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Michael Everett

Just brough my new baby home, and wanted to leave a review. From the time we checked in the the time we checked out we wanted for nothing. My wife and baby were taken care of 100%. Truely amazing nurse, and doctors, left feeling like family. Thank you!

Derk Watson

Unless you have an obvious fatal injury take yourself or request React to get you to the city.

Donna Harvey

I am Donna's husband. After 5:00 PM nothing is available, the emergency room does not know or do anything to help you. They took my wife for other test at 4:30 PM and no one told me where she was taken. Took over an hour and a security guard to find her. All the doors were locked and no way to contact anyone. With all of the negative reviews when are they going to do something about this? I thought health care was available 24/7.

Shelby Gesiakowski

I took my son in to be seen for vomiting and diarrhea. The dr told me he has strep without even swabbing him or testing him for strep. Then told me to put him on antibiotics for 10 days. well, his symptoms werent getting any better so i made an appointment with his PCP. She confirmed he had Hands, Foot and Mouth. He never has strep. She told me to immediately stop giving him the antibiotics because its not helping its making it worse. The fact that they dont even care enough to do a few tests to determine whats going on based on their own opinion and determining thats whats wrong with a patient without even testing is just pure laziness and lack of consideration.

Lyna Yott

This was the 1st time I have been admitted to the hospital. I was on the 3rd floor acute care. This was the best group of doctors, nurses and support staff. I have been in many hospitals but this has been the best

Griffin Hughes girlfriend and I sat in the room for 2 hours with no body seeing us...while 8 other people walked in and out with in 30 minutes


My son has been coughing his lungs out and we have a baby so we used the in quick to schedule an appointment so we didn't have to sit in the waiting room all night with a baby. It's 40 minutes after the appointment and we are sitting in the waiting room, so much for believing that they could keep up with their own system.

Charles Stockdale

I would never take my kids here again I went in 3 times and a total of 30 mins in the ER and got told that it was allergies and come to find out by children's hospital it was way wores than I thought and we spent 9 days but could of been worse they said one more day and we would be doing funeral inrangments and the doctors there are a pos and I will be up there tomorrow to get someone fired and the one star is because I can't post without it

Melissa Camp

I have heard horrific stories, but this is mine. My family member spent over a month in this hospital and received the best care anyone could ask for. Great care from the housekeeping to the physicians. They were always available to talk about her condition, what was being done and what the plan was going to be. The nurses were outstanding. They showed compassion, empathy, and were professional always. They treated her and us like family. They would call in the middle of the night with changes. They were always available on the phone for updates when we were at work. They saved her life. She was in dire condition and they worked hard as a team to pull her through one crisis after another. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you St Anthony, Shawnee!!!

Kevin Nagle

Jamie Wright


My Mom was placed here out of her nursing home for pneumonia. The entire staff was incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate toward her. She was well in three days! Also, this hospital has the nicest nurses of any hospital I've ever been to. How is that possible? The food is THE best (especially the breakfast). I eat breakfast there even when no one is sick. Reasonably priced. Thank you St.Anthony's!

Janice Jones

Ok they changed name to St Anthony's and articles reported service changes. Went to ER. There were 5 people total. Waited 1.5 hrs just to triage. Hot Hot Hot there. No water unless you can borrow money or find change to get some (not even a fountain). They have no blinds on their windows. There were 100's of flies everywhere. It looked clean but as you sit there the floors had wet signs around it was obvious someone threw up and they barley mopped it (hence the flies). It was terrible. I asked how much longer and was told we were all waiting on the shift change! Seriously, if they can't even process 5 people, what are the doc's doing? Unity is known for a bad rep, but I thought they could treat my stitches I needed. Wow. I ended up driving up to Midwest City new St Anthonys and there were a lot of people but I was in and out within an hour. It was MUCH BETTER, MUCH CLEANER, they had water, they didn't have flies and I could handle that wait. Oh, and they had a shift change of nurses or something but no one was waiting on that. So, beware that a name change didn't change anything! I wish Shawnee could get better doc services out here. We have enough people for Old Navy!

Johnas Holahta

Catherine Stokes

I went in due to tooth pain and they were so nice and respectful. I will go there again.

