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REVIEWS OF SSM Health St. Anthony Healthplex IN Oklahoma

faith Johnson

Very attentive staff! I have been here a few times with some emergencies over the last five years. One time resulting in surgery and the staff has always been very helpful! The doctor has always done a very thorough examination and the nurses have always been right on time with medications. As a hospital administrator and nurse myself (for an entirely different hospital) I would say that the service provided here is outstanding. Also, wait times are very short, 5 minutes being the longest I've ever had to wait.

Phadrea Scott

We offered my Best Friend my support, and met her at the Emergency Room. The Security Guard was helpful, and very nice. However, after we met her in the room we were shocked at the quality of care she received. There is no way we will ever recommend this place to anyone. She went to the emergency room because she was in a lot of pain over the weekend. The staff was more focused on getting insurance information, and advising that she had a $500.00 ER Co-Pay. However her bill will be considerably more than that as you can imagine just for being there. They gave her a visual inspection with no diagnostics, and sent her home with a prescription for pain pills, and muscle relaxers which she isn't sure that she needs. The Doctor spent less than 5 minutes with her. The nurse said they didn't have a MRI, and what they do there typically is treat the symptoms, and send patient to regular Doctor. They also said it's better to come there if there is a life threatening situation? This makes me really wonder what this hospital would be able to do in an emergency situation. I'd be terrified to go there under those circumstances. For a visual inspection , and medications it does not warrant the $500 Co-Pay plus the additional charges she will be billed for because she went to the ER. Now she will have to incur another bill just to see her Doctor.

Jennifer Threlkeld

I absolutely have this hospital to thank for me being alive. I went to the er after 24 days of bleeding and pain in my abdomen. They diagnosed me with a mass in my abdomen and an ectopic pregnancy which needed emergency surgery. I was transported to the St. Anthonys in okc. Come to find out I was bleeding internally and was in great danger of bleeding to death. Not only that I had adhesions which had attached to my intestines which needed attention as well. If Dr. Finch had not found those issues and had me transported I am sure I wouldnt be alive today. I highly recommend this emergency room/ hospital to everyone!

Ashley Wilson

My children and I️ both use this facility . Love the friendly staff and convenient location.


Very pleased with the emergency room doctors and nurses. Always professional. I have been 2 or 3 times and my husband has been once. We are so happy we them in Mustang now!!!!!

Ciara Scott

Eldon Kratz

Visiting from out of town. Suffered a fall. VERY PLEASED WITH E.R.

Kristian Sims

I’ve been going to St. Anthony in mustang for over 5 years now. I’m very disappointed that they don’t do walk ins anymore but I can normally get in with an appointment on the same day that I call in. The ER nurses for the majority of my experience, lack empathy and don’t follow through with trying to pin down the cause of the problem. I went in because I thought I was having appendix problems and they told me that it was probably just a painful period and didn’t run any test besides a pregnancy test. I went to get an ultrasound a few days later and it turns out I had cysts on my ovaries. I’ve met one really great nurse in the ER but I can’t remember his name. On the clinic side, I’m not sure what it is about St. Anthony’s in general, but their phlebotomist are the worst when it comes to properly taking blood. I had one nurse almost have me bleed out after checking my thyroid and lied to my doctor when she was explaining why I was blacking out and couldn’t move. I believe her name was Allison. Then on multiple occasions, I’ve had nurses roughly dig around in my arm because they lost my vein. I’ve also had Veronica hang up on me when I tried to schedule an appointment. On the better side, Denise Branson, Hannah Baer, and the dermatologist have always been wonderful and thorough when I’ve seen them.

Cynthia Dunn

I went to Saint Anthony's Thursday Night April 28 th 2016, I saw a Doctor who name is Samuel Taylor one of the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever seen who truly cares and the Nurses were absolutely amazing, I have never had such great care, I feel 100% better ,than I have in a very long time I truly wish this Doctor had a private practice I am finally on the right Medications I feel great, Thank You all so much You are Great Cynthia Dunn

mrwicked why not?

