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REVIEWS OF Legacy Emanuel Medical Center IN Oregon

Joseph Salomone

Problems with scheduling...

Lou Aunty

Dgtr had traumatic injury a few years back. Services were personable, expert and solicitous. ER nurse, UP trained and excellent!

megan brown

Went in for a laceration on my hand, sat in the waiting room for over 4 hours, after all that the dr said I waited too long to get stitches and they refused to clean the wound, maybe had they seen me sooner I wouldn't have waited too long.

Angela Her

The doctors and nurses are very friendly, as expected. The only reason I’m giving 3 stars is because the staff in the front are very shady. I’m not sure if I’ve been going on bad days but they always look like they don’t want to be there or help answer questions.


Shame on Emanuel and what they have turned into as far as the adult ER. I went to ER today after motorcycle accident with gashes in my face needing stiches and they call me back at my turn to take me to a area with 5 chairs each with person sitting in them. No privacy were we all are to be seen by DR. Infront of one anouther. As soon as i walked in i asked the nurse that took me back what was this, this room whats going on.? He said this was were id be seen that they try to get people in and out as fast as possible. I said yes but at expense of patient rights and privacy??...NO!! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and i walked out Im in shock that this is the practice of Emanuel not only that its dirty in this area no paper or protection on these chairs im curious if it was even cleaned from last person!! Shame on you Emanuel seriously

Shelly L

I'd been a patient dating back 2004 to 2014. Several quite serious medical problems including cardio related issues, pulmonary issues, bone and joint issues, gastrointestinal issues were never disclosed to me and or minimized. Such as your Xray was normal, yet no mention of same date mri or other study. Currently Ive been desperately trying to receive a copy of all of my billing records and all medical records for medical attention.To no avail thus far. That I have not received neither as requested as requested is quite troubling. I sought medical attention in San Francisco by Raphael B Stricker MD who was able to diagnose and help me at first consult. Yet as a a patient of Legacy Health Systems, Legacy Emanuelle Hospital, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, Legacy Clinic NE, primary care physician PCO Lori J. Farrell MD not a single diagnostic, lab, doctor visit or referal with the LEgacy system resulted in furthering a diagnosis, or help in any way, as everything was considered normal and all that was wrong was a vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia which was ruled out at OHSU in 2-2007. Dr. Stricker has treated for H pylori infection, Lyme disease, and a parasite infection with anitbiotics. Not once did Lori Farrell MD or any Legacy MD treat me with antibiotics although labs indicated infection was present. However, i was prescribed opiates for about 10 years, at end 168 doses for every 28 days. Further, countless times Dr. Farrell's office canceled my appts without notifying me, did not return my phone calls, did not answer when I called and was put on hold. Legacy Clinic Northeast also took phonecalls regarding my care to people I had not signed a release for, on at least 2 occasions. All of what I am writing is documented. I was very, very ill and trusted my md and mds staffed at Legacy hospitals. This facility also billed me inappropriately and steadfastly has refused to provide me billing records and medical records in their entirity. Be warned.

Oregonians for Civil Rights

Literally LIED about me receiving radiology! I told them my shoulder hurt when I was in the emergency room. I NEVER requested an X-Ray of any kind and never received one. When I received my bill they LIED and tried to charge me for received an X-Ray I did not actually get at ANY point during my visit. Not only that, they treated me like absolute scum. The doctors, the nurses, the receptionist, the security guards, EVERYONE! I am SHOCKED that they are not under any sort of investigation! They LIE about your bills, they ABUSE their patients in the emergency room! This hospital is a FAILURE!

Ellie Rose

i am here every 4 weeks and i do not even dread it! the nurses on the 3rd floor are so kind and considerate. they make sure i am comfortable, understand what is going on, and kept fed. i love chatting with them and they do a great job

Just Me

If your Health or Life is on the line then you MUST MUST MUST *** get treatment at Legacy Emanuel *** This is hands down the best level-one trauma center in the entire world !!!! Emanuel has a great system; world-class equipment; the most skilled practitioners; and does an amazing job on their patients. I know this first hand: They saved my life using their heads, as well as innovative techniques found nearly nowhere else. Highest regards to all the fine people at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, c

haley loftus

The staff were nice for the most part making an exception of a couple nurses but i found the food kinda nasty and it had a lot of flower on it.


They did a great job of caring for my injuries in the E.R., but their attitude was a bit cold and not personable. I felt like I was just another number in a line. Maybe it was just a busy day, I am not sure. Overall positive experience, though health care is more than just patching wounds and applying bandages.... people aren't just cattle to be shuffled through.

Dcstaxi DowntowncoffeeshoptaxiLLC

Needn't I say no more ,but want to thank all the hard doctors and Nurses for the wonderful job you all doing to take care of the public .Recently had the opportunity to visit these Wonderful hospital after driving for about 80miles from the coast to pick up a client ,even though there was a little bit confusion ,everything was handle professionally and calmly.Tamara the RN on Duty did a fantastic job and also make sure Iam well taking care of before leaving with the client ,since I have a long way home she offer me water to take with me ,she was a life saver .Legacy Emanuel Medical Center is blessed to have such a wonderful good soul RN Tamara at the burn center.She deserve a raise .God bless you all and Tamara You are doing a fine job and the world need more people like you .keep up the good work

Michael Lewandowski

Good as health plastic surgons

Lynette Donnelly

My dad was in for 2.5 weeks with a weird issue that no one could figure out. The nurses and CNA's were were the meal hosts, etc. Unfortunately, because he was an odd case there seemed to be doctors coming out of the woodwork who wanted to put their two cents in. Loved our Interventional Radiologists, the GI doc, and one of the many Int. Med docs he saw. So while the staff was (for the most part) great, there were "too many cooks in the kitchen" when it came to doctors and things started getting jumbled. Fast forward 1.5 weeks later and he's back in the hospital after they found a clot in his lung (which I'm thinking is related to the fact that the nurses would take his SCD off when he got up, but not put it back on when he got back in bed. And he was in bed 99% of the time). The second time around was less than impressive. A couple of nurses, Weston and Genelle, were GREAT! By and large the others seemed fairly uninterested. Again, there were too many docs involved with one person telling us one thing and another saying something completely opposite. He was bumped the morning of his procedure.'s happens. He sat all day, with no food, waiting. Then a doctor decided to make it an outpatient procedure on a different day. Good grief.... So dad tried to order lunch and they had changed his menu to a restricted diet for a health condition he doesn't even have. He was told (by one of the doctors!) to eat "whatever he wants" as he's lost a lot of weigh, but it wasn't entered in the system. So I went out and got him lunch. Then suddenly they tell him he's going home! What? The nurse brought discharge papers and he was out of there in 30 minutes. They practically shoved him out the door. Said they'd send a months supply of meds....nope. Said they had already arranged with Home Health/Infusion....nope. Those agencies didn't know anything about it. Discharge papers had the right info but none of it happened. This second trip was very disappointing. We understand that he isn't the only patient there...hence my mom being at the hospital for 12-14 hours each day to help! But the lack of communication between doctors was very frustrating. The multiple decisions, changed multiple times a day, was very frustrating. A few well trained doctors would be a lot more reassuring, and efficient, then a dozen residents all guessing and 'bygollying'. Especially when they round each other outside the patient door and we can hear all of their comments...including the potentially scary ones. Luckily my dad is hard of hearing or I would had to have stepped into the hall and had a little "chat" with them.

