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Karen Mello

The most professional, hospitital and friendly hospital stay. I had a total knee replacement and from the anesthesiologist, nurses, PT etc . Everyone was knowledgeable, caring, efficient and quick to respond. The nurses were ALL wonderful, self empowered and personal. I've had several other hospital stays in other hospitals but nothing like this!

StarbucksSucks BigTime

I'm a nurse from Portland and one of my aunts was admitted to Sacred Heart/Riverbend in 2012 for a spinal injury. The ER staff refused to help her move from the ambulance gurney to the ER gurney. Two of the ER staff yelled at her at the top of their lungs when she said she couldn't move without extreme pain. Fortunately, the injury was not serious enough to require a lengthy stay, but they certainly could've been more compassionate. You can expect mediocre care at this facility, but don't hesitate to look elsewhere if you want quality and compassion.


Amazing hospital with very dedicated nurses and CNA’s. The night shift crew was especially wonderful. Very happy with my care!

Paula Morrison

We went to Riverbend ER on Friday night. We arrived around midnight and the lobby was full. Our daughter was doubled over in pain. They took her vitals and sent her out to wait. The lady at the counter came over once to tell her she had to sit in a chair. Mind you she couldn't sit or stand nothing made her comfortable. There were 8 people ahead of her and no one looked sick. The people waiting were laughing and joking around. We kept asking if they had any idea how long it would be they just said no. No emotion or anything. The lady next to me told me she had been waiting 3.5 hours so far. My husband then went and asked and again the lady behind the desk was really rude and said there are people that have been waiting 4.5 hours so you will just have to wait your turn. During this time my daughter is rolled up in a ball on the floor crying. We just don't know what to do. Finally a worker from the back came out and told us she called the downtown hospital and there is no one in the lobby. We loaded up in the car and went to the old hospital. They had her back in a room withing 5 minutes. Thank goodness someone cared enough to help us and the old hospital was on it. There needs to be a level of severity service! I have told many people my story since Friday and this is the same story I am hearing from everyone I talk to. I will never go back to Riverbend for an emergency. ER means emergency not wait and see!

Robert Tappana

My son has been here for 17 days so far he was six Weeks premature and the docs and Nurses have been super nice and caring

stacy wilson

Very professional team in the NICU, for having to be there for an emergency.

OddFellow Jones

Absolutely unacceptable. They had my pregnant wife who was regularly passing out in a bed IN THE HALLWAY. Are you kidding me?!?!?!

Tina Jones

Stay away from the ER, they are inept if not dangerous.. If you stay in the hospital expect less than decent care if not down right horrible.. Save yourself the trauma and possibly save your life and go to Mckenzie Willamette. River Bend spent a lot of money to look pretty but nothing on being a great hospital.. I will say OHV was great. I will never go to this ER

Ravi Singh

This hospital is very nice in my stay at least the doctors (dr. V. Dragovich & dr. A. Singh) were very professional & the staff was very carrying rn Barbara & cna Quinn thanks to all of the staff sorry I can't remember all your names but yu guys are the best thanks for making my stay as comfortable as possible

Olivia Underwood

I volunteered at SHMC Riverbend in various departments for about 3 years. Although I cannot attest to the friendliness of some of the staff members, I always enjoyed my interactions with the volunteer coordinator, Jill. She loves her job as the Teen Volunteer Advisor and their office has made the application process for volunteering very accessible and easy. There are various options available for volunteering opportunities all over the hospital. Jill wrote me a wonderful letter of recommendation and I would absolutely volunteer there again if I ever moved back to the area. I highly recommend getting your volunteer hours here if you're interested in the medical field.

Veara/Kaliese Ellend/Endra

The staff is amazing I've had many health issues over the years. They treat you with respect and dignity. My newest surgery went better than expected.

street king juggalo

This hospital is the worst hospital on this side of Oregon do not go here for anything they make you wait for hours in the waiting room and on top of that they are known as baby snatchers right at birth for the state of Oregon and giving people meds they are allergic to after being told they can't take it and it says that in there medical records if they had bothered to read them ----McKenzie Willamette is the best hospital to go to

Sue Neely

I had a very good stay at the hospital. I was very well treated by all the staff and feel that I made some friends that I will cherish for ever. The Nurses, CNAs, Housekeepers, Office Personnel, and everyone I came in contact were very helpful. I thank you all for the Oregon welcome from a transplanted Texan that still bleeds Texas Blood.


The doctors here and their level of care and training saved my husband's life in Oct 2016. He had an extremely rare stroke in his spinal cord at level C5 leaving him completely paralized from his neck to his toes. His recovery, thanks to his team of doctors and staff, is remarkable. The fact that they recognized this rare occurence early on is amazing. We cannot thank everyone in the ER, ICU, and the neuro 6th floor enough for their diligence, medical and emotional care, and on-going followup.

Miki Fowler

Have been to the ER with family for different reasons. Every time wait is hours. Take today for example, mother in law arrived by ambulance complaining of not being able to breath. They took blood, the viles are still sitting in the room. Have not seen a nurse in about an hour been here 2.5 hours still have not seen a doctor. Room was cold had to go find someone to ask for a blanket. Feels very understaffed.

Terri l stroda

After 3 days of being unable to walk, I finally went to ER, I explained I was unable to sit or walk, the pain was unbearable. I was left in a wheelchair in waiting room for hours while nurses were gossiping and laughing about other nurses and staff, while I sat crying. I begged for help saying I could not stand it. I was treated horribly. When I was finally taken to a room, I was left alone, I asked multiple times for help to get assistance to get help to get in a bed and was ignored. When results of MRI came back, a nurse brought, and told me I could leave, no Dr came. They told me my brain scans were fine, and I was fine to walk out.... yes, brain scans, they gave me someone else’s MRI scans and gave mine to someone else. It took awhile to get mine back, by then, they were completely ignoring me. Last time I went to ER. My conversation with records dept was just as good. They were rude, and argumentative.

Jen V

The worst medical experience I've ever had. All personnel overall extremely cold, unfeeling, unprofessional, and inexperienced. Went to ER with severe abdominal pain, (that ended up being gallstones, that later I had removed surgerically at McKenzie Willamette, best place ever) Sacred Heart treats everything but sacred. Waited over 6hrs in ER before taken to a room and then waited an hour after that for treatment. Nothing for pain at anytime, even after they put an IV in me and said they were going to, and were reminded, nope...nothing, not even ibuprofen. I went through the trouble of changing my surgical referral from Sacred Heart to McKenzie so I would not have to go back. I have been telling everyone of my wonderful experience at McKenzie and urging people not to ever go to Sacred Heart.

Robert McDonald

Wow! Been a pain filled week. I went to cottage grove er few days after the pain started ended up leaving felt like I wasn't being listed to and disrespected went home and suffered til next day went to a different walk in next thing I know I'm off for lab work and ultra sound.The pain is increasing and the Dr tells me to go to the er. I choose River bend not wanting the same treatment from cg. My wait time was none staff service was fast got me in a room before I was done with the sample they wanted the Dr himself Adam Sherman, was in the room before the nurse was even done. I was very happy! Although the staff up to the Dr were great they could not hold a candle to him I felt very relaxed with him and the key winner RESPECTED! Thank you, first time in years that I felt like a Dr wasn't looking at me like a druggie or a waist of your time.update this did not end up being the case I had to go back pain got much worse Was seen by another Dr who gave me the right diagnosis that ended up being blood clots in lungs and I ended up in Albany hospital in the ice storm not sure how I feel yet about the whole thing!

Organic Excellence Customer Service

My dad has been to Riverbend several times for heart issues and more. He is 81 and we could not be more pleased with the service, the people, the professionalism of this hospital. We are lucky to have them in our area!!! Nothing but good things to say. The Barber Family

Matt Linday

My mother went here after her chronic back pain became so severe that she could no longer stand it. After going through all the paperwork and making us wait for close to 5 hours we finally saw the doctor. We were there, hoping for some kind of assistance in getting a brace to ease the pressure off of her back, and after waiting that long, all they offered was a shot and more pain medication, which is not what we wanted or needed. They were rude, condescending, and dismissive of my mom's needs and concerns, On the way out, my mom collapses and a male nurse/orderly grabbed her roughly from the floor and tossed her into a wheelchair. This is by far the worst experience we have ever had in this area when it comes to medical care and attention. Please, if you have a medical emergency...go elsewhere.

