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Very nice hospital with amazing staff.

Samantha Towne

After surgery we bring to the nurses attention the patient is bleeding threw his bandages she comes in says it’s a lot and that she don’t want to do it. So it may be taken care of in a half hour if they have time. This nurses name is jennifer and I’m absolutely more than angry about this. You never ignore this level of bleeding and you do not ever just walk away from a patient and say it’s not your job because you have a half hour left on shift. This is not how a patient should ever be treated. Rooms 6000’s. If your family memeber has surgery here don’t leave their side because the nurses don’t care about them.

Jean Goodwin

Worst experience ever with having my baby. Thankfully my Dr was great, unfortunately she was only good experience I had during birth. First I was told at 32 weeks along my son was going to be to big for natural childbirth, so I would need a c-section. So when my water broke a week before scheduled c-section was to take place, the first nurse I saw was incompetent. She didn't know one thing about my birthing. So she "informed me" Since my water broke I could have natural birth instead, as if I was doing a c-section just because. I told her I wanted a nurse who knew what was going on for my care. So after my surgery, the Dr was great, my sister asked them to check if my son was tongue tied. He was. So his pediatric Dr was to come fix his tongue. Never happened. So the nurses that paraded through my room for next 5 days while my son started at 9 lbs 12 oz ended at 8 lbs 01 oz since he was not able to properly latch on to breast feed at all. The nurses continued to tell me the entire 5 days I didn't know how to feed my child because he was struggling. Instead of anyone stepping forward to fix his tongue so he could eat I was insulted every time any staff came in, asking me c why I wasn't feeding him right. So you can understand my wondering how these people could be blaming me for none of them fixing my son's tongue a n d throwing blame on me. I was so disappointed with the experience, just grateful my son was able to go to his Dr sane day we left hospital to get his tongue fixed so he could eat. I don't care if it was pediatric Dr fault for not actually doing it at hospital or someone at hospital who could of done it but chose not to. Worst hospital stay ever since on top of all that what seemed like every half hour I was attempting to sleep agency after agency kept coming in my room to help me in my painful, lack of sleep condition. When best help would of been left the heck alone in hospital to heal and be with my starving newborn,

Sarah sahala

My ma is in the i.c.u. in an induced acoma. Everyday it is a hit and miss with these nurses and doctors. Night shift they do their job, keep the family informed and check on her machines when they are beeping like crazy. I've been in my mom's room since 8 am, and all the nurses keep saying the doctor will be by soon. Apparently he finished 2 rounds in the i.c.u. without stopping by my mom's room. The nurses are all joking around, locker room talk and laughing very loudly. I would not recommend this hospital.

lori pagel

Beautiful facility

Jerry Rogers

Cardiology Staff is helpful and friendly. Feel very comfortable bringing a senior here.

Jay M

Great clinics with courteous staff. Very helpful and most providers are willing to see new patients. They can also offer great assistance with costs.

Matt Diehl

gachaverse god

This is the best hospital in the area in my opinion. The ER staff has always been friendly and courteous to me and my family, as well as efficient and effective at their job. My first pick

Laurie Britton

Sat on hold for over 25 minutes trying to reach someone to find out if a loved one had checked in or had been reported. Couldn't get through, waited hours to try again, just for same recorded message of wait in line. Never experienced that before and dumbfounding there isn't a information line that can respond.

Maika’i Briggiano

Linda Ballard

They always treat me right

Rex n. Taylor

Kevin Alexander

Dale Ford

Where to even begin, let's start with parking. It's a huge problem that literally 3 different staff members not only couldn't point me to any available parking, and 2 of the 3 had an attitude or just didn't care when pressed further about it. Imagine driving yourself to the ER just to be told there no parking except at the whole opposite side of the building with literally no other solutions . Whelp, I guess I found the one bennefit to privitized health care, I can go wherever I want. F*** you river bend hospital and f*** the parking gaurd too. FYI to him btw, not a good idea to be that rude an uncaring at the ER entrance, talk to the wrong person like that and their family member is there... Not a solid plan .

Veteran Noname

Enjoyed lunch, burger was a 4 out of 10 but the people where affable

Foolish Behavior

Still in my cardiac room here. I have a quad bypass from '06 and 13 stents from '02 up to '17. I've been through many hospitals as a full-time traveller, that include premier cardiac specialties, VA, and everything in between. The VA Long Beach has surpassed them all, until now. River Bend Hospital is the most modern, well equipped, cleanest, with the kindest, most professional and knowledgeable staff. I read some of the other reviews and can't help but believe most derogatory comments are from those who have not been admitted to many hospitals. One in particular regarding the long wait and bloody room shows me that this is a trauma ER facility that puts in the work . Special thanks to Nurses Dina, Jake and Sarah, along with all the CNA's. Again, pointing out that my chest is a maze of blocked arteries; I commend Dr. Padget and my team in the Cath Lab. Although the surroundings were outdated as others have complained, the equipment, knowledge and skill in that lab is more modern and up to date as I've seen. Great staff in the Cath Lab.