Leo Hey

I been waiting 3 hours in the emergency department about to die and it seems they don't ever care what's going on, I would rather go to ohsu this place not good as supposed to be.

Shayla Duke

Certain doctors here are extremely negligent. Despite knowing about my ADHD meds, one of them called CPS on me because I had amphetamines from my meds in my system. I was treated like a drug addict the entire time I was there. They denied it the entire time and then admitted to it once skilled nursing facilities started denying me based on my alleged "substance abuse history" and the fact they made me appear to be an Indian drug addict on paper. My surgeon didn't follow AMA standards of care for my specific type of fracture, causing me permanent damage and disability. It seems to be related to their understanding of my crappy obamacare "free" insurance. Thanks to all that, the only place that would accept me was a disgusting state run nursing home where every other resident was on their death beds. The trauma team consists of PA's that apparently have more say in prescribing than the surgeons themselves. My surgeon said 20 oxycodone every three hours was appropriate. The trauma team said 5mg every 4 hours. I was suffering in misery the majority of my stay. They say it's because of a new law. Well I read the "law" which was actually just a policy, and they violated even that! The law did not say to treat everyone like drug addicts and only prescribe pain meds for 14 days. It actually says for major surgeries rendering people immobile, to prescribe for 6 weeks before weaning off of pain meds. I will never recommend this hospital. They are overrated and incompetent.

Ben Skiba

Absolutely amazing staff.

The MA Show

I have NEVER been treated so poorly in my life. I felt like an object. They wouldn't even give me a glass of water or a pillow. They threw me into a cold room with no blanket and treated me like human scum. I accidentally took to much THC and I honestly did not mean to. I was trying to help my self sleep because I had been very stressed. I had a bad reaction. I am not a bad person. They treated me like I was an inconvenient scum bag and talked to me sarcastically. I felt like I was in an episode of the office. It is NOT even funny how rude they were. I honestly just needed a little help and I was treated like TRASH. I was having a hard time functioning because of the stupid THC and they wouldn't even call me a cab even though I had money to pay. They even told me that it was "not their problem" when I said I had no underwear on, just shorts, a thin shirt and flip flops and I needed help getting home. They wouldn't call a cab for me that I said I could pay for and help me get a ride. I had no phone. They wouldn't give me water or an ibuprofen or anything. They didn't help me at all. I can't believe this. Literally EVERYONE from the receptionist to the security guard and the doctors and ALL the staff are INCREDIBLY rude, inconsiderate and condescending. I can't believe how poorly I was treated.

Mister Salem

I would have died without them. Great care.

Cameron Hart

I would have rather died on the street then put up with the incompetence of this so called medical facility. I was in pain and waited for 4 hours before it was dealt with. Never will I ever with my last breath enter into this hospital.

Sierra Bear

This place was great and helpful

Darren Pitfield

very bad service on a call. Rude to sick people, not cool.

Craig Newman

I entered the emergency room this morning at 6:30. There were no other patients there. The symptoms I had were fever, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and light headedness. After 4 hours of being in the waiting room we were told "it would probably be a few more hours" until I was even taken back. I left and went to a walk in clinic where I was seen immediately, hooked up to an IV and given fluids and antibiotics due to the fact that I have 'multi-focal pneumonia.' Essentially my left lung was covered in pneumonia and my right lung was was pretty severe as well. Completely unacceptable for a health care provider to make someone complaining about shortness of breath, with a fever and light headedness to sit in a waiting room for 4 hours with no end in sight.

sara peter

Gsawegobnmogse gidaes have a great day and I will be in a few days ago but I am not sure what to do it is

Carles Royce

I go there for my health care and the staff is very kind and personable and care about you well being!

Terri Zimmerman

Took forever to be seen by the ER doctor. I spent about 3 hours in the waiting room. Then the nurse cut my bandage that was stuck to my draining based on my alarm without soaking it which cause so much pain and then tore a big chunk of my arm meat out of me. And then on the way out the door that same nurse took my blood pressure on my leg and pumped the BP cuff so tight it caused me to scream out in pain to please take it off and she wouldn't. She said she would call security if I didn't shut up. I couldn't stop screaming out in pain so she called security and I gladly got out of there. Needless to say I will never go back.

Chante Yohner

We went in tonight, for what could be a serious situation in my sons head. We were told it would be one hour. Over four hours later they had let everyone that arrived after us, in ahead of us. My son couldn't walk, but others came in that we're not as sick. So we left, to go home, and suffer! Guess we'll try OHSU. Even Regence might be better!

Robert Riley

Great doctor super staff smoking hot nurse

Brian Neves

The staff was top notch .Can't say enough good things about them .The billing dept is horrible this hospital was out of my network I had to file a appeal with my insurance company I live Calif .had Heart Attack up in Washington state so had worked out a deal to refinance my home to pay what was owed but they turned me in to collections so killed my credit score so we couldn't get the loan screwed me but also screwed them and I called them once a month to keep them up to date but still sent us to collection. Now will have this on my record for 7 years and I will not pay them a dime let them sue me they could of had there money .

Laryn Dole

Emergency room traumatized my daughter. Staff was down right abusive. Put the blood pressure cuff on do tight it left buises. Left her laying in her own puke because she couldn't sit up to puke in the bag. Staff is evil and should be held liable for the PTSD reaction the gave. Never go to the ER if you want care, respect, or dignity. The whole lot of them should be fired

Katy Williams

Best surgery experience I've ever had!

Mary Reynolds

The worse trauma center I have seen in my life!! We didn''t even get a REAL doctor only a PA. My son was in a T bone car accident-not his fault- Had Head and neck trauma, They Did No tests, MRI,Cat Scan, no pain meds, Nothing!! Not even a neck brace was offered! Like real hospitals in California, I asked for a MRI and the PA asked me if I wanted Cancer! Fin nuts here (Portland Oregon). The next day he was diagnosed with a concession-head hitting steering wheel and then air bag. Severe whip lash--Emanuel Hospital the worse ER you can go if you are HURT!! If your kids has a fever, it would be OK!___My sons hands were swollen also, not even a ice bag from these idiots. DON'T GO there, if you want/need medical attention!!! HE Changing his Teamsters Union insurance ASAP. Complaining to them (Union) also about the incompetent care there. March 7, 2016 evening staff worthless!


The staff was mostly friendly but the surgeon seemed like a used car salesman. (end result, she bled out to the point of heart failure while ITU staff wailed "why does it take more than 30 minutes to send blood upstairs?"

Greysin Whitelie

The best trauma staff you could ask for!

Paul Schmidt

I went to Legacy Emanuel Hospital for my pre-surgery appointment with my surgeon and pre-lab screenings. The staff was so-so and the building exterior and interior looked like they were a hundred years old. I know the hospital was founded in 1912 and it looks like it. I am having second and third thoughts about using this facility for my surgery as inside the doctors offices looked and smelled of mold. Water damage so they said. This hospital is in dire need of a face lift and cleaning not to mention some modern equipment. If possible, seek care anywhere else but here......

