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Au fia

They asked me what I wanted people to say about me at my funeral for a job interview question. Disliked because the question was personal and not even about thinking on your feet. I would think thinking on your feet would relate to customer service, professionalism, or anything technical about the job I'm applying for... they also lied to my contractor and told them it was a contract to hire job when I got there they told me they only wanted to hire me for 2 months. My personality is very rarely shown at my job to judge me based off of who I am outside of work is discriminatory in my personal opinion.

Tony Nguyen

This place is not the worst but seriously you tell us to stay in the lobby while we wait for our loved ones to recover. Sleep in an unsecured area and get robbed. My family lost over 700$ worth of items and cash. If you do plan to stay at this hospital pack light. 20$ tooth brush and paste. Maybe a pillow and blanket because the ones they provide are not good. This place just feels so unsafe to stay at. I hope noone else gets robbed. Older female with raggedy red hair and a younger lady with blonde hair who is a heroine addict (be careful). Both white, homeless and have been seen to always be roaming the Halls. They look very suspicious. They like to split up and stay on different floors.

David Richardson

I'm very surprised by the poor reviews. Been to the ER several times for myself, with the kids, and the wife. It can be busy resulting in a wait, but otherwise they've been excellent every time. I also had surgery here. That simply could not have gone any better. Doctor was great. Nursing staff took great care of me. Sounds funny to say this, but it was a pleasure to have it done there. It sucked because it was surgery, but it could not have gone any better. Been going to this hospital as needed for 20+ years and really don't have any negative experiences.

cheryl passarelli

I started with Dr s Cohan 10 years ago. I love that he's aggressive towards the disease. He's fully staffed with the best team of Dr down to scheduling. I have to change insurance that won't cover Dr Cohan or Providence. So my whole medical team is gone to me in January. I'm scared. Everything with my disease MS is running like clock work. Now I'm divorced and have to use medicare as a primary. I have to start at the bottom. 1. Go to a general practitioners. Pay pay pay. Then they will send me to a specialist? Why do I have to ho thus route.? I've had MS since 1997. Can't I just get one break. No. I should have redheaded more. I didn't take Providence because they told me it decides it won't cover some things. Grr I feel I was persuaded to go with another ins and now I'm stuck for a year with the unknown. Going from Portland OR and in my opinion the country. Dr Stanley Cohan(10yrs) to primary care. I'm sad. Because this is the b3st you will ever get. I'm glad I had my 10 years.

Joe Harper

Whatever you do do not go to the emergency room here unless your coming in stretchered from an ambulance. You will sit and wait for hours on end. I get it rooms are full, but three hours is just simply way too long for anyone to wait.

Julia Montoya

Very big hospital with a couple of different parking garages, so pay attention where you park so you can find your car when you get done. The nurses and doctors are all very nice and super helpful. I got the feeling they really care about their patients well being and health overall. It's nice when you have employees that really do care.

Brendan Keenan

Took my girlfriend into the ER due to an allergic reaction to nuts. It was clear as day that she needed help asap. What do they do once we get in? Take her vitals then have her wait for over a hour even though they said that she was a high priority situation. All she needed was an EpiPen shot. I ran to the store and got her over the counter benadryl then went back. After giving her a dose, she started to clear up. All the while they said they were too busy to have someone help her. Not only did we have to wait for over a hour, they seemed to have plenty of time to be celebrating a surprise birthday party for one of the nurses all the while people are suffering in the waiting room. This hospital is a joke and should be shut down for their neglect and lack of giving a rats ass. In short, drive to another hospital or you'll die in their waiting room.

John Warzynski

I got some of the best medical care at ST Vincent's hospital, when I had chest pains and difficulty breathing. Fast , professional, and loving care, by wonderful nurses and doctors. They were very kind to my family during this stressful time.

Debra Ellison

If I could give 10 stars I would!.. they saved my life after being turned away at another hospital!.. I had sepsis and would have died from it if not for the tremendous care given at this hospital!.. I was there for four days and every single person I encountered were terrific!.. thank you so much for saving my life!..

paperkite pk

NOT a place to have your C-section if you don't have family who can come and take care of you and your baby while recovering in the hospital! I was worried to death about what would happen if the baby came early and I had to have a c-section because we do not have relatives in town and my husband would be staying home with our first born. Everyone at the orientation and at my OBGYN's office assured me the nurses would help me. Well, when the baby came early with a C-section and my husband had to leave me, I asked the nurse to help with my baby as I was all alone and she said, "St. Vincents is moving away from a nursery environment. You are expected to take care of your own child. You can call for a nurse but I've got four other people to look after besides you and it will be 15 - 20 minutes before I can respond. So, you'll have to listen to him cry for that long." and then she shrugged and walked out!!! I couldn't even GET OUT OF THE BED! How was I going to lift him in and out of the basinet, much less change his diaper?? NO WAY was I going to helplessly listen to him scream. So, scared to death and isolated, I just held him in my arms all night, praying nothing would go wrong, and tried to stay awake until my husband could return, 15 hours later. Yes, that's really healthy for baby and mother recovery! And then, the nurse had the audacity to scold me for not changing his diaper more often!! HAHAHA! Luckily, my husband was able to contact a co-worker to come to the hospital and help us at Day 3 in the hospital. But, OMG, shouldn't the staff at the hospital be the ones to help us??

Christy D.

Mother went in to emergency surgery at 10pm & no one had the courtesy to let me know she was out or how the surgery went nothing at all. I'm livid

Rebecca Byers

I came in with a severe reaction to my medicaton which included chest pain. I was sent by my PCP i sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. I could have died. Choose another ER please don't place your life in their hands

Michael Ansbro

Docs at St. Vincent are miles ahead of any in Vancouver where I've had very poor experiences. Drs. Mancio & Cavanaugh esp. are great, take time to listen and explain.

cindy parkison

Our Step Mother was admitted for a illness and ended up having a massive stroke a few days later, she was brain dead so she was moved to the hospice floor. The nurses and doctors were always there to assist us, comfort us, inform us and above of all offer superior empathy during this tough time. Coffee & water was brought along with comfort trays of food. After she died the chaplain stayed with our father for hours and listened to his stories of his beloved wife. We appreciated all staff and everything they did for us. Sincerely, Waring family.

Alejandro Mendoza

I can't really remember, but I loved this hospital because I liked how they managed the hospital service, how they comforted me, and always treated me right. Like the day I was born here.

Frank Jensen

We had a great experience from check in to the nurses and Dr. In and out fast that included a CT scan.

Julie Howard

Rushed in by ambulance with pneumonia so serious that I was struggling to breathe. Every person I saw during my eight-day stay was compassionate, kind, and excellent at helping me recover. I'm very grateful to them all — nurses, CNAs, physicians, respiratory therapists, nutrition and housekeeping folks, and even more that I didn't see. Thank you.

Megan McMillian

The E.R. here is terrible. Go up to legacy for an emergency. I waited OVER 3 hours, with heart attack symptoms. I was treated like a burden and flat out ignored. The nurses went out of their way to be rude to me. When my husband decided to take me to Emaual Legacy I was admitted Immediately and treated for the massive blood clot that could have killed me! Call 911 don't go here.

Brian Bledsoe

I have been treated at this facility on more than one occasion for emergencies. Without exception, the physicians and all of the medical staff have been courteous, attentive, caring, and competent. Generous financial aid is available for uninsured patients and/or patients suffering from financial hardship. They are my first choice for present and future medical care. They are outstanding.


Terrible place. Dont go here. Eve if you're dying. My mom has had some digestive issues for months now. They used to be "flare ups" with just acid reflux. 2 weeks now her appetite has decreased, her back pain is tremendous, bloody stools and yellow stools, shes pale, high blood pressure, low body temp, shivers and sweating. We drove 2 hours for her endoscopy appointment across the street at the oregon clinic but they told her when she got there that they couldn't see her because they didnt have her medical history. We decided to go across the street to the providence er since it was a stones throw away. At first, they acted as if they cared. They said they would check all avenues and see what procedures or tests needed done. First hour of waiting goes by and everyone was called before us. The waiting room was packed. It would be close to empty and fill up again. People that walked in after us were seen. At 2 hours in, my mom asked when she would be seen. The lady said she would be seen soon. We waited and waited. Finally we saw the last 2 people get called back, my mom should have been next. We watched the room clear out and fill up 3 times. Finally at almost 4 hours I told her to ask when she would be in. People were still being seen that showed up after us. My mom came back and told me the lady at the counter said we had only been there 3 hours and 15 minutes, not 4 hours. The lady told my mom sicker people were being seen first and it isnt a good thing to be rushed into the back. We decided to leave because there will always be someone sicker. We left and went to legacy and they got my mom in within an hour and 15 minutes

Vicki Fotheringham

You would have to know me to fully understand my comments. Our experience in Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, ER was great! I don't say that often, and I don't hand out compliments to the medical field easily; we have had some very bad experiences with doctors and hospitals. This hospital we found everyone to be very professional, very helpful, very friendly and did not have that "I'm better than you" attitude. They were very helpful, very quick to respond and very quick to get to the root of the problem. The first time my husband went there, it was in an ambulance, so I thought that him getting in quickly was due to that. This, last time, I drove him in, and he was still taken care of immediately. By the time I parked the car and got in, he was not only in an exam room, but had a team working with him at that moment. It did not take more than 20 minutes from him being taken into the room, until he had an X-ray, blood drawn and an EKG. I am so happy to find out there are good doctors and hospitals left in this world. When we were in the South, I cannot say we had good experiences, nor can I say his experiences at the VA medical centers were good at all. You will be in good hands at Providence St. Vincent on Barnes Rd in Portland, Oregon!

bi polar

Went in at 1:30 am walked out at 3:30 am. They never even took us in. Horribly ran. If you want to actually be taken of find a different ER option! They had 2 people in beds rolled out in the waiting room they didn't once even check on them .

