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J Pyles

This is a very nice facility. I had wonderful care and would stay longer if my insurance would allow me to do so. I appreciate all the nurses and therapy personnel that have helped me every day to get better. I would return here if I needed to. The doctors were all very nice also and will miss me.

Cecelia Sirmon

Overall I had a good experience at Select. Cam one of my caregivers was #1-she always came in with a smile and did not give me a chance to be unhappy. She and the rest of the staff did a great job. I do not want to go thru this again but would come here if I needed this care again. I did not know what it was when I came but have had a good experience.

Tami Price

This facility saved my husband's life. Dr. Mohammad is extremely knowledgeable, caring, kind, and provided the best health care possible. The case workers Beth and Karen helped me in every way possible from insurance issues to where to get a meal if I needed it. They are so kind and personable. The nursing and PT staff are exceptional as well. We are so thankful and would recommend Select Specialty Hospital to all.

Hannah Allam

My sister is being treated there after a near-fatal car wreck and we have found the staff, with a couple of notable exceptions, to be rude and dismissive. When she was left in agony without pain medication for more than two days (because she couldn't hold down the pills) the nursing staff appeared frightened to call the doctor to seek alternative ways to administer the medicine. One night nurse actually seemed so lacking confidence and authority that it was frightening that she had been left to care for patients with such extensive injuries. Again, there have been a couple of wonderful nurses who were privately sympathetic because they had seen how our concerns were being blown off. But overall this place didn't give us the care you'd expect from a facility for people who are seriously wounded and trying to heal. One small example of the lack of attention to details: my sister is Muslim and cannot eat pork, though she needs protein to heal her atrophied muscles. Day after day after day they brought my sister pork, which she could not eat. She now weighs less than 100lbs. If you have any other alternative for your injured loved one, go somewhere else.

melonie zeleznikar

We brought my mom hereTo select specialty in Oklahoma City after being highly recommended by OU medical center. She had a heart valve replacement, during which she had 2 strokes. my mom had no use of her left arm while at this facility. Meals were brought to her by nursing staff and placed approximately a foot away from her bed so that they could not be reached. I would come in and ask the nurse why her tray wasnt in front of her,thei resopnse was "i don't know ". I told them it was their job to remove the lid and place it in front of her and then ask her if she wanted to eat not just leave it sitting to the side .I would ask my mom why she didn't eat her dinner and she said that they wouldn't remove the lid and that she couldn't open her Apple sauce and pudding because of the foil lids she said they told her she needed to do it herself.She told them her left arm wasn't working and they didn't seem to care they still would not remove the lids. My mom at this point was able to stand up and walk with assistance but staff refused to put her on a bedside commode or take her to the toilet she was forced to use a bedpan. I had also come in late in the evening to spend the night with her and she Would-be soiled from head to toe .I could hear the nurses in their talking about their boyfriends and being very rude and disrespectful to my mother.We also informed the nurses of a possible UTI do to the fact that my mom said it burned really bad when she went to the bathroom it took them approximately 2 weeks to even do a check for it and then I'm still not even sure if the gave her medication for it or not. My mom is now in Colorado with family and she ended up in ICU here was sepsis due to the fact that her UTI was never taken care of at select specialty. My mom still to this point has flashbacks about how horrible she was treated there. When she goes to the hospital now she is very scared. She said they were very mean to her there. I would watch them change my mother in the bed and they were very rough she was covered in bruises when I picked her up on last day-and finally told them I was taking her away that no one should have to be there And be treated so horribly. Case manager Karen would hardly ever answer her phone. She is also very rude she seemed to want my mom out of there but didn't wanna do much work for it to happen. I would never recommend this place to anyone ever! I will be calling OU medical center and letting them know about the place they're referring to people that it's horrible!

Anonymous D.M.

A very professional and caring staff with extraordinary knowledge base. They make you feel like part of the family.

Dottie McLeroy

Im not sure about the negative reviews here, but my fiance' was at Select Specialty for several months and they treated him with the utmost care and respect. I worked out of his room almost every day and they were wonderful to me as well. I left knowing he was very well taken care of every night. I would never hesitate to take him back. He went back for a short stay this past year and it was great. A lot of the same staff we had gotten to know back in 2012-2103.

D Hight

The pleasant atmosphere provided a healing environment. My stay was very pleasant. Interaction between employees was fantastic making for all around great experience.

Debbie E

Very friendly and efficient staff. Very clean facility. I know he is well cared for even on the days I can't come to see him. I would recommend this hospital to everyone.

Janet Ludwig

Things i like about this hospital is the Patient Advocate Program, therapy department, houskeeping is always good, some of the nursing staff are great. The CNAs are good too. The lady at the front desk is the sweetest one nurse Gina went above and beyond when i stayed with my husband. Jennufer always sweet and polite.