Tabetha T

We take our son here on a weekly basis. We never had any issues. His speech therapist is amazing along with the rest of the staff.

Marabeth Madsen

I went to a Legacy Urgent Care clinic at about 9pm after falling 15' out of a tree. I could walk with support but with discomfort and had pain in my midback. They got me a wheelchair and saw me in xray and ct scan. It took until 11:00pm for them to decide I had fractured my back and needed to be admitted to the hospital. At 11:30pm, I sent my friend home to get some rest. It took until 1:30am for the ambulance to arrive to drive me across the street to Legacy Emanuel. Once I got to the hospital, about 6-7 medical professionals descended on me and began testing things, attaching monitors, asking me questions. I couldn't track it all, but they were kind and patient as I did my best to answer everyone. The er doctor took my hand, leaned in between the other busy folks in scrubs and looked me gently in the eye. I started crying and couldn't answer questions for a few minutes. Just to be seen with compassion in that moment was so powerful. By 2am, they had shown me the ct scan and the fracture in my vertebrae, admitted me to my own room in the Tracu (trauma acute care unit), and the night nurse helped get me settled in. All the nursing and CNA staff I encountered in my 3 days there were great. I prefer not to take pharmaceutical medicine and my pain level wasn't that bad, so the nurse ordered me a water heating pad machine which I used almost constantly during my stay--so helpful! The day nurse Tim talked me into using Tylenol so I could participate more fully with the PT and OT people. I admit it did help. They had a full gluten free menu and I thoroughly enjoyed the food. Room service, prepared on demand! I was impressed. The doctors were a little gruff and there were a lot of them, and the facial surgeons were hard to get a hold of, but overall I was very pleased with my care at Legacy Emanuel. I asked if I could use a loaner wheelchair so my friends could take me to the garden outside, but the nurses didn't know where their wheel chair was. Said someone had walked off with it and hadn't brought it back. Said it happens all the time. How does a hospital lose track of its equipment and not follow up with that? Other than that, it was a 5 star stay.

Debora Chandler

I had thyroid surgery at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in May 2017. The nurses who took care of me after surgery were kind and knowledgeable, but whoever inserted my urinary catheter prior to surgery should have washed his or her hands. I developed a severe bladder infection within a few days--painful, debilitating, and disruptive of my healing. That could have been prevented easily by following documented procedures. Preregistration people gave me false information that led me into a multi-hour phoning session to find out whether I could choose an anesthesiologist who was in-network for my insurance. Poor training there--again avoidable. The food service people were lovely, the food itself deplorable, inedible. I will avoid this hospital in the future if possible.

Bill Howe

Avoid the Emergency Room!! We had a 4 hour wait. Once we finally got in the staff was very good.

Maurice Merriweather

really horrible attitudes that made me want to switch over to OHSU. The childrens hospital has way better attendence.

Cole Fisk

Amazing staff from check in to check out at the emergency room. They treated us so kind, cracked jokes and took care of us while putting our minds at ease. Went above and beyond to ensure it'd be ready for me to follow up as well as letting my girlfriend know what to worry about and what to be okay with as i recovered.

ooh oopjekoi

Too expensive. Had a 1 hour consult with a medical professional--not even a doctor, just some specialist technician--the bill was over $600. The specialist didn't even tell us anything we didn't already know. What a waste. Oh, sure, "insurance will pay for it"--yeah, insurance gets paid from all of our's premiums, so ultimately you paid for this too.

Adrianne Peterson

The physicians and nursing staff were outstanding. The food, however, needs a great deal of attention. Patients need decent food to build their strength and healing powers. If the food is inedible it defeats the purpose. Maybe Emanuel should partner with one of the culinary institutes.

Seth Monson

My wife was an employee with Legacy Emmanuel as a nurse for many years. For years she has seen a certain group of specialists who have been nothing short of amazing and provided great care. Recently, we were given the runaround for several months about a billing error on legacy's part. We were reassured that they would take care of it. After several weeks went by we begin to call because we had not heard anything, we were promised return calls from a manager named Michelle Richmond but never received them on multiple occasions. This evening she called us and seemed very annoyed and frustrated at us. She raised her voice multiple times and spoke down to us as if we were extremely stupid. It made us feel absolutely awful in an already stressful time. The worst part of the situation is that she said she did not have any answers even after these past six weeks of waiting.

Anthony Mendoza

Slowest service ever at the, all they do is sit around and on their phones and not doing their job

Melanie Allen

My husband was brought to Legacy Emanuel after a car accident. I cannot believe the incredible care, compassion and support we received from all staff, especially the nurses in the TRACU. We are thankful, and our lives are enriched by just knowing them. Our favorite was Chris, who went out of his way to explain and educate without judgement. Thank you

LaSheba Scott

Doctor Aloysius N Fobi prescribed me metoclopramide which is a medicine for dogs and has pretty extreme side effects that would alter who I am. He told me I should feel dumb when I was explaining to him my symptoms. He acted full of himself and was dismissive to my needs.I was there with a three day headache and blood pressure in the dangerzone. No MRI or anything but the dog medicine. I NEVER want to be seen in Emanuel legacy ever again.

K Laxson

In January of 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. Through ALL of my tests, treatments, surgeries and procedures I have received EXCELLENT care from every individual I have encountered. I want to thank the entire Legacy Medical Center campuses and all of their Doctors, Nurses and front & back office staff for treating me with care and compassion and for taking such amazing care of myself and your other patients!! I also want to include this huge thank you to the Phil Knight Cancer Institute on the Legacy Good Samaritan campus. You are amazing and have made my treatment and cancer journey so much easier. Thank you to everyone involved for taking such wonderful care of me!!

Robin Rogers

Waited for over an hour just to hear how my daughter was doing, while waiting in emergency room lobby. Found she had been put first in a waiting room chair even though she couldn't even stand up or walk. Receptionist was condescending. A person who was shelterless was accused in front of me and questioned about possibly stealing food, he was checked and had nothing.OHP users are treated poorly. No money no care. Really nice place.

Tia Trevino

Have had great experience with my daughter and treatment, however, brought her in for an appointment and went to the cafe and watched at least 40 people walk through sit down and eat and in an hour and a half not one person came out to wipe tables down. I watched people continue to sit down at dirty tables repeatedly. This is a hospital where doctor work and touch sick people all day long and then all feed in this common area that is very very unsanitary.

Joshua Bray

When a guy has major surgery, they DO NOT get you comfortable as they say they will. Also took my medicine and locked it up in case, and when I need to take one to feel comfortable, they won't let you Don't Have Major surgery here cuz they won't give you enuf pain medicine to stay comfortable

Jan Soules

I had a Subarachnoid hemorrhage of the brain. I could have died from it. Then my heart attacked me and I had acute respiratory failure. I could have died. Dr Siker, Dr Chen and the excellent trauma staff saved my life. I am recovering at home, without the need for any PT. My brain is still recovering, but I am still ME! Each day that goes by I feel better and better. I am able to walk and talk and laugh and cry and that's fantastic. I truly had the best care from the best team(s).