Lucy Swayngim

I had a total knee replacement 5 weeks ago and can't say enough good things about my experience from the coordination with Slocum Orthopedics to attending class and meetings with the Medicare Coordinator, anesthesiologist, and the most thorough medical and prescription screenings, to the point of discharge which included a nurse helping to get me in the car! Excuse the run on. A well oiled machine handling lots of joint replacement patients yet I didn't feel like a number. The nurses were great, the Physical Therapy team rocked and it was wonderful that my surgeon, Dr. Shah, was so well liked there. It made for a wonderful stay! I am usually too warm so a nurse brought me a little personal fan to use and to take home with me! It's been such a comfort. It may be a small thing but I choose to regard it as being indicative of the personalized care shown. The room was the nicest hospital room I've ever had (and I've had 12 surgeries over 40+ years). The view out the large picture window was serene. The couch/pullout bed was available had my companion chosen to spend the night (we traveled from Roseburg.) Kudos to the designer of the bathrooms: one completely tiled (floor and walls) room with walk under shower, large elevated toilet seat and vanity. The best set up for cleanliness/germ control and convenience. No having to step into a shower and extra crannies to keep clean. My only critique is with the color of the tiles: they should be a solid lighter color rather than a brown, gold and beige tones. This would allow the room to be brighter and to see when you drop things. Infection prevention is clearly a common goal with a thorough pre-surgery work up, testing and showering three days in a row with special anti-bacterial soap prior to check-in. The food is decent; I wasn't able to customize my meals for very long due to my 3 day stay, but I was impressed with their salads and the choices on the menus. It seems there are lots of bad reviews in connection with the ER but a hospital is made up of different parts. It's important to give credit where credit is due. While there may be some issues to work out elsewhere, everyone I came in contact with from pre-op to discharge gets 5 stars!!


I was impressed by the ICU Staff Yesterday, when I visited a Family member. Kind, quick, courteous and concerned. I liked the Nurse. He was very efficient in his work and methodical in noting everything. I like that. I like that they recognize that they are not there to make visitors happy, they are there to protect ans serve their Patience. They Protect them fiercely at times. And it is right that they do. Because Me coming from the world outside into their zone... I needed to Slow down to deal and miraculously to me, There was a Man playing the Piano in the Lobby, so beautiful, He played so well, with so much heart, The music was transporting, and brought ease to my nerves, so unexpected. I just wanted to thank him to.

Ginger Yamamoto

If you have to go to emergency and onward,to stay in the hospital, can't think of a nicer, more professional staff. Concerned caring people from the front desk to check-out. I would like to name names but there were too many individuals! A giant thank-you to all!

Anton Ferreira

Frightening place. When they started prepping me for vascular surgery, I had to point out that they had drawn their Sharpie diagram on the WRONG LEG, having not yet received instructions from the surgeon, who hates paperwork and is notoriously tardy. My wife arrived at the ER with kidney failure and it was ten hours before she was found a bed. Within two days she had a hospital-only staph infection that spread to her heart. Never as much as an "oops". But what really rankles is the oncologist who took advantage of her delirium to strong-arm her into accepting chemotherapy, despite a very clear directive to the contrary. Let's not even talk about the plague of medical bankruptcies in Lane County. SHMC is super-profitable and utterly stone-hearted.

Cyndi Frederickson

Trying to check on my dad..on hold from Veneta to River Bend hospital. Arrived and never got through. Rude staff at the nursing station. Why ? Don't like your job get another profession. Very disappointed in there attitudes. It's sad how some of .. them act.

Debra fresh

My father was in the hospital last week and diagnosed with heart failure and diabetes. Your night nurse assured me he and his girlfriend were informed they could not take in alcohol or nicotine and give to him. Later I was informed by my brother that his girlfriend was taking in nicotine so he could chew in his room. Your day nurse later admitted she told him he could sneak it in as long as he didn't get caught. First of all my father one doesn't believe he has diabetes or heart failure and doesn't believe his drinking, chew or eating habits will affect his medical complications. Your nursing staff giving mixed messages and enabling him and his girlfriend to do as they please and putting him at further risk with risky behaviors is not okay and unethical. I would like this to be looked into further. I know my father will never follow any of the medical advise that was given to him but even more concerned that he shouldn't believe your staff if they are encouraging him to continue unhealthy behaviors.

shawn Butler

Great hospital and staff. Saved my life, thank you.

Kevin Wescott

it shoudl be a negative 1 as there yesterday and again today, my daughter is still sick but they sent her home again, but still not dealing well with pain or vomiting. the nurse today, a little short dark haired girl with a belly and glasses was the rudest nurse i have ever dealt with thru Peacehealth. They do not listen. they were dismissive today and rude. Not helpful other than to give her a bag of iv again and send her home. she's been sick for 9 days people. good god, we gotta die first? Rude, Rude today. Yesterdays; people were at least bearable. I wish i had a different choice with my insurance but i don't so if they want to be unbearanble so will I. TYhey are getting paid to do a job. Why not do it???

Pam Muller

My daughter was drinking and fell, splitting her head open and receiving a concussion.She was taken by Ambulance to Riverbend.After waiting 3 hours in emergency, she still had not been seen by anyone. She became impatient and due to drinking and suffering a concussion decided to leave the hospital. The emergency room nurses allowed her to leave at 1:00 am, even showing her the door, knowing she was drunk, injured and bleeding without money or a cell phone. She walked 6 miles the wrong way from home because of her condition and injuries, not fully cognitive due to her fall. Their negligence a lack of caring is appalling. If not for other caring people at a gas station allowing her to make a phone, anything could of happened to her. I would not take a dog to Riverbend Hospital, after their treatment of my daughter. I heard on the news today all the excuses for their crummy care, and that is still no excuse for their treatment of people. I am sure they have many lawsuits and complaints pending, with good reason. If any of you consider expecting good care at Riverbend, you might be trusting your life in the care of incompetent individuals.


filthy hospital, rude nurses, my o went in for heart surgery, days after heart surgery he caught an infectious disease( C-Dfff), his BP dropped to 50/14 and he was DYING. They had to have 7 more surgeries, they removed his colon and now he has to live with a colostomy bag the rest of his life. This year Riverbend had 80 cases of Cdif compared to McKenzie Willamette Hospital, which only had 4. RIVERBEND IS A FILTHY HOSPITAL

Randi Warner

Although the DR. Was very good, the,wait was horrible. Over 8 hours and waiting. No real communication from anyone explaining why. Male nurse was rude and made us feel like we were an imposition.

Rc Levin

This place lacks some serious bedside manors. Some over over the top some are the most terrible I have ever worked with. Please skip this place and keep trucking to Portland

Laurie Widmark

While traveling I had a scare at 3 am when my left arm/shoulder woke me up throbbing. Fearing a heart attack sign, I drive to this hospital. Everyone was kind, friendly, caring. After all the tests proved negative I was pleased to return home. The Doctor took time and explained everything and why they took certain tests. He came back a couple times - sat and gave me his full attention. Only good things to say about this hospital and staff.

Deborah little Red Bower

Excellent....doctors were great, very clean.....beautiful hospital

Brandon Brown

Long er wait is not cool. ER doc was great. Nursing unit needs to be more organized.

Kevin Schmidt

The emergency is a fn joke,I was waiting for 8 hours in extrusoinary pain and still didn't get checked besides taking my blood, there was no communication even when I tried to find out when I was going to be seen,they had several people go in front of me with less complications that had only been there an hour or so. After waiting for 8 hours They called me to recheck vitals and was very rude when I was trying to find out when I was going to be seen,told me it could be an hour. I left and will never go back ,it's unbelievable that they would have a person wait over 8 hours to get checkout.Its a huge concern making sick people wait all day , I took work off sick and needed to get checked out which is something very hard for me to do,I don't go to the doc unless Its really serious.This place is terrible and I want legal action taken.

Eric Johnson

if you think your child may have a mild mental issue and want them evaluated DO NOT BRING THEM HERE. these people are criminal. they claim to be nonprofit and it is a monopoly style organization. they locked me in a room forced me to stay there for an hour. then they came in with armed guards and told me i had to take a sedative drug to put me to sleep! they pinned me down and forced a needle into my gluteus maximus for no reason! i was completely non combative, i came in with mild anxiety. then they treat me like some psycho criminal! i am furious!

antje hjerpe

My husband and I just recently moved from another State and we picked Peace Health at River Bend Springfield OR for our health care. My husband has a complex cardiac history and the lack of interest, care and follow up border on patient neglect. We are appalled that the entire staff in the Cardiac section from the doctor to the nurses show no interest in their patient's well being and never follow up on any visits, concerns or chart e-mails. We have never experienced such poor service and can't imagine having any type of surgery with such negligent care. Jim & Antje Hjerpe

Jessica Parazoo

I had my son there in September. Was an AMAZING experience. Very pleased with the staff and everything overall!

Lindsey Robets

Checked me in the back room and left th door wide open to the lobby while asking me very personal questions. Then it took 2 1/2 hours for my pee test to come back, and while I was waiting for that to go home, he comes in and says they wanted to start me on an iv bad and get blood drawn, I asked why and that there was absolutely no reason for either of those 2 to be done. He left and came back saying the Dr agreed and to just drink water while I waited. The fact they just do these things to my body for no apparent reason other than to kill time, is beyond me. All the did was talk talk talk and it was about personal things like their cars and hobbys. Waste of my time.

Brett Lemas

I had surgery and spent three days in a patient room on the 7th floor. I received excellent care from the staff, the nursing staff was very caring. The patient room is set up well and has a nice view

Linn Wills

The hospital is great, the people are great, we'll except for my cartiologist. Not much help from them , but I think the hospital is and the staff are the best.

Melody Lanier

Had a appointment at 3:30pm and still waiting it is now 9:35

Timothy Canter

I received excellent care. The facility is great. I had one nurse however who could use some people skills. All my other nurses, docs were great.