Mary Singleton

I would rather do this anonymously but that isn't possible. By being public though hopefully you will realize I am a real person with real concerns. Do NOT take a loved one to this facility. There are a few good things but the bad far outweigh the good. It is dirty. The care is slow. Some of the staff are rude. My husband was recovering from surgery and they refused to let him follow up with the surgeon because they had "their own doctors" on staff. We were concerned it was getting infected but they kept telling us it wasn't. They eventually transported him to the surgeon and found out it is infected. He was scheduled for surgery on Thursday to open the wound and clean out the infection, but it was cancelled because he was not well enough to undergo the procedure. He had to be given 2 units of blood to get his hemoglobin high enough for surgery. SSH knew 3 days ahead of time that he would be having surgery. They drew blood almost every morning so they had the information. They either didn't care or weren't smart enough to realize there was a problem.

Tracey Butler

Absolutely awful. We walk in the first day to a bad situation and are promised to do better by the charge nurse and CEO. We walk in the next day to it being as bad if not worse. I don't think these people get it att all. NO One would want to come in and see what we came in to. He isn't even being treated like a person.

K.L. Dennis

Amanda Bethel

Very horrible place!!!! Does not care for patients. They have very lazy staff. My grandma had a stroke and lost function of her left arm, she would ask for help opening apple sauce and they would refuse to help her. Instead of helping her to the bathroom they would force her to use a bed pan. She has made tremendous progress since leaving this place. Her 6 ft phone charger cable also went missing while she was here. Do NOT go here or send your loved one!!

Janet Royal

Everyone at Select Specialty Hospital is respectful, professional, kind and courteous. They really make me feel strong and encourage me every day, even if it is just holding my hand. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone!

Rita T

Everyone is attentive and the staff is all real nice. The hospital is very accommodating and I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Zaeva Basler

I would recommend this hospital to anyone who needs this type of care. The rehab department was been wonderful and my daughter is making great progress. The doctors have been very helpful and I am very grateful. The nurses in the ICU are wonderful. I appreciate all the help from evwryone.

CC Anonymous

I found you all very hospitable and amusing. You joked with me and were very easy to get along with. You took good care of me.

Davina Murrell

I have been a patient here several times and I have had nothing but great care. The staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and caring everyone from the housekeepers to the nursing staff. It has been a great place to get stronger.

Ed White

My wife has been here for about a month now and I could not be happier with the treatment she has received. The nursing staff is 100% professional and take pride in the care they give. The facility is clean and well run. The entire staff has been nothing but courteous. Any expectations I had have been exceeded.

Sandra Combs

Caring attitude of the staff, especially the nurses and aids is very positive. They do a great job taking care of their patients. I really enjoy the communication between doctors and nurses. The doctor's keep the nurses informed so it helps with the care. The doctors treat nurses with dignity and respect.

margaret brown

Select has wonderdul staff, respiratory helped alot with me getting to my bipap. The nurses are so goodgood, caring and compassionate.

Betty M

The staff here at Select were all just wonderful! The nursing staff and dialysis staff showed real compassion in caring for my husband. We even had one nurse who would drop in to check on us, even when she was not assigned to our room, just to see how we were doing. I would recommend Select Specialty Hospital to anyone needing superior care.

Eric Oghenegueke

Clean environment, nice staff and great management, the best LTAC in I have seen in the State of Oklahoma. A dream place to work and grow your Career as a Nurse.

M Thomson

Great, friendly staff-always. I was always taken care of right away. The night nurses would sit and talk with me even when I didn't need anything. Medications were always explained to me in a way I could understand. The facility was always very clean.

Tina Todd

January 4, 2019. I have a relative in the hospital right now at the hospital who has not been given the adequate care since they have been here. My relative has been here at the hospital for a couple of weeks. They have lost a lot of blood but no blood transfusion has been administered. They stated in his chart that they have given him transfusion but does not have any release forms signed by the patient or family members to do so. They have not placed any blood band on them to even show that they are suppose to be administrating the transfusion and to be checked every 15 minutes for clots. They finally came in last night to check their blood count and it showed 6.4. Still as of today no transfusion has been given and my relative is in severe pain. The doctor on staff came in a didn't even check them out and said that he was doing ok. This is a poor and unprofessional service. My relative is on Medicare and the social service department came in today January 4, 2019 and stated that the patient must pay for his stay before they can offer any other services. Therefore, I have filed a complaint with Medicare KEPRO on behalf of the hospital and staff and CEO of this hospital. Just remember people are human.

Jose Perez

Didn't have a good experience with this place. My mother was sent here for treatment of a trach. There were times when I would arrive and she had so much mucus in her throat that it looked like she was in so much pain and chocking. Family members would press the nurse button and all they would say is somebody would be in shortly. After an hour someone shows up. They all also cut her hair without the consent of anyone.Staff was also rude and looked like they were there for the paycheck not the patient. Would definitely not recommend to anyone.

Becky Clark

My Dad was in the ICU there. Some of the nurses were very attentive, some didn’t come around for 3-4 hours! His skin rips easily and they put tape on him on several occasions. We asked if they had Coban, they said no. We asked if we can go buy it from a drugstore so they can use it instead and we were told No, the owners won’t allow it. A Dr who never examined my Dad walks in and says, he’s in a Coma. Well, he wasn’t! I told my family to never put me in the ICU there.