Sadie Drucker

I was not allowed to get flavored water!!!!!!!

Kim Lane

Dr Vivek Deshmukh is an Awesome Dr skilled at both Patient Care & Bedside Manor ! When I met him, I had no doubt he was going to take care of me as if I was his own Mother. Brain surgery is a scary thing to face, not just for me, but my Kids & after he talked to them, they felt the same comfort I did & Believe Me, my Sons were Scared to death. He explained to them as if they were the patient with patience & compassion & made them feel a lot more confidence that everything was going to be fine ! I recommend my Dr D to anyone facing the difficult surgeries, he really took the fear out ! Thank you Dr D

Shauna Martin

Unfortunately, due to my complicated medical history, I've had several surgeries, went to various urgent care locations, ER's and many local hospitals as well. I certainly have other providers to compare St. Vincent's with and wanted to share with others. So here's the bad: the ER here has a long waiting period. On the occasions I have gone, the wait average was about 4 hours. That might be true of any ER though? The waiting room could also use some deep cleaning and updating as well. It's not sanitary, and often individuals are laying with hospital blankets, barf bags, or sleeping on the couches in the waiting area, sprawled out with their feet on the furniture. This area could certainly use some work. But.... Here's the good news! Once you are admitted and taken back, the entire experience changes. The staff, whether they are doctors, volunteers, nurses, assistants, cafeteria_food servuce workers, or insurance representatives, all staff seem passionate, empathetic, and hard working. They listen, empathize, and keep an open communication and you really feel they care. Their ease and willingness to go above and beyond for their patients is unique to St. Vincent's. I haven't found it anywhere else. Upon being admitted to their hospital previously, my nurse made a point to check in on me without me needing to push a call button; yet if I did, someone responded immediately. They kept my room clean, they changed my bed often, checked in regarding pain levels, and made sure whatever I needed was taken care of. There is truly nothing more important in a hospital than the connection of a team to their patients. When I look back on those hospital visits, I know I was obviously ill, but that's not what first comes to mind; it's always those who made my stay comfortable, those who reached out, and made stsying in a hospital as pleasant as it could be. My nurse would even offer my family a beverage when visiting. The care here is just amazing! If you have a choice of hospitals, I strongly recommend Providence St. Vincent. You can trust that they will give you the most excellent care each and every time. I extend my sincerest gratitude for those who work so hard at this hospital. Good care leaves a long lasting impression, and they've set the bar high. Because of that, they've earned my respect and loyalty; and I'm certain they'll earn it from you as well if you seek treatment there.

John Jesse Raines

My doctor forgot to inform me about what to expect after carpal tunnel surgery. Ste. 532

Kathleen Tucker

Went there really sick with what was pretty obviously "walking pneumonia"--weak, chest hurting front to back and top to bottom; productive cough that is just horribly painful!!!! On and on. And not in that great of health on a "good day". And they let me sit out there in the waiting area FOR HOURS!!!!! Until I finally just needed to go back home and lie down. They were not that busy either!!!! Pneumonia and the flu still claim many lives. And we Old folks are particularly vulnerable! !!!

Karen Hecox

Awesome cardiac group. Everyone went out of their way to make sure you get what you need when you need it. Drs, Pa’s, nurses & everyone we came in contact with were great!!!. Made us feel confident in the care we were getting.

clive carnage

The lady who works in the surgery waiting area in the evening is super nice.


Went to St Vincent's ER at the recommendation of an urgent care clinic visit, just prior. What a nightmare. My husband and I waited well beyond what should have been an hour long 'checkout', at the most. I am without insurance as a result of Obamacare cancelling my coverage, and the way I was treated showed the ER doctors and staff worked the system to it's full capacity. Kept us waiting, waiting, and then more waiting to rack up the hours in the ER, thus inflating the total cost. I cringe to think what this bill will run. I just might get an attorney. Our visit and wait time to check out was beyond ridiculous..and it was quiet as a mouse in the ER, other than our muttering about what the hell was taking so long. I am only taking ONE medication but because of Providence computer records, as predicted, discharge instructions provided my full list of PREVIOUS medications and how to take them. I want out of the Providence system.

Kasey Schermerhorn

Went to the hospital to get lab work done, and got harassed by hospital security for sitting there waiting. Security was completely rude and disrespectful, there act like real cops nothing but a rent a cop. They told staff that it was there choice weather I stay there or not, like they own the hospital. For god sack going to the hospital to get work done I shouldn't be treated liked a homeless person just because I had a backpack.

Emily Waters

They are very professional and nice, and one of the ER doctors actually called me later to check in on me, which was a pleasant surprise. Anita, one of the nurses there, is very cheery and kind, and sweet. I would reccomend this place.

Dustin Brumitt

When doctor(s) don't acknowledge your reason for visiting and proceed to ask questions regarding medication to subtly figure out if they can prescribe you something that wouldn't counteract medication you are already taking. Doesn't feel like what a doctor or doctors took an "OATH" to go by. What doctor here isnt in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies? And a reminder for legal reasons, "this is my opinion."

Peter Gibson

I called the nurse hotline when my 10 month old son had a temp of 104. He had the flu. I was told not to bring him in and to call back if he hit 105. Needless to say, I took him to OHSU’s ER and they saw/treated him immediately. The most irresponsible advice I have ever received. I will never take my child to Providence because of this.

Robert Schuster

Called the emergency department for clarification on my sons medications and possible reaction to the meds. Six plus hours and have not received a call back. Since his visit to the ED was on a Friday afternoon it is limited on calling his Providance Group "Doctor" as she diagnosed him with a torn muscle. Not impressed at all.matter of fact kind of PO'ed.

Patience Rynerson

Months ago my daughter had an injury at school, we were referred to the Pediatric ER at St. V’s- Ahe received wonderful care. We have never had a bad experience while with a Providence provider. Thank you guys for being the best!

Adam M

I had called an ambulance after having such horrible abdominal pain that I fainted. I was given an IV in the ambulance and taken in to the ED where I was wheeled text to the door and left sobbing in the waiting room for almost two hours and hadn't even been triaged! I asked someone to remove my IV and had my mother take me to a different hospital where I was seen, tested and treated right away. The waiting room in this ED looked like a natural disaster hit outside. Luckily my condition wasn't life threatening but if I had a ruptured appendix I could have passed out again in the waiting room! I will NEVER go here again. You are better off at almost any other ED in the entire portland metro area. They should never have continued to accept patients if it takes 3 hours to triage a patient sobbing and doubled over in uncontrollable pain to the point of passing out. They are going to be responsible for a death if they keep following this practice.

Hannah Moody

My doctor called and said she'd like to get me into the OR within the next 30 days and no later. She said her scheduling team would call me. We're at the end of the 3rd week, nothing, not a peep. I called and they said that I keep getting bumped for highest priority surgeries...mine is to remove potential cancer cells...wth... My 9 month old has also been experiencing seizures. Neurology was supposed to call me the very next day to schedule an appt. Day 3, no phone call. Screw this place. Im not sure whose running it, but they should be fired.

Hazel Tvange

Zero stars. My grandmother went in having a hard time breathing because of COPD and lung cancer. The doctor asked what she wanted to do. My grandmother said she was done fighting it and just didnt want to be in pain. The doctor filled out the paperwork to get a pain relief drip so she could die peacefully. The hospital took 8 hours to set up the drip. During those 8 hours they were giving her small doces of the pain killer. The shots would only last 15 minutes before she would wake up again and start gasping out "help me" between every labored breath. They let her suffer for 15 to 30 minutes before they would give her another shot. My extended family watched my grandmother suffer to death while the nurses sat on their hands doing nothing about it after her doctor promised her she wouldnt die in pain. If you care about a person never take them to this religious building of unneeded suffering.

