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REVIEWS OF VA Portland Health Care System IN Oregon

Rebecca Neill

The VA hospital is the reason my father died!

Herb Cronenwett

I have had the best care while here.

Christopher Hinton

The staff has always treated me well here. Dr. Turner deserves especial praise, and has gone out of his way to make sure I receive great care. I used to belong to the Orlando VA system, and wow, what a horror show. The Portland VA is night and day compared to that place. In fact, I declined to ever go back there, even when I needed them, that's how awful it was. Since I recognize both good and bad care, I can tell you from my personal experience that you should expect to be happy with Portland VA. Kudos to all there that make it happen. Incredible job. You all should be very proud of the great work you're doing.

Carl Selby

Carl G. SELBY OR IF #2680231 No License RA18729334

Justin Seifried

They don’t care about veterans. 22. Veterans commit suicide everyday, and from my opinion the Portland facility does not care enough to lower those numbers. My family needs housing and right away we were referred to a homeless shelter. This facility is garbage if I could give this negative five stars I definitely would.

Wendy Burgwin Giddings

Outstanding care in the outpatient dept. Eugene, Greg and all the others Excellent service everywhere.


I’m a traveling Veteran and my primary residence is in Oregon. My God I miss my Portland VA, you guys actually took care of me and treated me with respect. Sadly now I’m in the Florida VA system which is trash. The Mental Health MSA’s hang up on Veterans in crisis, the nurses do not return calls, the providers throw medication at us like it’s candy. Honestly, they do not care about Veterans here in Florida. My first hand surgery was completed at the Portland VA hospital and the staff as a whole was outstanding, thank you. Here in Florida at the Gainesville VA hospital, the hand surgery clinic acted like I was bother to them and their overall care and attitude was horrid. I’ve never had staff treat me like I’m inconveniencing them, a burden. I was treated like a number not a person. So thank you Portland VA, at least I know when I return to Oregon I can count on you. For all the complaints against this hospital I can tell you guys it’s 5 star compared to the abusive, disrespectful services I have endured here in Jacksonville Florida.

Jeffrey Daniels

Its helped vetrans get help they need God blee.

Kevin Woods

I am not sure why there are so many negative posts about the Portland VA. I moved from VA to here about 4 years ago and went to the VA about a year after I got here. The care, speed of appointments and overall experience has been wonderful. I came from the greater VA/DC area where the VA hospital seemed nothing moire than a giant adult daycare center where people would just go and sit all day, many without appointments. Here at the PDX VA, things are different. Still a number of vets, but the folks seem to be getting better care, or at least when I sit and chat with some of them they say that. I just want to send a great thanks to all of the doc's there, but especially those people who work in Audiology, Vision, Sleep Center and the Pain Management team. those caring folks have kept me happy and well and are always looking out for my well being. Can't say enough about this team....maybe the best in the business..

Andrew Lee

Rather have died in Iraq. Then Come here from a completely different state looking to start over.

Kelly Morrison

They were nice but the care father got was not right after surgery. They didnt feed him told him he couldn't get. Goof oy was past lunch

Nancy Mende

Thanks for all your help.From reception to surgery. One happy vet, Sgt. E. Lugo

Jen Wong

So I've been waiting to be assigned a PCM since I enrolled in Feb 2017 at the Portland VA. I called in March and was supposed to get a call back with an assigned PCM, then called back in June to check the status. I called today and was told I was no longer enrolled??!! Don't quite understand how that happens. Get transferred to enrollment who asks if I've physically enrolled which was also a yes. He stated that since I'm retired why I don't have CHAMPUS or Tricare..which I do, but it's the VA'S responsibility to care for me..why would I see a PCM thru Tricare with a copay when I could go to the VA. I earned that benifit I then get told that they are going to raise it via the chain-of-command:DE ja Vue from the conversation in June; and that someone will give me a call. I told them I won't hold my breath.

Jeffery Allen

Very happy with the ER staff.

Stephen Vincent

The Portland VAMC is very good. I have not had a provider who didn't clearly care.

William Mobley

I went with my mother-in-law.The building seemed a bit outdated and old, but still taken care of. Everyone was really nice and helpful. The cafeteria was great! Bathrooms were clean. The gift shop had a big selection of things too, like a small Target. Parking was easy to find and free. Police and security were walking around too. It felt safe. Overall, a really good VA.

