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Scott Price

After several close calls with congestive heart failure, I had excellent care every time. both in the E.R. and upstairs, 3 times in 3 months! The food is gourmet, even with the "heart healthy" menu. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, it made my stays much less daunting, and if the beds weren't from hell, I'd give them a perfect 5+! But they say there's a five-year plan to replace them, so God forbid I have to stay with them again in the near future, there's a chance I'll get a good bed next time. Beds notwithstanding, if you are going to need hospital care -- this is definitely the place to get it!

Christina Hamilton

I have had nothing but the greatest care from the drs, nurse etc. I would recommend any of my drs or therapist to anyone who is serious about their health.

Ness Mills

I went in to get chest x-rays because of laryngitis and bronchitis that was causing me severe pain. The doctors got my diagnosis wrong (one said laryngitis and as soon as she left a man came in and said pharyngitis) which made me have to come back a day later feeling even worse likely because I was given the wrong medicine. After getting the x-rays done, I walked back to my room. In the center of the emergency room, I saw my chest was on the screen of a computer and the staff was gathered around looking at it laughing, saying there was no way I was actually a minor. It made me physically sick to my stomach and I felt like crying. I've had doctors tell me hurtful things about my weight before and I understand why THAT would be okay but the staff had my chest on display while they gathered around laughing at my underage body, which was COMPLETELY unnecessary and sickening behavior for an emergency room. tldr: I would not go here if I was dying. the staff are disgusting people and every single one of them should be fired.

Cherry Miller

My husband needed to be hospitalized in the psychiatric ward at Portland Adventist Hospital. He is very underweight for his height besides being bipolar. They have not been giving him his medications as prescribed by psychiatrists he has seen for over 20 years. Therefore, he has not been able to sleep for the past two nights that he has been there. He desperately needs to gain weight, but since they have not given him his medications, he has absolutely no appetite. The one medication used to treat his bipolar also helps him with severe headaches that he used to get. Within the next couple of days, these headaches are going to return. This country does not take mental health seriously enough, but I thought that a psychiatric ward in a hospital would know what they are doing. Clearly, that is not the case here at Portland Adventist. I would not suggest them to my worst enemy. They need to shut down the psych ward if they can't do any better than this.

phillip pickering

Thank you so much for saving my fiancés life. Everyone working was amazing. Your services are very appreciated.

Jenna Hobson

Recently had an outpatient surgery done here and was treated with the utmost care. All the nurses and staff were so kind to me. They made sure I was comfortable and everything I under went was explained throughly. Special thanks to the RNs Bonnie, Rhonda and Evans. AND thank you Adventist.

debi spink

I've been going to PAMC & Associated health departments, seen & treated by the Best Doctor's & Specialists, . I've continued my care throughout the years and currently seeing & treated by the Best Caring Doctors and Specialists who are Extremely Educated in their own positions. Many visits to the ER Department, by walk-in and Ambulance. Been admitted countless times & have had countless procedures and surgeries. You receive Excellent care, and make sure your as comfortable as possible and treat you like family. PORTLAND ADVENTIST MEDICAL CENTER IS AN EXCELLENT HOSPITAL, HAS HIGHLY QUALIFIED & PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS, SURGEONS, INCLUDING ALL STAFF! (Even a jump on my Dead Car Battery) My Son also has continued his Medical Care with PAMC, starting with his Pediatrician at Birth to his Now Adult PCP. I highly recommend this Beautiful, up to date Hospital to anyone. Employees are kind, curtious individuals who work together as a team, making patients as comfortable as possible in every way. They make sure you are taken care of to the best possible way.

Katie Betts

Called several times this morning and it kept hanging up on me while I was on hold. Super frustrating. I’ve wasted an hour just trying to get through.

Jamie North

Wow I come in for intractable vomiting and am told oh because I smoked weed once that that's what's causing my violent repeated nausea six months after I smoked what a bunch of quacks don't come here if you value your or your families well weing the doctors all have god simplex's I work in the medical field and this was close to being the worst treatment I've ever received

Alexandria Wright

I took my boyfriend in because he had excruciating pains in his chest and shortness of breath, couldn't even stand I had to wheelchair him in. They said it would be awhile and that the person in front of him had been waiting 3 hours prior to be seen. We left and went to a different hospital, turns out he had a collapsed lung and was filling with blood. I can't understand why they wouldn't immediately help him. He couldn't breathe and they just made him sit in the waiting room. I'm so glad we left and went to a different hospital. If your life is in danger please don't go here.

Christopher Nicholson

I went in because i was having excruciating nerve pain down my leg, primarily In the ankle area along with numbness in my toes and foot. I do not go to the dr and after almost two weeks of the worst pain of my life(I’ve had two babies) and a lot of convincing words from my family, I finally gave in. I don’t have insurance so I don’t have the ability to go to a primary care provider and I was in so much pain I was in tears, I wanted them to figure out what was wrong with me so that I could have a solution to fix it. Initially the nurse practitioner wanted xrays of my ankle(i didn’t understand why because i had clearly told them that i was sure it was nerve pain given that my toes and foot were numb). After sitting on the hard hospital bed for 5 hours the dr finally came in, and said there was no break in my ankle(no duh, I told you that). She then proceeded to tell me that she would not write me a prescription for any type of pain relief and that opioid addiction was a major problem, and that I needed to see a primary care provider to look at what was causing nerve pain. And that she thought the “pain” I was experiencing was because I was “emotionally unstable.” I was crying because I was in so much pain. They gave me a anti-inflammatory injection(ibprofen) and sent me home. In the dishcharge papers, she stated “possible ankle sprain”. So basically my nerve pain was a possible ankle sprain but I was really just emotionally unstable and an opioid addict(never asked for pain meds). I don’t know how this dr even passed medical school, and now I have a giant bill from 3 different companies that I have to pay for nothing. Our income exceeds the qualifying amount for state health insurance by $300 and health insurance through work is over $1200.

Mckenzie Hval

This has been one of the most awful experiences I've ever had in the emergency and not the first terrible experience here either. I've been here for 4 hours still waiting on nausea medicne still waiting on pain medicine I'm freezing cold curled up in a ball on a bed with no blankets, the staff is all walking by out there laughing and joking as I lay here in agony. Hours keep passing and no relief and seems like no care. Awful awful hospital


Adventist Hospital has paralyzed me. Beware going here! It's acceptable and legal for them to paralyze you and no one cares! Because of their incompetent doctors administering an epidural during birth I am now partially paralyzed. Going paralyzed is very painful! Adventist Hospital took away my life (as I knew it) at a young age!

Cathy Hansen

This week we needed to go to the emergency department for an urgent medical concern. Our experience there was across the board fabulous. As both my husband and I are medical professionals we knew what to look for. From the front desk to the nursing, to the doctors and X-ray techs they were spot on professional, thorough and personable etc Due to the urgent nature of his symptoms he was seen immediately ( even with a fairly full waiting room ) and had a cat scan within 15 minutes. We were glad we did not go to the closest hospital to our house and traveled the extra 10 minutes to go to Adventist. He stayed overnight to complete all the tests and assure it would not progress to a full blown stroke. Can not recommend them highly enough. So grateful to have this hospital and their associated professionals in our community.