Brian G

Despite living about five minutes from St. Anthony's Mustang, I must say the few times I have been there, I have been very unimpressed with the care I received there. A majority of the time there are hardly any patients there but the wait time once taken back into a room is very long, the ER doctors do not seem to have the empathy and compassion needed and are quick to make assumptions without performing adequate testing on the patient. Very passive attitude and don't take concerns seriously. I would highly recommend a different ER, Integris Baptist in my opinion.

evilj gish

The worst billing department I've ever delt with they say i don't owe anything but then send your bill to collections how does that work!!

RoxAnn Baker

I went to the ER Sunday morn., told them I was in excruciating pain, I was fine Sat at the rodeo, turned and heard a pop in my back and the horrible pain started. They acted like I was there for drugs, I said I need to know what is going on in my back/side. The nurse was horrible, would not help be to the bathroom for a urine sample, she could not hit my veins, dug around and bruised me before sending another person in that was only slightly better. The dr did a C-scan was convinced I had kidney stones, that was negative , I asked him to do x-rays because the pain was so bad, they did and he said I did not have any bulging disk or tumors, gave me a lint of pain meds and sent me in my way. I ended up going to the Dr Tuesday, two days later, I had a rib popped out, like I said, a twist, pop, then the horrible pain. There is NO telling how much &$$ the ER visit will be and they did nothing to help me. Do NOT go here, drive father and go to Mercy or Integris!!! Horrible experience

Michael Buck

Emily Martinez

Corey Hidlebaugh

brenda viruet

Dr Leslie Williams is an amazing doctor,love the staff and the clinic

Daniel Phillips

Jenny Anthony

My husband has been critical on several occasions. We have always received prompt care and been transported downtown by ambulance after stabilizing. Top notch care in our situation!!!

Katherine Monette

I came into the ER thinking I was having a reaction to my medication, the first doctor I saw (who was very nice and helpful) told me it was something different and to come back if my symptoms worsened because I would need an antibiotic. When I started running a high fever I went back in to be safe. I saw Dr. Cable who was immediately rude, did not listen to anything I said, and told me, I needed to stop using Dr. Google, and that there was nothing wrong with me, then turned around and left the room, leaving the nurse to come back and give me the antibiotic that the first doctor I saw (a doctor at their facility not doctor google) was going to prescribe me. I was not in pain or asking for pain pills or anything like that, I was just telling him about a rash and a fever, both things that he could have seen and measured for himself if he had just taken the few extra minutes to talk to me or look at my chart instead of writing me off for some reason. That was one of the absolute worse experiences I have had at a health facility. I just wanted health care, I was sick and scared, I didn't need to be made embarrassed and belittled for just following a previous doctors instructions, and coming back in. I will never go back there and I have been told by several friends and family members that they have always been treated with respect at Yukon.

Bobby Brawdy

Dr. Williams is the best. She always takes the time to listen and explain. As a single father to a preteen daughter, she has been a life saver. For that reason I've deleted my review, which was intended for a Dr at another location and left here by mistake, so I could give her five stars.

susie gaytan

Honestly the worst hospital I have ever been to! This Monday we went to the hospital because my mother was having severe pain due to her gallbladder stones. We told the doctors about the gallbladder stones and they didn’t really “care” I’d say. They took over an hour for them to get the CT results. Have in mind that all the rooms are EMPTY, except for two rooms which include us. After they got test results back they told us she had nothing, everything was normal although it seemed like she had symptoms of gallbladder stones, but she was fine. Therefore they told her to follow up w/ a doctor. They gave her pain antibiotics and sent us home. Tomorrow my mother will be having her gallbladder stones removed due to inflammatory in her gallbladder that could of led to serious infection. A Very unprofessional hospital with no equipment.

Milla Merchant

I went in with no insurance- and told them I didn't have any insurance, and needed the cash pay rate. They had me pay a portion, and I verified with them that I was finished paying all the bills for that visit. They assured me that I was. .... until I got the bills- thousands of dollars for them to give me fluids. That's all. Totally disappointed- never returning again!

