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REVIEWS OF Shriners Hospitals for Children IN Oregon

Mom Jo

I was in and out of Shriners Hospital many times from age 8 to11.Had 9 surgeries some on my hand,leg, elbow, wrist. They were so super great to us there. Couldn't ask for a better place for children. Enrertainment.Patient friendly caring Dr, Nurses and staff. I had 9 different surgeries from my hand, fingers, wrist,elbow and, leg. I spent several months on & off through the years.

Allyson Chambers

RealGame MgicDaFox

When doctors in my area couldn't even seem to find a problem Shriner's preformed two surgeries and corrected my severely crooked leg.

Sophie Summersett

After the most stressful time of our lives trying to figure out what was wrong with my sons hip, travelling 3 hours roundtrip to Portland to meet with surgeons from other hospitals for rushed 10 minute appointments only to be misdiagnosed, calling Shriners was a godsend. The scheduling was so easy, there was no jumping through millions of hoops of insurance, it was actually the exact opposite of what we went through with other hospitals. I can't believe that they provide this for free. I will always donate to those guys in the cool hats, they provide an amazing service and we are most grateful.

Teresa Hovis

Love taking my son here.

Wil Link

Quest Hodgson

Buck Grandman

Wonderful people with a mission. I look forward to helping out here whenever the opportunity arises

Derek Yost

2 wasted trips to Portland from Eugene. Good intentions doesn't make great Doctors.

Kristine Winters

These guys are terrific. Dr. Michael Sussman knows his stuff. Kyle his nurse is amazing. The best place to help kids with disabilities

Yukier Vizcarra

Darryl Hansen

Maritza Delao

What a blessed place

Lina L

A great place with great people

Cindy Rivera

I went in about two weeks ago and we had told the doctor our concerns of my daughters little pinky toe. He glanced at it and said we'll do surgery later on. Days later after taking her shoes off her toe is swollen and red almost purple. I called her care coordinater and to explain to her Im not diagnosing her with it just telling you that it looks like cuboid syndrome. And if it is cuboid syndrome there is treatments available not just surgery later on, and im wanting treatment or another appointment for her because she's in pain. She then asked if I can just give her medication for the pain. Really? My response to her was no Im not going to drug up my daughter to put off the problem to the side when theres treatment. She says ok maybe we'll schedule gerban appointment and said ok I'll let him know when I see him. Days later i get a call back her saying, "Now you have to excuse me I didnt take notes, but he would like pictures on what you want done on your daughter." First off she has not been diagnosed second I am not the doctor and third I can just keep going on and on. I asked for another appointment so he can " take a look at it" and if possible a second opinion as well she said she'll get back with me. I got a call today 5 days later and thd next appointment is in a month with another physician. I asked of I can see her main doctor as well that day and she said no that wanda the care coordinater said, that I had said I wanted another physician and Im not allowed to see him until atleast six months. I am now calling Wanda to clear things and I have not yet received an answer. I am very disappinted, especially since I beleive this carelessness is all because Im wanting a second opinion or option other than wait and have my daughter in this pain for atleast 6 months. I work at a hospital as well and know our priority is our patients especially when they have a concern and our window to get back at them or atleast acknowledge their voicemail is two hours, its been five days and I have not heard back from the "care coordinater" or as she cslls herself "care manager." Never was there a problem with Kyle.

Michelle Brown


My grandson is currently going to this Shriners for club feet. The doctor is alright but the nurses are awful and rude when you ask questions they make you feel stupid. They seem to not care. And just had to stay the night there due to surgery the next day. Wish we could have stayed in a hotel. It was awful. They provide 1 nasty shower in the hallway for all familes to share and its like a shower at a camp site. So glad this is almost over.


Will never go back there again. Ridiculous internal red tape prevented my son from being seen today when we had an appointment scheduled. Apparently, the first doctor he saw (only once in his life) two years ago had to give approval for him to see a different doctor. Since approval wasn't given, Shriner's called me to cancel the appointment with the second doctor after I had already left from Salem to go to the appointment. They're only offering the option to see the first doctor but because her schedule is so full already, we would have to wait until Dec 31st at the earliest. We don't want to see her! And we don't want to wait that long when his leg braces are hurting him right now. So, we'll figure something else out somewhere else but we surely won't go back to Shiner's ever again.

susanna reed


Everyone was very nice and helpful. They really do want to help and will work with you if you have financial issues.

Heidi Lagao

I Cannt say enough wonderful thing about this hospital. They are for the kids and do amazing work. Thank you for treat us like family and all the support for families you help everyday!

Theofrenz Cayambas

Evan Davis

They succeeded where others failed. My daughter will be able to run because of their help.

Valerie Esparza

J. G. HeRmAnSoN

John Dodson

Katherine Fuchs MD and her team saved my boy!

david kennedy

Jon Tresko

Lady B

Barbara Brcok

Phoenix Thompson

They have done all of my son's surgeries on his cleft lip and palate. Great team

Mckenzie Wiensz

Shriners has been the best place for me and my kids with us having osteogenesis imperfecta but this round they acted like they were accusing us of things that aren’t true And I don’t appreciate it.

Artem Metelskiy

Great hospitality.

Darian Ansell

I have been there since I was 5. That place is like a second home. They have help me so much with my cerebral palsy. I wish I could go back one more time.

Cyndi Ambert

really great place to work . best view ever, nice break room , i enjoy grill day in the cafeteria really nice boss and co workers . and the work i do makes me feel im making a difference

Dawn Drew

My son is almost aged out of Shriners now, and we will miss them greatly! My son had his first surgery through Dr Beals at OHSU and they are excellent at what they do! However they do not specialize in ongoing care as Shriners does(so they referred us to Shriners). Shriners has helped us get orthotics, walkers, wheelchairs and we finally got approved for an electric wheelchair and we were so blessed that we were happy to be apart of their research studies which have just been completed:) If you just need resources Shriners is your kinda place and if you need ongoing care for your child(ren) Shriners is your place! Every staff member has been kind and we are always greeted with a smile and treated with respect. I want to thank these wonderful people and the motorcycle club that helped us get our first wheelchair years have all been a blessing to our lives and you are very much appreciated!

Hibo Abtidon

savannah Key

they are really nice the only thing i have is i am scared to death of elevators and every time i go i don't want to go because of the elevator so let me know if there is any other way to get to the first floor to the children hospital in Portland please.

Zenaida Diaz

J Buntin

Had a great experience starting with the lady at registration . She went out of her way to get us a mileage form faxed from ride source in Eugene. When we got back to the clinic waiting room , we were immediately met by Travis whom remembered my daughter from previous visits , and made her feel very relaxed. Dr. Raney was amazing. She made sure to make my daughter feel comfortable and talked to her in a way she could understand. I'm very grateful for the level of care that we get from here everytime we come here. Communication is definitely important. Make sure to ask questions and remember YOU are your child's advocate.

Maria Sanchez

Christine Torres

Danielle Davis

Pretty much grew up here as a "Shriner's kid." I had the best care and everyone is so friendly and kind.

Echo Hollow

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