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REVIEWS OF Providence Milwaukie Hospital IN Oregon

Bob Perry

A year ago. . .I had never heard of a wound clinic! I've now been under their care twice. The first involved an injury that I received in India and the second time was because of a Mohs procedure that was not "closed" and became infected. The Milwaukie wound clinic was my savior in both cases. The staff is professional and caring. . .which brought about TWO successful healing results. I will "almost" miss my weekly visits. . .my sincere thanks to the wound specialists at the Milwaukie location.

Rae Ringwood

I am new to the area and called in advance before going to the ER to see if they were IN NETWORK with my insurance company. I got an emphatic “We are happy to accept PacificSource, and will bill any insurance, come on in”. I got hit with a $2,391.51 out of pocket bill to treat a migraine; medical assessment and two IM injections. When calling to express concern for the misleading answer to my specific question there was no accountability. I was asking for their representatives to be trained to answer in clear and direct communication. A statement such as Providence is happy to accept payment from any party, but check with your insurance directly to know your benefits would have helped me make the best decision. As long as I have a choice in health care I will never go back. They were also not willing to negotiate reduced rates which would have been the case if they honored a contractual discount if they were IN NETWORK.

Andrew Haxley

I was admitted here after my sister called our mom of me complaining of rib pain, my mom then took me here after i was in extreme pain and they took my blood work and xrays as well since i have health insurance, and after one xray a minute later, they diagnosed me as having constrodritis, and even then i had an ultrasound done here to make sure i had no kidney stones either! As always the staff were very freindly and caring and they cared about every single detail i told them and explained to them about, I do have another ultrasound which is due next June! Its for a spot in my stomach to make sure it does not grow and is benign is what i was told by my nice and freindly doctor Jessica Burness who assured me that everything was fine and yes the results did not come back positive which was good enough for me, They helped us, explained to us everything was good and i will be coming back to this hospital more, the staff again are very freindly and caring and do care about what your going through, i was also told it was nothing serious at all either, so definitly a 10 outta 10, and they did their jobs well too imao!

Karl Band

Went in a wheel chair, went out on a wheel chair with the worst experience with the Dr. I will never go back. I've had a better exp in a 3rd world hospital.

Susie Flenniken

Carol Sue Boling They Sincerely care. Services top notch and multi-disciplinary so I was connected with Specialist for my illness. They were just very nice which made my stay there easier to handle.

Susan Schmick

I received excellent, attentive care here when I was brought in last September. The staff is very skilled and surprisingly kind. I definitely recommend Prov. Milwaukie as the premier local hospital.

Rob Melton

Oscar Bratsch

Fu11 Thr0tt13

Devin Harris

Went to this hospital the other night in a high level of pain. They got me in pretty quick I'll give him that. However there was only one other person in the waiting room. I told the nurse and doctor about a previous surgery I had gone through with Providence 6 months ago and the complications I have been having. They gave me a pill to take the edge off and a vasvular ultrasound. While performing this ultrasound I ask the technician what she saw and she could not give me any information she said it was against policy. And then ask her if she would look at the surgery site and the sutures inside and even though the equipment was already in her hand she refused Because the doctor wrote it up for a vascular ultrasound. To me that makes no sense to begin with because I'm the one paying for this I should be able to decide was being done. But that's not the way this hospital works. When the doctor returned he inform me that they saw nothing that would be a problem with the ultra sound. I assured him there was a problem. I was still and a large amount of pain even though they had just gave me a single painkiller. I ask him what should we do next then he said I don't know what the problem is I can only treat the symptoms. That in itself is a joke to me. You clearly don't care about the patient. You obviously had no intentions of finding what the problem was to begin with. So they Said they would prescribe me the same painkillers that just took the edge of when I arrive. No thats not what they wrote up, they Prescribed me 2 days worth of jacked up Tylenol. Buddy if I have been going through this for 6 months do you think 2 days worth a Tylenol is going to help. The answer is no. Before I left I ask if I can get something a little stronger or maybe more of them to last me more than a couple of days. They told me if you want more go find yourself a doctor that will prescribe them to you. WHAT!?!?!? IM ALREADY AT THE FREAKING HOSPITAL!!!!! Before I left someone that works at the hospital (not saying any names) said under her breath if you want real treatment go up to OSHU. Even their staff knows this place is a joke. I don't know if it is just this hospital or if it is the medical industry in general. However I run an automotive shop and that would not fly where I work. You don't treat the symptoms you find the problem.

miriam brown

The did an ekg instead of an eeg and i had a perimal seizer... They said pretty much that i was lying or misinformsed about seizers he said that there is only one kind of seizer and said that i fainted... Funny i didn't know that fainting involved flopping like a fish...