Kiya Rial

Used to be the place to be- now don't bother. Maybe it is all hospitals now, but gone are the days of looking for causes. Your tests are clear- you're fine. Oh you can't walk? Huh. Here's your discharge sheet. Why are you back 2 days later?! We're throwing you in red pod (psych). You were medically cleared, so youre crazy." Fight your way out of that one if you can.

Jeremy Morgan

I came in to the hospital with kidney stones I've had them my whole life and been in a lot of different hospitals throughout the country this is by far the best one I've ever encountered with the best staff all the way around best place to go!

Keirstan Hayden

I started with Ashley Ulmer as my midwife (highly suggested, shes fantastic as is the rest of the midwives here. I love every single one of them!). I had pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome in my pregnancy. Due to the risk of me having a stroke or heart attack I was forced to induce (not the medical teams fault) for the safety of me and my child (this went away after pregnancy my body just didnt handle it well). This, unfortunately, lasted a week. I had multiple nurses, doulas AND midwives until finally my blood pressure and protein in my liver was just too much and they had to transfer me to a doctors care. Every single person I came in contact with was absolutely wonderful right down to the technicians who came to draw my blood nightly. The food was actually really good depending on what you got. My favorite was the fruit and yogurt platter, hummus platter and one of the salads I can't remember but it had cranberries. Not everything was great, obviously it's a hospital, but not half as bad as the complaints I've read in the other reviews. They helped me to deliver my beautiful baby boy healthily and happily. The only complaint i have is the on call pediatrician (i believe her name is doctor Griffith?) Was very rude and I was at high risk for multiple things due to high blood pressure and in the "special care wing" and wasn't supposed to be stressed out yet she felt the need to be extremely rude and unhelpful. I requested she not be allowed back in my room. However, my kids do go to a pediatrician (Dr.Gilliespie and he is AWESOME!) at st vincent peterkort where this woman also works, she just happened to suck. He is now 2 months old and I, also, still get all my care out of this hospital. My older son also goes to occupational therapy here. He has also seen a nurse practitioner, speech therapist and feeding specialist here. All the people we have encountered for my eldest son are absolutely AMAZING! They are FANTASTIC with kids and have amazing advice. The only downfall is scheduling is difficult. I missed their call by 5 minutes to re set up a schedule for him now that we are settled with the baby and am still waiting on a call back over a week later. We deal with so many people at this hospital I am honestly baffled by the amount of bad reviews and would take them with a grain of salt. Pictures attached are of ocupational therapy and my baby right after he was born, still in the hospital (like a day or 2 old).

Gary McCutchan

I went in for eye surgery and could have not gotten better service from every single person I encountered. From the info desk gal to all the people that made my stay so comfortable. I can not think of one single thing that could have been done differently to make my stay better. I thank every single person for their kind and competent care. I can't say enough good.

Ahna LaFond

Broke my ankle On the 12th of last month, had me out of the ER in 3 hours! Surgery is Tomorrow... at st vincients

Sheri Summers

They took such good care of me when I had my baby! Amazing nurses and doctors. All the staff I met was friendly!

John Powers

Had a thyroid biopsy last month. Very anxious as a previous biopsy done elsewhere was inconclusive. Dr. Putnam, Brooklyn and Crystal were the best. Very professional but definitely there for me. A much more pleasant experience than the first. Thankfully, the results were benign. Thank you three again!

Twice and Three

After assessing my current state with the help nurse on the phone we decided it best to come in and be seen by the ER staff. Upon arrival at around 11pm I walked into a very scantily filled waiting room with a woman screaming on the phone that they would not help her. She was not the only one. With less than approximately 10 patients waiting to be seen, we all waited for what was an inexcusable amount of time. Myself having arrived on verge of fainting with inability to focus and major heart arrhythmias every 20-25 minutes, I was told my unusual high blood pressure and fever was After waiting next to the screaming woman for another hour she was placed into what the ER staff called a "quiet room". Most likely to shut her up and ignore her further. As my arrhythmias worsened, I notified the same nurse whom again stated my higher than normal blood pressure was fine when it was not. Arriving possibly dehydrated as it was a hot day and I'd been walking around my neighborhood I explained to them upon arrival that this "may" be what is wrong and that I had water prior to arrival and sought another beverage which I was denied for an additional 3 1/2 hours while waiting and my symptoms continued to worsen. Understanding this additional water may throw off my assessment I complied for this unusual and unjustified wait time. I was forced to find a spot to sit and focus at on the floor to keep from passing out while sitting in a wheel chair as I could not lay down. Multiple people came in with infants whom upon waiting this unusual amount of time, left, and I hope their children didn't die. Had I arrived in an ambulance, I was told, I'd have been seen immediately. Upon being taken to the back room where the doctor could assess me. I was given gowns and asked to dress down for an EKG, in which they waited to do this diagnostic between the occurrence of arrhythmias and so nothing was seen. More time was spent trying to see my back tattoo while the two nurses stared back at each other before leaving the room to laugh at my condition and appearance. Prior to leaving the room to amuse themselves, monitors were attached to assess my heart. Upon the nurses leaving the room to laugh at my condition, I layed down as told and by doing this had disrupted the sensors and the system immediately alarmed the nurses whom again were heard immediately laughing around the corner once this happened and left the monitors off for the remaining hour of my stay without once coming in to see what was wrong or to fix it. The arrhythmias continued. I was given one bag of IV fluid and as the nurse left she parted the door slightly about 5-6", walked around the corner to whisper to the laughing convention of whom all gathered at that time and then walked by my parted door laughing louder just as they passed it in mockery. Upon the IV fluid bag being emptied another alarm sounded their attention and was again ignored until, in my frustration, I pushed the nurse alarm button and finally someone arrived after taking their sweet ass time, still ignoring the heart monitors. My initial choking complaints upon intake were also ignored and had to be verbally readdressed to the on call ER doctor by asking for his return to speak to him who thought I had nausea. Upon having no results from the monitors that were left off and given the failure to give an EKG when there were actual symptoms present, I was assessed as "fine" and let to go with a Tylenol, barely able to walk and focus as I called an UBER to go home. Additional labs plus continued arrhythmias and symptoms have shown that I should not have been discharged, nor inexcusable laughed at. Patient advocacy did nothing but attempt to redirect blame 10 days after the fact. My treatment was appalling. "The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians. In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards." They were hypocrites having no ethical standard aside to amuse themselves with their egos and idiocy.

lori phanh

Came here for uti symptoms. Stayed in ER for 5 hours. Saw doctor 2 minutes and 1 urine sample. Nobody checks up on you in the 5 hours. Ridiculous, if you can’t help at least let the patient leave and not waste most of there day.

michael hiransomboon

Went for physical therapy for my knee. I drive an SUV with a pod on top - Max height in the parking garage is 6'-10" which is pretty low. I had to find parking elsewhere and these spots are rare.

Melissa Logan

All providance hospitals are horrible now. No care no compassion, and no respect. I found my boyfriend unconscious from trying to kill himself he has been struggling with a lot of mental health issues. I took him in he asked to be admitted to get psychiatrist to evaluate him and get him the help and right medication he needs. He asked and they said he didnt meet the criteria to get admitted to get him better.... I'm sorry but straggling yourself and cutting your wrists and having issues for 4 months now it doesn't meet criteria.... so they released him with no medication, no follow up care. All we recieved was nothing but rude people and un caring nurses and staff. My boyfriend is clearly asking to get a full mental and psychic evaluation and they turn him away and then when you confront them they say he can clearly readmission himself so they can reevaluate him. We refused to be readmitted there of course, but I'm sorry they are going to just let a man that is clearly suicidal and has been for 4 months away and then be rude to us like we did wrong. Does not deserve to get even 1 star. This is not the only time patient care from them was rude and un treated properly. Do not go here

Christy Beasley

If you are in need of serious medical help DO NOT go to St Vincent's. In Dec 2015 my father was admitted for septic shock. In the process of getting him well, we discovered stage 4 colon cancer. Since then it's been a nightmare circus act of doctors who won't tell us anything, but are happy to claim their little bit of real estate on my father's body. My father just recently had a seizure and was readmitted to St Vincent's. I'm just finding out that if the Urologist they assigned to him had done his job 4 weeks ago, the seizure probably could have been avoided. The Oncologist they sent us to, has already made a serious mistake, and if I had not been there to catch it, she would have administered a poison that she herself said he should not have. Then she blamed it on pregnancy brain. Very Professional! I have asked twice for a "care conference" to get the doctors together in a room to discuss things and have been denied both times. I am trying desperately to get him out of this system and with new doctors, but it has been almost impossible to get out of this quagmire of incompetence and callousness.