Megan Roggero

First time going and everyone was so helpful

Shaun Ratliff

Primary care takes forever to get an appointment 2-3 months. No one ever returns phone calls. Getting scheduled with Veterans choice is supposed to be quicker but the paperwork takes forever. I was in physical therapy but moved. Trying to get it set up where I live now but VA sends me to tri-west, tri-west says the authorization was already used so I have to get a new one, takes me a week to get a new one and then I call Tri-west back. They inform me it takes 2-4 days for them to receive the authorization from my primary care to even get the process started. Cant get an orthopedic consult which I need until I do 8 weeks of physical therapy and that fails. Meanwhile I'm in pain and cant do anything. The process for the VA is ridiculous. Make an appointment to make an appointment to get seen for what you need. There has to be a better way...

Charles Fullmer

I was sent here by the Boise (Id.) V.A. Regional Medical Center for suspected heart problems. My treatment from the minute I entered the building was top notch. I went straight into ICU as I had other problems as well. The doctors and nurses jumped on my various problems as fast as the could. From blood work to x-rays to stress tests there was no waiting around. Everything was done almost as fast as the doctors ordered it. What impressed me most was the personal service. One nurse actually gave me a hair cut while another lent me a charger for my cell phone. As I was there for Christmas, I even received several Christmas presents that were sent in by several charity groups. If you are a Vet and Have to go to a hospital and live in the area this is the PLACE to go. Even if you don't live in the area like me it is still a good place to go. BTW they fixed the electrical problem with my heart and corrected and abnormal heart rhythm.

Bridget Smith AlmaHausPress

Good basic health care. Compassionate workers. Competent doctors. Improves as needed. Clean, logically laid out campus. Nice, friendly attendants. Every one should be provided health care this good. Want elective surgery? Not a feature, it's a needs based facility. Parking can be a challenge so if you aren't there to be seen at VA please park some where else. No OHSU parking, please. Venders please find other parking. Smart to arrive early to find your spot. DAV has shuttle to Vancouver VA from here.


I'm homeless just called to see if I could possibly shower. I have my paper work 6 years honorable discharge 11 bravo airborne. A vet called the vet hospital just for a shower to feel a bit human. The answer was "I don't know of any shower available here go to a homeless shelter with the rest"

Thomas Wildfang

They always take good care of me.

David Rabe

Great service! I received great medical care!

J Redig

They’re incredibly rude with parking. If you don’t park in the right spot, you get yelled at for it.

Mike Durham

I took my Viet Nam Vet father in for cataract surgery. I work at a private hospital for the last 15 years! So I know my around health care. And I have to say I'm very impressed with Portland VA hospital!!! Prompt care, treated with respect! You guys are doing good work for our heroes! Thanks

Oahi Blue

Your good to go if all you need is vitamins and a blood pressure check !

Liz Lane

I have ALWAYS had nothing but the upmost respect to the doctors and nurses who have gone (i think)out of their way to make me feel safe & comfortable. Thank you Portland VA for being here for me.

Sarah Farman

Good clinical site. I'm learning lots about veterans, and working for the government!

Andy Zwak

Been at the ER for over 6 hours now and still waiting, the front desk people are always rude as well, if you have insurance just use that instead. Apparently they don't know what emergency means

Jimmy Dean

Makes me proud to be an American when our government takes care of our sick veterans. prices in the cafeteria and in the store are a little high but dollar scoops of ice cream ever so often makes up for it

Paul Winquist

I am still alive, thanks to. them several times.

Tony Williams

I tried to use the Portland VA ER last night. Be advised a female the name of Rebecca Lucas is a attending VA ER Docter. Have had issues both times I have encountered her assistance. Please note, Female Docter is very self consumed.Plus does not display professionalism at all times. Not a positive Physician,I would recommend to anyone with medical concerns. Not someone that is VA staff professional.

Lawrence Robertson

I recently had surgery at the Portland VA Hospital and I can't thank each and everyone from the preop to recovery nurse enough for the excellent care I received. THANK YOU!!!

Steven A Hickam

Heart place to park

Jon Steve

they take good care of vets like me fast and caring service thanks for helping our troops..