Melaney Harrison

It took forever! I came here because I heard it was fast and people really liked it. Mmmmm!

David Ballard

Brought my son in, was greeted imeaditly, we were giving a short form and seem within 15 minutes, all the staff was kind and polite which is amazing at 2 am. My son needed x-rays, which were conducted within an hour. Facility was clean and nice.

MARY Pando

Melissa Winn

They are amazing

Aimee garcia

Cheryl Allen

Great place!! Friendly and fast!!

Drew Austin

I've been in a few times for low magnesium, and the staff has never been anything less than courteous and helpful. I wish I didn't have to go, but if I do, I'll go here.

Abby Justice

I can in here once with terrible stomach pain. WORST PLACE EVER! The nurse was nice and got us a room after about 10 minutes waiting in a waiting room where my stomach was just feeling worse and worse. We just figured that there was just a lot of people there at the moment and they were waiting for a room to be open or cleaned or something but no. There was NoBody There! Not one room had someone in it. After that we were a bit sketch but we did not think anything of it because my stomach hurt sooooo bad. We waited in a short amount of time and when the doctor came in he was the rudest person ever. He had such a bad attitude and was rolling his eyes. He told us that there is nothing that he could do for my stomach and to just go home. My mom of course was asking for a cat scan or something and the guy said no. We decided to leave since he clearly was not going to do anything to help us. We were there for about 2 hours at that point. Also the bill was outrageous for that fact that the doctor only told us to leave! DO NOT COME HERE! IT SUCKS!!!!!!!

Carla L

I read all the negative comments about Dr. Gable. I called to ask which doctor was on and they refused to tell me. Not gonna take chances and pay good money if the doctor is bad. All of the urgent care places will tell you who is on. Smh

kiara blanco

Please do not go to this hospital. (if you can try and go somewhere else) They are terrible and so rude I've gone a couple of times the last time I went they This lady threw my moms license across the counter at me.... I'm not going no matter how bad my emergency is I rather drive to Yukon

Sam M

Hit and miss depending on the staff. 1st visit was amazing but every time since they have fallen into a traditional ER.

Jo Newton

I had a short visit in dermatology which went well. However, I feel the need to review the location itself. First of all, I knew the address was 201 S. Sara Rd., in Mustang. But there was no address on the building. I had to drive further South to check the address of the business there. Then, once I made my way into the building, there was no direction to the elevator. I had to search. Then, when I got up to the second floor to register, I was told I would be signing several pages, and answering questions on one or more pages. There were not patient chairs at the registration desks. I literally leaned over the desk, butt in the air while reading, filling out and signing the pages. That has never happened before. While doing this, the nurse repeatedli called my name from the opposite end of the room. I finally stepped out and had to holler, "I'm still filling out paperwork." She didn't step out in to the room, so I couldn't even see her. Ridiculous from start to finish.

Mike Blair

My son broke his arm .. we took him there , yes it's a nice place and the wait was very short. One would figure when a child breaks a bone and you then them to the "er" an er dr. would take care of the problem but nope ... the doctor's there just split the arm and sent the child home. " It's like hello this is the er " What was the point of going there if all their gonna do is x-day and charge you a ton of money

Shanda Enriquez

The best around

K. J. Adler

Wonderful place. It is the best. Kind, efficient, knowledgeable nurse and doctor. Nobody could ask for more. Thank you, Saints.

Jenifer Williams

I brought my three-year-old to get an abdominal x-ray on 8-7-15 at 11:30 am because her doctor had just ordered it and he was just down the street my daughter was scared to death and yes she was acting a little irrational and I was getting frustrated myself because she wouldn't stand or lay still for one picture because she was so fearful that something would hurt her. But I was just blown away with the unprofessionalism of the lady in the x-ray department. For one, you don't tell a three-year-old that she needs a spanking and that she is spoiled and that she is being ridiculous and that you are going to go a man to hold her down and you don't look at the mother and tell her "hmm I wonder where the kid gets her attitude from!?" Needless to say we did not get the x-ray done. And again I will admit my three-year-old was being a little irrational but they were so understaffed and the one lady they had working in the x-ray department had absolutely no idea how to deal with children she could have diffused the situation and made it a little easier but instead she made it worse I will never recommend this hospital to anybody I should've known better when I heard bad things about it they were correct I would give it zero stars if it was possible!

