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REVIEWS OF Psychiatric Care Solutions IN Oklahoma

Nikki Is Sweet

The lady up front is so mean and also a liar! I have been calling for nearly two weeks trying to get my medication refilled and they won’t answer or return phone calls. If they do answer by chance, it is an awful attitude and you get hung up on. Today when I finally got ahold of someone to see why my refill request was denied she immediately put me on hold without saying anything, left me on hold for 6 minutes, when she picked back up she just kept cutting me off and talking over me. I was being treated like some kind of junkie when in all reality I am just a normal person with a normal life trying to get the medication that I need so I can take care of myself. She then lied to my doctor and told her that I threatened her!!! I can not believe it. I have never been treated this way by any doctors office I have ever been to. I just don’t understand how people working in this field have it in them to be so hateful and mean. She had me in tears from anxiety. She needs to be fired. So overall I do not recommend this place because I have been treated so poorly. Paul, Mary, and dr albatross are great but it isn’t worth dealing with the receptionist.

Ashley Lundy

He has been my Doctor for a very long time. He is a fantastic doctor. He is not irresponsible with medications and he takes into account how medication can affect lives positively and negatively. A responsible doctor is not a bad doctor. He is very good at his job. The staff is friendly and respectful if you are reasonable. People demand so much of other people without taking into account the other person's view. Service workers have to deal with consumers in all sorts of service industries. If you're respectful then there's not a problem. It sucks to have people yell and demand and cuss over issues that that person does not have control over. Everyone just needs to start being kinder to everyone else and this world and everyone's day would suck a little less. Ash

Flash Build

Can't even get them to call back or even email me...

Jacquira Dillard

I love p.a. Melbin. Everyone that answers the phone or comes to the window is RUDE! I get hung up on, ignored, or just talked to with no respect. I will keep going because he is so helpful and spot on , but if not for him I would choose another office so fast.

Julie Zzz

This Doctors office's clerical staff is comprised of ignorant, uncouth, unprofessional and, mentally ill equipped people who don't know the meaning of respect. How they were hired is beyond me. I seem to think that an establishment such as this one should not make it a habit of loosing paperwork and offering no apology or explanation to the cause. What they do have is an abundance of is additude. They think that they can talk down to people because the patients are in the care of a psychiatrist. Mary Schlecht a Physician's Assistant is the saving grace of this place. She has a genuine concern for people, something which cannot be taught. As a mother I am much more put at ease about the quality of care my child recieves and the medications prescribed by her because if she wouldn't give it to her own children, she wouldn't give it to yours. So if you can stomach the staff to get to the PA I recommend it.

Johanna Rangel

Calling this place is a nightmare, staff is really rude and they make rude comments. I have not been there personally, but just with the staff tone of voice it seems like it is the worst environment to be at.

Lisa Wallace

Would give a negative star if I could.

melissa eastep

This place is very rude. Peggy at the front desk is a charmer let me tell you. I called with a simple question and she was in such a hurry and tried on 2 occasions to hang up on me before I could even finish my sentence. Every time that we have taken my son into the office the staff has been rude. The doctor is the same. He is very in and out and not there to listen to your concerns. If you are looking for a place not interested in your problems and very rude then you have found it. It seems to me they are there to just hand out meds!!!!!!

Kayla Maslen

hey are rude do not go to them the lady I talked interrupts you when talking the supervisor is no better she said I was rude when all I was trying to do was reschedule my appointment she said dont bother I'll cancel it and I'll ask the doctor if he wants to see you they are very irrmanored and do not know how to treat people I will never go to them as long as I live screw that and I will be putting this on Angie's list too


Pashen Bennett

My son goes here and I absolutely love Dr. Al-Botros. He is very patient and very resourceful when it comes to other options besides medication! Would definitely recommend his office for all ages.

Kristi Danielle Scott

Jessie Smothers

Lauri Barrows


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