leilani F-a

Can’t give a zero so a one star will have to do Very disappointed in their ER and St Vincent in general Completely dismissed my husband once they found out it was a work injury Diagnosed the injury incorrectly It ended up being something major and not even remotely close to the original diagnosis . My husband could have been disabled for the rest of his life had we not gone somewhere else the next day My mother was seen in the ER as well, she was having a difficulty breathing after they gave her medication and all the nurses did when the machines went off was to yell in her ear to wake up. My father was not taken care of when admitting and never walked out of ST Vincent alive after 7 days of Misdiagnosis They are clearly not in the business of caring, just taking your money Their staff needs retraining on listening to the patient and their needs

Earyummy Records & Media

Providence in general is a garbage organization that aids the addiction epidemic. I did a forensics for the DEA in Chicago and Providence has employees tied to the doctor who was the subject of the investigstion. Also one gets treated in an incredibly racist manner here,

dan mark

BEWARE Don't do business with these predators. I had a $700.00 bill they sold to a credit agency. Now it's $4100.00 There is a special place in hell for your child molesting priests and this greedy hospital. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. Get looked at anywhere but at Providence if you're sick.

Itzel Gonzalez

It’s a good hospital but the lady on the staff told the person who brought flowers with Lily’s that if he could put them away or throw the lily out cause one of the workers are allergic but then she said she wasn’t working today but still asked to do something about it. SO PROVIDENCE IF A WORKER ISNT WORKING TODAY THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING PLEASE. Thanks.

Oscar Carlson

I was in Providence for heart surgery last week . The best Housptial to be in for my surgery. Was on 4th floor ..Everyone from the time I got there could have never be better. Kim and Judy was the best.Thanks to all of you. Oscar

Grace Bagley

We had to rush our infant daughter to the ER with a very high fever. ER was quick but dirty (hair on the bed, dirt on the walls, dirty clothes on the nursing staff). But the problem was that they misdiagnosed my daughter and she continued to run a high fever for several more days until we found a quality facility that could properly diagnose and treat her.

Thomas Clark

For the most part I had a great experience all the nurses except one were great. They were nice, friendly and treated you like family, but the one almost ruined the whole experience and I would hope to never have her as my nurse ever again....

Shiana Henry

If you want a good experience i would suggest coming here during the day. The night shifters are absolutley appalling with there attitides. They don't take you seriously and don't listen to you. 10/10 would never go again

jc mayzels

Gave me one ivy of antibiotics 1 numbing shot In sent me home no pain pills for later no antibiotics for later told me to buy something over the counter even know this is a workman comp case would not recommend coming year again find a different hospital that will give you everything you need to be comfortable in the days to come not just in the 5 minutes you're in the hospital now I know AM and after come back and go somewhere else because I know it's gonna hurt as soon as they're no mean block stops as it is a broken finger within cutMaybe tomorrow a broken finger will stop hurting and everything will be back to normal

Greg Larson

Our Mom with severe dementia was admitted pending getting her into a behavioral geriatrics program or evaluation. During her time at St. Vincent, we were always impressed with the compassion and caring the staff showed for my Mother. They always seemed to have her best interests at heart even though she was usually "less than cooperative". We were always impressed.

Nick Meusch

Find a medical center where you are actually treated like a human being rather than a byproduct of the healthcare industry. It won't be here.

Lisa Marie Jacobsen

Dr Lupu was great in Neurology. Modern updated rooms and views from the 9th floor were amazing. Great care and even the hospital menu offered food choices my husband appreciated.

Bren Case

Every time I've gone, I've waited at least an hour. 8 visits total in the past 8 years. First 2 visits were incorrect diagnosis that eventually led to a third visit resulting in an emergency surgery(in which removal of an organ occurred because they didn't catch the problem my first 2 visits). The 4th & 5th were the other misdiagnosis that led to the discovery of a severely infected kidney during my 6th emergency visit... And could have been fatal if they didn't discover the problem yet again. Only one emergency (my 7th visit; in summer 2017) did I actually get real emergency response because I WAS dying... from poisoning & was brought by ambulance. This most recent(my 8th) time I'm thinking might be another incorrect diagnosis... After a FOUR HOUR wait the Dr just told me what I already was aware of; that I had vertigo. I've never fainted or had a fever from vertigo before which is why THIS time I went to ER, I needed a reason why... Yet, after a 4 hour wait all I got was to be dismissed without any tests or bloodwork, just "if it continues, come back..." SMH, I hope they're correct for a change, I can't afford anymore wrong diagnosis visits.

Jody Toomey

The police officer in the ER on 6/18 around 1pm was the nicest and most helpful person. He noticed that I was frantically looking for my father who had been admitted there and he took the time to escort me to him. I will never forget his act of kindness.

Ly Nguyen

This review is for the ER doctor Nicholas (forgot last name). My sister came in due to pain that won't go away in her stomach area. The doctor didn't run any test and only gave her pain med to take. She was concerned because she told him she had stomach surgery to remove cancer cell before and afraid something wrong. Doctor gave her a mocking look like she is stupid and walk out of the room regardless...Today she is in pain again and this time the ER doc found a big tumor. It is unethical to do sloppy work and charge patients thousand of dollar. What all that ethics class that the board pushed so hard for? I feel sorry for any patients being treated by this doctor. Someone could lose their life over this. I hope this review are taken seriously by the hospital management team !

Bridie Cawthorne

I had such a supportive and caring experience!! I was 15 weeks pregnant and seen for a possible UTI in the middle of the night. The ER was quite busy and calls kept coming in so I understood that my symptoms didn’t take priority. But I was treated SO well and communicated with by all of the staff. The lead RN who admitted me was very nice and comforting. I expected a long wait and it ended up being a shorter wait then I anticipated. I saw Dr. Lahti who involved me in the decisions that needed to be made about my treatment and his RN Katie was wonderful to work with also!! I recognize that the ER is an emotional and scary place to be but this facility did a great job taking care of the cases they seemed to be bombarded with that morning and still help me with care and compassion. Thank you!!!

Jason Brunson

I wouldn't bring my dog here. Billing issues, billed wrong insurance, major hits on my credit report. Nobody washes their hands. Birth of son was total screw ups doing deliveries.

Mike Mullen

Couldn't have been treated better. The best of the best Doctors & Nurses I've ever met.

Dennis Mai

My wife went in to have lab tests, and they sent the bill directly to us instead of our insurance. We called them and they said they would fix everything and asked us to check back in 30 days. I told them I can't wait that long so I'll check back in a week. A week went by to check and they said they have no records of our conversation. This time I had my insurance company do a conference call with them to ensure they have the correct information. I thought everything was resolved, but today I received a 2nd bill from the hospital saying that my payment is late and will be sent to collections. The hospital did zero to fix the problem. They should be sending the claim to my health insurance and not bill me directly. The worst handling of issues ever. I am still dealing with their incompetence.

Kim Carter

I visited the Providence St. Vincent Emergency Department (ED) on the morning of February 26, 2017. The ED staff at St. Vincent were amazing!! I haven't been to an ED in over 30 years and was dreading the thought of going. I was not expecting to have such a great experience at Providence St. Vincent. I want to personally thank the ED check-in staff, Dr. Apostolopoulos for his kindness and care he provided. I also want to thank the attending nurses and specifically Nurse Stacie and the student nurse for their thoughtfulness and sense of humor and Nurse Barbara in X-ray for her patience and gift for making me relax. I left in such great spirits! Thank you Providence St. Vincent! You have the best ED staff!! Sincerely, -Kim

Ryan Ezzell

They hired out some contractor and the contractor tried to tell me they couldn't hold my brother on suicide watch even tho it took many many people to get him to the hospital

Juan mondragon

My roommates in 809 and he loves it, Thanks for taking such good care of him

Scott Harris

Everyone but the emergency room receptionist was nice. Warm those hands up boys!

Eric Sauter

The best care and the most caring people. They helped so much with the delivery of our daughter. Fantastic all the way around. Such great care.

Geronymo Stiner

Having a baby isn't so bad when your nursing staff and doctors are so good! Especially since she's the one having the baby.

Wendy Breedlove

Staff does not know what they are doing. Dr. Told lies. Came in for deprrssion and chest pain treated like a criminal. Put in room w no call button had to scream for help. Counseling department is a joke and did not take me seriously.