Mark Jordan

Terrible communication for husbands of patients. Told 1.5 hours, 2, 2.5 most they would call me. At 3 hours I talked to receptionist. Then talked to doctor and she said 15 min. Now over 4 hours and still nothing. Terrible experience. Nurse cleaned up floor with towel then used it as arm rest for IV inset and set on steril table with needles, vials, etc. HORRIBLE! Apparently surgery went well.....

Cynthia Thompson

I happen to live across the street from Providence Hospital. I was so fatigued that day and I could not find where I needed to go. I see a door but it wasn’t the place I needed to go. I was hoping to see someone that knew where the main office is. There was a long staircase going up. It took me a while to get to the top. Finally I made it up that long upwards staircase. I must of stopped to rest several times before I made it all the way up. It was then that I saw this woman and I was hoping she would know where I needed to go. She was like a guardian angel. She said you just follow me. She was very nice and walked with me the whole way there. I told her Thank you very much for your help. They asked me what time is my appt? I told her 12:30 pm. She said I’m sorry but it’s.1:30. They are full now. May. I reschedule you? I said yes please. You know she wrote it all down for me. I was so thankful to the employees that helped me find my way. Thank you Providence Milwaukee for your help and kind words.

Valerie Low

Samantha Heinlen

Elle Wise

Kindness is the norm. All the staff are amazing

Daryl Greenwood

Felt like everyone I talked with cared and they were sincere about it. I couldn't say the same thing about my experience at Kaiser. I'll go here from now on even though it's not as close.

Michael Worrell

I went there twice for the same problem. There is one nurse that doesn’t need to have a nurses license. She has no compassion as a human being either. I never want to go back there. A doctor and other nurses are nicer than this nurse. I am sorry but this hospital is really terrible.

Patience Rynerson

I must shout out to the absolutely wonderful care staff in the ER this evening! I had a ugly little incident and they were all so genuinely compassionate while still down to earth and completely on top of my care!!! The doctor was prompt, knowledgeable, with a great attitude and treated me like a human being rather than a room number. The technician and nurse were absolutely awesome as well! Thank you Providence, yet again for the best in care!

Jennifer Tarrence

This hospital sucks there are rude ass people here I recommend not going to this hospital go to Oregon city there way better

Cheryl Rebsch


Good ER doctors and nurses. Slow as molasses but good

misty whitmore

Horrible service waited 3 hours an never got seen also they asked me if i was in a treatment or rehab center what does it matter, I have a horrible ear infection and just wanted antibiotics.

Linnea Bowman

I have had successful mammograms in the past at Milwaukie with no issues but NEVER have I experienced such an apathetic, unprofessional medical staff as I did today when checking in after an accident where I twisted my back and injured my hip, arm and skull. The receptionist treated me like I was insane when I asked her if I could grab my bage with paperwork from my car parked only a few yards from the entrance. The nurse left a cuff inflating and deflating on my injured arm, for 3 minutes while asking me a series of questions, refusing to pull it off...I finally yanked it off and left.

Nicole Burns

Came to get my kidneys checked knowing I have kidney issues and they would not listen they prescribed me for a uti and that is not what it’s for I got no fluids which last time I did get fluids and that’s what made me feel better. Walked away in pain and paying for prescription that isn’t gonna help me thanks hospital definitely won’t ever come back here. I can literally die from dehydration and they totally ignored what I was saying.

Charlene Hauth

My son was there Tonite 3/20/2018 about 7:00 pm he has a bad abccessed tooth Lots of swelling and pain and was treated terrible. No compassion whatsoever!! Just wrong to be treated that way at a hospital.

James Corthell

Doreen Gorans

I don't like having my blood drawn but on Monday I did what I had to do and was helped by a very nice woman who distracted me by talking about her Mother's day and being very considerate of my unreasonable concerns. After this, I went over to the coffee bar and a very kind young man created a custom drink for me (in consideration of my allergies), going above the call of his normal job. Also, the friendly volunteer who was there to usher clients to their next destination quickly, was appreciated. And, the food in the cafe (especially the fruit flavored water), is always good for me. So all, in all.......a good day spent doing the 'thing' I don't like to do was made better. Thank you Providence Milwaukie (please don't grow any larger!).

Diane Jones

RUDE! Paying over $800/month for insurance and had to listen to appointment setter treat my husband like a criminal for making an appointment how he wouldn't be prescribed any narcotics on his first doctor's visit for a cold and bad cough. A new patient is considered a criminal based on other people's actions. This is a stupid policy put in place by a CEO not the doctors and certainly not for the good of your patients. Shouldn't you let your doctors treat and diagnose? This is not medicine. We have plenty of doctors in the family, this is fear based nonsense. I haven't had any such prescriptions since I was a child but if I need any such meds my doctor should be able to prescribe me and treat me for my symptoms, not your receptionist and not some blanket BS. Taking our huge insurance money elsewhere. GOOD BYE.

