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REVIEWS OF Oregon State Hospital IN Oregon

Jackie Fullerton

I work here and I love it. The staff are genuinely caring people who collaborate to put patient hope, safety, and recovery first. A lot of efforts and time go into making sure every member of the OSH team is trained to use (and actually uses) a therapeutic, evidence-based, trauma-informed, and patient-centered approach to care. In my opinion, all mental health hospitals should strive to be more like this one.

Paul Graham

Medication time, medication time. Loved the film! :-)

Jim Oliver

James Wright

For what it represents it's greatly lacking, small, very limited. Overpriced too for what really amounts to the original entrance.

dustin santini

Kimbery Hall

It's an amazing place to work , never been so happy at a job on my life!!!

Gregory Martin

I was there way back in 1987 and was on the kid unit 40C 2x and I was there as a adult in 2007 on ward J,it was a very hard time as a kid but I became very use to it and start to feel very safe&secure and didn't want to leave.thanks to all of the doctors,nurses,counselors for helping me.

Greg Martin

I lived on ward #40C as a kid&I feel very safe&secure there and in any kind of psychiatric hospital,it's home to me it's all I no and I so very much really want to go live the rest of my life in the ore St.hospt.please.Gregory Scott Martin 11/19/1971

Melissa E

My experience was ok , even though I've Ben sober for 15 years , I still can't stand the sight of the place even though I went through hell ,and do as they say , and take one medication that I didn't need ,and I knew it , I was teased , called names pushed around by others , used , the tounts from staff that was "soposed to be careing", saying really harsh remarks towards me , so I decided to fight back , and do as they say , to get away from those "so called supported staff , "BULLIES" and there little followers ,and once I started to fight back ,do as they say ,take meds play the game play the players and now it's 2017 , I'm happy to tell everyone that was there in 2004 to 2007 , HaHa I wan at your own mind game , well have a nice day

Karamia Richards

It is a big part of history and the mental health system. It has come definitely a long way. The grounds are nice clean and beautiful. The houses you are abel to stay in while visiting family are absolutely cool and for five dollars a night. For a two story House. Can't beat that any were..

Will Mac

There's a rumor on the interweb that Su Tissue is staying there.. anyone know?


Informative and interesting... very telling of mental health treatment in history. Plan to spend 1-2 hours browsing around and reading about the centre's history. It's very interesting and well put together. The staff are very friendly and helpful if you have any questions. The memorial is also beautifully set up. I'd say this exhibit is best for people over the age of 12.

veronica colvin

David Applebaum

stan lukowicz

This is a really interesting museum to visit. Well worth the admission cost and if you really spend some time there to read and listen to the exhibits then you will have a better understanding of the challenges we face as a society regarding the mentally ill.

Joseph McDonald

I was a maintenance employee at the Oregon State Hospital from 2001 to 2007. This was probably the best place I have worked in my career. My coworkers were my best friends. The supervisors were very supportive. I was impressed with the compassion and professionalism with which the clients were treated. If you have a chance to work for the hospital, take it. You will not regret it.

jeri olson

Lacking leadership and accountability Overuse of seclusion and restraint causing harm to the vulnerable Segregation and isolation from the real world is not the solutions to life's problems. Waste of mental health funds that could be used to actually help the patient Patients come out worse from the trauma. I have never witnessed a higher level of government corruption and damaging control as this place. Ruined our life from the damage done here

Sharon Taylor

I work here and love it!

Jen Reynolds

Not worth your $5 . You don't get to actually tour the hospital, you just walk around in 3 rooms that have information for you to read on the walls. You can just either Google or YouTube the information without spending your money and time.

Miguel Aguirre

That picture was taken in memory of Matt Baron. RIP Brother.....

Sam Pullaro

What I LOVE ABOUT the hospital is the fact that people who have lived here for years now see the zombie people all day walk up and back on Green way drive to 24th st ne smoke -24/ 7 I just woke this morning a 745 am Sunday to the lovey sounds of gagging and coughing of a patient smokers -in the summer its so nice to smell 2d hand smoke- and see these Zombies - when they throw their butts in the gutter and washed down into the rivers toxic death..THE LAW IS BAD bringing it to the public because no smoking on state property The the Hospital is a place of ignorance and filth

Todd Mc Intyre

Are my wife just got a job here I think it's funny that so many people think the buildings are creepy they're old but they look really cool and they are doing a lot of renovation here, I think it's great that they're trying to reuse and redo the buildings instead of knocking them down and trying to build newer crap you're looking buildings.

krazy Kidd

Enrique a

shjacob 123

Scary as hell

Crystal Stepp

Kenneth Ballew

Johnny V

LeftyLeah Krisdina

Screwed my brother you suck

Jack McDoniel

Bo Harrington

Very interesting, displayed beautifully and with cringing reality. Very reasonable admission cost...we learned a lot!

Anonymous Everywhere

Do you know this lady? She us horrible in public. If she works at the State Hospital then she should be ashamed of her behavior towards other people. She mocked me for telling asking her to excuse myself in a shoe store by repeating what a said and laughing about my enunciation of the work “recognize”. I will be calling to make a complaint about her behavior in front of my children and her’s.

Neelam Soorjee

Mohammed Alharbi


Michele Mei

If I could give this place a 0, I would. I was nearly killed here by lack of medical care. I ended up in a community hospital with life threatening illness that was completed ignored by all staff. They blamed my physical condition on my mental health and allowed me to get very ill I was also physically abused and mentally abused by staff day and night for 6 months. Upon discharge, I had no case management, no med refills, and none of the staff cared. This place is no better than it was in the 70's, and i came out worse in all ways. I was supposed to spend 30 days there, but due to lack of proper case management, I spent 6 months. The only explanation I got was there was a oversight in my situation. You're treated horrible and like a animal. My family is forever damaged as well. This place needs to be closed

Dave Johnson

Doing amazing work to aid patients who are trying to overcome mental illness.

S. Kaza

This place is a purgatorial nightmare. The psychiatrists here need to be kept in line with a personal attorney; they are uncaring, abuse your rights, and overperscribe medications. Social work quality varies, I had a passionate and kind social worker but she also thought she was a doctor and psychopathologized her clients and her clients moods. Unfortunately behavior as a patient has to imitate perfect compliance and docility in order for you to be considered ready to face discharge. That or you have to be a non-entity with no will or desires to eventually be discharged. This place is not about healing people. My experience was further traumatization by the overperscription and pushing of drugs as a fixer for when a patient was having problems with their location-- in a psychiatric hospital, or for when a patient was vocally claiming not to have their needs met. Patients are generally ignored, and if you're too vocal staff will make up things about you and try to "push" to have you on more medication-- the fixer of all problems and general unhappiness. Fortunately on my unit there were a few advocates and good people working, the nurse manager being one. I can't say being here at this hospital helped me with my psychiatric problems, they are still more serious than ever only now I'm also a drug dependent person, who is forging pathways deeper into addictive hobbies, life cycles and emptiness. You will not be "placed" at this hospital in another facility unless you are taking your medication, which is a violation of rights and probably illegal as well. My social worker would not place me at another facility if I refused to take the level of heart-damaging (physical) and soul crushing medications (anti-psychotics, very dangerous) I was prescribed. The only reason this place has good ratings is because the people that work here rate it. Also I'm sure if you can financially afford to not be sadistically abused the care is better.

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