Cindy Mayes

I was suprised that I was in and out of the emergency room so quickly. From walk in to walk out, was less than an hour and a half. Unbelievable. I know this is NOT the norm. Other than that, I was very pleased with the care I received, and the solution being found quickly. (Now to see what the bill will be..)

Jason Brunson

Hospital stay was great. Had several broken ribs that needed plated. Surgeon did great work on rib plating, but damaged my shoulder and scapula. I now have a winged scapula and intense shoulder pain that dr long does nothing about on post operative visits. Procedure required dislocating the shoulder to move the shoulder blade out of the way. Damage occurred when they reduced the shoulder, but they ignore my cries of pain. Even 8 months after, I'm limited on what I can do and suffer from pain they caused and will not address.

Sahra Rose

They safe my live I got serious accident two years ago here Washington state they transfer me legacy Emanuel in Portland because station was serious and legacy emanuel did take care me I was come that time , , my English second language I would like tell you guys more than that it is really best hospital in the world (u s a ) thank you very much I never forget you I recommend every body, always the best

Andrew Benedicto

First review ever and with good reason. Horrendous ER, waited for hours while those with 'Urgent' care needs passed us time and time again. I'd never typically say that angrily however given that the majority of which were horribly obvious drug seekers and transients fabricating symptoms that tends to upset me while I watch my friend suffer to the point of being unable to move let alone walk. Laughable for those who actually dedicate themselves to the medical profession.

Ann Hiebler

I had brain surgery and spent 4 days in the ICU. I cannot say enough good things about the care I received. I found the nurses to be kind and caring. My impression was that they were excited about providing intensive care. They were attentive and responsive to me and my needs. When I left my comment was that I had been spoiled for any future nursing care. My expectations now are very high.

Some Name

This company does not care about the health of the community and has no qualms suing young people in poverty over very small debts. In 2001 I was homeless at age 21 after a rough life in the foster care system. I had to go to the hospital for a severe urinary tract infection, and I had never once in my life had health insurance. The hospital gave me financial aid paperwork but refused to take it without tax returns, something I had never filed. The bill for my visit was $574, even though all I needed was a prescription of antibiotics. The bill went unpaid because I was homeless, and the hospital decided it was just and right to sue me. They sold the debt to Columbia Collections, a company that used less-than-fully-legal tactics to garnish financial aid money for college (I'm now off the street since 4 years has passed and almost done with a physics bachelor's degree). Federal financial aid money is not subject to garnishment. Columbia Collections has a long history of thiese kinds of amoral and socially irresponsible tactics, yet Legacy has no problem whatsoever working with them. If you are homeless or in poverty and have desperate need of medical attention, pick any emergency room other than this one! They WILL sue you!

David Dowell

Horrible emergency staff went in dizzy with lung and chest pains with vomiting and sitting in lobby for 3hrs now and no one getting helped more people coming in and lobby filling up just plain sloppy practice legacys are e getting worse daily

Angel Post

We were ambulance from New berg on the 24th of August 2018 My boyfriend fell from the top of a 12 ft ladder.He broke his acetabulum bone..the pelvic hip bone.Everyone has been great.R ennika in the pre surgery room is amazing beautiful hearted person.She definitely deserves a raise!Derek,Linda,Kari,Amanda from OT and Nicole from OT are both amazing Shout out to Wally for trying his best to get Mexican food for Armando.I appreciate and am so very grateful for all of you.I apologize for not remembering the surgeon and anesthesiologist or however you spell that.I live you all ARMANDO AND I SAYVTHANK YOU !!!!

Rene Smith

Gave my minor child a placebo without parental consent instead of the medicine that works and watched her convulse....illegal, torturers, Dr.s should be imprisoned

adriana nunez

Rude nurse. They didnt do anything for me! Didnt even bother to do proper exams. Just made me pop pain and nausea pills and sent me on my way! Didn't even bother listening. Just talked over me everytime i tried to explain my symptoms. Worst experience ever. Did not feel welcomed or attented to at all!

Richard Grindland

I just wanted to give a big thanks to the staff in ICU second floor. You saved my mom's life!! You can tell you care 100%. Can't thank you enough!


This Place Is A Blessing From ABOVE #MIRACLESEXIST

crystal decker

They took very good care of me after my horrific car accident good job legacy


Birth center was a horrible experience. Dr. Warnock was inexcusably unprofessional, so much so we "fired" him, told the nurses not to let him back in the birthing suite. Another doc was so-so. The one doc who was good was on his way out... overheard his reason: the "toxic work environment". Toxic environment, indeed. Plus they were all utterly clueless about how to collect and document cord blood for banking, if I hadn't known how to take care of it myself we'd have lost all the cord blood. A traumatic and overall negative experience. When even the good staff are leaving, time to go elsewhere. Never again.

Jordan Bee

Horrible customer service. I think the security try to act like more of a nurse then the actual triage nurses do.... my bf stayed in the er with chest pain for the last 4 hours and still not one nurse has been able to get him I for sure will never be back or recommend this "#1 trauma unit "

Dan Jones

If you want to get your bunions removed and act like a 6 year old child and be pampered like one, this hospital is not for you. If you are in a serious traumatic accident, your life is on the line then you MUST come here. This is hands down the best level-one trauma center in town. OHSU is great, but Emanuel has a great system set up and does an amazing job helping trauma patients

Go Lawn Service

Great experience with the hospital There are places that can improve but overall its satisfactory

William Murphy

Very nice ER. Had an issue while traveling to Portland. One of the trainee nurses used my arm as a pincushion trying to establish an IV, but I have always been a difficult stick. The ER nurse brought in the ultrasound vein scanner and got it on the first try. They ER staff diagnosed the problem, it should resolve on its own. Not where or how I wanted to spend an afternoon. They were professional, kind, caring and competent.

Jennifer A.

This is THE BEST care I have ever recieved! I was hit by a work van on my bicycle and have been here for a few days in the hospital. The staff have been extremely polite, concerning to my injuries and so much caring!! I just can't express how amazing I have been treated!! I am very happy with every step they have taken to make sure I am not in pain. I think people with negative reviews just like to complain or they are just unpleasant people where ever they go! I am happy there is this hospital so close! A huge THANKYOU to ALL the staff who took care of me while I was here! You should all be recognized for your hard work and I have never felt more comfortable in a hospital until now!!

Jimmy Tran

Good service and professional doctors!

corissa holbrook

Watch out! Public service announcement!!!!!!! On 1218 18 i was advised from attorney Martha steinhern, "this place is notorious for Being baby snatchers and accusing parents of false abuse allegations" Now my 4 mo old is in foster care and I don't get him for Xmas....

brenda tirado

Called because I had a question about a rash and they said they couldn't help me.


A month ago because i dont have coverage Kaiser told me i was going to die and had to go somewhere else. My daughter took me to Emanuel and they saved my life from a double annerisem.

david amick

A cold hearted experience. Mostly rude & suspicious nurses, & it's clear no one likes working there. The worst part? I arrived WITH the ambulance carrying my girlfriend & they kept me from being with her for more than 20 minutes. We were there 3 hours before we saw the doctor. These people generally suck.