Rebecca Rosales

The staff here has always been great plus they offer free valet parking and also oversized truck and even rv parking. They also have a free daycare and multiple food options on-site. It's great to not have to worry about the smaller but important things when your concerned about your health.

Shawn Grey

Was going well at first. Then sat in a room for over two hours with no update or anything. Wasn’t that I was in dire straights but needed to be seen. Had xrays and then sat forever. Got up and walked out. At least 8 people watching YouTube and not one said anything. I’ll get some rest and go to another hospital tomorrow.

Brett Harper

Excellent hospital. I was born here. I've been in the ER. Friendly staff. Excellent service. Clean facility! Top notch job!

Daniel Jackson

Nurse Jaymie on the 7th Floor West is an amazing most caring and compassionate honest person that gave the best care to my wife while we all thought she was dying. Thank you Nurse Jaymie for the care you gave my wife Carmen. Your sweetness and care goes beyond your job duties! Patients are blessed with your care! Also, I must insist on getting the amazing IV nurses to work the ER, especially on patients that are getting admitted and need more than one IV line. The Korean IV nurses are experts and don't massacre the arms of patients! My wife wishes these wonderful experts would do her IV lines when she comes through the Emergency Department. Perhaps all the gurus of Providence can request better IV care for patients that come through the Emergency Department. Not all Nurses or EMTs are equally trained. I want to thank the IV Team for their awesome care. We always get the Korean ladies. I can tell you she only gets the experts if she gets admitted. She has been admitted every 5 to 6 months since August 2013. She has Diabetes complications. We only trust Providence. We love St. Vincent. There is no better care anywhere. Our PCP is a Providence doctor! We love Providence Medical Group Clinics in Lake Oswego, at Bridgeport, and at Sherwood.

Katrina Rounds

My husband had to be on the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit on the 9th floor of St. Vincents for an entire week, and the staff there were all absolutely amazing. They really went out of their way to make us feel as much at ease as they could under the circumstances. When we checked into the hospital, they helped us carry our bags up to the correct floor, and even brought me a box of tissues since I had a cold. Each morning we were greeted with a hot washcloth and newspaper, and even the staff that emptied the trash would say hello and smile. The nurses were calm and professional during my husbands seizures, and took the time to reassure me and ask how I was doing as well. They were very knowledgeable with the medication they gave him, and took the time to explain what they were giving him and why. It was a pretty intense week because of the seizures, but the staff all made the extra effort to make sure we were well taken care of and comfortable. It could have been a lot more stressful if it had not been for their kindness and extra encouragement.

christopher keller

Easy to walk to from Sunset Transit Center. On site lab with fast friendly staff. Two of my doctors are on staff. Snack center and a sit down cafeteria. Outdoor seating that is semi-private. Help/information desk is usually staffed. There is a small gift shop and pharmacy. It's almost its own small city.

Ravin Mura

When the nurses are sitting around making fun of someone who prays. Nice trashy nurses. How about keeping on feeding sugar to a man that has diabetes, you guys trying to murder him. How about make him wait 30 mins to use the about going two days without tp. Or how about the disrespect on a daily basis from the nurses. The doctors are awesome the nurses need a real check on how to b a nurse. I will be making a formal complaint and contacting a lawyer. Trash.


You had better find a better emergency room to go to before you end up having an emergency and need to go to this place for help. This isn’t a real emergency room. This place is a joke. I just got out of here. I’ll never go back. I’d rather die in a gutter first. Trust me, I’ve been to ER’s many times from Southern California to Northern Washington. This one doesn’t care about your emergency. Even if you have insurance. Good luck. Go to the hospital in Tualatin east of the five freeway. Way better service. Trust me. I’ve been to them all :(

Brian Jordan

People are really friendly and helped me with anything I needed currently under construction other than that great place to know that people are safe and will be cared about.

Kevin James Breaux

My wife needed an emergency room visit. Dr. Washington saw her and he was great. Smart. Listened. Well-spoken. Great guy. Very pleased with her care.

Mary Ellen Cantrell

Dr. Douglas, Nurse Benjamin and Nurse Audrey were outstanding!! Thorough in their assessment of my illness, patient and kind. By far the best hospital ER experience I’ve ever had. Never had to ask for anything! They were always one step ahead of thinking about my needs even a constant flow of fresh warm blankets to keep me comfortable!


A shout out to Dr. Kozak, who treated me in Emergency care with a suspected pulmonary embolism. He turned out to be right and his quick assessment and thorough, detailed care saved my life. I was really impressed by how first rate that emergency unit was and especially Dr. Kozak's medical professionalism and expertise. He also took ample time to thoroughly explain what was happening and why, which was very helpful to me and my family emotionally, while I was struggling to breathe. He also called me at home a few days after to make sure I understood everything so I could best take care of my recovery. Many thanks also to the staff that night, I couldn't remember all the names.

Steve Tank

My family and I have received great service on several occasions from births to heart surgery and we've always found staff to be professional. It's a reasonably comfortable place to wait around if loved ones are there. The food on the cafeteria is very good and reasonably priced. I hope you never have to go, but if you do, this feels like a good place to be.

kelsey mason

Labor and delivery is horrible. All for breadtfeeding, but their policies regarding are strict and stressful. They no longer recommend pacifiers, and I was lectured multiple times after giving one to my daughter. This was not my first rodeo. Overall, the new policies put in place caused me to have serious anxiety during my stay. Also recovery rooms are a disgusting joke!

Amy Li

Service sucks. Food was awful ........ don’t go there!!!!!

Cheery Whitaker

St. Vincent's hospital is one of the most amazing hospitals to be at. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the staff in surgery, labor & delivery, ER, children's surgery, NICU and the children's icu and the pediatric unit. They take pride in their work and make sure the patient and family are comfortable. Will always use this hospital.

Cory Stevenson

I found Dr. Graham while in the process of establishing a PCP. He was attentive, friendly, down to earth and wanted to get to know me. He made my first visit a good experience along with the front desk staff on the 2nd floor. Great personalities!

jo mac

These hospitals just do what they want and rarely tell you what they are doing or why. Don't ever try to get information from them before or after your experience there.

Pearl Olanrewaju

My experience was fair because about 80% of the nurses were nice. Lactation was stellar for sure. But my hospital stay experience as a whole was way below my expectations. I was induced and had a c section so I spent 5 nights at the hospital and it was far from the best. I didnt get much help with my new born despite the major operation I went through. I had to ask and for my trash to be taken out and for my room to be cleaned, for fresh towels. I don't even remember my sheets getting changed even once Their exit procedue was horrible. I limped out of the hospital with my new born with zero help from the nurses. She pretty much just let me into the elevator n said goodbye even though I was at fall risk after a major operation. I got asked about Ebola almost everyday of my stay too. You would think they will keep a record of my responses. I was so disappointed considering most people seemed to have a positive experience. I am definitely never going back there. It was not a free service I freaking pay crazy amounts for insurance and I think I deserve the best.

Lucky Girl

When I came to discuss my pregnancy, I suddenly heard that “my eggs are old and nobody would want my old eggs”. But I’m 39. Nothing encouragingly positive, just emotional distress. Than they told my husband that all possible baby ‘s health problems will be through my side only because of MY age and not husband’s who is over 45 years old. How can they throw guess like this?? Our family is almost ruined

Rocky H

Had surgery here had no family in town to support me but everybody made me feel at home and welcome couldn't get over how friendly everybody was.


The men in the MRI department were very professional and helpful. They took the time to explain things and checked on me regularly. Very nice job.

David Gomez

i'll never go back . I went with my son because he was crying and touching his nose. They checked rapidily and they said everthing is fine. I went back to home but he still cryng . I checked his nose and i saw something is stuck . I Returned to hospital for second time and they still saying is nothing just is a virus. Finally OHSU hopital found something they did a surgery and removed a big bean from his nose .

Levi Enbie

I was rushed to this hospital after repeatedly losing consciousness, vomiting, being unable to eat or even drink water for days and was kept in the waiting room for almost 5 hours, then taken for a blood draw (which took 3 nurses and an ultrasound), nobody knew how to do their job, was taken through lots of testing and an MRI, then told I simply had a "stomach bug" and nothing else. Told to eat a few Tums and wait it out. Next day had a seizure and was taken to Legacy, seen immediately, within 20 minutes told I had a progressed and severe case of Diverticulitis and would need surgery which could have been avoided had it been caught even a day sooner.