Robert Cary

I was pleasantly surprised about the speed and quality of my care here. I just went to get a diagnosis of what I thought was a staph infection(it wasn't) and I was in and out with my prescription I'm no time. With all the negative publicity around the VA recently I was expecting a ridiculous wait time and inept doctors. I was wrong! I only went as a last resort because my regular insurance ran out but now I'm glad I did.

don parrott

I have received care but getting follow up appointments is the haeven when the doctor sets time I be leave under staffrd part

Brenda Rosenau

My brother, Claude A. Fuller was admitted into the hospital due to complications of advanced C.O.P.D. I was extremely impressed with Doctor Kurt Kent. He was very good at letting me know what was going on and gave my brother excellent care! I really could not have been treated better.

Callie Brosnan

It would be great if they told you when you walk in they can't help you if you're hurt at work, instead of waiting 3 hours.

Melanie Schneider

I have always received excellent care and personal service from this facility!

Rumpil FourSkin

Why does an organization with 4.2 rating delete negative reviews from Veterans? never pulled a trigger in defense 4.2 rating. The Patient Advocates and management at this VA( I refuse to say leadership because there is none, mostd and not from their experience, training or accolades) should hang their heads low in shame.

Richard Maj

Worst va hospital I have visited

Paul W

This is one of the best hospitals and doctors I have ever experienced. This VA location has treated me for the last 17 years without a single bad experience. I'm sorry I had to leave Portland. I truly miss all of the great doctors that have treated me over the years. Thank you all.

Dan Hickey

OUTSTANDING care! Thank god for the VA!

Bruce Wheelock

Always great care, when I can get it. Some departments are short of doctors in several important specialties; Veterans Choice doctors are consistently poorer than VA doctors; replacements for doctors who leave the VA can't be hired because Trump's freeze on hiring replacements still hasn't been listed.

Greg Lippert

This VA medical Center is incredible. I have received services from Battle Creek, MI VA and Tripler VA in Honolulu. They both were atrocious at best!! The VA medical center in Ann Arbor, MI is the only other VA center I can think of which is better than Portland!! They don't call Tripler Crippler for no reason!!

William Krause

They have helped me with many health issues for many years. Very thankful.

Jack Bass

Sometimes good, sometimes not good. Some parts provide great care, whiles others seem very apathetic. Lousy pain management.

Eric Pierce

Offices close at 4pm on a friday, what a way NOT to help us VETS that can not get to you before 4pm....

Inga Kemnitz

The bedside manner of a number of nurses employed for the VA Hospital are less than desirable at this establishment. My dad has been staying here the last few days and his current room shares a bathroom. I needed to utilize the facility in order to urinate and I was walked in on by the nurse. In a really irritated tone she LOUDLY (enough for my elderly/hard of hearing father to clearly hear) chastised me on the policy regarding visitors only using the public restrooms/patients only in the room(s). I was so humiliated and ashamed I left in tears. Aside from having to constantly remind them to change his bandages, clothes, etc. is in and of itself horrible when it comes to the nursing care but the plain MANNERS of those that I have interacted with are just disgusting. I expected so much better for those that administer care to our veterans and their families, how sad.

Christena Jones


Rain McKenzie

Very helpful service and welcoming facility and grounds.

James Carver

Great service at this facility

Al R

have had some good treatments and some bad. Had knee surgery there. Have a civilian doc that helped me.out after with a knee brace and said I will need a replacement in two years from the VA botched job...wasn't worth the 8 month wait for surgery.. Been hospitalized twice with infections they never cohiuld figure out.

Daniel Pimentel

i want to thank Greg Travis of Bend VA a person of kindness a true that did not give up on me thank you

Zack Yoshida-costello

Terrible hospital make you wait for hours for no reason rude front desk services

Robert B.

I heard some other vets talking about this facility, saying that it was #1 in the country, and I do not have any doubt that this is true. I think being linked to OHSU helps put them on the cutting edge of medical advances. They are constantly striving to improve their services, and it has improved greatly in the 10 years that I have been a patient here. Keep up the good work and the progressive changes!

Veronica Phipps

This is the worst place. The "nurses" and "doctors" and don't know if they need to scratch their watch or wind their butts. All Veterans should get the BEST care at all times.