Janet Bridge

The rudest and most incompetent staff I've ever encountered! I came into the ER suffering from an asthsma attack and couldn't breathe. They made me walk back and forth across the waiting room several times, despite my protests that I'm dizzy and can't breathe. On the final time that they called me yet again to walk across the entire area, my husband finally spoke up and asked where they needed me to go because I couldn't breathe. The nurse yelled at him to be quiet and that she, "hates this crap". Then she refused to treat me and I left the hospital unable to catch my breathe after being refused treatment. No one seemed to know what was going on. Doctors were coming to the waiting room and asking people, "what have we done for you?" And "what did they say we were doing for you" complete cluster of incompetence!

Matt Mccall

The Physical therapist patty, addi, whatever her name is. Was very rude very uncomfortable to be around and have glares and judged home owners. Showed up 5 hours late from the appointment and stay in the house for 15 minutes. Went back in her car and sat till the hour was over so she could get the time in! Worst service ever had and I will never reach out to Adventist.

Tariq Awan

Rude,careless, take their sweet time!! They don’t pay attention to their patients!! Don’t go to this hospital they will just waste ur time and discharge u without curing ur health issues!!very unprofessional staff ....

E Marie

Oh Lordy where do I start? I was in an auto accident and driven here by a Good Samaritan who waited with me until my better half could arrive, I was giving muscle Relaxers and some pain pills and discharged but my guy got their just in time and said no way get x-Ray now, so I did, nothing broke. While treating after my car accident I had a rib pop out of place just by picking something light up, I couldn't move it took my breathe away. I had to call ambulance to help me up, (so embarrassing) get to the hospital and they're doing triage in the waiting room. I've got all kinds of sick people coughing and babies crying, I'm like Literally in so much pain, can't move my head, can't move my arms they wheel me over with all these people I'm in tears and every move I make makes me lose my breath, I'm feeling helpless they wheel me back to this triage and I'm like I need something can u give me a tordal shot so they ordered the nurse to give me a shot and they came out of the ER department asked me my name and took me in the wheelchair to the nasty dirty pee'd on seat public bathroom where people were puking in and whatever else and gave me the shot in there... And also admistered meds to me in the waiting room. Never once took me back didn't give me privacy for any of it just spouting off my name in the waiting room full of people. They discharged me after the meds without checking as to way I was having this problem we left the hospital and went directly to my doctors office where he found that my rib was it of place. I swear I've never experienced anything like it, it was like the twilight zone! Who takes you in the bathroom for a shot I asked the nurse who was in such a hurry and flustered are you sure you have the right meds you're making me nervous.. Should have talked to an attorney as I'm sure my patient confidentiality was broke that day.

Christine Rietveld

The Physician's Assistant and X-Ray tech that ended up helping us were super nice and friendly but the support staff in the ER were completely useless. My husband had a broken finger and we live nearby so we got to the ER before it even swelled up. Once we finally got a room, two of the ER staff came in on separate occasions, both times just to tell him how "messed up" his finger looked. Not to actually examine him or take his vitals or actually DO anything. The first girl was munching on a bag of chips and even made a comment to us about how it was unprofessional that she was munching on the chips while she continued to stuff her face. He was not offered an ice pack or Ibuprofin or anything and they didn't even tell us what we were waiting for until we came out of the room and asked. Finally after disappearing for a while to find out what we were waiting on, the one staff member came back to tell us the PA would come down shortly. By this time his whole hand is swollen and huge. Still no offer of ice pack or Ibuprofin. Eventually the PA came down and "set" his bone back in place and crafted and applied a makeshift splint for him to wear until he could see an orthopedic doctor. The PA was the only one to offer him Ibuprofin but it was not until we were literally leaving, so we declined as we only live a couple of blocks away and had it at home. When we went to pay, the cashier offered us an option to put $$ down right away and the hospital gives you an additional 10% of what you put down toward your bill. We said okay, but then she could not figure out how to do this in the computer system. We waited for her to get a supervisor who also could not figure it out. Finally she said she would just make a note in the file. We just got the bill and guess what?? The 10% we were supposed to get is not on the bill. This was our second time going to this ER because it is so close to home, but they are pretty awful to deal with. Care on a basic level is substandard. The physician's assistants we have dealt with have been fine, but the rest of the support staff and the billing department make it tempting to drive across town to another ER.

Mary Dietz

Do not by any means send anyone to this hospital if they have a chronic incurable condition. The Emergency Room Doctor put a DNR on my sisters record before sending her up to the floor. Luckily when she went into full cardiac arrest the next morning the nurse didn’t see and saved her life. The doctor actually Apoliges to me because they had saved her. I have been trying for a week to speak to someone in administration requesting daily while my sister was still in the hospital. Sent emails. Still no response. I will keep trying to get some answers but in the meantime I am reaching out to every avenue to warn people about this hospital

Bethany Kell

Not the best place by no means. My experience was just a quick e.r. visit for my hubby. He was in a lot of pain in his back. I gave 3 stars because of quickness and kind staff. All they did for him was give him two pain pills and a prescription no thorough look at what was causing the pain. Staff are nice. Senior as a security officer doesn't really make me feel safe just saying. So if your just looking for a scrip or pain meds it's fine but if u actually want to know what's wrong ya might want to go elsewhere.

Ryan Ross

The out-patient pharmacy here is the best I have ever been to. Their staff is supper friendly and they do everything they can to get you on your way as fast as possible. If you need perscriptions filled I would recommend to go here.

Victoria herron

The staff, yes all of them-grounds maintenance to doctors, seem genuine and have a high regard for people.

Laszlo Horvath

I worked at this hospital in the 80’s and 90’s. I saw a lot behind closed doors and on the floors and worked a lot of night shift. I was always amazed at the Adventist philosophy towards health care. Such compassion for the ill and the empty from nurses, Doctors and ancillary staff. It was the best job of my life and the most rewarding as a career while employees there. I was quite young at the time, and my family situation was quite stressful. PAMC was my family, and I was always eager to go to work because the staff at PAMC treated me with such kindness, respect and love that I’ve never been able to replicate 30 years later. Thank you PAMC for the great times and instilling Into me how to be of service to humanity. Thank you!

Ron Myers

My first services was with with the Ortho/Dr. Hanley was the best medical treatment I have had! Unfortunately I had some serious GI issues that had developed after my first visit with Adventist, after 4 visits with their GI specialist, double booked appts that ended up being redundant and wasting my time from my job and finally a upper GI inspection that cost over 10/k to find out I have both upper and lower hernias and they were the cause of my excruciating pain and discomfort. After the diagnosis the Dr did not give me any follow up treatment plan, medication or advise. Later when had came in to the clinic with GI pain so bad I could barley walk up right, they told me I should probably see a surgeon and I should take some Tylenol for the pain. To top it all off, I just got a notice from a collection agency for the bill from the above services that I set up on sequential auto payment, or so I was lead to believe, apparently they forgot to tell me I needed to make the payments manually, apparently they took my bank and card info for the initial payment and agreement. I really want to like this place/system, the people are very nice, but I will be looking for a surgeon to help me out elsewhere :( What is really sad is each department has you fill out a ratings card, which I did numinous times, no one has bothered to follow up on any complaint, that in itself speaks volumes.

Sharona Arnold

The staff was always concern about my wellbeing.