Ashley Jones

Such bs u have elderly and head trama patients sitting in ur waiting room but can take back ppl who walk in for puking. Maybe I should get a lawyer since it seems to be people on Medicare and Medicaid and ohp that are the ones waiting in the lobby in beds and with head injuries

crazy nana & family

Great hospital my grandson was born there 07-31-19

jack mortensen

I would just like to say that I walked into emergency got immediately taken care of went to the eighth floor for three days had the most wonderful nurses I have ever had in the hospital specially Paul and Vevan usually hospital experience is quite stressful but it was not so much with the great care I received and the lady from the food service was absolutely wonderful and and the food was even good, thanks everybody in emergency and the 8th floor

John Thomson

Worst ER I ever been to , I came in for very bad groan pain and all I wanted was to find out why . I did not want pills I wanted answers . This place is the worst . I waited 3 hours to be seen and refused pills or a prescription yet I was treated as a burden. It’s very nerve racking when I think I have testicul cancer, I was so scared and in pain but treated bad didn’t make it better .....

Liam Ramaekers

lots of drug pushers working there, look out for the snakes, big pharma's got a hold on them for sure. some staff are kind-hearted though

Denise Clemans

Do not come here unless you bring your own chair & expect any kind of care before the 5 hour Mark! Then snottily be told there are people who's illness is way worse than yours (which they don't even know what it is yet) who need 2 get in sooner. When for 30 minutes there is no one else. Then proceed while they take bake the druggie coming down, the 2 church ladies getting shots. . . I supposedly have a blood clot, so sitting cramped up in a chair, backing up fluids by the minute doesn't count! Got here at 5:30, it's now 9:40, I'm leaving now, because obviously I'll b waiting another who knows 5, 10, 24 hrs? Don't come here, trust me

Who Ghost There

Very generous and caring hospital, I think only those who experienced getting bad news here could be scorned enough to write a bad review. The people are all wonderful and helpful.

Jennifer Garren

Very nice facility. Good food, good lab, and good pain management clinic.


Great place big hospital Awsome doctors . Lots of health services looks like they treat everything In here. I saw the world to day Iran it's a crowd of people thank God they have a very big parking lots and too easy to find

Amy Waits

Oh my God Winston Churchill, "Drink more alcohol!" "I feel much better!" Maybe - I'll feed my friends the alcohol- I'll take the Ivermectin (For Horses...) And my liver- The liver I was seen for at Tanasbourne where everyone was so extremely confused about why I was there when scheduled after my many phone calls in profound distress, "Since we all need our liver to survive." "I'm not sure where you're going with this..." "What is your objective???" Extremely. Confusing. YOU ALMOST KILLED MY FRIEND - YOU KEPT THIS PERSON LOCKED UP IN THERE FOR FOUR MONTHS WITH NO SUNLIGHT I WILL BET YOU ONE BILLION DOLLARS YOU TORTURED A DISEASED MAN UNDER THE GUISE OF HELPING HIM- Now what? How surreal could it possibly be needing to get off at that particular Max stop because I'm losing consciousness? But now what? They weren't gonna know Serotonin Syndrome- They're not gonna know Lyme Disease- Maybe you can tell them if you're fully conscious or can speak- They'll call everyone and your 10 year old child here Bipolar- It's Stepford- Meanwhile people could literally be infected with rabies and be holding your infants for a living all day long and no one is gonna know because everyone is CONDITIONED like robots to call EVERYONE Bipolar for everything- We are all PEOPLE- We all have moods and if they're extreme then WHO is ever gonna find a MEDICAL cause for anything serious or contagious around here- These people will literally kill you- This metro area is beyond extremely overpopulated- Doctors here are sadistic and place all focus on mental health when that is not their area of expertise- It's one way to spread disease- Where the hell can I crawl off to now when I have to deboard the Max- Knowing I need hospitalization- But it's factually and provably unsafe inside of the hospital I'm directly next to- They're not LOOKING for medical causes for things- And please do NOT call the police!

Jazmine Degeorge

Worst hospital ever and I’ve been to a few. The people who work there are rude and disrespectful. You spend most your time waiting then you actually do getting helped. They gossip about there patients. You spend 5 hours waiting in the waiting room 3 hours waiting in the actual room and see the doctor for a total of 30 minutes the whole entire time. Whoever runs this ER needs a lesson or 2 to learn how to run it because it is absolutely ridiculous. There is people crying in pain, dry heaving, passed out on a bed in the waiting room. Get it together people. Or shut down.

Susan Younce

Wouldn't let my dog stay there. I had the worst 7 day stay of my 67 yes. It was my worst nightmare come true. In the future I will go else where if I need surgery.

James Joe

seems like when physicians get fired This place will always hire them. Bottom of the barrel hospital. Make every attempt to go a different hospital. Good docs don’t want to work here they get whoever is left over.

Judy Echols

Seven hours of pain, only to go home with 5 low dose vicodin, and no chance of seeing the specialist before the pills ran out.


Visited the sleep study portion, the campus was huge! Not hard to find with the signs though, nice staff in all. Even the parking structure is nice!

Scott Everhart

Earns revenue from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. Can't give a good review of this organization.

Cindy Outland

I am new to Providence. My husband needed to go to the ER at St. Vincent's today. We have been here 3 hrs and still in the waiting room. He just had pancreatic surgery and is having complications....I am not from Portland, but if this is any sign of the healthcare system with Providence, I am immensely concerned to say the least. People are throwing up on the floors around us in the waiting room and bathrooms, people are having blood draws in the waiting room, I feel like I am in a third world country right now. I then find out the only other hospital is across Portland for Providence. I am appalled at the healthcare system here.


Would give them negative stars if possible!!!! WORST worst ER experience EVER!! Go anywhere else!! I am sure patients die in their waiting room. I was too sick to stand but they walked away and let me walk out on my own and never even knew I left.

Dan W

Do not ever go to the emergency room. I’ve gone twice & both time waited for over 5 hours before I finally gave up & left. I’d rather be sick or in pain in my own bed, than in a crappy waiting room chair.

Wade S.

Absolute worst emergency room visit ever experienced. My girlfriend is in distress, no check up on our admission, waited 2 hours in lobby to leave without care, what are these people doing. Why have a health care system when its run by children. You're done St. Vincent if my significant other suffers anymore physical harm.

Jessica Blasch

This review directly relates to the facility's Hospice Coordination: ZERO STARS RATING My father is at St. Vincent and will be transitioning to hospice care. Up to this point, family had a Medicaid application in process for a transition into a facility. There was no push from the St. Vincent hospital staff. Late last night, family began talking about doing in-home comfort care and how to make that work to avoid placement in a facility. This entails: • taking time off from work • traveling from out-of-state • tying up loose ends with personal business matters • coordinating who can be present and when, etc. Today, a Friday, at 1pm, I called the Hospice Coordinator ("Carrie") assigned to my father to alert her family wanted to do in-home care and was preparing for such. She immediately jumped into saying how he could be discharged today. I told her family was not ready and needed time to coordinate, to which she replied a Monday discharge would be "pushing it". I alerted her that family had just started conversation about this last night and was still trying to coordinate and tie up loose ends. I requested just a couple days for family to prepare and asked for even a day more (Tuesday) due to a previous appointment on Monday. Family received less than 24 hours to prepare. By 5:30pm, 4.5 hours later, calls started rolling in. Family was called by St. Vincent staff and an outside hospice care to alert them medical supplies would be delivered to my father’s home tomorrow at noon, a hospice nurse would be at his house Monday at 11 am, and he would be being transported from Portland to his home in Corvallis at 1pm. *** Family is not at all prepared. *** I called the hospice provider and explained the situation. I was told they could easily arrange for Tuesday. I tried calling back St. Vincent and could not get a hold of either of the two coordinators (“Carrie” and “Shelly”) that had called. TL;DR: Word to the wise, DO NOT tell employees at this facility that you want to do in-home hospice care until you have all your ducks in a row, unless you’re okay with having everything going FULL STOP and being set up for failure. The hospice coordination team is perfectly fine waiting for Medicaid to process (another two weeks in our case, because the rep was on vacation), but the second you alert them you want to do in-home care, they will force an immediate stop on any preparations you have in process because you now have to deal with the emergency of your loved one coming home without family supports in place.

Victoria Knaak

I wish I could give this hospital ZERO STARS. My fiance had an asthma attack in January and James Thompson was the ER doctor he saw. The bill ended up being over $3k ---- Whatever we get it, it's emergency care. Thompson ended up giving my fiance a prescription for a Proair Inhaler with 11 refills (his actual words were that it was an "unlimited refill prescription") that don't expire until January of 2019. Everything was fine and dandy until one day we go to get one of his refills (we had only used 5 at this point and it had been enough time in between refills for my fiance to receive his next refill) and the pharmacist said that Thompson sent over a letter requesting my fiance to see him again for him to continue his refills! We already paid $3k to see him and now he wants more money to tell my fiance that HE STILL HAS ASTHMA?! THAT IS EXTORTION! We told the pharmacist that the doctor had told us the refills we're unlimited and she laughed as said that would be illegal! We even showed her the original prescription that still had enough refills and said that he was required to see a doctor to continue getting his inhaler! DOCTORS ORDERS! He is entitled to those refills! The prescription has not expired and there are still 6 unused refills! DO NOT SEE THIS MAN! GO TO ANY OTHER HOSPITAL! To add on, when I took him to the hospital, it was so dirty in the lobby I CAUGHT PNEUMONIA!