Andy Dunn

This review is for the Portland VA's ER, the system's only urgent care facility. When you sign up for health care from the VA, you are assigned a primary care practitioner (PCP), likely to be a nurse. If you are sick, it usually takes at least a few days to get in to see this person, who then mostly farms you out to specialty clinics. After that, and weeks of phone tag, clinic appointments are then scheduled for several months later. Though it is not well advertised, the emergency room downtown is the only place for "emergent/urgent care" in the VA system. Your PCP might begrudgingly refer you there for urgent or weekend care, but you can go there without the referral as long as you are in the system -- and possibly even if you are not in the system, though I do not know that for sure. The ER is located just to the left before you enter the lobby on the ground floor of the main VA building. Inside the VA lobby itself, there are usually dozens of sickly looking, mostly elderly vets sitting on chairs and staring out at the gray concrete parking lot and buildings. By contrast, inside the ER waiting room, there is usually nobody, or maybe a handful of people, glumly watching (or ignoring) the ubiquitous Fox News Channel while wearing the annoyed and confused expression common to almost all patients in the VA system. There are over a hundred thousand vets in the Portland metro area, and though only a fraction are in the VA health system, the inoccupancy of its only urgent care facility seems perplexing -- at first. You sign in at the desk, where two people sit serving nobody for 98 percent of the time. For the first occurrence (out of about a hundred to come) you are asked to confirm your name and numbers. You are given a wristband to wear with this info as well. There must be a horrible history of patient mix-ups underlying this, but it grows tiresome when every person asks these questions repeatedly. The check-in person asks you why you are there and tells you to take a seat. This is when you start waiting for long, random periods of time. It is quiet, except for the outraged babble on Fox, as you wait for a half hour to three hours for your name to be called. You are first summoned into a small closet off the waiting room where a hostile nurse will take your vitals. Woe to you if you have not had your flu shot that year, as all ailments and injuries are then squarely on your head. The pain scale you are asked to rate yourself on makes no sense, as the description for Level 8 says you are too sick to get out of bed. Since you are here, it seems your pain level could not possibly be more than 7, unless you were wheeled in barely conscious. Regardless, you get nothing for the pain. They may send you back to the waiting room or you might get a golden ticket to finally enter the ER bay. This is like no other ER you have ever been in. Among a handful of patients, there are a dozen or more staff talking leisurely among themselves in the dark roomy space. You are shuffled into a curtained room for another long wait to see an actual doctor, which we all recognize as the norm of the American health care system. If you are getting a knife wound stitched or a boil lanced, I trust them to do it competently. If you show up with an immediate life threatening condition, this process would be accelerated. If you are there for urgent care, though -- such as severe flu, pinched nerve, or due to an emerging follow-up symptom which your PCP advised you to come for -- you are treated with some degree of indifference or worse. There will be long waits for any tests and for any prescriptions and it will be hours before you leave, having received a minimal level of care and a referral back to your PCP to begin the process all over again. Like me, you may be getting your VA healthcare for free due to the poverty wages of working full time in our tremendous economy. However, like the military institution itself, you are a name and number and nothing more.

Donna Hansens

Excellent and caring staff.

Jeremy Reeves

I know everyone has their opinions about the VA and their employees. I just enrolled here, Pete in enrollment and his associate back there were really good, BZ guys.

Susan Konopski

My dad is a Vietnam veteran. He would not be alive if it weren’t for the excellent care he receives. He has been admitted to the hospital many times. The doctors and nurses have always been caring. We are truly blessed!

Noel Gast

My experience with staff yesterday was great. I really enjoy the attention which I received and the professionalism of the staff. I have always appreciated the staff and the job they do. My experience in the waiting area on the third floor wasn't satisfactory. The smell of stale cigarettes and other offensive odors was over welling. I realize that smoking is prohibited but those who do the smell comes with them. That mixed with the smell of alcohol is nauseating. Not sure what can be done. Maybe a good cleaning and new paint. Thanks for listening

Mark Palace

caring and dedicated staff. quick service. very impressed. thank you very much.

Joe Lockhart

I had a kidney transplant in Nov 2014 and could not have received better care. First class from start to finish and with all after care following the same path. Thanks to all involved.

Scott Messenger

Horrible wait times in the ER. Staffing is not sufficient

Kimberly Parish

Excellent staff. One of the best in the country.

Aaron Hoenig

Always receive fantastic care from all staff and providers.