Dan Brady

Brought my 12 year old daughter in today for what seems to be appendicitis. They made here wait in the waiting room for 4 hours. Then took us back and roomed her in one of the jail cell rooms for the inmates. Scaring her even more. This ER should be shut down. I can't believe what they put there patience through.

Alexandra Tosciano

Extremely helpful staff and doctors.

Kate Clark

I took my 7 year old in at midnight because of a severe allergic reaction. The entire staff treated us with respect and were very conscious and attentive to my daughter's needs and eased her fear. We were triaged immediately and then taken back to a room where they made her very comfortable and did the little things that parents can appreciate. They let her take the mess with apple juice, gave her a warm blanket and didn't use "scary" words around her.

Ria van Rosmalen

Great staff from admission till discharge. The nurses and CNA's on the Ortho floor are amazing and so are the lady's from PT. Great hospital to get surgery done.

Nancy Burkett

If I could give this hospital a 'no star', I would. Plan on your visit taking about 4 to 5 hours and that will mainly be the waiting room with people that are puking. Nurses are always so condescending and rude. I understand it's an ER but as patients we should be treated with respect. Upon entering the ER, the 2 check-in clerks were making fun of a patient they had to check in. I should have walked away right then and went to McKenzie-Willamette in Springfield.

Ann Lykins

Very impressed by all the staff at S H. (Hanging with my Dad in Nuerology the past week.) Very caring, and communicative in answering questions & concerns.


I despise this hospital. The worst most trashy staff. The nurses are so rude. The doctors are incompetent. It’s understaffed. There is no communication. I have spent a lot of time here because my mother has cancer and we have to stick with Riverbend for some reason and every time we have the worst experience. They have misdiagnosed her several times. Once they almost killed her and she had to be life flighted up to Portland. Now OHSU is an amazing hospital and you know your loved one is in good hands. At Riverbend you feel like you have to watch them because the nurses aren’t doing their job. Hate RiverBend. Oh and may I add that we have had to come to the ER several times, and we have literally sat there for 24 hours!!

Kristine H.

I was admitted to Riverbend via an ambulance for extreme, crushing back and abdomen pain. The staff could not have been more compassionate and kind. They could not get my pain under control it was SO bad. After CT scans they discovered I had kidney stones. Both Doctors I saw were, helpful, patient, knowledgeable and my nurses were AWESOME. The room I was admitted to was BEAUTIFUL ! My only complaints were the IV unit and the fact the paramedics drug into my hands numerous time and the food at Riverbend when you are admitted is pretty bad...other than that- the staff is top rate and I loved all of the people that took such amazing care of me! Thank you STAFF AND DOCTORS!

Rupert Miller

My experiences were much better than those of my mother. While I have been treated with respect, kindness and care while a patient at Riverbend my mom was left to rot in a closet sized room in the E.R. for 5 days without any diagnostics or effective treatment. She was left in the most expensive bed possible, ignored and treated as a third class citizen. She has excellent insurance, didn't matter. Riverbend has all the bells and whistles, but when it came to my mother they failed miserably.

Bill Broderick

The nursing staff on the 7200 wing, are some of the nicest, most competent, accommodating, and professional people I've ever dealt with! They have made me feel confident in my recovery. In addition, Michele, in the short stay unit, WOW! I have never felt so protected,,cared for, or advocated. Absolutely wonderful.

Kieler Payne

It's nice, but has a very slow e.r. other than the e.r its 5 stars!

Kathy Brooks

My husband was treated in the ER. The bill was over $6000 and they would not even reduce the bill to what insurance would have paid. Simply awful. We have a quadriplegic son who has ER treatments all the time and I've never had a hospital not give a discount for private pay. Truly horrible experience. They really didn't care at all.

Larry Norris

On the evening of August 18th one of our horses touched an electric wire and reacted by stomping on my foot. I ended up with a major cut and 2 broken toes! I would give Riverbend Hospital an A plus for the care I received at the Emergency Department and the Nursing care I received for the next 2 days on the 7th floor of the Hospital.The nurses and CNAs were amazing!

Audrey Osborne

I would give a rating of a zero. I have been sent to the emergency room to get seen for 490 blood sugar by my Doctor. This is something my Doctor cant do in her office. I've been waiting 3 1/2 hours already. If a doctor has sent you to the emergency room you should be seen As soon as possible. I don't want to be here and only staying because my Doctor asked me to. Having the nurses laugh and giggle while your waiting is disrespectful and rude to the patients. we are not feeling good and need to be seen but not important enough to be seen. They are rude I can be treated like this by other people not nurses that are questionable supposed to be taking care of you. If anything happens to me for sitting around in a lobby. I will sue!!!!

david roberson

Went to the hospital in April damn mesenteric artery surgery during my stay there why when I see you my wallet come up missingand was found in another patient's room one week later while I was still in the hospital missing out of my wallet was all the cash after being informed though this I was told by several nurses and by social worker Leah Jeske thatthe hospital did not give me the option to lock of my valuables at the time that I checked in for my surgery that I was going to be reimbursed so after making me all these promises I was transferred to another social worker Michelle VanDahey after my initial contact with them have not called me back and put me on the back burner hoping that I would just let this go here it is past the middle of July and I have heard no word from them nor have had a phone call returned I'm tired of being treated like a second-class citizen like big companies that's all the hospital is a company you're not there for your care they're there for your money in at the end that's all they got for me with my money. So I would never trust him again I would steer clear of this hospital at all cost.

Ken W

Beautiful view from 8th floor

Christina Powell

The parking is a pain and you do a lot of walking at this hospital.

Miriam Walther

Amazing! Here's the letter I wrote to the nursing staff after we came home (I've taken out identifiers for my own privacy): Dear Riverbend Pediatrics Unit, My daughter **** was admitted to the hospital on Monday, 12/12 and stayed till 12/14. As a mom, it was a completely new and stressful experience. Of course it was hard and scary, but your staff made it the very best it could have been. It felt so good to know my daughter was in such loving hands. When we checked out of the hospital, I was so overcome with emotion, I didn’t feel like I truly expressed my feelings. I said, “Thank you” to the nurse checking us out, but I had so much more I wanted to say, I was just too overcome with emotion to do so. This morning when my ***** girl got out of bed and climbed into our bed, I was so happy to see her looking so healthy. I said to her, “******, I’m so glad we’re not at the hospital anymore!” Then I asked, “Ivory, what did you like most about the hospital?” She didn’t think long before she said, “Me like the food!” I then asked, “What did you not like about the hospital?” She paused and got a very confused look on her face (as if I’d just asked what she didn’t like about Disneyland) then finally said, “Me like everything.” It was clear at that moment that the mere “Thank you” I muttered at the end of our stay was not nearly enough. At a time when our family was scared, stressed and worried, you provided an environment for my little one that was full of safety and love. For this, I will be eternally grateful. Let me highlight some of the events that really stick out in my mind as examples of times my daughter felt loved. They wheeled us from the ER to her room (8232) at about 10pm Monday night. ****** took one look at the adorable crib (complete with a Frozen pillow and stuffed dog) and said, “Me need a bed!” Without missing a beat, the nurses rolled the crib out and brought in a bed that ***** loved. ****** then said she was hungry and the nurses offered her about five different things. When she said she wanted all of them, they obliged (even though she was asleep before the macaroni was done). The next morning ***** wanted to color. I handed her the four crayons on her bedside table. She said she didn’t have enough colors. The nurses smiled as they gave her a full box of crayons. They smiled again when she handed back her white crayon from the box because, “Me no like white ones.” They smiled as they looked for one yellow marker and one black marker she insisted she needed. They also smiled when they retrieved her requested stickers. Later that morning the nurse needed to take a swab from *****’s nose. The nurse told ***** that she’d be sticking something up her nose and then ***** would earn a prize. I figured the prize would be a sticker or something similar. ***** endured the two second swab up her nose and the nurse brought out an amazing new stuffed puppy – complete with a cage, comb, shampoo, a bone, food, and a bath. ***** grinned from ear to ear as she played with her new toys. At bed time ***** spilled on her pajamas and I didn’t have a good change for her. We asked the nurse (Kiyah) for a spare set and she gladly brought them in. When Kiyah came in and saw that Ivory was wearing Doc McStuffins pajamas, she whispered to her, “*****, for secret, I’m Doc McStuffins.” She sang the Doc McStuffins theme song and danced around while helping ***** to change her clothes. ***** asked for mac and cheese again, which Kiyah made and delivered (though of course Ivory was too tired to eat it). When we were discharged on Wednesday, ***** was delighted she got to keep the pillowcase and all the other goodies she’d accumulated throughout her stay. Though our two nights at the hospital were scary and stressful for us (the parents), my heart is full as I realize my daughter never shared any of our fear and distress. Thank you for making that possible. Sincerely, Miriam

Glenda Slinger

The ER is just an atrocious place. ER Department it's just awful they treat you like a non-person

Zach Golik

I had the misfortune of multiple run ins with the corporate peace health machine. The first was a serious car accident that took me to their Florence branch during the mid nineties. Lost fair amount of blood. Half conscious, nurse asked me to sit up in wheel chair without support while she did x-rays on my face. Long duration caused me to end up passing out and doing face plant on floor in x-ray room. Very in-experienced staff. Doctor at Florence branch was noticbly under the influence and had redo the stitches on my nose multiple times. Avoid Florence branch as though your life depends on it (because it does). The next experience was the birth on my daughter at Riverbend. This was a bit more of a middle of the road experience. We got some good and bad nurses. More in-experience with regards to bad nurses. It was obvious there is some sort of policy that does not allow nurses to volunteer any advice. The hospital has a very corporate feel about it and it reflects in their staff. We got broken equipment that caused us an extra day stay in hospital. Place left enough of a bad taste in my mouth that we are having our next child at McKenzie Willamette. Don't let the oversized building and facade fool you, Peace Health is corporate care and the $ bottom line is what runs the show there. Avoid the place if you have the option/ability.