Diann Rogers

I feel its the best hospital for children. My brother was born there years ago

Robert Dominguez

When I made a appointment in the orthopedic for both my left ankle and right arm, after going to the emergency room . They said I would need to make a different appointment to see someone about my arm and told me to wait a few days to call back if I had not heard from him no and that they were going to be closed Friday through Monday for the holiday I believe I was treated different because of my insurance I will be calling the main office when they come back out there holiday weekend

Nicholas Dorsey

We were fortunate enough to be in the hands of the Legacy staff for the birth of out first child. Accommodations were 5 star, every one was willing to help out in any way they could. The entire staff was great, but a few people really stood out (and sorry if I misspell any ones name); Miriam the midwife was there the entire time, she was very uplifting, positive, and motivating, AND she didn't drop the baby so thank you! Iris at Randall's Children's hospital, the fountain of youth nurse, she has been working there for 51 years but doesn't look a day over 60, she was with us for limited time but the compassion she had for children shined through her professionalism and knowledge. Maudie, another nurse at Randall's, was with us for most of our recovery time. I only knew her for 2 days but would trust her with my first born. I would also like to give a shout out to the anesthesiologist (I believe her name was Margaret) who provided my sweet mamas with her pain relief during labor, and our overnight nurse at Randall's Children's hospital who crept in and out of our room in the middle of the night as quiet as a ninja. Thank you!! Last minute addition, shout out to Betsy the nurse, she was there when we first arrived and helped answer the million questions we had, she also made us feel comfortable and at home in our room.

the survivers 2

me an my fiance were there they were being down right disrespectful an when we start snapping asked for respect then my friend gets stitches there he has to go ti ohsu after emaunal is a garbage hospital never go there

Rebecca Krueger

If I could give a zero star I would.

Eloisa M. Townsend

As I recall from my time there in 2010, the nurses in the maternity ward were top-notch! During my first pregnancy and at my unplanned C-section, I was exhausted, anxious and scared. Thankfully, I was in the care of a talented all female team of nurses and doctors who were pros and very empathic to my situation. I also liked the concierge-style dining. Eat when you want to eat! The menu wasn't bad either. Plus I LOVE that we could make payment arrangements for our hospital bill with no interest. THANK YOU LEGACY EMANUEL!

bopha beeh

The staff's here are completely rude and unprofessional! Barely anyone here in the emergency room and 3 hours in and have not yet been seen!

Joseph Manuszak

Pleasantly surprised by the customer service and individual care offered by the staff. I expected excellence in treatment from a trauma hospital, but never expected each department to be so caring and considerate. Hats off to the Leadership, HR team and the employees for bonding into a community that not only addressed my medical emergency, but actually "cared for me" during my time in need. Great job team Legacy.

austin nunn

The emergency room makes me sick there were people bleeding in there and no one cared one guy fell asleep with a bleeding foot and after waiting an hour to get my x-ray and ICE for my wrist there were 3 staff members playing in the hall with an office chair like children the lady that took my x-ray didn't say anything and told me to wait for the results I ended up just leaving an hour later after a different lady tried to wake up the guy bleeding and then just left him there someone needs to call the police on these people I don't know enough about law to be any good but I do know human rights are being violated in that place I hope those people get help don't go there EVER YOU WILL NOT BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN.

Robert Taylor

Not cool who ever ripped off my friends this morning at Emanuel Hospital. They were there to say good buy to a friend who is dying from burns that she got when there house caught fire last week. You know who you are, you should not do that to people. The people that work there are very good at what they do but people like you need to understand that you should not do things like that.

bethany cruz

terrible security guards...just straight up mean and inconsiderate of people in the hospital. I should feel safe around them instead of feeling attacked. They are the opposite of what security guards should be doing. horrible experience because of the security guards...they need better training.

Raymond McAneny

After a difficult operation the nurses were angels. Thank yo so much Laura, Alex, Lilli. I-Day and Jesse. You're care heals.

Keshia Williams

Things were fine until it was the day I was going to be discharged. I told the nurse that I was in so much pain first thing in the am. She kept dismissing my pain n ignoring me crying which I never cry. They made me feel like I was a peace of crap for being in pain.They discharged me in the pm without listening to me about my pain. I had 1:45 min drive home in massive pain. Don't come to this hospital

Tanya Mae

Love emanual. They take good care of kids.

jason hohman

I can't say enough good things about this place. My son took a life flight here at the age and of 5 because of a reckless 73yr old drunk driver. I litterly (using the true definition of) saw through my sons fractured skull to his brain. Life flight scooped him up, flew him here, Legacy Emanuel patched him up, and he is alive to day but ONLY for the amazing amazing AMAZING staff. Thank you forever Legacy Emanuel and to every single Dr., nurse, technician, volunteer, ect..... I will never forget your kindness.

Daniel Klein

"Loved it" is not the wording I'd expect to use for a hospital, but... My sister had brain cancer and was practically indigent, with no health insurance. I was astounded by the high degree of professionalism and care that she received, irrespective of her financial situation. Everyone, and I mean everyone, from floor nurses to ICU nurses to doctors to counselors to kitchen staff to help desk were wonderful, caring, and giving people. She got the best care possible.

Tabby K.

Been waiting in the ER for over two hours and have seen people come in and out and get care. Receptionist said I was "still on the list" and asked me to sit down. Rude receptionists but the chairs are nice... try another hospital if you actually want medical attention.

Angelina Reinhardt

This is by far the best hospital in Oregon

Brianna Kelley

My father recently had a stroke and was taken to Legacy Emanuel. He had excellent care in the emergency room and in the ICU, where he spent a week. I can't speak highly enough of his medical team while he was in the ICU. They answered my questions in more detail than I expected, took excellent care of my father, and actually cared about him and didn't treat him as if he was just another patient. His doctors and nurses team were phenomenal. They made me feel comfortable while I was there and made me feel comfortable enough for me to leave the hospital to rest at home and know my father was being taken care of. He was nonverbal after his stroke, so that was one of my biggest concerns, but his medical team made me feel at ease. One of his nurses even informed my family that we could ask to have a meeting with his entire medical team, therapist, and a social worker so we could plan the next steps of his recovery. This helped take a lot of the unknown weight off our shoulders. I thank them so much for being such a wonderful group of medical professionals. When he was moved out of the ICU, he was transferred to Unit 55..or maybe it was 51, anyway, I was underwhelmed by the care of his nurses. He was still nonverbal at this point and whenever he hit his "help" button to get a nurse to come, someone would come over the intercom in his room and asked if he was ok. He couldn't talk and if we weren't there to say something, he didn't get help right away. We had talked to multiple people about it and they said they put a note up for to inform the nursing station about it. We tested it once in the middle of the day during the week, he needed something, pushed the button, someone came over the intercom, we didn't say anything to see if they would come, and no one came for 10 minutes. I ended up having to hunt someone down. I understand nurses are busy, but he's a patient and its their job to take care of him and his needs. Pretty disappointing. We ended up "firing" one of the nurses from his care team, she was awful. The social workers in this unit were amazing! They gave us an enormous amount of information, met with us as needed, and helped work with our wishes for our fathers discharge plans. Overall, a wonderful relief to have an excellent care team, minus that one nurse, while my father was at Emanuel.