Dane Phelps

Notice after reading this that for every 1-2 star rating this VA gets, there’s at least a dozen 5 star reviews that are pretty suspect of being generic. With that said... The Emergency department here is among the worst, if not the worst, you can experience at a VA. Dealing with them for just the three years I’ve lived in PDX, I’ve seen horrible levels of incompetence. I can honestly say that I’ve only received real care there once, and that’s only because the PA that I had that evening was someone I served with on my 5th combat tour. The staff is notorious for their condescending behavior and apparent disdain for anyone that comes through their doors. Expect to go there with a problem, and leave with that same problem but just highly irritated and humiliated. I can’t afford health insurance like a lot of other disabled combat veterans and we were promised healthcare for our sacrifices. I survived so much, but I don’t think it’s possible to survive this VA.

Steve G

Absolute inhumane care. A few good folks on the "front lines" but management is horrible. They allow abuse from nurses and MD's, do nothing about it and when you push them for a resolution, they punish the vet. They ignore and violate their own written regs & policies and refuse to even acknowledge the violations. They will give a congressional inquiry the big one finger salute. You can get to no one in management and the "Patient Advocates", if you can ever get through to one, do nothing, in fact one of them actually had the guts, when I asked why she was not advocating for me when a policy was clearly violated stated, "Because I need to feed my family" (she thinks she would have been fired). It is very clear that they "advocate" for the VA and not the veteran. I have had staff lie to me and they could care less about that. They allow (and tell) MD's to discontinue therapeutic meds because it's the "political" thing to do, never caring that it severely impacts the veterans quality of life which they never ask about anyway. They tolerate nurses actually threatening patients, trying to carry that threat out, and do nothing about it. They allow practitioners with a conflict of interest to make judgement's about the veteran. They take your first amendment rights away. They literally act like they are God and no one can touch them. And it's true, there is nothing you can do. The Portland VA Medical Center is a glorified meat processing plant run by puppet managers that are devoid of fairness, humility, decency, ethics, professionalism, and most of all, compassion.

Michael Kehler

Not the VA you hear about. Comprehensive, caring and very short waits. Outstanding pharmacy!

Sue Kerby

My husband has always received excellent care at the VA Portland Hospital

Benjamin Ireland

they are the best for what their given with lack of enough staff and proper equipment THANK YOU!!! You've come along ways as health care for Veterans has improved a lot in the past 5 years keep up the great work!!!

Mark Duff

my care has been spotty at first Dr w/ primary care, touched me in inappropriate manner....i transferred to another Dr, and things went well for a few years..i was told the VA was on a crusade re pain meds and have been taken off hydrocodone..which did help a great deal...some invisible committee, probably wearing hoods, made this this point i have no faith in Dr's seem content to pump the 'faith healing' line of VA culture...i am really disappointed, but the culture at VA will never change...Bay Pines was much better, but had same issues...i will use VA for essential items, and things, but will never be involved w/ them for any critical meds or of the staff told me i was racist because i was White...she is employed in ER staff....with the faith healing attitude of Dr's and the multicultural diversity religion of lower staff, i would advise White veterans to try other health care arrangements..the price is right, but one gives up one's dignity in process.....

David Smith

The VA does well for my needs.

Jeffrey Bernard

I am a Veteran, and have all of my Health Care needs met there, with no complaints. I am also an employee of the VA Hospital as well.

Matthew Adams

The VA is a big system, with a lot of moving parts. Be patient. Nationwide "the VA" is constantly getting a bad rap from angry veterans, their families, and the media. But as vets we should know that there is "the VA" and then there is the Portland VA. Shooting straight, I have never encountered any medical facility (in the Army or out) that has consistently demonstrated at atmosphere of respect, attention to detail, flexible treatment options, and hospitality (for me and my service dog) to equal the Portland VA medical center. Every time I'm there I make new friends with patients and staff, trade jokes with the medical staff, and leave feeling good. With no hesitation I recommend its services to every veteran, and simply urge that you remember that there is a difference between "the VA" and the individual people at the Portland VA who are honestly working hard to help you. Give them a chance, they're great!

Stephany stewart

If I could give negative stars, this place definitely deserves them. Everytime I have taken my grandfather up there, they treat him like absolute garbage. The nurses are rude, and act inconvenienced whenever you ask them for details on prescriptions. The doctors upped his medication, almost KILLING HIM 4TIMES!! It's as if they would rather let people die, so that they don't have to work as hard. This hospital needs an entirely new staff, these people are the worst. I would not recommend ever taking your loved one here, unless you want to just watch them be treated like garbage and suffer.