Betty Klinger

Spent 6nights, had kidney dialysis, medications were adjusted. Labs improved strength got slowly better after 2 units of blood. The physicians, the nurses, and the support staff were wonderful. They helped me survive and I thank them daily in my prayers.

Shawn Burris

The admitting staff are not friendly. No hello, just “take a number”. Hope my mom’s surgery is a better experience and not based on the first impression.

james wooton

The staff are thief's, they have been stealing from my aunt for months. They don't tend to the patients for hours at a time. And they won't feed people on diabetes on time. I'm thinking of starting a class action suit against them! Who is with me???

Liz Tripp

My Mom is in ICU and a week and a half ago she had a MAJOR operation and she so far is doing a lot better then she was 4 days ago.. it's a very secure plc and not to mention it's the most beautiful and largest hospital I've seen in a long time

Rev Mary Miller

went, Like Judith, because I have diverticulitis, had an attack, admit that my food choice two days earlier at a sushi place was to blame. I went because I KNOW from past experience to get to the hospital ASAP, get antibiotics, expect a long time to deal with it, but my experience was worse. I was given limited pain control, did not want to give me anything for nausea, and was told that my "supposed" diverticulitis just needed a script and release. The doctor basically accused me of drug seeking without directly saying this, I was in severe abdominal pain. I told him I refuse to leave without proper antibiotic drips and hydration...there certainly seemed confusion as the nurse did not know how to do an IV-antibiotic drip, had to ask for help. I was treated like an indigent person, which I am not, and they literally were trying to rush me out of the hospital. I was told that only a blood test was going to be done to determine my condition, which to them was "questionable", because I didn't have an elevated white cell count. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, in fact, I am disabled. I have been home for 4 days now, with still some tenderness in my bowels. I was told it was up to my doctor, if anyone to do anything about wrong.

Jasmine Eddie

I had my baby here and they helped me alot on everything I needed I was there for 4 days and had no problems love this place

ericson renasia

I went into this place I wouldn't call it an emergency room cause they looked at me like I was there for drugs and let almost 10 people thay came after me ahead of me after waiting 4 hours that's right 4 hours I asked when I seen I was 6 on the list and I said ok ty and took off waste of time I'll never go back even if it's life or death

Marra B

This is a fantastic hospital. Everything from the receptionist to the nurses was exceptional. The nurses were so incredibly kind. I went in for surgery and being far from home and with no family in the area AND being an incredibly anxious person when it came to hospital and doctors, the staff went out of their way to ensure my comfort and peace of mind. Going in for an emergency surgery and my first surgery was as pleasant as it could have been thanks to the beautiful kind individuals who work tirelessly day in and day out. Truly appreciate you guys.

Josephine Entizne, Sedillo

Amazing people who work for Peace Health and a comfortable place to receive medical care. My experience has been great. Thank you.

Lori Brenden

Very happy with the staff, I appreciate how I was taken care of before, during and after recent surgeries I have had

Mar Brock

first diabetic food menu (lost 1 pounds in week tasted awful) This is one of the finest hospitals ,everyone was very nice,the Nurses go out of their way ,and Doctors/Anesthesiologist really listened so you will have as good a stay as possible WHEN Igraduated from Nursing School the head nurse said REMEMBER this may be the worst day of your patients life ,it doesnt cost much to keep polite.......This hospital does i


This ERs wait time is far above the National average. Today’s wait was 5hrs 48min. I live in Portland and when I heard my Dad was headed to this ER I drove down. After waiting 3.5 hrs I started calling around to a couple ERs in Portland, wondering how long the wait times are there. 40 min. So what I’ve learned today is it’s quicker to drive from Portland to Eugene, pick up my Dad and drive back to Portland, than to wait in this ER. Live and learn.

S Church

The best hospital I've ever encountered! I've had 5 family members be patients here in the last 5 years and I've stayed overnight for days with them. From the doctors to the nurses to the cafeteria staff everyone has been kind and professional! The lodge design, the spacious rooms with an actual guest bed, the views, the garden areas and the food is top notch. I've even stopped in on my own just to have some chicken Alfredo. They have several different cuisines along with fresh sandwiches and fruit. The coffee shop has great coffee and comfy, warm places to sit and take a break. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else and I live over an hour away.

Cesar Lugo

Epic fail. The front desk was resourceful and actually cared unlike the doctors in the back and the nurses.. Took my nephew ( A 8 month baby ) to ER because he had a high fever of 102.5, the wait wasn't bad to the first "room/check in" because my sister knows one of the front lady's at the desk. However after is when it goes down hill. You could hear the nurses discussing on "who" would take my nephews "case" and give him the proper attention. Due remind you that we were literally in the room outside of where all the paperwork was held. Finally about 15-20 min a nurse came in and attended us. We went to back finally to our own room and she wasn't really talking to us or asking about how he was feeling just plain broad, as if she just wanted to go home. We were waiting for 30-45 until some one finally came in and "checked" on us again, this time it was actually a really nice who put pillows around the bed so my nephew wouldn't hit himself, only reason why she came though was because the monitor started going off. There we were for about her 35 min until a doctor some guy came in saying my nephew had an ear infection to give him some meds and it would go away. We could go as we pleased as soon as someone brought the medication for us. However what really made me furious was that the "nurse" (guy won't mention name) didn't even know how the f*** to prescribe the meds.. He literally said "I think that's how you do it" so my sister gave him a sassy tone of voice replying back "you think?" He gave her a face and responded back rudely by reading each direction to the "T" as if we couldn't read or understand English. And not to mention at the end of it he said "you got that." (Not trying to pull a rasist card but that's how it felt most of the time being there, nobody checked in on us, they took there time even tho a were in a ER, didn't give us quality service) Like man are f****** serious right now, he left an went to gossip to his fellow con workers and say how my sister gave him a sassy attitude. We overheard them as we were leaving. That was our horrible experience at River Bend, no wonder why everyone says goes to Mckenzie.. Never going back again, there's no urgency, no real genuine hospitality and no feeling like your in safe hands. Not saying everyone there is like this, it just depends on the unexpected time/day you go but damn what low expectations. Idk how there still running sometimes. I hope someone in charge see's this or someone manager at River Bend and really questions if there staff really go above and beyond or is it just playing favorites or being amazing when they really feel like it.

Brenda Enockson

Its a shame you have to give at least 1 star. I waited 4 hours sitting on a hard chair after hurting my lower back. Then they had me wait in another area with different people. Im trying to keep my gown shut with my hands filled with my belongings walking around the ER. By then i was in so much pain that i didn't even stay for the MRI and just changed in the restroom so i could go home and lay down. I let the nurse know i chose not to stay since my doctor said it was my choice. I forgot to get my work note and when i asked the next day they refused to give me one since i had to leave. I am sure they will want to get paid for the services they didn't do. I cant believe anyone would go there twice.

John Borg

Do not go to this hospital. I went there for some stomach pains, I gave my insurance card and was informed that the visit would only attract a $250 co pay, they did way too many tests and now I have bills from them, emergency physicias and radiology, for over $3000 absolutely was not informed that this may be the case. In the end they just told me take some Tylenol as i just passed a kidney stone. Totally unprofessional they are just interested in your money not your health. DO NOT GO THERE


I had an accident and cut my toe, severing the tendon. We went to the ER and the staff starting from the front desk all the way to the doctor sowing me up(Adam Sherman) were professional, fast, and friendly. Other than almost cutting my toe off I had a excellent experience here. Thank you to all that took care of me!

