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lenzy myers

I, unfortunately, was not very impressed with this hospital for my daughters birth. I had heard a lot of good things about joyful beginnings, which is why we chose it for the delivery our 3rd child, but i don’t know what happened because our experience was not a good one. I had to deliver in a tiny little waiting room because all of the other rooms were full and my kids and husband were completely uncomfortable for hours, which wouldn’t have been too bad except the fact that they didn’t get us into a regular until 3 hours after I delivered. The anesthesiologist was great, he did wonderful on my epidural and the room service was great but as far as the rest of the stay goes, it was pretty miserable. I was in excruciating pain for all but a couple hours after I gave birth. I kept telling them over and over that my pain meds were not strong enough but no one would listen and it was kind of hard to even find a nurse. I would literally have to cry for them to even make me comfortable enough to tolerate the pain and try to get a little rest. I was exhausted by the time we went home because i never really got to rest because they never really kept my pain under control. I just gave birth, one of the most painful things a woman’s body can go through, and they are trying to give me ibuprofen. Then, when it was time to go home, they sent me home with the same pain medicine I kept telling them wasn’t working while I was in the hospital and only 10 of them?? So two days worth? I just gave birth 48 hours ago!!! I am beyond frustrated with this place and now I’m sitting at home in misery while I wait to be able to talk to my doctor tomorrow to see if she will listen to me about the pain. I know the laws for pain medication are changing in Oklahoma but dang! I just gave birth, if anyone has a reason to be on strong pain medicine, it’s women who just gave birth!! I delivered at Integris last time and wish I would have went back this time. They made the recovery process so easy at Integris and i never had to chase anyone down to get something to help the pain and help make me comfortable. Joyful beginnings was a sad experience for me really. I can’t that’s how we are treating mothers who just gave birth these days... sad sad sad.

Ashton Hall

Amazing staff! Amazing food! They are the best of the best! (Thank you all so much)

Marissa Cotto

Just had my baby this week at the hospital here. The nurses were great to me and my family. I had the flu when i went in to labor two weeks early and they had no problem taking precautions when it came to me and my baby boy. They try there best to make things comfortable, i was confined to my room due to having the flu the 48 hours i had to be here and they all came in frequently to make sure i was good. Due to having the flu i was not able to touch or hold my son when he was vorn neither was my husband or mother due to them being in the room with me. These nurses were supportive of what i had to go through. My only complaint is the NICU they dont communicate well with the nurses i had or to my husband and it made everything stressfull on top of not getting to see our son for 48 hrs they kept trying to change the time that at least i got to see him. Which really upset my husband and mom due to this being my first baby. NICU need to communicate better with the nurses and stop trying to beat around the bush. Its tiring for a new mom that one got to see her new baby for my 1 minute on the chest and 5 minutes while they cleaned him on the side before taking him away.

Sonia Reed

Barbara Gold

I cannot thank enough to great doctors who did everything for me to deliver my son safe, and amazing nurses who went above and beyond to help me with anything I needed during my whole stay as well as during very difficult labor. Hospital offers childbirth classes and breastfeeding support if needed. I can only suggest. For me as a first time mother these helped enormously. Best wishes to all and thank you!

Jazmine Galvan

Iesha Prim

Brittany Blanchard

Korie Smith

I had my baby here last week. I was a little nervous because no one I know had ever given birth here so I didn’t know what to expect. I was induced and a nurse greeted me by name at the door. My birthing and recovery rooms were HUGE and so clean. The nursing staff is the sweetest, most knowledgable, and most helpful group of people I’ve ever met. All the doctors I interacted with made time to sit with me and explain everything in detail that I would need to know. They made sure my baby, my husband and I was taken care of 100% of the time! I am blown away by my experience here. I plan to have all my future babies here because of how great it was. I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience and the staff at Joyful Beginnings - definitely lives up to the name!

John Hurst

Best hospital to give birth in Oklahoma!

Ty Payne

It is funny how the horrible and corruptive nature of the billing department can ruin the wonderful experience we had. Everyone should know that if you have your child here and are in the NICU (we were for five days) that the doctors you are seeing are not St. Anthony physicians and are actually billing you from a different hospital (OU Physicians). My wife and I paid for everything outside of our hospital bill to which we were blessed to be covered at 100 percent under the financial hardship that St. Anthony's offers. We THOUGHT we were blessed. Yet, we just received a bill for 2800 dollars that has ruined all of our holidays. This is a deceptive organization that can't be trusted. St. Anthony's did what they could for us, which is SO much - and we love them for that. Just know, you can't trust them - the doctor you are seeing is not a doctor working for St. Anthony's, but for another facility - and you probably will get an unimaginable bill.

Sierra M.

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING staff!!! My nurses were the best!!

tbvlonghorn12 .

Not enough characters. See pictures for review (they posted out of order)... they keep taking my review down if you cannot see it.

J Ridge


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