Christopher Jones

Amazing positive staff members and such a beautiful clean facility.

Dianne Fagerness

The nurses are so rude, they kicked my grandson and me out of the wing as we were waiting for his sister to be born because their waiting room was "being remodeled" we had to wait outside the area in a hallway to wait. Not a family friendly hospital!

Tami H

My daughter spent 47 days in this hospital and almost died. She has had reoccurring medical issues which have resulted in numerous hospitalizations between Portland and SW Washington. Other than the food, this hospital staff provided the best care and loving, non judgemental staff imaginable compared to the other 4 hospitalizations at different facilities I am afraid to name due to the possible block of this review.

Jeffrey Rowe

The staff here at every level is fantastic!My wife and I are especially impressed with Robbie in the pre op department.He has excellent people skills and is very caring.! We are recommending this facility to everyone.

Shonda Van Horne

Worst place ever told my his blood would take 48 took his blood in Monday and on Wednesday still no results and released him today told him they call to let him know when he could go back to work hes called left 2 messages still nothing. I hope nobody ever has to go there.

Verdun Amaranth

Mental health care is a joke. You're treated like a liar, and if you have anxiety, prepare to have eyes rolled at you or to be given attitude. ER doctors and nurses were great, very kind and caring and attentive. Mental Health needs serious work. Dr took away all medications after a 30 min consultation, I was forced to "participate with the others" or made to stay longer for "bad behavior"--it was my first night, i was visibly upset and unstable, and I was snapped at to get out of my assigned room and into the lobby to sit at a table with other patients. They do not listen to anything you say, to the point where you have to lie about feeling better just to be released ASAP. It felt like a prison, like I was being punished for being suicidal. It made me worse than I was when I went in, except for the day I was discharged; I sure was happier than I had been in a while just to get out of that place.

posh mcmahan

Customer service was outstanding! I was apparently in the wrong building and the gentlemen that worked there didnt just give me some directions on where to go, he helped me find where i needed to be and i made it to my appointment on time. And i sure as hell wouldnt have found it on my own. He also pointed out landmarks to help me find my way back to my car when i was finished with my appointment.

Andrew Paeth

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Dr. Keuther and the staff for preserving my mobility and giving me the best chance I have to walk normally again. Special thanks to Tacia, both Jordans, Linda, Tara, Betsy, Michaela, Cassie, Billy and the rest of the crew for all the professional care and time spent providing an unparalleled level of service. Thanks to all of you!


Great experience with the nurses, anesthesiologist and surgeon team. IV was painless, surgery gown was heated, I was able to be seen earlier than scheduled, and released with all my questions answered. Recommend this facility for outpatient surgery.

Laurie Lewis-Morrison

I gave birth to my second son here in 2008, this was my first natural birth as my first son i had an epidural. The unit secretary had the nerve to come in and quote "would you shut her up!" My midwife had a field day with that one as they ran her out of the room. After giving birth to my son and moved to the mother baby unit I was ignored up until it was time for discharge. I will never recommend having a baby here unless it's an emergency. My daught came two years later and went to ohsu

Rebecca Hardy

I love Legacy Salmon Creek, but Legacy Emmanuel is awful. I hope we NEVER have to go to the ED there again. My husband ended up here and when I came to see be with him, they would not allow me back. They said they are not allowed to "interrupt" while the dr is with him. Seriously? I'm his wife, not Joe Blo off the street, I'm his wife. Not to mention the staff were unresponsive and unfriendly. Nothing like Legacy Salmon Creek, where I have always had a good experience.

Noah Clay

Don’t go here for help, they have you outside in the lobby waiting while others that arrive after you getting a room before you when you’ve already been waiting for over an amount of 30 mins, go to a different place. Also the Nurse was rude and just had no skills at all hope he gets fired.

Jim Jennings

Very sad developments for us led to Trauma Care and Legacy Emanuel did everything possible to handle extraordinary treatment of our relative and communication with us. I was very impressed with every aspect of what we experienced. It's a HUGE place so we didn't see it all. We felt we were in very good hands.

Jerry Baldwin

After working for over two years on getting a procedure done, my insurance company approved an out of network operation at Emanuel to finally get this done. Four days prior to surgery, Emanuel notifies us they WILL NOT honor the insurance rate for the surgery as they don't have a contract with the out of network insurance company. So, if you, as an individual want to get surgery they refuse to give you the insurance company rates. And we wonder what is wrong with our system. In January my full deductible will not allow me to ever afford this surgery. Four days away and they decide the insurance rate is not good enough to take care of a patient. I believe that speaks loudly about this business.

James Woodard

Legacy Emanuel Emergency is LAAAAAAME!!!! I've been working my ass off in my department .....very short-handed trying to train a new guy for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I feel like I've been doing 2/3 of the work. And that's fine. I understand that it can take over a month to train somebody to efficiency. I get that. Problem is, it's tearing up my back to the point where when I get home living I can do is lie down. Two days ago I noticed some pain in my lower stomach (groin). Yesterday the pain move to the other side, and was a bit worse. I'm not a doctor.... But my guess is; all the strain I've been putting on my back, my body is compensating by using my core [stomach muscles]. This morning I got on the bus to go to work what the first bus was packed so I had to stand up color holding onto top bar for for 1/2 hour straight. My next bus was the same. When I got to my last stop I could barely walk. I went in to work told them I couldn't make it and waited outside for my wife to pick me up. To the ER we went! The ER visit: The first part was fairly easy and Swift. Identification, "Where do you work?", Insurance, triage, and got into a room immediately. Winners came in, wanted to take some blood, and started asking me questions about IV drug use. These are pretty normal general questions and things to do. I understand this........ but the tone of voice used was of indifference, and not mean, but NOT friendly at all, throughout the whole ordeal. This point the only thing I can really complain about is poor 'bedside manner'. A C.T. scan, and three hours later a nurse came in and informed me that they were processing my paperwork and I could get dressed now. Bent over while sitting in the chair trying to put my shoes on my stomach hurts so bad I started weeping...... The nurse comes in and says you weren't in that much pain and triage...... Has me sign something and leaves the room. Another person comes into the room with moment later with my paperwork and a prescription for Advil, and tells me I'm done. I text Agni to pick me up and hobble out through the ER to wait out side. As I'm walking the 25ft to the smoking section, I doubled over twice to the point where I had get down on one knee before I could get back up and continue walking. By the time I got to the smoking part of the sidewalk, I just laid down in fetal with papperwor still in hand. 5 minutes later I look up and I'm surrounded by four cops from the ER asking me questions about who I was and what I was doing. While I was explaining my situation to the four cops one of them says "there's his Hospital bracelet...." and then the other one whips out a pair of scissors grabs my wrist and cuts it off. "My wife will be picking me up here in ten minutes." I told them. The police officers discussed it while standing over me [as if I wasn't there] to determine whether or not that was okay. They told me to "Take care of your self..." and what back to the hospital laughing amongst themselves. How's the saying go? Insult to injury? I feel shamed and ridiculed for being injured! I feel like I was treated like a junkie of the streets. In fact I think it was illegal the cops took my ID bracelet from me without permission.... That has my social security number on it. I may be covered in tattoos....but I dont drink, do drugs [never have...never will] , and I have no record!! I work a factory laborer as a machiene oporator 40+ hours a week for what little money and time I have. I feel I deserve much better respect than that! I needed help, not to be shamed!

