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REVIEWS OF Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center IN Oregon

Myke Ray

Bunch of morons who can not relay information properly!

Emily Turner Huntley

Great hospital and service just wish it was easier to get to via public transport

Verity Caruso

anon anons

these people are really rude and unprofessional. i wouldn't go there if you don't have to

Justin Pflegl

Tory Eschweiler

Jill VanOsdol

Took my husband in because he had been choking earlier. Got the item dislodged but he had been having some chest pain, puked up alot of blood and it hurt to breathe. After 2 hours of sitting in the waiting room, watching people come in after and be seen before us we left. DO NOT GO TO THIS ER IF YOU ARE HAVING CHEST PAINS OR BREATHING ISSUES, you will be ignored.

Cherie Conrad-Hersch

Sophia Priest

This HOSPITAL makes you wait for fing ever! They do not help you! All they care about is money. They misdiagnos you. I've had to go two different times to actually get help. They charged me 900 for the 4 hour wait, a doctor giving my 1 year old a bottle full of apple juice and 4 anti nausea pill. They don't give you answers. It's not worth it. If you have a child go to Randles, and if you have an emergency go to the one on sunnyside. Save yourself time and energy. This place is no help. None at all. They don't care. They suck.

katy thorne

This place is bullshit. The staff is nice but the wait times are inexcusable

Patrick Bolan

The care was very good, and surgeons excellent. Clean, and updated facility. Two problems: Sometimes I would get three RN's in a six hour period, and a few of RNA's were clumsy, not too knowledgeable.

Waxn Njoy

Providence hospitals are possibly the worst place you could go for medical treatment. All they care about is money, and once youre in the door they get paid, so they dont actually care about treating you. They will admit you, then summon their rent a cops to physically force you out of the building at gunpoint while saying "you dont have to leave, if you leave you are refusing care", then bill you for the experience of having your life threatened in something thats supposed to be a place of healing.

Modern Neanderthal

This place sucks more than a shop vac. Doctor misdiagnosed a MRSA infection on my 8 month old daughter which almost became septic. The staff also seem to move slower than two sloths having sex

brian ruby

Absolutely the worst hospital doctor I've ever come across. Dr. Park

Kimberly Eubanks-Soenyun

Very sick mom, she's 76 and they made her wait in the waiting room 2 hours. I had to go up twice and explain this is bad and she's weak and in pain. Finally she's now warm under 3 blankets lying down and pain meds relaxed her pain level a bit. Poor thing. She's never been so sick ever. Hopefully things will progress quickly. I told them this was going to be an ambulance ride but we were close so I brought her.

Dyan Kirkpatrick

I had out-patient surgery at this hospital, and my husband was recently admitted for two days. Both times we received exceptional care and compassionate treatment. This is a wonderful hospital and we both highly recommend it.

Acacia Calkins

Hannah Johnson

Dr. Herndon and Nurse Marc were absolutely wonderful. When I came to the ER, I was in a great deal of pain, and frankly much more frightened than I let on. They were both knowledgeable, competent, and efficient. But what impacted me the most was their compassion. They were kind, and gentle, and non-demeaning. I was about to be discharged and I randomly got dizzy and threw up. They had a reception area full of patients. But they didn't hesitate to put the brakes on discharging me. Instead, they took the time to do everything in their power to make sure i was comfortable and stable before letting me walk out of that hospital. I cannot express my thanks to them enough for their patience and compassion.

Marcie Brown

I think they have the best physical therapists! They do their best to get you in ASAP. I think is so cool that they also have pool therapy.

Stefanie Bressler

I am blown away by my level of care here. My docs are great. My RN and CNA team are absolutely fantastic. They are gentle and attentive; honest and straightforward; and so friendly. I feel like I've made friends. Thank you! (Flor, Megan, Sara, Kayla and the other Megan)

Justin Stoddart

Our nurse Michelle in the birthing center has been super personable and friendly.

Allen W

The emergency room has procedures and policies unlike any I've ever been too. I was treated like I was a child and stupid. And if you go in with any injury the staff will insinuate that you inflicted the injury to yourself for some reason. Even if I was bleeding out and might die I think I'd choose a different hospital. Rude staff. I went in with a cut on my finger and the staff MADE me ride in a wheelchair, ridiculous if you ask me.