Kolin Leishman

Judy Baseel

I was in on Sunday Feb, 28th 2016 I was put into a room in a short amount of time but it took 2 hours to get 4 stitches. uggggg sunday night home at midnight and back up at 4am for work..... Staff was nice but very chatty in the nurses station, made me feel like someone could have been helping me instead of talking about their hair. We almost just left, but the cut was too deep and in a weird spot.

Shelly Shelly

I am happy to share my experienced in Providence, Milwaukee Hospital. I am not fun of being in the Hospital but the Providence, Milwaukee Hospital makes a whole lot fun for me. It's my first time to be a guest on America's Hospital, I was blown away how courteous they are. The nurses are kind, friendly, smiling, approachable, and very good at giving directions. I am truly amazed of the nurses I had encountered, besides with having a degree and they're still very down to earth person. My heartfelt thanks to all the nurses and doctors that took good care of my husband's surgery. I am very grateful seeing my husband that no longer suffering from massive pains. Now he's doing fine and continuing working on balance. I am back in the Philippines but I carried with me all the good values I've learned during my times in America and people who touches my lives I own you a big thanks. I had my down moments and I am very grateful to those American who helped me without hesitation and by that time I came to think that wherever in the world there're always a good person who's ready to give you a hand. I definitely recommend the Providence, Milwaukee Hospital to my friends, also the country and the people of the United States of America. MABUHAY AMERICA !!! Love from Philippines, Shelly Jones

Cindy Dardis

Do Not Come To This Hospital. My Mom was admitted on a Friday and died on Monday. I was told her blood pressure got low and was low for too long before the staff did anything and that allotted her vitals to give up.

Susan MacKinnon

Very unpleasant experience. Physician ordered numerous tests without even speaking to me. Perhaps it was some sort of "protocol" for anyone with a possible cardiac issue. No wonder medical costs are so high. It was only when I said I was leaving (4 hours after my arrival) that he finally came in the room. He refused to take out my IV, and staff said I had to go through medical records (it was 8pm) to get a copy of my EKG to take to my primary provider. (Turns out it will take 7-10 business days to get a copy of my EKG). As a medical professional myself I found this to be unacceptable care.

Doug Hylton

Maggie Wicken

I was misdiagnosed 3 times in the emergency department.

Jowanda Griffin

Came with a impacted eardrum, left with an impacted eardrum. Terrible experience.

Quinton OConnor


Jennifer Korsen

Went in with a dislocated shoulder while 1000 miles from home. They were fast to have me checked in, pain free, and got my shoulder back in place fast. All the staff was really friendly and reassuring. Going back for any follow up tests I might need while I'm in town.

Ryan Steel

Was attacked buggy kelli pfortmiller

Chris Fitzgibbon

I have not had a more aggravating health care situation than here. My doctor (Dr Bennett) had little bedside manner, and for me to ask for tests to ensure my health, to be told no... That cost me $228 dollars. That price was not disclosed to me, nor was i informed that it was not covered by my insurance (United Healthcare). If this was in any other industry, it would be considered fraud. It has seriously impacted my view of Providence as a credible medical organization, and reinforced my decision to move to Kaiser.

Damon Coker

The staff are nice and friendly here so far. But it's almost 1 a.m., I'm due to have a surgery in the morning and they placed me in a shared room with another guy who is snoring so loudly that there is no way that I'll get a wink of sleep tonight. I have killer insurance and could go to any hospital in Portland and I'm really regretting choosing this one. I'm seriously considering making them unhook me from the IV and walking out of here, that's how bad it is. I'm tired, grumpy and in pain and now I'm frustrated to boot. My mistake and one that won't be happening again in the future.

Daniel Avallone

Used the ER after a bike accident , great care

Tamara Jacobo

In 2010 i drove myself to Providence Milwaukee Hospital from Powell & 65th, by the time i reached the ER i knew something was very wrong due to the horrible pain i was in. I had no health insurance so going to the ER was an act of desperation. In minutes the staff had me in a room and i was surrounded by health care professionals. My pain was relieved and arrangements made to transport me to Providence Portland Hospital. In a confused state i asked why they were taking my clothes? Kindly a staff told me " mamn you are having a heart attack and going into surgery". From the time i stubbled into Providence Milwaukie Hospital till i was wheeled out of Providence Portland Hospital I was treated well by all the health care professionals and staff of both hospitals. They saved my life and I am forever grateful for the professional and quality care i was given, thankyou.