Raquel Conner

They take care of my husband very well. The place is very clean and has a bigger room and free WIFI. Everyone was great. My husband been here for a month but because of his medicare medical insurance they have to moved him to Stroud Regional Medical Center where he passed away last week due to complications. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Vicky Miri

Everybody here is now considered a friend. I was nervous at first to come here as my past experience at a place like this had not been very good. But everybody here is so nice and I would come back to Select if I need the medical care. I will tell everybody how good the care is here!

David Aman

Been here a week, Due to transportation being delayed we went from a 1200 arrival to 5pm. Even then room wasn't ready, bed wasn't prepared, linens on chair and falling on floor. Staff didn't even know my sons name and were asking us what medications, times taken, wound condition, etc. All the things found in medical records that came ahead of us! After about 3 hours we were about to find another facility but then wound care came in at 1030 pm to begin taking pictures and recording wounds. By midnight they were STILL working and wanted to re-take photos at which point they were shut down and shown the door! Next morning day shift came on and it was completely different! They were caring, professional, and efficient. Then nightshift came on and it seems to be the B team as there is a big difference. There are some very good care givers that I can't praise enough, and then there are some that I wouldn't trust to take care of my dog! If you choose this facility, I would STRONGLY suggest having a family member stay in room and keep a log of everything doctor states during rounds as information does not flow from doctor to RNs, to LPNs, to therapy, to etc. Blame has been placed on computer system, but its been in place for 6 months so I take that with a grain of salt. Bottom line is you MUST take the lead on your loved ones care, otherwise your stay will probably be extended.

Richard Card

I enjoyed my stay here and would return if I need this type of care again. All of the nurses were good and therapy helped me to get back up again. I want to get back home when I am stronger. I have no complaints and cannot remember names but had many good care givers here. This is a good hospital to come to.

R Eliu

I had good care and now get to be closer to home and family. The people here are very nice and help you. I am doing much better now. I want to get more therapy and see my family more. I appreciate this place for helping me.

K Jprivate

When I came here to this hospital I did not know anything about it. They sent me from the other hospital in an ambulance about a month ago. My therapist Julie was so amazing...she really encouraged me to be able to do more after my accident happened. Her encouragement made the difference. There was great staff here that I appreciate for all the good care. I’m now going to rehab and hope to be home very soon. Thank you to all the staff who cared for me here at this hospital.

A Parks

This has been a good experience- and I’ve been in the hospital a few times. The nurses were all so nice and laughed at my jokes. My doctor was a jewel. The therapist were so helpful and I was able to get stronger and walk further. I hope to go home very soon.

Kristi Lash

I appreciate the care my mom received at this hospital. She is coming closer to home to continue rehab and we are grateful for her getting better at Select to be able to come home. We appreciate all the hard work of the staff and how they communicated with us as we live 2 hours away from there.

B Anonymous

This is a good hospital to be in when you need the right help. The staff is great-they do a good job-almost everybody. Every place has a few you know. I've been in and out of the hospital 8 times and this is my favorite one. Dr. Cook is the best. I want to take my tech with me when I go on to more therapy because she was awesome.

Betty Bullard

We had a very good experience here at Select and had an awesome physician and care at Select. I like the friendly nursing staff as they are easy to work with and if you need anything the nurses were there to help out. My room was always kept clean and the cafeteria would accommodate and make any changes to our preferences. I would highly recommend Select and definitely come back if I needed to be hospitalized again.

J Johnson

I would come back to Select hospital. It is smaller and I liked that, as I got more attention from the nurses. I have improved a lot and will go home after some more therapy. I liked all the nurses and thought they did a good job!

Evelyn Morris

Everything was wonderful. Staff took great care of Connie. I would highly recommend Select Hospital! The staff listened to my concerns and I didn't have to worry about her while I was gone. My charge nurse was on to everything.

Corry Carter

My mom came to this hospital for care for many issues. When we first got here one of the techs actually washed her hair and put it back in braids. That had not been done at the previous place. I know that is going the extra mile to do something nice for a person. Her hair was last done a month ago and was a mess. She had a lot of anxiety when she was turned for care and one of the staff would sing hymns to her as she expressed missing going to church. This was a great comfort to her. I would come back to the hospital 100% if this level of care was needed by me or anybody in my family. There are so many staff members I appreciate but I cannot remember all of their names.

D Smith

We are so grateful for all you folks have done for my brother. As far as I am concerned you have given 150% of your time and concern to help him after his 10 days in the ICU unit at Integris. He was needing just a little more than a regular hospital care and he got it! You guys Rock! John, your representative told us a t Integris that you were a step between ICU care and regular hospital care and he was right. We were so lucky to have you folks get him to this point where he can go to the next phase. Every time we said anything about his care you responded and came through with what he needed!!! This is really the first time I thought someone listened to my comments. Thank you so much! You made me feel like a valued person, something rare in today's world. Thank you.

J Terry

I did not know about this hospital before coming here. The nursing aides here really care about the patients. Most of the nurses do a very good job-I know staffing can be difficult as I have had a business and it changes everyday. Thank you for the care I received-I'm happy to be going home.

Annette De La Cruz

This is a good hospital if your husband is really sick. The nurses and doctors explained things to me. There was a lot I did not understand and they talked to me until I could understand everything. I would bring my family back to this hospital. They take good care of you here. My husband still has lots of things to get better and he is going to another place closer to our house to continue getting help.