Alyssa Dougan

They are neglected my grandmother help by not telling us she a pneumonia in December and she died later on in April because of them, they didn't show us her ex-rays and instead they kept them hidden until one doctor told us about it and showed us her ex-rays asking us why we didn't get her help and we were shocked, we got her the help asap and she never came out of the hospital again because it was to late. Earlier this week they tried the same thing with my mother by not telling us she was sick but when she went to her normal doctor they found out she was extremely dehydrated and had strep throat. My mothers doctor office also said that she was the third person who came from the same exact hospital that was actually sick. Never going here again they neglect people of the medical care they need

Cindy Hall

Exceptional care. Went in w/phemonia & legs suddenly would not work. Was there quite awhile but always felt they were attending to my care. Doctor explained her orders, was determined to diagnose legs & walking issues, and checked on me often. She did determine my potassium was so low (due to dehydration & anemia) it had affected the muscles in my legs. Admitted me to give potassium IV & antibiotics. Potassium immediately took care of my legs. In hospital only one day as I convinced doctor I could take care of myself which I highly appreciated. Great care in the hospital. Staff very pleasant & attentive. Answered request for help immediately.

Janis McElroy

My adult son and I were in a car accident yesterday and were taken to the SSM ER. We were seen immediately and testing was done timely and efficiently. All the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Because my son had an appt in OKC he had to leave me before my treatment was complete and then I had to wait a couple of hours for his return. I was treated so well by the ER staff in admissions. They brought me coffee, water and made sure the television in the waiting room was adjusted for me. After the traumatic ordeal of being in an accident their kindness and friendly attitudes were so appreciated I was impressed with every single staff member I dealt with. They were all wonderful.

Rosie Bowling

One of the worst hospital experiences ever. My mother was transferred here due to flu, pneumonia and fractured pelvis. Very poor care from floor nurses. One day it was 4 hours before they came in to check on her. She has dementia and could not ring for them. The big issue is that the Dr. decided to give her Haldol saying she was aggressive and combative. She did become that way AFTER they administered this drug. They never told us until after the fact they gave her this drug, which, by the way the company that makes it clearly states: NOT FOR ELDERLY WITH DEMENTIA IT IS FATAL. After they stopped giving it to her she returned to herself. She left with a bed sore on her bottom which she did NOT come in with. They also decided to change her BP meds which caused a terrible cough there again not informing the family. The Dr. was condescending as well. Will never recommend or use this hospital again. But will be obtaining a copy of her medical records just to see what else they did without telling us. Really unbelievable!

Donna Willmon

I was visiting with family and was brought to this 'hospital' by ambulance, after an accidental overdose. I was unconscious for 3 days, I had good doctors. when I woke up, the nurses were very rude to me and condescending. and I heard them talking about me behind my back. I spoke to the Patient Advocate, and she said what we talked about would remain within the 4 walls of the room. I then heard her tell my nurse all about our conversation a few minutes later. so much for privacy. empathy, compassion, or understanding. there was a kid shadowing with my young nurse, and he was talking very bulgur. and the nurse wasn't even answering my call light. I heard her say in the hallway ' I don't have to worry I will never see her Again'. I was mortified! I was born at Saint Anthony's Hospital in OKC almost 48 years ago, and have always been proud to say that. this place is a joke, and I would never go back. I wasn't trying to kill myself, but if I had been or not, I deserved the same non judgemental, compassionate, empathetic treatment as everyone else. I didnt get that. and from the overall ratings of this hospital, no one does.

Charles LeBlanc

Bridgette Chiricuzio

amazing doctors, great company, friendly staff.

La Sonya Chiles

elizabeth carder

The nurses and staff have been great. They have all gone above the obligation of the job to help my family over the last week. After what we have experienced, I would choose this hospital over any other in the state. Nurse Rhonda is a true Angel. Thanks to all the nurses and staff.

Penny Ryland

Rodney Davis

Very unknowledgeable

Ashely Elizabeth

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL! 36 weeks pregnant and went in. Was throwing up and hurting. I hit the nurse light TWICE! It was turned off both times. Never got anything for throwing up or pain. Horrible. Don’t go here. Shut them down

Jay Vaughn

The CEO and director didn't think he has to follow through with his ethical and legal responsibilities. Doubtful he cares any more about his patients' well being.


