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REVIEWS OF St. Anthony Hospital IN Oklahoma

Barbara Gentner

Saint Anthony is a horrible place to receive care. They have missed diagnosed numerous members of my family. My father fell they did a X-ray and told him he just strained his muscle when he actually broke his hip. He suffered for over 2 months. That is just one of the incompetence . Another member had a total knee replacement. the nursing staff continue to reinforce his knee because it was bleeding throughout the night and soaking his dressing. . they were not forceful enough with the surgeon to get him to come in and check out my brother and did not use the chain of command to get my brother the care he needed. Consequently he had to have another surgery and blood transfusion.

durk moore

Anthony Raymond

Katrina Bass

both of my grandparents are hear and they can't even put them in the same room..

Lisa Dahl

Every time I have gone in I didn't have to wait long to be seen

Albert Ferianc

I have never had to stay in a hospital overnight let alone for 6 days my entire life. I am glad it was here. The people here are awesome! The ER staff, the RNs in CCU and the regular rooms are tops in their field. The CNAs, the best! And the 2 Drs. Very good and always took however much time with me was needed. Let me ask them so many questions and explained so much to me. Incredible! And the student Dr. from AZ.

Caleb Blake

They can't seem to figure out how to charge insurance correctly, treat you like you're wasting their time, force bills into collections because, again, they can't bill correctly, the male nurses talked rudely about my wife in front of my wife at the ER, and to top it off, they misdiagnosed a SPIDER BITE for my friend that could've killed him if he didn't go to Walla Walla. If you're dying, better hope you can make it to la grande or Walla Walla, anywhere but here.

Cosmo Pi

THEY DEMANDED $25 SINCE I ONLY HAVE ONE INSURANCE POLICY!!! I'LL BE REPORTING THIS TO JAHCO. I came in @ 11AM still here @ 7PM. This DR doesn't know what the crap she's doing. I can't even get Malox. These people stink. The tall Dr smells rancid.

Edna L Glazier

Doesn’t even deserve a full star I would rather risk not living than to go to this terrible hospital ever again

Pdt Family

The staff were friendly and so great! No complaints. We had a great experience and were treated like family.

Tami M

I came in on Friday for high blood pressure, never got my prescription called in. Here it is Monday and all I get is the run around. Awful , patient care. Worse medical service

Bryan Geiger

Mary Anne Wehland

My elderly mother was transported by EMT's (excellent caring people) to St. Anthony's where she was admitted and stayed for nearly two weeks. Dr. Reddy followed her and absolutely saved her life. Previously, we had taken her to St. Mary's believing it to be the better hospital, but in this case, it was not. Pendleton is lucky to have Dr. Reddy and I would not hesitate a minute to put my mother's life in his capable hands. Not only is Dr. Reddy capable but he is very gentle and very kind and a rare breed of healers who has a sixth sense for what ails you. A couple of times, I thought I saw a halo around his head! My Mom is a demanding patient and I'm sure took up a great deal of time but the nursing staff were never cross or impatient with her. It's true, I've had bad experiences at St. Anthony's before, but I am seeing a change in their general organization and efficiency. They still have a few bugs to work out... mainly their communication is still pre-internet style -- very diffuse and non-connected. Pulling information out of her records seemed to be a gargantuan affair and should have been as simple as ABC. One department does not seem to transfer information to other departments. Such as my phone number, or the name of my mother's primary physician which they consistently got wrong from very old information. Other than that, what I saw and experienced with my mother's direct care has completely changed my mind regarding the quality of St. Anthony's. This hospital is changing rapidly for the better. One last thing. The building is beautiful. The patient rooms are huge with private bathrooms and very family friendly. Even nicer than the new Doernbecher hospital in PDX. I love the little chapel on the left as you enter the long hallway. And the cafeteria? Five stars. All the way. Pendleton should be very happy to have such a hospital. I am grateful they are there and working hard every day to make people better. They made my Mom better - and that was a miracle!

zack shannon

I've been to the ER a few times times and mostly its been good experiences. Once I had a bald doctor there when I was assaulted and I felt like he barely paid any attention to me. The nurse even apologized for him afterwards. Only once, all other times have been great. Incredibly nice people.

Margie Gutierrez

My son was brought to the St Anthony Hospital ER three weeks ago by ambulance for unexplained cardiac arrest. Due to the expert care by EMTs and the ER staff on that night, he survived and will fully recover! He has an implanted defibrillator to prevent another event like that. He has a long road to recovery, but we are so grateful for the care he received and the ongoing interest and support by our community which includes many staff members at St. Antony Hospital. Sincerely, A grateful Mom

Hannah Flanagan

Saint Anthony’s hospital has one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen. I went to urgent care and had a major fever, had a heart rate of 130 BPM, was very pale, exhausted and it was hard to walk. I knew that I had a UTI and was afraid that it got to my kidneys but when they tested me they said there was no signs of a UTI, even though all of my symptoms were an exact match to those of a UTI. The doctor said “I can give you some pain pills, but I have other patients to see“. They made me feel ignored and as if it was all in my head. When I was still in extreme pain two days later a family member drove me to the Tri-Cities emergency room. The team there got me in right away, listen to all my symptoms, was very friendly, and did everything they could to make me comfortable including wheeling me around in a wheelchair and giving me ice packs, fluids, and pain pills for my obvious fever. The results came back and they said I have an “extreme and obvious UTI and that the infection has reached my kidneys”. The doctors also said that if it had gone on much longer I could have permanent kidney damage. They were very confused as to how Saint Anthony’s missed all the obvious signs, the doctor said it was a very extreme case. They immediately put me on some intense anabiotic‘s, gave me pills for the pain and tried to make me comfortable. I was out of there within 2 1/2 hours and it was one of the best hospitals days I’ve ever had. I will no longer be going to Saint Anthony’s, they are an extremely subpar hospital that should be reviewed by professionals. Next time I am sick I will not waste my time with Saint Anthony’s and will drive to Tri-Cities .