Kristin Hartgrave

They did a great job with my mom. So nice to her and when it was time to her to move to a different rehab facility she was actually upset that she wouldn't be there with them

Rebecca Kernop

This facility is top notch. I have been staying the night with my husband and the nurses are excellent. They tend to his needs day and night. The staff is professional and caring.

Lawana Dillard

I recommend this long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital without hesitation. The staff, the food, and the facility are all top-notch. Response time to the call button is surprisingly fast. No one wants to be in the hospital for an extended period, but Select Specialty Hospital succeeded in making my stay the best experience possible.

Susan Burnsed

Everyone at Select is very nice and helpful. They all worked together to get me stronger. There were all quick to respond to my needs.

Brandon Ivey

Awesome and professional staff that take great care of the patients and the family members as well! They took great care of my Grandma on birthday and made it an extra special day

M White

Everyone is treating me wonderful, they are spoiling me. Dietary really is working with me on my menu choices and getting me anything I need. All the nurses and CNA's treat me really well and are really great. Wound care is really good. I feel I have the life of Riley here, I really do.

B Edwards

This is the best hospital that I have ever experienced, by far, and I have been in and out of facilities since January. It has been such a pleasant surprise. I am making progress here. The rooms are nice. The doctors and entire staff are understanding & supportive. I have been so delighted and impressed with the food served. Joseph, dietitian, has been so helpful and checks on me frequently. Lydjia, CNA, is very very good at her job. I will certainly be recommending this facility to all my friends & family.”

Steve Gallaway

I’ve been to 10+ hospitals battling illness and Select is by far the best! The team of doctors, nurses and technicians are wonderful. They’re always quick to care for any need and have made me feel like family. I would highly recommend Select OKC to anyone!

F. Hamilton

Thank you to the entire staff here at Select. The doctors are great and the staff is so nice. My wound care nurses and doctors are the best. I am getting to go to Rehab from here and would recommend this place to anyone needing help.

MM anonymous

I love the nurses here. They are busy and work hard all the time. Even though mom is not doing as well as we hoped, she has gotten good care here. We are glad to have help getting her to the next facility for more therapy, closer to the family, so we can spend more time with her and not have to drive as far. We would return her if we needed this type of care. I had not heard of this hospital but some of my friends have. I'm glad we chose to come here.

Marianne John

This hospital is the worst I have been in. The 1st night my husband was there it took the staff 4 hrs to take care of his needs. He has been here for almost 4 wks and it hasn't gotten any better. With the exception of a couple nurses, the only time the staff takes care of his needs is when I am with him. They are on the phone or talking with each other instead of caring for the patients. I would rate this hospital a 0.

Terry Boyd

This is a wonderful place if you ever need to come here I recommend

Mary Gardner

Outstanding care by caring and compassionate people!

Lawrence Alsup

I would recommend this hospital. I was raised on good manners and being polite and this is what you get from the staff here at Select. My room was always kept clean and quiet. As a matter of fact I have had the best sleep I ever had in 20 years. I thank the Lord for my recovery and the physicians and staff here at Select.

S. Scott

I don't remember much at the beginning because I was in the ICU. But now that I am out of the ICU and heading home, I will have to say I recommend this place to my friends and family. Hilary and Veronica, CNA's were the very best aids. The lung doctors and staff here saved me and I got better with their help. I am happy to be going home today. Thank you so much.

Krystal S

Great service. Staff is excited for the patients progress. They will keep you up to date on progress.

Ashley Green

The treatment is borderline. They aren't awful but they are far from wonderful. The staff doesn't do the job that any patient or their family would expect to be done. They do the bare minimum of their general title so that it is enough to seem competent. But, that is mainly the administration's fault because they don't staff enough people to properly care for their patients. Each tech (aka CNA) works 12 hours and has 8 or more patients to care for. Each nurse also works for 12 hours and has 5 or more patients to care for. No it isn't really legal or illegal. It's just a loophole in the system that allows long term acute care centers like this one and nursing homes to understaff and thusly undercare for their patients.

LaMichael Allen

I am came here to get back on my feet and get stronger . Also to get my heart back in shape to have my weight loss surgery . The nursing staff,doctors and everyone is awesome here . I would recommend this place to my friends and family to come here if they needed .

Gregory Svanas

I was transferred to Select Specialty Hospital from OU ICU and Trauma following a car wreck. I had been at the OU Trauma Center for about 3 weeks, and I arrived on high-flow oxygen and with very little stamina. During the 4 weeks that I was there I was weaned off of the oxygen to the point that I no longer needed extra oxygen. The Occupational and Physical Therapists patiently worked with me to build my strength to a point that I was ready for a rehab clinic. I cannot say enough good things about the staff there. Everyone there treated me with compassion, empathy, and professionalism. If, God forbid, I needed this type of treatment in the future, I would not hesitate to go back to this facility.