Laurie Davenport

My daughter was admitted and had her baby 5 weeks premature. The staff was great and the doctors even better. Of course, there were a couple of minor issues. Like the nurse who didn't want to open an entire pack of sterile items, just to get at the one size that my daughter wanted to use.(Obviously, the nurse was trying to save costs a bit, without saying so, and that's not a capital offense.) All of her care has been first rate all the way. The patient staff are caring and genuine. Kudo's especially to the lactation consultant. Now a word about this noteworthy building, completed in 2008. My first experience was Building 3333. When you arrive at the front door portico, with it's huge timbered support beams, it looks like a mountain resort. How great for dropping off or picking up during rainy days. Look just across the driveway and see a path leading to a stream and quiet "park". Inside you will find the lobby. An expansive two story waiting area with balconies facing on three sides. A very helpful staff person greets you at the visitor information desk, or check out the a gift shop. The centerpiece of the lobby is a slate fireplace with a towering and dramatic floor to ceiling chimney. The ceiling is punctuated with hanging chandeliers with a "lodge" motif, and natural wood is used heavily throughout the room. Near the front desk, a whimsical kinetic statue beckons the child in you to interact. The base is a large round ball, perhaps representing the earth? Sitting atop the ball is a sleek horse and rider, precariously balanced. With childlike fascination passerbys touch it gently and watch as it rocks to and fro. An elegant grand piano is used by volunteers, playing for visitors as they relax, talk or read the paper as they wait. There are plenty of comfy couches and easy chairs. Or, walk out the emergency exit and find benches and a paved trail leading to the river. A wonderful respite and a place for some serenity in nature. The people responsible for planning and erecting this building must have been truly committed to a quality outcome. It is an outstanding accomplishment that Springfield should be very proud to call their own. What a brilliant combination of form and function. This is a rare.

Kathleen Dunham

I have never received anything but the best of care from any Peace Health facility.Very compassionate staff, very good food. I highly recomend this hospital.

Audrey Moss

I have had several surgeries at this hospital. On two of these hospital stays I was physically assaulted by one particular nurse. One of these assaults happened when this one particular nurse was apparently not even on the clock or supposed to be working. When I made my complaint I was at first laughed at and then told that I had perceived the situation wrong and that I am confused by having been hospitalized too many times. This statement that the hospital made is ludacris and makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Be aware if you go to this hospital. If you have a nurse who is actually physically hurting you, throwing things at you, screaming at you, or acting in any way abusive towards you. Pick up the phone and ask for a person known as a "Nurse Manager". Nobody tells you of this person until after the fact. I'm letting you know now. Please keep in mind that in this country you are supposed to be protected by your constitutional right to be treated with dignity and respect when you are a medical patient. The people at this hospital obviously don't care about your rights. Hope you have a much more pleasant experience with this hospital then I had.

Mellaniy Swansong

Very friendly staff. But my ER room was filthy. Even a prior patients blood vile left in the room. Blankets smelt musty. Didn't have that clean hospital smell or feel. Other than that, the nurses were very sweet and helped as best as they could for being busy. Waited in the waiting room for almost 4 hours. Was there from 7:30 pm til a little over 3am.

Melanie Mendez

Awesome staff doing the job they signed up for.

Laura Gilbert

I was on the 4th floor recently due to multiple health problems. Needless to say I was scared. I had several very caring doctors, nurses and lvn's taking excellent care of me. But I must say one nurse really stood out with her compassion and caring ways. Her first name was Laura. We need more caring people like Laura. Thank You !!!

Book & Business Reviews

The only good about my experience here at this hospital was the fresh air and luscious trees that encompass the property on the outside. However, if your in any kind of real pain prepare be treated disrespectfully and without aby benefit of the debt whatsoever. They make immediate assumptions, are very intrusive with their non-sense & demeaning questions and i repeat, if you really are in a world of hurt and pain think this hospital will remedy the issue, think again!

julie chastain


Danny Flynn

Great place to work. Awesome staff. Beautiful building

Don Dupre

The hospital end of Riverbend is actually very good!! Nice facility and staff..... On the other hand the Emergency Dept. is run by a bunch of idiots!!! sorry for the wording but they have NO CLUE how to run an efficient operation!!!!! McKenzie Willamette beats them hands down!!!!!

mamasoul 46

Been at the er for over 4 hrs my 3 year old is so sick he has thrown up and gone to the bathroom 7 times in less then an hour still no docotor to be seen. Nothing there is another sick child here also but neither of us have been seen my son has had 3 accidents he is pitty trained by the way. But he has slept and pooped at the same time he just lays there he won't talk either they asked me to let them know when the symptoms get worse I have but they just look and say sorry.... I'm livid if gone to the other hospital but this was closer to our house. I will never go back. I'm livid and these poor kids just sit here and not get seen.

Maureen Jenkins

The early morning receptionist was so rude. I was afraid it was going to be a terrible experience but once I got past her, it was wonderful. So efficient. Courteous and kind staff.

Tracy Brown

Was treated like gold there. On Sunday January 22 2016 I was admitted to ER via ambulance with stroke symptoms. I am only a 5 minute drive from the hospital but by the time I got there an entire team was ready for me. I owe my life to every single person who took part in my care. You cannot fake compassion and I feel part of my healing process was the outpouring of love and compassion from every single person I encountered. I cannot articulate what it meant to have someone hold my hand and tell me it was going to be ok. Thank you to everyone there. You are the angels on earth. But special thanks to Dr. Miller and Dr. Wilder. My life could have been dramatically different had you not been there.

Amalia Delfortrie

My father has been at Sacred Hearts for 3 weeks now. First two in the ICU trauma and now on the floor of the Neuro department. I live in Europe and have been doing all communication via telephone until I arrive in a few days. The nurses and doctors are the most incredible people I have dealt with. They have taken so much time and patience working with me and making my dad as comfortable as possible. The Doctor (Dr. G), even looked at my dad´s website, read his bio, listened to his music. They play his music for him everyday and make his environment amazing. I highly recommend this hospital and their amazing services...

Tasha Johnson

I was in a motorcycle accident and got ejected from the bike doing 50 miles an hour. I was unconscious until the paramedics showed up. I was confused and didn't remember the accident at all. I wasn't taken care of the way I should have been. They did an x-ray of my neck and my ribs because my ribs hurt the most. They sent me home with no other care. I puked up blood for over a week and don't remember anything that week. It's been 5 months now and I'm still having issues that aren't resloved. I'm very disappointed with there care.

Eric Suter

Pediatrics- I am pleased with this place and the doctor my daughter sees, she is professional and my biggest concern at first was the amount of time and concern the Doctor would commit to my daughters needs or our concerns. The doctor was definitely not in a rush and took time to address questions and concerns. There is never a extended wait which is awesome, wait time usually is under 10 minutes. Great job to the staff.

Mary Harvey

I've had several surgeries and have never had such an awesome experience. From pre -registration thru discharge the staff was exemplary. My nurses were all outstanding and patient beyond imagination. Their pagers were constantly going off but they never made you feel like they were rushed or that you were a bother.

Ron Ward

I don't give 5

CJ Dewitt

I've been there for the birth of my daughter, multiple specialists, a dozen urgent care visits when it was there and multiple ER visits, and two emergency hospital admissions for my daughter. They have always been very helpful with the service provided and they have been caring and clear about procedures happening. Aside from a couple of the visits at the ER.

Jessika Ramirez

I went to visit my mom few months back, when I discovered she was very sick. She was scared and had anxiety about going to the hospital. After 5 doctors at Mercy hospital non of them could give me a direct answer. Mercy doctors were incompetent and had a callous way of treating my family and showed no empathy to my mom. I transferred her to Riverbend, the doctors and nurses were remarkable. The staff work wonderfully together, labeled and dated everything for infection safety. Communication between staff is impeccable. The doctors and Neurologist my mom got Was the best they had. Thank you Riverbend for helping me through the most difficult time in my life. They really cared about my mom's comfort and treated her with dignity and respect. The doctors and neurologist sat with me for as long as I needed so I could ask them everything about my Mom's condition. Everything was a fog and I have never been more distraught in my life. I could never thank you enough for everything your administration did for my family and I. The transportation to get my mom to Riverbend cost thousands and was worth every penny. Riverbend paid for the transfer back home.... Who does that! They have the most beautiful lobby, It is so peaceful and inviting. Walking path along the river was amazing. I recommend this hospital they have doctors and nurses that show respect to the patients and their families.

Jeanine Goodwin

My Doctor was wonderful. After my C-section I was treated awful. My son was tongue tied and hospital refused to fix his tongue so he could nurse correctly. Instead he lost 1lb 11oz in 5 days since he could barely latch on to breast to eat. I was exhausted constantly from to many annoying agencies continually coming in to the point son and I hardly got any sleep. Nurses treated me like I was stupid since son was not eating correctly. Entire experience was terrible except having my son. The hospital should have fixed his tongue instead of making him wait while he was starving.

Lisa Knipe-Vasquez

The hospital has well trained staff who take pride in the high quality patient care they provide. Private rooms that are kept very clean. I highly recommend this medical center! Keep up the amazing work!

Richard Bailey

Stay away from the ER at Springfield location. Poorly run and over priced!

Sarah Carlin

My woman's arm was seizing up and was completely unable to move. We were shown into a room and we sat there for five hours. They came in a total of 4 times and they hurt her. I'm pretty upset with her treatment. We sat there and waited while they passed by and stared at her making her feel even worse. She has very serious anxiety and felt like she was nothing and that her health is unimportant. She also felt like they were staring at her breasts and that is sexual harrasment if they were. Very very displeased. It took them 5 hours to tell us the problem meanwhile we were thinking she had a serious problem.