This hospital & it's affiliated Drs and services kill people! STAY AWAY!!!

Alyx Sliver

After the experience I had in the emergency room, I would never want to return here for emergency services and it casts serious doubt on the competency of the hospital as a whole. Succinctly, the staff refused to communicate with me, refused to listen to me or my partner, assaulted my partner, abused my partner, abducted my partner... should I really go on? The people in the emergency room have ZERO trauma training in a place where that should not only be mandatory, but a lack of which or violation of such, should carry severe penalties. I cannot in good faith recommend this facility and would caution anyone, especially LGBT+ and trauma survivors to turn away from this place and seek help elsewhere because you will not receive it here.

Mary Alcazar

My son had a surgery. We were suppose to go home at 10:00am and we left a 2:00 pm. this crazy lady who suppose to bring our medicin to the room we waited for her more than 2 hours nurses were looking for her. And finnaly saw her walking by the end of the hall. And I ask her. Where's is our medicin. .she said. I don't know anything about your medicine.. I got so mad. And I ask were are the nurses at. And they tell me they went to lunch. I felt that they didnt care. They forgot about us.

Jessica Degeorge

This is a crappy hospital. Brought my daughter to the emergency room at 4pm. We spent 3 1/2 hours just sitting in the waiting room. Finally got called back and only see the dr once in 4 hours. Still sitting here waiting as the nurses stand at the station gossiping about the patients. Completely unprofessional. We will be lucky to be out here before 1am. We will never come back here again. This is the worst hospital I have ever been too. They don't care about their patients and as I said are completely unprofessional

Guadalupe Hernandez

Worst hospital in the whole northwest region. we were waiting for 3:45 minutes with my son having pneumonia and they know but did not care it all after all they said we don’t know how long it is going to take to get you in but we cannot force you to stay. How sarcastic that statement is coming from a heath professional!.

Deena M

A year ago my mom was sent to this hospital to find out that she had a brain tumor. The staff that was working with her and my family are great. I really liked the surgeons that operated on her because like everyone else, they were there with us every step of the way and did what they could to support us all too. Thanks to the staff here, my mom is still alive and I couldn't be more thankful! I've had appointments here with a different doctor in another part of the building and I like the staff there too. I got one surgery done being knocked out and another was done when I was awake. They explained to me what they were doing every step of the way and they did what they could just to help keep me calm. The only downside I had with them is that they failed to tell me that not everything is covered by my insurance. I got stuck with a big bill because of it. I will be finding somewhere else to get any future surgeries, that may come along, done somewhere else.

Jeannette Poulson

When I had to have lumbar spine surgery there a year ago; I must say I didn't care for the young arrogant male admitting nurse who made a fool out of himself by telling me I didn't know my own body when I said I was 5 years post-menopausal and unable to get pregnant especially since I wasn't having sexual relations, but no I didn't know me at all, so he was going to prove me wrong upon my ua results. No I guess I didn't know my own body after all, walk of the cock when the results revealed not pregnant, post menopausal, (five years,) and not having sex would make someone not pregnant. I hope this caveman dwelling nurse is doing all females a justice by no longer calling them a liar to their face when they are there to get ready to be admitted for surgery. I hope and pray he's long gone or at least keeping his opinions to himself. If not young man, you're going to get your second dose of me when I'm admitted for surgery within the next couple of months, so I dare you to try to tell me I'm pregnant again. You won't like my answer. Look forward to seeing you. Peggy you are the greatest. You made my mom and I laugh so hard. We just loved you, and I really hope to get to see you again. Dr. Baggenstos is also an awesome surgeon.

Xabielle Velez-Lopez

Amazing nurses in the mother baby unit. Also in prenatal care top of the line!

Shweta Mokashi

This review is about my experience as a visitor to the hospital. But I would also never have a baby h Came here to help family who were having a baby earlier than expected. It was happening so fast that there was no one to care for our one year old. They wouldn't let us take him in because of flu restrictions but even would not let us stay with him in the waiting area one day and other day they were ok with us in the waiting area. Once we were told our kid was not even allowed in the hospital premises - basically very inconsistent instructions. They talked extremely rudely with us and the people up front wouldn't give is consistent answers as to if the restriction was for our kids or for the patients. We were willing to follow their instructions without saying a word if they were at least civil enough to talk properly with us and explain the flu concern - they are medical staff they should be able to explain to us their concern. We were there just to help out family and see the new addition to our family. I am concerned with the inconsistencies in the explanation given to us by different people at the maternity reception desk. Also they did probably train their staff to speak in a decent manner with visitors. They made the experience very unpleasant for us for a very happy occasion for our family. I would also not have a baby here. I had mine at Kaiser Westside and it is a much better, newer, technologically advanced facility. They have better friedlier staff and better support for new moms and baby.

Gregor Hinckley

Extremely professional


This is a GREAT hospital. Everyone is always helpful and friendly. In the past I went to the providence in NE Portland, then went to kaiser for care. Kaiser is horrible and this providence Saint Vincent has given me more care and felt completely comfortable in their care as well. Thank you

Kathleen Woods

The doctors, nurses, and technicians were wonderful to me when I can in with a cracked/broken scapula this morning! I give them two thumbs up. I'd give them 10, but then I would be 'all thumbs'!

Ironironi LionFamily

Yesterday, Dr. Hetal Fichadia of the Oregon Clinic for Plastic Surgery performed the 2nd of two surgical procedures I required, and I couldn't be happier. Both procedures took place at Providence St. Vincent's, whose staff I highly recommend. I chose Dr. Fichadia, based on referral and very positive online reviews. I didn't have the opportunity to choose the great hospital or the wonderful team that prepped and assisted before, during and after surgery, but must state each individual I encountered (both times) was pleasant, prepared, professional, and worked as a team. I was made to feel very comfortable. The first surgery, removal of a growth in my breast, took place earlier this year. From day one (the initial exam) and all the way through resolution of a post-surgery complication, both she and her entire office staff have been A1, kind, thorough, and with consistent follow-through. And yes, anyone who has seen my breast since has commented that the tiny incision looks good and beautiful. Naturally, I asked Dr. Fichadia to remove another growth discovered on my back. Her office worked with me diligently to get through insurance and scheduling faster than I believed possible. Today is the morning after surgery. I am at home, entirely comfortable, and writing reviews online! Thank you, Dr. Fichadia!

Dan B

Was referred to Providence by my primary Dr. I don't think I could have asked for a better experience. All the staff I encountered where more than nice. The hospital is very clean. The procedure I had done went flawless. My surgeon was Dr. Kim. Very pleased with my experience. Will recommend.

Mark Martin

Unbelievably bad experience. I am taking my third trip to South Africa soon and so I need a typhoid vaccine and a prescription for anti malarial medication. Unfortunately, no one knows if my regular doctor will write me a prescription for the malaria pills, so I am forced to see some quack that I don't need to see and pay $90 for the pleasure of wasting my time. This person presumably will give me the Typhoid vaccine for the inflated price of $151 (because they refuse to Bill insurance where it would cost nothing). What a racket! Providence Medical Centers have sunk to a new low even by insurance company standards.

Bradley Davis

Was in the Pediatrics unit for two and a half days with my son. The entire staff was amazing! They are truly professionals there. You’ll be in good hands.

Lourdes Sandoval

I would like to give Providence staff a five star especially the maternity unit. I have had to births and both have been unforgettable experiences. I was well treated from the moment of my ari arrival to the end. Thank you so much God bless you all! 2012,2015

Angie Goodness

Went in with chest pains, double checked with a call to my doctor before heading in. They had me remove bra and shirt, put on a gown.. had a quick EKG and was told to go wait in the waiting room but would not allow me to get redressed. The treatment and attitude towards me was horrific... I was instructed to go directly to the ER per my doctor and they did everything in there power to embarrass me! DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!