Taraneh Fultz

My husband has been having difficulty sleeping, so I went on the "find a doctor" search my health plan has, and it rated one of Adventist's doctors to be the best option for both our plan design and as far as patient outcomes. When I called to get an appointment, the woman on the phone said I had to have a referral from a PCP so that they know what to treat. When I asked why she doesn't trust patients to know that for themselves, she said it was their policy. Apparently, some doctor who has known us once -- and for all of 15-20 minutes -- knows more about my husband's medical needs than me, the person who has slept next to him for 12 years. So now I have to find a PCP, make an appointment with them, then get a referral, and then make an appointment. Meanwhile, my husband goes untreated, and I have to pay for two office visits out of my HSA instead of one. This is NOT patient-centered care. I wish I could give this place a zero.


Was sent here by the urgent care office on 122nd and halsey to get a chest xray, some blood work and possibly a CT scan for pain on the left side of my abdomen up into my chest that wrapped around to my back and shoulder. Didn't have much nausea but had trouble breathing. They gave me a cocktail of nausea meds, antacid and oral lidocaine. Asked me how I felt an hour later. Told them I was still in pain. They gave me an oxicodone took my blood, did another ekg and skipped the xray. I left drugged up and still in pain. They diagnosed me with GERD. This is utter tripe as I didn't have any heart burn or acid. They just did not listen to me at all. Not to mention half of their staff are rude. I wouldn't go here if I were dying. Staff members joking and cursing, totally unprofessional.

Ken Adams

both my wife and I have been patients at Portland Ad in the last 2 years. I cannot think of anything they could do better. The staff could not have been more kind, responsive and professional. This Hospital is an example of excellent health care.

Serena Hartwell

Saw a doc here for a shoulder injury. Everyone was kind. They seemed very rushed and busy. At least they wanted to help me though.

Myke Rodriguez

I do appreciate that it's a hospital that's down the street, that provides basic essential care for patients, but some of the staff are just garbage. Tried to ask a primary care provider about some potential neurological issues and he immediately invalidated any and all of my questions/concerns. I also have close relatives that have gone there in critical condition only to be told "we can't find anything wrong with you."

Corey Miller

They treat you like a junkie every time!!! Nurses here are trained to persistently ask about your past drug use.. if there isn't past drug use then you're a liar.. this place needs dramatic revaluation look how many 1 star reviews..

Cheyenne Allen

I got hit by a car and they did a horrible job of taking care of me. I was unable to walk and they only took two X-rays of my ribs to later find out I had more complications and a concussion they’ve missed. I was crying in pain for hours before they even gave me something for pain. The nurses seemed to not care as much as they should have. I do not recommend coming here if it’s a serious injury.

Robin Spencer

I was taken to the emergency room by ambulance, because of a irregular heartbeat. I am being generous giving the visit a 3. I understand the inner workings of emergency rooms having 30+ years experience working in other Emergency Rooms. The physician was fantastic! The nurses were understaffed, Lab & X-RAY staff were timely and kind. However the ER Support Staff seems to drag the entire operation down. I needed to use the call button X2 both times the woman was short and rude and didn't follow up. After several hours I used the call button for the 3rd time to say I was leaving, the doctor came in and he was surprised to hear the X-ray he was waiting for had been done for almost 2 hours. He was apologetic and had me released within half an hour. Once home my husband told me how poorly he was treated by the front desk when he arrived. The man told him to go sit down! He waited over an hour no one said anything to him he reported that the man at the desk kept glaring at him, so he didn't approach the desk again until the man stepped away. He was then allowed to see me. I told the nurse and doctor that he was on his way from work, they said they would send him in when he arrived. I never left the room, so was no reason to keep him waiting. He is soft spoken man, and was anxious there is no reasonable excuse for how he was treated. I believe that the changing clientele, and population explosion possibly have left staff lacking, customer service is as important in the ER as any other business. Should I need care again I will go anywhere else.

Joni Coffman-Fisher

In spite of the report signed by a radiologist at Adventist, Emergency room doctors and every other "professional" at Adventist failed to diagnose my husband with an Empyema which had completely crushed his left lung. The nurses on the third floor were often hours late bringing pain medication to my husband while he was suffering under their care for three days. When I raised the issue with nurses, I was berated for my attitude and made to feel that I had no right to be upset over my husbands continued deterioration, their lack of comprehension of the schedule that they had set for the medication, my fear of him dying, the lack of ANY diagnosis, the repeated denials I was given when requesting to have the covering physician speak with me. When on the third night a doctor did finally come to the room, he told us that my husband "probably has pneumonia but it hadn't shown up on any of the tests." and "The WBC IS 25 BUT OBVIOUSLY IT'S FOR SOME REASON OTHER THAN INFECTION." THIS TURNED OUT TO BE ALMOST comical because the doctor had at the same time handed me paperwork with a copy of the report from the radiologist stating that my husband had an Empyema. The report was dated the morning my husband was taken to the ER. Adventist kept my husband for 3 days and at NO TIME made any attempt at treating the Empyema. The CT-SCAN showed CLEARLY that my husband's left lung had been completely crushed. My husband is alive because I took him to another hospital where they performed surgery. I wonder how many have died as a result of the negligence, malpractice and failure to diagnose Adventist dishes out on a regular basis?

Asha Hawkesworth

I took my sister-in-law here at the suggestion of her home nurse (she recently had a stroke). Her anxiety had become extreme and crippling, and she could not sleep. She was also "peeing" every 5 minutes--part of her anxiety. They did a urinalysis, EKG, and blood test. The young doctor came in and essentially told us he was going to discharge her with nothing. He referred us to her GP -- who had referred us to the neurologist, who referred us to the GP, who was on vacation, and here we were at the ER. Antianxiety medications and sleeping medications were "not in my wheelhouse," he told us. It's a shame that a hospital that size has literally no one this poor ignorant doctor could ask for advice when someone comes in in an emergency situation. I am not impressed.

Marilyn Antonov

Group of inexperienced morons which will take your money if the opportunity comes up. They will force you into care even if you're against it. Few times was diagnosed incorrectly and forced treatment even though labs never came back. When labs came back, they told me that it was doctors dirt from hands which resulted labs to show incorrectly. They didn't even apologize like as if it's ok. To make story short, horrible experience. Hospitals as such need to be shut down.

Heidi Schnidrig

Dr. Lee in the ER was not only rude but had extremely horrible bedside manor. When a family member is on the verge of death, and we as the family do not know what to do or what is happening, you would think that an er dr. would be somewhat experienced in dealing with such a situation with couth, and sympathy. My mom and I were next to my sisters bed after she almost died, to have this dr. walk in shrug his shoulders and say, "well she's dying, and I don't know, I don't know what to say" .. on and on and literally would not answer one question of ours. My mom had to remind him that she is our family and we love her. It was one of the most shocking displays from someone in the medical field I have EVER seen and I hope I never do again. If u need amazing medical attention I would highly recommend Good Sam. After Adventist released my sister waaaay before she should have, we took her there. Good Sam took care of my sister, they didn't judge her, they treated her like she was a human being!!! To Dr. Lee... shame on you. You need to remember why you became a dr. in the first place, figure it out or quit your job!

Katie Marie

The worst hospital. The hospital staff are a bunch of rude control freaks that harm rather than help.