Allison Miller

Very long wait for my 3 year old who had a bug in his ear. He waited for more then 2 hours for something that ended up taking about 10 minutes. Not impressed. Glad they were able to get the bug out.. But next time we will probably take him back to Canadian valley in Yukon. Our previous waits there were never so long.

Christopher Watkins

Still having a great time trying to pay the bill. Their ignorant physicians are contracted through a health care team in Moore Oklahoma. You can not call and get an answer. You cannot leave a message. You cannot pay them. I wish I would have had the chance to tell that physician to stick it. I won't ever go back to that hospital. Hopefully a storm knocks it down and a staff with common sense rebuilds there. Morons

Sharon Wunsch

My 19 yr old daughter was feeling very ill and had severe ear pain in both ears. She was diagnosed with bilateral otitis and sinus infection. They knew she was a single mom without insurance. The doctor spent 5 minutes with her and sent in a prescription for antibiotics. The antibiotics were $80.00 and she couldn't afford to get them. A friend who is a nurse practitioner called In a prescription for amoxicillin that was 7 dollars !!!!! It worked just fine!! Within TWO weeks she received a doctor bill from Plantation Billing center and billed by daughter $744.00 for the 5 minute check up!!!!...May these people get what they deserve!!! The word SAINT needs to deleted from the name of this hospital!!!! NEVER WILL GO BACK . HOW dare them!!! Addendum: 06/07/19- Now they have sent a bill for$ 450.00 for the ER visit. May they get what they deserve in the future. EVIL =St Anthony

Vicki Beemer

Very little wait time. Nurse was not really friendly and spoke very very low, however, she was thorough. Didn't have to wait long for the dr. And Dr Madrid was awesome! He was very concerned, listened very patiently, and answered all my questions :)

Marshal D

My wife was admitted to the ER and was diagnosed with magnizium defecency. The Dotor gave her an IV and transfered her to the main hospital on OKC. I just received a separate bill just for the ER doctor for $2100. The 3 days stay in the hospital was half the cost he is charging to prescribe a damp IV? Save yourself the trouble and just go to the OKC facility.

James Yzaguirre

I wouldn't suggest you go get if a nurse by the name of Elizabeth is working. Her and her supervisor are the rudest nurses I have ever came across. They have no compassion for their patients or bedside matters. My daughter had such a bad migraine she couldn't walk or open her eyes. The nurse did not offer her a wheel chair made her walk into the room while holding on to me. She rolled her eyes then got ride with me as I confronted how she was behaving. I will be coming to talk to the president/CEO about their behavior.. ridiculous..

McCaela Garcia

We love Dr. Daniels and her whole staff! So helpful and they always get us in and out quickly! Highly recommend!

Joseph Morris

What's the point in scheduling an appointment if the drs arent ever on time. Every time I come here my dr, is never on time. The office manager needs to deal with this issue. Plus their billing department sucks. I have ins and they keep saying I owe money because the office keeps filing it wrong. I will be changing providers after today. Think I will hand them a bill

Jesse Rios

Sarah Bean

My daughter was injured during a school ball softball game. We brought her in to be seen for an ankle injury. The doctor walked in looked at her leg and said it looked dislocated and that he would order an X-Ray. They did the X-Ray, he walked back in and said its in place I can't see a fracture it's a sprain. The nurse put her in a splint and sent us home. One of her travel ball parents is a doctor and told us to get her into an orthopedic doc ASAP. We did. Turns out she has 2 clean breaks and 1 fracture in her ankle! What the ER doc told us was a growth plate is huge break! I could see it, my husband could see it, even my 13 year old daughter could see it! Yet the ER Doctor couldn't! Sad thing is, this was on a Friday, it's now Tuesday and no radiologist has even caught it at the hospital yet! The nurse we had was wonderful but the doctor was AWFUL!! Oh and our official discharge paper work says sprain on it. Our orthopedic doctor couldn't believe it!! There wasn't even any other patients and he couldn't spend 5 minutes in our room. Don't ever go here! Keep driving, find another hospital!!