Salvador Ramirez

Small town hospital why go to the city when you get even better care here the nurses on the floors are so awesome!!!!

Tina Smoley

I went into the ER with a real bad stomach ache and the staff got me in right away and settled down enough to get the IV going and get some pain meds going. After CT scan and Ultrasound they found out my gallbladder was inflamed and full of stones. I had the best Dr's and staff, very good experience at this hospital, I recommend this hospital to anyone.

Andrea Lee

This is the worst ER. Their bed side manners are horrible. They do not treat you with any respect or listen to symptoms being described to them. I went in for shortness of breath. They did an EKG on me and a few other tests. Any time I asked what kind of blood work or tests they were doing I would never get an answer. I kept asking for them to give me something for dizziness and to help me breathe easier, all the nurse would say is “the doctor wants to wait until your tests are done” They gave me Flexural and a Toradol shot.....for shortness of breath and severe dizziness. When I was signing my discharge paper work, I saw my EKG underneath it. The nurse then grabbed it from me. I asked her what the rest were and she told me they were normal. She lied. I then asked her if I could have a copy and she told me it would be a HIPPA violation. Obviously, she needs to learn what HIPPA means. She kept repeating that I’d need to go onto mychart even continued to explain how to get set up an account, even though I kept telling her I already have an account. That’s one example of them not listening. My EKG stayed ischemia, now I need a stress test and an echocardiogram. They do not follow proper protocol. My husband even stated they weren’t even listening. They are rude and will not take proper care of you. Everyone in that staff needs to undergo some serious training on how to be respectful to patients.

Amy Griffin

I HATE THIS HOSPITAL. I have been here several times in emergencies, which I had no other option. I was in a car crash on May 9th, and I went in to the ER here. I waited 2.5 HOURS, and a man with a possibly broken pinky toe was treated before me. I don’t think that I am above them, but I think that car crash victims should probably take precedence over a busted toe. After waiting for 2.5 hours in a lobby that smelled like bleach and urine, I decided it wasn’t worth the waiting anymore. I told the office ladies I wanted to go home, and to cut my bracelet off of me. They had me sign a statement saying that I didn’t receive treatment, which was fine, but now I’m being $185.40 for HAVING MY VITALS TAKEN. I’m NOT KIDDING. VITALS. I, AN UNEDUCATED COLLEGE STUDENT COULD DO THAT. I called to refute it, but they told me that since I had my heart rate and temperature checked, I was being billed. This place is an absolute joke.

Diane Webb

This is the worst place to go if you need medical treatment. I wouldn't take my dog there. Nursing and physicians are narcissistic. Besides prague hospital you will die from wrong diagnosis really a pa is working er not a real physician couldn't even get diagnoses correct.

Lisa Gilmore

Kendell Beeson

Sent my wife home with 37pulse

Erin Hopper

If I could rate them no stars I sure would. By far the worst (even more so than Midwest City and I didn’t think that was possible). They don’t care about their patients at all! I’d rather bleed out than go back there.

Vivian Wood

Craig Farrow

Contract Doctor was rude, condescending, arrogant and misdiagnosed the condition, making the patient feel abused, belittled and stupid If you can, go somewhere where you would be respected as a human being, not just another piece of meat bothering the doctor, if you aren't bleeding out in a interesting way. Maybe St Anthony's should reevaluate their contract doctors because they make the contentious doctors look bad by association.


Check your billing it appears the hospital bills you one time and then there is an outsourced company that bills you again. One does not know what the other one is billing you for and can't explain it to you. The service in the hospital was excellent and the medical staff was great.

Crew Clean

Very nice staff.

Craig Quary

My daughter went here for ER visit due to out of socket elbow. They refused to treat her due to the liability. had to take her to OKC St. Anthony and got her fixed up. Got an almost identical bill from both ER for $2500 and some change. How can you justify charging $2500 for refusing to treat someone? Sounds to me like a draw. Please bypass Shawnee ER unless you are bleeding and can't make it to OKC.