Tiffany A

My husband is actually sitting there right now with the top of his finger cut off and they haven't even offered to Maybe give him pain medication or anything. Now usually in the ER it's not 1st come 1st serve but on a case by case basis and they're taking people with no physical injuries Who are sitting there talking on their cell phones and appear to be just fine. Maybe some of them have the flu. Even so, they're taking back people who are evidently better off than him and he's sitting here with his finger tip in one hand and while the other hand is a bloody mess and it's been 3 in a 1/2 hours later and they're still not helping him. What in the world is wrong with this hospital? And this is not our 1st bad experience with them. I've had many bad experiences with them when I have tried to bring my children because they are most definitely the worst emergency department to bring children too. Save yourself the time and hassle and go to Doernbecher or Randalls. As I'm writing this he still sitting here waiting. My mind is literally blown at what a horrible facility this is. It is sad that they are the only hospital in our area. They need new staff with better training. They need to be taught how to treat people better as well and wipe those nasty looks off their faces. They're lucky I am not saying anything directly to them. And it is only because my husband doesn't want me too because he doesn't want this to take longer. Because that's the kind of facility they are. The kind that will make you wait longer if you ask about your wait. If any of you have a choice to go anywhere other than here I highly recommend doing so. On a completely Different incident, my son who gets severe pneumonia frequently during cold and flu season was discharged from the ER. They listen to his longs and said that they may be able to hear something in one of the longs but it probably was nothing and they weren't going to do any x-rays because they said that he sounded well enough and appear to be fine. The next day we were admitted into Randall children's hospital for 5 days because of RSV, pneumonia and low oxygen levels fluctuating between 82-86. I told them when I went to the ER that I know my son and I know that this is going to be pneumonia and they didn't even check. They tested him for the flu which he did not have, but they didn't test him for RSV which it turns out he did have. My son gets so severely sick that he can die if not treated properly and the fact that he was admitted to the hospital the day after and was in such poor condition when they told me to go home dusgusts me. But now I know not to even waste my time at this ER just because it is close to me. It's much more worth it to drive the extra miles to go to Legacy or OHSU.

Cheryl Gutshall

I had my daughter at the birth place there in June... All of the nurses and doctors were phenomenal!! The nurses were extremely attentive to my needs and answered any and all questions my husband or I had. Kate has a very special place in our hearts as she not only helped deliver our daughter but she was also our nurse the last night we were there! And the room was huge! Definitely planning on having any future babies there!

Jen N

I went there yesterday sicker than I’ve ever been in my life!!! I honestly felt like I was going to die! I was so scared and weak I couldn’t even sit up. I’ve had some bad experiences at hospitals in the past so I was really hesitant on going but I had no choice. I am so happy I did! Everyone was so nice and caring, Ive never been treated better!Michael Herndon is an amazing Doctor and you can tell genuinely cares!:) The nurses were also wonderful! I can’t thank them enough for taking such great care of me and treating me so good on one of the scariest days of my life!

Helen Brown

Apparently drunks with a broken finger and acts like they are going to pass out and people faking chest pain get seen before a person with auto wreck injuries

Heather Rogers

I've given them three chances and they've completely blown them. The ER here is the worst in Clackamas County, they don't care about patients. Absolutely awful, avoid at ALL costs.

David Gregory

Great place. Very well kept and clean. Everyone I have ever dealt with here have been very friendly and helpful. Cell service is terrible in this area for some, but they give free WiFi access!

Richard Sternberg

Have always received top notch care at this facility. Never had to wait long in the ER. In one particular case, my life was saved by the ER staff's quick and compassionate response to a breakdown I was experiencing. Thanks to all.


Stole medications from my purse and abused me during my stay. Abuse included threats, coercion, and refusing to treat my pain. (Husband had doctor literally walk away from him when asking for help.) Am now literally afraid to seek help for life threatening conditions. Edit: Oh yeah and the first time I went there with (extremely) high heart rate the doctor blew me off as a druggie and sent me home. This is despite the fact I have no history of drug abuse. I have literally never taken medicine other than how its been prescribed, and have never touched an illegal drug in my life. Was back within 10 hours and they were testing me for heart damage. (Blood tests to check for damaged proteins from heart.) UPDATE 9/13/2017 Despite promises from the head nursing coordinator that she would correct the issue and find out what happened to my missing medication we have heard nothing. Seriously give this place a miss.