Jocelyn Gramajo

I went in on Friday morning on my death bed!! So sick. Walked into the emergency room. Went up to the desk. Filled out paper work. By the time I went to sit down nurse Casee came out to take me back. Her and her nurse assist where so sweet to me. They catered to my every need and where so kind. The doctor came in right away. DR MADRID. HE is the most kindest gentle spoken doctor I have ever met. He felt sympathy for me you could see it in his eyes. He began to treat me. I was there for 2 1/2 hours exactly. And walked out of there feeling amazing. I went in with sever strep that had gotten into my blood stream and made me extremely IL THE night before. I walked out of there feeling like my self. The hospital was extremely clean.and peaceful . I will never use another emergency room again!!!

Tom Drake

My wife and I both signed up with this facility for family medicine. A big mistake they lost our paper work twice, the folks were very rude, when you call you can never talk to anyone. We abided by their auto answering system to get RX refills, the pharmacy sent the request over 3 times in 6 days before it was attended to, this was for my wife. I use the government program which is Caremark, I requested a refill on two of my RX's, they sent the request, one was filled the other was not. Today I received an e-mail from caremark that the Dr. has not responded. I am 73 my wife is 72 and this has been the worst experience we have ever had. We will be moving to some place that gives a damn about their patients. I will be happy to furnish other Dr. references so you can find that we are not habitual complainers.

Allen Cox

Poor service. It seems that patients are an inconvenience to be dealt with at the clinics bidding.. The bureaucracy seems to be more important than medical practice.

Crystal Toner

I've been to the ER 3 times since they opened. Always clean and was always seen promptly. Dr. Finch is great and the nurses always made sure I was comfortable and had what I needed.

jess jennings

christopher reyburn

I have been there many times and most of the staff is great EXCEPT a couple dr's that try to tell a disabled vet he is a druggy due to his IBS. The doctors tried to throw an excuse out there just like the VA does. The doctors need to listen to the patients and try to understand rather than jump to conclusions. Mr. Denan and Mr. Taylor need to do some studying and LISTEN to their patients. everything else was GREAT.

John Hurst

Great Healthcare

S Conner

Was there a couple months ago for a rash on my arm and the doctor Dr. Cable...I believe...Was so rude to me...He just walked out and said that's not anything to come to the ER for. It was a concern to me and that's ALL that matters! I got more information from the nice nurse afterword. I will NEVER go back there. Or, bring my family there. Shame on him for being a dick.

boyd Steen

Tina Hayden

Absolutely the worst care. We went in for check pains and shortness of breath, nausea and severe acid reflux. They treated us like we were just in the way and when I asked what was wrong they just said they were busy. There were 3 other patients besides my sister. The last time we were here it was a great experience with my grandbaby. But today it was awful. I can understand one or two having a bad night but the entire staff! Geeze.

Stanley Mathew

Jacqui Campbell

today i woke up very sick and in pain my first instinct was to call and make an appointment for myself. the woman put me on hold which i was totally fine with because i understand they are busy. i asked if my doctor had an opening for today and she did not which i was fine with. i don't know the name of this woman but usually i have a very nice lady answer and help me very personable and respectful of the patients. but this experience was just unpersonable disrespecrful and really just unprofessional. both of my parents are in the medical field and one of them works for st anthony's and i know personally neither of them would ever talk to any patient the way i was talked to today on the phone. other then the unprofessional call my visit was just fine and i hope this does not happen again for not only me but all patients.

