. He was extremely caring, sweet, funny, very experienced, amazing at what he does, and made me feel very at ease and safe. The day my surgery was planned I went up to the third floor of the hospital and they made registration very easy and once I went in the waiting room until they were ready for me to come back into pre-op, the volunteer bringing patients back made me and my family feel very at ease and made the mood very light. Once I got back to pre-op, I was prepped for surgery and my nurse Fern in pre-op was the sweetest nurse ever. She was so sweet, compassionate, caring, smart and made me feel so at ease. My operating room nurse who came to see me before going into the operating room was extremely nice. Tracy, who was my operating room nurse made me feel very at ease and safe and comfortable. She was very compassionate, caring, sweet, and smart. My anesthesiologist was extremely thorough, funny, smart, experienced and made me feel so at ease. Once I got back into the recovery room and started to wake up Fern and a few other nurses were there and they couldn't have been better. They treated my pain, helped me move to my left side when I couldn't, took care of my stitches, made me feel comfortable, safe and at ease. They were great. When I finally came out of the recovery room and was brought to my room on the 3C Unit, everyone was excellent! My nurses Lori and Joe were just great! So compassionate, caring, smart, sweet and just wonderful. They treated my pain, made sure I was okay, always answered my questions in detail, helped me, when I was anxious they made me feel very comfortable and comforted me quite a lot. I had such an amazing experience with my surgical team. I highly recommend Dr. David Rose, MD to everyone. He is extremely smart, caring, compassionate, has amazing bedside manner, funny, genuinely cares about all of his patients and their outcomes. Not to mention, he also helped pioneer laparoscopic surgery in our area! He's great! The 3C Unit nurses, pre-op nurses, operating room nurses and recovery room nurses are amazing! I'm so happy and pleased with my experience. If I every need any surgery again I will be coming to Dr. Rose and Bryn Mawr Hospital for the best care. Thank you to all of my doctors and nurses! You were all great! I recommend Bryn Mawr Hospital and Dr. Rose and I hope everyone gets the nurses I got!

Scott Shaffner

Excellent staff.

Charlotte Bender

Fantastic! Fast, accommodating, everyone was kind, very clean, and it overall made a bad issue bearable.

Cassandra Angstadt

Every time my daughter is sick I travel 45 minutes out of my way to take her to Bryn Mawr. Growing up I always wished for a hospital that does the same as the hospital you see in Tv Shows. The ones that do the testing even if it seems uneccessary, the one that ensures patients are seen quickly, and makes sure my daughter is comfortable and actually plays with her and interacts with her on her level. And Bryn Mawr is the only hospital I have seen to do that. The doctors and nurses are amazing in the ER.

Brian Yahn

Considering that I went to this hospital and was horribly misdiagnosed, I feel obliged to give this hospital a dismal rating. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with viral infection--basically, nothing. I pleaded with the doctor that I was worried that I'd die that night. He basically said there's nothing he can do for a viral infection. The next day, I went to a different ER and was rushed into surgery--not to mention I had C Diff (a staph infection). My doctor said that my condition would have been life threatening if I took my the advice I got at Bryn Mawr Hospital--which was to rest and drink lots of liquids for two days. Furthermore, my bill for a four hour ER stay--which almost killed me and the hospital refuses to drop--was MORE than my bill at Abington where I stayed for two days and had surgery. But wait... there's more. Not only are the doctors negligent, the billing department is incompetent. They said they'd drop my bill, given the circumstances. They didn't. A year later, they filed a collection against me--without notifying me first or attempting to bill my insurance. So, not only did the hospital almost kill me, it wrecked my credit score. My verdict: ridiculously overpriced with a palatial appearance to compensate for their doctors that don't care for their patients.

Chuyun Liu

Cheryl Balderston

When to the hospital for help. Sms received nothing in a week for ptsd... But I must say that most of the staff was great Dr. Cohan was not willing to work wroth me...

Emily Gajan

We have been to many wings in this hospital including maternitu, nicu, ER, outpatient surgery and pediatrics. We love this hospital and everything about it. They take.very good care of their patients.

Igor Kiselev

Rating zero. Emergency room: the worst service I have ever seen in my long life.