Greg Bader

My experience at this hospital could not have been much better. I was there in June 2013 for removal of my prostate, because of a very advanced case of prostate cancer. My surgeon did not have a very good bedside manner, but that's what you can expect from surgeons. And I could see how he acted, anyway, from visiting him before the surgery a couple of times for biopsies. I will say about him that he was snowed under with patients, so you couldn't expect much TLC. He sure did a good job with the surgery. He didn't get all the cancer – – he couldn't-- -so I had 10 weeks of radiation at Oregon Urology Institute's radiation center six months later, where, by the way, the care was so good I would give it five stars, along with a shout out to Dr. Kevin Forsythe for his caring manner. So far, my PSA is zero, which means there's no detectable cancer. I do have another test coming up, so I hope that's also zero, of course! I think if this test is still good, then I will not have to come back for a year. (Some of this information is not really necessary, and it might bore you, but this was a big event in my life, needless to say.) My surgeon's PCP was wonderful. Lisa came by twice each of the five days I was there, once at 11 AM, and then again at 7 PM, so you can imagine how long her day was. The most outstanding thing I experienced was the incredibly excellent care by the nurses. I could not have had better ones. They checked me so often to see how I was---every 15 or 20 minutes – – that I finally asked if they could extend the time to one hour, which they did, with the approval of the staff doctor on duty. Another great thing about this hospital was that, much to my surprise, all of the rooms are private, and they are soundproofed, so patients don't have to listen to a roommate's families or friends blabbing on and on with them until 10 o'clock at night. It was like being in a decent hotel. The only problem I had was on the last day. BUT for that problem, I would give this hospital five stars, not four. They wanted me to get out of there by 1:00 PM on the fifth day, apparently because of Medicare rules. I was catheterized, but no nurse came by to show me how to handle it on the way out. Finally, a Mexican CNA who could not speak understandable English came into the room. I had to talk to her with hand signals! Eventually, , she seemed to understand what I was saying, but she just took the catheter off of the rack above me and shoved it into my sweats. Then, I was put in a wheelchair and rushed out the door. I admit that this was during the noon hour, so that was a lot of confusion, but this last event was a real bummer, coming as it did after A+ care. By the way, I was kept as pain free as possible, first of all with a morphine drip that I could control myself, just with a pump of my hand, then later with Percocet and hydrocodone. This is probably standard; however, on my third night there, after I was taken off the morphine, the night nurse suggested the Percocet, which is a mixture of hydrocodone and Tylenol. She had to get approval to give this to me, but the combination gave me much more relief than just the hydrocodone by itself, and SHE had the good sense to think of it. Another pleasant surprise was how good the food was, given the fact that most hospital food is slop. The first day and a half, of course, I couldn't eat, except for sucking on ice, but, after I could eat, the meals were good--and items that were supposed to be hot WERE hot. Another factor in my positive evaluation is that, three days during those five days, a patient coordinator came into my room and asked me how my care was and what else could be done to make me comfortable. I bet that's something most people have never experienced in a hospital. By the way, I was on the ninth floor, facing north toward the McKenzie River. The windows were floor to ceiling, so I could look out at the beautiful view. If those same nurses are there, ask to be put on the ninth floor North! That's enough.

amie huyck

Took daughter because of headache for days and had lost vision for a time. They made her wait 3 hours gave her a pregnancy test. A generic stroke test then Dr ordered three different shots which she bled because the nurse was incompetent. Another hour no Dr. No blood test, did not look in her pupils. Treated us like we were there for drugs or second class. We gave up and came home. Dr was not interested in finding out the cause of this problem. Will never go there again. Left my mother in a room for 7 hours till she gave up. Is having gallbladder surgery but had to go somewhere else to get help

Dave Dewitz

Apond arriving here from florence in a ambulance no time was wasted. With brocken ribs 9 brakes broken collar bone and a punctured lung. I was in severe pain. The staff here was very personal professional and caring. Never once a cross word And never left alone to suffer. It was figured out the best way to control it..and offer helpin anything. They make you feel as if you are the most important person in the entire facility. Being on the 7th floor you jave a beautiful view. It's overwhelming to encounter such a large group of professional people. Even the janitorial and linen stocker would take the time introduce them self's and see if you needed anythingelse I am not very good at doing a review so to sum up Going from going into shock while at the dunes and throughout this entire ordeal including the chest tube being pulled back out. Will be remembered with good thoughts

madd woodsman

Horrible place. Go elsewhere.

Jackie Alba

Had a surgery at this hospital went to the ER at 2am vomiting. I am Disabled Veteran. Lived 10 day's in Sepsis Shock in 2008. Rude people. Told me to shut up. Why am I crying? The nurse had a car accident and flew out the window and he never acted like me. They did nothing. Was it because my son, who is adopted and so wanted--- was Africa America? I went to the administration and they sided with the nurse. UNREAL. Never will I ever go back. They told me they didn't want me back either. Bad hospital folks..... They shouldn't treat people that are in pain... scared to death..... PTSD... just no care in the world. Please don't go here and let others know. Prayers and Peace.

Pamela Owen

Same attitude and service as before in the Emergency Room. Nobody bothered checking me in or checking my insurance so because of that I had to pay for my visit instead of insurance. Check your own paperwork, make sure what you want is what u get.

Jed Tunelli

Excellent facility, excellent staff, and the loudest toilets in the county. They are almost comically ear-deafening.

Shellie Huffman

I was excited to see Riverbend being an RN myself I thought of potentially moving to Eugene at some point and maybe seeking employment there but after taking my boyfriend in for surgery I won’t ever apply here. I found the staff to be terrible, my boyfriend is type 1 diabetic and had been NPO for procedure and I told him about recent episodes of severe hypoglycemia and to please be checking his sugars and I left with children while he was getting ready to go for procedure and I was told not to worry that they could handle it and when I came back was told his blood sugar had gotten to under 30 and he had a grand man seizure due to this which made me very angry as I was assured they would be on top of it I thought it was strange they did not have him on iv dextrose fluids to begin with to keep his sugar up. Then while his blood pressure was in the 190s consistently they kept assuming this is his baseline even after I told them we take it often and it is 130-140 baseline and they were not giving anything for blood pressure control until it reached 218 systolic and they finally did. Nor did the staff acknowledge me at any time. I found them completely unprofessional and unsafe

Tierra Sanders

Was in a car wreck, needed staples in my head, nurse didn't even wait till i was numb. Everyone but one nurse was VERY rude to my family and I. Will not be returning to this hospital.

Yolanda Powers

I just had the worst er experience at River Bend Hospital. I sat there for 6 hours and was still 7 patients behind being given a room. Called my doctors office and they already had results of some of the tests. One er patient was calling for help and saying 'oh my god' for about a half hour. Ended up pooping himself because no one came to his aid (he appeared mentally handicapped and could not walk on his own). Another patient was bent over gasping and got so frustrated that she said quite loudly 'if I pass out then maybe they'll help me'. In my opinion they are very understaffed and just didn't seem to care. They don't even deserve the one star I gave them.

Kristie Edwards

Not really a fan of the "results pending room". I guess it's a new thing where they take you out of the room you're in by yourself and put you in a room (still in your gown) with other people (in gowns) sitting in chairs waiting until what's next has been decided. I definitely would've chosen another location if I knew I'd be in such a weird situation. One girl was actually sick, like flu symptom sick, in the room with the rest of us with no mask. The attendants (unsure if they were CNAs or nurses) were very kind though. The front desk staff and one male triage nurse were quite uncaring and short with people, and acted like they didn't want to be there. The triage nurse who actually took me in to get my vitals and the lady doing my EKG were very pleasant though. I wish I had caught the names of the front staff that didn't seem like they could care less. They really know how to make a stressful time even more stressful.

B May

I'm writing this from my hospital bed. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this place. Two of three of my nurses have been very caring and empathetic. The other one is much more aloof and less personable but she does her job well. They usually take care of my needs reasonably quickly (I've had major abdominal surgery so I need help with everything) and they listen to me. The significant main reason I didn't give this place a better rating is because I told everyone that I have a dairy allergy yet my first five meals all included something with dairy. I got pretty frustrated with that until the nutritionist talked to me and fixed things. Given that the reason I'm here is my dairy issue, that's pretty bad. I'm quite confident in my surgeon and the staff here otherwise. It really bugs me that they spent a boatload of money on unnecessary high-end things like fireplaces all over and solid cherry cabinets. Cut my bill in half and don't waste money on such superfluous things, I say. But as far as the quality of the care and staff and treatment in general is concerned, I like this hospital.

Shelly Constant

My fiancee went to the er with a very sore throat. We were told by urgent care it's a cold. He couldn't swallow liquid tylenol without it going out his nose!!! From the moment we got there the nurses saw the urgency in the situation. They fast tracked us which got us a ct scan pretty fast. Turns out the swelling was so bad it was close to pinching off his airway. The er staff was very awesome. We ended up in the i.c.u. step down unit. For a few days . There was a nurse in there named julie. She was so sweet and very caring. Best experience ever had in the er.

