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REVIEWS OF SSM Health St. Anthony South IN Oklahoma

Angela Taylor

This place is horrible! They could Not tell me what they gave my adult childe, just a list of what they "may have" given her. She seemed completely out of it, but she remembered every thing they did to her! I showed up one day at visiting time, and she had to be wheeled out to me in a wheelchair! I had talked to her earlier on and she was totally coherant! I said that they were Never to do that again and if they did I would sue them. Then, they keped her 4 day's past the day the Doctor I spoke to on the phone with said she would be out. Again, I had to threaten to sue them, this time to get her out! This place is 100% not healthy for anyone to work at, and be mentally unstable and vulnerable in. Oklahoma, you can do much better. Shame on you!

Trinity Thompson

In the adolescence psychiatric acute unit, Some staff are great and some are definitely not. Some do not pay attention to triggers. They dont pay close attention to dangerous things. They leave pencils everywhere. They dont do room checks. And when you have a problem it doesnt get fixed. Nurses did not give me my meds right. Psychiatrist ask questions but does not care for my questions. Comfort level is low. And allows teens to watch many inappropriate movies. I would not suggest this place unless your desperate.

New Horizons Inspections

Start program for adults with chemical dependency problems. Malpractice is the best thing I could say, criminal in my opinion. My relative went in for alcohol detox, the intake process took six hours even though we didn't see any other patients waiting. The first day was a visiting day and my relative said, they're giving me too much drugs, I'm wasted but the nurse said she check it out. He commented that the other new patient said the same. By the next visiting day, two days later, he was completely incoherent. I confronted the staff, but they said everything was fine, I demanded to speak to the doctor but it was the weekend. By the time the doctor contacted me and poo-pooed my concerns, he was due to be released the next day. It was so bad that the other patients were concerned enough that they were trying to take care of him but not the nurses! When I picked him up he was ten times worse than when I had dropped him off for detox. Him memory was very impaired, he was zombie like and could really function. Now five months later, his memory is still compromised. I wonder if he doesn't have permanent brain damage.

Cornellia Harvey

Tish Gray

I've had to stay at this location twice. Best care and staff around

Rick Phillips

This is a first class Medical Center that serves the southern part of Oklahoma City. The doctors and nurses are top-notch, the staff is caring and friendly, and you don't get that disinfected smell you get at many hospitals. No one likes to have to go to the hospital, but if you do, this is a good place to go.

Afton Mercer

I stayed a week here. This was 2 years ago though. I should've stayed longer but didn't want my twin spending her birthday alone. I cried my way out of this place within a week of being there. Released on my birthday. My roommate was one of the caregivers I had at saints downtown. I was on 24hr watch because of a suicide attempt. Looking back I feel like my safety was comprised in the main hospital. Made great friends here. The caregiver ended up moving half a year later into the trailer park I lived in. Creepy.

Twyla Gaines

brendon stoner

The staff/nurses here are unbelievably positive and caring. Walked out after 4 and a half days with a whole new perspective on life

Ashley Green

The treatment at St. Anthony's Extended Stay is amazing. I wasn't in any psych department. I was just being treated with IV antibiotics and wound care. The nursing staff is top notch. The hospital makes sure to train their staff properly. From the day a nurse is hired it is 6 months of training before that nurse is working on the floor alone. For a tech it is at least 3 months. This hospital takes their staffs' ability to properly care for their patients very seriously.

Monicajustin Lockner

I am currently trying to get my lawyer to get my child out of here. My daughter who is 15 has been jumped twice in here by 3 girls and when I went to visit her she had bruises on her,cheeks were swollen, her lips was so swollen. To have to see your child going through this when she's supposed to be in a place she is supposed to be safe. There is a gay guy there who was not concerned for her safety at all. One little old lady was very helpful .the staff is unprofessional .I swear there has to be a way to somehow get her out and press charges because I am at my end with this. I have called nunberous times to talk to her therapist and he has yet to return my calls. It's tough not being able to sleep at night not knowing if she is safe here. It was real hard for me to know I had to leave her here. It was a patient who pulled the fight apart 2 girls told us the staff wasn't in any hurry to stop it. Then the black guy with dreads walked us out when we asked if he could keen an eye on her he said he would. But I addressed the issue with bullying he told me maybe she needs to look at herself to see why they are bullying her. I left mad and so shocked ad confused. They will not let me have her moved or even taken out. I understand not being able to make her out but seriously this place is not safe at all. The staff is completely clueless and useless with the exception of a few . Can anyone please give me advice.