Megan Murphy

Everyone was so nice, we were worried that since we were young they were not going to take us seriously. Got in quick, received great care from great people! Glad to know theres an er with people who care.

Quizoid Z

My tummy hurt so I went in. They got me scanned, figured it was appendicitis, and got me operated on in a timely manner despite being a bit short staffed (the flu is going around western Oregon right now so medical facilities around here are dealing with that). The nurses, doctors, CNAs, cleaning staff... everyone is just all smiles. It's a very positive environment. The lighting and decor is more brown than blinding white, so it feels homey, too.

Helen Young

Great hospital, nurses and Cna,s are great. Food was good. I know they spoiled me

Caden Cook

Just got off the phone with Shanna explaining my situation and she was extremely rude and abrupt in her response. Not very pleased at all.

Teri Gutierrez

We've been at the emergency waiting yo be seen for almost 6 hours. Most of the people that came in after we got here have been seen and left. Whatever triage system they have it's seriously flawed. We're definitely going to McKenzie Willamette next time.

Sanfrancisco Gamer2019

JennNation 16

Greggo G

Visiting from California, had an unexpected illness and ended up at Riverbend Emergency. I really have to commend ALL the staff from intake to discharge. They were wonderful and made me feel like I wasn't 1,000 miles from home.

Cdogstar Knowhole

I was at Riverbend Hospital for three days. I couldn't believe how nice everybody was.The food they served was actually delicious.And I would like to thank them for saving my life!!!

Heather Tolford

Why are you IGNORING the advice of Bill McChesney's Doctor!?!? #BillMcChenseyMatters

Lesley C Bennett

I had surgery to remove cancer and it was wonderful I had a great time and I had awesome nurses and doctors

Sean Gjerde

Chris M

Takes about 3 hours to do anything here, care is so disjointed communication is nearly nonexistent between this Hosptial and primary care providers. I try to never come here! Alas, 2 stars because I did once get decent service from their urgent care bit still had to wait forever. These people need to do something to fix it but I think it'll never happen.

Dan Joseph

Without doubt the best medical facility in the state south of Portland. Can be very busy so if you're not dying you might have to wait a while. Smart ER doctors and appropriate staffing levels = good outcomes!

Patricia Yearous

My daughter was referred to this hospital from our community hospital for admission for further work up and observation. My daughter has a cardiac condition for which she has already had surgery for 2 years ago, but because of her age the doctors refuse to take her seriously. She is scared and feeling defeated, just because of her age a physician should not discount what is being told to them. I only wished I were closer to help her, I have 27 years of experience in the medical field and administration combined; what this hospital has done to her is unacceptable and is a prime example of the staff not upholding the mission and philosophy statement for this facility.

Blu Sun Davini

Live saving HOSPITAL .,.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Willson

The ER doctor was an ass but the rest of the staff was great.

Evan M

Awful. OHVI noc nurse Jeff is a jerk with little compassion or care for others. Comes in the room after 11pm waking up the patient acting surprised she was asleep. Then continues to attempt to force narcotics on her that she doesn't want. Won't listen to the patient about anything. Completely disrespectful leaving the door open and the curtain open while exposing her chest without announcing he was doing it. At one point after telling the CNA we didn't like him he decided to stop coming in the room even after we pressed the call button only the CNA came in 20 minutes later because she was busy doing his job while he was probably being a jerk to another patient. This hospital is the last place I would want to go, I wish this wasn't the only hospital with kidney doctors so I could avoid this lawsuit of a hospital. They left gauze in my girlfriend's chest and almost killed her. The ER staff laughed at her and told her the gauze coming out of her skin was her hair. The specialist that she had to go to on her own tried to look at it and immediately sent her in for emergency surgery. This is the third infection brought on by this hospital's lack of caring or responsibility. She has almost died three times because of the gauze this hospital left in her body. This hospital is not for getting well. I had to buy and bring in my own fridge so we could have food/drink in the room we're stuck in because they do not offer a sanitary way to store our items we don't want to live here but they could at least have more accommodations for the family staying here. The whole layout of this hospital sucks. Have to walk a football field for everything. They should have never built it and just improved Mackenzie Willamette since they are the good hospital. The security sucks as well. Took the RN three hours to get in the room and give meds. From 7pm to 10pm she'd just poke her head on for a second and say she's working on it and she next door. We didn't ask where you were. Been waiting over an hour for meds and we can hear the nurse in the hall say "why do they keep pressing the call button?" Cause you're supposed to be doing your DAMN job. Then she comes in says she forgot, how do you forget when we've been pressing the call button the entire time.