Forest Foresee

Visited this hospital at 11:00pm. Super fast, clean, and friendly.

Nathaniel Scott

My mom was rejected by Canadian Valley Integris with a kidney stone, so we came here and was treated immediately. We didn’t know at the time she actually had the kidney stone in her blood stream and because of that the doctors took action and actually saved her life when going into septic shock. We are grateful, so go here.

Kristin Messick

Worst ER I've ever been to. Completely empty, but have to wait over 40 mins to see the doctor. The nurses are having a party at the nurse's station; laughing and having a great time while I lay there in misery. I left.

Seth Morris

Actually still sitting in the er right now waiting on a unnecessary test that she was not told to get here, how your "DR CABLE" is still allowed to practice is beyond my comprehension, his beside manner or lack there of is the worst dr to patient experience I have ever seen, as my wife will be having her third surgery in less than a year one of which the surgeon messed up so horribly she lives with neuropathy for the rest of her life and is on a steady pain management for it, "DR CABLE" comes in and starts by saying we see your on a lot of pain medication why are we seeing you and questioning her like she was a drug addict instead of asking why we were seeing them this evening which was not even for pain, we need a ultrasound to ensure her poulips had not worsened or had caused a secondary condition that can cause internal bleeding that we had been warned about by our doctor and why she had us rush up there, but if I could've gotten a word in edge wise with the "GOD" of doctors instead of him rushing out to get back to the nurses station to finish the end of his joke then he would have heard our concerns instead of giving us a lecture about how they had a seminar getting thier a$$ chewed about handing out medicine maybe we wouldn't still be sitting here a hour later wondering if my wife was ok or not, other than the one time we had the "REAL DR FINCH" who actually addressed our concerns and was really helpful, ever other time we have gotten this pompous a$$ we will never ever go again, this place is never busy and im starting to understand why, WAITING on MERCY or INTEGRIS buy this location so this beautiful facility can be also filled with a beautiful, kind, helpful staff, I was so excited to have a hospital so close to us but the extra 20 minute drive to a "REAL HOSPITAL" is well worth it, by the way "DR GOD" we refused the pain meds you offered after your spill because that was not why we were there. Horrible staff that needs to upgraded and dealt with accordingly.

Cassidy Odell

The doctors here are always so rude. It seems like the nurses don't really care and I feel like they always just want to go home.. I'd rather go somewhere else if I was dying.

Jackie Green

Took my Mom over a year ago and again yesterday to the ER and they St. Anthony staff and doctors were excellent.


Wish I could give this hospital 0 stars. They are incompetent. When I was pregnant & have stomach pains, they put something in my I.V and without my consent and didnt tell me till after, what it was. They gave me prescription type pain med, WHILE PREGNANT! This should be illegal. The hospital bathroom in my patient room was comple dirty and covered in pee, when I went to go use it. Disgusting.

Randi Patel

This place is absolutely awful!!!! They had no patients when I got there, I filled out my paper work and laid on one of the couches. Two other people walked in filled out there papers and were called back before me. They let me lay in a room for a hour and no one ever checked on me. I never got to see a doctor. I took all the monitors off and crawled out of that bed and limped out of there bawling in pain. They had staff standing around everywhere... i would NOT recommend this awful place!!!

S Salazar

Wonderful staff, extremely nice and polite to kids and adults. The wait wasn't long at all. I didn't catch the name of the doctor, he wears a black cowboy hat- he's nothing less than awesome.

Matt Marshall

Doctor was rude to my wife who had an unexplained bleed for 5 days. No talk of attenpting to find the cause or even treat the symptoms. Short staffed so we had to wait forever to be seen. Wouldn't trust them with my sick dog.