Brandon Killinger

Wait times are not even funny...

Carmela Nielsen

Very caring people here

Charles Disney

All the usual complaints, when someone finally showed interest in the wait room tv the receptionist changed the channel and left the counter.

Light Warrior

While the ER doesn't have a long wait, the staff in the ER do not seem like happy people. The ER "doctor" was a jerk. It felt like another kidney stone. Doc ordered a scan, then came in and said scan was fine, I was trying to get pain medication, blah blah. Turns out I had a very bad Duodenal Ulcer. Had to watch diet and take omeprazole for a year. I came close to popping the jerk in the mouth.

Portland Chocolate Fountains

Great kitchen staff.

Koryn Murphy

Kimberlee Jo

I would give a -5 stars if there was an option. The emergency room desk ladies were beyond rude. I was there to pick up a family member who had been taken there by ambulance from her dr.s office. I have a service dog and was told very snidely to find somewhere else to put my dog. When I informed her that he's my device dog she replied "so, you're not the patient" she wouldn't even let my family member know I was there, and said "she can find you in the parking lot when she's discharged" are you kidding me?? Never again will i come here nor anyone in my family.

Joe Houser

Jessica Beitel

nobody bothered to take my symptoms seriously. When someone comes in with a cyst on one of their organs you don't tell them they probably just have an anxiety disorder and gas! Absolutely deplorable! Had to get diagnosis and treatment elsewhere. A waste of 5 hours here being further tortured and demeaned. Left feeling a thousand times worse than When I went in.

Danie'l Fournier

Awful, lazy, unqualified people. Save yourself some time and just choose a different hospital. When it was wallamette falls they were great ever since providence took over they have no idea what there doing and are just money hungry. Also everything is dirty and unsanitary.

Chris Kwok

At the time I was told my co worker was deathly allergic to bee stings. So I raced there and called 911 to have them be ready. Once I arrived they took all the steps and made sure my co worker was taken care of. They quickly realized the sting was not nearly severe as originally thought of. But never once had a visible change of attitude. They where obviously short staffed at the time in the ER but took care of everyone they could with what they had. To the nameless hard working individuals thank you.

Morgan MacDonald

The emergency room phone service is terrible. I talked to a man who was really rude and didnt answer the phone professionally. Also I broke a bone and it was a 3 hour wait to be seen, the splint they put on me was inadequate and they didnt do anything to help my pain levels.

Milleena Lefever

Billy Cole

kelli Collins

I had recently been diagnosed with a condition that required a critically needed blood transfusion along with a hysterectomy that needed to be done soon after. My health was in immediate danger and the news was very difficult to take in. But Dr. Vasquez was not only professional but also so compassionate and warm she put me at ease right away along my path and gave me the care and compassion I so was in need of. The surgery and stay at WF was exceptional and compassionate and I entrusted them completely. I highly recommend them for all I had to do with all my medical needs done there.

Sean Lutzi

I have been treated here 2 times prior in the Emergency room in years past, but the experience yesterday was by far, the best care at a medical facility ive had in my 49 years. Dr. Stone and his nursing staff far exceeded my expectations! Johnny on the spot in every aspect of my care from the moment i walked in. thank you guys from the bottom of my heart... no pun intended!!

Justin Vanosdol

I went to the er lastnight. I had vomited a lot of blood, chest pain shortness of breath. After choking on something turkey. I told them about the amount of blood and the severity of my chest pain. I'm not a guy that runs too the hospital for any little ache or pain. For me to go it's not good. After two hours of waiting in the waiting room and my wife going too the counter saying I was getting worse. We left while the front counter girl was cutting my wrist band off she asked if I wanted to talk to someone before I leave. Really ? I said no and left

bezzy bumps say-bwahh

Had all 3 of my kids here I love it the people are very caring

Penguin Tots

I went here during a rough time in my life, and I can say the staff here and the experience legitimately saved my life. 5 stars

Mitch shuiling

Just had the worse experience of my life here. I went in for an emergency. And I asked for a bed and they told me to lay on the floor. I'll be letting joint commission know about your practices

Mathias Turner

ER wait was long. They are not go but getting result to my primary care doctor. ER doctor made up for it.

wesley cornett

ryan parsons

Showed up with my wife and 7 yr old daughter because we thought she might have chicken pox. We waited for over 2 hours and finally left. 90% of the people came in after us and went back to see the nurse/doctor. Mind you, none were emergencies or I would understand. This is our second bad experience there. I will never go back.