Wes Anderson

Great people

Kirsten Brooks

My son was in the care of the Adventist hospital and their staff from May 13th to May 24th and received the best care anyone could ever hope for. Sadly he passed away after a week at home on Hospice care after he was discharged. The doctors (all but one) on the third floor and the doc I met in the ER were simply the most caring and compassionate I have ever met during the most difficult time I have ever experienced and that no parent should ever have to deal with. The nurses and aids were spectacular with the care they gave Aaron and in the way my family and friends were treated. I didnt know that a hospital and staff existed. I wish my father would have been able to have received the same care here in Ohio. If I were ever going to have to be hospitalized I wish it could be at Adventist

Margaret Marick

I had surgery a little over two weeks ago, Dr. Tella was my surgeon, he didn't come to my room before surgery to talk to me or after surgery, he only talked to my husband and never came to my room after words to talk to me to tell me what exactly he did. while i am happy with the out come i am not please with lack of information. i went in this week to get stitches removed and the assistant only cut off the knot to the stitch, when i ask her if she was sure they were all out she said yes, well i got home i half of the stitch was still in my knee on two different stitch areas, I am not happy that she didn't check to see if they were completely out.

Pearblossom 13

Portland Adventist has been the place I keep goung back to. I've been from Providence to St Vincent's only to find I really like Portland Adventist. It's a smaller size hospital. Much easier to navigate. Also OSHU has partnered with them. For instance the Knight Cancer treatment Center now has a satellite home at Portland Adventist.

Sally j Savidge

Dr. Flowerday is the best . She follows though in getting my concerns answered. The entire staff from the Emergency Room , those caring for me in my hospital room, Nurses, Doctors and room service were caring professionals and the best in their field Sally Savidge

Korinne Gormley

Went at the urging of my primary care doctor due to chest pain. Entered the emergency room and had blood drawn, EKG some x- rays and of course all my insurance info. Stayed in the room for almost two hours, then I was told we were in the triage area and we had to move to the main waiting room. STILL WAITING an hour later. Is this really or health care system?

Lara Tovar

I just want to say that all Nurses and RT in ICU are amazing. They took realy good care of my mom while she was there. We went in as stranger and we part as friends. They made her and us as comfortable as possible. They are very attentive. Their goal was to get her better and to get us back to Cali. As for the rest of the hospital it is very clean. The cafeteria serves vegan food and its good coming from someone who loves meat, and they're inexpensive. The 3rd floor nurses are great too. Security guards are great. They let you have a trailer on the premises if necessary for a small reasonable fee.

Joni Fisher

my husband had to be seen at another eR after leaving Adventist. The other er saved his life! Adventist Treated my husband as if he were a malingering drug addict while he was dying and in excruciating pain. Nurses behaved like they were at a frat party, withheld pain medication for 2 hours past scheduled doses. Treated me like dirt in spite of the fact that I was watching the love of my life suffer and die while staff did nothing. No sign of a doctor for 3 1/2 days. Then lied about the diagnosis, treatment and discharge. My husband is alive right now because 24 hours after Adventist said he could go home, I took him to Providence. Providence diagnosed him within 4 hours, admitted him and performed life saving surgery the next morning. If you want to kill someone, take them to Portland Adventist.

Gloria Lopez

There was blood on the floor in the examining room and I was disappointed because you would expect that a hospital would have a clean and sanitary environment. I also went here when I had heart failure, all they could tell me was that I had high blood pressure. If I would of not gotten a second opinion I might of died

Nathan McCall

Got a woman named patty who came to my grandparents house today about physical therapy for my uncle and she showed up 5 hours late and is just sitting in her car for about an hour doing nothing. She couldnt even get into tge house because we have dogs and shes apparently too scared of a dog. Also she showed up not even knowing what she was doing there. Very unprofessional. I hooe her boss can see this because she needs to be fired.

Della Howells

We were told to take our son to another hospital, and they were ready for us. We sat in the waiting room for 2 hour before our son was even looked at. Another 90 minutes waiting to see a doctor. After 6 hours and my son looks at me and said “ mom I’m really scared” i told them we were leaving. I would be taking my son to another hospital. When leaving the other hospital, I was told if I wanted second rate care fine. Adventist is not second rate! If you want care, compassion and doctors and nurses that really care. My son’s doctor came in and told us straight up, I don’t know I need consultant other professionals. When he came back he was ready to answer all our questions. Thank you!

LaToya Kelly

If you are planning to come here please plan that you will walk out because you were told you were not sick enough to be seen with in the five to six hours you have been wait to be seen.

sondra hicks

I was born here June 1 in 1981, I'm alive and I was a preemie. So thank you.

Jennifer Lee

The staff at Adventist are amazing. Everyone I encounter has been extremely helpful. Special shout out to their hard working facility department; they are a wonderful group of people!

Brenda B

My mother was having difficulty breathing. When I approached admitting, one of the staff helping another patient heard my mother's symptoms. He immediately took her to a room and within 15 minutes she was given an IV, an EKG, Chest x-ray, blood tests, etc. At one time, there were (literally) 9 people in her room, including a doctor overseeing her care. I can't say enough good things about the staff at Adventist. Thank you!!

justin thomson

I'm not sure what happened on my er visit, it was a huge waste of time and money though. I was attacked with a car and hit twice, once with my back turned and then once when I was facing the car. I was sore, but didn't think anything was broken. I went to the E.R. a few days later with severe back pain and they took x-rays and sent me on my way . I honestly don't even think I saw a dr, I know I was never actually examined. I don't know if its because I don't have health coverage or what, but now I'm wondering what it is I'm paying for here.......................

Daniel Cazan

STAY AWAY! FAR FAR AWAY! If I could give it less than 1 I would in a heartbeat I went there in extreme pain. They kept me waiting over an hour, moved me to another room where I waited another hour (this is in the ER), by which point the pain had went away on its own. They convinced me to get a bunch of scans (never mentioning the costs), tried to upsell me even further, found nothing, gave me a sheet with a 'guess it may have been..' and sent me out. Shortly after I woke up to a bill of about 3K (which I didn't have). I tried to fight it, failed, by which point they added another 1K. Paid, thought I was clear and I just woke up to ANOTHER bill from them for $500 I had no idea about that had gone to collections. STAY AWAY FROM HERE! I do my best to always be positive and not post bad reviews but STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE - they are inept, won't help you, and will overcharge at every opportunity, set fire to your money if you need to, it will have the same effect as visiting.

Jamie Montoya

I want to say thank you to Dr.. Israel in Radiology. I went in for an MRI on my neck and he must have seen something he contacted my doctor's office had me come back in for an MRI of the brain and found a brain tumor so again thank you very much. FYI I tried to post this earlier and it was under my son's name so please forgive the confusion

Laurie Boss

I recently had to have cervical surgery and was placed in the hands of Dr. Bret Ball and the staff at Adventist health. This was my first major surgery and my anxiety was through the roof, but from the staff in reception to the nurse that checked me out of the hospital, I was greeted by people that left me feeling I was in great hands and that they truly cared about my well being. I wish I could thank all the nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists and support staff personally. You made a very traumatic experience about as pleasant as it could be. It's been a week since my surgery and I have had a relatively pain free recovery, Life is looking bright again and I thank you all. They only rate up to five stars, I would go at least ten. Laurie

Adam Lee

Visited the ER with my son. They got us back quickly and had him feeling better shortly after. The doctors, nurses and staff were all very helpful and kind and kept us informed throughout the process.