Jamie Castleberry

Having my daughter there last year, was awesome. Last night though, my step brother is in hospital. I called to talked to him to see how he was doing. The first time I called, the nurse was saying she couldn't give out information on if someone is there, or not. I didn't need to know if he was, or wasn't there. I already knew he was there! Errr... when I called the second time, it sounded like a different nurse, but she was easy to talk to, and wasn't stressful. Geez!

Marie Taylor

I have never been to such a horrible miss treated hospital in my life!!! I took my fiance there for any kind of head and or eye exam due to complications he has been suffering from! After he got put in the hospital robe and then explaining to the "doctor" that he had fallen down multiple times in 1 day which is very unusual for him. She agreed that his whole left side of the body was all damaged and agreed he needs surgery. She told us there was nothing she can do for him. After I got upset and asked for him to get just a simple exam for extra procaution! She refused! She asked me! a normal citizen "what she can actually do for him?" What kind of doctor says that stuff!!??! After leaving the hospital I called the Management to complain! We get a letter a few days after and yes we was accused of going in there for pain medication!! Which never was the case because FOR 1: we DIDN'T ASK!!!! FOR 2: he has never ever went in to the hospital and tried to get pain medications! My fiance did explain to the "doctor" that he had signed a contract with his primary doctor TO NOT ask any other hospital or doctors for pain medication! he has abided by this! It is completely obvious the manager or no one would even look into his past history of doctor visits! Because if they did they would have got 0 times! It was very difficult for me to even get him in the hospital!!! I am so discussed with this "hospital" if I was to catch on fire I would rather die then get any kind of care from them!!

Rain Howard

This ER should be shut down. Or sued. Or both. The ER staff is more concerned about gossiping than they are about the people needing help. The lack of professionalism is embarrassing and somewhat frightening. It's dangerously understaffed, as is the entire hospital. And then there are folks like Dr. Ransom, the ER doctor who will call you a liar, refuse to listen and then storm off in a huff. This place in dangerous. Pass out in the bathroom? Security will popp in to ask you what your problem is and then leave you on the floor. I have never experienced such a poor level of service, of professionalism, of compassion. If you're ever in need of an ER DON"T GO TO THIS ONE. Drive down the road to McKenzie, go to Corvallis, or Salem. Go anyplace else. Hell, in the time it takes to be seen by a doctor in this hell hole you can drive to Portland and see a competent doctor. If ever there was an ER that deserved a class action lawsuit this is it.

Steven Grayson

Horrible place - sent my 87 year old mother home and forgot to take out the IV needle that was in the vein in her arm. Cavalier attitude, and then was very snotty to her when they had to send a nurse to take it out, Health care at its lowest.

Ann Mason

This is an excellent hospital, better than I experienced as an inpatient and as a Postdoc at Johns Hopkins. At Peacehealth, I was operated on for a brain aneurysm and spent time on the neurosurgery floor. The staff were excellent and attentive (and sometimes funny!). They would bring me a cup of coffee, anytime, from their own break room, and regretfully, but judiciously, wake me up every three hours to see if my brain was still functioning...apologizing each time. My neurosurgeon, Dr. Erik Hauck, is simply the best, and there were so many assistants, nurses, technicians, other doctors, computer specialists, etc, observing and assisting with my operation, that I told Dr. Hauck later, we should have charged admission with me getting 50% of the house! And I received all this wonderful care although I am poor; a charity case. I was treated as if I were wealthy, for these are good people and great professionals. Peacehealth Riverbend is a gorgeous hospital with free piano and sometimes cello concerts daily in the main lobby (that seems such a lame name for a beautiful, spiritual place); fine art, good food, thanatology music when requested, and on and on. A lot of the negative comments here refer to the ER; I believe such should be considered separately from the Hospital itself. Personally, my 3 experiences in the ER were great. Thanks to all the kind professionals at Peacehealth Riverbend.

Sara Buchanan

Horrible hospital. First my dr sends me to Over to the hospital to be induced and then of course he is not available to deliver a few hrs later. They send in some random dr who tried to pull out my placenta which caused medical issues for me. They had NO record of my entire birth. As if that's not bad enough I have had several times I've called to make an appointment and the switch operator was rude and just hung up. At my daughters one year appointment they gave her 7 shots and she almost died. Had to be life flighted to Portland. I'm filing yet another formal complaint. I do not reccomend this hospital or company at all.

K. Johnson

Worst ER care EVER unless you come by ambulance! Sick child that keeps vomiting with accute lower right abdominal pain ( to the point that they could not do a ultrasound) and they have been "working" on getting him in a room (we were told hedh be taken right back) for over an hour and a half! Good help you if you ACTUALLY have something wrong with you and your in Emergency Room

Richard Hayes

Worst hospital I've ever been to. Mother in ICU and cannot get a Dr to tell me anything. 3 days of waiting and nothing. They are seriously understaffed. Last trip she was stuck in ER for 2 days because no rooms available. If you have a choice, go to another hospital.


Prior to even speaking to us or our child, they called CPS based on the unfounded neglect they reported 3 years prior. The staff are unempathetic trigger happy false abuse/neglect alleging drones for the most part. No one seems to understand the obligations and duties of being a mandatory reporter. They make calls of concern even when they don't suspect harm, clearly violating the law. If you child is injured from an accident, and you aren't an abuser, go to McKenzie Willamette. If you have a cps history of any kind, even if unfounded, do not to take your child here. They must get kickbacks from cps for each medical kidnapping or something. This place totally sucks.

Brown eyez

I absolutely hate this hospital. It is the worst. Every family member and friends that has been to this hospital has had nothing but issues with them. Most recently my own mother had to had surgery and unfortunately it was scheduled there at River Bend. She just found out yesterday that she has a blood clot in her left arm, the problem is that she had the ultrasound done at River Bend back in early May! It’s now June 23rd!!! Not her nor her doctors were ever notified about the blood clot even when called and asked multiple times about it!

Kailee Harden

They do there best to care for all that walk through their doors and I love that cafe yummi is here as well one of my faves

Lisanne Dickenson

Daughter had a ruptured ovarian cyst and was in enormous pain. After waiting 4 hours in the waiting room (when there were only two other patients waiting with us) I told them tht I was taking her to McKenzie Willamette. The attendant at the desk, who was a large burly guy, jumped up and yelled at me, "WHERE are you taking MY patient?" When I explained to him that we were done waiting, he informed me that if I chose to do that, I was making a poor choice as a mother and not doing what was best for my child. It was embarrassing and he was rude and intimidating and I will NEVER take my family there again. M.W. has about 15-20 minute wait times and they are MUCH nicer!

Devin Campbell

evidently you have to call 911 from the emergency room to be seen so absolutely rediculous how long of a wait their is for somebody with a life thretening illness and in horrific pain and tou do nothing to ease the discomfort and continue to make them wait in the ER for 4 hours. absolute crap isnt that why you go to the ER to be seen quickly. Never Again.

Gary Parker

Great treatment and insights from physical therapist Debra Knebel

Tyrel Coursey

Wife has been in labor for 28 hours we tryed to check in twice already... No admittance yet, apparently it's there policy to Wait intill dilation is at a "4", meanwhile it's 28 degrees outside freezing rain freezing fog and they tell us to go home and come back in two hours? We explained we live an hour's drive away, one way, the current road conditions...I felt a great lack of compassion....I will not recommend this hospital to anyone intill this ridiculous policy is changed...

Robert Beam

I was brought in because of a motorcycle accident. I was hurting a couple broken bone. The staff took good care of me. The issue I had was with a security guard. I went out side the lobby to bench away from door. I took a couple puffed off my vaporize. The I hear someone yelling to put it out. I said ok nothing is burning. I went back inside ans set down. The guard followed me in and wouldn't leave me alone. He told me he saw me vaping inside. I was just sitting there. He kept after me getting closer I was pretty scared I have several broken bones. And he was coming at me like he wanted to hurt me. I had to get away from. He persisted his partner just stood there and let him give me a hard time. I had to wait out side for my ride. Now I understand why such bad reviews.

Jess Dee

Just glad to have been able to get fantastic care in my hometown... Happy to have a Super Center Hospital near me.

Krystal Fetter

I have been waiting 6 hours and they put me in the hallway where there is no privacy and the Dr will see me in the x- Ray room if it's not full how uncaring.

Breanna Davis

Staff is horrible. Megan at northwest specialty clinics is totally rude along with Julie, social worker at River bend. We deal with all staff regularly at my work and those two never fail to be the rudest. Julie is a know it all and Megan is zero help when you ask questions that are needed for medical purposes at my job. Riverbends staff have made me choose another hospital all together even though i live a few blocks from riverbend. They need new nursed because half their staff have no business "caring" for others health.

Annie Stender

My mother was in this hospital for quadruple bi-pass on her heart and the facility was excellent. The nurses in the ER were exceptional and incredibly sympathetic during a difficult time. I truly appreciate all they did for my family and myself.

Jimmy Tanner

I spent 3 days at PeaceHealth with my brother and sister-in-law after they had their baby. The staff and facilities were wonderful. I was especially impressed with the cafe. The prices were very reasonable and the food was delicious. My stay was very enjoyable.