Alex Yeganeh

My mother was transferred to this facility from INTEGRIS ICU. Unfortunately she had not been seen by the hospitalist for roughly 7+ hours. This means she had not been able receive any of her medications (some required continuously). When I questioned the nurse as to why and when i could expect her to receive the mandatory care she needs, I was met with vaguery and curt responses. Im actually still awaiting a physician to assess the situation. Minding the fact that I was told I’d see one....4+ hours ago. I hope the standard of care here improves as her time here goes on. If so, I’d be happy to amend my assetations.

Betty West

Great nurses and techs. It is great to have charge nurses on each shift. I had a lot of questions and they were available to answer all of my questions. I had a very good experience at Select.


Terrible they leave patients nurses focus on playing around they didn't do the things they were meant to when my family was transferred

Chris Terry

This is the worst Hospital I have ever seen in my entire life and I am 63 years old I wouldn't take somebody with ISIS to this hospital I had a friend up there it is terrible you are to be a damn shame to yourself they are Un-American and Un- Patriotic.


Some of the nurses are great. That being said, some of them barely acknowledge you. There is a different doctor every time I turn around and only one has ever talked to me about my moms case. They usually come in for 2 minutes and walk right out. Sometimes they ask if I have any questions, but not much else. We were in Mercy ICU for over a month. They came in and moved her pillows, bathed her, rotated her boots every 2 hours. Here they come in at the beginning and end of their shift and when they need to give her meds. I’ve been rotating her boots myself. If she needs anything, I usually do it or have to go get someone to do it. Then, to top it off, I went home for an hour to feed my animals and do some stuff around the house. When I got back someone had stolen my medicine. I have daytime and nighttime pills I keep in those little plastic ‘day of the week’ containers. Nobody saw anything. Nobody knows who went in her room and took them. I took my evening pills right before I ran home to feed Zooey. I think someone saw me take medicine and went in after I left and swiped it. They will be so disappointed when all they get is diarrhea from my non-narcotic meds. The people here just keep telling me to take my personal items with me when I leave. They are not responsible for thieves who run freely through the rooms taking what they want. This isn’t a homeless shelter, it’s a hospital. The nurses are assigned to a patient, but apparently are not required to keep an eye on them. I’m starting to believe all the bad press I hear about this place. I hope mom gets better or her insurance will pay for a decent place where she can recover and I don’t have to worry about locking up my stuff every time I have to go to the bathroom.

John Ingle

The therapy was awesome. Lisa and Diane were awesome therapist and did an incredible job. All the respiratory people took care of me and explained things to me. I had a great view to look from my room. I liked being able to walk outside with my therapists. I would recommend this hospital to my friends and family.

Nickol Gregg

Once again, came in and found my dad laying in soiled linens. I work in the medical field and the facility I work in would absolutely not approve of patients being left in soiled linens. This place is horrible

Regina Rice

I am very happy with the hospital. I appreciate all ya'll have done. I hear everybody is happy about how well I have done-getting off the ventilator and being able to go to Rehab. I have had good care here and think I surprised everybody with how fast I got better. I had good people and the nurse and therapy people did a good job in helping me here. I got out of the ICU and now I get to go to the Rehab place to work on getting strong enough to go home. Thank you to everybody who helped me. i would come back to this hospital if I needed this but I hope I don't have to.

Vickie M Chandler

Kirk Arabie

Kendra Oyesanya

My dad was a patient here at Select hospital. He was moved here because he needed to go to a short term care facility. First day I found ants in his room by the window. This place really doesn't do much for the patients. The doctors step in for a minute and leave not really trying to help or check patient progress. The case managers just want the patients out of their facility if they believe the patient isn't making progress. My dad was here for over 3 months and he basically just laid there. They stopped physical therapy and he started getting bed sores. If my mom wasn't there everyday with him I don't believe they would really do much or get him out of the bed to at least sit in a chair. They sent my dad to a nursing home far far away from family and the doctor at the new facility told us that the case manager told them that my dad does absolutely nothing which is a lie. My dad nods his head yes and no, moves his hands and feet, smiles, etc. Yes he has a long way to go but I believe they just wanted him out. The nurses here are nice most of the time. If you can take your loved one to another facility I would recommend that but since it's Oklahoma the options are slim.

Lisa Stewart

I've worked here for years and would like to say this is a wonderful place to work. Friendly and professional staff. Great learning opportunities for all levels of Nursing and Therapist.

David Golay

The hospital has really good staff at Select. They take good care of patients. You can tell they like what they are doing and not here just for the money-they care about the people. I think it is great here.

Janet Dyer

This hospital was wonderful. The OT/PT was great. The nurses and other staff was professional and always helping me when needed. If pts need a quality hospital this is the place for you. Great place.

lagina heifner

After spending 2 months rehabing after a serious motor vehicle accident, the great quality of compassion, care and treatment that I have received from the entire staff has been a God send. When I arrived, I was broken physically and mentally. They have returned my indepence and my knowledge to understand I am a survivor. The behind the scene manager and liaison have allowed me to feel comfortable knowing I am safe and secure and that no matter what my needs were met. I would recommend this hands down for anyone that needs specialized treatment. Lagina Heifner


My husband has been here in Select Specially hospital over 3 weeks. We have been very pleased with the Dr's, Nurses, P.T. & staff (from the receptionist at the front door to the cafeteria) They have gone above & beyond to make us comfortable & my husband much improved.