William Miller

I had knee surgery yesterday. This has been my 3rd surgery at Adventist and each time has been a great experience. Yesterday, though, was extraordinary - the nurses and staff were really great, the doctors and my anesthesiologist were very thoughtful and caring. All to top it off, nearly every staff member I came in contact with held amazing conversations and were quite funny, especially in the pre-anesthesia/ surgery area! I am very pleased I came back to Adventist.

Barb Sletmoe

I made a trip to the Emergency at Adventist Medical Center recently. The entire staff - doctor, nurses, registration, lab tech - were all amazing. They were helpful, friendly and caring. A special shout out to Dr. Eli Klovee-Smith. Excellent doctor. And he personally called me several days later to be sure all was well. THANK YOU!

Martina Versoza

Get good care

Kathy Nabielski

Went in because my husband had excruciating pain in his knee. After over two hours they took exrays and then we waited 3 1/2 hours to get into a room which never was available! We left because we had to catch a plane at 8:00Am. Total waste of time!! I feel sorry for Portland. Plaster peeling off the bathroom wall, equiptment dated, homeless sleeping on the couches, overall...rundown and dirty!!

James Holloway

James, the ER nurse, for professionalism and sympathy in the face of extreme circumstances. Dr. Peachman, for his bedside and understanding in the same. The rest of the ER staff clicked along like clockwork, Amber in admissions was AWESOME!

Michael Thomas

I fell skateboarding and ripped my hand open. They were not compassionate and rude, and seem to accuse everyone of medication seeking. It is weirdly streamlined and fast though. I had to demand my open wound be covered after nothing happening.

Super Dan Anderson

This hospital is the tops. Every staff member exuded competence, confidence and care. My hip replacement surgery went very well, in and out of there in a day and a half. Terific experience!

jeri olson

The staff in 1400 are creepy. The torture they put my son through was the ultimate torture. Chemical restraint and seclusion! Medicare fraud, locked my son up for 60 days with no activities, then billed Medicare 80,000 for each month! Medicare investigating this Staff make up false sexual -allegations to ban visits by family. These people will burn in hell Very sadiatic staff. Very harmful treatment. Maggie Manning and John Custer are from the depths of hell! Lucky to get out alive!

Mohamed Dore

I love this hospital because they dont waist your time in most cases its in and out they make sure u are seen right away and get you the best treatment available for u .thank you Adventist for your hard and kind regard for human life .

Randy Brusse

I've had 3 neck fusion operations, 3 hernia repairs, 1 knee surgery and a rotater cuff repair. I was always treated with upmost respect and friendly staff who seemed to go out of the way to make things better. I have no complaints and will continue to use Portland Adventist Hospital.

seif elzaghal

It was a good service that provided to my sister in law, but I had to call 7 times to get my invoices sent out, but they never did.

Lorraine Browning

10/10/18-10/11/18 Went to this hospital. Every time they told me to wait 15 minutes, I waited 40. When they did finally see me, it was for 3 minutes and they didn't even properly look at my shoulder. The pills they gave me didn't help the pain and I was ready to cry. My sister was with me, she saw how much pain I was in. She has PTSD and other issues. When the doctor came in they told her to stop her fidgeting habit. She didn't have her service dog with her, so the doctor doing that to her, made her mentally worse. Then she moved on to me. I showed her where the pain was. Didn't even look at the area. In fact she looked at my neck and wrist. But, not my shoulder. Then she claimed I had "Frozen shoulder" she meant locked shoulder. Horrible doctor. If a patient is in pain and ready to cry. You need to find out what's wrong. Not do a few pokes and send them home. Still in pain as I write this. Going to another hospital. Plan to sue this one if something is actually wrong with my shoulder.

Dianne Conniry

I want to thank everyone on the psychiatric ward. Adventist was the BEST hospital we have been to. They worked with us and helped more than any other hospital. At first I thought it was really sad that they had a outdated TV. I offered to donate one and then the social worker explained that on the first level they are just trying to stabilize patients. She explained that they really have no desire for TV or games..That was huge for me. Once stable they move up to what I am use to seeing in a hospital..Thanks again!!!!

Susan Myers

Brought my husband here for severe abdominal pain. I know every ER has long waiting times, so we were expecting it. It took hours to get CT results. I guess this is normal but the nurses and doctors should remain professional out at their stations while people are waiting. We heard all about drunken parties, vacations, etc. When you are in severe pain and waiting you would like to know the medical staff is working their hardest to take care of patients not on one long break laughing and carrying on.

corissa holbrook


Meeshell Marie

Worst place ever saw a stabbed victim walk out and leave due to making him wait. When I was seen for a lump in my neck I've had for over six months that is getting worse the nurse told me its to expensive to do x rays and cat scans so she felt it and said is a muscle spasim .. Well a good second opinion I was told the lump needs to be tested for cancer its so bad its hard to swallow I will never go there again . Horrible place!!!! I can't believe they get paid to say tests are to expensive your fine go home!

Wes Blumenberg

I came into the ER on a Friday evening due to being hit by a car and an evulsion of my front tooth, numerous lacerations inside/outside my lip and my gums. My entire body was sore and bruised and it hurt to walk. Believe it or not, the ER was unable to find a wheelchair and I had to walk back. I asked several times for a new rag or something that I could stick in my mouth because the current one that I had been using was completely soaked in blood, it took them 10 min to get me one, it was clearly not a priority to them. I was sent back into a room to wait. After 30 or 40 min I had a CT scan of my head and neck, but nothing further was done. Nobody checked or cleaned my lip or mouth, nobody checked my wrists or knees even though I complained of pain here. Nobody stitched my lip, nothing...After the CT scan I waited another 30 min to see a Dr. The Dr. was unprofessional, and told me stuff that I already knew, seemed to have no idea what to do. We left as soon as possible to get to a dentist for urgent repairs to my tooth, gums, and lip. Extremely unprofessional staff, nobody seemed to know what was going on, and nobody even offered to clean my wounds/mouth. Crazy. This is not my first bad experience with this hospital either, the only reason we came here was because of the close proximity to our house, and needing to get our kids taken home. My family and I will never go to this hospital again.

Angelica Olvera

My husband had an spine surgery and from the moment we stepped into the hospital everyone was very nice, professional and helpful. The atmosphere seemed busy but it was flowing through very organized. All the stuff played an important role into our visit. We both felt like we were the only ones there for a treatment. The surgery was very successful thanks to the best surgeon on the northwest. Dr. Darrell Brett.... thanks for everything.

Keith Blair

Don't let them call American Medical Response for transporting patients for a non-emergency trip...!!! Adventist arranged for transportation from the hospital to Village Health Care ( a 5 mile trip ), $806.68, non-emergency, no IV's and NO rush..... Medicare doesn't cover this cost and AMR won't explain the $161.33 per mile charge.... My mom is 85 and broke her hip, went to Adventist, received great care but how is a retired senior on a fixed income suppose to afford this bill..... To Portland Adventist: Please review policies of transport services and make AMR your LAST choice..... (unless someone is getting a kickback for non-emergency transports...?)