Jessica North

Jamie McBee

CJ Clark

Emergency room sucks. Longest wait I've ever had. Think they let about one person in per hour even though 5 or 6 would be leaving. Just kind of ridiculous wait times are like 3 hours. Guess that's all of Portland though.

Irwan Lafs

Rude workers in many departments

Scott Haines

Shelby Hays

I went in today, im 21 weeks pregnant and got transferred to birthing center right away. I've had kidney stones before and knew what I was going through. My PCP (primary doctor) couldn't fit me in and said to go to the emergency room and get imaging of my kidney as my pain was high. I got in right away and got into a room, left a urine sample and waited to be seen by a doctor I wasn't seen by anyone for 3 hrs. I called nurses and no one came, 15 mins later i called again. A nurse came back and spoke to me. Told me they were able to get a hold of doctor davis-miller and shed try again. 20 mins later nurse came in with update and said doctor said my pre looked fine and would recommend I go to silverton hospital or go to a urologist. Mind you i already said my doctor wanted imaging and then i reminded the nurse and she said the doctor wouldn't and that there isn't anything they can do to help me. I called my urologist balling in pain, they got me in and found an 8 mms kidney stone stuck. I have never been treated so poor in my entire life. I wouldn't recommend or trust this hospital with any loved ones.

Jamie Mahood

This is the worst hospital in the area. My doctor said, "I wouldn't send my dead grandmother to Willamette Falls Hospital" and I can see why. In the ER there are extremely long waits to be seen, the staff are rude, unprofessional and incompetent.


Very Nice People! we are Generally From Washington in the Verge of moving Here to Oregon Took My Girlfriend here she is pregnant and was experiencing Some Dizziness that was required to be Taken to the E.R we Googled the nearest Hospital From Colton and was Given This Place i Rushed here And spoke To a nice lady in front got us room right away and was seen fairly Quick Alisha Assisted she was Great and Friendly along with the Women that helped us We would come Back to this Place Due to their Friendly approach and service !

Robert Garver

Dr.Stone is the best doctor in the World.

Andrew Henley

I came in 2 1/2 months ago with a broken ankle. Dr. Michael Herndon sent me home with no treatment and told me to take aspirin. Now my whole right foot and leg is twice the size of my left I have stinging pain shooting all the way up my leg and my foot is permanently damaged now. I probably won't be able to work ever again I will be filing a lawsuit

Albert Schroeder

Easy parking and very friendly employees plus the waiting room is very clean and has a TV. And plus they have a good drink selection hot chocolate coffee tea hot cider.

James Mours

Google is showing wrong hospital. This is not the emergency room I asked for!!!

L. W.

I wish I could choose no stars....My 5 year old grandson was taken to Willamette Falls Hospital the other night with severe abdominal pain and a low grade fever 99 degrees. After waiting & suffering for 3 hours in the waiting room, he was FINALLY taken back. They ran a flu test (negative) did an abdominal ultrasound, and a CT scan with contrast and actually administered morphine for his pain. During his visit there, his fever spikes to 103. After 9 hours, He was sent home and their diagnosis was a virus and constipation and advised to give him Miralax. At home, he was still in extreme pain so the next day my daughter took him to his pediatrician who immediately recommended he go to ER. This time she took him to Randall Children's hospital where it was discovered that he had a ruptured appendix and had to have surgery to remove it. This could have been life threatening for him and thank God for Randall Children's hospital. I feel Willamette Falls ER was negligent! I do NOT recommend this hospital. The level of care that he got that night was negligent! He could have died!

Phillip Kauffman

Worst hospital in the world. Makes you sleep on concrette.No stars.

Ryan Majors

Julia Walker

One of the worst ER rooms I've had the opportunity to visit. The Dr was rude and treated us as if we were ignorant people coming in to get drugs or something. When I told him I was offended he got offended that I would say such a thing. He would not even listen to medical history his mind was made up when he walked in the room even before the examination. I will not go back, you are not safe with the care that they decide to provide you. I will drive further the next time and hope that not all Providence ER rooms are as rude, uncaring and closed minded. One star because the nurses were kind.

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