Jason Aka Smiley Brown

Scott Allmon

My recent experience with Milwaukie Providence was both good and bad. First of all I must say that if you are have had a heart attack and are in no immediate danger...go to Providence Portland on Glisan Street. Milwaukie Providence will only end up sending you to Portland for treatment, so you will save 5-6K in billing buy driving an extra 15min. My ER stay was 8.5hrs only to be transferred to Providence Portland. I must say though, if you are having a heart attack with pain and symptoms are still present, you should go ahead as you may need the more immediate care. The good part of this visit was how they treated me....very compassionate, good care etc. I did not like the $6000 bill when all they did was monitor me till I could be transferred. Next time I will asked to be taken to Glisan Street.


I recently had carpal tunnel surgery at Providence Milwaukie Hospital Day Surgery. The staff and surgical team there treated me with kindness and great care. I have nothing but great things to say about them all!

Mae Graham

Thank you guys so much. Incredible staff. This is the first time I felt truly well cared for by the medical community, Providence left a lasting positive impression.

Grace Baker

Cristie Poole

Natalie kammerer

You can feel the peace when you enter. Very calm, polite and genuinely helpful staff. Clean and quiet. Good turnaround times in lab.

Amy Gunn

I just had a foot reconstruction. All of the staff were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL !


Brought a friend in with an accidental laceration that was pretty messy. They were the closest option. As soon as we arrived at the ER, we were met by the valet (free), who took away our parkibg worries so we could focus on the emergency. It was a flawless experience. Immediate intake and treatment by a team that was clear, confident, and efficient. Not a moment was wasted and it helped prevent complications that might have had him there overnight. He was painlessly stitched up, given supplies and instructions and ready to go in 55 minutes, which is shortest ER experience in my lifetime...and has completely healed.

James Sheridan

Chris Lowe

Great staff, fairly attentive


Ashlee Neal

alaska harmony

I came in with a concern that black mold being in the home for about 6 months now. I repeatedly get “bronchitis” every 2-3 months and the ACTUAL DOCTOR claims mold has only mild effect to why I’m actually sick. The doctor then said to do an x-Ray but wouldn’t specify why I needed one. I denied him and called him out, and he AGREED THAT THE X RAY WASNT NECESSARY. They will make you feel unimportant and try to just upcharge me. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ARE LITERALLY DYING

Chris G.

Friendly staff and nice doctors but they will not prescribe any type of pain meds and if its a serious emergency you should go elsewhere cuz u wont b seen til 5 hours after u check least. Be prepared to stay all day and bring money for vending machines. And please, no smoking in the bathroom.

Sheila Webb

My gson was treated there n the girl that helped him was extremely rude n rough with him. He was not tteated well there. Beth was her name n she should not be allowed to work with the public. I did not appteciate how he was treated.

patrick barrron

Awful, rude, uncaring staff, only bested by the cacophony of the screams of the wailing patients.

Brendon Fest

AVOID THIS PLACE. If you can go someplace else do it. I came here almost unconscious in an ambulance with some broken bones. By the time I was finally released a few weeks later I was suicidal. Not joking. Not being dramatic. Care was not about me the patient, it was about the Dr.’s getting to stroke their egos. I got better care at a hospital in Africa in 2005 when I was stabbed out at a club where I didn’t speak the language or understand what they were doing.

G Tripp

I have used ER many times for my parents. They were always responsive to mm parents needs. My hat is off for their great team work. AND Hot coffee. Thanks again:

George Steary

If you have any MHI DO NOT COME TO THIS ER. I can’t stress that enough. They also like to play the, “You’re pain control is important to us, but now that you’re telling us you’re in pain and what we’re giving you isn’t working you’re a criminal.” Game. Don’t play. Avoid the ER like it’s an Ebola test range. Assuming you see the same doctors twice they will all have different diagnoses and they will change daily as you experience the revolving door of ER surgeons. Worst part is the staff doesn’t seem terrible it’s who ever is running the hospital and the MD’s themselves. Go to a veterinary hospital if you must, as in for dogs and cats, but don’t go to this ER. Oh and even though you’re told you have 24 hr access to a social worker, you don’t. They’ll just make you ride it out til your Dr. has enough time to come in and call you a junkie and piss you off to the pint you’re in tears so you eventually stop caring about your health and merely want to escape. I’d have left if I weren’t alone and incapable of lower body movement. Think, Born on the 4th of July, (the movie) except with less facial hair and skinnier nurses.

B Land

The ER. If you have a choice, go to another ER. Milwaukie Providence ER really is terrible in terms of quality of care. Staff ambivalent. Diagnosis often useless. X-ray, MRI techs impatient and too rough with all the parts of you that hurt. 6 experiences with this ER.

Candy Heine

They were not busy at all there as far as the doctor time to getting in to see me it took awhile which shouldn't have I was the only one there after the doctor seen me it took 2hours to discharge me along with wrong medications that were clearly in my chart not to be given not happy


Amazing Staff! Remodeled ICU and rooms. Staff are judgement free and show true love and care to those they help.

Thomas Scalzitti

Good people


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