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David Copperfield-not the magician

Newberg ER used to be better than the McMinnville ER but now they are both horrible. I was treated disrespectfully and not given help. What is happening to Medical Persons who no longer care or help? Why are they allowed to treat you like garbage??

Drew L.

Excellent Facility - Trust them completely!

Coleen Keedah

ER was great. Then they took my mom to a room, transport nurse was so rude. Floor nurse is terrible. Sorry to interrupt your cellphone use, can we have a warm blanket for my mom? Sure. 5 minutes later, she comes in and tries to hand it to me. Just grumpy and rude. Left mom holding hot tea with tray across the room, left TV controls in basket by wall. Ugh.

Nathan Hemphill

without question the best experience I've had with any hospital yet. I was worked with a drill and the bitt broke and went clean through my finger, breaking the bone on the way through. I was in and out of this ER in 1.5 hours. Got in right away when I checked in. Had I went to st Vincent I would still be sitting in the waiting room as we speak.

anonymous hacker

Everytime ive been here its been fast and thourough and theyre very nice. I drive an hour out of my way to go there.well worth it

J Moore

My husband needed help with a broken bone. The people there were helpful and friendly. He stayed in the hospital for a week. When I visited and had questions, there was always someone around to help. We had a good experience here, thanks!

Jessica Fontenot

I presented to this ER on April 26, 2019. This is the worst ER I have ever been to. This Joseph Peter Leone, "DO" is the worst ER doctor I have ever been stuck with. I had my appendix out in Birmingham, AL and a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst in Mobile, AL, and both ER locations were very busy yet I was certainly taken seriously and cared for there. NOT THE CASE HERE. They had ZERO patients waiting. They did not care to help me with any sense of urgency and told me that I needed to wait because the doctor was "busy tending to a more important ambulance call." They ran ZERO tests besides taking my blood pressure and temperature. I had my fiance drive me there in the middle of the night after coming down suddenly with severely low body temperature, slurred speech, pounding heart, dizziness and general disorientation, horrible body aches and chills, and just knew something was very wrong all due to a dental abscess that had likely spread to my blood. This doctor and his staff spoke to me as if I was completely malingering, they ran no blood tests, gave me no fluids, and made no bother in prescribing me more effective antibiotics than what my dentist initially prescribed. I went home feeling ignored and left to suffer. I was in bed for the next week feeling so sick. I've had the flu several times and other bad infections, and this was the worst. I couldn't move. Dental infections turn very serious very quickly. My dentist was out of town for the next two weeks which is why I didn't want to take a chance on my life so I went to this ER who did NOTHING--I was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes after they were sure to get their $250 copay. Dr. Leone was more concerned with being a know-it-all and scoffing at my concerns. Suffice it to say, he did NOT treat me. He didn't do anything besides listen to my breathing and sit on his little stool and listen to himself talk. I cannot believe they still billed me beyond my deductible. For what?? This doctor and his staff are laughable. This was certainly a waste of time and valuable resources. You're better off driving 5-10 minutes more and treating elsewhere when you are having an emergency.

angela lewin

I read the wonderful reviews on Kelly perlerwitz , and after experiencing horrific pain, anxiety and panic attacks due to my metastatic breast cancer I chose to seek treatment from her. I had never felt so physically hopeless and was ready to have a breakdown. I had been in pain and hadn't had much ,if any sleep in close to 6 months. I had myself convinced my cancer had spread beyond my lymph nodes to a major organ. MS. Perliwitz suggested ITake a ibuprofen. She did schedule imaging test . I was in a very dark place, I was scared and just absolutely had to know the results of my test just as soon as they were available. Those results were kept from me longer than necessary. I spoke with management there who resembled more of a robotic entity, rather than human. I spoke with receptionist who acted as if they were rushed,hurried, stressed, and didn't have any incling as to who the heck you were or why you were calling. Knowing you only have 2 to 3 yrs. To live is enough to deal with. But when you go to seek help from a trusted professional and are treated so inhumanely! What do you do?? I have been sober for 19 years! That woman, Kelly perliwitz, and the entire oncology department at providence Newberg caused me to start drinking again after 19 years sober!!!!!!