Jenny Saxon

Horrible,still have not gotten our medicine straighted out after 3 yrs.

C. Starkweather

Nice Staff! Great coffee shop mid lobby! Tasty apple cinnamon muffins. Great store with snacks and tv's etc.. pretty much everything. Large clean chow hall. Good food, nice people!


Good care

Smith on News

great hospital! !

Noel Zamudio

The best!

Denise Kelsch

I have always been treated with respect. I suffer from chronic medical and neurological disorders. I know they are short staffed and at times hectic but that is caused by the people in Washington D.C. and funding. Portland caregivers and other staff members helped me receive my service dog 18 months ago and for that I am truly grateful.

Lori bridges

Thank you for taking care of our vets

Howard Haney

excellent care .


If it were my Xhusband posting he would give the VA hospital five stars because of their ability to keep his privacy. Why that was good for him and while they would love to get five stars I don't feel the same. I feel like a life saved would be more important than privacy. But that's just the way l think. See l believe in the DUTY TO WARN. Jeffrey B, if you are an employee of the hospital and a vet l can see why you get your needs met. Maybe they can accommodate all the other vets and hire them as well so they can also get their needs met. To SM If you served our country and did so as bravely as you have said then l find so much shame in our country and the VA hospital in turning you down for such a simple need as a shower. You deserve much more. Because of good men as yourself we as Americans have the freedom to a nice hot shower in our own homes. As an American l am sorry. As a human being l would open my home to you for a shower and a hot meal and a friend. God Bless you from the bottom of my heart and all the vets in your situation. And Thank you

jay armstrong

The VA saved my life! Thank you

Sensei P

Positive Environment

Janie Williams

Excellent attitudes

Jay Jensen

I had a collapsed lung operation on 10-15-13. I can't say enough about the professional, courteous, kind care I received from the doctors, Nurses and staff on floor 9D. They took extremely good care of me during my stay. I’m very grateful to them. 5 stars in my book….Kudos to you all…you’re awesome! Breathing well in Spokane Jay J.

C. A. Willie

Takes months to get an appointment with a general doctor and then when you get one the Doc is only willing to talk about a single issue. Got multiple problems? Sucks to be you. You have to set up another appointment months away.

PS Dilger

The VA medical care is good. 1) Please do not go to ER unless no other choice. No Urgent Care avail. 2) Sign up for care, follow-thru if it kills you and fight for a caregiver you can work with. Good Luck.

Charles Olson

The absolute worst VA Hospital I have ever been to. Was injured 7 hears ago and the doctors did nothing for a damaged knee, broken rt collarbone, massive tears in rt rotator cuff, severely injured left forearm, and vetebrae in neck knocked out of whack causing numbness in left side. After 22 m0nths had to go to SLC VA where I have spent a lot of time, and had a directory to restore feeling. After 6 years with injuries came back to Oregon with only the neck surgery done and they refuse to treat me saying I am hostile and I am an ordained minister in serious pain for 7 years now . I would never send anyone there. I spent 11 years in Army to be kicked under the bus.

Robert Clark

Excellent doctors, staff, and service!!!!

April Paschal

They took real good care of my dad after his kidney transplant thank you so mucj job well done

Kyle Black

Huge facility but if you catch it at the right times you can get in and out.

Barbara Sorrell

My husband was at the VA for a week. I was glad I was their to be his advocate because ever day there was something. I even had to ask for towels for the bathroom. Couldn't believe it. However I can't say enough for their chemo department . His nurses have been great except for his last Friday nurse. Then I felt they did not follow Hipaa Regulations, talking about my husband's personal information in front of five other people we did not know. Anyway this is where he is going at this time may change later he is dual covered so there is that. We also have spoke with many patients and have the same concerns as we do.

Allan Forster

Dental office is lazy. They told me I had to have my tooth surgically extracted and I had to wait 6 months . so I went to a private dentist and they were able to pull it out immediately without any troubles. I think they just did not want to do it that day because they were running behind. Poor service.

