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REVIEWS OF St. Anthony Hospital Emergency Room IN Oklahoma

Andrea Mcneill

On A scale of 1 to 10 I give St Anthony 100

Damien Robbins

Worst hospital I ever visited. Vending machines rip people off, long wait times and was told there’s only two rooms available for all of the ER. The doctor we had was very rude to my wife and while waiting over 30 minutes to be seen in the back room we overheard some of the personnel discussing PII of patients and making fun of a patient. Very unprofessional workplace and I always regret coming here.

Teresa Walley

danceing bufflo

I was rushed from mustang saint Anthony's to okc, and the customer service changed dramatically. Dr. Stewart was very nice, and Andre was also very nice in wheeling me where I needed to go.dr. immonem was alsi very nice. On a graveyard shift, i realize it's late, but I was in a lot of pain and when I left the initial room downstairs, i didnt get any pain meds, and the next room, observation, didn't even have a cot for my spouse at 3am. Andre went out of his way to help us. When I was in the observation room, they wrapped my calves to be hooked up to a machine so I wouldn't get blood clots. Nobody hooked them up to anything. I had to ask 4x for someone to get a pump to massage my calves. The biggest issue I had was, when I left, and got home, I had blood on my hand and arm from what I'm guessing was one of my THREE ivs? And there was IODINE ALL OVER ME. I had 3 punctures in my stomach to get the blood out, but they left iodine all over and in my private, all over my stomach, torso and arms. I looked like i just rolled out of the gutter?! They didn't clean me up at ALL after the surgery?! I didn't get to talk to the dr or nurse at all afterwards about my surgery or what to do when I left or how it went...i called when I got home to ask about how to take care of my wounds and if i could talk to a nurse or Dr about my surgery..and was told they can't say ANYTHING over the phone. I literally left the hospital with 3 pieces of paper. Nothing on any specifics. Very disappointed in so many areas. I'd appreciate even NOW getting a call from a nurse or my dr about my surgery. Lindsay Flynn

Ana Esiquio

Wost hospital EVER! Staff was extremely unprofessional. During my 2+hour wait in the very dirty lobby, there was an incident out in the parkinglot that ended with a teen girl handcuffed to a wheelchair. While this was happening, the receptionist jumped over the counter and went out with the security people NOT TO HELP, but to see and laugh at what was going on. Then 6 nurses from the ER came outside to do the same thing!

cheryl baphone

From my personal experience with this person, I would never be under his care, willingly.

Thomas Neider

I went in to see if i needed a stitch or two and followed the physicians instructions...i have no medical insurance... I had no clue they would charge me $8,000 for their services. As a single father of 2 boys i found this sum absolutely criminal. How in gods name do these people sleep at night. I think next time I'll just bleed out because god knows they'll bleed my Wallet...and i if don't pay them they'll just sell my debt to Works and Lentz and they'll garnish my wages for non payment. Shame on Saint Anthony's you guys are a bunch of criminals

Brenda hvhg hairdo yhcyyui you jv ml Ap

Bronson Duncan

Kate Pahamark

Went in for back pain going down my right leg. Was told MRI of back will take too long and will not change course of treatment in ER. Not sure what to think but I think I should have got MRI.

jamie tedder

I was transferred to St Anthony from another hospital. I was told I had a stroke. After going through the TPA blood thinning, I then found out it wasn’t a stroke and had gone through that torture for nothing!!!! I was finally released from the ICU and sent home because the hospital was full. I was home 3 hours and had another episode and was rushed back to the ER. The ER staff is totally unprofessional!!!!! They had no clue as to what was wrong. They started an IV that felt like my veins was being burned off. I started to yell to get it out. The RN came in and got really nasty and told me not to yell. I was in complete severe pain!!!!!!! I requested her not to return to my room. So her buddy came to the room and started with her lecture. I won’t be treated like my pain doesn’t matter or that I’m trash!!! They still have no idea what’s wrong. I will never return to this ER for any reason!!!!!!!!!! Stay away if you value your life!!!!!

Sheryl Kinney

they didn’t show mercy on my left arm. They send me home after my surgery no instructions how to care about my stitches or what to expect. They also didn’t know if I’m still pregnant or not after the surgery. The nurse and doctor here doesn’t care about the patient. I heard so many bad things about St Anthony I never listen until I experienced the horror the truth about it. Never again.

Hunter Isaacs

Terrible service

Jesse Benjamin

Went in with a stroke, was taken in with very little wait time, once in I spent 3 to 4 day's there, great staff, good Doctor's.

Peace love & happiness

Nurses are not friendly either! I would never recommend this hospital unless your dieing and theres no other hospital within 200 miles.

Ali Tade

4 hours sitting in the ER. I was told 3 hours ago we would be going to ICU and they are getting a room ready. Have not been told anything since.

John Hurst

Great Care!

David Dunkin

Waited hours, very dirty in lobby, spent 4 hours in the room I was put in. Decided I'd just leave VERY UNPROFESSIONAL HOSPITAL!!!!!

kyli hammond

I was on hold literally for 32 minutes then hung up on called again , finally a nurse in the ER department answered named “kaitlyn” however you spell it.she was extremely short with me, I told her I had been hung up on and to please not hang up. I had a work related injury and they had told me when I came in for my visit that if the wounds didn’t heal properly then to call back. (And for what reason, I just did and got zero help) Well one of the wounds bled through the glue, and I am worried about how it’s healing. She didn’t give me any sympathy, told me that she could not give medical advice over the phone. I never asked for that. I just needed to know if I come in will it be the same amount as before and how will my company know about the bill. Such a horrible experience. I hate ERs.m, this one especially. Would rather let the glass sit in my stomach then go back. So horrible!

Benji Lee

No parking!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing all the employees parking in the visitor parking lot... I guess I'm forced to use valet

Alli Timmons

We waited 4 and a half hours before being seen. People came and went that were here hours after we arrived. We were told that since my husband was "more sicker" they had to wait until an actual bed opened up whereas the other people were "in and out." He was literally hit by a truck and they made him wait 4 and half hours to get an xray. Don't go in if you're "more sicker" or you'll wait four times as long as people who have simpler issues. Worst. ER. Experience. EVER.

CJ Franks

The doctor did not change gloves once, totally unclean. The billing employee walked into room without knocking while I was "exposed". Very unprofessional staff. Will not be back.

Charles Ramsey

Transport only......

Vicki T

I went in with the symptoms of a heart attack, including passing out. Being a downtown hospital, they were very busy. They did not have any beds available for 2 hours, nor any gurneys. The triage nurse would not allow me to lay down during the EKG, even though standing caused sever pain. Standing was what caused me to pass out prior. She did not explain the results of the EKG and sent me back into the waiting room. As it is dangerous to wait two hours when you have the symptoms of a heart attack, I discussed leaving and going to a hospital that had beds available. They said I would not be charged... then they charged me. I have had several phone calls with their billing, who is incapable of applying my correct insurance information, and refusing to honor what the hospital originally told me, which was that I would not be charged. Do not visit this hospital if it truly is an emergency, and you don't like having long phone calls with billing.

Cassandra Cookson

Lack of empathy, did not seek any answers for me. Bedside manner is deplorable. Treated me like I was a drug addict when I didn't even want to go there but the pain was so great I felt I was seriously in peril. Go somewhere else. They are all burnt out and jaded.

Iza k

Awaited over 3hours and they still not called my name

Katrina C. Cali

Shaloo ThickNail

Brought a family member in, they were prompt. We were in quickly and the staff was polite.

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