Miles Whiteford

You Killed Albina

Heather Hoxsey

I want to preface this by saying, overall, I had an incredibly positive experience at Legacy Emanuel, and would give a 5 star rating, EXCEPT for my experience in the ER. I was brought in by ambulance with a serious tib/fib fracture on a weekday evening, which may have bumped my priority up to the nurses and staff of the ER. Two of the young men who worked on me definitely lacked what most people expect in bedside manner from medical professionals---cracking jokes about having to cut my leggings and underwear off, being irritated by having to communicate my status via phone to my partner, not terribly interested in me as a patient but pretty interested in my experiences as an EMT and climber (young woman who does cool "boy" stuff counts for a lot I guess). A lot of hard work and energy goes into becoming an ER nurse, so I have to believe these men WERE passionate about helping people, but I felt like their priorities were a little skewed. They seemed more interested in when they could be drinking beer and watching "the game" than the quality of care they were giving their patients---just young, immature men who need some legitimate training in how to speak with and psychologically care for those in need of their help. In contrast, my experience with the 4th floor nurses in the hospital was phenomenal. Everyone treated me with incredible care, patience, and kindness. I have never experienced anything like it in a hospital. I actually felt valued as a patient, AND a person. My PAs were clear, communicative, direct, and professional. Do I wish the surgeon had taken the time to come visit me? Of course I do. But that is not the medical system we have, unless you pay a high premium for it. Luckily, PAs are often just as skilled as their superiors, and I trust my life and health to them as readily as any MD. Does Legacy Emanuel have personnel issues to work through, especially in light of the MANY comments on people's experience in the ER? Absolutely. Is it still a quality medical center, with great professionals on its staff? Absolutely. I hope they take to heart the experiences of people who have come through their hospital, and that everyone gets a chance to see the side of their staff that I did.

Emilie S.

Best hospital in town. I had open heart surgery here and I had my baby here. I'm at the hospital monthly for blood draws and have nothing negative to say. Staff are outstanding. Facilities are great. Some of these reviews are a joke!

Veronica Cardenas

Very happy best staff the world I'll never forget how well you take care of me how much you taught me God bless you all staff at legacy Emanuel hospital you the best

David Owings

Not only is this hospital the best I head viral bronchitis in the Portland Providence medical center discharge me 2 times after I came in with all the signs of viral bronchitis and they discharged me but when I went to Emmanuel they kept me until I was all better. The only reason why I gave Emmanuel 5 stars is because they don't have room for 108 stars

Nadim Mamedov

Emergency sent me home bearly walking with back pain .

Quanneisha Brooks

I'm pretty sure they're doing everything in their power to make sure my mom ends up dead.

Erik Price

I wasn't a customer of this place, but my dad was. He was brought here via ambulance due to a medical emergency. He was a guest in the hospital for 10-days. They saved his life. All the doctors and nurses were fantastic. The place is very clean. They did an excellent job taking care of him and communicating updates to us. It is a very big hospital and it can be difficult to navigate.

Tara Clark

Had our child at Emanuel and despite a rocky delivery, Dr. Phillipa Ribbink delivered him and the staff helped resuscitate him. He is healthy, happy and smart! She said it was the most difficult delivery she has done, even in her volunteer work delivering babies in Africa. The postpartum rooms at Randall are also amazing. And the nurses throughout were stellar.

Amy Katrina Bryan

Doctor jones in the mental health department was extremely negligent. He went as far as to write false records, saying that I denied tests when I asked repeatedly for them. If he had even examined me he would have probably seen I was terribly ill. I was admitted to the wrong area, not listened too or cared for and left on a cot to seize for hours. I was discharged when I was still seizing. I filed a complaint with the state. This staff and especially doctor were outwardly rude and seemed to enjoy that I was afraid and hurting. It was an absolute nightmare. I sincerely hope this doctor took my complaint as a serious warning and a chance to examine what he isn’t doing. Being a medical professional is not the right choice for him.

Miranda Sheperd

REally nice people

Christopher Harwood

Very old hospital located in busy area. Hard to navigate through the maze. Most staff unhelpful.


The care received by both my wife and newborn was fantastic. The nurses are out of this world and go above and beyond to care for you and educate us in the care for our newborn. The rooms are private and comfortable. I'm glad we delivered here.

TSMerrill 36

I have been in their emergency room 3 times ever, and each time I have had to wait hours to be seen. Maybe I have just been unlucky, but I was in today because I have bronchitis and can hardly breathe. I just needed a breathing treatment (ussualy get 2 and done in an less than an hour), and I sat there for over an hour and a half. I ended up walking out, and let her know I had to get my kids and go elsewhere before I can't breathe at all. I would not recommend going here as an adult.

kusum phadke

I was there ,had Great time and Best treatment for my Heart problem Three Wonderfully gifted Doctors came and advised. . Next day did put the Stent in my Heart Arteries. I did not even feel sick.i am feeling normal this week also. Fantastic.the Cardiologists were Dr Reedy, Dr RaviChandra And Dr Desai.

Dustin Miles


Dawn Bull

Abdominal pain brought me to the ED on 4/7/19. My patient care was exceptional from the time I was wheeled in until I left on 4/11/19. Doubled-over with excruciating pain, Dr. Megan Lundeberg and Abigail Ritter PA, quickly got me on medication to help manage that and I was diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction. After NG tube did not work, Dr L performed a successful surgery that will leave minimal scarring. My RN's: Tomo, Hodan, Linda, Tiffany CNA; Amsal, and Student Nurse Gabi went ABOVE AND BEYOND! Dr. Engel and Heather PA did follow up and took the time to explain the procedure and answer my questions. I never felt as if they were in a hurry and so appreciated their kindness. All of these ladies were extremely professional and clearly love their chosen professions. Each had unique qualities but they all shared a wonderful sense of humor, and heartfelt compassion. I felt truly blessed to be in Unit 45! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Emanuel.

Jake Peckham

These people are awful do not go here,i repeat DO NOT GO HERE! They stopped giving my girlfriend fentanyl for the pain which was the ONLY thing that helped and tried putting her on tramadol instead! Are you effing kidding me?? And then the nurse wants her to stand up and walk down the hall to shower even though she cant move at all without it hurting! They dont even deserve 1 out of 5 stars

ChristineandRusty Comstock

Best wound clinic in the PNW!!!!

Barbara Pfeirer

Best doctors in Portland and surrounding areas. Worked in this place and the experience was amazing - I have worked in another facilities and is nothing like Legacy hospital. They are Truly dedicated doctors that care deeply for their patients.

Amber Purkapile

Staff are rude and snobby, they lose property and won't replace it, they have NO TRAINING for mental health crisis, frequently injure patients, lie, verbally and mentally abuse you while you're there.