Jennifer Fox

Was abused by an ER Dr. ...not a good place to go when you are sick : ( The game was blarring the lighting was glarring..i will never go there again ..and I am a nurse!

Walt Biddle

Incredibly poor service on the phones

Richard Marcus

Karinne Wallace

Jenna Barrett

Great place! It is so beautiful, large, and clean. The staff take excellent care of you. Regarding a previous review: there are multiple parking options, depending on what part of the hospital you are heading to, and many signs directing you. The "check in with security" process can be a slow people, depending on who you're dealing with, but usually is quick. I totally adore the care team who took care of my sister, and she is also more than filled with gratitude as well.

Ivy Gibson

The Children's unit has great caring staff but there are a few who went above and beyond in the week my son was admitted. I wish I remembered her name but there was one especially amazing respiratory nurse who worked with my son who was extraordinary and gave my son the help he needed and I am forever grateful!

Max-Quzene Claunch Jr.

My niece had her son there and she was very impressed with the level of care and how supportive the staff is to a first time mother.

stacey apodaca

gNat Girl

This was the most beautiful, comfortable, well-equipped, well-staffed hospitals I have ever seen! I was taken here for an unexpected, emergency surgery. They got me in immediately and performed the whole thing with state of the art technology that is healing incredibly well! Everything from the views and the food, to the service, and the great-looking staff has just been a pure blessing!! I couldn't have asked for a better place to have something so scary and traumatic happen. Their recovery rooms are very spacious and comfortable, and the staff is super-friendly and attentive! They treated me like family from the start! I am so grateful for them and highly recommend them for any kind of care!!

Juan Lule

Yogi Kai

Seriously awesome! If you need a hospital, this is the place to go. My mother had Open Heart surgery (a valve replaced and a bypass) and was in the ICU for 5 days. She had some wonderful nurses (special mention to Richard, very thoughtful, compassionate, and professional; if you or your loved one draws him as your caregiver, you can rest easy) and everyone was so pleasant to the family. I stayed in the room almost every night. They have a shower for family use, and a few RV spaces with electric hookups (no water or sewage) for those of us who refuse to go home.

Lisa L

Love Riverbend, International Blood Center gives High Standards of Excellence ! ! !

one of a kind last of a loyal bloodline

If you are disabled in any way and are pregnant do not have your kids birthed at any hospital in Springfield or Eugene this state is known and referred to as baby snatchers Oregon and will use your disability against you too have them placed in state custody along with other background of your parents things that happened when you were really little like one of your parents being told they can't see you by a judge court order and child protection services telling that person where you are every time your moved on a domestic violence grant they will do everything to have your kids taken it is against the law for the state of Oregon to take kids from disabled parents unless they are physically disabled and can not lift a finger to take care of the kids in that case the grandmother or grandfather must go to the the law library and get a power of attorney signed must be signed by mother and and separate one for the father of the child but make sure you know your rights this state cannot push you to do anything you do not want to do protect yourselves from the state illegally taking your grand kids and or them trying to bully your kid into giving up there kids

John Hart

Been in the waiting room for the E.R. going on 5 hours. Girlfriends doctor called in and they aren't listening. We are still waiting to be seen. They won't listen to us either. They say shes ok because shes not moving around but if she gets up to even go to the bathroom her pulse ox drops to the 70's. The nurses, in not so many words, have basically said we dont matter. McKenzie Willamette may not be thorough but at least they get you in to be seen.

Micah Glenz

Ty Burns

My brother had a baby last week. The waiting area is from when they opened 20 years ago. Carpet torn. Bad TVs. Zero comfort for having to wait multiple hrs.

Goddess Frost

Dylan Sylvester

The room was covered in blood and we waited 5 freaking hours to see a doctor. Who then sent us to imaging when the nurse should have done that first anyway. And the piss test went bad due to the wait. For an emergency room they have very little sense of urgency. I wish I could rate them 0 stars, thats how bad it was. Stars are for winners.

Monte Cress

Their bedside manner is amazing nurses CNAs doctors were great the entire staff was just awesome. I suggest you go to this hospital if you're sick and want results

travis king

Ann Price

Wr receive great care here.

Andrew Van Beever

Shelley G

Had surgery, did not die! Cute male anesthesiologists.

Kim Bomark

Thank you to the staff in Pediatrics that took such good care of my niece Ellison.

Black Widow

Like a pretty but evil boyfriend.. nice on the outside.. rotten and empty on the inside

Ruben Alaniz

Father spent 2 nights in ICU. The entire staff was amazing. Everyone helped make this horrible experience much more bearable. Thank you everyone ! Great bedside manner all around.

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