Cheryl Burmylo

This is not directed at inpatient. I hear the staff is excellent while you are in the hospital. I had a scheduled appointment with radiology at 8:30 am for an upper GI. Due to weather and traffic I had arrived late. I called and let them know that I was walking from the parking lot across the street to the hospital. They said okay. I get there and the woman at the registration desk calls back and she gets off the phone and says they suggest you reschedule. It took me an hour to get there, 10 minutes to walk through snow and ice and they suggest I reschedule! For 10 minutes. I will never go back there again.

Teja V

They kind of cheat by first admiting the pregnant mother saying they will try to do a normal delivery then once admitted, the doctor will come and visit only once in 24 hours and by that we will loose our patience and then the doctor will come and say we will do a C section as the induced pains is not working out. But the fact is the doctor never tried or helped the pregnant mother for a normal delivery of baby. I think this is all to get the billing from my insurance company for that daya and then for the C section. I think they won't get much billing if it is normal delivery. Never choose Bryn Mawr for maternity. choose Paoli which i heard from my friends is far better than this. I think they have scarcity for doctors at this hospital. only one dcotor is availble for all the maternity cases. I think they can and should improve a lot on taking care of patient's more regularly than once in a day. Emergency services at this hospital are some what good. I don't recommend this hospital to anyone for maternity services.

Kelly Wilson

Very slow service don’t go if u having pain.

Christopher Valotta

This review is strictly for the lab and my experience with my newborn having blood drawn. First of all, the wait time was ridiculous. Secondly, the tech made an absolute mess when doing the blood work. There was blood everywhere, which I'm sure resulted in the ridiculous false blood test results we received. When the results came back, our pediatrician called and insisted we rush back to the emergency room to have blood drawn again. I packed up my newborn, rushed over to the hospital, had to go to the NICU, had to admit my baby for the night while they drew blood, pumped fluids into my baby and had her under lights. This was absolutely traumatizing. The results come back from the second reading, and they were completely different from the first reading. The only justification we received was that the first reading was most likely contaminated. Regardless, because the first blood test results were so bad, we had to stay in the hospital for a night as a precaution. The NICU tested the blood again in the morning, and the results came back fine... I want to add that the nurses and docs in the NICU were great, and none of this was their fault. They were super accommodating and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. However, I had to spend a night in the hospital with my 2 1/2 day old baby, because of a contaminated blood draw from the lab. I would NEVER come back to Bryn Mawr hospital and I would NEVER wish this stress on anyone. They clearly do not know what they are doing in that lab.

Esther Zuppo

Great care, nurses, staff. Only complaint, the first floor ladies room/bathrooms were dirty, floors had toilet paper all over, no toilet paper one day, no paper towels another day. We visited on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday two weeks ago. It was evident that the main floor bathrooms were not taken care of. As a visitor from out of state, my family was not impressed. Especially since I am a retired hospital employee. The hand sanitizer machine on ICU by the elevators was out the entire 4 days.


I had surgery here, and, coming from a medical background, I am of the opinion that nursing here is not the best, at times uncaring and even neglectful. Preop nurses never spoke to my husband about what to expect. I seldom saw the nurse postop and had several episodes of severe pain due to neglect. Just inexcusable and unprofessional. Surprised to see banners throughout the hospital proclaiming it to be a "magnet" hospital for nursing. The transporters taking me from the PACU to my room bumped into the walls numerous times, also, causing me to suffer a lot of pain.

Michael Pollack

Alice Lachewitz

Excellent care, especially on the 3rd floor. Thank you to Lori, Sherly, and Joe for taking such good care of my 93 year old Dad. You all rock!

TN Lands

Naresh Kumar

Doctor , Nurses and other staff is very nice and helpful.

Lily Liang

My daughter was hospitalized at Bryn Mawr for very bad diarrhea this spring. They did not find out it was salmonella till 4 days after my daughter was released. While in the hospital, they gave my daughter noting but some glucose. Then they charged my insurance $9,000 plus for one night stay. No wonder my our health insurance is going up and up every year.