Kristin Pdx

Legacy hospitals are the best staff and facilities in Portland

Jon P

Only negative is the park across the street and the copious amounts of weed flowing toward the hospital 24/7.

Carolyn Barr

Great place to work!

Elianna Hart

I had food poisoning and it took 6 hours just to get checked out I saw people that came after me go before me and when I finally got in they gave such a pathetic attitude like they wanted to have nothing to do with me

Lisa Phathanasack

my life much easier

Mitchell Clem

Day Surgery At Emmanuel. My Nurses Katie, Rachel, Sara, Doug & Stephen were all very friendly professional & caring. Dr Chui anesthesiologist made my surgery seem like a quick painless nap. Dr Gellman Surgeon quick steady hands with careful scalpel & professional handling of the tools of his trade. All left me knowledgeable, comfortable & reassured that I will heal quickly & comfortable.

ECMember Board

My daughter needed some medical treatment. We asked Legacy Health to verify our coverage and made sure that the services are fully covered before we went there. But after the visit, we still had to pay almost $1000 out of pocket. Very bad billing practice!!


Every person I have dealt with at Emanuel are kind, considerate, and knowledgeable, with the exception of ER.

Rob Deegan

Review based on Emergency Room visit. I came in the middle of the week in the middle of the day. Despite obviously suffering the worst pain of my life I had to wait 3 hours to be seen. It wasn't very busy either. It was a difficult wait and involved a lot of tears and shaking but once I made it back I was met by very clean and private sections for patients which is why I didn't put one star. However once called back I saw why it was so slow. Everyone was moving slowly and had the attitude of teenagers working at Baskin Robbins on a Friday afternoon in the Summer. Pathetic attitude's for people in the emergency medical service profession. If you can, drive to Tualatin for a better emergency room. Also don't go to this location if you don't like being ignored at reception by 4/5 people working the desk.

Roni Moffitt

Childrens ICU team saved my daughters life.

Kevin Thurman

I loved the care this hospital gave my fiance. Very professional and quick. My fiance had what she thought was bad heartburn. It turns out that she was having a heart attack. Very thankful for this hospital and it's staff for everything they did.

La nay Walker

They saved my life when I caught the Swine Flu it was pretty intense but at the latter part of my stay I called a nurse for a bedpan she told me that was not her job and had an accident that someone else had to clean up it was embarrassing and unnecessary but they did save my life


Was treated horribly by my (night) nurse, my doctor, and other staff (my morning nurse was actually empathetic and competent though). I submitted the questionnaire they routinely send after stays with my experience and they still haven't responded, almost two weeks later. I'm wondering if what they did was illegal, as well. Please go somewhere else (I would have went to OHSU, but they were at capacity.) Imagine not letting a patient call their emergency contact, and not giving any good reason. I was traumatized, patronized, ignored and I went in for being depressed. Pretty disgusting treatment for mentally ill people. Staff may need some bias / empathy training.

Jacob Gillock

Really great hospital. The staff were awesome and facility top of the line.

Giovanna Gonzalez

Love this hospital All the nurses at L&D were amazing I had two beautiful experience when I delivered there

Ed Reyman

While the NTICU was absolutely amazing, the TRACU is just as amazingly horrible. A different nurse almost every day & a different doctor weekly if not more frequently. It's been our experience that NOBODY reads up on the patient & NOBODY passes along important information about the patient. As a retired RN I am appalled at the lack of care & concern!

Taylor Reiner

Horrible bedside manner and temperament

charoltte Jarvis

Care was first. Paperwork was after the fact. Nursing staff was excellent in ICU. Processes were smooth, staff ran well.

Andres Lopez

Would give Zero stars if I could. Horrible emergency room experience. Staff was all over the place. Said it was because the amount of traumas in were a lot, however there were more then enough employees on staff to have been able to work more efficiently then they were. They took me to the "subway" room where they had a row of extremely uncomfortable chairs with a curtain to separate you from the other patients. This room was loud, small,.cramped and supposed to have been a more "expidited" flow, but it was not. Staff would come in and not even address patients in the order they came in. Everything was uncoordinated, and unorganized. I had been waiting for 3 hours in excruciating mouth pain, severe headache, with a slight fever and was never once brought pain meds after many requests or even offered water. They hooked me up to an IV and left me sitting there uncomfortably, for a long time with no sign of progress.i went in with one pain, and after 3 hours only expetienced.more pain due to this IV needle sitting in my arm, and so I eventually asked the nurse to take the needle out of my arm which felt she inserted incorrectly- so that I can leave, and go to a hospital where they would care and understand my level of pain better. Her words were "well, good luck, it's a Sunday in Portland" which still doesn't seem to be a good enough excuse for their lack of empathy and tactfulness when doing their jobs. Do yourselves a favor, if you're actually experiencing severe pain- don't go here. The hospital I ended up going to in Clackamas, although further- was worth the trip. They saw me within 4 minutes of checking in and were way more personable and understanding.

Marisa Blankenship

Charged $600 for a 30 min consult. Dr. Bordley is a very inexperienced doctor and is very narcissistic. Corrupt medical care!!

Umar Faruk

Needn't I say no more ,but want to thank all the hard doctors and Nurses for the wonderful job you all doing to take care of the public .Recently had the opportunity to visit these Wonderful hospital after driving for about 80miles from the coast to pick up a client ,even though there was a little bit confusion ,everything was handle professionally and calmly.Tamara the RN on Duty did a fantastic job and also make sure Iam well taking care of before leaving with the client ,since I have a long way home she offer me water to take with me ,she was a life saver.Legacy Emanuel Medical Center is blessed to have such a wonderful good soul RN Tamara at the burn center.She deserve a raise .God bless you all and Tamara You are doing a fine job and the world need more people like you.keep up the good work...

Audri Davis

Amazing staff, was in and out in less than an hour and a half despite having to get an ultrasound on my leg and some other testing done. So incredible and seriously the best ER I have ever been to. Everyone is kind and helpful and seems to ACTUALLY care about helping people. Grateful for this experience and cannot wait to have my baby at this hospital.

Anthony Zenger

Tried Getting a hold of someone in the billing department multiple times. Was put on hold for over 15 min, then I was disconnected both times.

George Beem

They took great care of my brother when he had open heart surgery. It seems to me everybody has good bed side manor from the surgeons to the nurses who were there when ever we had questions. The doctors took time and explained things in a way we could understand. I would give the hospital 10 out of 10. I would like to thank all of them for there help with my brother Mitch. Thank you so much for everything. Your the Best!

Alexus Davis

The discharged me with my 02 at 74%, after I had a allergic reaction this hospital is a horrible pace to go

Priscilla D

Need to wait for several minutes but it was OK

Sandy Todd

I had day surgery today, 3/10/2015. I was an out of town patient and had no knowledge of this hospital and was very nervous. From the first telephone call for pre-registration, and every subsequent interaction, my confidence grew. The staff is absolutely first rate, friendly and competent. The facility is clean, modern and welcoming. The day surgery is near the children's hospital and the little park for kids is such a thoughtful touch. They are also the only trauma center in the region. Very fortunate to have this exceptional facility in Oregon.

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