Tamara Golic

I was an ED patient here two weeks ago and it was the most horrible experience one could possibly have gone through. I was actively throwing up, had a terrible ear ache and my throat felt like I was swallowing pins and needles. The triage nurse was absolutely horrible. I was running a fever of 102. My temp was never taken and documentation was falsified. I was in severe pain and I was placed in the triage waiting area where I continued to scream and cry. Then I was taken to a consult room, where I placed myself on the floor from the pain. My sister finally arrived to help me. The triage admit nurse stated that I only made a complaint of vomiting. Upon arrival I had told numerous staff to include the admit tilroage nurse that my throat and ear were painful and I was feverish and cold.The admit triage nurse claimed I never made such a complaint. I was in disbelive. After an hour I was roomed and i have to say the attending MD was very kind and professional and the Noc shift nurse as well. I will never go to Adventist nor recommend it to family, friends or patients. I myself am I nurse and I would never treat another being as I was by the triage team. I am overpowered with a feeling of disgust when I hear portland Adventist hospital.

Harrison James

This place should be tore down and used as a land fill...They are racist and judgemental...My wife came in because she fainted...She banged her head when she did...They were told by EMT several times...They were more focused on how she got the bump on her head than finding out why she keeps fainting... After draining her insurance for what they could get...they found nothing... Wouldn't even clean or Dr the wound they were soooo concerned about....Sent us out the door like unwelcomed guest...not fitting of their attention...The nurse staff was aweful as well...only one displayed any concern..wish there was a mega negative star that could be given...Sad part of it all is these people go home and sleep after showing so little concern for a field that they say they went into to help people when it's so not the driven devil's that care for nothing but their pockets....POS HOSPITAL..

Kayla Skare

I have been to this ER many times for myself and with other family members they are always quick (for an emergency room) and have always provided great care! Each time the registration / tech / check in runs smoothly. The nurses are great and the doctors aren’t arrogant! There is always room for improvement though which I’m not even sure if this is a hospital issue but more of a community issue.... the patients that come in are sketchy sometimes for example once an abusive husband was in the waiting room threatening his wife and child which was scary! They could have responded sooner with security! However it was addressed just little things like there clients BUT I don’t feel it’s there fault people are nuts:) over all they are my first choice for an ER visit in the area. There medical physicians near the hospital are great too! If you need a primary doctor!

Daichelle Mitchell

Came with someone who was placed in a room right away as I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours being told they’re waiting for a room while still taking people who came in after me to rooms 1 of the reasons I’m here is I’m having sharp back pains and they expected me to sit in a hard uncomfortable chair for hours and couldn’t even offer me a pillow for support meanwhile the person I came here with is done and has had numerous tests done

Brenda Munoz


Justine Reeves

Took my friend here when he was extremely sick, the Dr. Sent him home after telling him he was fine, well he wasn't fine, not even close, he was told that his blood was drawn and nothing was found, well at another hospital he went to confirmed his blood was never drawn, out of all the odivous signs he had,i believe that dr. Should be investigated!

Qalbi Jiimi

They don't care about people like that. No matter how sick you are if you not crying or acting up, they will tell you to see your primary care. what if you don't make it before that? Why is it so hard for them to take a blood taste??????? Providence is the answer you will be checked before you go home. And that is the way it should be. Portland Adventist :(:( :(

google reviewer

Took a Chip Education program and found it to be outstanding. Program for long term healthy eating. Demonstrations of food were presented at each class session.

Feng Chen

My father lives nearby, he has been in several time to the ER for pain. They never got to the cause of it and just prescribe him pain medicine. The last time my father was there Dr. Rhonda Brown said my father was probably not in pain but just old and depress. She then said there was a language barrier because she couldn't explain my father's pain. My father was suffering and as a Dr she is very unprofessional and unethical. Today my father was diagnose with an infection in his spine. Just to show that she fail her duty as a Dr. Very incompetent.

lissette loza

they don't did not take care of my father right and because of their low care my father left this world. The doctors don't care to give good care and they same is the same way non of them are professional and they talk about patients in front of everyone. WOULD NEVER NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE GO THIS HOSPITAL ALL STAFF & DOCTORS SUCKS.

David Austin

We have had all five of our children delivered at Adventist because of the great service, attention and care of Dr. Sargent and Dr. Nakamura. We were really pleased with the family birthing center, and are grateful for the care we received

Kandera Lockwood

Waaaay better than Providence. Previously wrote a bad review and I apologize. But most of the staff are great and accomidable but of course there are a few bad apples anywhere you go. Last but not least, the cafeteria food is AMAZING. I would stop by just to dine their, honestly. They even have vegan/vegetarian options! Wooo!

Cathi Riley

Excellent, I was very scared for my procedure and they were very calming and carry

Scott T Kenny

They send me junk mail, and there's no way to get off their mailing list. Doesn't seem great. Update: 2 months later, more junk mail. They have not honored my request to be removed. The campaign continues unabated!

Kim Micohn

Adventist Medical Center in Portland,OR is the most caring, compassionate hospital. Everyone there is so nice. The doctors,nurses,staff is outstanding in their field of work. They make you feel comforted when you are there as a patient. They have also saved my life back in 2009 when I was treated for pancreatitis & double pneumonia. I thank them so much for all that they do. The hospital itself has private rooms which are needed when you are really sick and don't want to be a bother to your room mate.

Xochitl Olivarez

They are very rude to children !! they practically tell you to cover their mouths or to go outside with them

Zach Hartford

Treated my wife like garbage. Left her food sitting outside her room for 45 minutes before they gave it to her.

ceren cetin

Stayed two nights in here for my son’s birth and had an amazing experience. The nurses at the family birth center were amazing, caring and compassionate. I personally want to thank each and every one of them for their hard work during my labor and delivery; especially nurses Gwen, Allie and Jacoba. They were beyond awesome. And my angel midwife Peggy Hayes, CNM created simply the best care. At Adventist, they keep you in the same room for labor and delivery and postpartum. They have jacuzzi tubs and birthing balls in the rooms. My husband and I were quite comfortable in there; plus you can order on a room service menu (delicious) from LivingWell Bistro. All the staff were super helpful. During my hospital stay, they taught me many things such as swaddling, nursing, effective burping, basic baby care, etc. As first-time parents, we really appreciated that. Overall, I would highly recommend this hospital for childbirth.

Darwin Durek

They are all kind, compassionate, dedicated to excellence!

Ciarra Davis

Been sitting here for hours and they're just chatting it up about their weekend plans. The most unprofessional people work here.

Rick Buckshnis

I had a total knee replacement in July. From the beginning I knew this was a class operation.There is an entire floor that is devoted to knee and hip replacements. First of all you attend a short class on what to expect before, during and post operation. It was very informative. The operation took place and I was at the hospital for a few days rehabbing with fellow patients. Excellent staff of nurses, doctors, physical therapists.What a great experience with the exception of actually having it done. I am almost looking forward to the day when they do my other knee.