Tim Jones

I gave a 5 star cause after all I am alive an kicking,they have been there for me a lot of times when i didn't think that I would ever make it. Urology, and the Kidney Doctor's an Heart Specialist are all Trained Professional's an helped me out,an gave me a new life.They are the Best in my Opinion.gave me a urolift so that I could maintain a better the kidney specialist cleaned out my artery,in my leg so that my leg an foot would heal.Thankyou Very Much for All that You All Have Done for Me.

Sue Strech

Karlee Skeen

If no stars was possible I'd do it. This hospital is awful.

Drew Chandler

So we all hate hospitals... We never want to have to go to one unless someone is having a baby and even then... ughhh. BUT, I have to say after my recent visit to St. Anthony my outlook has changed somewhat. Yes I still hate hospitals but just a little bit less. Amazing experience, for a hospital.... staff was excellent. 2 thumbs up or 5 stars!


I had to bring our child to the ER three days in a row as she fought a particular nasty infection. On our third time here I just want say thank you to our nurse, Cherie, and our doctor, Dr. Fitzgerald, who had to deal with my exhaustion along with our little ones pain. Thank for your care and kindness. And thank you to Holly in radiology who took such care of AJ and calmed her fears during the C-scan. Thank you also, Dr. Cabrera for taking the extra time with us at 3 am and helping us to feel supported and cared for. This is a wonderful hospital and gracious and caring staff including the receptionist. Here we are mid day and AJ is starting to do better. Thank you again.

Janet Baggett

Wow! Everyone has been extremely polite and helpful since we arrived. We got here a bit early so the main entrance wasn't open yet. A hospital staff member apologized and directed us to the ER entrance. Every staff member that we've come in contact with has been wonderful. Thank you St. Anthony's.

Styles - SQ U3R7

Wait hours with a sick kid to be talked down to by ER receptionists? I don't think so... we walked out and brought our sick kid and business elsewhere. At this hospital your a number and a check from your insurance company and nothing more. Sad!

M R Noneya

The new ICU and the new West wing is world class. It sort of makes a patient sad to get better an move to the slightly older sections of the hospital. Only sort of. The new ICU has massive photos in the halls and rooms that were all taken in Oklahoma.

Stephen Draper

Came here from work after a stack of tables slid and fell on my head. While no open wound, I began showing signs of, what I believed to be a concussion. Went to ER and sat for almost 5 hours to be told that I might have something, they weren't certain and told me to go check with my PCP. Sent me on my way and seemed very indifferent about it all. Checked with my doctor the next day as symptoms got worse. He ran less tests and in 5 minutes diagnosed me with a concussion bad enough that I was out of work for a week. Less than impressed.

Mandy Adair

Uriah Zeller

Better than Dead, ha ha services are provided as needed.

Michael Weaver

Unexpected...... Had to take my Mother for and wound on top of her head. Went on Friday morning and was walked right in with no wait. Everyone was fantastic and so nice and pleasant to deal with. Dr. Campbell used simple terms when explaining everything to us so we understood what he was doing at all times. He also made it very easy upon discharge with clear instructions for wound checks and the importance to watch for any infections and healing. The nurse was very nice to my mother and patient which was made for a less stressful situation. We had to follow up Saturday for wound check and was given the same service as Friday with everyone being just as nice.

Carol Allen

I like all the employees at the doctors office, but I was rather upset at the main check-in,i went to where I saw check-in sign with the arrow and the receptionist had an attitude, Really didn't need that as sick as I was, not right, made me walk way down to the other check in. I just followed the sign.

Britany Dawn

I love the doctor I see, but the ER is horrible. They discharged my dad when he should of stayed. He couldn't walk and his mind wasnt right at the time. I told them I can't lift or care for him properly he's a big man. They ignored me trying to lead me to believe he could walk. When we got home and my dad tried getting out of the car he landed head first falling back on the concrete. I couldn't sleep for 2 days having to help him every time he tried getting up. Not to mention he was sick to his stomach. They should not of discharged him. He needed to stay to be properly Cared for. This happened a while ago, but my old review wasn't detailed enough. The male nurse just repeatedly ignored me. Knowing darn well my dad should not of been discharged. If I wasn't there to care for him what would of happened? People are losing their humanity. The staff here as well as the front desk really need to remember why they wanted to work in this profession in the first place, because they ckearcl have forgotten. No empathy at all!