Sally Hargis

Do not send your loved ones to Select Care Hospital!! They nearly killed my husband!! I found him unresponsive in his room. Everyone rushed in and they decided that it was some medication that he was one, so they stopped it. He didn't improve. He remained in a daze and would hardly talk or even look at me. They sent him to rehab four days later. He was at rehab three days, when they found him unresponsive. They immediately called an ambulance and sent him to the ER. In the ER, they had to give him three liters of fluid, because he was so severely dehydrated. When he woke up, he was talking normally and responding to me. All Select Care Hospital cared about was whether we were going to give them a good rating.

Cindy Wilson

It is the worst hospital in this state the staff is rude the case managers are a joke your not a patient you are just a dollar bill and instead of helping you get better they treat you like crap until your benefits run out and say oh well i don't know what to tell you. we have had dirty rooms, needles laying around the room for anyone to get to (which i have pic of). by far the worst place ever

Victoria Taylor

Everyone has been amazing during my stay! The therapy/nurses are great and the food is actually really good.

Lisa Lopez

There are only a few nurses that know what they are doing. Does Dr. Miles truly exist? My mom was there two weeks and died. I honestly think it was the lack of knowledge on the nurses and doctor that "cared" for her.

M Hayt

Everyone here was very courtesy and friendly. I have gotten much stronger and ready for the next place for my continued recovery. I would recommend this facility to whoever needs this type of hospital.

Rhonda Shinault

The staff at Select were truly concerned with getting me better. They helped me get on the right medications, helped with my smoking cessation and my anxiety. The physical therapy was very quick in jumping in to help with my endurance. I would definitely rate Select 5+ stars and come back here if I needed to be in the hospital again.

Ronnie C

I've been in this hospital for over 1.5 months. All the staff are kind and profession. I only had 2 minor issues which they immediately resolved. All the nurses are great. OT/PT and respiratory therapy are really good too!

Mary S

This hospital has so many wonderful people. I have really bonded with many of them: Sondra, Almeda, Tina, Jody, Lisa and Eva. My therapists Diane and Kam were wonderful and even got me standing up on my feet again. I am looking forward to going home to do Rehab to get back fully on my feet.

Trina K

I have been to so many hospitals and this one is the best. People are very friendly and nice.

Penny C

The entire staff has been very friendly. Anytime I needed something they got it promptly for me. The nurses are very helpful and even the ones who are not assigned to me, came and checked on me. The doctors were awesome. Very happy with the care here.

Ray Maples

I would recommend this hospital to my friends, family or anyone I run into. This is the best hospital I've ever been to and I would recommend it to everybody. Staff are kind and friendly and I'll keep them in my heart all of my life.

April Hubbard

Jeanette Stafford

My mom says this is the best hospital she has ever been in. The nurses the aids and the doctors and their ability to know what they talk about to us was good. Dr Mohammad was excellent and Dr hooker. Nurse JK at night was great and cna Megan.

MH Shelley

Our relative is receiving wonderful care in ICU. The medical staff is professional, compassionate and we felt very comfortable leaving our relative in their care. Everyone from the front desk receptionist to the cafeteria staff and security personnel was extremely friendly and helpful. The hospital was also accommodating to a relative who needed to spend the nights there. Thank you.

Mary Tolliver

The nurses and staff would always check in with me on a regular schedule and ask if I needed anything. I felt very safe.

TH Priv

This is a great place. All the staff were fantastic. I wish I could remember names better as lots of people were so great. I would be comfortable being here again if I needed hospital care. The food was really good. They got me lots of food I liked and it helped me eat better. I want to get home as soon as I can walk again.

William Flyingout

My stay at Select Specialty Hospital was great, and the food was very good and ample portions. I would definitely recommend this hospital to others and if needed would come back. I felt very safe here at Select and liked the fact there was a security guard at the front. That really impressed me. Just keep up the good work.

Donald W

I’m really happy I chose Select Specialty as we had a really good experience.

David Willaims

I have to rate as one star so I can post my review. Our rating is a true 0 star. Horrible! Lacking caring and compassionate staff. So many terrible incidents. Pending legal action against the "hospital". For instance, a CNA was going from room to room in the same disposable gown that she wore into a room with a patient who had the contagious C. Diff. Colitis. This was in the middle of the night when nobody would notice. Meanwhile the nurse was too busy with her cell phone to notice or care. Also, a CNA got inpatient with our loved one and pinched her twice and gave her a very mean look to get her attention to roll over while moving her. Several times it took 30 minutes to get help from a nurse or CNA with pain medications and help using the bathroom. Most of the time the CNA's would roll the bed pads over when they were soiled instead of cleaning the bed. Bedsores started to occur even after we kept asking for an air mattress. Another nightmare was a nurse's (Jamie) attitude regarding test results that we were trying to send to the original surgeon. She called the head nurse in front of my family and was demanding that we delete the picture of the results of the test from our phones (even though she gave us the records for half an hour before we gave them back to her). She was very hateful and has no business being in the medical field. Her attitude was unprofessional and cruel. Her response times were unacceptable as well. Our loved one was on a ventilator for an extra three weeks because the cap for the trachea when used while off the ventilator was too large and didn't fit, causing gagging. Finally, for the fist time a pulmonologist came to visit and made the discovery. We had no idea that there were different cap sizes. We had repeatedly requested for a pulmonologist. They continued to tell us that one reviewed the records every few days. Yet, one only made an examination once. Unbelievable and heart breaking. The list goes on and on. I fear that the facility intentionally prolongs treatment so that they are able to make their revenues. We noticed there were many empty beds. Please do not send your loved one to this facility. It is hard to imagine such things occurred, but they did. I feel for the patients there who do not have any family to be there advocate. We as a family could not succeed in our demands for better care. Luckily in time we were able to make a transfer.