Dr.khong did a great job on my surgery but she did not tell me a whole lot like what I’m supposed to do to prepare for it but she was great

Sarah Bassett

WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!! I had a surgery at my OBGYN’a office across the parking lot, have had nothing but issues, was told to go to emergency, in which you are disregarded as a patient at this location at all!!! Had surgery the day before, ripped open the wound and cane to the ER per my OBGYN, and have waited 2+ hours in the waiting room, STILL SITTING HERE AT THE MOMENT!!! Going on 3 hours and haven’t even been seen by a physician yet!!! WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN!!! WORST Place & ER Front Desk staff are RUDE & talk about their patients after I asked a question and walked away!!! Thy started to talk about me!!! UNPROFESSUONAL & PLAIN RUDE!!! I hope they are in the same situation one day and they are treated exactly the same!!! KARMA


I have never been treated so barbarically, just to have "professionals" not only blatantly lie about what was going on, but defend the fact that that is in some way acceptable. I highly suggest that if you are in need of urgent care, and are still able to make a journey to a different hospital to do so. I have never felt so unsafe in a place that is responsible for your health, this coming after using the VA. Didn't even think it was possible.

Lola Tanner

Their treatment of ny cousin was awful. He is an addict. He had been to the emergency room for what we now know to be a spider bite. The next afternonn was called and told to come in because they found bacteria in his blood. Once in the critical care he was treated horribly. He is in recovery. He is an addict. The first this in the description was 34 year old heroin addict. Not 34 year old with a wound to....etc. They considered anthrax to be the cause at one point. They then searched his room based on his and stole his bag. Which contained all of his belongings and told no visiters. They would not return the bag until he was discharged. When asked what if he dies. Ashlei (very distinct spelling) his nurse replied "hes checking out of his own free will". And he couldnt go somewhere else because he was provided adequate medical care in that facility. When i asked to discuss him fighting to stay the nurse (ashlei) called security to stand by the door. Maybe thats standard procedure but i doubt it. l They then prescribed him meds and basically bullied him out the door. And it turns out his original blood sample had been contaminated so they didnt even know for sure he had bacteria in his blood. They also kicked hjs dog out which is a certified service animals because he got excited and put his front paws on the bed. We are taking legal action for this terrible ordeal.

Brandon Burner

ER staff each deserve a beach-house and hefty raise. Cannot even imagine the stress and horrors of working inside this broken system. At the very front-lines where people are dying right in front of you daily, as insurance companies and 'medical bureaucrats', who never see a single patient, rake in the money. The staff here, like every ER I assume (actually I take that back, some ERs are better than others), are doing the best they possibly can with what is given them. I went in there and was seen promptly after some initial cynicism. It was a life or death situation, even though I may have looked healthy as a bean. So, I know waiting in the ER sucks, people, but just because someone who came in after you but is being seen before of you LOOKS healthy ...does not mean that's the case. Anyways, God bless the staff that was there when I needed help. They will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Still a broken system, and medical malpractice is 3rd leading cause of death, etc, but I got the feeling that, behind the cool exterior, these people really care. I saw more that one set of red, swollen, 'post-crying' eyes that 48 hour period I was in there.

mike mcmillan

Still waiting for the third hour in the E.R. I brought my wife in semi-conscience with symptoms of a stroke/heart attack. Worst E.R. in Oregon

Judi Hanson

I was admitted many times last year for heart attacks..and this year for ESBL ...I was very impressed with their Isolation system and their care. The docs from the infectious disease dept were phenomenal...Thank you...We live on North Coast and always go into Portland for serious problems..St V is our hospital of choice.

Drew Martin

We waited 6 hours and only got the chance to talk to the doctor once.

Brett Wheeler

Attentive and competent staff. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is that the facilities are in need of updating.

Kathy Gustin

This place is AMAZING!! We were in Cannon Beach on vacation eight years ago ( we lived in So CA at the time) and my husband had an appendicitis attack, he was sent by ambulance from Seaside to Providence and we received great care at that time. I was more than impressed with the hospital. Because my husband had atrial fibrillation , one of the cardiologists came in to see him. Everyone went out of their way to make us comfortable. I told my husband that when he was ready for an ablation to correct his A-Fib then we would fly to Portland and do it at Providence. Lucky for us we decided to retire at Charbonneau in Wilsonville. Two years later; husband’s A-fib was getting worse so he decided to have the surgery. Our experience at Providence was again amazing!! The nurses make you feel like you are their top priority. Ross was our nurse for the day and he was made us feel like my husband was his only patient. He was caring, professional, and personable.This is our go to hospital should the need arise in the future.

Elisse Saito

I'm currently 8 months pregnant and have been in twice to the Labor and Delivery Unit for a kidney infection with severe pain. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, SEVERE needle/hospital/anything medical phobia, and I try to stay away from medication in general, I won't even take any if I have a headache. So I basically have to be completely miserable and feel like I'm dying in order to go to the hospital. Everything I've read about kidney infections say they're pretty serious and require immediate treatment, and left untreated can cause permanent damage.. and they're even more serious when you're pregnant. Yet every time I go in they act like it's no big deal and tell me that being in severe pain is totally normal, and I feel like they are just trying to get me out of there as quickly as possible! Dr. Krishna in particular has a HORRIBLE bedside manner and rushes my care and tries to leave the room as soon as possible. She is the one that told me the pain was normal and so because of that I waited even longer to go in the second time I had an infection. I wait until the pain is practically unbearable only to get rushed and minimal treatment. She came in one morning and woke me up and rushed me, saying "You need to get up right now so I can take your vitals, I have rounds to make." Umm... aren't I included in those "rounds"??? I also had an IV specialist who was very nice but put my IV in wrong... that's one thing, but when I told my nurses it was hurting really bad and burned whenever anything was put in, even just basic saline solution, they would say "Really? Hmm... well there's no reason it should be hurting." and pretty much just shrug and walk away. Either that or they'd "flush it" and tell me "Well it's working just fine and I don't know why it hurts." and just totally dismiss me. I do have a needle phobia so I think maybe they didn't believe me or just thought I was being dramatic, but that's not an excuse. A needle phobia doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the pain. And this was multiple nurses over the course of TWO DAYS. I told basically every nurse, every shift change. It also bruised and got worse and worse, I took pictures throughout the 2 days it was in. Finally it got so bruised and swollen that my forearm was significantly bigger than the other arm while I was sleeping my IV stopped. When they went to start it again it hurt SO bad I told them I had enough and someone needed to come look at it. Then of course I had to get a new IV and was freaking out even more because every bad experience I have just makes my phobia worse! Not to mention it was so bruised, swollen, and painful that I didn't want anyone touching it after that! I've been home from the hospital for several days now and have been trying to manage my pain with the medicine they gave me to take home, but if anything my pain has been getting worse! They've given me the same antibiotic every time and I think my body has built up a tolerance or something because I don't feel like it's working. The pain medication they gave me has also stopped working and I'm having even more symptoms than when I went in! I feel like I need treatment but I'm afraid to go back because I was treated so poorly and told it isn't a big deal. I feel like if I go back they will turn me away and not do anything for me. I also RARELY write reviews if this is any indication of how upset I am. By the end of my stay I was in tears and practically hysterical and I feel like now they dislike me even more and I'll get even worse treatment if I go back! You can clearly see in the photos my IV was getting more and more bruised and swollen and I was still just totally ignored.

Brian Janowski


Sam Williams

I am a current patient and this place is absolutely amazing the attention to details is spot on..the compassionate employees truly care and I am extremely hard to impress and they did it...I would give this place 10 stars if I could..if you need help this place should be your first choice by only problem with this place is the food it absolutely needs improvement other than that..I say thank you and God bless

Jeanne Thompson

ZERO STARS RATING. My son is in ER right now; back injury so bad that he cannot move on his own. Been laying on a gurney in the hall for 2 hours 20 minutes already. He is a brittle type 1 diabetic and he asked about the long wait and his next meal/insulin shot. He was told there are vending machines down the hall! Vending machines for a type 1 diabetic who cannot even get off the gurney by himself. I am in Cali, he is alone in the ER. If we had ANY OTHER OPTIONS, he would not still be there. ZERO STARS RATING, but the website doesn't allow less than 1 star in order to post.

Melissa Nelson

This hospital sucks!!!! I You cone by ambulance and they place you in to the waiting room for an hour!!! The nurses are awesome dr.s r ok!! But over all this place sucks

Natalie Peterson

The labor & delivery medical team I had was incredible. I had a long labor & was positive if have to have a cesarean. They were in no rush to make that happen, which I appreciate. They were all so positive & calming. I feel lucky to have had the experience I with this staff for my first child. The nurses were the best & were very supportive in what we wanted during labor.

Abinash Paudel

My wife waited an hour when she had her miscarriage. No water to drink, no attendance from anyone!! After an hour we left because there was no hope of being helped. After we left, no follow ups at all. Friends told us the horror stories of Providence but I was in a denial phase. They have good stories to share about Kaiser. Will be making a switch from Providence to Kaiser and I will be never looking back to Providence!!


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