eleanor humphrey

Steven Devenney

Kellee Williams

Horrible front desk

Stephen Worth

Since they took down my last review of this place here's another of my sisters time at Bryn Marw. After she was in a car accident in August and had multiple surgeries at Jefferson she was accepted to Bryn Mawr. My family all thought great we herd the reputation and expected great things. What we got was the exact opposite. After literally a week there my sister who had brain injuries and wasn't with it obviously after just having brain surgeries within the last few week of arriving to Bryn Marw was allowed to pick the stitches and scabs off her head so deep the wound was to the bone requiring an emergency surgery and extended stay back at Jefferson. A time we couldn't visit because of the Pope's visit to Philly everything was shut down by the way. After about 2 weeks in Jefferson because of this incompetence she went back and things didn't get much better from there. There where multiple times we would go for a visit to see her in the same clothes from the day or 2 before a trey of food that was pushed into her room and left there where she couldn't get to it because not only did she have th head injuries but a very badly broken leg. On top of that we would find her laying in her bed soaking wet from not being changed in who knows how long. I can't say enough bad things about the nursing there to do it justice. There was a time where she said she needed to use the bathroom and I herd the nurse in the hallway say "No we just took her to the bathroom". I don't think they knew I was in the room when they flat out refused to do what they are there to do. On top of all the terrible nursing care she recieved while there December 23rd she went for what we were told was "just a Dr. checkup" to Jefferson. Throughout the day we were repeatedly told she would be back that same day by multiple people. Until we got a call from Jefferson and found out no she wasn't she was having another emergency surgery on her leg because she had gotten and infection that went all the way to the bone. So on Christmas Eve my sister had to go through another emergency surgery because in 3 months at Bryn Mawr she got 2 infections that needed emergency surgery. To top it off we found out because she is no longer weight baring on her leg because of the additional surgery they won't accept her back so my family is left scrambling to find a place that will on New Year's Eve after spending Christmas in Jefferson hospital thanks the "care" she recieved at Bryn Mawr. I really can't say enough to really do it justice all the extra stress they put my family through let alone my sister to do it justice. This place has been the worst experience of a terrible time since the accident. My family will be contacting a lawyer after all the malpractice we witnessed at Bryn Mawr.


My niece was born here and my sister had an easy birth and good experience. She loves her Ob Gyn. Rooms were nice and clean. I visited for a few hours yet didn't meet any staff.

Steve Balogh

My son just had shoulder surgery there yesterday. Fantastic care all around. Everyone was great in helping, answering questions, being caring, compassionate and accommodating. They didn't even gouge you for food or parking which for a hospital is unusual, but very welcome. Thank you.

Patricia Louis

I am just writing to comment to discuss my experience with Bryn Mawr Hospital. Last night, 4/16/19 I had an allergic reaction to my blood pressure medication and was rushed to the hospital. From the moment I got there, I knew that I was at the right place. I hope to never had an issue that forces me to end up in the hospital, but if I do, I will make sure I am taken to Bryn Mawr. I appreciate the care that was shown from everyone. The nurses, doctors and surgeons that were there in the emergency care unit around 8PM-11PM were amazing! They all individually made sure I was okay and checked up on me often. They worked urgently, with alertness and quickly. I was unable to breathe when I got there but their smiles were so comforting. Unfortunately, I don't remember everyone's name but their impact will stay with me forever. When I got to the ICU floor, the doctors and nurses on that floor was amazing as well! Pete, the night nurse made me feel like I was in good hands. He was constantly checking on me to make sure I was okay. After Pete left, Rebecca came and was amazing! Every time she into the room, she had a huge smile on her face that seemed to make me heal faster. Nurse Dennis Smith was so helpful! She explained everything in great detail and made sure I was informed of what everything meant. The other doctors and nurses took amazing care of me! From Emergency room-ICU, everyone was amazing. It's not often that hospitals offer that much care and attention, so receiving that was something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Words can't describe how thankful I am and I appreciate everything that was done for me. Thank you so much and I hope you all continue to do amazing work.

Dennise Bryan

I had surgery performed by the head of the plastic surgery department. I ended up out of work for 3 months because he didn't see me as a human being! Rather, I was next vacation provider! Dr. Lohner has been in business for over 25 years and should have known better than to perform multiple surgeries on me! What should have been an easy recovery turned into a nightmare for me. He removed the jpdrains from my abdomen to soon. My abdomen filled with fluid and I looked like I was 24 months pregnant! I ended up with my former belly button ruptured and a wound vac for 2 solid months!!! Let's just say I am extremely grateful to my employer! On top of that I had a seroma in my breast that I had to go back into the hospital to have a jpdrain place intoy breast!!!! Not a happy day. Final outcome... I am scared, mutilated and will not never recover from what he did both physically and mentally!

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