When I arrived at Select, I was on the ventilator. The respiratory staff, nurses, and doctors are excellent. They got me off the ventilator. They also checked my swallowing and got rid of my feeding that bothered my throat. I am now well enough to go to rehab. I would recommend Select for anyone who needs to get off the ventilator.

Robert B

The entire staff of Select Specialty Hospital, the doctors, nurses, CNA's, case workers, and rehab have all gone above and beyond on a consistent basis. This has been without a doubt the most positive and awesome hospital experience regarding the care of my wife. Eternally grateful.

Deanna Williams

My daughter is a patient at select specialty hospital in Okc, for the most part it is the worst hospital she has ever been in. The nursing staff with exception of very few are horrible, the techs CNAs do not do their job, my daughter has had to keep track of her own fluid intake, she does for herself pretty well, but she still needs care, i have gone up everyday and i normally am the one that cleans her room for her because the staff doesn't clean, even my daughter has made her own bed, her bathroom is always a mess, because her techs do not pick up towels or clean, she has to beg them to dump her hat in the toilet and chart her fluids. One of the nurses i don't know her name, was very rude to my daughter, and 2 days ago the same nurse was in a patients room yelling and screaming talking about he said she said. And it was so awful i had to shut my daughters door, the sad thing is this happened just a few feet away from the charge nurses office and the case management office. If we could hear her in my daughter's room we know they heard her. Respiratory and Physical and occupational therapy are awesome , with my daughter and do their job when they are supposed to. There have been times my daughter has called me at 12:30 am to tell me she still hadn't got her nighttime meds. I have addressed my concerns to many of the staff. And nothing is getting done about this. There is no communication between shifts, Nurses or Doctors. I am trying to find my daughter another facility to go to. Because this place is the worse. No one returns my calls. Like i said with a select very few, most of the staff seemed to be uneducated and just don't care about their patients. Something needs to be done about this place soon.

B. Danker

Leroy M

My wife is getting good care at Select. Everybody is real nice. I was a patient there back in 2014 after being treated for cancer at OU- I was there for a month and had good care and recovered. When we were at the last hospital and my wife needed more care, I picked Select after the good care I had gotten there. We are both happy with how well she is doing and able to go to rehab to get strong enough to go home. We appreciate everybody who has taken such good care of her this past month. -Leroy M

Allison Calhoun

Sandra Rodriguez

Janet Flowers

I hope and pray no other patient with Guillain-Barre' Syndrome go to this place. Dr. Cook was a good doctor and some of the nurses. Some of the nurses were very unprofessional with care and language. While fighting this terrible disease Dr. Aamir Mohammad had no care for me as a patient or my complaints. I pray he or some of the unprofession nurse don't have to be patients there. I feel this facility needs to know how to doctor a patient with disease before they except them as patients...

Anonymous AM

The nursing and therapy staff worked well with me. They took their time and were very caring. Nice facility.

Debbie Galllaway

I was at select specialty for 2 months my stay was wonderful. Everybody that work with me was very nice and answered an questions I may had. I feel like I am leaving my family.

Teresa Butler

In one word, HORRORible! Not clean, not caring, not helpful. My dad was sitting here suffocating and drowning in his own secretion. That was today, yesterday wasn't much better. I have been taking lots of pictures to prove everything!

m spencer

As a family member, the experience here was great. Everyone did a super job taking care of my brother. Dr. Mohammad, Sabrina the case manager, and the staff worked well with my brother despite my brother being difficult. As a business owner I appreciate good service. This hospital was a great transition and all the people were professional here. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you

Ruby Clicquot

I had a very good stay here at Select. My room was always kept clean and the food was very tasty. I would rate this hospital a 10 and would recommend to my family and friends!

Davina M

I have been hospitalized here twice in the past two years and couldn’t be happier with the care. They are attentive, caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services.

Crystal Davis

Lavern Cowger

I appreciate therapy working with me and helping me realize my potential. I'm glad I found this place. It is a very nice and clean facility. Everyone is nice. I would definetly recommend this hospital.

Florence Dooley

This is an amazing place with kind people. It is really wonderful, the nurses and doctors are very thoughtful of patients. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone.

Shirley Davison

We are very pleased with the care our loved one received from Select Specialty Hospital. We live in rural western Oklahoma and were not able to make the trip to the City as much as we would have liked too. They kept us very informed about his progress, medications and everything in general. The nurse's , Doctor's, and specialists that our loved one seen, were all wonderful! We would recommend Select Specialty Hospital for your loved ones!