Arasida Sali

I love my drs. who took care of me. dr. Tahmina Haq, Dr. Jonathan Myers, and Dr. Hutanu. Nursing assistants are always nice. My room was great.

Judy Cruse

Very helpful .....took excellent care off me....thank you everyone

Kathi Kay

It is always difficult to share a very negative review of a healthcare facility; yet, I agree that the older hospital in the area is a much better choice for what should be fairly routine care. Kind folks, the beautiful facility does not mean care will be as you expect. This review is based on two extremely difficult, scary outcomes for loved ones who ended up worse off, seen just over 4 months apart. Both incidents involved unexpected adverse events that were not managed well (both times complications had to be urgently pointed out by family when staff either failed to notice or dismissed as not a big deal) by licensed staff that do presumably have training and protocols to follow. We now are going through a full-on nightmare to attempt to address --in part to prevent others from experiencing similar or worse outcomes-- the problems that arose that necessitated additional assessment and quick response (vital signs are a start, on to a head-to-toe look, and quickly please, yeah...with charting to show these assessment findings) meaning appropriate intervention including additional specialty care and admission or other needed higher level of care. Concerning doesn't cover it when suffering results and it seems no one really even cares to follow-up. Who will ensure current and future patient safety? Very sad. So much lost time without receiving an explanation and information that other care providers do, in fact, need for care decisions and future Come on, Riverbend management and leadership team. What is going on? It looks like we are not the only ones with serious concerns. How can you let down your patients who come in your facility with hopes for quality care? Yes, we sought quality care in line with the obvious facility investment. We feel you are also letting down many area competent, patient centered clinicians that you do have on staff who cannot do their best work in a climate tolerant of ongoing systems issues. I hope no one else has to feel what we have been dealing with. If not for countless hours of our own research, we likely would not know where care issues arose and your systems broke down.

Nicole Wyatt

Someone needs to report this ER, worst one Ive ever seen in my life and I come from LA! Misdiagnoses that they made worse by not correcting themselves WITH an apology. way way wrong lab work, rude, mis-judgemental, unprofessional, incompetent staff, refusing patients basic lab tests such as blood work. They try and charge for this? Hah! They must have really good malpractice lawers.


Best hospital experience of my life!

Pamela Donaldson

My husband was instructed to go to an emergency room last month by his primary physician. We chose Riverbend for our ER visit as our daughter had given birth there and we had been so impressed with the facility. We arrived at Riverbend Hospital ER around 8:30 pm. The waiting room was packed with people waiting to be seen. We took a seat and began our wait which including a blood test and being seen was 5 hours. That being said - I do understand there is no control over how many people need emergency assistance from day to day. What can and should be controlled is the state of a room that is filled with sick people carrying all types of viruses and diseases. The room was filthy. Where we initially sat, there was some type of spill on the floor stretching over 4 feet. It was impossible to identify what it was as it had been there so long that it was black from people walking over it. We decided to move to another corner of the room less populated. There were wipes with disinfection solution on a table so we took opportunity to wipe the arms of our chairs and when we looked at the wipes they were black. From our new vantage point, we could see underneath the rows of chairs and it looked like the floor of a movie theater after the show. Needless to say we were grossed out. My husband’s emergency turned out to be a false alarm, but 3 days later we came down with a respiratory infection which has lasted over 2 weeks.

Shelley Rochambeau

Worst nursing services in the ER I have EVER seen in my 27 years of nursing as an RN. Nonempathetic, rude and callous, and performing below State of Oregon nursing standards. Go up the road to the Salem hospital where they have received nursing accolades for their nursing services that Sacred Heart has NEVER been able to receive. TRUST ME- avoid if possible.

A. Rey Hernandez

Bad place my wife and i went to the ER because i had a bad food poisoning case we waiting for 2 hours 30 minutes and we didn't get no service worst place they will let you die. And nurses all they do is gossip, look pretty, and fixing their hair a lot.

Justine Strebe

If I could, I'd give 0 stars. I waited for 3.5 hours to be called to a room. At 2am when I was finally called, I told the nurse how irritated I was to have waited so long and his reply was "our average wait time is actually 6 hours." I said, "that's really horrible." He agreed. I finally saw a doctor at around 2:20, for about 5 minutes, then saw no one until I asked to be discharged at 3am. Fury. Save yourself the time of sitting around listening to people throw up and go to Mckenzie Willamette.

ss davis

I Thfor a short while initially. Hours after the doctor said I could have food and drink I was told at 3:00 in`the afternoon that all they had was crackers and water. Why they could not order some food from the cafeteria or kitchen was beyond me. My daughter went to the cafeteria and bought me a sandwich, thank God. I was then told that I may have had to stay overnight in the ER but at least they could get me a comfortable bed.

adam bratland

There are a lot of nice people here. Especially the volunteer lady who checked us in with a "help, I've fallen and I can't get up," whistle around her neck. I wonder if she knows that her CEO probably makes 1 million a year while she works for free and washes her underwear in the Willamette River because she can't afford the Chinner "You pay now!" Laundromat?

Danielle Flescher

My premie son and I received great care. The nurses were kind, helpful, informative and compassionate. My husband, though not a patient, was also well accommodated and treated with kindness and respect throughout our week long stay.

Supradtana PigromsukValente

As good as any average hospitals

Ruth Anne Rushe

Total confidence in the staff. Been here 11 days and only encountered one crabby nurse!

kelly Francis

Very good please.

Bryan Mabe

From what I've experienced, River Bend is a satisfactory hospital. My father was in a hospital room for 8 days and within that time I was in and out frequently. The nurses seemed to all have a good attitude on the 8th floor and they seemed to never be annoyed by having to help him get through the day. They were patient and caring. The doctor my family spoke with was an easy going man who knew how to answer each if our questions and talk the issues through without rushing us or making us feel he needed to be else where. The actual facility still has the "new paint" of a newer hospital in that aesthetically its a very nice hospital with gorgeous views and landscapes that surround it. The lobby is grandiose. The parking is actually very easy to utilize as well. Each time I visited, I was able to find a spot very quickly. The cafeteria didn't have the same old food as most hospital cafeterias and it offered a variety of things for inexpensive prices.

Cathryn A. Glenday, MPH, MA, LPCC

Horrible Hospital with incompetent, rushed doctors who make the wrong call before knowing what is really wrong and then do nothing to fix their mistakes. Medic Alert is never called and the nurses blindly follow doctors orders. They gave me a drug for an illness I do not have and my heart stopped. Careful history taking would have avoided a 20 day hospital stay they got paid for! Another visit involved a similar mistake only this time I was given medication I have a documented allergy to and have suffered neurological damage that has lasted a year.More recetnly with chest pain my doctor said required ER evaluation, the ER doc said he could tell by "looking at me"that I was not having a heart attack, then lied and told my doctor I refused the tests. Funny, the standard of care is a blood test for cardiac enzymes not a mere eyeballing of the patient Do not risk your life! Either go to Mckenzie Willamette or if there is time, Corvallis.

Rebekah Medart

Riverbend ER is a joke. I hear horrendous stories and I have a few of my own personally. As for the rest of Riverbend it's great, had my babies there in luxurious large spaced labor rooms. But that's not what this review is about. My husband has been having some serious unknown symptoms for days in a row now. Numb body, vision problems, etc. I told him to go to the ER, around 8:00pm. He got called back around 10:40ish to a room. Now it's 12:30am and the doctor hasn't even checked in on him at all. Never go to the ER. Seriously, it's like they don't even care. My recommendation for people in Springfield area, Go to Makenzie Hospital where they are really nice and you'll be quickly seen. My husband is on his way home and I'm having him go to them in the morning. Honestly, I wouldn't go anywhere else if there's an emergancy visit to be had.

merlene hamilton

Doctor's were given skills to save people's lives, My son's fiance had a tumor on her head. Doctor's removed it and found it Malignant. So they called her to come back up to do another Scan and found another tumor around lungs and heart area. So they wanted to do an all body Scan to see if there are others out there. This is called a Pet Scan. She has no job now because she can't work as she is alot of pain. She is thankful to Doctor's who removed first tumor. So thank you on our part also. But now they won't do the Pet Scan because she has no Health Insurance, Now did the Doctor's take an Oath to help people and save lives or just earn that Money. Yes, they need to eat also, but this woman could be dying and what is your response, Doctor's and Hospital is it lets do the Pet Scan and help this woman as much as possible, and screw the money. No. It's sorry maam but no go. Either come up with the money to purchase Health Insurance, which by the way without a job she can't earn that money, or come up with a good lump sum of money as a down payment. So what does she do Doctor, and Sacred Heart Mecdical Center at Riverment, Lay down and die gracefully, while in alot of pain. Can you please sit there with her and hold her hand till her last breath. No you will go on your own way and earn money so you can live the life of luxury. Yes, I am mad. How about coming up with some ideas. Refer her to Science University in Portland as a low or no income case, or call around to one of the Cancer Society Centers. She and her fiance are so wore out and stressed to come up with these numbers and to talk to them takes alot out of a person. I am going to call around, could you please do something. And don't be mad at them they have no idea I am venting my free speech. Thank you!

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