Sheila Reynolds

I have been a St Anthony's user since 2003. They have been absolutely wonderful. I have been treated for breast cancer, women issues, reconstruction surgery, three heart attacks one being the widow maker causing me to slip into a coma. In one year I spent seven weeks with them and only had a problem with one nurse which was quickly dealt with. I would and do recommend St Anthony's to all my friends. Thank you St Anthony's for my life!!!

Karen Storey-Gilleland

I have a grandson in this facility and nearly everytime we go there we have to wait past the start of visiting hours and then promptly @ 7:00 we are told visiting hours are over with no regard to the fact we were let in late. These kids have no physical activities what so ever. They spend a lot of time having to watch television or standing in time out. This cannot be and is not a healthy environment for children. They need to have physical activities, a good balanced diet, and more interaction and a lot less television and a lot less of staff yelling. We can hear them out in the hallway. How do you think this affects the children that have to listen to that? Let me tell you it is not good.

Chris Johnson

Nut hospital

Beverly Denham

The doctor was rude, condecending, smug, and never laid a hand on my brother to do any sort of exam. Went in with concern for my brothers health, came out more concerned for the health of any patient that's seen there.

Michelle Nguyen

charity Gardner

My husband was miss diagnosis for pneumonia and had to take him to another hospital and my husband had lyme disease and if we would have waited any longer it could have turned into minungitus and could have died. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. Noone wanted to listen to the issue my husband was having just rushed us out. I hate this hospital and to me hate is a strong word!! Horrible Horrible hospital!

N1K 5m1Th

What a joke. Avoid at all cost

Joni Farney

The nurses at this hospital are the worst I've ever encountered at any medical facility. Wouldnt have given them even 1 star. Bad attitude, uncaring, rude, and more. The only decent person I dealt with was a security guard, he was most helpful and kind.

Lindsey Botkin


I specifically told staff to send my radiology reports within network. They DID NOT, costing me money. Also, they refused to do my mammogram unless I signed a HIPPA release form!

Kevon Owen

No one wants to be in the hospital but having met the staff and gotten to know them I can say they truly care. Hard working and attentive ... I'm impressed!

James Fitzsimmons

The nurses are very good to me in icu. Where i am now. The reason for the 1 star because of the complete lack of compassion by a doctor. I am in icu and the doctor came in and in my opinion was completely lacking in bed side manner and rude. I am very upset about this and it would seem that she wouldn't upset someone fighting for their life in icu. Completely unacceptable. This cardiologist whose name is Dr. Mullins came in for the second day in a row and started asking personal questions about me that clearly wasn't her business. The icu nurse came in and had heard her berate me that makes her actions defamation of character in my opinion. She cut me down for living at a motel. And ask me why i live with my sister. I told her she upset me for being mean. She knew she was wrong. I am a man but in a weakened state as i was and the condition i was in. Really devastated me. I am still today! St. Anthony hospital needs to reach out to me before legal action takes place. I expect a formal and written apology from her and the hospital after all the icu nurse heard her cut me down and thats the truth.

Angela Roberts

Carrie Jobe

We put my dad here a year ago simply to be evaluated and find A/one med to level him out. He has dementia. First night there he went to the ER for a deep cut on his hand. They told us that we weren't allowed to meet him there. He went in this place walking, talking and feeding himself. After two weeks, we demanded that they release him. He had lost 25 pounds in that short of time, he was unable to walk, talk or feed himself. He was SO doped up that he couldn't hold his head up. For punishment they would take his glasses away....he's been wearing glasses since he was 18 months old. I wouldn't put my worst enemy here.

Brooke Carney-Hahn

My son is in the behavior unit and is doing amazing. The staff have been great.


Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers

This is such a horrible place on the staff is very rude and unprofessional.

Danielle Pierce

This hospital is where my mom went for her cancer treatment and she is now cancer free. The only thing that I wish was different was that it was closer to where we lived.

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