Cheryl Ivey

5 star I just extend an 5 star review for my mom as she is a patient here at Select and all of the staff and physician are awesome. They have treated my mom with ultimate respect and care, and checks on her all the time. I would highly recommend this hospital for your loved one. The staff took extra special care of her on her Birthday, and fixed her hair and painted her nails and everyone came by and wished “Happy Birthday”. I definitely would come back to Select and highly recommend.

Randy Park

Very professional, kind and attentive staff. In difficult times like having a loved one needing this level of care, it’s comforting to know they are being well cared for. From the time I walk through the front door, greeted each time by name, from Bonnie to having the nursing staff so caring. Appreciate a facility like this so close to home, in OKC.

Brenda Murrow

This is a good hospital. When I first got here I was not sure but now I am getting better and stronger every day. The staff is so nice and I enjoy the smiles I see through out the day. I love my new bed. My room is very nice and I enjoy looking out the windows at the water. I would come here again if I needed to. I look forward to going home soon. My goal is the 4th of July as that is my favorite holiday!!!

K Harris

I wish I would have never agreed to take my husband to this place, I am 100% sure that they contributed to his death. Dr. Miles didn't take good care of him, he was never there when he was needed. They overdosed my husband and from there, he went down the hill, the didn't give him any IV fluids until I demanded them to do so, my husband had only one kidney, they kept him dehydrated and when I was finally able to transfer him to a different hospital after fighting with them to release him for almost a week, he passed away the next day. Don't you even dare asking me to call the chief of compliance because I have tried several times to get in touch with him and no one has ever called me back. My husband was transferred to this "hospital" from Baptist in a very stable condition, you never gave him the therapies that you promised, you didn't take care of him and you didn't even have a doctor that could come to see him when you overdosed him. Your words where "the doctor only comes to see a patient after hours only if the patient is about to die". Well, my husband DIED and you didn't do anything to prevent it. There are no words to express what you have done to him, to me and to our family. PLEASE, DON'T TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES TO THIS PLACE!!!

Terri Page

Select specialty hospital literallly saved my life. When I got here I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t lift my legs, I couldn’t talk due to my trachea and my hair was matted due to all the time I spent in ICU at Baptist. As I leave here tomorrow I can walk the complete facility at least 3 times, I can get up and down alone and I no longer have a trach so I am talking fine. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I would also like to recognize a few people that gave me ten star care. Two techs Deneese Williams and Tina Green. Two nurses Naa Otoo and Johnna Laird (and her shadow Chidemma). The physical therapist Janet. The occupational therapist Diane, who on her own time removed the matts from my hair. Respiratory Tech Renee Walker. The speech therapist Hannah There are numerous others I would recognize as well. Techs Whitney, Almeta, Kam, Jimminita, Jerika, And Chanel. Nurses Senait, Nicole, Jenny, Kristy S., Parfait, Carmel, Jody and Chidemma. Respiratory Angela Cato. Case Manager Sabrina Kettle. Last but not least the team of doctors.

Teresa Vega

I was happy and content with my stay at Select. All of the staff was exceptional! If I ever need to be in a hospital, I would definitely come back.

Ronald Denham

People are fantastic. The doctors are very caring and understanding and seem to work together well. Physical therapy and OT excellent. Overall they made a very difficult situation easier to deal with. Processes were very well explained from the first day we came, that it may take weeks for recovery.

Carma M

I have been here awhile and have had a good experience. I was able to get off the ventilator and am hoping to be able to get my trach out before I go to Rehab. The staff has been wonderful - a few people were not my favorite but overall the staff has taken good care of me. I would come here again but I hope I don't need to. I want to get home again and now I feel like that will happen when I am a little stronger.

Dorothy R

They got me prepped to go to Rehab. Thank you

Ashli Steele

They did great getting my mom to Jim Thorpe after a TBI after a major fall. Nurse's were decent and faculties were clean. Now, request anybody but Karen to be your case manager. She is rude, doesn't care, and treats you like you are stupid. She didn't even know when my moms appointment was at OU. OU had to give me a call about her appiontment and Karen gave a hour window to be up there when I had to work. Also, I told her I couldn't get up there in a week for our family meeting due to me living a ways and work... Her response was, " it will be a waste of our time." This makes me so sad especially when my mom is a LPN and I know her nursing ways. Stay clear of Karen. So many more complaints about this woman. Don't trust her. Decent place but make sure you do not have her as a case manager.

Michelle Merideth

My father has been transferred to this facility and based in reviews and word of mouth I am submitting a PRE-revuew of sorts All involved should know I am watching and will not abide any lack of professionalism or knowledgeable treatment. Especially when it is due to type or status of ability to pay. Like so many elderly in this state my father is on Medicare and Medicaid and thus treated as a 2nd class citizen. That I an unacceptable mindset and I will not be able to allow it. Thank you and God bless, remember we are watching.

N Hong

My husband came very sick to this hospital. The people here have warm hearts, show compassion for the sick people and listed to patients and their families to help them. thank you

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