Mike Larson

I was brought in because I was very very sick with a virus, I had ear pain at a 10, high fever, I couldn't walk in a wheel chair never been so sick in my whole life, brought to a room, a blood drawer the worst in my life stabbed me I asked her why so ruff, she said I know what I am doing been here 42 years, yah, that's 42 years too many I couldn't use my arm and it was bruised for more then 2 weeks..did chest xray, and was sent to waiting room after 45 min I asked how much longer, she the receptionist said and I quote there are people in the back sicker then you". I wheeled my chair out to the parking lot and left. I swear to god I will never ever in my life ever use Adventist ER as long as I live. The next morning went to Providence given IV's and the care there was more then a 10. I was seen in just a few min I seen the doctor within 20 min. Get it together, you treat people like Cattle, Your disrespectful, and don't care at all if a person is spreading a virus in the ER. This virus lasted me 3 Weeks of Hell, another week to be able to walk. But Adventist doesn't care about people and you say your about Religion I suggest you get your little girls in the reception area to learn Compassion and Manners I could have died no care at all...Never Ever Again!!!!!!!!!!!

kelly moore

The doc is a joke never in all my years until tonight have I heard a doc tell me well I didnt want to research what to give a pregnant woman so I asked a pharmacist what to prescribe talk about making you feel safe

Joann Hecker

ER, the staff here just doesn’t care about your well being, if there even care at all. The we have been waiting for over 10 hours for service in the ER. The staff does not care, next time we will for sure go to another ER and or hospital...

King Of Thighs

Pretty upset at this place. Usually great people and friendly environment. Went in for an annual exam (which is covered by my insurance for free) and scheduled it as an annual exam with a visit to help quit smoking. I made 200% clear before going it has to be an annual exam and they said yes it will be that. Now they say they did not perform the exam, which I thought they did by blood draw and all the checkups etc so I lost my 500 FSA spending account bonus. Called 3 times and 1st time they said it was scheduled as an annual exam. 2nd time they said it was annual exam and visit to quit smoking. 3rd time now the account manager is saying I only scheduled for quitting smoking so now I can not get my FSA because they will not bill correctly. They just say to schedule another visit for annual exam. Sorry, I will not fall for that again. Moving on from this place.

William Tsosie-Stanners

I work near by in mall 205, and we occasionally end up having junkies shoot up in our bathroom or around our building and I often find and need to dispose of old syringes that are left in the trash or on the ground around the parking lot and building. But every time I come into the hospital to dispose of the syringes properly; I'm treated poorly and racially profiled as if I'm the one shooting up. Basically the customer service here is horrendous! I'll still come in to dispose of old syringes so they are properly handled but, I honestly hate having to go in to this hospital and be judged poorly for just trying to keep the neighborhood clean.

Paula Urban

Recently my father was in the ICU here for 3 days and another 2 in the hospital. They saved his life. If it wasn't for their quick response to what was happening he wouldn't be here today. They have a great medical team and the nurses here are the most patient and understanding.

Laurissa Woodbury

The last few times I’ve had to come in to this hospital has been horrible. Long waits, rude staff, and poor attentiveness to patients. Not to mention dirty! While waiting in the internal waiting room in the ER you could see blood droplets that were on the floor. Who knows how long it’s been since they cleaned it. One person was letting their drool/snot drip down onto the chairs, and after they left others came and just sat in the mess. Staff continued to walk by and took notice of other waiting patients and their bodily fluids, but nothing was done. I understand hospitals can be busy or short staffed, but basic cleanliness and attentiveness to patients in the work place should be reviewed.

Ruth Britton Yasui

My sister-in-law came to this hospital with an emergency miscarriage and I have to say that the staff was amazing to us. What a difficult experience to endure and they provided the best of care and the most compassion.

Diana Trimmer

I went in for an infection. The P.A. I "saw" never asked what medications I was on, any medical history and didn't retake vitials when blood pressure was a crazy number (I would have been dead if it was correct.) They didn't do any blood work or other tests. I was out in 20 minutes with a prescription for antibiotics and told to see my regular doctor. Worst supposed medical care I've ever received at any E.R.

Alyssa Mcmillen

Horrible I have been sitting in this room for over a hour and have not been seen by anyone

Jenn Manning

Not good with children. Staff was unprofessional. They are short staffed and the facility is dirty. This hospital used to be nice, clean and professional. We will never use this hospital again.

Haley Wigent

I was SHOCKED by the cost. They knew that we were self pay and they didn't give us options for how our case was handled. They did a CT scan that cost $3000 plus we got a surprise bill for $300 in addition to that for reading the reports. A simple urinalysis would have confirmed the diagnosis and the waited until the end to even suggest that as an option-HOURS after they had already done a CT scan. We will only be going back if our lives depend on it.....

sylvia barmore

SAM in Infusion LAB Terrific Nurse! and Loving Personality!

conan barbarian

Went for a cut on my hand and needed stitches.the er doc gave me the numbing shot and then immediately began with stitches.OMG the most painful experience ever! I admitted to the JFK, 911and pearl harbor.the former gitmo doc proceeded to continue .NEVER going there AGAIN! and to top it off, later on when's the numbing solution finally wore off , and I woke up in excruciating pain they wouldn't give me pain meds because they figured I was some kind of pain pill junkie or something.and also they tried to give me a bunch of vaccines that I didn't need or want to top it off.

Jonathan Natiuk

Thank you for the excellent care - especially afterwards. Your billing staff is incredibly friendly, kind, and never pushy. This has not been the case with other medical entities around town. So again, thank you.

Darlene Wallace

Theresa folily. In my opinion is the worst nurse practitioner I have ever met. She doesn't want to hear anything and thinks she is going to change ur world buy stopping meds and belittling u about issues that have been followed by true doctors. That specialized in that feild. Telling a type 1 dibitic she is type 2, when she contracted it at age 4. Very dangerous. .... Looks like the entire staff has left the Estacada clinic if u look at job listings on indeed. She is bery difficult to work with. As one of the front staff convayed. When I used them as a urgent care . Run, dont walk to another clinic. Sandy is great..

lily28 bernini

I delivered my last baby here 2.5 years ago. Initially, i wanted to give birth at providence but couldnt make it. Their maternity unit is small and short staffed. Room was small with a very old and tiny tv (couldnt even see well). I thought, oh well its just one night. However my baby developed problems overnight so I had to stay an extra night with baby. Baby was hungry and i didnt produce any milk yet so i asked if they could bring in some formula. Took them a good 30 min. They were not compassionate. I came in 9 cm dilated and they appeared to be irritated because they didnt have things set up yet. They asked me a bunch of health questions, and i know its protocol but that was so annoying given the pain i was in. To sum it up, staff were inattentive, short staffed, dirty rooms, bland food. I definitely prefer Providence. Im pregnant again and hopefully i can avoid this place.

Ruvim Micsanschi

Visited hospital because of high fever, after few tests was asked to wait in the lobby; waited for 4 hours for the room to become available. When was called into the room, had to wait another 30 mins for physician, who prescribed few pills and dismissed; for this procedure i received $2.5k bill. After requesting itemized description I learned that 3 pills at hospital are twice as expensive as a bottle at pharmacy, x-ray procedure is twice as expensive as the one I performed at the other hospital, physician charges $500+ for 10 mins or work and hospital charges $1.7k+ for 30 mins of room usage and 4 hrs waiting in the lobby. Overall experience is very negative, avoid this place... for the $2.5k/hr people deserve a better treatment #royalRipoff


Horrid!! This place made Willamette Falls look like a Marriot! Never have I been so forgotten in my life!!!! Pre surgery tests lost, forgot to take different blood so poked twice. and it just got worse. Don't even want to continue cause its making me madder! Don't go there, if you don't have to.