Brittany OLSEN

So helpful every time I call. I was scared to get a male doctor for OBGYN but Dr. Ward is awesome!

Jennifer flury Massy

Christina Haguewood

Melissa Allison

Good hospital and I will return as needed.

Kim Minthorn

Cheri Cole

This hospital and staff are amazing. There very caring. The only thing that bothers me is I am a smoker I tired go go off the property to smoke but it seemed the road out front was owned by them to. Come on that's a bite much. Plus if your in your car then let them be If your .non smoker and don't want to smell it, then stay away from it.

Starlyn Robinson

IT department has bad communication. The managers do not know how to contact the contractors they source with to notify them of the employees contract ending. As a result they want the employee to contact the contractor service they work for, but the contractor would much rather prefer the actual hospital management do their job and contact them. Lack of communication causes problems that then intern make more issues bigger then they really are because of the management being lazy and not simply using the phone or sending an email to the contractor that employs the employees out directly to them.

Ashley Bloom

great place to go when ur in near us, nice staff, love it there

Carrie Luke

Consistent issues with being misdiagnosed (one that almost killed my husband), 3-hour waits, and very rarely any help. Essentially, I could just flush money down the toilet for the same effect. Do yourself a favor and make the drive to Walla Walla.

Geoffrey Stevenson

Great County Hospital!

Luke DaDuke

I've been a patient here once and my SO was also a patient here. Both times we received top notch care by everyone from the CNA to the nurse and doctor that cared for us. Most people don't understand that you will be seen based on the severety of your condition and not in the order you arrived at the ED. Patience is a virtue when choosing to be seen at an ED. Obviously those that are dying should be seen before a sprained ankle. If you aren't dying/critically ill and aren't prepared to wait then consider scheduling an appt with your PCP or maybe use the walk in clinic down the hall to the left of the main front entrance.

Uhhuh Haha

One of the worse hospitals I have EVER went to, the nurses and the doctors are worthless. They make there patients feel stupid and they don't even do any testing beside a drug screen that's all they care about, they can't even draw blood. I suggest everyone in that hostpital to go back to medical school because clearly they don't know how to do there job!!

Tara Matherly

Very nice staff, and the doctor I seen was sweet and understanding. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

J Sou

I was never informed that I would receive a bill from a third party company for analysis of an ultrasound. I would not recommend this hospital at all.

Cross Fire

Seriously this hospital doesnt deserve one star. My grandma she went in there at 5pm and was seen 2-3 hours later in the ER. It would of been worth driving her to St. Marys in Walla Walla. By the way St. Marys is top notch from what I've experienced. So if you want to wait for ever and have nothing done go to St. Anthonys if you want a health issue addressed and to be cared about drive to St. Marys in Walla Walla because they know their stuff and actually will take care of you.

Lola Leach

D Clined

Front desk was courteous, nurses were fine but waited 2 hrs to see a physician who said 'we really don't treat people for panic attacks or anxiety here'. Great. They do treat you to fragmented and exorbitant bills. Was not at all a positive experience.

Jesica Deel

CJ Franks

DID NOT CHANGE GLOVES AFTER HANDLING DIRTY ITEMS. A 3rd world witch doctor could best this place with his voodoo doll tied behind his back.

bianca Johnson

Tamatha Barnes

Kyle Shearer

Faulty. Everyone I have met in this city has something bad to say about St Anthony’s. This hospital is full of rude doctors (biggest ego’s I’ve ever seen in a clinic).and completely short staffed but won’t tell you that. Have fun waiting half a day to get treated at their urgent care. Oh and they won’t due referrals because they are prudes. Go to Hermiston or Kedlick.

Chris Lowe

Nicole Delcid

Service Chi Zephyr

Was in there for chest problems and an infected toe. Got diagnosed wrong, plus had two seizures in a row second one causing me to hit my head on the floor. They did nothing to see if I was ok. When discharged my ptsd dog was questioned on her do her job and was given attitude. Not recommended for serious problems.

Roy Ijams

This was a few years ago. About 2004. I was an otr driver. Ran team with my wife. It was winter time so some snow and ice. I hurt to much to add water to radiator. My wife got water in radiator. Called 911 for a Hospital. I think we were about ten miles out. They stayed on phone with her to give her directions. She had been asleep and had know idea where we were at. Gave them mm # after we got rolling. EMT's met her at truck. I got drugs for pain so I could get kidney stone removed after we got empty. Had it removed in AR during time off. Biggest problem we had was cars parked all around Truck. I was to out of it to rate Hospital. My wife said they were very helpful.

Kristie Taylor

Michael Hilding

One star rating for the savages on the Janitorial staff who put T.P. on the roll backwards.

Kathy Chapman

I have been to St Anthony Hospital for the several things over the last year. I have gone to the woman's clinic, Dr Aimee Rogers, Dr James Ward, Urgent Care, and Emergency. Everyone was top notch from the ones that get you registered to the Drs!

Ronald Talbot


Brandon Krenzler

I thought it was common practice for physicians to wash their hands before examining patients... especially young, prone pediatric patients. Advice: use soap, it prevents transmission of communicable disease.

Sue Lilienthal


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