Donna Schoenkopf

Horrible, HORRIBLE phone situation. LONG recordings. NO way to get directly to doctor's office staff. Long waits in line to register to see doctor instead of being able to go directly to doctor's office. WHO IN THE WORLD THOUGHT OF THIS SYSTEM ANYWAY?????

Nora Bishop

Brought someone in diagnosed with aneurysms two days prior because symptoms became worse. Never did a physical exam, gave a shot of benedryl and atarax and sent them home.

Michael K

If I could give zero stars I would! This hospital is by far the worst! We waited 4 hours in the waiting room my 5 year old daughter had gone to urgent care for a big gash on her eye they sent us to the ER for stitches. Several people went to the desk and complained and got called back but not us! I went and politely asked how much longer, they were rude and said there are people here far worse off. I will never ever give this hospital my business again and I will also be finding a new primary care doctor for my daughter I do not want anything to do with this piece of garbage hospital

Alexander Bailey

I've been in this ER for the same problem half a dozen times. I have insurance but even then they don't bother to do more than urine and blood work, and then when that doesn't turn anything up they just shrug and prescribe pain pills then send me on my way without a diagnosis.

S Webb

I take my daughter to Dr. Lori Crow in pediatrics. She is the real deal! She's kind, caring and thorough. My daughter had an intestinal infection at the beginning of the year. Dr. Crow did everything for her plus more. I'm so thankful for Dr Crow.

Susie Arnold

Carmie Shae Rapier

Several people I know has left this hospital ER with misdiagnosis and few even has died.. A heart attack was misdiagnosed as anxiety and a friend of mine was discharged recently with supposedly nothing wrong. She didn't feel right so she went onto OU to find out she needed emergency surgery to remove infection from her brain. She is now fighting in a induced coma on the ventilator. Do NOT TRUST this hospital's fly by night diagnosis..

Gary Stafford

I am thankful for their careful attention and caring about what you have to say. They are always very prompt as allowed by patients they have. They care about the person not just the patient. Love you guys.

Chevy Smith

I took my 7 month old daughter in on ftiday 8/18/17 for seizures and the doctor seemed like we was ruining his life and didnt check her for anything and said she was having "startled reflexes" so i took her to ou and they confirmed it was definitely seizures worst experience ever at st Anthony's

Mike L.

Labor and delivery are great. The WE and its physicians are inappropriate and sub par. If you have children DO NOT take them to St. Anthony Hospital ER Shawnee, OK. The ER physicians are demeaning and very aggressive to the point of improper care.

Dale Hudson

Daryl Cooke

Worst Hospital experience I have ever had. They do not respect you, your family & friends, or your health. Their only goal is to remove you from their premises, no matter the circumstances. I will never return here, and I highly advise that you never come here, or leave anyone you care for here.

Marilyn Burns

Robin Underwood

If it's something serious go somewhere else. I developed and infection from a simple surgery. If it wasn't for the E.R. doctor I'm not sure where I'd be.

Ginger Bryan

Michael Hilborn

this medical provider likes to pad their bills

Vay Only

Dr snell no good. Use caution.

Julie Thompson

Brooke Chailer

Worst hospital experience ever.....maybe I need to be mentally insane with a police officer outside my door to get them to treat me better? Seriously diagnosed my numbness in my leg with lower leg extremity vague thank you for that information! Would rather take a chance with my life and drive to okc then go back.

Jamie Crawford

The president Charles Killings is refusing to allow people medication they need. His profits from pharmaceutical companies is more important than your life.

C. Chu Chu LeBlanc

S. E.

I am not a rude person but i believe i should let others know NOT to go to this hospital! I went in for simple, allergy testing (which was never done) and after MONTHS and 17+ phone calls with billing office false charges were finally removed and bill was paid in full BUT just a few days ago a new balance was put on my bill once again for the same false charges as the prior bill. So now i'm back where i started and i feel like this may be an ongoing problem and the same thing happened to my friend who had here baby here except their false charges were thousands of dollars! be very careful of your bill statement if you do go here!

Jake Kauenhofen

Brandi P

Dontay Jones

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