Laurie Holycross

We went here for a short term operations today. Both Wally and I were impressed with the level of care Wally recieve. I was impressed with the systems they had in place to keep me informed on Wally's surgery and recovery! The facility was very clean and the staff was great!

Ari Faraji

Due to a sudden eye injury, I visited ER at this facility. Every single person during my encounter was super nice; from security guy to the treating physician. The nurse put a drop into my eye immediately after arrival to ease the burning and the pain while they were doing the paperwork. The the physician Mrs. Cooperate performed a lengthy and thorough evaluation. The next day, my eye was doing much better. She even called to follow up with me. Great, knowledgeable and caring nurses and staff. Highly recommend this facility. Thank you everyone.

Linda Marie

Everyone had been great!! Provided great care where ever I go!! Friendly people that go beyond to help. Thank you!!

Ryan Howey

Great staff, relatively quick ER

Leslyette Chevez

This is by far one of the worst hospitals I’ve seen. The lack of good follow up care by doctos is just terrible. My parents made a mistake bringing my grandma here to the ER expecting to receive the care this hospital claims to offer as part of their vision and values.

Me Forever

I saw someone in write in the comments section that they have had countless visits and countless procedures or surgeries. Hmm. Maybe it's because this hospital SUCKS! Worst hospital EVER! I suffered a severe brain injury there, lost 4 pints of blood during a surgery and they only replaced two because they doctor denied the other two while I was in the ICU! They released me and I was back within 48 hours almost dead. They worked to revive me for about 45 minutes in the ER. The doctor gave the okay to transfuse the other two units but I had a serious pulmonary embolism blocking part of my heart and in my lung. I had a severe spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed for about six months and when I went to the ER they took just an x-ray and said I had scoliosis and sent me home! Each time I went back they wouldn't treat me. I saw a surgeon 7 years later at Providence and they said I should have had my spine packed in ice and taken to a back rehab center! My spinal cord is frayed like a rope that starts to unwind with too much tension and it's attached to my spine. It's too short for my body now because it was lifted out of the nerve root beds in four places. Some other damage was done as well but they never even did a CT or MRI!!!!!!!! The surgeon's eyes got really big and he said "Please don't ever let Advantest touch your back for any reason and for God's sake don't let them do surgery on it!" I have had other problems there too that doesn't need to be mentioned. I have said enough. STAY AWAY!

Neva Barker

I called to ask a VERY basic question and the nurse said she couldn't give me medical advise. Even though I wasn't asking for advise just a simple answer. From now on I'll just go straight to google instead of asking those worthless people at that hospital. It's pathetic that they are so paranoid of giving the wrong answer that they can't even answer a basic first aid question being so afraid that it might be wrong. If they are so incompetent that they can't answer a simple question which is NOT medical advice for fear of being wrong then maybe they need to go back to school. This was not a question for any sort of medical advice it's obviously a question about the basic symptoms of a possible heart attack. The question: the list of items heart attack symptoms list radiating pain in left arm. I asked her if that was pain down the left arm or from the neck into the left arm?

Kathryn Robles

The ER wait time is horrendous. My husband was sent to the ER by his doctor today for chest pain and he was there for over seven hours, most of that time in the waiting room even though he was the highest priority patient, because it took hours for them to get an open bed. This is NOT the first time we've sat for six plus hours just waiting here, but it's the only hospital nearby. The staff is nice, but they need either to fix their constant crazy long ER wait times.

Sarah Carllson

Brenda at the imaging front desk is amazing. She always puts a smile on my face with her humor and politeness. Paula in admitting could use some work... she has been very rude multiple times. As the first person you come to in the establishment, it’s important to have a welcoming presence and she is surely lacking.

Ninja Nate

4 hour wait in the waiting room. Rude nurse staff. I understand that there job is stressful and they have to deal with alot.But I've have been in lots of hospitals way busyer and the staff wasn't half or even a quarter as rude.

Morisi Ahr

Incredibly rude staff, who have nothing better to do than profile and talk bad about their patients. Along with extremely messy rooms and bathrooms. Unbelievable.

Jason MacIsaac

Awful place of business. Do not go if you have a choice. This place will treat you like crap and charge you a lot of money for the disservice.

Ashley G

WORST HOSPITAL EVER... I took my son here because I knew he had Pneumonia. We were at this hospital for a total of 35 minutes. Checked in, waited for 10 minutes to be triaged, sat in Traige for 10 minutes all for a nurse practitioner to tell me without running any kind of tests that my son has to flu. I hounded for tests to be ran, nothing. I then get sent to the registration table where i asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told that I came to this hospital for their "Medical Opinion" No i did not come here for your "Opinion" I came here for my son to get Medical Treatment. We were not even offered to see a doctor. After that, We left, and I then took my son over to Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital where we waited 4 hours to be seen, got the level of care I expected and found out that my son did indeed have Pneumonia. I called Adventist as soon as I got the results and complained about the level of care my son received that day. My complaint since then has been escalated and I was told that my insurance would not be billed for 30 days for an investigation. Same day, I received the bill in the mail. I will never, ever take my child to this god awful hospital ever again.

S. Kaza

Three stars because I felt pampered here. Dr. Lissman is good. Dr. Cording is dogmatic. Good thing she went on vacation for two weeks.

william klein

Today's Date is 1-7-2019. In my Opinion, Allowing surgeons to do unnecessary surgery should be investigated ( the one that mucked me up got his license suspended for over prescribing Pain Meds and etc..), All MRI's should have to have Mandatory second opinions by a surgeon of the Patients choice before surgery of any kind is done, But Hey, the cash is good and that's all that matters here in America, other wise they would investigate Darrell and start with my MRI's, thanks for letting me state my opinion 1-7-2019

Doug Skywalker Robbins

They practice mobbing methods of harassment and used narcotics on me and over filled me with fluids for my failed heart . I went to er for antibiotic's to cure a sinus infection ..I did not complain of pain ...they said we want to admitt you for over night to observe your heart I agreed ...but they kept me there two more days and finally after a nurse was acting like she was a doctor giving me a fourth bag of iv. Antibiotic's when two hours before that the house doctor said I had to much fluid and said no more iv. I had to escape by getting my now dead brother to come and escort me out of there .

Alison Olson

Surgical team was amazing I am from Walla Walla and can say this is the best teams of doctors, nurses,cna. I was life flighted and had to have a pericardial window done and these people really go to the top for patient care thank you guys you all are phenomenal.

Destiny Roysdon

Mom went by ambulance today because Legacy Mt.hood was full She was treated good by the ambulance people but the hospital did not take care of my mom she lay in pain for hours no one help her only take blood and Make her feel bad She say she ask. to talk to Dr after she had accident in the potty but the guy tell her er was full Dr is busy time to gohome after school andy took me and my brothers to get mommy mommy had no coat Or nothing and she was crying and no one helped her and she had go home in dirty pants because accident bad and mommy is upset she not feeling better I wish someone can tell the people they were bad to my mom I don't want mommy to go back again

draginfeet kneehigh1

Don't believe what a guy says about Adventist sucks. Best place I've ever been too. In fact, they are in the top 5 percent in clinical excellence and their surgeons are highly skilled. I have had countless surgeries of all type not related to each other. I highly recommend this placetypes not related to each other

Maryellen Young

just spent 24hrs there with my husband having carotid artery surgery.He had excellent care from his Dr. his anesthesiologist and his nurses.

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