Frank Hillman

Have brought myself, children, and elderly parents here. Excellent care by all clinical staff. Compassion, knowledgeable, and great care.

Matt Camp

After reading all the rave reviews posted here about Kelly perliwitz and the oncology dept.I decided to make a appt. As I was experiencing extreme discomfort, pain, fear and anxiety due to the fact I had convinced myself my metastatic breast cancer had spread to a external organ. Kelly perliwitz suggested I take a ibuprofen and had her staff book me a appt. To see a psychiatrist 2 to 3 weeks out. I felt as if I would lose my mind just by not knowing what was happening with my body. When I was told the results would be ready the following day,the DC. Office and manager told me I had to wait till my next appt. The blood test results were released to my chart and it showed my glucose level as being off the chart. When my appt came the only thing discussed with me were protocols. I have never been so scared, confused, and stressed out in my life after coming here!!!

Cody Wilson

Julie Bradley

I just wanted to rave about 3 employees that work here ... I was dehydrated with stomach pain and a Nurse by the name of Katie was so efficient , patient with such a caring heart. She's the one who has a retired Father that was in the medical field also. The other Nurse's name was Jason and he was just as kind and calming. Dr. Aaron Grossberg treated me with excellent care and kindness too ... I am so grateful for all of you in the ER and Hospital itself ! Thank you so much ... ( :

Mackenzie Cummins

I went to the ER Tuesday evening as per my OB, and was treated with zero compassion and a lot of attitude from the two nurses and the Practitioner. They made me feel less like a patient and more like an idiot that they had to deal with for 4 hours. Having the nurses and practitioner I was unfortunately dealt with, only increased my anxiety and a loss of dignity. They provided me with no answers, and did not send my records to my OB as requested. Considering I used to volunteer and have received surgery here, I can say the compassion for their patients have dropped significantly, and they no longer live up to their core values. I am so happy my OB does not work there anymore, so I can deliver elsewhere. Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE experience from beginning to end.


James Terry

Brought my mom in to ER, nothing but professional care since the start. We got treated great, informed us of the plan the entire time. I'm grateful for people that care and want to take care of sick people. I understand it's not an easy job. I am glad we came here and not somewhere else, my mom was in pain for a while until they were able to figure out what was wrong. Got her pain down right away. I knew I could trust them with her care.

Hailey Levasa-Helbling

We just got home from Providence in Newberg with our second daughter. Our experience at this hospital was amazing. All members of the staff were knowledgeable, and helped us through the birth with smiles and kindness. Loved how this hospital gave us a room for the birth, and then let us stay for recuperation. Nurses and doctors were awesome!

Thomas Henhawk

Horrible people. I have been there twice and I will never go back. They do nothing to help you and give you attitude on top of it because they know everyone is going to be upset when they tell them they won't do anything to help you. I am I severe pain and the doctor minimized my pain and called I aches and pains and they have a strict no prescription policy. So I'm being treated like a drug addict because I need immediate medical attention? I don't have insurance so there's nothing I can do, I can barely work and I have to worry about keeping my job because these people wouldn't prescribe me anything to help manage my pain. Unreal. I'm sure there are non narcotic options out there. The doctors there are pompous and rude. You're better of going to a walk in. I will never pay these people for doing nothing.

Zachow Nancy

Cant speak for the hospital itself, however we enrolled in a birthing class here which was three hours. Easily could have been condensed into one hour max.

Tina H

Up until yesterday, I have had nothing but good things to say about this place. Yesterday I went in for a Mammogram and wanted my husband to go in with me and was told he could not come back. Then after I am heading into the room they let him come back and sit in the little dressing room. The lady that did my mammogram was a bit rude, or so I feel. When I was done and off to the ultrasound I had to have after they we're nice enough to let my husband come along. They said it was policy that he could not come back because it makes women uncomfortable????? Umm, are these the same women that are complaining and breastfeeding in public?

James Hoffman

Claudia Pina

Delivered my daughter here. Staff were amazing, very loving and caring.

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