Kelli Clark

I called and they told me that the walk in clinic closes at 4pm but they take their last patient at 3:30pm. I left work early and showed up at 3:22pm and they told me they would not see me. ???? Then why not put you cut off at 3pm so people don't lose pay leaving work early


We've been here twice. The first visit, the doctor had a terrible attitude and we waited and waited for about 3 hours, when there was only one other patient being seen. The nurses were very kind. The second visit, all of the staff was kind and we were in and out within 1-1 1/2 hours.

waylon heavin

Hunter Butler

the experience I had at the medical center was terrible and Doctor Madrid was never in the room except once and wouldn’t answer questions so officially hate him he shouldn’t practice medicine


The staff just called my husband to follow up with him for his ER visit.. I mean that's nice and all but they called his ex-wife's phone.. A number that was never given to them. Hello HIPPA violation. ( for a bonus the nurse was rude )


Absolutely horrible services!!! I've spent hours up there filling out paper work to get my kids In to see t he Pediatrician. And they always seems to needs more and more ans the same stuff over and over and are very very rude when u ask them why

Steph Salmon

Marissa Spillett

Matt Pierce

Kind of ridiculous I'm 27 years old and married and they will call and send all my information and bills to my parents 2 hours away. They have all my updated information.

Ariel Kuhl

Would not recommend AT ALL for any "lady type" issues, especially pain. They didn't even do an ultrasound (something that should be protocol for my complaint). I don't know if it was because I had a male doctor or that I was young and "complaining of pain", or maybe because I said I'm a Buddhist. Either way, was treated so disrespectfully. I use to tell everyone to go here, not anymore. As someone that works in healthcare, I'm shocked at how it can be on the other side of the nurses station.

Clay Henry

The nurse staff was Kool but the Dr. Was a pompus ass, the "God syndrome" type. I have no idea what my bill will be but they will have a fun time collecting the rest cause I'm still sick

A Matthew

Aimee Elliott

This healthplex has an amazing group of physicians and nursing staff! I have been a patient of Dr Miriam Thompson's for almost 8 years and couldn't be happier with the care I receive at her office. The nurses are friendly and are always willing to help with my questions or concerns.

Michelle Ferguson

Anitha Mathew

Horrible service. I had an eye burn with a chemical, thought I would stop by this ER since it was very close by and after hours. I was the only patient. Doctor and staff were carrying on a conversation for A while that was apparently more important before doctor saw me. Doctor stepped in for a few mins, came back flushed my eye and left again. Another nurse came in and did my vision check. I couldn’t read past the 3rd line, eyes burning bad and couldn’t open my eyes at this point, told the nurse. She left and came back a while later and told me I was discharged, and wait outside. If I didn’t have a ride home they would have left me in there waiting area. Didn’t fill the prescription this doctor gave. We went to the Warren eye clinic and saw Dr. Warren in Mustang. She took me in right away, checked me and said my first layer was burned off by the chemical. She gave me steroids and antibiotics and almost started feeling better within the hour.

Saundra Wilkinson

Jana Turk

quite lacking in many areas.

Rina W

Went in at 5:00 because I had sharp pains in my head, dizziness, chills, sweating like crazy. They started me on iv and I didn't have a fever. They took couple tubes of blood to test and ran a ct scan and peed in a cup. Put some pain meds in my iv. Came back into the room, laid down and dr said Ct was fine and was waiting for the other results. Soon after that another nurse comes in and says ok please sign here you are going home. I asked what I had and he said dr said migraine. I have had migraines for over 10 years and this is not a migraine! And still have not heard what my urine or blood test showed. Was not sent home with any pain meds, they acted like I was a dope head, if they only checked my urine and blood they could see I am squeaky clean. So I get home and I get worse, I am now getting ready to make my way up to my normal er, mercy, at least I know they care about their patients and will figure you out before sending you home. I refuse to pay this bill, they did absolutely nothing for me! I was excited when this place opened because they were way closer, I will not step foot in this place again! If I was you I'd find another ER!

Kim Payne

One of the best ER's I've ever been to. Very clean, quiet building with professional, caring staff. Highly recommend! Went on Christmas Eve and today went with toddler granddaughter--and the doctor (Dr. Flynn, I think) who saw her was amazing!

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Naadi Healthcare Vascular and Interventional Center
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Hospital - Oklahoma

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