Ryan Holleran

Mean hearted nurses here. I was an EMT before my enlistment and know how to "Hit a vain". This ER nurse, apparently unhappy with my demeanor, decided to slam the needle into my arm leaving a bruise for a week. Assaulting veterans they disagree with.... Needs to change

Adam E

One of the more.impressive VA facilities in the country. Multiple specialty and consult teams available.

Charles Moyer

One of the best hospital emergency room experiences I have had they were very friendly and professional

ron whited

I was diagnosed with stage 2 Lung Cancer in the 1st week of March. I got scheduled for surgery for the 16th. Today is the 31st and I am out of the Hospital. From the time I was diagnosed and To the time of my Discharge, I was treated with respect. The Oncology team told me everything I would encounter and what to expect. The doctors were Honest and answered all of my questions. The ICU unit was very caring and made sure I had everything I needed and more. The 9D floor staff was Excellent.The Respiratory team, The Physical Therapy team, The front desk was there with everything I ever needed all with courtesy. KUDOS to ALL of the RN'S and CNA'S who assisted in my care. Your caring went a long way towards my quick recovery. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Marisa Fernandez

THIS WILL PROBABLY GET DELETED. BUT I WILL TRY TO KEEP POSTING IT SO YOU ALL KNOW THE TRUTH!! 11-16-2017 My husband comes here from time to time for his appointments. So far the care is decent. But last night his fellow Marine went in due to wounds that aren't visible. And he was not taken serious. The man that checked him in laughed and said what are you trying to do bust your rating? You are well dressed and clean cut, you don't need help. It took so much strength for a combat vet to admit to himself that he needs help. And then when he tries to get it he is laughed at and sent home. As my husband now rushing to his brother's house in order to assure that his brother doesn't pull that trigger. I blame you! The Potland VA Hospital! The ones that say they are here for you during your time of need. Thankfully his wife called us and my husband got there in time so that his brother didn't become a statistic. Tonight my husband saved a Marine, a Vet that could have had the help he needed if it wasn't for the Vet rep that turned him away.

Cynthia Walton

We have received some pretty horrific and overwhelming new this week. But my husbands care has been amazing. These people care. They listen to everything and they try to make everything past perfect here for us.

Mickey Mishra

I love going here. Yes, it could be better. But I think overall, the best benefit of getting out of the NAVY.

Raleigh Hayden

Good doctors, excellent cafeteria with a great view. Easy access via bus or personal transportation.



Mike Maund

Great! Much better than it used to be.

Wayne Jones

Good assessment by top doctors

James McClatchey

9 month wait to see a dermatologist, due to poor staffing resources you'll die before you get care!

Terry Shockley

Exceptional caring staff for our Nation's Veteran's

Brian Janowski

This V A Facility is the WORST that I have ever been to. I drove 2 and a half hours from Newport Oregon for an appointment and sat in the waiting area for 45 minutes and was never called. I went to the desk and asked if I was checked in and was told yes that I was. Sat for 20 more minutes and still did not get called. I finally got up and walked out. I then called the Patient Advocate and told her what had happened. She told me that she would look into it. Nothing was done. I called her again and complained again. Same result as the last time. I was denied my Travel Reimbursement so I called the Patient Advocate again. Talked to a different woman this time and she told me that there was no appointment scheduled for that day. Someone had deleted it from the system. So tired of having to drive 2 and a half hours just to see a Specialist. And I agree that the Interns from OSHU Should not be allowed to touch my body.

Susan Prock

The people who work here really do care. We hear it's the best in the country and we don't doubt it. Even under staffed, these folks make a difference.

scott caya

I just got home from a total of thirteen days in the Portland V.A. hospital. I can tell you that the entire staff there treat us veterans with the utmost care and respect. They are professional, knowledgeable, and highly proficient. The doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists, food service workers, sanitation. ALL OUTSTANDING! I never dreamed any hospital would or could treat patients so well. I'm impressed mightily.

James Wiley Ahlquist

A lot better then any of the other VA Hospitals I have been too. Its very up to date and clean. Everyone loves my best friend (Dog) Ammo Wiley. And there is beautiful girls everywhere. After walking around for a bit I have noticed a numerous amount of questionable service members. To All my brothers and sisters out there start putting people on blast. -SgtAhlquistjw (6597)

Troy Stewart

Thank you all!

Robert Graves

Best care anywhere

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